Small town Canada, again

As mentioned before in another post: a third of Canadians live in three major cities (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) and their metropolitan areas while the remainder live in small towns and cities, including a small percentage in rural areas.

As mentioned in that post (confirmed by Statistics Canada), the most violent and dangerous places in Canada continue to be small towns and cities, betraying the myth of a “safe” benign Canada. Especially when two-thirds of the population live in these communities.

To further illustrate the point I am going to use contemporary headlines from the past 60 days in Nova Scotia (a small province with less than a million people).

A man went on a shooting rampage managing to kill 22 people and wound 3 before being shot by police. He began in Portapique, (a small rural community of about 100 year-round residents), traveling through 16 other locations and was killed in Enfield (less than 5,000 residents).

His killing spree was helped by the fact he was traveling to small, isolated communities and less likely to be discovered during the 13 hours this took place. While it could be fairly argued such an incident is generally unlikely, the fact is that outside Montreal, most spree killings and shootings occur in small places in Canada.

In Truro (population just over 12,000), a guard at the women’s federal prison has been charged with six counts of sexual assault after a year-long investigation. There is also a civil lawsuit pending from inmates claiming sexual assault, who are suing the Correctional Service of Canada.

Also in Truro: a three year old boy has gone missing. The presumption is that he drowned and searches have turned into a ‘recovery effort’. His boots were found at different locations by the river.

While it’s unlikely he was taken by someone, it’s not outside the realm of possibility – especially if no body is recovered. Again, owing to the small community, lack of CCTV, and trusting the “locals”, this could never be confirmed even if it had occurred.

In Hammonds Plains (population approx. 12,000), a 45 year old man killed a woman and has been charged with second-degree murder.

In Preston (population just over 3,000), a man was stabbed during an attempted home invasion but will live.

In Cole Harbour (estimated population just over 12,000), a 48 year old teacher has been charged with sex crimes against a 15 year old girl, with additional victims likely.

In March, in Priestville (population less than 200), 3-4 masked men broke into a home, hit the occupants in the head with a baseball bat and made off with some small items.

The police also put out a call for any information on the disappearance and suspected homicide of Tony Walsh who’d gone missing in Truro.

I could go on, but I’ll end it here. Suffice to say that small cities and communities in Canada have plenty of murders, rapes, home invasions and other petty crime. While it may seem like stating the obvious, you wouldn’t know it judging by the local propaganda.

For some strange reason the media and nation pretend as though violent crime is a rarity in Canada when it exists everywhere and the largest cities are safest for both familial and non-familial violence.

Canada is a Shit Hole

I would love to live in Europe but unfortunately I don’t qualify for long-term residence, maybe in the future. So for now I content myself with going to the USA – a place I can appreciate despite its many issues. The United States is large and diverse enough that life is what you make it. Unfortunately (as I know well from personal experience) the same cannot be said for Canada.

I am constantly bombarded with fear mongering about the USA. It’s as though Canadians can’t fathom that there are more living options than the rough neighborhoods in Chicago, Baltimore or south-central Los Angeles. The absurdity of the anti-American propaganda is indescribable. Yes there are some bad people down there, and terrible things do happen, but they also happen here. So let’s take a look at some “Canadian” living

Canada’s three major cities (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) house more than a third of the population. Outside these locations the majority of Canadians live in small cities and towns; less than 1 in 5 live in rural areas. 

For 2018 the most dangerous places are listed by MacLean’s magazine, rated according to the Crime Severity Index:

1) North Battleford, Saskatchewan (pop: 13,567)

2) Thompson, Manitoba (pop: 12,878)

3) Wetaskiwin, Alberta (pop: 12,486)

4) Prince Albert & area, Saskatchewan (pop: 35,102)

5) Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (pop: 12,949)

6) Red Deer, Alberta (pop: 99,718)

7) Williams Lake, British Columbia (pop: 10,508)

8) Quesnel, British Columbia (pop: 12,064)

9) Langley, British Columbia (pop: 117,285)

10) Prince George, British Columbia (pop: 65,510)

[Note: population data taken from latest government census reports available (2016). Current stats should be roughly equivalent.]

In 2017, the five worst cities by crime rate were:

5) Edmonton: “The city has had a persistent problem with violent crime, especially sex-based crimes such as sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, and sexual violations against children.”

4) Regina: “Regina, ranks rather highly (or lowly, depending on how you look at it) when it comes to overall violent crime in Canada.  It’s been trading places with Saskatoon the past few years …”

3) Saskatoon: “The city has flipped back and forth with Regina (see above) in the overall rankings, and has sometimes even found itself at the ignominious “top” of the standings.”

2) Thunder Bay: “While it ranks eighth in overall crime, the CBC reported that it’s the second-most violent city in Canada.  Sadly, that rating isn’t a one-off incident, either.  In 2012, the homicide rate was higher in Thunder Bay than in any other major metropolitan area in Canada.”

1) Winnipeg: “… but for all of that, the notorious neighbourhoods which make up the North-Central portion of Winnipeg, from South Point Douglas to West Broadway, reported double the crime rate of Compton, California in 2012.”

In 2016, the most dangerous cities according to MacLean’s: (Crime Severity Index)

1. Grande Prairie, Alta. (pop: 63,166)

2. Victoria, B.C. (pop: 84,289)
3. Red Deer, Alta. (pop: 100,418)
4. Prince George, B.C. (pop: 65,510)
5. Winnipeg, Man. (pop: 709,253)
6. Saskatoon, Sask. (pop: 254,569)
7. Fort McMurray, Alta. (pop: 61,374)
8. Thunder Bay, Ont. (pop: 110,984)
9. Surrey, BC (pop: 498,720)
10. Edmonton, Alta. (pop: 928,182)

Over half are at about 100k people or less! “Safe Canada?” Not so much.

There was only one article on the subject in the Canadian Encyclopedia. Aside from Detroit’s significantly higher homicide rate, it had this to say:

“We fare no better than the U.S. in other areas. The break and enter rates in Chilliwack, B.C., Victoria and Regina, for instance, rank within the top 10 per cent of all American cities.

The per capita robbery rates in Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Regina would put them among the top 10 robbery-plagued metropolitan areas of the U.S. And you are far more likely to have your automobile stolen in Winnipeg or Joliette, Que., than anywhere in the U.S., including metropolitan Detroit and Las Vegas, the auto theft capitals of America.

Even at that, a crime analysis this January by the Vancouver Board of Trade concludes official rates are misleadingly low: “only about one-third of actual crimes in Canada are reported to police.”

At the time the article was written the most dangerous cities in the country were listed as: Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg, followed by Prince George, Edmonton, New Westminster (pop: 70,996), Chilliwack (pop: 83,788), Victoria (pop: 84,289), Vancouver and Halifax (pop: 414,129). And I’m quoting fairly recent population statistics, these locations would’ve been even less populated at the time.

When we skip back to 2010, Maclean’s said the most dangerous were:

1 Prince George, B.C.
2 Victoria, B.C. 
3 Regina, Sask. 
4 Saskatoon, Sask. 
5 Fort McMurray, Alta. 
6 Kelowna, B.C. (pop: 179,839)
7 Grande Prairie, Alta.
8 Surrey, B.C. 
9 Chilliwack, B.C. 
10 Winnipeg, Man. 
11 Red Deer, Alta. 
12 Nanaimo, B.C. (pop: 83,810) 
13 Edmonton, Alta. 
14 New Westminster, B.C.(pop: 65,976)
15 Belleville, Ont. (pop: 92,540)

Again, most of these places barely scraping the 100k mark

You can view a documentary on missing women from the
‘Highway of Tears’ regions.

The film includes Vanderhoof, a small northern community of less than 5,000 people. Vanderhoof is a great example of the real Canada:

In 2012, two men murdered a woman there. In 2013, at least two people were murdered there. In 2014, a serial killer born and raised there was sentenced for the murders of four women in the region. In 2015, three Vanderhoof locals were charged with that year’s first murder in nearby Prince George. In 2016, two people were sentenced for the murder and beheading of a local man. In 2018 a local man was murdered in a hotel. 

And as a report from Statistics Canada makes clear: children and youth are in more danger in small towns, rural areas and minor cities than in Canada’s most populated centers (family and non-familial violence).

So the only halfway decent places (by Canadian standards) worth living in are Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. But trust me, I’ll be getting around to a post on these last three

I walked around inebriated in numerous Los Angeles neighborhoods, alone, and felt far safer than I have in many places in shit hole Canada. (The people were far nicer too, even the ‘undesirables’.)


It’s a cold, boring, violent, stagnant place with all of America’s problems, racism, violence and crime – yet none of the benefits of living in such a diverse, interesting place filled with passionate people. Canadians are smug about “safe” Canada … delusional as usual.

2020 update

Most dangerous (and population):

  1. Thompson, Manitoba (13,678)
  2. North Battleford, Saskatchewan (14,315)
  3. Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (13,000)
  4. Prince Albert & area, Saskatchewan (43,000)
  5. Quesnel, British Columbia (23,000)
  6. Wetaskiwin, Alberta (12,655)
  7. Selkirk, Manitoba (10,278)
  8. Terrace, British Columbia (11,643)
  9. Williams Lake, British Columbia (10,753)
  10. Timmins, Ontario (41,788)

None of the top 10 have made the 100k pop mark – way to go Canada! Let’s take a look at the next 10:

Prince Rupert, B.C. (11,733) / Kenora & Area, ON (15,096) / Winnipeg, MB (749,534) / Thunder Bay & area, ON (121, 621) / Yorkton, SK (19,643) / New Glasgow, NS (9,075) / Port Alberni, B.C. (18,000) / Fort St. John, B.C. (21,000) / Prince George, B.C. (81,345) / Greater Napanee, ON (15,892).

And two places made it over the 100k mark! Check back in 5 years for more of the same.

Winnipeg: Rants

“The definition of “Winnipeg”:

We love to talk about things. We love to examine things. We love to look for the cheapest possible option. And we love to rally against change. Change of any kind. We don’t want anything new, modern, or state-of-the-art. Oh-unless $0.00 of our tax money is used, of course. 

We do nothing but whine about complain about how every penny of tax money is spent. If it’s going to make Winnipeg a more fun, exciting, desirable place to live, we’re against it before even knowing what it is. Or without even understanding how it will benefit us.

We embrace our “inferiority complex”. Edmonton? Ottawa? Calgary? Well.. they’re all richer than us. They can afford things. We can’t. They’re superior to us, with all their well-to-do citizens. Here? It’s Kraft Dinner nightly and just scraping by with each bi-weekly meager paycheque. 

This is shitty Winnipeg- new, exciting, bold things don’t happen here. Because they’re not supposed to. We’ll join the 21st century when we’re good and ready- and not a moment sooner.


“You should post that on . A poster by the name of Northender will tell you how safe walking down Selkirk Av and McGregor St at 1:00 AM is. And appearantly we should all move to the North End, becuase it has hardly any crime, and no gangs, according to Northender..


“Winnipeg sucks, theres nothing to do here, especially in winter when it gets blistering cold to the point, you feel like your limbs are gonna freeze and fall out. The nightscene ain’t all that great, some bars are deader than others on a sat night which is something i don’t understand, i’ve been to other cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and btw, Montreal is the best city when it comes to this subject, bar none, but back to Weinerpeg, somethings definitely lackin in the nightscene. Then again, theres other problems besides that, for example, no NHL team, shopping experience here is non existent compared to other cities, ugly depressing downtown, shitty roads, mosquitoes the size of vultures, high crime and high car thefts, this city is everything a city shouldn’t be in other words, WINNIPEG SUCKS !!!!!


“I join to your words. Winnipeg is a sh1thole. I mentioned already in “Winnipeg is a hellhole” topic 10 reasons why Winnipeg sucks.


“I lived there for a couple of years! It is the worst place in Canada. Terrible people…ugly city…the worst of the worst is in Winnipeg! I so thankful not to be in the worst place in Canada anymore.

“born and raised and i cannot think of a town with such a small minded personna.rampent nimbyisim and a fear of change


‘The definition of “Winnipeg”:’ An ugly city with dreadful winters not much to do and a bunch of petty, small minded people who’ve convinced themselves contrary to all evidence that they don’t really live in a shithole.


“Small minded is right. My dad was Scottish, and had worked in many places around the world. He was working in Toronto, but then was transferred to Winnipeg. No one cared where he had been before, or that he wasn’t ‘from the east’ technically speaking…they couldn’t get past the fact he had most recently been working in Toronto. Of course, they hated him even more because the rubes that stayed in Winnipeg had totally f’ed up a project they were working on and someone had to come in and show them how to do it right. 

Most of the spending their is public sector, so no one cares if things go off the rails, but it was a private sector project and they had to try to meet timelines and budgets and discovered that they couldn’t wipe their behinds. 

Anyone with any ambition should get the heck out of there as soon as they are finished high school.



Where the hell do you downhill ski in Winnipeg LOL. Former landfill sites with t-bar lifts don’t count.


“Been to winnipeg 4 times, twice i found myself without my vehicle. I don’t plan to return. People weren’t very friendly but I guess u can find that anywhere. It is colder than cold there. Go to vancouver or montreal for a good time.


“I agree with you on just one point, and that is your point about the sunsets; you can’t see the ugliness that is Winnipeg after the sun vanishes for the night.


“Just two cents from living experience,,,,I was born and raised here,,,,left this city in 1992 and lived in Vancouver, California and a virtual cornfield of a small town in the US midwest….I got back here two years ago to find Winnipeg is exactly the same as it was in 1992!! The geography, the buildings, the parks, rivers, landscape are perfectly fine and can’t be compared to anywhere else on earth,,,,everywhere on this gorgeous globe is different from another place…..what makes Winnipeg such a horrible city is the fact that every Winnipegger I’ve met, save for 3 of them, in the last two years has made sure to crap all over their own hometown right to my ears!!! I can’t believe the hatred of everything local and afar that I’ve encountered since I got back….If anyone here hasn’t lived in Winnipeg (I did for 3 decades at once),,,,they are speaking from pure ignorance,,,those who speak from personal life experience such as I are more than valid in their opinions of this city-awaiting-holocaust! Gawd I hope to be outta here by Xmas,,,,I came back hoping to invest big time and big $ in this city and I’ve been convinced by every slice of humanity one can imagine that this is the worst place in Canada to even think of settling and being a happy, decent, open-minded human being….I just can’t seem to work up the hatred it seems to take to live here!,,,,lol, I’m too busy working on another business plan!

“The very idea of change or improvement is met with total resistance by everyone I’ve met…this city should be a gravel-roaded panorama of brick buildings, identical rowhouses, and gas light lamps to satisfy the local population. It’s a nightmare of pure hate,,,,not political hate, but just hate for everyone at once, there doesn’t seem to be any exclusions for individual human beings that one can shake hands with…those aren’t real here, only the concepts of whatever “tribe” one associates with is what counts here. 

It’s a factory-built, cheapo southeast Asian import, deep discount, hate-filled, politically incorrect pit of venom and collective diminuation of human beings, cultureless city that should be returned to grassland in my opinion,,,,,I’ve now lived here for 32 years! I’ll never make the mistake of returning to this horror again….EVER!!


 “Yeh I went to a bar there (male) recently. I was buying a drink when I was surrounded by 5 people (3 male 2 female) Having no previous engagement they surrounded me continuously saying “Your sexy and you know it”! and rubbing my body… believe me I really don’t appreciate being touched by that many people- especially dudes. On my way home all the taxi services let us freeze to death until we literally jumped infront of one. We seen a guy who was laying on the ground covered in blood outside the delta. A few days later that night in another incident a person had been stabbed in an unrelated instance the exact same night.. cops would litterally drive past fighting in the street. THIS IS NOT A CITY TO EVER GO TOO NO MATER WHAT!!! STAY AWAY!!!


“That’s hilarious! I lived in the North end for just under 20 years. I was SO happy to get out of there. Now, I can accidentally leave something outside overnight and it’s STILL THERE the next morning. Not so in the North End.

It may have been illegal, but I kept a loaded shotgun near my bed every night for the past 15 years. I was lucky in that I never had to use it.


“Dude, that sounds very creepy. It seems some Winnipegger’s have this need to make unrequested bodily contact, even if you do your best to drop hints, they just don’t get it. There are certain places in the world where they’d be killed for pulling that shit.


“I lived in that poop hole for over 40 years before I wised up and moved to the maritimes. Winnipeg isin’t friendly, maybe 30 years ago but not now. Once you travel across Canada and see other cities you realize Winnipeg is one big cesspool of filth. This coming from an ex pegger that used to fiercely defend that bunghole. Do yourself a favour and get out of that scum pond.


