Do you regret moving to Canada?

Comments from immigrants about their regrets in moving to Canada. My comments at the end.


It’s been 4 months that I have moved to Canada as a Permanent Resident – the coveted tag that almost every other Punjabi is after these days. And, believe me – life here is not a bed of roses as everyone pictures from far.

And, there are plenty of reasons for the same:

The cold weather!!! – As soon as you land, you feel the chill in the air (I felt it even when it was the ‘so called SUMMER” for Canadians – the month of May). I had to wear a jacket on the first weekend while going out with my friends.

The laid back lifestyle – Trust me when I say that we people are far more active in our home countries than people in Canada. You see people with a far more laid back lifestyle and attitude in this part of the world.

Job struggle – I pity those people who come to Canada and believe they can earn big bucks; especially those who leave their well-paying white-collar jobs in their country. Job struggle is immense here. Recruiting processes crawl at snail-speed. Forget about reaching to the recruiting phase, most of the employers will reject you because you don’t have the ‘Canadian work exprience’. It’s like a polite way of saying ‘screw your hard work and experience that you did in a multinational in your home country. Canadian work is above and beyond that!’

Too many INDIANS – I am an Indian and I love my home country, but seriously if I had to get the feeling of living in the middle of India why would I move to Canada? There are so many Indians (especially Punjabis in the GTA and BC – the most livable parts of the country) that not even for a single day you will feel you are out of India.

PSS – No hard feelings, it is a personal choice. But, trust me it is not worth it to leave your friends, family, and life!!!

Thank you, everyone, for such an overwhelming response to my answer. I did not expect it at all.

For all those who think that I hold something against Canada or people from my own country (so-called DESIS), well I don’t have anything against it. I simply mean to say that it is personal choice for everyone. I like the country, I like the calmness that it brings, and I love cleanliness. However, there are somethings which did not appeal to me, just like for many of you quite a number of things from back home do not appeal. It’s just my personal opinion and point of view. For all of those saying I should move back, well I will when the right time comes but it is not now. Canada is a beautiful country, but not for everyone, and not everything is laid here on a bed of roses, it has its own struggles that every country has.

PS – the winters have just begun, I am already feeling the chill.

Peace 🙂

Note: When I wrote this answer initially, I received a lot of hate comments that after a few months I will start praising Canada etc. etc., and I will never move back. To all those comments, I’ve moved back to India. And, I’m happy to be part of this Cosmic Chaos we love


I will try to answer this from my own personal perspective, and from the trends I have seen in Canada after I moved to Toronto:


  1. People are nice, but not all, further explained in cons.
  2. Society is more tolerant of immigrants.
  3. Gun laws are stringent, and gun violence is almost non existent.
  4. Immigration is easy.
  5. You will not feel alone, there are people from all ethnicities.
  6. Racism exists but is not to the levels that it will suffocate you.
  7. Medical costs are low, you still need insurance for dental, vision, and prescription coverage though.
  8. Water is cheap, electricity is cheaper than most places I have lived in.
  9. Air quality is very good, very less pollution.
  10. It is a very beautiful country. I love going on long drives.


  1. Job experience from anywhere outside Canada is not considered. You will start fresh and will need to climb the ladder again.
  2. If you don’t have references, forget about landing a decent job.
  3. Everything is expensive in quick comparison to US.
  4. Cars are expensive. Car insurance is super expensive.
  5. Housing is out of reach in Toronto and Vancouver, where 90% (ok more like 70%) jobs are.
  6. Medicare is painful when it comes to emergencies. Imagine waiting nine hours in emergency with a broken bone while doctors tend to a teenager who got bad throat due to excessive smoking but can fake pain better than you can. No, they don’t prioritize in most cases. And if you want to see a specialist, better be prepared to wait for months for an appointment.
  7. Racism exists, not as bad as US, and some people are frustrated with influx of immigrants.
  8. There is a big gap in immigration policies and the mindset of employers.
  9. Weather is extreme enough to kill you in minutes in most of Canada.
  10. You cannot save. Taxes takes almost half of what you earn.
  11. Sales tax is extremely high. It was 15% in Ontario, which has been reduced to 13% now. This is what you pay when you buy anything, or any service.
  12. Public transportation is extremely expensive. Travel is expensive, both domestic and international.
  13. Some people I have encountered were extremely rude, they actually topped the charts of rudeness compared to some other encounters in US, Europe, and South East Asia.
  14. Gas prices are one of the most expensive in the world. A litre in Vancouver costs about $1.60.
  15. Very bad roads, they’ll kill your suspension and tires if you are not careful. This is due to bad weather.
  16. Food is expensive, eating out is expensive.
  17. Liquor is twice as expensive as in US, don’t forget to grab a bottle from duty free.
  18. Most important, salaries are on an average 30% less than what they are in US, that combined with high taxes leads to no or very less wiggle room for savings.

So overall, it was a disappointing move. But that doesn’t mean that Canada is a bad country. It is a good country but comes with it’s own challenges like anywhere else. Depends on what you want.


I do.

I do not regret moving away from home and experiencing a new life.

But I do regret choosing Canada over Europe (I did have the choice).

Here are a few things I am sure the responses, especially the ones from those who have ‘just’ moved here and likely wrote the comments in their ‘high’ of traveling do not cover.

1 – The cold is deadly – and no one wants to admit it.

2 – It is cold not only outside, Canadians like to burn extra fuel on airconditioning and to freeze their indoor areas too, both in summer and winter (and yes there are only two seasons in Canada). There is not one day all year around when you can do your errands without having to carry a jacket or, ever thinking of wearing a skirt like I like to do – because the moment you step inside buildings it’s FREEZING (unless you are exercising). Although, I must say people do not dress to the weather, and if you have an issue with the cold, you will be always objectified ‘omg! You’re wearing too much! Are you cold?’

Look, winters are 8 months long here (Edit: when I say winter, I mean so long I need to wear knits, jackets, tooks and boots, if you go out with shorts in 10 degrees good for you, anything below 12 is winter to me and most people from mild climates). For at least 3 months, it’s below -15 (Edit: if anyone doubts this, they can track the weather and average temperature in various provinces, make sure you look at the ‘real feel’ value too. Unless you are in Windsor Ontario or BC, this is what it is, if not worse). You need a car. You need a really good home with proper heating, and still your social life is brought to a minimum during those months. Now, let’s see what happens when you are a broke student who lives in the burbs and cannot even dream of having a car. I live downtown and it’s a 15 min walk to my school (nice eh?) when it’s -40, I do mind having to walk 15 mins.

3 – It is super expensive. Rent goes up ridiculously every year. You could look it up if you wished, but I am half-certain that Canadians pay the highest price for phone and internet services in the developed world. Other expenses are high too, compared to many countries – and it’s not like you get a top-quality life for the expensive things you spend money on. I am talking about a single person who cooks their own meals, does not even drink and, does not spare money on anything other than necessities.

4 – Public transportation SUCKS BALLS. I know most people around the world like to talk about how punctual buses are in Canada because if they do not pick people up in a timely manner people could freeze. That’s an utter lie. And on top of that, the reach of each city’s transportation system is very weak. Unless you live in the downtown area (which makes it easier just to walk or bike rather than having to wait for irregular buses for unknown periods of time) chances are you will have to spend 2+ hours on transportation every day just to get to where you work or you go to school. Most of the cities do not have metro (subway) and again when they do, the beauty of it is only when you are in close distances to the core downtown. Otherwise, the metro will never get you to the inner cities, and you will have to switch to subsidiary buses that… again will get you to wait… and wait… and wait.

Intercity transport is also awful, a monopoly and, expensive. I do not know if there are any countries left around the world with such a disconnected transport system – especially given how far apart everything is in North America.

Never mind internal flight prices. I don’t want to even start writing about Air Canada.

5 – Relationships are overrated, and talking about the ‘physiological need for sex’ is the centerpiece of reasoning for inquiring one. The dating scene is an absolute bogus mess, which comes down to women chasing men, hopes of sharing the rent, or otherwise being pointed at as ‘not getting enough sex’ and ‘not having a man’ (sometimes I wonder if it is the 1800s and the age of getting wedded is 16). People move in in a matter of days of knowing each other and move out in a matter of a couple of months. By the late 20s, anyone you meet has been through divorce(s) or separation(s), likely has kids, usually still ‘hangs out’ with their exes(you are likely to learn about the grisly truth only after you have invested yourself emotionally in an unworthy narcissist too hard). Everyone you meet is bitter and cunning, only looking for another partner to suit their economic imbalances. People put up with cheating partners very often, and internalizing these standards, at least when you are super lonely, comes next. You’ll be surprised.

(I generally would not suggest a single person who is interested in dating to come here. If I ever do recommend Canada it’s to couples. If you have kids you will get to raise them in safe, ugly neighborhoods where they never play on the streets – I don’t know why? It’s safe, it’s super flat and begs for two gates and a soccer ball or hockey puck- and you will have to dump thousands and thousands of dollars on their daycare). I will not get into the cost of primary education. Not here.

6 – Unless you are an engineer or have an MBA or, if you are a real estate or car sales agent (or wish to become) forget about doing anything ambitious. You could have all the qualification in the world and work in Walmart and enjoy your 4 K salary with benefits (many people are happy with that and do put aside their goals and settle with having enough pay to get by as an ultimate). And if you refuse to work for years on years in a job for which you are overqualified, you are pointed at as a sloth who doesn’t want to work. Your success is measured by salary, pension, and mortgage, not if you are happy with your job (it’s actually the norm to hate your work). Ironically no one wants to talk about numbers when it comes to money. There is a presumption everyone’s wellbeing and financial condition is safeguarded by some godly ransom that they digged up from the graves of their ancestors.

7 – Dishonesty. The way [most] people do not tell you what they mean and confuse you with their actions and words is astonishing here. Barely anyone is straightforward, and humor is a lost word in Canadian English. Everyone seems to have a stick up their arse (and you will become like that too). People only open up after getting absurdly drunk – mainly for a few seconds before they lose the ability to collect their conscious.

(Edit: there is a general assumption that people in countries with Arctic climate and low-density populations have bigger bubbles around their selves, are more difficult to connect and are easily out of touch with their emotions. I cannot speak for Scandinavia for example, but, have heard foreigners from dense societies feel the same about them. Take this tho; emotional has negative connotations in Canadian English. So you know who you are).

8 – It’s boring (save for the hardcore advocates of outdoors sports – even though the temperatures are usually below standard for those too, I have heard skiiers from Scandinavia come here and are shocked how locals go out on days they would absolutely refuse to exercise outdoors). Other than the few main cities I’m sure you know which ones are and, their downtown areas only, the rest of the towns and the burbs and the cities are a copy and paste version of one another – ugly 70s style cement buildings, from an era where architects stopped being creative and erecting venues was likely left to road builders! City structure is inaccessible without a car and, is alienating.

Having fun comes down to bar hopping with teens (or grown-ups who like to act like they are still teens; super excited about being able to drink), in un-fashionable clothing, hearing some off-tune country music and watching girls throw up and drop like flies – because alcohol is the holy grail no one wants to be left behind in consuming it as much as possible (and guess what? it is also more expensive than anywhere I have been, U.S. Europe, South America). You cannot enjoy your drink, or socialize all without it if you wished – it always seems to me that there is a race in ‘how much’ you can drink, so to say, you have a place in the society!!!

I am an artist, and I have studied human sciences. This type of environment does not cultivate creativity. The level of artwork, presentation and access to creative means is bare minimum because people care too much about having a routine and a salary – because back to the point, prices are no joke here, norneither are your bills, your credit card or the mortgage etc. And the best way to secure those is being as predictable and average as possible. Art is regulated by the government, which is great in the sense that artists can have access to massive fundings; so long that they follow the government’s agenda which changes at every turn of the parliament.

9 – The food including fresh produce, snacks, prepared meals and pub/restaurant dishes is bland and tasteless (I do not really know what it is, the way the American groceries that are exported to Canada are grown? GMOs? The amount of sugar and salt that is used in food versus all the other spices that should be but are NEVER used?)

