Shootings in Canada

With the lock-down due to Covid-19, you’d think there would be a flurry of postings as we’re stuck at home and barely working, after all. But I’ve gone from disgust and disappointment, to rage, to utter contempt and indifference. Canada is so dull and pathetic even taking 15 minutes to write about it is a chore.

I wrote before about how Canada is a real shithole outside its major cities, where violence is rampant (confirmed by Stats Canada). Now we’ll take a look at shootings in the country to once again make the point.

Brampton Centennial mass shooting, 1975:

A 16 year old kills two students, wounds 13 others and then kills himself in a high school in Brampton, Ontario (population at the time: 98,440).

St. Pius X High School shooting, 1975:

An 18 year old rapes and stabs a teenage girl to death before traveling to school with a shotgun. He kills one teen and wounds five others before committing suicide in Ottawa, Ontario (population at the time: 676,000).

Lennoxville massacre, 1985:

During a Hell’s Angels dispute, five bikers are shot dead in a clubhouse in Lennoxville (Sherbrooke) Quebec (current population: 5,502). Four Hell’s Angels members were later convicted of first-degree murder.

Ecole Polytechnique massacre, 1989:

A misogynist kills fourteen women (wounding another fourteen) at a college in Montreal, before shooting himself.

Concordia University massacre, 1992:

A professor at a university in Montreal shoots and kills four colleagues.

Mark Chahal massacre, 1996:

Mark Vijay Chahal shoots nine people (estranged wife and other family members) at a wedding party in Vernon, British Columbia (current population: 48,073).

Myers High School shooting, 1999:

A 14 year old boy brings a semi-automatic rifle to school and manages to kill one student and wound another before being tackled by a teacher in Taber, Alberta (current population: 8,548). He was sentenced to three years in prison and escaped from a halfway house in 2005.

OC Transpo massacre, 1999:

A former OC Transpo employee pulls into the company’s garage and goes on a shooting spree, he kills four and then himself.

Mayerthorpe shootings, 2005:

A man shoots and kills four RCMP officers executing a search warrant on a farm near Mayerthorpe, Alberta (current population: 1,205).

Shedden / Bandidos massacre, 2006:

Eight members of the Bandidos biker gang are shot to death (in a takeover and attempt to frame the Hell’s Angels) on a farm nearby Shedden, Ontario in Southwold Township (current population: 4,421).

Spiritwood shootings, 2006:

RCMP officers pursue a man fleeing in a truck; shootouts ensue and two officers are shot in the head, in Spiritwood, Saskatchewan (current population: 786).

Dawson College shooting, 2006:

A man goes on a shooting spree at a Montreal college. He ultimately kills one, injures nineteen, and then commits suicide.

Bolsa Shooting, 2009:

Gang members targeting rivals shoot three people at a restaurant in Calgary.

Claresholm Highway massacre, 2011:

A 21 year old man kills his ex girlfriend and two other men before shooting himself, on a highway outside Claresholm, Alberta (current population: 3,424).

University of Alberta shooting, 2012:

A security guard in Edmonton, Alberta, shoots four of his coworkers in a building on the campus of the University of Alberta. He steals money from the armored truck and attempts to flee.

Danzig Street shooting, 2012:

During a block party in a Toronto neighborhood, three gang members open fire on a crowd of two-hundred people; two people are killed and twenty-four injured. (One man used an Uzi submachine gun.)

Edmonton shooting, 2014:

A man goes on a killing spree in Edmonton, Alberta: he killed seven relatives (including two children) before traveling to another house to kill a woman, then committed suicide in a restaurant.

Moncton shootings, 2014:

A 25 year old man shoots five RCMP officers, killing three and wounding two in Moncton, New Brunswick (current population: 108,620).

La Loche shootings, 2016:

A 17 year old kills two cousins and two teachers in La Loche, Saskatchewan (current population: 2,372).

Quebec mosque mass shooting, 2016:

A man goes on a shooting rampage in a mosque, injuring nineteen and killing six people in Quebec City, Quebec (current population: 705,103).

Danforth/Toronto shooting, 2018:

A man goes on a shooting rampage in a Greektown neighborhood in Toronto: killing two and wounding thirteen.

Fredericton shooting, 2018:

A man goes on a shooting spree in Fredericton, New Brunswick, killing four people – including two police officers who were first responders (population at the time: 59,409).

Portapique mass shooting, 2019:

A 51 year old man dresses as an RCMP officer and then goes on a 12 hour shooting spree killing 22 people in Portapique, Nova Scotia (current population: 100 year round, 250 in summer).

This is not an exhaustive list.

Of the twenty-three listed here, ten were in major cities:

Montreal (3), Toronto (2), Ottawa (2), Edmonton (2), Calgary (1)

The rest were in small-time “safe” Canadian communities; 11 under 100k (with one at 108k).

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