“Winnipeg is the largest unofficial aboriginal reserve in the country. They have all the criminal morons here. Earlier, I had some scarred aboriginal dude banging on my door and trying to pick my lock in the door. Called the cops, before they got, he escaped, then 30 minutes later returned and tried to break my door again and this time the cops got him. There are no wards to describe this shithole!!!! I hate this city “downtown” especially! Nothing good here, only crime, scum and run down infrastructure.


“Your a reason why i hate this city too, F*cking racist, Thats the reason this city is such a shit hole. The city doesn’t try to do anything about it, in poverty stricken areas they set up beer vendors and bars, how the hell will that help anyone progress out of poverty? It won’t. This place will continue to be a sh*t hole since half of the white population hate natives with a passion


“That has got to be the weakest and most illogical argument I think I’ve ever heard when it comes to Winnipeg’s violent crime problem. Blaming businesses for society’s abuse problems amounts to taking zero responsibility for one’s addictions. If you want to blame anyone, you blame the city of Winnipeg’s Zoning and Bylaw department. By the way, there’s a certain pawn shop in the city that happens to be conveniently located inside the same building as a bar and beer vendor, originally funded by a greedy Metis businessman who took advantage of impoverished people for decades. Maybe you should look at the actions of your own people before blaming society for your misfortunes. Grow up and take some responsibility and quit playing the race card as an excuse.


“Most of the natives are the welfare sucking scumbags in this country, it is a fact.


“What are you talking about skiing. The place is so flat. There. No skiing.there are no hills. Who ever plays hockey is moronic. The only thing to do in this province is drink. Or bang your head against a wall until you pass out and don’t have to deal with this s@$t hole!


“lived here for soo many years and finally moving.

“Winnipeg is an obscure city, never seen mor young wannabes with no drive, inbreds, low intelligence and then an infrastructure like a third world country.

Let us not forget the lovely downtown but we are bonuses with lovely st James, polo park is fun but but not overshadowed by the north end, and no I didn’t forget about transcona.

It seems that all of the countries immigrants, this year 20 000 of them came here with a housing shortage for its own inhabitants.

Multiculturalism has never will never and doesn’t work.

We are a country where we are not individual and special snowflakes the government wants to sell you and the bleeding heart liberals eat up like a big Mac for an overweight cougar in a short dress and clear heels.

Have you been to wal mart in st vital lately, I felt I was in Nigeria a d Turkey at the same time.

With a small population density underplayed lower class, high welfare and natives flourishing here from reserves we have a beautiful city.

Of course there are always exceptions but on the whole it remains

One true great city doesn’t it?

Funny how we complain about the natives and immigration in private to one another.

Maybe we should take heed from Germany and stop immigration and give our mothers 3 years of maternity leave and yes paid, then per kindergarten for half a day with a person watching over them for free in the afternoon as well as for kindergarten, but probably too expensive for Canada hell immigration is more fun, you never know what ya get.
Enjoy, gettin out.


“Bleeding heart freaks then invite 2 natives to live in your house for free.

Or go for a walk downtown this evening, nicely dressed, anytime this evening after 7 is ok.

Hmmmmmm guess you know better, city is full of thieves, killers, crack heads, I saw a native teenager take a small cat and twist its head, snapping it, then throw it in an

Maybe the bleeding hearts can help rehabilitate him?
Go eat in the food court at polo park anytime, see what’s up…
Or maybe you will get mugged in the malls foyer, or your car stolen.

Winnipeg and welfare, never been on it, needed it once but had too much pride and pulled through my hard times s o long ago, point is we give handouts easily, wish I was native and an immigrant, cause I would get native benefits and immigration benefits of free dental, free prescription and non prescription drugs, 2 years free college and free university for natives, why go on, getting out of this whole of a city and country.


“Your obviously inept or were dropped on your head as a child, possibly have fetal alcohol syndrome or are all of the above including a crack baby.

Enjoy the city, gettin out and lived in Europe for 10 years and ths city let alone country offers nothing. 

Why do you think there re so many expats, if you don’t understand the word look it up, you sound like an uneducated child.


“It is a shit hole consumed by people living through their children’s lives, keeps them from thinking about their own life. Worst city to breed in.


“A big Brandon

Full of rednecks, inbreds and ho’s
All small businesses fail and makes me so happy to watch them go out of business
Life is good


“You need to be at least a part time drunk to fit in this place. I have no problem with the weather, it is what it is. I can’t stand how many natives (don’t mean to generalize but it’s true) are involved in crime. It’s everywhere. I live in the south end(supposedly safe) and its shit. My friend was brutally murdered for no reason by a 17&15 year old native boys. Total joke. The city is pretty damn ugly. The people for the most part are so close minded it’s not even funny. Everyone knows everyone literally. It’s pathetic. Once I’m done university I’m leaving for a long time before my ass comes back.


“Winnipeg is a joke. Traffic is retarted and so are the people. All “attractions” are a joke. Downtown. In every other Canadian city is lively, vibrant and never sleeping. Winnipegs downtown is full of deadbeats, it’s dirty, and if you’re there alone you probably ain’t coming back. It’s such a joke. But wait the jets will make everything better. And are new statium well that just ozes salvation from its every pore.


“Hmmm…have you been to any other Canadian city? Because the downtowns in all of the cities are dead at night. A little bit less dead in Montreal and Toronto, but then only on weekends for the most part. I was in Vancouver a few months back and I remember thinking how quiet the city was at night, even by Winnipeg’s standards. Canada is not Europe. Been to Vancouver’s Downtown East Side? How’s that for deadbeats…lots of used needles, real clean. You need to get out more, seriously. There’s a lot to do if you look for it. Check out your leisure guide. Check out different parts of the city for cycling or a long walk.


“agree completely. i have been hear a year and a half and currently on the way out. disgusting, ugly city with horrific weather. to say the people are friendly is a major over statement and undtrue. people are depressed and nasty. Can’t wait to get out of here.


“Let’s change the logo on the licenceplates from ” Friendly Manitoba” to “Weird Winnipeg”! People are walking around fearful or with their noses in the air. It is either self centered jerks or self absorbed snobby women. I have been told to ” eff off…I can get my own door” for politely holding a door open for a gal going into the Bay downtown. We are too conservative for our own good…afraid to try something new. I am becoming ashamed to say I am from here.


“I’ve been dying for a place to complain for the last 30 years… when I moved to Winnipeg from Florida. Yes, I got married to a Manitoban. 

Not only was it cold and unfriendly (compared to where I came from), there were no trees or hills or anything that warranted looking at. I tried and tried for 15 years. I was scared of going out into the prairie landscape, it was moonscape, and it felt so far from civilization, I felt stranded. I was depressed and suicidal. Finally (13 yrs. ago) we moved to Ottawa — HALLELUJAH — and I began having nightmares that we’d come back to Winnipeg and couldn’t get back home to Ottawa. I refused to go visit friends there for 10 years because it gave me the heebie jeebies to think about it. I had nightmares about Higgins Street, about driving in ruts in the snow, about long never-ending cold days, about mosquitoes and bad neighbours. I don’t think there’s anybody in the world who hates Winnipeg more than I do.


“never post here but really felt I needed to comment. I notice that almost all the Peg defenders cannot use grammar properly nor can they form a cohesive arguement. When one says, “Your a dumbass” what one really means is you are a dumbass or you’re a dumbass. Second, calling someone names like “mentally ill” does not prove your (not you’re) arguement- in fact, mental illness is just that- an illness and in the wider world is recognised as such. The education system in Winnipeg contributes to what a truly aweful place this is and creates this shared delusion that MB is ‘friendly’ and a great place to live. Look up the national education testing and see where your education ranks. As for the universities- my cat could get into UofM as long as I paid the tuition lol.


“I have been to every major city North, South, East and West of Wpg. – having travelled the whole country by car over 3 – 4 months, and it is not what other cities are. The collective consciousness of this city is imbalanced and odd. Wpg’ ers are known to be narrow minded and cheap. Our infrastructure is awful. We have 3rd world poverty in our front yards. Our poverty baseline is 10 000 a year when the rest of Canada’s is $12 500. Crime is high. Downtown is unsafe. I have never felt connected to living here, and I was and raised here. I’m looking to move to TO where there is life everywhere when you walk the streets.


“If I owned Winnipeg & Hell, I’d live in Hell – and rent out Winnipeg to some poor sap. Winnipeg truly is the worst city on this Earth.


” It’s the most horrible “farm town”ever, I hate the we will mind your business for you attitude that I hate the most here. That and the ignorance and stupidity of most Winnipeggers. 

I hate WHA, Manitoba Employment Services (welfare), Winnipeg Harvest, United Way, and so many self serving so called charities here. 

It’s nothing but people who want to look down at others who live in a worst situation. I know for a fact that that rich here laugh at the natives in their faces, and think all problems are native ones. 

People in Winnipeg are also prejudice and hateful, the worst people i ever seen anywhere.  To build a human rights museum here is the worlds biggest insult to humanity.



And Trust me Winnipeg is a shit hole, but mostly it’s because it caters to morons, the bottom feeders and the rich who pray on the weak. People here believe making less is a good thing, idiots !

Winnipeg is designed to keep you poor, and struggling so you can’t leave it. As a car city it forces young people to buy a car, and then they are in the trap.  

If you speak up about the problems, these mansion lead idiots who control everything here make legal trouble for you,and keep you stuck lopping though the courts, destroying peoples lives and pushing people in suicide.  

They social workers kill baby’s and get protection in doing so. This is what kind of place Winnipeg really is. Trust me 88% of places in North America you can earn more and you don’t have to be stuck living around these haters.  

The glass is actually greener in most places compared to the frozen hell hole.


“Been here 1 week and planning on getting out. Streets are ridiculously full of snow yet thats what passes as grated. UGLY city. No class. Looks like a wasteland. Very disappointed but the good news Im just 2 hrs from beautiful Ontario. The only good thing that EVER came out of this hole was the birth of The Who. Imagine poor old Burton Cummings growing up here? No wonder he escaped. No fucking Beer stores No beer stores that deliver???? Are you kidding me? What a joke. This twon needs an enema. The asshole of Canada literally where all the shit ends up. Winner-peg. NOT!


“Its the Guess Who. The WHO are a british band, with Pete Townsend, John Entwhistle, Keith Moon and Roger Daltry


“I reluctantly returned to Winnipeg in July 2012 (for family reasons) after spending the previous 15 years out east (mostly in Montreal, with a few years in Quebec City and Toronto).

I have tried to keep an open mind. I’ll admit that there ARE enough activities in Winnipeg to keep people busy (theatre, arts, sports, outdoors), so this is not the problem.

My three main issues are: 

1. Wages really are lower here for the “average” person [i.e. nonprofessional but with a university education]. The exception would be if you work for the government, for Hydro, or for a national/multinational company, which all allow you to live in relative luxury with a lower level of education. The fact that Winnupeg has a lower unemployment rate just means (I speculate) that more people have lost hope and have taken those $10-$12/hr jobs that are so plentiful here. 

2. Winnipeg does not offer a god variety of housing (type, size, price range). A decent-sized, quality condo seems overpriced in Winnipeg. I was prepared to buy a place here, but the longer I stay, the more reluctant I am to actually buy property. Reasonably priced rentals are mostly awful mid-rises, 3-level walkups, or 1950s bungalows. You should be able to rent a decent place for $1000/mo. in Winnipeg, but I see that conditions changed while I was gone. Take a look at to see what kinds of condos $225,000 (or less) will get you in Montreal or Quebec City; then compare them to what you can get in Winnipeg. Yes, Winnipeg real estate tends to offer better value per sq. foot (and income tax is lower), but we can never compete with the quality of life and variety in those other places. We don’t have much variety in neighbourhoods here—it’s either Osborne Village (good but still sketchy), Corydon/Lilac (stellar by Winnipeg standards), the Exchange (attractive and unique, but I would still be reluctant), or St. Boniface (some rough spots, but at least you can easily walk to those other neighbourhoods mentioned). Wolesley is nice, but surrounding neighbourhoods have some pretty serious problems (just watch the local news for a few days). I haven’t forgotten the suburbs; they’re just not worth mentioning. Seen one, seen ’em all. 

3. No matter what anyone says, you will eventually need a car in Winnipeg unless you have no family or friends to visit. I’m “low/middle income” but I never felt poor taking public transit in Montreal, QCity or Toronto—but a bus ride in Winnipeg is the most disheartening and humbling (read: depressing) experience I can get for my money. People who are against greenhouse gas emissions haven’t taken the bus to/from work in Winnipeg on a daily basis. Two days of commuting will cure such people of their environmental consciousness and send them car shopping with a smile. 

In conclusion, I’ll be leaving Winnipeg as soon as my family duties are fulfilled, or as soon as I crack (whichever comes first). At this point, I would welcome either possibility, but I am nervously coming to accept that I could be here for years. 

After I leave, I will only return to Winnipeg as a bag of ashes to be dropped into the ground. The only real estate investment worth making here is a cemetery plot (and I might even try to get a refund on that purchase at some point). 

If you are considering moving to Winnipeg, it should be for a very good salary. Save as much money as you can and then leave at the first opportunity. Having family and friends here will dull the pain but not cure it.


“You would be very surprised. Everyone who “loves Winnipeg” is just justifying their idiotic decision to remain.

It has gotten so much worse here in the last while. The crime, the ever increasing taxes, the ever-increasing human garbage walking the streets, the moronic attitudes of the people…even the odd gem like Grand Beach is disappearing under a blanket of toxic blue-green algae. 

Retirement is coming soon for me, moving to Ontario with half the provincial & property taxes and 1/10 the crime. And two months of winter instead of six.


 “Tucker I lived in Montreal 6 years, it’s not dead at all over night. Winnipeg is dead by 6 PM on a Friday. The unemployment rate is slightly less in Winnipeg region. I never been paid less then $11/hr a student a few years back. Many places higher, same job in Winnipeg pay min, and have less hours. Money goes further also in Montreal for poorer people, food is cheaper and transportation is about the same, yet you get around on time on a fully underground metro system. Then there is buses which come every 6 min, and night buses to prevent being fully stuck at nigh like in the Peghole. 

Winnipeg is not even a city, far as i am concerned, it an over sized farm town ! 

I could stop and look up statscan numbers too, in fact i am more qualified to read those numbers then most people. I also know I that though unemployment numbers read higher in Montreal, family income is also higher. On the other hand many natives that live in Winnipeg on government funds or no funds don’t tell the government they stay in Winnipeg 90% of the time, so add about 5000 more people to the overall numbers of poor. Plus, unemployed in Montreal lasts until your high paying job has new contracts, in Winnipeg it means you looking for more low pay jobs.  

I can assure you Montreal is a lot more fun, safer, and has bigger opportunities for people then Winnipeg.


“Went for a walk today in filthville manitoba. Dunkirk and St Mary’s road and a back lane. Recyclibles everywhere on sidewalks and boulevards thrown fron cars. Broken glass including beer bottles. Vodka bottle. Paper, cig wrappings. Dog shhit on the sidewalk. One huge stool sample that might be from a shindleman. What a disgrace.


“I made the mistake of marrying a woman in Winnipeg when I was just supposed to be passing through on my from Ontario to Alberta. Was duped into thinking the woman I married would move soon after the wedding. I wasted 23 years of my life in that shit hole. I finally left the Winnipeg Gulag 2005. I don’t have a single nice thing to say about the shit hole. I fCNg hate the place. I say bulldoze the entire city and leave it to the skeeters and lazy ass Indians and the rest of the deadbeats.


“It’s just horrible Francesca, and now with the quick melt and the rain there is large amounts of dog poop floating in my neighbour’s yard. I feel like I am at risk of typhus or worse, and I’m worried that this will contaminate my garden and flower beds. 

Then there’s people like JTF who contribute to the problem by allowing their dogs to bark and foul public parks and boulevards. Such slobs. 

If the city would charge $2500 for 5 years ($500/year…very reasonable) it would have a source of much needed revenue and the irresponsible dog owners, who sad to say are a large majority, would be much reduced in number. Part of the licence fee would be a requirement to watch a short video on responsible dog ownership and then to pass a written test.


“This is what I mean. Nobody wants to deal with all this mess from other people’s dogs.

Don’t know what drugs this clown is on. Winnipeg has three non-stop international flights: Minneapolis, Chicago and Denver. Everywhere else requires connections, and it is very expensive to fly from YWG because of lack of competition.

 I wish the city would get going on spring cleanup. Whats the hold up? Its like this every year, as if they act like flood..duh whats a flood? Or litter and D-shit, whats that? Or potholes, what are potholes? Get goin on these things NOW!!!


“Walking downtown, and around the north is like playing russian roulette, “is that neech gonna come at me or not?”.


I went through winnipeg .. Great place to take a Crap


“The reality is with all the litter, it is not a very attractive city. I’m embarrassed to say where I live when I travel. 