Edit: I accidentally came upon a source about proteins that indicated in North America some animal proteins (that are not naturally found in the structure of plants) are used for the growth of fruits and vegetables. I have also heard that many standards in agriculture and farming are way different from elsewhere in the world, whether these contribute to the tastelessness of food is for debate but surely modifications that are done to our food remain largely a mystery.

‘Affordable ethnic’ cuisines are limited to Thai and Chinese food. For the rest you will often have to pay 3 times as much.

10 – Get ready for wrecking accommodation, roaches, bedbugs, and mice. There are many many old residential buildings made of wood. Naturally, susceptible to all kinds of vermin. The hygiene level is also below my standards (and I am not fussy whatsoever). People very often do not seem to clean enough. Not all, of course. But it does not surprise me anymore that 50% of the times when I walk into a new place and I notice the clump of dust in the corners and uncleaned kitchen and bathrooms.

Also, bad landlords, awful landlords and absolutely psychopathic ones who own houses and rent it out for extra income and make the life of the tenant hell, are plenty. Unless you are living in a condo building, which is at least 1.5 times rentals and twice as expensive as shared houses, situations can rise easily.

Nature is great though. Again if you have the luxury of accessing natural sites by car. Freezing your ass camping, or, if you would like to go hiking and skiing – mainly in inhuman temperatures. This is all given the fact that you do find the time off to ever do something extracurricular.

11 -Universal Health Care: it’s there, it’s good, so long that you are not actually sick or require an emergency. I cannot count the number of times I have heard people they were kept in the ER for hours with no primary care, no drugs nor testing because there were no specialized doctors available to look at them (this goes from food poisoning to having a broken bone to anything else). I am not talking about medical mistakes. I am talking about a severe shortage of doctors.

Doctors, I mean specialists, literally flock to this country in the hopes of practicing their medicine away from their home country where they have to compete with several others. It is almost impossible for them to get back on the track with new qualifications they require to work in Canada as it takes a decade to get through the tests and everything… and guess what? Life costs money and they end up being taxi drivers – or whatever, not doctors anymore!!! (The taxi driver doctor is such a stereotype you cannot even keep a blind eye). Now, those doctors CAN, in fact, make a good living driving taxis or working in Walmart or wherever, but what do you think happens to people in need of special care?

Well if they are rich they go to the States, Europe or the Middle East, in emergency situations sometimes the correct diagnosis does not take place on time and they end up being slaves to the pharmaceutical industry for their lifetime.

Plus note that the Universal Health Care does not cover the costs of most of the highly specialized medical treatments – unless you have extra coverage with your work.

So, despite being a relatively healthy person you can enjoy regular checks with your family doctor, anything beyond that if you are not employed at the right place and do not have a ton of money to pay for treatment in the U.S. can be scary.

Hmmm…what’s the cancer rate in Canada again?

12 – Unemployment Benefits; I am not going to say it is awful to have help when you become unemployed (but I guess most governments in the world have something along those lines). It is relatively easy to get the few hundred dollar checks and it can cover some basic costs. But the thing is, those who actually rely on this money either torn apart native people, and you know that their conditions go back generations (again I am not going to elaborate on what has happened to the indigenous peoples of Canada, you do your research) and their unemployment in a colonial system that is not compatible with their lost traditions, is not something that can be fixed with a few hundreds of dollars per month, but needs a historical healing. The other benefactors are lazy entitled [often local white] people who do not look for work, do not accept low wage work, and do choose to beg on the streets (because they can collect some more from kind people who help them) while they reside in social housing or dirty cheap team houses. Often drunken bad-mouthed homeless people who are plenty in the richest cities of the country – you only need to take a 5 minute walk in downtown Ottawa or Toronto, for example, to realize poverty is not something specific to ‘the developing countries’. But interestingly, there are no videos or pictures showing this type of thing to the enthusiastic immigrants as ‘Canada’. No, Canada is not only its homeless people. Neither it is its national hockey team. But there are these issues here, like anywhere else in the world and the spotless imagery many people have of this country is simply laughable.

A middle-class worker who does pay some rent for a decent place and happens to become unemployed cannot really manage monthly expenses with this check the government sends. It is just a little help. It does not hold one’s life together unless one decides to move in a basement with 4+ roommates during the time he or she is unemployed – which can mean months. I do not propose the provincial governments should raise this pay, I am just saying those who move to Canada to get these benefits are very much like those buggers who soak up the money sitting on the streets acting like they need help while the real trouble of unemployment (however small in percentage) is draining students and real workers.

And last but not least International Higher Education: There is a humongous number of people who come to Canada as international students every year (I wrote my Ph.D. thesis about this, so this is only a glimpse of the facts I have come upon while writing. Rest assured, I have presented my research to the department of immigration and citizenship and they approved I had my facts right, so there). All around the world, studying abroad is encouraged and celebrated, especially is one gets into a highly accredited institution in the top universities that are mainly located in anglophone countries. Many of those who come to Canada are essentially pursuing this as a pathway for accessing immigration to Canada. Little they know the number of foreign students is so overwhelmingly high, and the information regarding their success in getting permanent residency is very scattered; the reality is the government of Canada recognizes international education as one of its most important economic assets[1] (immediate expenditure of incoming international students earned about 12 billion dollars for Canada in 2016[2] ) but despite the available programs for immigration of students, the ultimate goal has never been to settle all of them[3] .

Each international student pays up to 3 times the tuition fee[4] the domestic student does (depending on the province) and funding (especially for foreign students) is becoming more scarce every year. Now while you might be experiencing all of the social aspects of life including the above-mentioned, before deciding to study in Canada you might want to check the job market from within – meaning people who have been through your field of study. Do not rely on the advertising university partners provide or the pretty pictures on university websites. Studying here is no joke and one is better to consider everything and more (including finding a good adviser who is not planning on being a dick to you for the entire course of your graduate degree) before committing to a program that requires great attention.

Also please note that an international student can not enjoy any of the government programs such as immigration services, health care, unemployment benefits etc. These only come to immigrants and citizens. Especially after an international student graduates, he or she is literally relying on a single paper called Post Graduate Work Permit. There is barely any budget dedicated to guiding this young and sophisticated bunch through the Canadian system.

EDIT: Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not absolutely hate my life (so please, be kind and save the philanthropic positivist advice, I’d prefer a proper mural or DJ gig lol – you see no matter how great I feel about myself, if I do not enjoy the social scene and do not wish to live the rest of my life HAPPILY in an isolated enclave, there is no way around it). This is not my diary or resume. And I have not included anything close to my day to day negative experience with matters such as underemployment, higher education fees, the art scene etc. These are my reasons that convince me, as per speaking to the general public, why I would have possibly chosen another destination – somewhere warmer with better urban architecture and a dense population – if I went back and decided to go abroad and explore the world at 24 (again, if you are here to represent Canadian patriarchy by hateful comments, you are simply on a wrong post, go read something that fulfills your agenda). Also, this is in the 2010s, Canada screens in almost only highly skilled technical work force and, I am in the arts and humanities. My experience would be incomparable to numerous people who moved here 30 years ago as general labour.

Canadians are very nice. They are welcoming and do not discriminate (often, as I have seen) against race or culture. There are very decent, respectable people I have met here. There are friendships I do cherish. But I do not think that I would have moved here for the sake of meeting these people. Especially for a person without their 1st degree family, life is very machine-like, disconnected here. You might not mind the prices if you are rich, and would likely be able to skip atrocious housing conditions. It doesn’t negate the fact that the industrial nature of everything resonates everywhere no matter what you do. People will not ever, never get actually close to you and at some point you give up trying to break the ice. And you will learn to do the same as them, and limit your relationships to thinking of them as professional networks which you will have to employ for career purposes. You will create your own bubble around yourself and you will either learn to enjoy it, or you will keep regretting your life choices.

P.S. These are my reasons for ‘regretting moving to Canada’. Things I have listed here have affected me personally. It is always easier to see things from a critical perspective once one has lived in different places. Nonetheless, these are my viewpoints as a foreigner; most of the times people who have lived all of their lives in their country of birth think their country is either the worst of the best. Yet, everything is relative.


I did and I left.

My background is somewhat different. I was born in the States, but my father is Canadian and my mother is from Europe, so I already had Canadian citizenship. My family moved to Canada when I was eight and I stayed until about a year after finishing university, then moved to the States after getting a job. A few years later, after working and going to grad school, some family issues came up and I had to move back. I wasn’t eager to leave, but I thought I would give it a shot and I was told that there would be plenty of jobs for me in my field, even though I did a ton of research and saw it would be tough. But I was fairly young at the time and I wanted to be closer to my family.

The move did not work out well at all and I soon regretted it. I had great difficulty getting any notice for jobs in my field. I knew I’d probably have to go down a few notches and prepared for it, but the only things I could find were call center and basic admin work. It was humiliating, especially after grad school and working some good jobs at some good organizations in NYC, a place from where my skills should have been transferable or recognized. In the few interviews I was able to get, I was told that I lacked “Canadian experience”, which has apparently become a cliche. At my last interview, the interviewer brought this up and I responded by telling him that I was way more qualified than he was to do his own job. I just didn’t care at that point and didn’t hold back. He agreed and said that I would have a tough time finding good work because lots of Canadian employers are biased against those who went straight to the States after college.

After that, I figured it was time to go and I moved back to NY.

Other reasons why I left:

I couldn’t stand the extreme cold.

My friends, whom I had grown up with, were all married and I was the only single person, so my social life sucked. It was tough to meet new people and I didn’t find the few people I did meet to be all that interesting.

Bad dating scene.

Even if I did end up getting a decent job, my career prospects would have been limited and there would be little chance for growth, so I wanted more diverse opportunities.


The anti-Americanism was a pain in the ass to hear. Canadians have a global reputation of being extremely tolerant and polite…except when it comes to Americans. A lot of it was just nonsensical and it’s a form of prejudice, full stop. It was annoying because I was born in the States and I hated hearing others slag on my place of birth. It’s also incredibly hypocritical to boast about tolerance (even defending intolerant acts by other, non-American cultures!) when practicing the opposite.

Political correctness overdrive. Now, I’m not in favor of insulting others, but the PC environment in Canada is stifling. I remember being told in school that we were to refer to “janitors” as “sanitation engineers”. What the fuck?! I can imagine it being worse now under Trudeau.

Lack of traveling options and I wanted to travel more. Canada is extremely expensive to travel from.

There are other reasons, but these come to mind right now.

Granted, I do think Canada is a good country and I don’t have any regrets about growing up there. For sure, it was a good place to grow up. It just didn’t work out for me as an adult.


Yes and I left after a year.

I’m European with engineering degree, top MBA and several years of international work experience.

In Europe, when I wanted to change job I got interviews with multinationals for jobs at what I consider my level (seniority and experience).

In Canada, recruiters told me directly that their clients wanted candidates with “Canadian experience” and that was the end of the calls. On the other hand, I had recruiters contancting me for low level jobs (telesales, help desk, etc.) saying that they saw my CV online and it was a great match.

It was quite depressing that in Europe I worked in consulting and multinationals but in Canada I was considered like a high school dropout.

I hear people saying that I should have toughed it out, take any menial job for some months, study an extra degree, etc. but why would I have to go through that when in many developed countries in the world my credentials are well regarded and I can get a proper job in short time and applying from abroad.

Bottom line, I had to spend a lot of money and time to move to Canada to be considered an unskilled worker, but other countries with the same quality of life will hire me directly from abroad and pay for my relocation expenses.


Yes! Think twice before taking this decision. Everyone says Canada has everything. But trust me, it’s not that simple to get that ‘everything’ here. First, it is indeed a long struggle to get a job (in your own field) which might take up to one year or even more and not to mention about the problems one gets without the “Canadian experience”. A lot of money goes into your daily expenditures. And even worse, sometimes people end up in landing survival jobs which pay you very less. And other than that, rents are way too much, even you live in a decent 1 room apartment. And I believe if you are having good jobs back home, don’t leave your jobs in a hurry. Plan for it wisely as India is also progressing at a good pace. Furthermore, you’ll be missing out your family, friends, social gatherings and all that that can never be compared with the money you make. If you’re earning decent there and are able to meet friends, family do not take take this step. Enjoy your life there. You’ll love your decision.

