A collection of news articles used by this blog. Some are stand-alone, quoted verbatim and others have comments added.

New York Review: The Highest Suicide Rate in the World

CBC: Indigenous survivors: our people were experimented on

National Post: Dismal reviews of Canada’s attractions

CBC: Food insecurity in Nunavut ‘should be considered a national crisis’ expert

CBC: Trudeau’s cabinet OK’s new coins to honour Stanley Cup, Vimy Ridge

National Post: The day Mackenzie King met the Furher

Globe & Mail: Sad and depressing: a gallery of letters from Canadian pioneers

CBC: FBI: Canada worse for ‘suspected terrorists’ than Mexico

Better Dwelling: 1 In 10 Canadian Students Are Seeking “Sugar Daddies” To Help

MacLean’s: Canada’s race problem is worse than America’s

Globe & Mail: 200 years a slave: the dark history of captivity in Canada

Vice: Poll confirms Canadians are total bores

Globe & Mail: No surprise here: Canada a turn-off for some refugees

MSN: Residential School Survivors’ stories and experiences must be remembered as class action settlement finishes