100 years ago it was considered Canada’s most beautiful city. Then came the wrecking balls and depressing brutalist architecture.  

And why is it that they have to use so much gravel on the streets? Other cities with similar climates don’t do this. I guess one of the gravel pit owners is someone’s buddy.

One week ’til May long and what a mess this city is.

 The street sweepers do a terrible job of cleaning all the sand and it builds up from year to year.

Why aren’t they out now cleaning up the mess? Why are they waiting?


“Winnipeg is a dump, I lived in the city for 10 years but luckily moved out West to Alberta. I’m out here for only a week, Thank the lord.

Nothing changes in this city except it’s cost which goes up. Here’s a few things I love about this city:

Pot holes you can drown in

The shittiest roads I’ve ever seen

Mosquitos the size of tennis balls

Brutal winters

Worst drivers hands down

17.50 for a pack of smokes now

Lots of crime

Dirty streets


Lots of drug addicts and crazy Indians

Pissed of people everywhere

This is the only city I’ve been in where half the people you see walking around are wearing dirty old sweat pants and a dirty shirt, And where the traffic is so congested panhandlers can actually squeegee your front AND back window. Ever try and run into a convenience store to grab something quick? Good luck you’re probably going to get stuck behind several gambling addicts blowing their welfare cheques on scratch tickets.

To the insane people trying to compare Winnipeg to Montreal, Pull your heads out of your asses. There is no comparison whatsoever, And this is coming from a white skinned red blooded conservative who likes to hate on Quebec frequently. Montreal is clean, Has nightlife, Lots of things to do, Is safe, GORGEOUS woman and so much more.

I could go on and on but don’t take my word for it, Come down and experience it for yourself if you haven’t yet. Just take my advice and pack light because once you’re here, You won’t be staying long.


“Worst city I’ve ever had the misfortune of spending the night in. I’d rather kill my family one by one with my bare hands than make them suffer living in that hell. Do the Jets a favor, let them go back to Atlanta!


“I agree with all the comments about this city.It’s lacking in so many ways.There are some positives,but I feel the negatives totally outweigh them.I keep myself busy and try n shut out everything in this town that pisses because I’m happy go lucky,but it’s hard.For me the winter n peoples attitudes are a deal breaker. Iv’e been fortunate to live all over Canada due to my work n this city doesn’t pass the grade.I’ll keep my cottage here because it’s peaceful to go to but I plan to retire to the BC valley.Definitely not here! One last thing, everyones entitled to their opinion but when you start to denigrate others just because you don’t agree with what they say…it just helps validate the negativity people feel they experience here.


“Lived in Winnipeg for 3 years and when I left it was one of the happiest days of my life. I found the people not especially friendly, unaware of life beyond Winnipeg, stuck in a time warp, petty and cheap. Food in the restaurants (not the vile fast food and chains) left a lot to be desired and the coffee always vile. Yes, its a cheap place to live in terms of rents and housing but who wants to come and live in Winnipeg? not exactly a destination or city of dreams.


“The city’s growth has stagnated, and try as they might, those in positions of authority don’t realize that Wiinipeg will never be big. So, they should take their heads out of the sands and build on the smallness of the city, instead of letting urban sprawl continue to be the spreading cancer that is ruining it.


“I was at Broadway and Spence last week and could smell pig barns. Today in St Vital I smell Brady road. That’s Manitoba thinking, have gross stinky things close enough to Winnipeg so we can smell it. Its not as bad as cig smoke but its bad or biker B.O., but its bad.


“Hey don’t worry, you’ve got a $351 million human rights museum now! That was definitely money well spent. I can’t think of a single thing that would have been a better investment. You’ll have that money back, and more, in no time. It’s going to draw people from all over the world, just to see it.

This is what I have noticed in my twelve years in this city:

1) This city has a very poor economy!

2) The infrastructure is laughable! This city is clearly mismanaged!

3)There is a very high crime rates!

4) This is pretty boring! There is very little to do! That’s a fact!

5) This is very cliquish and rude. That ”Friendly Manitoba” is a myth!

6) Downtown is very dumpy! Winnipeg is mainly in a poor and neglected state!

7) There is no LRT! The Winnipeg Transit is so ridiculous!

Hopefully one day this city will improve!

I forgot to mention that this city is full of nepotism!


“You left out we love garbage strewn on our streets and back lanes. We expect dog shit on our sidewalks left by responsible owners who DON’T bag it then throw the bag in the bush. We only want to drink beer, yell and train dogs to bark.


“WOW. The funniest thing about winnipegers is that many are delusional about how utterly horrendous this climate is. They think it’s the same everywhere in Canada. It’s not. There is nowhere colder, for more consecutive days, than here. Not by a long shot. But nice try. Maybe if you left shitty Manitoba you would realize this.


“Well….I’ve noticed that renting an apartment in Winnipeg is EXTREMELY difficult. All these stupid landlords and rental companies want a letter from your employer, pay stubs, at least 2 rental references, you have to have been at your job for more than 6 months, your complete credit history, a deposit required with the application, and it takes 3 days to process your rental application.

…..and the apartments aren’t even nice. They are dumps! Doesn’t appear they want any out-of-towners moving in. This bullcrap sure turned me away! Man Winnipeg sucks!


“I agree with you 1000%! This city is a sad joke! What a dump!


I live in Winter-plague, and this place never fails to disappoint me. I WANT to like it here… I really do. Because I’m not some loser, I’m about to graduate University and my husband has 2 Doctoral degrees. We can make it here, easy, and give us 10 years and boy after we know everyone, life becomes gravy.

But FUCK MAN, is it worth it to be stuck rubbing elbows with these self-proclaimed “friendly” hypocrites for the next few decades of my life?? Everyone here is completely shut down to anyone they didn’t grow up with. Making friends here, no matter how many popular Winnipeg names you drop, is impossible. There are no play-dates, no afternoon drinks with the girls, no surfing the scene downtown (yuck by the way), there’s NO LIFE if you didn’t grow up here. You could be a millionaire… there are lonely saps that come out of their lonely homes each spring driving their Ferrari’s the 3 Kilometres from work to home just to get noticed and all anyone does is avoid looking at them at the red lights, and god knows how long they’ve lived here.

You have to be a total shut-in to live here, because summers aren’t long enough to actually DO anything with any property you buy. The attractions here get old… FAST. I’ve only been to the forks 4 times and I’ve almost memorized the entire blue prints and each store. Same goes for Osbourne Village, Polo Park and pretty much every park in town. You park your car, and shut your brain off before you get out to avoid feeling sick from the repetition of doing the same thing over and over again.

Winter…. ugh, winter. And the COPS… NEVER IN MY LIFE have I seen a police officer stop people by walking out into coming traffic on Bishop Grandin and standing there like they want to be road kill! Are you kidding me? That’s how i got my first ticket here, and I just wanted to say “Are you an idiot, or something? Is issuing a speeding ticket really worth risking your life, or putting me in prison?” Just stupid.

Customer Service is shit across the board here, but i’m not sure if that’s all of Canada or just Manitoba.

Downtown is plain old Scary. My mom is visiting in a week and i can’t even take her downtown, because i’m too embarrassed to tell her “hold onto your purse and don’t make eye contact”.

And the Mosquitos… they’re just bad. Really, really bad. Bad enough to make you spend that precious day in the mid 80’s after 7 months of bitter cold inside, exhausted of itching and being assaulted by the buzzing little beasties.

And I don’t drink, so that erases about 85% of the activities Winnipegers apparently do with their spare time.

The Bombers are just terrible. Of course the irony in their name… the bombers that bomb every game.. is not lost on my husband and I.

I could go on and on and on. Don’t move to the peg. It’s horrible.


“Your infrastructure sucks. Your city planners suck. Your roads are poorly built and 60 years ago they should have built a bipass and evacuated it.


“Canada is rapidly declining economically, it’s not just Winnipeg. I believe Canada has now slipped to 14th place in the world in terms of living standards from second forty years ago. All one has to do is drive a few hours south to see how this county is really falling behind and the U.S. has struggled too! The prices here are astronomical and with the low wages and very high taxes, especially sales taxes, which really hurt the middle income earners and the poor, living standards are becoming more difficult to maintain, and for the most part have been subsidized only by cheap credit.

Recently a presidential candidate in the U.S. acknowledged that “real” unemployment in that country is 18% to 20%, triple the official rate. This must also be true for Canada. Time to increase immigration and bring in more TFWs! Great policy! Let’s all work for minimum wage (or less, because people are too scared to complain) with no overtime, benefits or holidays! Believe it or not, even the NDP, a supposedly social-democratic party advocates this! 

So people, instead of blaming all your woes on Winnipeg, think again. I agree the winters suck, but they do just about everywhere in Canada! I think they are worse in the East, despite being somewhat milder!


“Look at what is happening in downtowns across the country: Beautiful condo towers and office buildings are rising in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver. They are vibrant, with people and great restaurants and shopping…downtown Winnipeg still looks the way it did decades ago. Winnipeg is a shithole, and it will be stuck in the 70s forever.


“I go to Ottawa once a year and there is a lot happening there. Not Calgary level but I see condos (low rise and high rise) being built in a number of areas in and surrounding downtown. Winnipeg is a depressing city. I am an urban dweller, and will move from Winnipeg soon. Lone Wolf, maybe you do not know Winnipeg because all around downtown is run down. Use the boundaries Main, Logan, Sherbrook and Portage and you will see run down houses, industrial wasteland, empty lots, decrepit storefronts. This area needs billions in investment.

So many parts of Winnipeg not only downtown look abandoned. Since downtown is the heart of the city, it is crucial to redevelop it. One stretch that needs investment is Princess from Logan to Notre Dame. So many derelict buildings need cleaning and conversion. With the expansion of the Museum of Man and Nature, what a perfect time to redevelop the McLaren and fill in more lots around the area. Sadly no developer seems to have vision. Winnipeg will always be the butthole of Canada while it is left in the dust by other cities. Sad.


Social agencies; public money; no private investment; no life on the street other than drunk aboriginals staggering around


“I’ve been here for 8 years now the people are the meanest on this planet & boy when you get in the roads it like they purposely try and kill you no respect. Why does the licence plate say “Friendly Manitoba” when the people hear don’t even know the meaning of the word. Instead they should replace that slogan with “”Muderous Manitoba” at least that would be the truth


“Don’t get me started on how useless most of the instructors and directors are at Red River college. DON’T waste your money. If there is one thing I’ve learnt, it’s not what you know it’s who you know with that college.

Take your money to another province and stay there, Winnipeg sucks


“This city is full of garbage. Go under the MidTown bridge and see the amount of crap down there. But be careful not to wake the person living under there.


“Manitoba and Winnipeg are backward and unfriendly. Thank you but no thank you.


“I did time there for a few years, and yes, that is how it felt. People are unfriendly, narrow, mean, and openly racist. Worst six years of my life. They are not used to ‘outsiders’ and why would they be? Who in their right mind would willingly move there?


“I like your comment and I agree with you 10000%! The place is just a real nightmare! I’m so surprised how unfriendly and narrow mind this place is!


“Winnipeg is a horrible city to live in.Our transit system is ridiculous.I can’t count how many times I’ve been waiting for a bus,only to have one cruise right on by because it’s completely packed full.Rapid transit,my ass.

I can count on one hand how often I’ve had a bus arrive on time,no joke!.And the people are stuck up and selfish.I can’t wait until I’m in a position to move!.


“This will be a great day when the Winnipeggers will stop to be unrealistic about their city! Winnipeg is not great! It’s a miserable and backward place!


“Still a boring and dangerous dumpy place !


“Say whatever you want, kiddo ! It doesn’t change the fact that Winnipeg is a dumpy, backward and miserable has been city ! A real nightmare !


“I put my time in Winnipeg for 8 long years . The infrastructure in Winnipeg is 30 years behind. Traffic lights still work off of timers, there are no timed lights. Railroad tracks run throughout the center of the city with no underpasses . It’s impossible to get anywhere quickly. The so call savior called the Perimeter runs so far away from the core of the city that it’s only use is for people trying to avoid the city altogether. The boulevards are unkempt and ugly and the roads are either in disrepair or are always being repaired for literally months. The weather is what it is and there is nothing that will change that. What can be changed never changes. It’s a shame because I heard that at one time years back Winnipeg was supposed to be one of the most forward and modern thinking cities. It’s now considered the biggest hick town in Canada. Whatever politicians that have been in power have made a mess out of a city full of good well intentioned people and potential. I would assume they don’t even reside there anymore themselves after making such a mess of things. I’ll never move back. I’ve been to too many other places and I have the insight to compare. I don’t mean to be negative. I just find it sad that such a forward city is now so backwards and unattractive.


“So how do these crooks that pillaged a potentially good place get away with This? Is Manitoba amnesty island for politicians? There is a difference between being friendly Manitoba and push overs I hope. Katz was a crook. He declared real estate as his primary residence down south even as he was a Mayor in Winnipeg. So what’s up with that? Higher Taxes to pay for his lawyers?




“There are many places way worse than Winnipeg. There are better places than Winnipeg.”

you forgot to add the “many” in “better places”. there are MANY better places than winnipeg. i find it hilarious that you have to compare winnipeg to a god damn third world country in terms of living. a first grader would obviously know whats a better place to live, try comparing winnipeg to other cities in canada, where its one of the worst cities to live in.


“One word MURDER CAPITAL. Fact. Oscar_the_grouch’s advice is…use common sense and avoid winnipeg, take the perimiter when travelling past the city. oh yah.


“Please…. Winnipeg is the shithole of Canada and everyone knows this.


“winnipeg is a small shithole city,the north end is all about murder,winter’s are long and cold -40ish to -50ish…I can go on and


“i lived in winnipeg till i got a job in calgary and moved about a year and a half ago, the last year has been pretty much the best year of my life. I feel sad for the people who are to stupid to leave winnipeg. Please leave there, you will thank yourself for leaving every day like i do.


“I F ing hate this city, will move as soon as possible. Can’t because I own a business. Its boring and has the most depressing negative vibe. I was just in Mexico (a third world country) and felt safer, the infrastructure was in better shape, and people friendlier. All trip over a drunk bum daily and just want to kick them in the face. The NDP government is a joke, wants a construction labourer to get paid $21/hr. Double what a broom pusher gets paid in other cities. Terrible drivers, rude people with no drive. I could go on and on. If you can leave run, don’t look back. Most people born here just don’t realize how much better any other city in Canada is. RUN, GO, RUN.


“Winnipeg is a hell hole. Those that like it should be working oon the next propaganada ” Why we love Winnipeg” program. I have never met so many a-holes in my life like here and the drivers are idiots.


“winnipeg is like a disease, it sucks but you just cant seem to shake it. “the devil you know” is an apt phrase.


“Winnipeg sucks cause behind calgary it is the most RACIEST province in canada. If your of colour or native, your in trouble. The justice system favers the white and punishes that nonwhite. I guess its easier to faver those who look like you and vilify those who dont. I am a person of colour and I grew up in winnipeg. My friends told me it was like this but stupid me said No! No!. Over the past few years I now see the truth about this hole. Winnipeg and calgary are canadas version of the U.S south. The only difference is in the south tey tell you to your face and here it’s hidden.


“Bottom line, winnipeg is a shithole and should be wiped clean from the ass of the planet, manitoba


“Winnipeg is the intestines of Canada.


“Anyone that likes Winnipeg needs to get a mental assessment. Seriously this place is a big time toilet. I have never met so many a-holes, bad drivers and walking zombies in my life. Any time I leave the city I am reminded what normal people are like. Idiots still chant ” Go Jets GO” how pathetic and the roads. Stop with the propaganda as well like ” Spirited Energy” what kind of BS is that. Why in the world do I need to be told why I need to like a place. Oh yeah Manitoba Home coming major event ” Biggest Social” This place is a bad joke as soon as I can I am outta here and won’t miss the a-holes and anything about this hell hole.


“Well here is the interesting point you brought up. They made the public believe that because of the cold the roads are bad here yet you go to Grand Forks and the roads are excellent. So much for the typical Winnipeg brainwash BS, The roads are bad because you have people in power who don’t care they just want there pay checks. I worked in the city and know this to be true. This city is a toilet. Oh yeah come here in the Winter so many lazy a-holes don’t shovel there side walks. One Great city my ass. This place is a bad joke.


“Winnipeg is a shithole. It is a city filled with low wage ignorant, scared low-mid level bureaucrat types. As well as a healthy dose of non-english speaking immigrants to clean their houses and wash laundry. There are no new buildings in Winnipeg everything is old and falling apart. Anyone with a brain gets the hell out and never goes back. All thats left is losers to stupid or too scared to leave.


