Canada: A life of Prostitution (1 in 10 students)

Just when you thought the abomination known as ‘Canada’ couldn’t get worse … it does. Apparently 1 in 10 students are quite literally selling their bodies for cash. Anyone who has read this blog will know about the poverty rates, horrible job market, unlivable north, unaffordable “major cities”, and cost of living everywhere else. I am slowly attempting to chip away at this hideous realm of the damned, but it’s such a loathsome task I have to pace myself.

I stumbled across an article by Better Dwelling, quotes below:

“Now for an employment trend you won’t see from Statistics Canada. Way back in the day you used to be able to work a summer job and save enough to pay off tuition. Unfortunately in 2017, this is no longer even close to a reality for most. Rising tuition costs of “necessary” degrees, low youth employment, and rising debt has created an environment where millennials are scrambling to stay afloat. That’s not a secret. The secret is: 1 in 10 Canadian students are seeking sex work to help pay the bills”

1 in 5 children in poverty across the country; 1 in 6 people in Canada living in poverty; 1 in 10 students prostituting themselves. What a nation to be proud of!

“Over 206,800 students are using the platform Seeking Arrangement to find “sugar daddies.” That’s a staggering number once you realize Statistics Canada shows only 2,054,943 students enrolled in postsecondary education programs.”

Now let’s be honest: being a “sugar baby” will overwhelmingly involve sexual acts, to suggest otherwise is the height of naivety.  And not surprisingly, the universities with the largest number of “sugar babies” are in Ontario.

“The sugar baby employment sector has been experiencing large growth, likely due to the downturn in the Canadian economy. Alexis told us, “The costs of higher education, housing, food, etc. continue to rise, but salaries are not increasing. Many young people are looking for alternative ways to close the gap between what their paycheck will cover and what they need to live.”

In Canada, the propagandized land of milk and honey, you have to “work your ass off” quite literally in order to have a roof over your head and food to eat. What a shockingly sad, heartbreaking state of affairs.

“Canadian youth unemployment has soared over the past ten years, and participation has also tanked. From 2006 to 2016, unemployment experienced a ~12% change, rising to 13.1% of the labour force.”

In my opinion that’s a low-ball estimate, but of course the government has to downplay things. Gotta “keep up appearances” for everyone else abroad while things fester and decay at home under the surface.

The worst thing about all this is that Canada will continue to slide downhill. There is no future for this country, and all its brightest minds will flee to the United States … get out while you can.

Post Script – it should be noted these are only statistics for one website which really makes you wonder what the actual numbers are. 

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