The grass always seems to be greener on the other side.


It was the right decision at the time when China was not a good place to be. Now that China has surpassed Canada in many aspects moving here is starting to feel like a big mistake. I’ve been in Canada for 20 plus years but not much as changed unlike other countries. Here are some major issues:

1.) The taxes are very high and become progressively higher as you make more money. So success basically yields diminishing returns and effectively punishes success and rewards failure. This lead to a huge brain drain problem where the most industrious Canadians move to the US where they are treated better.

2.) The universal healthcare is very inefficient. I’ve waited in the ER for 15 hours once. Getting a specialist could take months. Check-ups are not covered. You can’t even opt out of this system as they’ve made private health insurance illegal.

3.) No matter how much stellar work experience you have from other developed countries they won’t be recognized. I think they do this to protect local Canadians so they don’t have to compete with international talent. Very ironic as they set a very high bar for skilled immigration when they don’t even utilize those skills. There are doctors from Russia that end up as taxi drivers because their license and experience is null and void here. To me this is institutional racism.

4.) The culture is very much rooted in all the trappings of left-wing ideology. You are taught from a very young age to look at wealth and upward mobility with suspicion. There’s a general mentality of victimhood and entitlement. If you’re not successful it must be the fault of corporations or rich people. The gov’t is supposed to solve all your problems. I find this to be very demoralizing and depressing. I don’t think this is the message you should send to young people.

5.) There’s a drug problem on the streets. I’ve never seen so many meth heads anywhere else in the world. I’m not sure what caused this. Maybe the laws are too lenient towards drug dealing and usage? In major cities downtown you will find a lot of druggies panhandling for money. Mostly young people.

6.) The media is very biased. Almost everything reported on China and any other non OECD countries is 100% negative and nobody ever questions its validity. The exception is US, they are also viewed as evil. The people here see themselves as the good guys and the rest of the world is problematic or straight up unethical.

I think when we left China we thought we were escaping an oppressive regime to live in a democratic utopia. What we learned is that democracy may not be the best form of gov’t (even though they train you to believe it is) and western media does just as good of a job brainwashing their own people. The narrative Canada sells is not necessarily a reflection of reality. Perhaps freedom is just a concept.

Edit: I just want to add that I think the reason Canada sits on its high horse of ethics and points the fingers at others is because they only have one neighbor and it’s a friendly one. They have plenty of natural resources and low population. They never have to worry about starvation or invasion. It’s easy to be ethical when you don’t have to make the tough decisions to defend your territory and secure resources. It’s not fair for them to judge.


Don’t come to Canada with super high expectations or you will be disappointed quickly. If you have a great job with good benefits where you are, pls. stay there. A lot of high skilled immigrants I’ve met as an employment counsellor who helps to find jobs in Canada are demoralized as they can not find equal level jobs they left back home. Know this, your skills are not considered comparable. Period. You will start from the BOTTOM!

Discrimination exist covertly. Your accent, communication skills,your ability to convey knowledge/ experience in the Canadian context might differ from what You are accustomed to. You will have to be on top of your game. It might be about who you Know. Networking is sometimes key. Know your job description well. Interviews are not about knowing your skills. It’s also about that and more. Chance are you don’t don’t have appropriate answers. What they need, want to hear. Chances are you did not know what they want because you did not read, research and learn about the company and industry and job duties, you did not research the Canadian context of the job. It’s cumbersome if not prepared. Another idea per my experience, remove countries you’ve gained experience or worked in from resume to gain attention clear and void of what’s deemed foreign experience, not canadian experience.

I came here in 2007. I speak well. Even with a good amount of good American accent in Canada, unless nervous then it shows. I know my shit! In fact my name could never tell that I am black, African. I get the interviews but once they are my black face, all else changed. So beware folks! Unless your life is threatened in your country. If you have respect in your profession and a good job where you are, stay put. North America, Canada is no joke for those educated people, secure in your knowledge, you will have to start from the begining even with Phds. Medical doctors. Master’s from abroad… think carefully before you come! Consult an employment counsellor and even they can not predict your future. I have been there. Just saying!


Yes, Canada is a regretful countrt. There are some realities you should know before moving here;:

1.) Not many white collar jobs in Canada – Canada has lot of jobs to be filled but mainly blue collar ones like cleaners, plumbers, taxi drivers and so. Canadians don’t want to do it. They need immigrants for that.

2.) Free Health Care is a fake propaganda. You have to wait for months for tests and reports and follow ups take another sweet time. Surgeries wait time could be 1–2 years. Dental not covered.

3.) Health care is NOT actually FREE. Canada is a socialist country – high taxes and low income. Those taxes are used for the health care. I used to pay a tax of $13,000 per year in the US while on same income I am paying $22,000 per year in Canada. Imagine, I could buy the best insurance for those extra $9,000 taxes in the US where even comestics will be covered and treatment will be lightening fast.

4.) People are COLD – People will greet you but will never talk to you.

5.) Toronto has many problems – Expensive and crowded. There is a lot of competition for jobs because a lot of skilled workers are willing to do your job on darn cheap rates.

6.) Vancouver is worse – One of the world’s most expensive cities. You will have to live in basements. Not many jobs. North Van is littred with drug dealers and criminals.

7.) Calgary and Monteal – Calgary is empty and cold. Most of the jobs are oil and chemicals. Monteal is french dominated and racist.

You can Google all my points and will come to know that all are real.

If you wish to come to Canada, make sure to come with the right mindset and keep yourself prepared for some realities.


As an immigrant, I do not regret it. Because my options are limited. The US is impossible to get into but still with lots of social problems. Australia seems ideal but also impossible to get into in terms of immigration. New Zealand seems amazing but jobs are even more scarce and probably too isolated.

This country feels safe and the fact that the country is solid, rich in natural resources and hydro resource is a good selling point. It’s a good hedge against global warming and the upcoming water shortage. Also, there are no natural disaster.

Although, it does get cold and for far too long. Every winter I wonder why I haven’t moved to Australia. But anyway, I wouldn’t have made it for Australian immigration requirement.

Being a visible minority, it is much better than the US as a whole, although you could argue that pockets of the US are just as good.

I was living in Austin, TX before coming to Montreal and I do miss Austin, though. Now, that’s a special place.

Additional : Austin is way friendlier than Montreal is and stress-free.

Anecdote : The other day, I was in downtown Montreal and I was not being very attentive and I got in the way of a pedestrian on a sidewalk. I ran into her. I wanted to go inside a pharmacy. It was my bad. It was my fault because I should have waited for her to pass, but I was too focused on getting into the pharmacy that I didn’t see her and bumped into her. Before I had a chance to say “Sorry” that lady didn’t stop and decided to just push me away – not too hard but still – and swear in French “ tabarnak hostie calice” with a nasty look on her face. I got angry, too. I swore at her, too. “What the fuck is the matter with you?” as she charged on.

That kinda thing would never happen in Austin. First of all, no one is walking that fast. Second, no one is that confrontational. If anything, they would have just let me pass first or apologized that I ran into them.

This is just one experience, but there are countless times I’ve witnessed Montrealers giving attitude to each other in public. People are generally not as nice as Austinites, even between friends.

Maybe it’s a Quebecois thing. Quebecois are considered to be ruder than English-speaking Canadians. But coming from Austin, it is a shock and not a pleasant one.


YES and a lot

Its been 8 months since I moved to Canada. I moved here because my brother studied here before. My expectation is Canada would be fun.

First 3 months

I am just doing well. I usually stay in isolation in both my home country and Canada. I really got bored of the study here because it has low standard of education. I miss my study and my friends and teachers from my country because they were much more interactive and much more friendly. I like western food so it is pretty good.

Next 3 months

I got bored of the food. There is nothing fun to do. Everything is expensive. I feel homesick. I hate my dorm neighbors as they are some nasty dirty people who don’t take baths and pee correctly. After complaining, I was said to be ‘discriminating’ dirty people and clean people. Fuck you Liberals, its for everyone’s good. These people will get discriminated and isolated if nothing is done. And the smelly people did get isolated now. My life is hell because of my room is right in front of the toilet. Some rules doesn’t make any sense in the school either and things that are allowed are questionable.

the recent 2 months

The only thing that keep me alive from losing appetite is Tim Horton’s chili and Indian foods. I might try to get Mexican food later. I can finally go home this March. I feel relieved that I could cause Coronavirus wasn’t a major problem in my country.


It is pretty peaceful and laid back place as a student

Everyone is pretty friendly.

I like being isolated


As there are majority in the minority, most of them only group up with their own people. And a very different nationality might not make easy friends.

Boring, just awfully boring. I might have experienced Paris syndrome.

The food is getting dull day by day.

The toilets in dorms may be more disgusting than public toilets in my country.

The society tolerates smelly people but individuals don’t. And school authority doesn’t help them.


Sometimes yes! I do regret it.


Financial reasons:

I see my paycheck and almost half is gone to tax

I see restaurants & shopping bill and 13% taken by sales tax, (worst indirectly forced to give 10–20% tip) actual food cost 100$ then + 15$ tip cost + $15 sales tax, total cost 130$. Ridiculous!

I see property tax bill

I see high rate of car insurance cutting from account

$120 license plate renewal just to drive car on road every year

I pay $5 dollar per month to keep my bank account

Almost no interest rate given on saving

it’s like giving away almost 60% of your salary just for income tax, sales tax, property tax & tips.

no saving at all after paying all tax, it’s hard to think young generation to buy house in Toronto

Other reasons:

I see government is working on getting back ISIS terrorist into Canada and justify it [Edit: All people in comment, just do a simple google search]

I see tax money are used to give funding for Catholic school and these schools have more facilities than regular public schools [Edit: I was misinformed for Islamic schools in Mississauga, I have remove that)

I see weather going down to extreme low, I was stuck in -33 last year with my Hybrid car’s alternator died and my car stop working. Getting stuck in winter is crazy. Winter here can kill you within minutes if you are not prepared for worst. Just think medium/major accident in -33 Celsius. Person would die of cold before the injury. Now I started doing work from home or leave when temperatures goes below -25.

I see few feet of snow

waiting for 20 hours in emergency in pain for appendix surgery

I see malls & shopping places closed on public holidays

I find few places open at mid night food

I am asked fake questions like, How are you? and asker don’t have any intention to hear the answer or never meant but asked just a habit. [Edit: fake culture developed around being so-called NICE, read this opinion of international student, easy to relate. 

I find people saying sorry or apologizing but not meant it

Above reason makes me think of I should get Canadian Citizenship and move to USA on TN visa.

While, below reasons stops me doing that,

safe country

gun control

almost everyone in Toronto area are immigrants, white/black/brown/asian

most Indian things are easy to find

lots of Indian restaurants

Celebrates all Indian festivals

Education is good compare to USA

healthcare is free, it’s beneficial for non-emergency visits to physicians

health insurance is far cheaper than USA


Long post alert.

There were edits made after few comments from my friends in Canada to add more details. This makes this extreme long post from long post.

This is not to discourage people from moving to Canada but to rather help them take right factors in consideration.

Yes, I regret moving to Canada. I moved from India’s most happening city ‘Hyderabad’ from one of the Big4 firms. That being said, neither am I a high flier nor someone who draws high/exorbitant salaries (upwards of 1 lakh per month).

Unlike many, I did not spend a fortune to come here or spend dizzying amounts of my savings. Yes, I did spend significant portion of my savings, it is not just that high when I compare it to my peers who moved here with their families and are still trying to get a job.

Did I not get a job here and is that the reason why I regret?

No– I did get a decent paying job in my area of expertise within 3 months. No qualms here. It is just good networking/ referrals/ family friends who helped me get a job.

Was I not able to accommodate to the culture/ are people not good enough?

People here are extremely friendly.

My friend who I knew from India who got a job here before I came to Canada was more worried about me that I was not getting a job.

My friend’s brother’s best friend’s wife helped me get the job. Let that sink in. I was that lucky to have such a great friend and such lovely people here. I cannot thank them enough. They are like my extended family now.

Why do I regret?