“Hahahahaha… So the ’50 year’ rainstorm has forced boil water advisories across Winnipeg. How fitting as Winnipeg is Canadas very own Third World city.. So as the “100 year flood” seems to be happening every 10 years or so now.. I guess we can expect a “50 year rainstorm” every couple of weeks then? LMAO… 

Now that the arctic winter is over.. The big pile of dust and muck and slop that is spring is well underway in Canadas Third World Metropolis. They can now look forward to a malaria epidemic this summer with all the still water from the rains breeding deadly mosquito hordes……lololol…  

Oh wait.. they can battle that by pumping millions of gallons of cancer causing insecticide into the lungs of all the citizens and especially the children to prevent it.. maybe.. But at the least It adds to the toxic cocktail leftover in the water table from the floods.. mmm mmmmm good! 

And people wonder why its so cheap to live in Canadas very own Third World Metropolis.


“Winnipeg lacks class and culture it tries to pretend it is a real city but it is a toilet. World Cup is on and most cities have cultural events here the big story is the all you can eat Buffet.

Spend some time in any other major city in Canada and you will come to learn how classless and how many redneck morons live in Winnipeg.

I am amazed how many walking zombies live here. I have never met so many dumb ignorant people as here the only people that I have met who have any ability to hold a conversation are not from Winnipeg originally. 

Look at the foreigners wives eyes they are sad because they despise this place and wish to go back to a normal place.

Winnipeg sucks with or without a NHL team. Can’t wait to get out of this toilet.


 “Winnipeg is the worst city in Canada! and yes, before you tell me to leave…that is what I am going to do. Winnipeg has nothing to offer. it is rude, negative and very unfriendly.


“The number one past time in Winterpig Murdertoba is petty gossip. No one with half a brain stays there unless they were born there. I’ve been stuck in this hole so long…thank God I can afford to move VERY SOON HALLA F’n LUJAH!!!!!!!!!! Get me the f outta here!!!!!! Even traveling kids and sq bums say people are rude and snoopy …and there’s too much crime and the locals rip off like mad


“Yup This play is creepy as well. I have never met so many weirdos in my life as I have here. Most people look and walk like zombies. There are good people but oddly enough they were not born here. I agree firecracker I have never met so many rude and snoopy people in my life as here. Plus the energy here is messed up I know people who moved here and there wives started to lose there minds and in order to save the marriages they had to move right away because they knew this place is bizarre. It also seems like when people come travel here they get robbed how many times have you read int he paper that someone from X was visiting and got robbed and these are the ones they are willing to type about. I wonder what kind of propaganda BS “I love Winnipeg” campaign they will come up with next. The politicians here are greasy and dirty. Look at the mayor he is a bad joke.


“Winnipeg is evil. The vibe here is bizarre and twisted. I have never met so many people who are alcaholics, needing any reason to drink or so many people on anti-depressents. 

I know of people who moved here from other cities and within a couple of years the wife starts to go bananas.

She knows this is place is messed up that is why so many get drunk here whenever they can it is the only way they can stand this place. It is a toilet.


 “Yeah great mayor who is running for relection lol

Wow…busy weekend for the Peg….

* Man shot on Main Street in Winnipeg
* Human head found in water at The Forks
* Shots fired near downtown Winnipeg
* 3 men stabbed in Winnipeg

 Winnipeg is the detroit of Canada. They have a moron of a mayor who just looks after his buddies while the toilet keeps getting bigger.

Oh yeah gotta love the mosquitos.
One Great city all right. lol
Can’t wait to get out of this ring of hell you have to be crazy to think this is “One Great city”.
Or your drunk like most Peggers like to get.


“Murder capital, car theft capital, poverty capital, etc. Yes – Winnipeg is the assh*le of Canada and to all those Peggers who’s comebacks are “if you don’t like it then leave”, maybe you should try leaving the suburbs and see what’s really going down. The crime is spreading and soon enough it will be at your front door, then maybe you will shut the f*ck up and admit the problems are real! Your chances of being knifed are pretty damb high, or worse yet having your loved one killed by a stolen speeding car! You can’t go downtown, to the north end the Detroit of Canada, the west end with it’s shotgun wielding thugs, trashcona the druggy neighborhood, and the list keeps growing. The city is filthy and there are tons of racists of every ethnicity here. Hick city!


“Winnipeg is Canada’s Bogan (google it) Capital. Bogan sums it all up and says it all about this city!


“Yup Winnipeg Sucks the life out of most people that is why so many people eat and drink so much it is to hide the feelings of emptiness. So many morons live here amazing.


“I’m shocked! Winnipeg has ‘everything’ going for it; the list is too long to post but I’ll start with:

(1) Robins at the corner of Selkirk and Salter; great place to enjoy a coffee and watch degenerates roaming the street and hitting up on teen prostitutes.

(2) the cross walk immediately south of Thunderbird House on Main Street; great place to watch bulbous-nosed degenerates roaming the streets, bumping off walls, looking to hit up someone / anyone for some change….

(3) the ‘hood’ bounded by King, Dufferin, Flora and Robinson; great place to get murdered, beaten, robbed, propositioned, yelled at, shot at, etc. City Bread at King and Dufferin makes the best honey Bran, rye and pumpernickle bread on the entire planet. Don’t be in that area after dark.

(4) need to score some [insert most favourite drug]; go to Portage Place or the streets surrounding it. There you will find a good mix of drug dealers, degenerates, beggars, and those morons who wear a 2-sizes-too-small baseball cap sideways on their head (what is the purpose of that – they look so f’in stupid words escape the feeling that rages through me when I see one of those morons…..

(5) someone please continue, I’m going to lose it thinking about the morons who wear a 2-sizes-too-small baseball cap sideways on their head. I need to step outside and scream…….


“I recently visited Winnipeg and left with one really troubling question, what do you citizens do for leisure?

I mean you have virtually no natural beauty. The lakes in Whiteshell are beautiful, but again, what about Winnipeg?


“All the aforementioned cities have violence, true, but you still have to wake up in Winnipeg.

It’s an absolutely terrible city and I really feel sorry for the people who live there. What an absolute waste of a life.


“If I was retarded…and raised on a farm.. Winnipeg would still be a hole


“Eh Rita, shut the f*ck up! No one cares about your annual income or your “hard” life, we all have a load to carry! Not everyone has a job like yours so what’s your point? That somehow with a high income we can move to the suburbs and ignore the crime spilling out of the North and West end? Go take a walk in other neighborhoods on your next coffee break, preferably Selkirk & Redwood – if you don’t get your “high-end” ass kicked then maybe you’ve got a point. Until then just keep hiding in your false sense of security. And my points were valid – crime capital, poverty capital, car theft capital – ALL FACTS! Your comebacks are weak, are you an Asper by any chance? Living in a f*cken bubble are we?


“There isn’t really a “high end” in Winnipeg. It’s a low-income city in a have-not province chock-full of social problems.


“Kevin, there are those of us “living” here who are trying to escape. A few good restaurants, a pathetic zoo with one animal, and some good music do not cancel out the auto theft and the crappy weather that makes Winnipeg into the laughingstock of North America. The winter makes people bitter, reclusive and nasty. During the tiny window between the winter and the onslaught of cankerworms and mosquitoes as big as my elbow, people are actually pleasant. Then the poison-spraying starts.

There’s a reason that the refrain in that famous song is “I HATE WINNIPEG.” Not “I LOVE PARIS IN THE SPRINGTIME.” Not “I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO.” Lolol.


 “Prison life would be easier than Winnipeg life..


“Not it isn’t Canada at all. I lived in Toronto, my friend from Winnipeg suggested to come and live here, just to try it out, because it is “cheap”. I had no choice due to financial situation I have been living in Peg for 5 years now. Guess what, I am leaving in 4 months. No way will I ever go back to this disgusting, stupid, backwards shithole city. This city is thriving on nepotism where if you know someone, you get the job, regardless of your skills or experience. Winnipeg is one big Mennonite family with rich pockets. It is a closed circle of society here, someone wrote about socials, it’s a big thing here. God knows why you want to wonder to someone else’s socials all the time. Also, it’s not even as cheap here anymore. It’s almost getting close to Toronto. My brother leaves in downtown Toronto and he pays 1200 in rent. Compare it to a 1100 bucks 1 bedroom in downtown Winnipeg, a nice apartment though. I came here 5 years ago, 2 bedroom was 600 bucks in a great area, now it is 1000!!!! What? For this price, I’d go back to Toronto, and don’t tell me it’s cheap here because it ain’t!

The only thing that is cheaper here is probably university, and even that is rising exponentially. The only thing winnipegers seem to brag about is that there is a lot of restaurants here. And ????? Guess what assholes, there are restaurants all over the world. Many of them. Why Winnipeg is so special? It isn’t! I am glad I will be leaving this stupid inbred city, the only thing good about this city was the fact that it taught me how to avoid potholes and crackheads. If you don’t know what I am talking about, try catching a bus after 5-6 pm in downtown. shitholepeg.


“I work for manitoba tourism so don’t worry I will tell you the truth about how great this city and province are. Don’t worry no crime, poverty, corrupt officials, pot hole ridden streets, sewers that are rotting, 6 months of cold winters, filth all through the streets, mosquitos or a downtown that is cull of addicts but hey I will continue to tell you the truth on how great Manitoba is.


“I enjoyed reading your white trash comment, made me laugh. Butr in all seriousess. Winnipeg i and always will be a hole… the wprst place I have ever been by far and I have been travelling around the worls fro the past 10 years.. If someone held a gun to my head and said I either had to stay in Winnipeg or die.. I wouldn’t be staying in Winnipeg.. Fuck me anyone that has to live there deserfves a medal.. Go to Austrllia and you will soon realize what a sad boring and pahetic life living in Winnipeg really is. Shame really coz there’s great people living there.


“I was born and raised in this fair city,,,,I left it for 18 years and came back thinking it had changed,,,,oooooo was I ever wrong! The city itself can’t control the weather, the geography, or the humans who inhabit it, those are part of every city’s nature, neither good nor bad. What’s wrong with Winnipeg is the people who inhabit this location on the globe. Hatred and ill will is a common theme, and pleasure seems to only be derived from the diminishment of other human beings, cities, cultures and structures anywhere on earth, including this city’s. I got back here 20 months ago with great dreams of properly using investor’s $ to build and prosper a business, but within 30 days of arrival I’d learned how blind I’d been to the reality of life here, not one person has answered my question of why a human being should consider Winnipeg as a city of potential happy human life on earth, not one!….now I’m near bankrupt because I refuse to invest $1 of another person’s money in this city!!! I am very convinced that the second holocaust will begin here and the best investment would be in a Zyclon-C factory. If one isn’t white, related to a Winnipegger, blue-collar, and heterosexual,,,,you are a target for the aryan hatred that this city thrives on. Left wing and right wing politics work the same here,,,hatred thrives on hatred.

If plans work out, I should be out of here by December,,,,should it appear I would have to remain in Winnipeg for the next 20 years, I’d certainly think of suicide as a viable alternative. 

Again,,,I’ve only been asking Winnipeggers themselves about the city,,,,if you don’t live here or have never lived here, your comments are based on ignorance.


“I’m afraid I have to disagree with you, Rita. I moved away more than a year ago and I have yet to say to myself I don’t like where I live. While the transition has been uphill at times, I don’t find myself walking down the street constantly reaffirming how much I hate the city I live in like I used to in Winnipeg. I knew once I left that place, that yes, I would be happier and I am. Why? Because I’m not constantly encountering lugans and animals, there is a great sense of community and pride where I live, it’s safe to walk down the streets after dark, there are parks with functioning water fountains, REAL bicycle lanes, REAL rapid transit in the form of a modern subway system that I won’t have to wait 20+ years to use, affordable food and housing, beautiful women, great architecture, fewer pickup trucks, people with class and manners, warmer winter temps, and the list goes on. Winnipeg is the opposite of all those things, so yes, moving somewhere else CAN make one happier.


“Winnipeg sucks is the truth, but what does it mean to suck in Winnipeg. 

To suck here means: 

1) Monopolizing half the businesses between 5 different local crap to work for companies, so if you don’t like one place, working at another means still working for the same jackass… that sucks ! 

2) Prairie farmer architecture with a mix of extreme right wing fascist designs, definitely sucks and is most of Winnipeg. Ex the kid playground at the Forks is a perfect example of police state prairie farmer architecture, in a small space which is a bunch of tepees and crap there are 28 omni cams of big brothers, teaching your children that being watch ever step is normal. THAT SUCKS !!! 

3) The weather -40 c to +40 c and then there is the flooding rains, no spring, no fall, just damn clod to damn hot. That sucks ! 

4) Winnipeggers are so uneducated that they think higher learning was a movie only ! Trying to have an intelligent conversation is out… That sucks !!! 

5) Inbreeding… That sucks !!!  

6) Cheap people looking for a deal, what is this a Vietnam market… try to get paid what you are worth and boss becomes a haggling old Chinese women looking for the best price on rice. That sucks !!! 

7) Streets are falling apart, that sucks ! 

8) Rapid Transit is a monkey peddling a bus down the street, not rapid, that sucks !!! 

9) Nah-dere boy… anywayz !!! That sucks !!!! 

10) Entertainment is going up garbage hill drinking a beer and rolling down, weeeee… that sucks !!!! All-in-all Winnipeg sucks !


 “City of inbreds


 “Winnipeg is a dump get over it!


“If Vancouver is the head and Halifax is the toe then that

makes Winnipeg the ass ho.
Rampant gang violence is the norm.
Home of the barricade creep.
City of tiny ass hoes


“Vancouver isn’t the head of anything, more like a festering tumour. It’s a foreign city on Canadian soil. Most people are poor and young people have standards of living equivalent to those in Mexico and face a grim future of struggling to find a roommate to share a 1 bedroom apartment.


“The Peg is an armpit


“Winnipeg is what happens when cousins marry and have kids.


“Lived here all my life. Yes indeed winnipeg should be called SHITHOLEPEG!


“Take a good look ! This city is a dump ! What a joke !


“Yes Winnipeg sucks! Winnipeg is a dump! Open your eyes!




“I have lived all over canada and I have been here 6 months and I have never seen a bigger shithole than Winnipeg in my entire life. The only good thing about winnipeg is that it is cheap.

The winters are brutal, the summers are hot, muggy and invested with mosquitos. Most people who visit this city for the first time remark how ugly,dirty, and run down it is.

The vast majority of people who love it here grew up here and do not know any better. Simply put this city is a cess pool of shit, piss, and vomit. New people have fun- Ha Ha Ha


“Winnipeg has some very notable qualities: Rudness, snoopiness, and boorishness. Cheers Winterpeg!


“If you weren’t born here or haven’t gone to kindergarten with the other bullies and morons you won’t fit in here. No wonder there are so many gangs! They have a gang mentality. You can’t be individual here, you can in Calgary though. Racism is rampant, on the other hand, political correctness is rampant too! What a s*** hole!!!


“I’m 17 years old and I have grown up in this shit hole called Winnipeg. I still live there though and I hate every goddamn minute of it!

The only people who like it here are people over 50, farmers or people with no lives who actually like doing the same thing every day! living here is like being stuck in the movie Ground hog day when the guy repeats the same day over and over again. Teenagers, young single people and couples will not like it here at all! there is nothing to do and it sucks.

Now I know Rachel or some other ass hole is going to post something like “You shouldn’t say that” but try living here for more then oh say, 6 months to a year then we will see what you think! do say a thing until you know what it’s like to live here!


 “It is the sh*t hole of Canada. The only ones who don’t agree are redneck, slob, ignorant, rude, farting, belching, sneaky, mean, trecherous people who were born here and probably will stay in this hole all their miserable lives.


“Speaking of people paid by taxpayers money — yes, this is a wicked city. What surprises me is that it took so long for Winnipeg’s finest to finally off some poor bugger with a tazer — finally happened yesterday. Cops are creeps in Winterpeg, beating poor youth, scruffy people, and ignoring real dirt bags — drug dealers. What heros. I wonder if cops get free coffee from merchants in Osborne village for their cowardly and brutal action!


“Why are the people in Winnipeg so ignorant and rude? It seems like the pastime here is staring and gawking at others. It reminds me of that movie,’Night of the Living Dead’..creepy man! When people are so unfriendly they don’t talk to strangers but yet stare and gawk..especially I notice they stare at immigrants and mentally challenged persons or anyone even a little different. I feel sorry for people who have to face that crap from these morons in Winterpig. How unclutured and offensive, yet know one thinks anything of it… They should all take a Dale Carnegie course to learn to act like human beings with respect and manners. Did you notice the spit all over the bus shelter windows? I just hope the *ssholes here don’t move to my hometown of Calgary! Thank God I am only here temporarily!


