Why I hate Canada

I decided to repost a very short, simplified version.

Cultural poverty.

I could talk about temperature, weather, cost of living, crime, racism, economics and more. All the negatives can be found in other places, so what sets Canada apart?

To quote another’s perfect assessment: the people are drab and dull. It’s a nation of apathetic people sleepwalking through life. There’s little history, no culture, it’s like living in a zombie nation. Canada is the ‘waiting room’ of nations.

I need culture. I need excitement. I need lively people. I need to feel alive!

Try living in different cities or provinces but it’s all the same: you can’t change the people.

I guess to whittle it down to the very core: it’s the people. That explains why other places are endurable even with the same basic problems.

Canada could change in time, as demographics morph and all projected growth comes from immigration. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. All I know is we each only have one life … it’s not worth wasting here.

3 thoughts on “Why I hate Canada

  1. Shawn

    As a born Canadian, I am embarrassed to admit most of what you comment is true. This country had strong, proud ties to Western European people and culture and I went through primary school singing God Save the Queen. The Trudeau rein changed this relationship and 1982 was the beginning of the end for what was once Canada. Gradually laws were created to wash away what is now considered largely to be offensive “white” culture and expression of any such historic reference is no longer allowed so much so that statues are torn down, buildings renamed, historic plaques last names removed and faces on currency changed for a more politically accepting modern idea. This country has denied me my history, censored my ideas and auctioned off my home to any national who is buying. I believe that a person should not feel guilty about who they think they are regardless of race or culture and this country has catered to that notion for anyone else except those who were born here and families that have been here for generations.
    While I contemplate life in this “waiting” room as my habitat is destroyed like a wondering polar bear my only question is, “Where am I suppose to live now?”


    1. Rather than “where am I supposed to go?” it becomes “how am I supposed to go?” That’s one of the disturbing realities of Canada: you can’t escape. 99% of people don’t qualify to go to the United States, Australia, Europe, etc. There’s no equivalent to the EU, or 50 different states to choose from. There’s only the arctic, prairies, Francophone Quebec and tiny towns … etc. Unlike the U.S. there is no “melting pot” here. You aren’t supposed to come, assimilate and celebrate your heritage, here it’s the “cultural mosaic” so every kind of lunacy is indulged under the claim of ‘tolerance’. (But that’s to be expected, how can you assimilate to a non-culture?)


  2. Teddy

    Very well said. Canada is a country with no culture. A people with no culture have no agency. Canadians just float through life like domesticated animals.


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