Canada: guns are bad, unless we’re selling them!

While cakers were busy congratulating themselves on being so “nice” and “polite” and “beloved worldwide” they forgot to worry about the little matter of being the second biggest arms dealer to the Middle East.

There’s some irony in this of course, because cakers are always badmouthing Americans and their “gun culture” while espousing the wonders of Canada and its “violence free” reputation.

It’s a little difficult to criticize the U.S. (number one) when you’re the runner-up. Of course if one wants to make excuses for the United States: at least it’s the third most populous country in the world and the leading super power. So why is peaceful, nice little ol’ Canada (at one-tenth the population) right up there at number two?

Because cakers are complete hypocrites and the caker kingdom is nothing but a massive fraud behind the ridiculous propaganda.

More from the Globe and Mail article:

“Canada has also vaulted to sixth overall among all arms-exporting countries, based on rankings released by Jane’s this week. This means only five countries are currently selling more weapons and military equipment… 

The Trudeau government gave the green light for the $15-billion sale of fighting vehicles to proceed to Saudi Arabia, a country regularly ranked by watchdog Freedom House as among the “worst of the worst” on human rights.”

Yes, money talks. Funny how Canada’s “values” fly out the window when there’s green on the table. That’s how business works, but it’s made more unbearable by the queasy self-righteous countrywide fawning over our benevolent values; how superior we are to the U.S., and the endless self-congratulations.

Judging by caker treatment of Aboriginals and Black people, national poverty, willful denial of the past, and willingness to sell arms to despotic regimes – Canada is no better than the USA or any other nation for that matter. But you won’t catch the cakers admitting that any time soon!

The Liberals tried to pin the Saudi-deal on the Conservatives who’d previously made it, but they approved the permits. They tried to say they ‘had no choice’, but even so, in April:

“… the Trudeau Liberals used their Commons majority on the House foreign affairs committee to reject an NDP proposal, backed by the Conservatives, to create Parliamentary oversight of arms exports. New Democrat MP Hélène Laverdière had envisioned a subcommittee of MPs to screen arms deals.”

What else?

“Canadians are told the aggregate dollar value of arms exports to countries – by category – but no details on transactions. The Saudi deal came to light only because the Conservative government was eager to publicize what it saw as an export win.  

It is not clear whether Canada’s export-control regime has ever blocked shipments of weapons. The Canadian government cannot say how many applications to export weapons and military technology have been rejected in the past 10 years, for example. “Export permit data is not compiled in this fashion,” a spokesperson for the department of Global Affairs told The Globe and Mail in January.”

We come back to the caker favorite: we don’t have the data! What a surprise!

Sweden has been a large arms exporter but is now looking to rethink policies and not support despotic regimes in their purchases.  The government has cancelled agreements, publicly criticized the Saudis, and is looking to make ‘democratic status’ a central condition for future exports.

“This means that the potential markets for Swedish defence industry will diminish,” Lena Hjelm-Wallen, deputy committee chairman and a former minister of foreign affairs, said last June. “That is the price we’ll have to pay.”

The Swedes ‘put their money where their mouth is’:

 “Arms sales, however, are down. Sweden exported the equivalent of $2.2-million worth of military equipment to Saudi Arabia in 2015, compared to $54-million in 2014 and $110-million in 2013. The last export licence awarded for arms shipments to Saudi Arabia was in March, 2015, Mr. Perlo-Freeman said.”

Can you envision such an attempt at integrity from the cakers? Me neither. It’s simply more proof that if cakers had the money and population of the U.S. they would be no better (probably worse).