“i’m not joking winnipeg is like that, they call it ‘people watching’ I call it “if I had a gun, we’d have a little run and fun. I knew i wasn’t imagining that bull shit, we should be cow-town on account of all the stinking bull shit see


“I ended up in winnipeg for university, and winnipegers made me hate their town. If you are not a boy from the neighborghood, good luck! The last time any winnpeger has probably made a new friend (and I mean FRIEND) has been perhaps high school. Outsiders who were not born and bred in winnipeg will never make their way into a circle of winnipegers. I work with a bunch of supposedly professioanl winnipegers: they have zero social skills in attracting an outsider and making them feel at home (in thier new home in winnipeg). If you are more successful than a winnipeger in a similar job, they will hate you for that. And they have no shame in showing thier jelousy. Yet, they think we non-Manitobans are too dull to get it! I tried so hard for 2-3 years to make myself fit in amongst my winnipeger coworkers, and alas any luck. I have therefore given up on them. I am counting down the days of my calender, looking forward to the day that I will be leaving winnipeg for ever. And to cherrish themselves, they claim people like me leave winnipeg because of their cold weather. I leave winnipeg because of its cold, self-centered, jelous people. I will never return and will never look behind. The “friendly Manitoba” on their licence plates is a joke!!. Or maybe they mean they are freindly to their manitoban palls!

In my profession I have worked with many people across the country: my winnipeger colleagues are amongst the least knowledgeable ones, and yet they have not insight to it. They think they are the best in the country. Therefore, never even try to improve their pathetic status. For the same reason,, they hate successful non-Manitobans who may stirr some competition in their GREAT HOME TOWN. Maybe they have poor social manners deliberately to repel their better colleagues. 

You want to learn about winnipegers, just observe thier driving attitude: very rude and inconsiderate of anybody else on the road. If you need to change a lane, you need to wait until cows come back home, because no other driver will ever have the courtesy. I can no longer count how many winnipegr drivers have waved at me their middle finger when I was driving cautiosly on their icy winter roads to avoid any accident. This has never happened to me in any other town in Canada for a driver to show me his/her middle finger!(so much for thier culture).



See: Winnipeg Rants (part two)


It’s time to quit procrastinating and start digging into the shit pile that is Edmonton, Alberta.

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta. To give you an idea of how attractive it is, see picture (left). 

The current urban population is around the 900,000 mark (slightly over) and the metropolitan area is a little over 1.3 million people. It’s ethnic minority population is large at nearly 30%. The bulk of the city’s industry is tied to fossil energy and has been since the 1940s. 

Edmonton began as a dumpy little town which was incorporated into a city in 1904 and became the capital a year later when the province of Alberta was created. The only reason anyone went there was because of the gold rush in nearby Yukon, the Canadian Pacific Railway, and cheap land used to attract settlers.

Edmonton’s biggest claim to fame came from the West Edmonton Mall built in 1981 which was the largest mall in the world for a couple decades, and remains the largest in North America. (It really speaks to the nature of the city —
and climate — that the most exciting thing to do is to go to a mall and spend money.) Edmontonians tried to market it as the Eighth Wonder of the world – no joke.

Like Ottawa, Edmonton tries to be interesting by throwing countless “festivals” and giving itself the name “Canada’s Festival City”. Countless activities and performers who would be considered par for the course in other world class cities become “festival events” in Edmonton.


Yes, this is actually a name that Edmonton is known by in Canada. To quote the Urban Dictionary:

“An affectionate nickname for Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a city trading places with Winnipeg for Murder Capital of Canada, where approximately 40% of the homicides are caused by stabbings, according to statistics.   

Stabmonton mayor Mandel has called for a ban on the sale of “knives large enough to do serious bodily harm” or something similar.”

In fact, Global news has its own subsection called Edmonton Stabbing; as does the Edmonton Journal. In 2015 roughly half of Edmonton’s homicides were stabbings, putting it third place in Canada for such crimes. In 2016, over a quarter of its homicides were stabbings. By 2017 its 49 homicides made it third in Canada again for that crime, with at least one-third of those being stabbings.

The other nickname currently in use is Deadmonton – reflecting the city’s lack of appeal and the level of its inhabitants’ boredom, or alternately its murder reputation.

More fun

Sexual assaults remain high in Edmonton. In 2014, sexual assault was the fastest rising violent crime in Edmonton with 6 or 7 serious assaults every weekend. The city was seizing “gallons more” GHB than seen in other cities its size, and despite climbing rates of assault the police chief stated they knew only 10-15 percent of the assaults were reported. 

By 2016 matters weren’t much better: Edmonton continued to have a significant amount of sexual assaults per capita, beating out major cities. For example: In Edmonton there were 92.2 sexual assaults per 100,000 people, compared to 62.9 in Toronto, 74.9 in Vancouver, 45.8 in Montreal, and 52.3 in Calgary.

And as 2018 ended, Edmonton had the second-highest sexual assault rate in the country, which the city laughably kept trying to play off as a result of the #MeToo Movement. (Which would explain an increase in reported numbers overall, but not specifically why Edmonton is in second place.)

Even more fun

Since the city amalgamated several nearby municipalities and areas into it’s CMA (Census Metropolitan Area), urban sprawl has become a large issue: its projected to cost the city over a billion dollars. The new $600+ million LRT is a complete mess. Like Ottawa, the transit system is a nightmare (‘safety concern’) and “reliability of the transit system has been dropping steadily since 2012.” This adds to the traffic congestion, emissions, and an already polluted city.


“Edmonton’s economy has always been driven by resource wealth. It is the major supply and service centre for a vast territory extending from central Alberta to the Arctic Ocean. Agriculture, energy production (coal, conventional oilfields, oil sands and natural gas), forestry …  

Edmonton’s industrial base remains heavily dependent on natural resources (e.g., petroleum refining, petrochemicals, plastics, fertilizer) and the needs of resource-based industries (e.g., manufacturing of pipe and heavy equipment, metals fabrication), though Edmonton firms are prominent in a variety of fields, including construction, engineering services, electricity generation, banking and retailing.”

(Source) To sum it up: basically any time there is a dip in the oil and gas industries, Edmonton winds up screwed over and the economy starts shuddering with a bad cold. When companies lay off workers or pack up and leave town, the same issue repeats. Aside from resource extraction, Edmonton relies on retail. In other words, its overpaid workers have to spend a lot in the nearby malls and big box stores.

Living quality

Edmonton is expensive, although not among the worst. Its “living wage” is calculated to be $16.46/hour to survive. The average price of a single-family home is $436,825 (after market declines). 

As is typical of Canada, Edmonton has cold winters with the average temperature -18 C in January.

Shitty hockey

The city built a new “world class” hockey arena that cost over $600 MILLION. Yes in a city metro area of roughly a million people – with all kinds of issues – they spent that much on a hockey arena for their beloved team the Oilers. (The Canadian known as “The Great One” – Wayne Gretzky – hails from there.) Some of the stupidest comments: “
build it and they will come“; “this changes Edmonton forever“; “People will look back on today ‘as the day the excitement began‘.”

Yes they built an arena with no parking so the city could crack down on drivers with tickets to earn revenue. There’s some irony in this, since Edmonton was named as the most hated location for NHL players who called it a “complete nightmare” and likened it to an arctic hell hole (it even beat out Winnipeg)!

The takeaway:

Plenty more could be said, but I’ll end it here. Edmonton is an ugly, polluted, cold little town filled with mostly rednecks. The people getting government wages for “revitalizing” the city are overpaid, under-worked and drastically out of touch with its citizens’ needs. There is terrible traffic, pollution, urban sprawl and cost of living.

If you enjoy hicks, teenage mothers, rapists, crime, and manual labor – Edmonton is your town. Into knife-fighting or throwing? Edmonton is your town. Are you into an expensive, ugly dump (that will probably cause you health issues) with soul-crushing winters and grey, bleak outlooks? Edmonton is your town.

So enjoy this typical caker shit hole, everything included: winter, rednecks, expensive living.

Thunder Bay

Alright, let’s get it over with. Time to discuss the shit hole known as Thunder Bay. It’s a small city in northern Ontario with a population of just under 100,000 people, or a little over if you include the Census Metropolitan Area (CMA).

Thunder Bay is principally known for its racism and redneck population. Roughly 10% of TB residents identify as Aboriginal. Another 9% are immigrants – but all European.

Fun Times

In 2015, almost a third of anti-Indigenous hate crimes were from Thunder Bay. In 2017 its MP stated publicly she was not at all surprised about its “appalling” hate crimes rate. It has the highest per-capita hate crimes rate in the country, nearly 6x the national average. This stretches
back to 2013 when it had the highest hate-crimes rate, tripling the average of big cities like Vancouver and Toronto, followed closely by other northern Ontario cities and of course Ottawa.

Aboriginal women being raped by white men and even police officers is an occurrence heard of repeatedly. Aboriginal men risk being beaten to a pulp by white residents and then thrown in the river. Aboriginals often deal with name calling in public and have garbage and other items thrown at them.

In a racist incident from January, a First Nations woman had a trailer hitch thrown at her, causing internal injuries which later killed her. As if this weren’t enough, the woman’s sister and her children were forced to leave the city after being targeted for abuse and death threats, including: “These white kids telling my kids that they are going to be the next ones found in the river or get a trailer hitch thrown at them.”

Presumably the children are referring to the spate of Aboriginal teenagers found floating dead in the Thunder Bay river, which Chiefs have demanded answers about.

In 2015, Thunder Bay was considered the murder capital of Canada based on the previous year’s statistics, a title it held again for 2016 murders, and again in 2017.

So aside from all that, what else have we got? A small northern city with the typical terrible Canadian weather and horrific winters; an incredibly boring, divided place (if locals’ rants are to be believed).

In 2017 the Thunder Bay police chief had charges brought against him, while the Mayor and others were charged with extortion. (The chief was later acquitted, the other trials are still pending.) 

In 2018, the police admitted to racism in its force and civilian service while issuing an apology. (In consequence of an investigation by the Ontario Police Watchdog.)

I just don’t have the energy to continue pummeling this shit hole. So if you ever get stuck going there, what is there to do? The “attractions” listed here constitute the following:

-Looking at a piece of concrete (Terry Fox “memorial”)

Several parks and farms (outdoors stuff)
A Cheese Farm
A crappy little museum
A casino
Shops and the like you’d find in any town …

Want to travel nearby? How about going to Winnipeg – a mere 596 km/370 miles away! Maybe Windsor at 832 kms/517 miles, or London, ON at 864 km/536 miles away? 

HAVE FUN! O Canada! 

Canada’s sex offender registry

According to the RCMP:

“The National Sex Offender Registry is a national registration system for sex offenders who have been convicted of designated sex offences and ordered by the courts to report annually to police… 

It is a database maintained by the RCMP that provides Canadian police services with important information that will improve their ability to investigate and prevent crimes of a sexual nature.  

The public does not have access to the National Sex Offender Registry.”

Canada has a long tradition of child abuse: from the residential schools to Catholic churches, and twisted abuse in small towns and the north.

It figures cakers would make a national registry that nobody could actually see, that way parents can’t look up nearby predators to protect their children like they can in the USA.

Who is on the list? According to Maclean’s:

“At last count, the national sex offender registry contained 43,217 names—or about one entry for every 813 people in Canada.” 

“Unlike in the United States, where sex offender registries are publicly searchable, Canada’s version was never designed for citizen consumption. Its founding purpose is to help police locate potential suspects who live near a crime scene, not provide parents with a printout of every convicted molester residing in the neighbourhood.”

It’s okay for law enforcement to have the information to investigate a crime after the fact, but not acceptable for diligent parents to have the information for crime prevention and neighborhood safety. Makes sense … if you’re Canadian.

It gets better, as in backwards Canada sex offenders are winning court rights:

“If a national sex offender database doesn’t contain the name of every known sex offender, after all, is it even worth having?  

In a legal first, Ndhlovu convinced a judge last October that the NSOR is unconstitutional because all convicted sex offenders automatically make the list, regardless of how relatively minor their crimes might be, or minimal the threat they may pose. Simply put, the judge found that denying an offender the opportunity to seek an exemption from the database—especially someone like Ndhlovu, who displayed “great remorse” for his actions and is considered a “very low risk to re-offend”—violates his Charter right to life, liberty and security of the person. 

“Subjecting all offenders, regardless of their future risk, to onerous reporting requirements, random compliance checks by police, and internal stigma, goes further than what is necessary to accomplish the goal of protecting the public,” wrote Madam Justice Andrea Moen, of Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench. “The law as it stands will now place Mr. Ndhlovu on police radar for the rest of his life anytime a sexual offence is committed by a black man of average height in his neighbourhood. I find that requiring him to register bears no connection to the object of assisting police officers in the investigation or prevention of future sex crimes.”

 ” … At the heart of the legal arguments is a question that has divided policymakers since before the registry even launched in 2004: Should every convicted sex offender be automatically added to the system? Or should judges have the leeway to decide who makes the cut, taking into account the circumstances of the crime and the specific danger posed by the perpetrator?”

Welcome to Canada folks: protecting women and children is a minor detail next to protecting the rights of sex offenders. If you don’t want to be placed on the list it’s quite simple: don’t commit sexual assault. Plenty have gone through life without committing the “mistake” of sexually assaulting others.

When the data base began it was “discretionary” which allowed for a judge to decide on a ‘registration order’. Predictably: “The result? Hundreds of convicted rapists, pedophiles and child pornographers were left off, either because a Crown did not apply or a judge did not approve.”

After a 2008 Maclean’s investigation into the matter which put it in the spotlight, changes were promised. Starting in 2011, changes were made to include automatic inclusion.

( 2011 !!! WHAT THE HELL CANADA?!)

Not only that:

“Offenders can also apply for removal after a certain period of time (someone with a lifetime order must wait 20 years, for example).”

So initial registration (a simple process), checking in once a year, and being eligible to apply for removal is “too much” for the poor burdened sex offenders of Canada.

Whenever it faces criticism, Canada falls back on the following argument against a public registry: by allowing sex offenders to remain anonymous in the community they are being “protected”. Being protected they are more likely to integrate into society, and if living a “safe, normal” life they are less likely to reoffend – or so is the perverse logic about the matter.

A Canadian study on recidivism rates of sexual offenders (2004) shows:

“Table 2 summarises the recidivism estimates for three distinct time periods, five years, ten years, and fifteen years, for each of the subgroups examined.

The overall recidivism rates (14% after 5 years, 20% after 10 years and 24% after 15 years) were similar for rapists (14%, 21% and 24%) and the combined group of child molesters (13%, 18%, and 23%).

There were, however, significant differences between the child molesters, with the highest rates observed among the extrafamilial boy-victim child molesters (35% after 15 years) and the lowest observed rates for the incest offenders (13% after 15 years).

… Offenders with a prior sexual offence conviction had recidivism rates about double the rate observed for first-time sexual offenders (19% versus 37% after 15 years).”

Recidivism rates tend to change depending on the study. What’s interesting is that this study included Americans (Washington, California) and Brits (England, Wales) – a significant portion I’ll add. The SOR is public in the United States, but only accessible in the UK by law enforcement, teachers, youth leaders, sports club managers, landlords and some others. There is a disclosure scheme whereby parents can request the record of a person with unsupervised access to the child.

I wonder how much the recidivism rates were affected by the public SOR in the USA, and a somewhat open registry in the UK? How does that factor in, versus Canada? It doesn’t say.

They try to put a positive spin on it with this:

“Most sexual offenders do not re-offend sexually over time. This may be the most important finding of this study as this finding is contrary to some strongly held beliefs.”

Interesting conclusion to come to based on a little over 4,000 people studied, considering the global amount of sexual predators. Do these predators reoffend more in developing nations without registries and with poorer law enforcement agencies?

Also pointed out earlier in the article: each study on this subject compromises different definition and criteria, making it difficult to pin down matching conclusions.

But even just going by this study, we can conclude that very serious sex offenders overall reoffend at a rate of about 24%. That’s roughly 1 in 4 offenders. While it may not be “most”, it is a frighteningly significant amount.

If I threw one of the authors into an abandoned building with four rapists and told her “only one” was likely to reoffend, I wonder how comforted she’d be?

If a neighbor three doors down is protected and goes on to rape an eight year old, I’m sure her father will be comforted by the fact the RCMP have access to the SOR to “investigate” the crime afterwards. Caker logic!

Until sussing out which offenders will reoffend becomes an exact science or has enough accuracy to merit discussion, we best make do with what we have and protect people, especially children!

Canada: haven for serial killers and sex offenders.

Canada: shit hole with no regards for the victims.

Canada = dump.

Post Script:

It should be noted that this study does not even begin to touch on the subject of psychopathy, which is intertwined with serious crimes.