When I was researching if I have to move to Canada, I considered a few points to make the move.

Free healthcare:

I thought free healthcare, eh, how many countries in the world would do that?

My research was wrong.

As cool as it may sound, it is very slow. I had to wait for a week to get an appointment for an ultrasound scan for my wife because she is suffering from stomach ache. God knows what would happen if the cause is diagnosed after some damage already happened.

If I was in India it would have been done in a few hours. The cost even if I would have to bear it will be very small. Doctor visit in a walk-in-clinic+ Ultrasound+other tests+ medicines would have cost me at the most 3000 INR (60 CAD).

Just FYI: The cost of a colonoscopy in Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (the most famous hospital) where even Prime Minister of India had his surgery costed me INR 2000 (40 CAD).

I was covered by my company back home for 5 lakhs per annum. Not just me, my wife, my parents and my future kids. Now 5 lakhs is only $10k. However, in India, any major surgery can be completed within 2 or 3 lakhs in a upscale hospital. My uncle had a heart attack and the total cost of 2 stents to be implanted in his heart was 3 lakhs.

My parents now are not covered by insurance in India. I will have to buy them an insurance plan.

If someone is coming from India and one of his considerations is free healthcare, think again- You are coming from a country to which even citizens from developed nations (mostly USA) go for low cost healthcare services.

Education for kids

Many studies placed Canadian schooling as the 2nd or 3rd best in the world. I thought it would be a great opportunity for my future kids.

I was wrong in my assessment. I misread the report. The studies consider public schooling system in the country for the rating. Yes, the public schooling system in India is pathetic. Do I really want my kids to join a public school in India? No.I would have had them joined in a decent private school. The education if not on par would at least still be on par with Canadian public school.

If you are coming to Canada considering this as a factor and you make good money back in India, think again- Private schools are really good in India too.


Who are we kidding? The rents are sky high. I knew that before coming here. However, I did not know that even to get a unit when someone is willing to pay the rent, it is never easy. I applied for 8 condo units and 5 apartment units, all of which rejected my application since there were more than 5 people who were bidding for the units and the house owner had a choice to pick from. The apartments buildings had a waiting list. I am talking about some decently maintained apartment units like the Morguard ones.

Now two of my friends got a place relatively fast forcing me to think again- if I am unlucky or considered moving during wrong time or if he is lucky.

I was trying to get answer to this question when another friend of mine mentioned me that searching for rent is like mini-job search here. You will need to put in as much effort as job search.

My search for job drained my energy. Right now, I am not ready for another round of energy drain.

I ultimately made peace with staying in a basement with my wife.

Canada has a housing crisis and most are not ready to admit it. Think again.


This is very specific to me. However, just jotting it down because there might be someone like me. I am someone who would draw energy seeing people. Imagine the number of people at midnight in Hyderabad and the traffic.

Now, the so called most densely populated Greater Toronto Area (GTA) during the most busy hours, is like Hyderabad during midnight. Such low is the population here. Heck, I have to walk at least 10 minutes to find some person in person and not in car. I feel like I am lonely. I landed in June, during summer, even then in downtown Mississauga, I hardly found people.

While some might enjoy the solitude, I feel like I am lonely sitting somewhere on the edge of the world.

Weather- Sun and Cold:

While I was in India, I used to curse my stars that it is so hot in India. After I came here I hardly see sun during winter (which started sometime in October- for me). May be it is for good. I am now realizing what I missed. I miss the sun.

The weather is a nightmare. I knew it is going to be cold. However, I am not prepared for this level of cold. Knowing is completely different from experiencing it. No, I am not considering staying out for extended periods of time. I am talking of walking from my home till bus stop (which is 2 mins, waiting for bus and then walking from Square one till my office which takes 10–15 mins). During the cold snap, it is hell. The cold is not bad, the wind during the cold is.

A little more detail:

Download a weather app, see the temperature, now scroll down and look at the section where it mentions about ‘feels like’. That is how it actually feels like.

I am talking of wind blowing to your face, it feels like it is cutting your face with a knife. Your body generates more fluids. Nose generates water and eyes too. Now imagine your eye drops freezing when you close your eyes to get rid of eye drops because you do not want to take your hand out of pockets. (Mostly in Jan and Feb- not like that everytime)

It is cold as hell. You cannot even go for a walk outside during winter without properly getting dressed. In India I can just go out even during the coldest day here with a pair of slippers and in shorts and a t-shirt.( This is during fall- not winter)

Am I chickening out at the first sight of winter?

What do you think is the favorite pastime of even Native Canadians (exaggerating a bit)?

What do you think is the favorite topic of conversation for small talk (very essential softskill here)?

Answer: Cursing the winter

Food (Eating out)

I get it. Canada is a multi-cultural paradise for food. There is no cuisine in the world that you will not get here. That is freaking expensive. A normal dosa for 12–15 CAD, dinner for two in a restaurant 30–40 CAD. Now before you jump the gun and say I am converting everything to INR and hence I feel they are expensive. Even when you think about in only dollar terms, it is expensive. Just to give you some context, imagine a time (15–20 years ago) when someone used to earn 5000 rs as salary. Now, when you go back to that time, how much was a dosa or a idly? Imagine the same in CAD now.

If you want to cook, it is normally not expensive even by Canadian standards.

Retirement Benefits:

Retirement is costly here. Canadian govt provides some pension that will be barely enough for you. Even if you earn 50–60k per month in India and invest a decent amount somewhere like Mutual Fund and likes, you can get a far better retirement in India. I am not even considering the family support system that you will get if you are in India.

Well, never considered retiring here. This is for people who want to leave India for good.

Cellphone Plans:

One area where Canadians bury their heads in sand and pretend like no problem exists. Not comparing it with India.

Freaking expensive. Even after you consider the low population density and operating expenses.

Cost $50 for a person(only sim) and low cost provider like Fido/ Freedom.

Friends and Family:

Let us not even discuss, I might cry here in office.

Are there only disadvantages?

There are many positives too.

The international exposure you get at work is international in its true sense. There is at least one national from each continent in my team where I work.

The work you do matters. You will immediately find the difference b/w the work you do on outsourced project and the work you do when you are the business. Exposure increases multiple fold. In India, very few get such exposure, usually restricted to someone from top tier B Schools.

Work-life balance- 8 a.m to 4 p.m

Pollution is very minimal (let’s just say non-existent if you are coming from India). Let me illustrate, go to the outskirts of Pune for trekking (may be into a forest), the AQI here is better than that too.

People are uber friendly. When I lost my way when I went to get my OHIP card, sensing I might be confused, this girl came across from the other side of the road, and asked me if everything was alright and if she could help me. When I told her my location, she opened her Google maps app (I did not yet take a phone by then), and guided me to my location, shared her number and asked me to contact in case of any questions. That’s the sweetest thing someone has ever done to me.

Canada during summer is paradise. Oakville and Burlington’s lakeshore road took my breath away. If that is what happened to me with some random area in GTA, I cannot guess how it is if I visit some real natural locations across Canada. I am sure they will put even well renowned world tourist locations to their place.

Am I moving back because of all of this?

Not right now!

I made a decision to move to Canada and before I move back home, I would want to make enough money to buy a home (1 CAD is still 50 INR) in India.

Someone asked why Hyderabad is great?! Found this article on the internet ..Here it is:

10 Things Every ‘Other State Guys’ Staying In Hyderabad Will Relate To

This is written keeping in mind the people coming from different states (provinces) to Hyd to make a living.

Another article:

Hyderabad ranks 1st in quality of living index: Report

Also, another user commented that I am just whining:

For God’s sake, here is an article from, one of the most referred websites of Mississauga for city’s news. This lengthy article talks of how dire the housing situation is in Mississauga and surrounding cities where there are any jobs available.…


My childhood was in Korea, and I moved often in the past before settling here in Canada. Here’s my take on Canada, for better or for worse.

Living in Canada? Not Great, not Terrible either.

It really depends what you want to do. There are plenty of immigrants wanting to move here (for better or for worse). Canada is undeniably better than many other countries relatively speaking for many immigrants. Since the question is looking at Canada negatively, there are some I’ve experienced personally that supports this.

Canada is “NOT” nice; it is a nation of collective apathy on social scale much like a hotel; it’s nice enough to attract many people and it’s comfortable, but it’s generic and indifferent. Some see this as a con while some see it as a beauty. Hence, it’s much harder (especially for immigrants) to really mingle and blend it with locals in general.

It is far more expensive to live here in general, though it has universal health care to offset the gap between here and the States. Wage may appear better than the states if you just look at the magnitude of the pay for low-mid range salary, but CAD is generally 30% worth less than USD. The living cost in general is higher. So you have lower-paying wage and higher living expense. Not terribly great combo for people who want to be ambitious about financial success. And it happens to be that many immigrants take risk and move away from their home country to be more successful… so this trend will be discouraging to many.

Winter is a bitch in heat. Not only that it’s cold, it’s also dry and making it worse for skin in general. Canada is more isolated my geography in general, so excessive snow has far more detrimental impact than many US regions with similar climate. Bear in mind, this isn’t applicable to BC which is closer to California and climate is much nicer there and its humidity not shielded by Rocky Mountains like Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba oof.

Job is more limited here compared to the States due to Canadian market being smaller and business operation being more expensive in general. I don’t think Canadians taxes are particularly higher than the States in general, but there are definitely less room for tax avoidance here than in the states for better or for worse.

Less choices. If you want to live like a norm, this place allows you to do that easily. If you try to live above the norm (not just financially but in general), you will have harder time doing so… not that it’s illegal but it will be more painstakingly hard to find options or will cost you more (probably combination of both).

If you like average-just above avg lifestyle and enjoy slow-paced and calm mentality, I’d say Canada is a great place relatively speaking. But many immigrants want to be better or aspire for more and this isn’t the most compatible theme imo.

Personally, I don’t mind living in Canada. But if I become a much better asset (skill, employment options, etc), I would seriously consider defecting to the States (I’d come back here for vacation or grab some nice contract jobs here and there), but I’d say for a typical immigrant who aspire for more choices and luxuries in life… States have more to offer on avg.


Yes and I came from a developping country where poverty level is much higher than Canada and there are lots of corruption where I came from. The things I feel about Canada is that it is a socialist country in disguise of a capitalist country. The medical systems where Canada is proud of is broken at best. There are simply not enough resources to cope with the influx of immigrants. There are a lot of sham marriage from immigrants who try to bring their own village to Canada and never want to assimilate to the host but convert Canada into their own ethnic enclaves. In Brampton where I live, there are rampant abuse of the generous government programs and welfare designed to protect the poor and destitutes. Many people faked accident to claim disability benefits, many people collect welfare while earning hundred of thousands in cash, hiring international students illegally at half minimum wages. The job market for professional is extremely small and there are thousands of overqualified candidates for every job openning due to the government let in freely hundred of thousands of economic skilled migrants from all over the world to compete with Canadians.


It was the dumbest decision in my life.

I moved to Canada 3 years ago as LGBTQ refugee, and i was fooled by the human rights bs.

I left behind a house, good financial status, running business and high social position.

I have spent almost all my savings just to provide myself decent living. After being a manager and owner with 70 employees working for me the only jobs i can get is minimum wage. For what? Just to be an openly gay person and get married and establish a good life but that wasn’t the case. The weather is depressing, money has no value here,constant rise in crime rates, drugs epidemic

Imagine the average home price in Toronto is 700000 dollars.

If i have the chance to go back home i would pack up my luggage right now but i can’t, otherwise i will get prosecuted for seeking protection of other country and my sexuality.

The 3rd world continues are developing and cost of living is relatively low. Anyone who has a decent income my advice is just stay where you are.


I sort of regret. yes.. I used to live in the US.. Went back to India and lived with my family… I thought I could try canada for sometime but this place sucks you out and drains you If you dont have a network of friends and family… I did get a good job without much effort in a year or so… But, it took a toll on me as I thought that American experience would be respected.. THERE IS TOO MUCH NEPOTISM AND CRONYISM IN CANADA THAT IT BEATS INDIA! it is expensive here.. Housing in GTA is appaling. I wanted to be free of attachments- like car but without that it is hard to manage except in core downtown.. medical care is an eye wash. without a good job, and the insurance that comes with it, nothing is covered. In the process, I have lost muscle mass – completely out of shape thanks to all the stress..(due to this terrible weather and not being able to adjust; initial settling down stress etc..) I lost tons of hair.. wrinkles 😦 over all not a good decision.


