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ARTICLE: Quebec woman… begging for help in hospital, dies 2 days later

Comment: Why I Hate Canada

ARTICLE: Residential School Survivors’ … class action settlement finishes

But … my mountains!

Alberta (wild bros country)

Vancouver (“Gotham”)

ARTICLE: The Highest Suicide Rate in the World

Tips on Blogging (about Canaduh)

Joyce Echaquan Video

A Guide to Surviving Ottawa

Perspective: II (Black)

Perspective: I (Aboriginal)

Emigration to United States

Shootings in Canada

Ottawa Bingo

Vancouver Bingo

Comments: Do you regret moving to Canada?

150 Reasons to Hate Vancouver

Vancouver: Rants

Prince Edward Island (Potato isle)

Recommended Reading

Opinion: Starves the Soul, Feeds the Ego

Foreword (quoting George Elliot Clarke)

Remember When? …#hangingofangelique

Remember When? …#airindiabombing

Best of SAC (Shit About Canada)

Saskatoon: Rants

Comments: Do Canadians Hate Canada?

Winter in Canada: II

Worst things about living in Canada

147 Reasons to Hate Canada

British Columbia: Rants

Toronto: Rants

Canada is a shit hole!

Slavery timeline: USA & Canada

Winnipeg: Rants


Thunder Bay

Anti-Americanism summed up

Royal Commission Report: Volume 1

Comment: The Handmaid’s Tale & Canada

ARTICLE: “Indigenous Survivors: our people were experimented on’

Canada’s Forgotten Slaves: Two Hundred Years of Bondage

ARTICLE: Dismal Reviews of Canada’s Attractions

Canada’s Sex Offender Registry

ARTICLE: “Food Insecurity in Nunavut … a national crisis”

Refuge in BC? Not quite.

Canadians put Stanley Cup on their money

ARTICLE: “The Day Mackenzie King met the Furher”

Comment: Dear Canada, nobody cares!

The Pass System (Canadian segregation)

Remember When? … #serialkillercapital

Documentary: Highway of Tears

ARTICLE: Sad and depressing: a gallery of letters from Canadian pioneers

Winter in Canada

The Okanagan: lipstick on a pig

Victoria: Rants

Kelowna: Rants

ARTICLE: FBI: Canada worse for ‘suspected terrorists’ than Mexico

Edmonton: Rants

RCMP Overview: Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women

Timeline of bigotry in Canada

ARTICLE: Canadian immigrants lead world in illegal US visa overstays

Basic facts: missing/murdered Aboriginal women

Canada’s capital city: Ottawa

Canada: A life of prostitution (1 in 10 students)

Comment: Canada: the world’s first post-national state?

Saskatchewan (the rectangle of regression)

(Unfriendly) Manitoba

Yukon (not gold)

Nunavut (we descend deeper into hell)

Canadians aren’t sorry for genocide: ‘intentions were good’

Canada and Jews

Rant: Dear Canada: I Hate You

Nazis and sympathizers in Canada

Canada won’t face the murder of its children

Thunder Bay: Rants

Canada: guns are bad, unless we’re selling them!

Video: Failing First Nations’ children

Canadians of convenience / Passport perks

Ku Klux Klan in Canada

The War of 1812: get over it, Canada

Slavery in Canada: Aboriginals

Northwest Territories (a new level of hell)

Contradictions in Canada: Blacks

Canadian cinema: an unparalleled disaster

ARTICLE: Maclean’s “Canada’s race problem is worse than America’s”

More Winnipeg Rants: part two

ARTICLE: Slavery in Canada

Quick Look: poverty in Canada

Documentary: Unrepentant (Aboriginal Canadians)

Ottawa: Rants

Saskatchewan man rants to a radio station

Saskatchewan: Rants

Comments: Hate Canada: is it normal?

Rant: An immigrant’s experience in Canada

200+ Immigrant Rants

Immigrant Rant: duplicitous douchebags!

Commentary: Poll confirms Canadians are total bores

ARTICLE: “No surprise here: Canada a turn-off for some refugees”