A large percentage of violent crimes are committed by persons with psychopathy or other Cluster-B disorders. These people are notoriously difficult to treat and can’t be cured; they’re often able to fool even hardened detectives and world class researchers.

If the statistics in this study are reflective of recidivism by ASPD offenders, then keeping the list private in hopes of rehabilitation is in effect aiding the criminals and makes no difference whatsoever to future outcomes.

Article: The Criminal Psychopath (see section III).

“The picture is almost as bad for violent sexual recidivism. Psychopathy is a significant predictor of sexual violence. Rice and Harris found that 75% of all individuals with both a high Hare score and a positive sexual deviance response—defined as a positive penile pleithismograph response to depictions of children, rape cues, or nonsexual violence—committed a new sexually violent crime within 10 years (as shown in Figure 5).”

Refuge in BC? Not Quite.

As I go through the process of covering the country, one idea presents itself: taking refuge in B.C. from the inept backwardness of the rest of the nation. This is a pretty common idea among desperate cakers, but B.C. itself isn’t all that pretty when you glimpse beneath the surface.

I’ve already covered the Thompson-Okanagan, and will get to Vancouver and area soon enough.

When people speak of moving to B.C., they almost always mean the Lower Mainland, Greater Vancouver Area or possibly Van island. Most people forget that at least half the province (“north”) is as bad as anywhere else they’re fleeing from.

Not only is it subject to the same terrible winter weather as the other provinces, but it can also boast of terrible poverty, redneck towns, and staggering levels of ineptitude. Having personally lived in northern British Columbia I can tell you it’s as awful as anywhere else.

Let’s begin with some shit town communities.

We’ll start with
Prince George:

It’s the largest city in northern B.C. with a population of just over 70,000 people. A few years back it made it into Maclean’s magazine as Canada’s most dangerous city (a title it held for three years), although by 2016 it had dropped to third place.

21% of children there are living in poverty and over half of single parents are living below the poverty line. The minimum wage is $12.65/hour despite the ‘living wage’ being nearly $17/hour; and (according to a government study) 65% of studied residents were either on social assistance or disability.

Nearby on Highway 16 – known as the Highway of Tears – women (up to 40, according to some groups) have been going missing for decades. There are probably multiple serial killers at work. It’s been argued that little has been done since most of the victims are Aboriginal. And in classic B.C. corruption, whistle-blower Tim Duncan claims emails pertaining to the issue were deleted (he calls the B.C. government a “cesspool”).

Let’s move on to some other shit towns. How about Smithers? A town of less than 6000 people with almost no vacancy rate; an average rental is $750/month; no proper services or access to them. There is limited employment and most people can’t afford to travel anywhere. Basically, a typical northern B.C. town.

How about Hazelton? The village and surrounding district has 627 residents. See: same issues as before, but worse: a poverty rate of 80%. The town’s biggest news and “hope for the future”? An outdoor hockey rink.

What about Vanderhoof? A town with a population less than 5000 people. And more of the usual for B.C.: a nearly 20% “low income” rate; 10% unemployment rate; about 90% of people have to drive. See: same issues as noted above. Women regularly go missing or wind up murdered, and a local serial killer was sentenced a few years ago.

How about Prince Rupert? Its population is just over 13,000 and on the decline. It had a child-poverty rate of 30% in 2016. See: same issues again.

Let’s try Dawson Creek, a city of just under 13,000 people. Like most work in the north (B.C. and elsewhere) the majority of employment is through extraction and a lot of the industry is going to shit. Again, close to 20% of children are living in poverty. See: here we go again.

I could write about another ten shit towns, but why bother? Surely you get the point by now?

Overall, 1 in 5 children live in poverty and it’s been that way for years. As of 2017, it was the second-worst province for child poverty. The province only just now passed a poverty reduction plan/legislation – half assed, as per usual. 

Its affordability is classed as “severe” and is the least affordable of the provinces (generally speaking) for housing and rentals. The average home price is $700k or more. 

The takeway:

Half of British Columbia is encompassed by the “north” which is a collection of barely populated cities and shit towns where unemployment, poverty, and violence are abundant. A lack of proper transit forces people to hitchhike or pay absurd costs to travel. There’s a fair chance if you take risks while travelling you could be killed by serial killers. (With Greyhound stopping its services in Western Canada, there is now no reliable transport in the North – particularly along the ‘Highway of Tears’.)

The main sources of employment are extraction industries, and whenever clean energy comes into use those jobs will be wiped out and northern B.C. will become more of a wasteland than it already is. There’s nothing to see, nowhere to go, no money to get there; a lot of boredom and despair.

The Okanagan is unaffordable except for the wealthy few and has become a cesspool of drug trafficking, addiction and crime. 

Vancouver is extremely expensive and just below Toronto in costs of living. Overall, B.C. is the most expensive place to live despite having a lower minimum wage than four other provinces, and rate close to a couple others. B.C. is jokingly referred to as “Bring Cash”. 

Welcome to B.C., Canada … ! 

Remember When? … #serialkillercapital

Remember When is a new series of posts where we take a look back at some of the funny, bizarre and downright disturbing incidents in Canada’s past.

Since cakers like to judge everyone else (particularly Americans) and point out their historic wrong-doings, it’s time to take a mirror to these incompetent hypocrites. Enjoy!

London, Ontario: Serial Killer Capital of the World

From the CBC:

“At first glance, London, Ont., doesn’t seem like the type of place that would harbour a serial killer, but a new book has revealed it may have been a more dangerous place than meets the eye.   

Only 192 kilometres southwest of Toronto, the city became the “serial killer capital of the world” from 1959 to 1984, according to Michael Arntfield, a criminology professor at the University of Western Ontario. With only a population of roughly 200,000 people at the time, the city may have had as many as six serial killers, more per capita than everywhere else on the planet.”

Yeah, that sounds about right for Ontario!

 “Arntfield, who also served as a London police officer for 15 years, analyzed 32 homicides, all the victims being women and children, over a 15-year period…   

Monsters such as the Mad Slasher, Chambermaid Slayer and Balcony Killer are suspected of having roamed the city’s streets. Some of the murderers were never captured, Arntfield says, but he suspects they escaped to Toronto, where they continued to harm the innocent.”

More incompetence:

“While these lives are being taken in Toronto, Alsop is trying to sound the alarm to his superiors that this is the work of a serial killer and it started in London and has moved to Toronto.  

In the book, there is a very chilling document that was found in his codex … and it is the first of several teletype transmissions he sent, like an early version of a fax, and it is sent to the higher ups in Toronto saying, listen, London is under siege by [what he refers to as] sexual psychopaths, which is not a common term certainly for a police officer to be using at the time. He is saying there are at least two or more sexual psychopaths preying on this city. We need reinforcements. He was effectively alone in the hinterland. And there is no evidence there was any response. It fell on deaf ears and really the city was left to its own devices with him as the sole person chasing these killers.”

From the Guardian:

In regards to the book Murder City:

“Dennis Alsop, a detective sergeant with the Ontario provincial police, was based in the London area between 1950 and 1979. He kept all of his notes and research on the murders hidden until he died in 2012.  

“Through [Alsop’s] diary entries, he knew who did it and he was basically stonewalled from making arrests, because they felt he didn’t have enough, they wanted a slam dunk,” said Arntfield. “So he kept tabs on these people on his own time until they moved from London, and it seems that at least in one case there are other victims in Toronto connected to the same killer.”  

But even if all of the remaining cases were found to be the work of a single killer, London would retain the record for having the largest verified concentration of serial killers operating in one place at one time.  

“New York and Los Angeles at any given time have had four or five, but London at the time had a mean population of 170,000,” said Arntfield, adding that in megacities like New York and Los Angeles the per-capita equivalent would be about 80 or 90 per city.”

What’s amazing to me (but also unsurprising) is the fact not only did London have more serial killers per capita at the time, but it had roughly the equivalent of a major American city, which you’d expect to still have attracted more (per capita) on the basis of anonymity and choice of victims.

Of course back then Canada was even more of a hillbilly backwater than it is today.

What’s also sad to me is the fact this dedicated officer Dennis Alsop tried to solve these crimes, received no support and was left struggling on his own. In fact, he was so dedicated: “He kept all of his notes and research on the murders hidden until he died in 2012.” He didn’t even get to see a final resolution.

His work became the basis for the book: “Murder City: The Untold Story of Canada’s Serial Killer Capital, 1954-1984″. I’ll add it to my reading list, because I’m actually quite touched by Alsop’s efforts.

From Amazon:

“Like the mythic cities of Gotham or Gomorrah, London, Ontario was for many years an unrivalled breeding ground of depravity and villainy, the difference being that its monsters were all too real. In its coming to inherit the unwanted distinction of being the serial killer capital of not just Canada-but apparently also the world during this dark age in the city’s sordid history- the crimes seen in London over this quarter-century period remain unparalleled and for the most part unsolved. From the earliest documented case of homicidal copycatting in Canada, to the fact that at any given time up to six serial killers were operating at once in the deceivingly serene “Forest City,” London was once a place that on the surface presented a veneer of normality when beneath that surface dark things would whisper and stir.

Through it all, a lone detective would go on to spend the rest of his life fighting against impossible odds to protect the city against a tidal wave of violence that few ever saw coming, and which to this day even fewer choose to remember. With his death in 2011, he took these demons to his grave with him but with a twist-a time capsule hidden in his basement, and which he intended to one day be opened. Contained inside: a secret cache of his diaries, reports, photographs, and hunches that might allow a new generation of sleuths to pick up where he left off, carry on his fight, and ultimately bring the killers to justice-killers that in many cases are still out there.”

Yeah, Ontario is truly a creepy place, so is the north. This post is even more ironic in light of reading some comments online where a Canadian bashed Americans for their ‘serial killer filled nation’. Yes, there are all kinds of crazy in a nation of 300 million people … but Canada creeps me out infinitely more.

Post script

I finally got around to reading this book. Let me warn you, it is disturbing. And it comes with everything you’d expect from Canada: incompetence, bumbling; indifference that beggars belief.

Which includes: serious sexual offenders and killers sentenced to 5-10 years in prison; using techniques, technologies and systems 15+ years after they became available in the U.S.; even brushing off serial murder as an “American problem”, which apparently couldn’t exist in the magical land of Canada.

All this and more! Of the few cases which were solved, it was generally down to sheer luck or the help of witnesses. A couple more through DNA in recent years, after the offenders died. In addition to being disturbed, be prepared for healthy doses of outrage.

The Okanagan: lipstick on a pig

The Thompson-Okanagan in British Columbia is one of the most overrated places in the country. Due to its warm summer weather and wineries it has branded itself as “Canada’s California” but is far from it.

We start with Kelowna.

Kelowna is a small city with a population just over 120,000. It’s very white: only 4.5% of the population is Aboriginal, and the visible minority group has risen to 7.6%.

During my time there, overhearing racial slurs was a nearly daily reality. Bumper stickers containing 88 or SS bolts (white supremacist symbols) were abundant and I saw them in traffic every day.

The small number of Aboriginal people appeared non-existent as most of them lived on a reserve outside of town. I don’t recall ever seeing or meeting a single Black Canadian there, although this seems to have marginally improved if the town’s homemade “rap videos” are any indication. The only time I heard of them (visiting) was when they were being threatened, called epithets, left notes to “go home” or muttered about behind their backs.

Crazy Christians

A large segment of the population is religious and old-fashioned. These conservative Christians frown upon being gay, being non-religious, being non-Christian, sex before marriage, and basically any ideas or values formed after the 1950s. According to statistics, over 58% of residents claim a religious affiliation – virtually all Christian. Nearly three-quarters of couples are married.

K-Town summed up

Kelowna can be divided into the following groups: hardcore Christians, the wealthy retired, the elderly, rich youth, Hell’s Angels and other criminal elements; the poor and addicted.

Retired & Old

It’s a popular retirement location: nearly 20% of residents are over 65. Catering to the retired and elderly fills a large portion of the city’s employment and funding as they are now the top demographic.


When I lived there it was well known that the Hell’s Angels “ran the town”. At the time other gangs were trying to muscle in. Nearby my quiet home next to a vineyard, an Asian gang member was arrested with an ear inside his pocket he’d kept as a souvenir. Such was life in “peaceful” Kelowna. Matters remain the same today in the city’s underbelly: whether it’s HA members beating a man to death, ongoing legal issues over clubhouses, cocaine smuggling operations, or more, the status quo continues. (In the early 2010s, Kelowna was among the most dangerous cities listed in Canada, but this appears to have improved in recent years.)


One comment said it best when describing Kelowna as “ostentatious luxury next to stark poverty“. It has become a town for the well-to-do. People with money retire there and live comfortably; their children and grandchildren grow up wealthy, not needing to work and treat others with disdain and contempt.

The Okanagan Living Wage report stated: “To make ends meet, a nuclear family in the Okanagan needs to bring in an annual income of just under $70,000.” The living wage is calculated to be $21.00/hour.

As absurd as it seems, anyone earning under that amount can essentially expect to live in poverty or at least uncomfortably as they struggle to make ends meet and survive. While Kelowna may look fun from afar or on vacation, it’s hell for those who aren’t wealthy. They can expect low-paying jobs, no advancement opportunities, serving the rich, and NOT partaking in any of the fun activities on display – which they can’t afford.

For example, despite the living wage, over 49% of residents had an income lower than $27,000. Nearly half that number had an income of less than $12,000. Only 44% worked a full-time job all year.


The city continues to have terrible drug problems: addicts and the homeless congregating downtown, sleeping in beaches and parks, and committing crimes. It’s regularly the number one drug capital in Canada for heroin and cocaine, and among the top of the list for other drugs. In 2017 it was fourth in all of British Columbia for illicit drug deaths.

Conclusion: Overblown

For all the raving about Kelowna, here is what you get: a small city in the interior with limited employment, absurd living costs, plenty of drugs and crime, a warm summer and a LAKE.

Yes, that’s it. All this hype for two things: a lake and warm summers. The lake is enjoyable, but most people can’t afford to buy or rent a boat to enjoy it. Summer days are hot (which can be terrible in the backlogged, horrendous traffic jams) and the nights are mild, warm, and comfortable – which is great. But that’s it. Its winters are fairly mild, but they still have snow and cold – hardly “California”.

So if you live any place with a relatively mild winter, beside a large lake, you are living the equivalent of K-Town life for a quarter of the cost and hassle. Almost all of Kelowna’s “activities” revolve around the lake, downtown bars and the drug scene (all of which you can find anywhere else). I can say personally that I loathed my time there, and consider its residents among the worst people I’ve ever met, rivaled only by Ottawa.

See: Kelowna Rants (enjoy the videos at the end).

Moving on we come to Vernon, which is about an hour’s drive north from Kelowna.

Vernon is a little dump town with a population of just over 40,000 people. Anecdotally, I can tell you that Vernon actually scares me because not once have I met a normal, well-adjusted person from that place. If ever there was a creepy, little hillbilly town hidden away and filled with inbred rednecks, Vernon is it! Imagine all of the problems of Kelowna, without the one benefit: the lake downtown. The only thing it really has going for it is a nearby ski mountain resort.

Other fun facts according to the last census:

Over 20% of residents are 65 or older. Median age is 47. The last time information was compiled it showed: 4.6% visible minority population; 5.5% Aboriginals; and 90% white. Unsurprisingly, racism is an issue in Vernon too, with lots of proud confederate-flag waving racists. (I’m not sure what confederates in the southern U.S. have to do with a hick town in B.C., but who said it has to make sense?)

Like Kelowna, it is a car town with terrible transit (85% of residents drive); the last stated unemployment rate was nearly 10%; over 17% of families are low-income, and housing is unaffordable for most people (source). I can guarantee things are much worse than is publicly-known, but it’s difficult to get information since it’s a small shit town and it’s rarely compiled.

Drugs and crime continue to spiral. In 2017, small creepy Vernon was listed as one of the top ten most dangerous places in Canada, although this had dropped to 24th by 2018 – still staggering for a city of less than 40,000, compared to the entire country. There were over 300 drug overdoses in 2017 as well. 

At last we come to Penticton:

It’s about an hour’s drive south of Kelowna, and has a population of just over 40,000 people. Over a quarter of its residents are aged 64 or older. We have the same story as before: 9% unemployment rate; over 70% of couples are married; employment is crap: most jobs are low skill and pay minimum wage, farm workers make barely above that. Again: 80% of residents drive; almost 19% are “low-income”, the ‘visible minority’ and Aboriginal populations combined total 11.5%, and 90% of the population is white.

Penticton is a cute little town with some nice beaches by the lake. You can stand on a hill and basically see the entire town from start to finish. Its residents are marginally better than Kelowna and Vernon. However, crime has begun to increase and was the highest in the Okanagan Valley in 2017. It’s listed in the top 20 most dangerous places in Canada, again.