If I look back, moving to Canada was a natural choice when I was moving, and I can’t regret it. However at a stave when you want to call someplace home,that’s where you start thinking how good of a home it is for you.

Well, it is dull. If you don’t have small kids to take to different activities, and if you are not into hockey or biking, it would be difficult to find a decent hobby if you are used to more cultured environment. You can learn French if you like languages.

I definitely miss more intellectual people environment in the US, people who have ideas, personalities, who are happy, goal oriented, well-read, honest.

I know people lie here and there. But I’ve never met so many deliberately lying people, lying in order to cover for something and just out of meanness than in Canada.

I had a boss at work, and when we had a reorg he was trying to keep his position and was throwing everyone under the bus. Well, he did not get what he wanted, and eventually his new employees literally revolted against him too. But I never experienced so pure lying.

Similar in other areas. I needed legal advice, and I googled several lawyers, and then retained one, but kept in touch with all. So one of them offered some services too, knowing I already had someone. They are not supposed to do that, it is against their ethics code. But that lawyer, Mr. Curran, seemingly wanted to make a buck. He bashed my retained lawyer, his firm, his work. He was telling me he will do better. He was telling me how impressive he is and how he ran for Parliament when he was young. Then the tried to make me sign papers to terminate the retained attorney, When I refused, he then emailed that attorney with lies that if I came to him to hire him. There are jokes about dishonest lawyers, but that Mr. Curran was real face of dishonesty and deceit. I always thought that educated people have some class. Not in Ottawa, not in the case of that legal professional. It’s like – no ethics at all. That was shocking and disgusting.

I briefly taught at a local university, as I did in the US. US students were honest and proud of their knowledge. In Ottawa I would collect bunch of cheat sheets during exams, and there was an enormous number of doctor’s notes before midterms and finals.

I had a landlord who was a slight racist and was always bashing some ethnicities.

I actually thought that with free health care, not much pollution, protected environment, people should be happy, healthy and positive. But by far I’ve met too many sleazy and deceitful professionals and just individuals.

But Canada is still in North America, and there are a lot of nice vacation spots in Central America and Caribbean you can visit for a good price, that’s a plus. Health care is free, but then you do pay some health tax anyway, at least in Ontario, as I know. The climate is horrible though.


Yes, I wish I had never come. I feel like I have wasted 10 years of my life ! I have made many efforts to have a meaningful life but nothing good or worthwhile came out of it. I haven’t met any interesting men, just extremely superficial and not interested in building anything serious on a private level. Outside daily responsibilities, my life is so boring. I have a hard time meeting genuine people. Nothing really deep or meaningful is ever found. The transit system is expensive and obsolete. Food is outrageously expensive. Alcohol is ridiculously expensive too and could not be bought outside LCBO until recently when the rest of the world has that option for as long as I can remember. It’s cold most of the year so it’s difficult or impossible to play sports except skiing and ice-skating . For all those reasons I want to leave but don’t really know where to go? Maybe find a country in Europe…


Yes! It has just been 2 Months Here. Trust me, All those Instagram and Facebook stories of your friends chilling out in Canada are just a face to hide the real life struggles.

From Budget Constraints to Winter Depressions to Sadly watching your loved ones chilling in India , There’s lot of Struggles Everyday. Fortunately, I am here just for One Year and trust me even this One Year Seems to be Eternity!

If You Have a choice to stay back In your own country, Don’t Put yourselves into this Difficult situation!


Yes, I regret moving to Canada and that’s why I decided to go back to my country.

I moved to Halifax Nova Scotia and life in Canada is not as easy as everyone else says. My advice to everyone who wants to move to Canada is to go there for one month and see how is that country before taking the decision to move there. Finding a job there is not easy, even more if you are an engineer, a lawyer, or any other professional degree; so forget about that because in Canada you will have to take survival jobs, your degree is junk for them.

The process for the residency is terribly long and burocratic, so migrating to other countries is much easier.

Don’t believe in all the lies that people say about Canada (I committed that mistake so I know what I’m talking about), go there and see it for yourself. My advice is to think in the US before Canada.


I have a friend. He is an engineer and he moved to canada, Toronto.

When I met him a few years later, he told me of his struggles there.

The chief struggle was securing a job. Canadian companies only hired canadians and only if they really couldn’t did they hire a foreigner. He searched for months. He is an engineer in singapore and a top rated one and he told me he was on the verge of APPLYING AT THE NEIGHBOURHOOD 7-11 ON THE OFF CHANCE THEY HAD A COUNTER JOB before he got a job as an engineer.

So u can imagine how hard his struggle was.


Canada has many opportunities for wealth and advancement . But in a large city like Toronto it is almost impossible to get a professional job. But you can try some business which many people succeed at.

Calgary is better for new immigrants as there are less people , housing though also expensive , is less than Toronto.

My experience is that for my children they have had better opportunities but there really is only your immediate family. You will miss the social and family togetherness and support and be really lonely especially as your children grow up, get married and raise their own family.

It is difficult to say whether moving to Canada is best. If your situation in your home country is terrible then you have more reason to go to Canada.


YES! I have and still do. I am of Turkish descent and was born and raised in Germany. I have lived in Turkey for about 12 years of my life and moved to Canada as a skilled immigrant in 2010.

The most important question you have to ask yourself is: What do I want in life?

If your answers are: Financial freedom, great career/income, adequate housing, good weather – then CANADA is not your destination.

My experience of Canada is quite limited to Vancouver BC. And to some extent Toronto ON. As you might know, these are the two major immigrant clusters in Canada.

Finding a good job/career with a good income is almost impossible if you don’t have Canadian credentials (it’s even hard with Canadian credentials).

Housing is terrible. You will be stuck in a 1 bedroom apartment that is extremely overpriced and pay at least $1600/month for nothing. You will share a washer and dryer with all the other tenants in your building. Apartments neither have the room nor the facilities to hook up a washer and dryer in your own place. If you want to have ‘the luxury’ of being able to do laundry at home, your rent automatically goes above and beyond $2000 easily (still a 1 bedroom apt though)! I don’t even want to get started on BUYING a house or an apartment. That’s impossible! Please refer to and check out the apartments and rentals ads.

SOLUTION: Go to college/university and get a new in demand career!
ANSWER: GOOD LUCK! Now that you’ve immigrated here and are a resident, most in demand programs will put you on a waiting list for up to 3 years.

Let’s say you were lucky and got in – who is going to pay for tuition, fees, expenses, rent etc? Education is not free in Canada, and books are around $100–250 for each course. You must be available during the day because there are no night or evening universities here. Your BARE minimum monthly expenses as a single person here will be around $2600 (not including tuition fees and other school expenses etc). EditBCIT in Vancouver has part-time evening courses but unfortunately course availability is not guaranteed and they cost more or the classical waiting list issue.

HEALTH: Family doctors/general practitioners are readily available and you should be able to get an appointment in 48 hours. BUT if you need to see a specialist then things change. I once had to wait 3 months (not exaggerating!) to see a dermatologist. And when I saw him, he asked me to go and purchase the medicine and come back to have it injected by him again. And the next best appointment available was in 3 weeks. The same goes for cardiology, and it perhaps even worse.

WEATHER: Vancouver summers are amazing! 4–5 months of very comfortable and beautiful weather. But for the rest of the year: it’s raining all the time, it’s damp, it’s overcast, it’s cold. And this is the BEST weather you can get in Canada. Other provinces are -20 C.

FRIENDS/PEOPLE/NETWORKING: People are superficially friendly. Everyone will say hi, smile, ‘excuse me’s en mass. But when you really want to become friends with someone, they withdraw from you. ‘Real’ Canadians don’t like to be bothered – and most Canadians will regard a new friend as a bother. They’d be way happier to sit at home and watch Netflix and have a glass of wine, beer than meeting up with friends for some socializing. Dating is horrible too! I don’t even want to talk about it.

EDIT: Please read this article on alcohol consumption in Canada published by a Canadian newspaper: Canada ranks third in the world for drunkenness (and 20% know they need help): report

So, if you’re really coming from a bad place/country etc. Yes, Canada might be an option. It’s definitely better to be in Canada than in a war torn zone or such.

But if your goals are financial freedom, great career/income, adequate housing, good weather – then CANADA is not your destination.
I suggest the USA, Germany, Switzerland to some extent, Ireland (especially if you’re in IT/Software).

I hope this helps.

PS: This is a VERY long article which I find very significant on Canada & Immigration. Why is Canada taking immigrants when there are no opportunities? Answered by Thomas Edward Friedrich


Yes. It’s too cold or it’s too hot. The people are nice but boring. There is no history. I wish I’d stayed home in Europe. But I came because my then-husband wanted to and now I have kids and grandkids here so I stay. I would love to have just stayed home with family all around me like my sister did.


I lived in Canada for a short time. I went there (Montreal) for 2 reasons. 1) I was mistakenly led to think that Canada was kind of a ‘lay back America of the 50s – 60s.’ It ain’t. 2) Canadians are easy going, somewhat naive fun loving people that were hardy and wholesome. They ain’t ( maybe some are…just like some Americans are). I expected Canada to be a lot like America and it is to some degree…But there’s still something different about it that I found uncomfortable. Nice place to visit…but I moved back to the USA


Yes in many ways.

It is too cold.You can get sick easily and treatments are costly.

It is highly expensive.Most of your income is lost and there are no savings.You might take loans in future.

Taxes are high.You spend a lot of money on taxes.

No social life.Bonding is less and you dont have enough time for it.

Tough to get a well paying job.You have to keep on searching.

Canada is good for immigrants but you will struggle for a long time.This is true for any western country.What is shown in social media is not reality.So think twice before coming here.


Canada is simply…

too BIG
too COLD

The only good thing about Canada is that it toughens you up. You can then run for your life and get the hell out!!


Yes, I am regretting it now. Moved from US with a decent pay job offer. Things are quite different here, depending on where you are migrating from: high taxes, high cost of living – basically you earn in CAD but pay US equivalent prices ( i.e things are roughly 30% more expensive), long wait for basic medical services, brutal winters, gun violence is becoming common in some cities. It is better to spend your productive part of your life in US and then retire here…


I regret moving back to Canada. I should have just stayed in the UK but all my family is in Canada. The weather, the culture, the public transit, the people, the music the food as well as the traveling opportunities are all significantly better in the UK. Now I need to formulate a plan to move back there.


Someone was really butthurt back in the day and had a website called NotCanada that has since dissapeared. I was contemplating on emigrating from Finland, so I was looking at sites trying to assess if it was feasible, didn’t have that much money required back then so it never materialised, but I vividly remember reading this site and really thinking how bad it must be a person can put his energy in such rants.

Wayback machine didn’t have the url, but here’s ”Top 8 Reasons NOT to Immigrate to Canada” taken off that site that might give you an idea of the unhappiness…. *** Visit: ***


Taken from

8. Discriminatory and Dishonest Immigration System.
Immigration to Canada is based on a point system, obtained with your education, qualifications and job experience. Points are good enough for immigration, but in Canada, they are not good enough to get a job in your field. Amazing, how the credentials that qualify you to come to Canada are the same credentials that don’t qualify you for your profession in Canada. The reason is, Canada only wants immigrants to do the labor jobs – pizza delivery, driving taxis, factory work etc.

7. Out Of Control Cost Of Living.
From rent, to utility bills, to shopping, to phone, internet and cable bills, to gas, to car insurance, to eating out, to basically anything you have to pay for or buy, the cost of living in Canada has become astronomical. Recent immigrants are astonished as to how expensive everything is. It is estimated that compared to most countries around the world, the cost of living in Canada is on average five times greater.

6. Health Care Crisis.
Practicing physicians in Canada are in a shortage, 1 in 4 Canadians cannot get a family doctor. Canadian doctors are leaving to move permanently to the United States. Statistics Canada and the Canadian Medical Association both have identified that for every 1 American doctor that moves to Canada, 19 (nineteen) Canadian doctors move to the United States! Doctors in Canada are overworked and underpaid, and there is a cap on their salaries.

5. Very High Taxes.
Yes, you have the GST, the PST, totaling 15%, on practically everything you purchase and many other taxes taken out of our weekly paycheck. You have to pay a whopping amount to the government, out of your hard earned salary, so that the government can turn around and give it to beer drinking, hockey watching welfare bums. Fair? It does not matter, it’s Canada.

4. Money Hungry Government.
Canadian Embassies around the world lie to foreigners, painting this picture that Canada is Utopia, because they want them to come to Canada. Why? Because foreigners bring money! So after being deceived, these foreigners come. They must bring with them at least $10,000. Canada has an immigration quota of 250,000 per year. So please do the math, 250,000 multiplied by $10,000 each equals a whopping 2.5 Billion dollars that Canada gains from immigrants every year.

3. No Culture.
Unlike almost every other country in the world, Canada has no culture. Actually American culture is what dominates Canada. When was the last time you had some ‘Canadian’ food? There are no Canadian traditions and there is no national identity. What does it even mean to call yourself a ‘Canadian’. . .nothing really. People living in Canada, still identify themselves with the country they ‘originally’ came from.

2. Worst Weather.
Yes, Canada has the worst weather conditions of any country in the world. Freezing cold temperatures, snow, ice, hail, winds, storms etc. From the Prairie provinces to the Maritimes, from the Territories to southern Ontario, the weather is so horrific and disgusting that many Canadians leave Canada simply because of this reason alone.

1. No Jobs.
Yes, coast to coast, there are no jobs. Immigrants are highly qualified (MD’s, PhD’s, Lawyers, Engineers etc.) but they are driving taxi cabs, delivering pizza’s or working in factories. Even people with bachelors degrees from Canadian Universities cannot find jobs after graduation. This is the tragedy associated with immigration to Canada. I feel sorry for those immigrants who are stuck in Canada for the rest of their lives. It is indeed a very sad and hopeless future.



My thoughts:

Experience is the main variable. People who managed to land a job, make an income sufficient to survive on, and haven’t faced severe hardships or crises are generally content. In this particular comment thread more people hadn’t regretted their move.

People who have been discriminated against, faced racism, or whose standard of living has been downgraded are more likely to be unhappy and regretful.

That being said, there are some key facts which come into play:

If you like stable, relatively safe, or are escaping bad governments and don’t mind renting for life and enduring long, bitter winters – you may be satisfied. This type of person is more likely to be an office worker or bureaucrat than a cop or paramedic for instance.

If you value excitement, culture, are ambitious and aspire to home ownership or an easier time getting by – you will hate it here. You may be willing to trade off a higher crime rate or more dense population for greater stimulation and varied life experiences. You will find Canada sterile, expensive and suffocating.

Things people liked best: social safety nets, democracy, pretty peaceful, outdoors.

Things people hated: taxes, cost of living, no culture, bad job market, winter.

To summarize for Canadians who have never lived anywhere else: it’s like preferring Ottawa (Canada) to Vancouver (elsewhere). It all depends on your personality, goals, and how you prioritize.

Sad and depressing: a gallery of letters from Canadian pioneers

This is a copy of a National Post article: ‘Indescribably sad and depressing’: A gallery of letters from Canadian pioneers and immigrants who absolutely hated it here.

“If you were born in Canada, chances are good that your family tree contains at least one person who spent much of their life absolutely hating this place.

Despite our treasured national mythos as a promised land of wealth and opportunity, our history is littered with tales of people crying or screaming with anguish after taking their first steps in the True North.

A gallery of examples are included below. While many would learn to thrive in the new country, history books usually leave out the part where the mere sight of Canada sparked utter horror in new immigrants.

“As we sped across Ontario with its rocks, hills and tunnels, we were afraid we were coming to the end of the world. The heart of many a man sank to his heels and the women and children raised such lamentations as defies description.”

Ukrainian immigrant Maria Adamowska, describing her train journey west in 1899.

“I became anxious when I wondered what kind of a person would be here to greet me. He had a good physique like I had seen in his photo, but he was simple-minded. I was so sad — I despaired.”

Excerpted from Good Wives and Wise Mothers: Japanese Picture Brides in Early Twentieth Century British Columbia

Japanese immigrant Ishikawa Yasu, who came to Victoria in the early 20th century as a “picture bride”; a woman paired with a husband in Canada purely through photographs.

“She and the children left her husband. She said: ‘You can keep your Saskatchewan, I’ve had enough!’ She was a beautiful woman. She came from around Montreal. She often came over. She ranted and raved about her husband. ‘Isn’t it appalling of him to bring us to country like this! Freeze … did we freeze!’”

Excerpted from “Other” Voices: Historical Essays on Saskatchewan Women

Saskatchewan pioneer Rachel Périgny-Desmarais, describing the departure of a neighbour.

“The Canadian prairie with its long winters and impermanent rectangular houses conveys something indescribably sad and depressing.”

Excerpted from A History of Migration from Germany to Canada, 1850-1939.

Montreal-based German consul Karl Lang in a 1913 report warning fellow Germans against further immigration to Canada.

“I came because my daughter is here and I wanted to be close to here … but I am not happy here … I keep hoping that once I learn the language it will be better for me here. But the language is very hard. Sometimes I just cry because it seems I will never get it into my head.”

Excerpted from The Immigrants, by Gloria Montero

 A mid-1970s interview with a Polish immigrant identified as Ludwiga.

“I don’t look lonely, do I? And I’ve been on the land all my life.”

Canadian Minister of Immigration Robert Forke attempting to reassure British journalists in 1927. At the time, many British households were receiving troubling letters from recently immigrated family decrying the loneliness of life in Canada.

“There are all kinds in this army of the disappointed; the thin, peaked-faced, unhealthy-looking east-end Londoner; the brawny man from Battersea; the sallow mechanic; the city tradesman; the clerk.”

From a 1908 report by The Globe describing unemployed British immigrants who had come to Canada with visions of “easy wealth.”

“When it was difficult to find work he would be cross with the children, even with me. I tried to understand the changes in him. I knew he was worried. But one night I couldn’t stand it anymore and I started to scream at him, to scream and to hit him. And you know what he did? He cried. My husband cried like a child.”

Excerpted from The Immigrants, by Gloria Montero

A mid-1970s interview with an Ecuadorian immigrant identified as Angelina.

“He will find at first that the travel and change of life will raise his spirits; then will come a period of depression, under the rough task of beginning in a new country, to be followed by the feeling of security of home and subsistence, which is the most solid blessing to a man.”

From an 1873 immigrant guide to British Columbia. That same guide warned women and “men not accustomed to rough work with their hands” to stay away.

“If the people knew what poor emigrants have to go through, there would not be many come to Canada. Though, thank God, I have known none, yet I have seen plenty of their miseries.”

An 1837 letter by an unknown author published in Great Britain to warn away future emigrants to Canada.

“After they landed, Mrs. Patterson used to tell that she leaned her head against a tree, which stood for many a year after, and thought if there was a broken-hearted creature on the face of the earth, she was the one.”

From an 1877 history of Pictou, Nova Scotia describing one of the area’s earliest settlers.

“Three months ago a Hollander committed suicide due to despondency and poverty and there’ll be more … There are a lot here who would very much like to return to Holland.”

A 1928 letter written to a Arnhem, Netherlands newspaper in which Dutch immigrants to Canada attempt to warn others from going to Canada.

“The central government, the provinces, and the railroads are all trying as hard as possible to win immigrants. They distribute brochures that praise Canada to the heavens. Care, particularly with regard to these publications, is strongly urged.”

Excerpted from A History of Migration from Germany to Canada, 1850-1939.

Another early 20th century German government pamphlet warning its citizens to stay away. This one warned that “the greatest part of Canada is uninhabitable for Europeans.”

“Our host … had written to us to boast of the prosperity he had attained in such a short time. He said that he had a home like a mansion, a large cultivated field, and that his wife was dressed like a lady … How great was our disenchantment when we approached that mansion of his … it was actually just a small log cabin.”

Another entry by 1899 Ukrainian immigrant Maria Adamowska.


It’s not surprising to read about how Immigration Canada lied and conned people into coming here, how they hated it and warned others away – as this continues even 100 years later.

I actually felt emotional reading these quotes. Think of how awful Canada is now when we have TV, internet and modern travel! Can you imagine the hell these people endured? I have some idea. I’ve lived all over Canada: I’ve lived in its hinterlands; I’ve grown my own food, gutted animals for food, lived in arctic temperatures requiring snowshoeing; seen old trapper fur cabins, you name it. I know Canada intimately.

Those poor people, there was no escape for them. Thankfully for us in this modern age – escape is possible!


FBI: Canada worse for ‘suspected terrorists’ than Mexico

‘Leaked FBI data from 2014-2016 suggests more ‘suspected terrorists’ enter U.S. by way of Canada than Mexico’ From CBC:

An investigative report from an American website claims that the Canadian border may in fact be more of a security liability than Mexico’s.

“The report quotes unnamed FBI and Department of Homeland Security officials as saying far more “suspected terrorists” are being encountered at the U.S.-Canada border.  

“We are looking in the wrong direction,” the story quotes a senior Homeland Security official as saying. “Not to say that Mexico isn’t a problem, but the real bad guys aren’t coming from there — at least not yet.”  

The story points to leaked FBI data collected between 2014 and 2016 that showed the number of “suspected terrorists” trying to enter the U.S. from Canada at land border crossings was in some months twice that encountered at the Mexico-U.S. border.  

The Mexico-U.S. border is the main entry point for economic migrants seeking work in the U.S.”

This is followed by the suggestion that the terrorist watch-list is “too broad” and encompasses a spectrum of people, many of whom may not be truly dangerous. When asked about sources, the reporter said:

“I was given them, frankly, by sources who largely agree that there should be some sort of border wall … but who think both sides need to be looked at,” Winter said.  

“Plus, the more that you’re on TV talking about the southern border as the only threat — as one of my sources pointed out — if you were a terrorist trying to get into the country, and you weren’t incredibly stupid, you would probably go to the border that isn’t the focus of every single conversation.” 

The Canadian government has responded to the story by pointing out that “no terrorist attack has ever been carried out by individuals entering the United States from Canada.” 

Yet. Just give it time.

I don’t understand why people can’t see the Canadian border for the huge liability it really is. Apparently this obvious issue is finally being recognized. 

The Mexican border is the focus of a good deal of American politics: it has border guards, bounty hunters and volunteer groups patrolling the territory. There’s a lot of focus by agencies because of the drug cartels and domestic trafficking.

Meanwhile, nobody is paying any attention to Canada. The northern border is just as large as the Mexican one, without even a fraction of the spotlight. Consider that within 15 years, 100% of Canada’s growth is projected to come from immigration. Also, consider that Trudeau and the Liberals opposed revoking terrorists’ passports or citizenship, claiming Canada should rely on its ‘Criminal Code’ instead. For now the government still holds that right, but laws could change in the future.

And it’s not just crossing the border by stealth in cars or such, people can simply walk across!

Take the news stories from the last week, in regards to illegals crossing due to Trump’s ban:

From Global News: since November, 91 refugees have crossed from the US into Manitoba by walking frozen prairie fields.

“Since late summer, 27 men from Ghana walked to Manitoba from the United States, Yeboah said. Two lost all their fingers to frostbite in December and nearly froze to death.”

And in 2016:

“… Over 2,000 more entered “irregularly” during a similar time period, without official authorization, such as across unmonitored fields.  

Four hundred and thirty asylum seekers crossed Manitoba’s border irregularly in the first nine months of 2016-17, up from 340 the entire previous year, CBSA said… 

In Quebec, 1,280 refugee claimants irregularly entered between April 2016 and January 2017, triple the previous year’s total.  

In British Columbia and Yukon, 652 people entered Canada irregularly in 2016, more than double the previous year.”