So this is the Okanagan in a nutshell. Sure, there are plenty of other little shit towns sprinkled around, but they’re so small they aren’t worth writing about, and nobody who requires employment or has a family is going to move there due to lack of resources. It’s simply the same people who were born and raised there who stay and will die there. End of.

Canada’s “California”? Hardly (unless you mean the drug trafficking and crime) !

The takeaway:

The Okanagan is white, expensive, and over-hyped. If you move there expect to be broke, struggling, hurting for work, and treated like human trash by the rich scumbags who have retired there. You can’t even enjoy the ‘benefits’ of small city living because the place is chalk full of bikers, various warring gangs, drug trafficking and more. God forbid you aren’t white – you will be a virtual pariah. The same goes for being non-religious (if your social group doesn’t include bikers and drug traffickers). You will basically have the worst of every world and have settled for it all because of a lake. Enjoy!

Victoria: Rants

While I’ve been on Vancouver Island a fair amount, I admit I’ve never lived there. One thing that’s surprised me is hearing about how much people from across the country hate Victoria! Whether they moved from Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto … people seem to despise this little island city. I keep hearing the same complaints repeatedly, so read for yourself:

“I moved here 4 years ago with my family from Ontario with the hopes of having a better lifestyle and unlimited opportunity. You would think on a smaller Island as beautiful as Victoria that the people who be more appreciative and maybe a little nicer, but what we and hundreds of other outsiders found is that the people here are colder than a praries winter. They are over-priveledged, anti social, self proclaimed and sadly lacking anything resembling social skills. Because of unrealistic real estate prices homeowners have experienced wealth that is unheard of in any other part of the country. In a nutshell the people here suck. The place is beautiful but the pretty beaches and the trees do not make up for the Islands lack of personality. It is overpriced so every other person has to build suites in thier homes so they can afford to put a roof over thier heads. They are jamming homes in every nook and cranny to accommodate the lack of affordable housing, leaving people permanently strapped and living off of credit pretending they actually have money. The health system here sucks and where else do you have to pay to have your garbage picked up.

I am happy for those of you that are from here and have family but if any of you are planning on moving here without your family being there to help out with kids and whatnot, don’t bother unless you have tons of extra cash to over pay for it. For those of us that wanted to come here and start a new life I want to say that the Island is like a giant high school with cliques that never let you in, that will take 20 years to ever penetrate. My advice is to not give up your real family and friends for the crap that the Island offers and come here on vacation only, that way you are buying something from the shallow personalityless Islanders that will only be nice to you if you are buying something from them.

I will be glad to leave this Island and I feel dumber for having been on it.


“No, Victoria is not a nice place to live beyond the propaganda. Dig a little deeper. The general cultural attitude is cold, aloof, dead inside, uptight, socially cliquey, standoffish, mentally stupid, inefficient, lacking of any common sense, slow, cheap, poor, backward, insane, self delusional, and lots more. They will try to trick you with how great the weather and environment is. Victoria is probably the only place on Earth with any beautiful environment?

Most of the jobs in Victoria BC are stingy paying, slave driving, perhaps even abusive, and don’t recognize your talents. Low or high end jobs don’t matter as they will pay you 25-33% less wage for the same work as cities and provinces outside of British Columbia, where they reward and value skills. You will get squeezed with cheap wages, and high housing, living costs at both ends. It gets worst as the upward mobility job prospects in Victoria BC are limited and limiting. Many Victoria students and locals leave and go work in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, South America, Asia, Europe, others in order to make big money and then maybe afford a Victoria house to buy. The joke local job market is a waste of time and life. Don’t leave the prosperity of Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, etc for the monotony of Victoria. Many outside and local people say Victoria is over rated and move elsewhere in order to succeed. It seems the only prosperous Victorians are those who inherited old money wealth, or do big business in the rest of the world and then spend the wealth there. The lifer local Victorians are usually ignorant, poor, pissed off, and blocked. A friend referred to Victoria as the biggest outdoor insane asylum. 


“Victoria has all the resources and people to become just as prosperous and opportunistic as Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, Saskatoon, Regina, etc. The restricted, restrictive Victorian mental, social attitude keeps getting in the way of adventure, broad mindedness, and prosperity. Victoria region can climb high and go farther if it can get its inefficient disjointed, confusing, frustrating crap policies in order. The public and private sectors in Victoria are equally mental.


“Run for the hill as fast as you can is my advice to anyone considering a move or relocation to Victoria. Oh, the holiday visit leaves you feeling like it could be a nice place to live, but THINK again. It is so boring there, the people are MINDLESS, void of any real personality, crap jobs, crappy salaries, all broke, no excitment of life in the air, just dead!

Run to the East my friend, you will be happier. People from the East are rooted and so normal and friendly, real people, no air of snobbery about them like the Vics.


“I know many ex victorians who moved to Ontario and Alberta to make better money and actually have a wealthier life. The ones who stayed behind in Vic BC are depressed, angry, frustrated, and these ones are the ones from the wealthier families. The ones from the poorer families can add destitute and desperate to the list. All those friendly Victorians you see are just superficially acting in front of your face. The true happy people in Victoria are the visitors; the locals are very artificial and superficial.


“Victoria wages are sub par low and various living expenses are above par extortionary high because the owners and managers, all the decision makers know and hope the docile sheeple won’t uncover their dirty ways and stand up. The place looks and behaves like a life sized experiment lab in mass social manipulation and control for the NWO. It is probably a society template for the future global world gradually being made even now?


“I’ve lived in Victoria for my whole life. It’s super boring here. I probably won’t live here in the future.


“I not saying Victoria is always 100% shitty to live in. The upward mobility in job prospests, social, wealth really sucks in Victoria because of the public and private sector entrenched cheap, restrictive attitudes. Paying peanuts hires you monkeys. The only reason why I stay in this city is because my family owns apartment building real estate worth about 20 years of a government manager’s wages, in any place. I am not poor, only frustrated and bored. If this frustration happens to me and my well to do comfortable friends, what chances are there for other Victoria people lower down the social economic ladder? My friends and I can’t make it on our own in Victoria and our families’ wealth is keeping up afloat. In Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, etc, that could be different.


“Thirty yeara ago Victoria Was a Beautiful place to live then the east moved west and turned Victoria into a Concrete jungle. Roads are now wall to wall parking lots. Real estate has plumpeted to a price my grandchildren will never be able to afford. If you don’t like Viotoria then yoou are to blame. Please go back where you came from and let us return to the beautiful city we onse had


“It’s a common subject in Victoria and it doesn’t matter who you work for or what you work as. Your schooling and experience doesn’t matter to the brain dead local employers as they don’t want to pay market pay. The screw up low quality staff they do have either quit or get fired for big mess ups, or they gang up bully you if you are too good and make them look bad. Even if all these BS things don’t happen to you at one of the crappy Victoria jobs, you are going to get over worked and under paid anyway. It is not just one or few jobs that destroys your soul, it is the entire Victosria region. There are few good job, or any jobs that compensates and treats you properly


“Sure Victoria is a nice place to live, if you are independently wealthy and don’t need to depend on anyone else for anything. The place really sucks if you need to work for others to live and must go through life kissing their ass, licking their boots. then it isn’t so nice for you.


“I am not born but raised in Victoria. I must agree with a lot of the negative posts on here. I am 37, well educated and STRUGGLE to make ends meet. Rent is WAY too high for a dump of a basement suite. It is VERY closed off and hard to break the barrier of social realm. I am tired, depressed, and pissed off…and reading this have me going home a packing my car and catching the next ferry out. OH! In case you are considering on moving to the island? Watch out for the ferries, it will soon cost you $400.00 ROUND trip with one car and passenger on the ferries. So essentially you are stranded on “the rock” as we call it here, because is like Alcatraz, you can never get off. You will be stuck fighting for survival, while the baby boomers reap your blood sweat and tears. They will never give it up!


“Victoria and Vancouver Island is like social, economic, cultural drug, JUST SAY NO! If you get hooked into moving to the island and Victoria, you will be frustrated beyond belief is various ways. If you are not yet on the island and BC’s capital city, it is best for your peace of mind, happiness, and sanity to continue to be elsewhere. Even those already here yearn for the opportunity and resources to leave. Even the crappy jobs in Calgary pay more wages than the crappy jobs in Victoria. The good jobs would pay even more.


“Even the weather isn’t as good as people say it is. People in the east seem to think we’ve got some sort of semi-tropical paradise here,and we actually have a pretty lousy climate. Sure, we had a good summer this year, our first decent one in about 5 years, but most of the time it’s cloudy, windy, raining, or just plain depressing.


“Read the rest of the comments On Victoria on this site. You can and should visit Victoria for a short vacation. I stress VISIT Victoria, not give up everyone to move to Victoria. Others who moved long term to Victoria ended up moving back to their original city because the Victoria culture is dumb down, broke ass poor, anti success, and very uptight and restrictive. Only relocate to Victoria long term if your love poverty, lack of opportunities, stupid people, and being trapped on an island prison.


“Victoria wouldn’t suck so much if people could actually make something of their lives living in Victoria. Unfortunately, the local employers are too, greedy, cheap, unappreciative, clueless, and sometimes even abusive. You will never be able to afford a car, house, vacation, or any excitement living here. You and your kids will end moving out of here back to your home town to work and go to school. It is dead end here.


“Don’t get yourself sold an inferior lemon. Always do some research on the internet before you say yes to any deal. You are the second person who was saved from moving their entire life to Victoria, on these Victoria blog forums. The other guy was prevented from moving his entire family and work from Toronto to Victoria. He decided to go to Sidney Australia instead. Knowledge is power.


“Many locals and clueless newbies from other places thought Victoria would be a golden land of opportunity. That isn’t the case. After the stark reality settled, then it became a matter of attempting to “escape from Vancouver Island”. They could probably make a zombie apocalypse, survival horror, adventure movie with the same title, based on reality?


“I have a friend who say the wages and employment situation in Victoria genrerally sucks. He also imports his dates and lovers from outside of Victoria, Vancouver Island and outside BC if possible. He feels the Victorian attitude in work, dating, and life is very uptight, cold, closed minded, superficial, backward, soul less, and just straight up crazy. Victorians lack passion, a pulse, common sense, alertness, attractiveness, charisma. Most of them look and behave like they are at a funeral for zombies. Calling Victorians dead fish would be insulting to the fish. Tourist see only the superficial surface and think the city is so wonderful after only 2 weeks. Lving in Victoria and working, living there for years will change your mind quick.


“The cheap, abusive, clueless Victoria region job market and economy is making me into a bored, blocked, and dead inside zombie. The social culture is very stuck up, cold, cliquey, unfriendly, very superficial. I have no idea how some people can call Victoria a long term home, unless they are drunk, unconscious, or drugged up permanently. Most of the people (employers, associates, strangers) act through their lives as if they have no passion, soul, personality, or intelligence. Everyone is snotty, repressed, constipated, dull, gloomy like they are at a funeral.


“Look friend, there isn’t any web site blog that only has positive comments on how wonderful Victoria is to live in. The blogs may have a few good comments on Victoria, but they appear weak, superficial, insubstantial and sound more like propaganda slogans. Face the truth, Victoria is one culturally dumb and messed up place in general. I was born a Victorian and I can compare it to other cities all over the world. I’m qualified to judge. The place is a rust bucket dead beat car no matter how many mag wheels, car wax, car toys you try to add to it; it’s not going to look and act like a pimp my ride


“Victoria is OK to relocate to if you are at the bottom hole in your life. You have nothing left to lose. Most people wouldn’t go there to live a restricted life (financial, social, mental health) of below average contentment if they knew the whole truth. The glitzy surface advertising is intended to lull you into a false sense of belief, make something more than it is. The reality when you arrive is something else. Definitely check out when you attempt to apply for Victoria jobs because many of the bad employers are Victoria based. Don’t get conned like some of the other workers before you.


“The opportunities to rise and improve yourself is mostly limited. Greater Victoria feels like a 5 thing town. You can only do the same 5 limited things in an ever repeating loop, day after day,week after week, month after month, year after year until you die. Employment and social opportunities are the craps, there are many crappy things to follow. Why do you think Victorians look and behave like zombies? They all had their souls and happiness, ambitions and dreams, sucked out of them. Most of them are trapped on Vancouver Island and they know it! Starring at the same prison walls long term would make even a sane, social person weird.


“Is Victoria a nice place to live, is the question? No! There are many reasons why and the marketing propaganda types will not tell you and try to cover it up. People who live in Victoria or those formerly living in Victoria are your best sources of insider information. Listen to them as it can save you a lot of frustration and disappointment.

Don’t waste your time and money. The big picture is the whole of Greater Victoria is a left socialist wonder fantasy land. There is hardly any opportunities economically, everyone cheap and poor, skills and experiences won’t get you jobs other cities would love to hire you for, at a much better wage too. Locals turn down oil industries that could make this place as rich as Alberta due to socialist pipedreams of ideal worlds. Basically, Victoria is poor, restrictive, and dopey in terms of economy, social life, cultural attitudes and behaviour. Forget your dreams here when you check them in at the entrance.


“The Victoria contradictory nutty culture is the base of everything else that you could ever encounter in life. That’s not a very good stable foundation to build everything else on top. Watch, observe, interact carefully and you will notice overt or covert signs of group insanity at work. You want to go left but turn right. Yes is no and no is yes. They want and should decide on something and end up not deciding on anything. It should be fast and results are slow. They should drive their cars on a green light but run a red light instead. They want good, efficient, quality and choose cheap, dumpy, and incompetent. These are just some brief examples.


“I like to warn people who are comtemplating moving their entire life to Victoria BC, that they need to think things over very carefully. All the negatives they would find in other major Canadian cities are even more concentrated in Victoria and it feels worse. There are 1000s of university and college graduates who graduate and can’t find work worthy of their education and end up fighting for low pay, crappy jobs that are beneath their abilities and experiences. Large parts of the people are unemployed or under employed for years. You can forget about owning cars, houses, condos, or go on any vacations. You would be lucky to afford rent, food, untilites for the long term.”


“The Victoria social culture and offiical policies are non-conductive towards job creation, wealth creation, and building a prosperous life. Everything seems to function to keep people down. Lots of people keep cycling in and out of various school programs and still can’t find well paying, stable, long term employemnet. No matter your education, skills, experience, “oh no never you”. You will get much time and effort wasting run around. In the end, you will all end up moving awat from Victoria to Edmonton and Calagary to work for the oil sands industries to make real money. There is a big difference between finding a good job in Alberta in 3 days and 3+ years to find a bad job in British Columbia.


“Victoria, BC Canada is poor, frustrating, limited, and ever monotonous. It is like being stuck on the same ride ever repeating and can’t get off. I imagined Purgatory would be like Victoria in the afterlife. It give mediocre a bad name.


“There are not enough jobs good or bad to go around in Victoria. Employers have a tendency to low ball workers on pay and benefits because they think they can. This often results in higher than usual staff turnovers and declining quality. Alberta uses more pay to attract good workers, British Columbia offers more abuse and cheap pay to attract workers. Victoria is not competitive as a labour market as places like Calgary, Toronto, etc. Life in Victoria in general is being stuck in an endless loop going nowhere. I have Victoria friends who got fed up with the slow and clueless Victorian ways and went to Fort MacMurray AB to make real oil sands money. The endless wasted time and money spent on job courses in schools resulted in no Victoria jobs.


“Victoria is frustrating because you can die of old age while you are waiting for any kind of results you may want. The culture and bureaucracies grind so slowly. There are not many opportunities to shine as it is, but it gets ridiculously slow and drawn out when the other factors are included. Living in Victoria is fun like watching paint dry or grass grow. You can go away for 5-10 years at a time and them return sporadically and nothing much changes. You don’t notice this if you are visiting. You will notice if you live in Victoria for months or years.


“Greater Victoria does occasionally show some progress, but they are far and few followed by long times of nothing much. The whole place is socially, economically, and culturally disfunctional. The locals and other people wouldn’t be going to Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Fort MacMurray Alberta to make some real money if it was so good in Victoria and BC. Most people don’t have a 1000 year life span to wait for Victoria to get more work, better work, better pay and benefits. One life time in Victoria and BC isn’t enough to see any serious changes and improvements.


“University degrees, college diplomas or whatever matters little in Victoria. All your impressive work experience and qualifications don’t matter one bit. The way the Victoria system works behind the scenes is a real mystery. Any other major centre would at least have some sort of decision making rules and procedures whereas Victoria runs on whims, tarot cards, ouija boards, dart boards, or reading signs from animal sacrifice entrails, or whatever crazy decision mechanism. You can even be the perfect fit for a job or date and it doesn’t matter. Winning the lottery jackpot would probably be easier? You can repeadly apply for anything until the cows come home or old age death catches up to you, in Victoria BC.