Now these are people leaving the U.S. because of an executive order; refugees without money or cars and look how easy it is! Now just imagine sophisticated criminals and well-financed terrorists heading the opposite way! In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time until something happens.

Of course, Canadians won’t take responsibility when security is beefed up after an incident. Instead they’ll blame Americans for wanting to protect their own borders and national security.

If whistle-blowers are leaking information from FBI and Homeland Security departments to journalists, they’ve got to be pretty concerned. It’s apparent they should be.

Hate Canada: Is it normal?

“I totaly hate living in canada.I would rather move somewhere like the united states.It is one of the most boring places on earth I swear.All the men here seem to care about is hockey,beer,golf and weed.the weather here sucks you get 4 months of hot weather and for the rest of the year your freezing your ass off.The justice system here sucks to you could murder someone and get 10 years and be out in 5,commit a dozen armed robberies and get house arrest.At least in the u.s.a people get harsh prison sentences.The government here has no balls what so ever.they give into every whine made by the native people who get free housing.dont have to pay taxes,free dental,presciptions and university cause the white man stole their land 500 yrs ago.They are given millions which doesnt even go to their people in the first place it goes to the chiefs who go on lavish vacations,buy expensive veicles and so on while their people are living in poverty.Iam sorry to say but none of the white people that mistreated them are alive today so its time for them to get over it.The goverment here is just so fucked up and stupid to make any changes.”


“I am an Australian who is currently living in Toronto. What a horrible place to be. I am so sick of people asking, once they hear my accent, “what are you doing HERE?”. For a country that supposedly has so much pride, that’s a really odd question.

I am sick of driving on the roads, where people seem to be forever trying to compete, or prove some sort of point. I don’t get it…we all need to get from point A to point B…let’s help each other. I spent 1 year working in California, and despite the insane traffic, I’ve never come across more polite drivers, with common sense. Here, when you want to change lanes, people seem to get happy from making that impossible.

Thirdly, I find the people here to be overly racist. Especially against Americans. In my time in California, I never even heard Canada mentioned (let alone bashed). Here, almost every week at work, I’m hearing some sort of comment about “stupid Americans”. I don’t know, but I think comments like these reflect more on YOU than Americans. And let’s assume they are stupid…let it speak for itself – you don’t have to tell everyone and their uncle about it. 

Furthermore, if America is THAT bad, don’t go across the border to shop. Tear down the McDonald’s and all the American stores. Stop watching American shows. Stop listening to American music. Stop the famous people from MOVING to America.

People are quite rude – nobody smiles and nobody talks to anyone unless it’s to complain. I used to try and give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they are having a bad day. But when 8 in 10 interactions are like this, I suppose it’s just the culture to have a bad day.

I also agree with the “Canadian Experience” comments. What’s wrong with actually embracing diversity (not just talking about embracing it)…what’s wrong with not assuming that just because someone has an accent that they are incompentent. Australia is diverse and I think we integrate foreigners by supporting their strengths, as opposed to making them suffer for it. 

Everything IS expensive here, and only getting more expensive. Soon they will probably impose a tax for breathing.

I am glad I stumbled across these posts because for a while I was thinking something was wrong with me. But it’s great to realise that I have become the way I am because I’ve been living in a toxic environment.


“I too am glad I stumbled across this site. I agree with everything you said and I have experienced everything you have and I think ‘toxic’ describes it perfectly.


“I agree with everything you said…all true statements. I m an American living in Canada (permanent resident) and I can attest to what you have said. Applying for jobs with a BA in criminal justice is all fine until you tell the employer where you are from…then end of conversation. The same with rentals…great until you advise them where your from…end of deal. American bashing is quite a pass time. All though the ones doing the bashing know nothing about America. Just a pass time for Canadians. (They are bored) Funny you wrote about “tax for breathing” I was just thinking that the other day. Funny. Your absolutely right…about everything. Canada likes to think it is the best country in the world…If that is so true why do so many Canadians go on vacation in other countries and shop in the US (?)


“I moved to Canada three years ago after I married and moved from the USA, I hate it, especially the weather and its so expensive that I seriously will never go shopping here when they decide to actually get off their you know what and process my immigration papers which is a serious joke and takes forever over a year now already and I still cant work.

I live in Alberta and if you don’t like rodeos, Calgary stampede and Hockey they think you are from another planet. I am married to a guy that thinks their is nothing else in the world than working himself to death, hockey and rodeos AND THATS IT !!! I long for a NORMAL life again. The winters here are about to drive me insane. I honestly don’t get why anyone would live here on purpose. I feel like im going to shrivel up and die here UGGH


“My wife and I (both Australians) spent a 2 week holiday in Ontario and Quebec. It was without doubt the worst holiday I have ever had. 

The Canadian immigration and customs officials are paranoid and seem to think everyone is trying to illegally enter Canada, why the hell would a mature couple from Australia want to sneak into a aplace that is freezing cold and economicaly backward.

Toronto is a miserable boring place with little to recommend it.
The staff in the service industries are rude and unhelpful. 
The only place we felt comfortable was Quebec, where even though we could hardly speak french the locals, on realising we were tourists , went out of their way to help us.

Boy was I glad to board the plane for LA to thaw out and enjoy a genuine warm welcome from the ordinary american in the street!


“So true. I live in canada but am too dumb to qualify for a green card.


“Agree, therefore I transferred to Australia and completed my University degree there.


“I completely agree with you. I lived in Northern Ontario and the situation there is even worse. There is a lot of racism and ignorance towards foreigners. Canadians are as cold as their weather. I hate it here even Toronto is boring, just saving money to run away from here. I regret to come here, boring Canadians, rude, racists, cold hearted, unfriendly. They are only good to say sorry, thanks, but not for deeper conversations or be friends. They don’t know how to say hello like animals.


“Sorry you got offended by some of the comments on this page but THE REALITY IS THAT CANADA IS A SHIT HOLE


“Alberta is so racist. I was in Calgary with an Asian friend and they wouldn’t let her into a club because they wouldn’t accept her valid driver’s license as ID. They wanted her passport! Who on earth carries around their passport as ID, when they have a driver’s license!!

Toronto is also racist. They like to make a big deal out of “diversity awareness” but that’s just on the surface. Behind people’s backs, they still trash Black people and Indians, and treat those with accents VERY differently. I experienced this first-hand while working downtown in Toronto. 

I agree with idontgetit. It’s not a “one-off prick” who is unfriendly…it’s actually most people. If you have always lived in Canada, you probably won’t understand, but other places are sooooo much more friendly and happy and courteous. 

And I find it amusing, AmbulanceAbby, that even YOU make negative implications about a city in Canada (“what is an Australian like yourself doing in Toronto anyways?”). So even you somewhat agree with what idontgetit has to say!

Canadians are so smart!


“Canadians in general are just annoying, little hypocrites. Canada is one of the whitest nations on earth and we are racist under all the politically correct nonsense. I’ve wanted to leave my whole life-maybe one day


“@idontgetit…this is a prime example of whats wrong with canada: bunch of racist, hypocritical, predatory, hateful, over-entitled pricks with no sense of shame about it.


“you arent wrong in identifying the ethos in canada…it has gotten away far too long with the public fake mask it wants the world to see, but spend a little time here and the mask crumbles and you see what the people are really like. by “people” i mean white people since they are the ones who have created this environment.


“News flash…Canada is not anymore beautiful than most other countries…you should get out more. There is more to life than Hockey.


“The Aussie is correct. Its just that most canadians can’t see themselves. Canadians are basically just boring americans.


“No No Canadians are just Canadians…don’t put them in the same sentence as Americans. Americans are a lot nicer people…


“Dude your comment of “if you hate it so much leave” is ignorant as hell. Could you have thought of a less imaginative thing to say. I have lived in Canada my whole life and it is truly a shithole. No one talks to one another and are rude. The comment about being hell bent on trying to prevent people from changing lanes–true.

I blame it on our government in a way. Rules! Rules! More Rules! How many times as some nonsense rule gotten in the way of a perfectly enjoyable time or situation? Always! And that is why Canadians are always trying to enforce themselves on others…its bullshit. Seriously, why would I give a flip that someone wants to change lanes? I’ll tell you why. Because the asshole Canadian who is trying to change lanes in front of you is trying to get one up on you. In most rational places in the world with an actual culture, people are focussed on other things but trying to prove that they are the rule makers, superior and in charge. Fuck off Canada, I wish I never met you.”


“The messed up thing is that immigrants come enter into this country poor as can be, and be funded and housed better than a lot of people born here. But, if by some chance you might be poor and you were born here and you want to leave … well, how can you do it? Where can you go? This place is so messed up.


“Do reconsider your phrasing of Canada being a ‘beautiful’ country when your compatriots are unable to appreciate the diversity of a multi-ethnic society. I know Canadians who are proud to call themselves ‘pasty white guys’ while travelling once a year to South East Asia. The hypocrisy is glaringly annoying, but totally normal (I suppose) to Canadians. I have completed two degrees in Canada, one on the east coast, one on the west coast, and a common experience is how narrow-minded Canadians are. I am from Denmark and a frequent response I get after introducing myself is ‘Have you ever been to Copenhagen?’ Maybe it is ignorance that makes one Canadian or does being Canadian make one ignorant? Or both? Perhaps you would not be so in ‘awe’ of what you call ignorance if you got out of your beloved comfort zone and embraced something different.

You yourself do not do justice to your own argument. You say Canada is a beautiful country, yet name only Albertans as the nicest and most down to earth. Hence that leaves me to wonder whether ‘Canada’ to you is represented only by Alberta and people from the rest of the provinces and territories, well, aren’t ‘nice’.


“I HATE Canada and mostly Toronto> as a Canadian who just moved back here from the States…what a god-awful, ignorant, arrogant shit-hole. Had to come back here, 30%% cut in salary, 80%% increase in prices, paycheque is raped by taxes, and then take it up the ass again should you ever purchase anything. $50 liquor…give me F*** break, same bottle in the US is $19. Gave up a 3 bedroom ranch for $900 for a 2 bedrm house for $1500….CHRIST!

and if you more person says…well WE have universal healthcare…well i hope you enjoy it when i put you in a hostipal bed…hell move over, as much as i have to pay, I deserve that bed…nice though you have to be sick and hospitalized to see how wonderful it is.Car insurance is ridiclous and so is parking..traffic horrible. I have yet to ONE person at a store say hello, or thank you…guess they are just as miserable at being fucked over as everyone else. I much rather move back to the States and be illegal than live in this miserable hell hole


“yeah, an illegal immigrant lives in better conditions in the US than here in Canada the land of universal health care …where RCMP go to Peru to get ayahuasca to drink and hopefully get some sanity into the pea size brain.


“I meant an illegal immigrant lives better in the US than the average canadian tax payer citizen.


“So true. I had all the same emotions when i had to come back here from the u.s. Canada really does suck in many “real” ways. A bunch if pretentious snobs in this country who cannot see themselves


“You can buy Canadian beer at less cost in the states than you can buy in Canada.


“Okay …I’m coing with you ….where was your Rahcn? I’m moving my wide and daughters to Southern California as soon as we purchase a business there …maybe look into it yourself 🙂


“As a person born and raised in Canada I have to agree with most of the Americans on here. When most people think of Canada they think of the Canada of the 50’s and 60’s which died long ago. Today Canada is the land of mediocrity. Everything is 40%% higher in cost than the U.S, salaries are only slightly higher at the very low end and then actually fall below the U.S. average for better jobs. Taxes are rediculously high compared to the services our government provides. Yea we have somewhat free health care (its not like everything is free) but it does not matter when the quality of it is so low and the waiting times are so rediculously long. I am positive that you would still be far better off financially paying monthly health insurance in the U.S. and saving absolutely absurd amounts on everything else. Plus, when you need health care you will actually get it, not 6 months later. Our architecture is bland and boring.

The weather also truly is a huge turn off. Yea I know we get all four seasons blah blah blah, but in reality we get 3 to 4 months of nice weather and then the rest of the year is gray, miserable and cold. I love how people here in Toronto like to say we have a similar climate to NYC, take a look at the real weather stats, we are nowhere close to that. Even in American cities like Chicago which has similar temperatures to Toronto, they average WAAAY more sunshine in the winter months then we do, which makes a huge difference. 