“The Victoria economy and social culture is like living in box prison. Any happy, sane, content person from any other place will almost always turn into a bitter, frustrated, depressed, whack job if they are forced to live in Victoria too long, for months, years, decades. The area just takes your enthusiasm, drive, ambitions, hopes, and talents and flushes them all down the garberator disposal to chop it all up. It is bad when times are good and more bad when times are bad.


“Frustrating is a good starting word to describe life in Victoria. More will follow as you move and get a full treatment from the city. Like everyone else here, you will find out more as you get more familiar. All the negative comments can save you a lot of time, money, and bother before you get sucked in. If I were you new people from other places, move to some other place other than Victoria that has a chance of making you move worth it. Personally, I would like a potential return on my investment. I dislike it when I pay the price and not get my goods, Victoria.


“I am so grateful that some of my friends and I have parents with some means and resources. IF this wasn’t true, we would have disappeared by now. This city is one of the most mental, restricted, barren major cities I have ever experienced anywhere. It is like living in a city populated by as the others said. “zombies”. Trying to improve one’s living standards is next to almost impossible as everything in Victoria seems to be set up in a way that is designed to oppress you and make you fail. The temporary government jobs with the good pay are contract, temporary at best. Most of the private sector jobs don’t even exist or they pay the cheapest degrading pay possible. The private employers will try to get the top workers for the bottom most wage scale. Good and cheap can’t co-exist together.


“Even if just one person or family is saved from making the mistake of moving their entire life to Greater Victoria, it would have been worth it. Whoever started this blog topic must have had that goal in mind, to prevent others from making his mistake? Victoria has beautiful environment, that is true. Unfortunately, the less than desirable cultural traits of most people and organizations is what brings down the region and negatively overwhelms the good points. The sad sack culture leads to slow progress for all things, limitations, restrictions, dysfunction, repression, and a general feeling of hardly any progress while running really fast to stay in the exact same spot.


“Victoria is a good place to live if you like poverty, lack of opportunities, and like getting ripped off. These qualities makes the people slow, mentally lost, cranky, and depressing. Many of them are probably depressed themselves? People want and need food, shelter, money, social and fun to be happy and content. Victoria culture and economics has and lack in all.


“Victoria lacking in all things is quite an under statement. It is like offering someone who accidentally cut off their own head, while shaving, a bandage to help minimally to stop the bleeding. While other major Canadian metro regions like Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, want to spend billions on mega projects like rail transit, a bridge, airport, docks, they get their crap together and find the funding to get the good built as fast and efficiently as possible. They like results.

Victoria, can’t even get the 13 bickering government municipalities and all the various ass clown groups to agree on what to have for lunch at the planning meetings, never mind the big regional projects. They will procrastinate and pander to every small minded citizen and equally small minded community group who wants their 5 minutes of fame. The compromises, endless studies, petitions and counter referendums will drag on for months, years while everything gets studied to death and nothing gets done. After they waste a lot of time and money, they will discover that the best decision was the original choice. Victoria as BC capital is a fine example of how “democracy” has gone wrong. The only way to get the Victoria mess functional is “efficient dictatorship”. Some tough guy or girl basically has to slap all the dead wood around, tie them up like a rodeo calf, put their foot down really hard, twist some arms and ram things through. To do otherwise is to die of old age while slowly going nowhere, really slow.


 “Perhaps you noticed the people in Victoria and Vancouver Island to be friendly only if you and they are in the some social clique? If you try to be friendly to other people outside your establish clique, you are going to get the Victorian treatment. The treatment is less fun than going through border customs and being subjected to a body cavity search for contraband. Victorians are superficially friendly to your face at work, official functions, to keep up appearances. They would not want to get to know you personally after the business is done. Afterwards, they don’t know you from a hole in the ground.


“Victoria people hang out with their own that they have known for years or decades. You, the newcomer with your bright eyed enthusiasm, fresh new ideas, lively passion, could be seen as a threat to their stale status quo. You could be deconstructed by them and remade in their mode, to become just like them. If you refuse to ASSimilate, you are going to be put into internal social exile. You will have your own invisible box prison around you wherever you go in Victoria. It is like this for work, social, residential needs. Is that cliquey enough for you?


“Sure victoria is a nice place to live, if you are already rich. Making enough money to have a better life is not too easy anywhere, but appears less likely in victoria for previosly mentioned reasons. You are in for an unpleasant surprise if you think you are goin to give up your old life in another bigger Canadian city go to Victoria to make it big with lots of money, good job, cool friends, house, condo, etc.


“Christmas, Canada Day, Civic Day, Labour Day, News Years Day, any other holiday in any other city Canadian or otherwise would be filled with lots of happy, cheerful, outgoing, friendly party people doing their things. Every calendar day in Victoria is no different if they were statutory holidays or regular work days. It is all very dull, boring, comatose, completely lacking in anything resembling passion. It is always like being at a funeral or having a full car tear down inspection by border officers. There are always cold, distant expressions, a carrot up the ass types of looks. Laxatives won’t help the Victoria culture.


“There seems to be prevalence of general life in Victoria to be boring and dull. I feel the people and culture of Victoria are very uptight, dull, and boring. Most of the time they act really odd. Nobody can accuse most Victoria people of being adventurous.


“We moved here in 1980 and always found it a really difficult place to make a living. We stayed because we got trapped here for financial reasons but have been dreaming of escaping for a long time. There are way too many people chasing too few good jobs. It is also very insular and unfriendly to newcommers. I still remember being asked when I wanted to register my car in BC by the clerk with a sneer “what do you people want here” as if Albertans were from outer space and not Canadians.

It is too bad the rest of Canada has such cold winters but I wouldn’t recommend anyone moving here unless you are retired and have lots of money. If you are able to make money elsewhere and live here part time is also a good plan. It is expensive and boring. Most of the locals donot want to meet new people and are snobs. The ferries keep you trapped here as it is inconvenient and expensive to leave.


 “People with brains, abilities, education can get worhty employment and pay in places like Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto because of their assumption of skill and merit. Nepotism corrupt Victoria would label you under or over qualified at the same time and place. They will want to pay cheap for the good people anyway. They drive all the best job applicants to other cities and even outside of BC. The left over results will be sub standard and messed up. The remaining highest ranking best of the worse stupid ones will be promoted to leadership positions and pay. Then you have situations of the most incompetent getting the best jobs and benefits.


“I agree that Victorians are cheap, restricted, and crusty. The only friendly, sociable, with a clue, intelligent, cool Victorians are the ones fresh off the plane or boat. They haven’t been in Victoria long enough to absorb all the mental culture yet.


“Calgary, Edomonton Alberta generate revenue by selling oil and gas and other goods to the world. They have a wealthy lifestyle, mindset, higher wages, and the pricey toys and services to prove their good life. The costs and taxes are much lower and the average workers can aspire to build something with their lives. Then you have Victoria, Vancouver British Columbia that generates revenue by putting up all kinds of sales, income, environmental taxes, surcharges, fees to scrape away the already pathetic low wages of BC citizens. All the costs of living are already too high as it is. On top of this, BCers refuse to pump oil, gas off the Pacific coast, transport Alberta oil and gas to sell to the rising rich countries in Asia and South America. The transport of oil and gas could potentially screw the environment. BC say bye bye to lots of high pay jobs, supporting jobs, and lots of wealth while the various taxes further impoverish the BC people.


“Most people seem to be poor and bored in Victoria. It is no wonder they are cranky, uptight, stingy. The bad low wages and taxes on everything will drain you like a vampire. The BC people are anti wealth and pro tax. The government will be more than happy to suck you dry in various ways, unlike Alberta in all things.


“Victorians are no common sense, spaced out, jerk around idiots, most of them are anyways. If you love uptight, crazy, procrastinating, closed minded, poor ass, eco freaks, unreliable, indecisive, mental cases, Victoria is the city to spend the years of your life. It takes a special kind of self torturing, masochistic, poverty loving, success hating, nut bar to actually want to volunteer to move to Victoria. The more with it Victorians themselves want to leave. Victoria would actually be up to stuff if the living standards and conditions could match the high environment quality. Instead you will live the poor life of a frustrated crazy person in a beautiful environment. Why do you think BC province is so economically, culturally, socially screwed up when compared to other Canadian provinces? Victoria is the capital city.


“The Victorian area economy and job market is getting worse and worse. Don’t let any government or agency propaganda fool you into thinking everything is just great. The real proof is on the ground, the front lines. There are long lines of people on various ad web sites pleading for almost non-existent jobs. The jobs lists on all the employment sites are sparse for Victoria. If you do get a job, there are most likely the cheap slave driving kind. The spaced out employers want to hire staff, but not want to hire at the same time. Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, etc were not this messed up and on top of things. I can’t believe some of you actually want to move to Victoria to become part of that culture?


“The situation for all or most of Canada and BC or Victoria is the same when attracting immigrants and locals to move for work. However, it is even more so on Vancouver Island and Victoria. We really like your mad skills and experience in whatever high job you are doind, move or emmigrate to work for us. When you finally arrive, the story changes to something like, “Oh, we don’t recognize any of the skills and education from you home region or country. You can waste years and lots of money to go back to school again so we can have jobs at your expense. If that isn’t good for you, we do have jobs as cleaners, retailers, fast food workers, taxi drivers, hospitality workers, delivery drivers for all your mad skills.” Do you feel dumb for falling into the sales scam by Canada, BC, Victoria, etc? You left your home region and country to go from doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher, government official to beocme a pizza delivery driver/cook in Canada. The governments, employers/trades associations, schools are all in on the “bait and switch” con job conspiracy. Many get tricked because they don’t know any better and lapse in judgement.


“Unlike many of the other major Canadian metro regions where merit has value, Victoria is all about nepotism, corruption connections. The answer to everything work, social, cultural is always, “you are great, exactly what we wanted and hoped for, but oh no not you! We’ll keep you in mind and find someone else like you and give it to them. You ok with that?”


“The wages are pathetically cheap and the expenses are high. You make less and get squeezed to pay more for all goods and services. The various sales, environmental, carbon taxes and various fees and levies will kill your finances later. Federal income taxes and payments will take another chunk of money from you. That is probably one of the reasons why Victoria people seemed silent, grouchy, unfriendly, uptight, reserved, paranoid? They don’t have much to be joyous about, taxed to death, under paid and abused to death, frustrated, gloomy, and bored. They can’t earn and save enough to have a good enjoyable life. They have a hard time just surviving, no time or resources to have a fun social life too.


“Victoria would be a lot more fulfilling, fun, happy, and content if many of the people are not economically, socially, psychologically, financially frustrated and blocked. People can’t be happy, outgoing, sociable, and content if they are not achieving their goals and dreams. Life is good when one has what they want and need and life really sucks when people don’t. Victoria is a prison to many people when they are not allowed to live up to their potential. People leave Victoria and BC to other places when home is not good.


“No kidding! It seems like Victoria, Vancouver Island and all of BC is a crooked price fixing racket? The governments and private businesses look for every small excuse to pay workers slave wages while at the same time charge you extortion high prices for all goods and services. The people are not people or staff, just money milking cows. Getting squeezed at both ends means your prospects are fairly limited or limiting. A main reason why BC is bleeding out brains, talent, and workers is because the BC culture in all things, don’t know how to treat people well.


“Yes everything is a racket in BC and especially Victoria the capital city. I am actually surprised they still have any brains left as they seem to bleed all the good people out to other places. They don’t know how to treat capable people and their competitors in other places do. This is probably a repeat, but good and cheap abusive can’t co-exist in the same place and time. It must be a natural law of the universe?


“Victoria is not a nice place to live. The natural environment is nice, but most of the people are not nice. They are culturally uptight, repressive, closed minded, socially restricted to their cliques, and mentally dumb. Common sense is definitely not common in the Victoria region. General life in Victoria is an oxymoron (conflicting illogic) or any other type of moron. The social mental attitude is one of the main reasons why the area economy and social life is messed up. The environment can only be fully enjoyed if one is independently wealthy and powerful, separated from the need to work or bow to others for a living. The low wages, cheap work environment, daily life pressures will grind you, wear you down, and remove most joys in life from you life in Victoria. You will be sorry if you did not do your research homework before moving your life.


“I personally know many people who are chronically unemployed or under employed just because the live in Greater Victoria. The region is not prosperous because it has almost no heavy industries with the higher pay as a foundation. This leads to everything else that follows been even more cheap and limited. In most other places, these people would probably have accidentally hit a good paying job, or any other job by now. You almost never get a job even if you are qualified. You keep getting sent back to school for endless retraining and always no work.


“The internet is a good research tool. Before the internet, people would move to a place and find out it is not all that it is made out to be. It is too late to find out the truth. Most people hate wasting time, money, talent, enthusiasm, and other resources on any lost causes. Skills, education, experience, merit doesn’t matter like it does in other normal Canadian regions. Life in Victoria needs to be independently rich, work free, connected or you will be left high and dry with nothing. Many organizations large to small do “fake job hiring” to test how many job applicants they get per job posting, or to scare their unionized work force into accepting lower labour contracts by showing how many people are available to replace them. The resumes and applications sit somewhere collecting dust and unread for months, years, maybe a decade?


“Victoria is a great place to live if certain conditions and situations are met. You would love it in Victoria if you are too rich to have to work for a living and money just flows over you like by magic. You can use the excess cash as toilet paper to wipe your rear. The bleak reality for most of the Victoria people is a lot less lavish and frivolous. Victoria would be great for you if the scenery and environment can pay all your expenses and give you free money to live the lifestyle you want. You are most likely to get your job applications ignored repeatedly by all sorts of employers of varying size, as their existing lazy and incompetent staff procrastinate. The hiring and start date deadlines will pass as nobody seems to care about inefficiency and lost time and money. The stacks of resumes will grow moldy somewhere as the organizations will continually job advertise for jobs they seem to have no intentions of filling. They treat it like it was a joke game to take up extra free time.


“Oh definitely Victoria is not a good place to live. You can visit it as many times as you like and then go back home. However, never ever make it your permanent home if you have a choice. Trading in your goals and objective dreams for a few moments of beautiful environment isn’t worth it. The entire regional system is totally lacking in every way. Read all the people’s comments. They are not BSing you. It is the real experience.


“Life in Victoria just continuously dumps on locals and visitors who stay too long. The glitter is gone and replaced by frustration and dreary drab. It must be the bad vibes of the whole region that makes even a bright sunny day feel oppressive and grey? It is a good thing there is occasional sunshine or living and dealing with Victoria would multiple times more depressing. The entire region is like this.


“Victoria is not happening enough as a city, a major Canadian city. I met many people who come to Victoria expecting good and big things with their lives and find excessive limitations instead. There is not enough of all the good things that everyone wants to going around. They are in short supply. I agree with all the comments about Victoria before mine. If I could relaunch my life from the beginning, I would not go to Victoria and choose other Canadian cities with more opportunities to go up not down. I was sold an expectation that can’t be met by the local Victoria material available. They under performed expectations.




I’ll stop here, although I could keep posting because the complaints go on for another eighty pages! I wouldn’t have guessed it but Victoria may actually be the most hated city in Canada … more complaints/rants than Ottawa, Edmonton or even Winnipeg!

I thought about moving to Victoria for a time, but once I researched the cost of living I didn’t bother going. Even in shit towns on the island you’re looking at around $700,000+ for a condo! 

The problem is that the rest of Canada is a cold shit hole, so naturally everyone gravitates to British Columbia. But even B.C.’s north is a redneck, frozen crap pile, so almost everyone goes to the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. Being that the average Vancouver house now costs one-million dollars, and the city grows bigger, dingier and less affordable by the day, people think they can flee to Vancouver Island for warmth, safety and decent living. How wrong they are!

Victoria is small; the nearby towns even smaller. In such a small community there isn’t going to be enough work to go around, locals will always be favored and resent outsiders; with lack of space comes lack of affordable housing; and without decent employment and housing the quality of life is dramatically depressed. The situation carries on because there’s always a stream of fresh bodies looking for one decent place in Canada to live … 

I have to shake my head at some of the comments too, poor saps! Ottawa is a shit hole, so is Edmonton! Saskatchewan is another shit pile, and good luck moving to the “friendly” east coast! Sure there may be work in Calgary or Toronto, but neither of those cities are exactly great to live in either. The poor suckers don’t realize the rest are big steaming turds too!

This fucking country … nowhere to go but you’ll notice the same complaints from east to west: awful people, hideous winters and cold, no employment, unaffordable housing, barely surviving with the cost of living. The only warm or halfway decent areas are full of the mega rich and you can basically expect to serve them and lick their asses until you croak.

There is no escape in this giant hole known as Canada.