Everything here is controlled by the government and it is very difficult for somebody with entrepreneurial spirit who wants to break away from the pact to get ahead. I think someone said previously you can not even start a dairy farm and sell milk in Canada without paying huge amounts of money to the government first! Everything is a monopoly and controlled by only a few companies.

Worst of all, we have no national identity and truly do pride ourselves on what we are not instead of what we are. Did you know that they are even considering taking O Canada out of schools because it offends people!? what kind of true country would do this!!?


“I just wanted to add that I’m sorry but I would rather take Liberty, justice and most importatly HAPPINESS in America over equality and whatever else we supposedly stand for in Canada.

Our news is very one sided and we are not allowed to get stations with a republican point of view here to balance it out and so we get a one sided view on everything. I am independent leaning slightly left when it comes to politics but it is awful how one sided out media is to liberal thinking. 

This is way so many Canadians have such a negative view of America. That and the fact that so many Canadians only trips to America involve Buffalo and Orlando. Go spend some significant time in a city in America that is the equivilant of yours in Canada and tell me it doesn’t just have a better vibe and soul to it.


“there are NO canadian cities that are the equivalent of american cities. the USA is better for so many reasons, including the american ethos that has nurtured people to have forthright characters, even when what they believe and propose is racist. at least in america, the racists have the courage of their convictions to be honest about it. in canada, canadian racists are slimy, trying to be closeted, corrupt, ignoble characters.


“Another true observation. Canadians heads are all stuck in the grey clouds, literally and figuratively.


“o canada ought to be demolished, actually. it IS offensive. thats one thing you forgot to mention on the growing list of what sucks about canada: the RACISM and the denial of it.


“So agree… Living in Toronto for a year I have started thinking if I am too pessimistic. I waited for the summer just to get some sunlight and cheer up. No way. Canadians or at least Torontonians are the most unfriendly people I’ve ever met. Some rare exceptions exist, but the majority of friendly people is sth-Canadian or immigrants. The others are complete hypocrites. Cold souls. Trying to be politically correct while their whole face is criticizing you from tip to toe; For how you speak (oh, the accent!As if they have none, ha!) and how you dress and where do you come from and so on. Respect to diversity is a lie. There is no such thing as respect. They don’t even like themselves (comparing ALL the time with US, Jesus!) how can they like others?

There is no Canadian culture, no Canadian food. They live like machines, wake up go to job, eat dinner while watching TV. They are totally boring, ignorant, arrogant people who care more for their mortgage than for anything else in the world. Arrogance, particularly; They have no clue how the world is. They keep saying “if you don’t like it here, then leave” without even trying to understand how it is for somebody to leave a place in war, or hunger, or any other crisis. So full of themselves. If people were able to stay where they where, believe me Canadians, they wouldn’t even come here for a 1week vacation!! I spend a year of my life patiently trying to adjust but enough is enough. As for ‘o canada’ there are students that are not even permanent residents here, you nationalists of hockey and beer ‘nation’! Your country’s history is a bunch of discrimination and your promotion of a respectful and diverse nation is nothing but a lie. You just want to exploit immigrants, that ‘s how you survive. Looking forward to get out of here ASAP.


“Man this is so true. I am a white male born here and you are correct. Pretty bad when immigrants from the 3rd world want to return. Too bad canadians are too dumb and or afraid to ever see themselves as as they really are. Americans who are not allowed to live in america for starters. Its really all the bullshit that the “i’m a special canadian” refuses to acknowledge. I call this place Stepford instead of canada a lot of the time.


“You read my mind, i completely agree with you. Canadians are hypocrite racists, cold hearted who pretend to be welcome but they don’t even know how to say hello. I hate it here, just saving money to run away and maybe go to US, at least when they are racists they are honest, here they are fake people


“True. Racism is big here. Canadians live to pretend none of it exists though. Its a liberal thing.


“So true. Canada depresses me because i see it for what it really is not what the govt etc would have me see.

Canadians are not big on principles of freedom (because thats too american after all)and sadly american citizens are losing theirs. The difference is americans one day will no longer take repeated sh@t from their gov’t. Canadians on the other hand, don’t stand up for themselves when raped by corps, gov’t etc. repeatedly, again because that would be too “american” to the canadian mentality. I wish i had never lived in the u.s despite all its problems because canadians suck.


“Living in Canada is outrageous, terrible governemnt, citizens that have no backbone to stand up to them, terrible selection of stores and restaurants, taxes, taxes and more taxes.

They just screwed us all on our supposed ‘tax renovation credit’, which ends up only helping the wealthy people, big surprise. 

The only reason people say they are happy living here is because they don’t have the knoweldge or education to explore other countries, the US is superior is almost every way and as far as our health care goes, it is awful and I hope never to have to use it.

If only it were easier to move to the US, half the people here would be gone.

It time to admit it Canada, we are in need of a massive makeover, crumbling roads and a useless government are sinking this ship fast.


“I just returned from a week trip there and I see what you mean. Awful place…..


As far as the origional post goes, Canada is not somthing to have pride in. Yes I love the people, my family and friends, its the piss poor Government, taxes, and this attitude where we think were free and the tax is needed and important. We pay compound interest to our private banks for the deficit, our elections are a farce, you cannot vote for prime minister seperate from local party, our damn money is even outsourced to Germany! Our currency is printed in Germany, I can imagine the WWII vets think of that.

I think that all of the western culture is backwards! The USA is definitely far better run, even with all of its problems. If we ever got attacked by another Country The Americans would have to protect us, its not rocket science. There is alot of stupid Americans, but there are alot of smart ones, greedy ones polite ones. Canadians think they have a moral high ground to the USA, but that is a blind and ignorant way to think. Either way you cannot class every person in a Country under one stereotype. 

I personally believe that Canada is a nice Idea but its days are numbered. This Country will fall apart, and hopefully the Americans will be understanding enough to take care of us when it happens.


“I hope it falls apart soon. Lets get on with it.


“Exactly, Canada is just USA’s pet.


“I am an Australian who is a permanent resident in Toronto, Canada. I have been here for 9 months. I can honestly say that I have NEVER lived in a DIRTIER and MORE MISERABLE city than Toronto. I just love your SLAVE wages, your RAPACIOUS TAXES and your glum never smiling people. One of my sons said yesterday “This is like North Korea – they have just not shut off the borders yet”. Your immigration department should be sued for false advertising. This is NOTHING like what they represent it…NOTHING.

I especially love how your country gives points for skills to get here as an immigrant THEN refuses to let people use their skills when you get here. Nice trick that one! People are WASTING THEIR LIVES here – if you want to get ahead go to the USA or Australia – NOT this shit hole of a society. 

The people here are so polite….indeed so polite that they very often behave like DOOR MATS….and NEVER have the guts to make a fuss or tell you to your face what they really think. Just GUTLESS. 

Oh and I just love the “you aussies are so racsist compared to we Canadians”. Yes, some aussies are racsist for sure BUT you note that we admit it and try to DO SOMETHING about it. Canadians on the other hand just pull out the old “no Canadian experience” card – which is totally racsist at its core : no where is as good as Canada . So you condemn people who could contribute to your society to WASTE their lives driving cabs or working in Tim Hortens.

Canada SUCKS BIG TIME. Sure – no question – its is incredibly beautiful and I even like the cold climate – but your government, society, media (ha CBC – what a joke – just an arm of government prpaganda!), diversity INDUSTRY, left wing do gooder ethos ALL SUCK.

I hate the place and am taking my family home ASAP. If I could go to the US by the way I certainly would – it is superior in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY to this DUMP.


“Wow! I thought that I had written that in my sleep and didn’t remember! It reflects everything I have been thinking. You are right – they have no GUTS. I came from Europe and I wanted to go to the USA originally, unfortunately I came here believing in the cleanliness, fresh air, wholesome (what a joke) outlook etc. I really regret the day I shelved my plans for going to the USA and came here instead. They are a spineless, ignorant, smug, preverted, racist bunch of people. I have been here for 17 years so I have had a lot of time to observe the average Canadian. Why do they hate Americans, Brits, Australians etc so much? Oh, I remember, it’s because Canadians are losers in comparison! I plan to go back to Europe soon. I’ve been here for 17 years too long.


“Yes, loualexnick, we ARE losers and let me tell you that the government makes sure that we constantly BRAINWASHED with the lie that we are the fairest, most ‘progressive’, kindest, zzzzzzzz (you get the picture) country since we were too young to know any better. This is the most horrible, deceitful, bland and ugly (especially architecturally) DUMP in the world. I’m openly and spitefully derisive with the people I know of most everything abouit this ‘place’ with my acquaintances even when met with that typical canuck denial reaction.

What’s wrong with this shithole, you ask?

a. No culture. No community. Suspicious, antagonistic people. As a male, it is expected of me that I should know that any sexual interest I show a woman is construed as some form or harassment; as a result, I barely have dated as much as I wanted to. Try living your life being viewed as a predator by the opposite sex and see how you like it. I Hate it!!

b. Stupid governmental/business policies. A person will gain a trade or profession in good faith, doing what he’s supposed to do and all by the book. But when he/she graduates, nobody, and I mean nobody will give him or her a chance to prove himself. I would have thought that a business or even a government would have created a glide path that would permit young people to use their expensively acquired skills to maximum benefit and as quickly after graduation as possible. Nope. What you get instead is requests for ooodles of experience, highly specialized skills that no one not in the industry could possibly have, and no training!! What kind of a stupid, ignorant country is this??? The next thing these assholes tell you is that you shouldn’t feel ‘entitled’ to having a job, that one should profess an attitude of meek gratitude at even having the opportunity to make your employer even richer while putting food on the table. 

Any immigrants out there reading this should NOT come here, if you value your sanity, your health, and your professional future. By the way, any failure you may experience here, and you will experience a lot, will be attributed wholely to you. It will be all your fault and no one else’s.

I’m in Costa Rica in 6 months…god I can’t wait. God bless everyone. ciao!!


“We canadians take it up the as@ on a daily basis by our “elected” govt and big business that is in bed with the gov’t. Since canadians are a powerless bunch, we project our frustrations at ourselves on other countries, immigrants etc. I want out of here so bad, and it has become my life goal to move somewhere warm. As in warm people. The whole “canadians are so nice” thing only exists on the surface of canadians. We are a bitter bunch of 38 million.


“When you leave canada…can i come with you? As in one way ticket out of here? Everything you say is true.


“they are so two faced the cant say nothing to your face, just spew out crap behind your back and if you ask them a question they dont know they just cant say if they dont know the answer to something rather than makin up crap, theres something twisted bout you egos that you need to pretend to know everything! and for the top comment that everyone hates where they live, no its wrong, try leaving canada to ye see whats out there, i love where i live and even more now after seeing canada, we always talk about fun things to do and enjoy life, total opposite of the canadian way, i cant wait to hear your comments back since yez are all so insecure!!


“I agree. Canada is an overrated, holier-than-thou country that is living off the good reputation its citizens built generations ago. Canadians have an unwarranted pride in their “politeness” but drive on a Canadian road and you’ll see nothing but rude, inconsiderate and ignorant behaviour. Both sides of my family moved to Canada from Scotland/France in the late 1700s. I’m a seventh generation Canadian but wish I had the skills and resources to immigrate to a civilized country like Denmark or Norway. Alas, while my tax dollars support a government that lets into its country just about anyone, gives them universal health care, welfare and encourages them to keep their own culture, it spends nothing on helping its own taxpayers get the hell out. On Canada Day 2011, I proudly wear my France t-shirt.


“and i have to laugh at you saying your free kick ass health benifits, they are only free until your sick, i was completly robbed with prescriptions the amount i had to pay, you need to find a job to pay into benifits so you can get them subsidised so dont make me laugh that its free!! over hear working or not you get everything including prescriptions for free and you dont need any stupid work benifits so dont try use your only stupid thing you got that you have free kick ass health benifits what a joke

what are you on about im a perminant resident if a health card like anyone else, my canadian relitives pay into work benifits towards paying for there so called free health care prescriptions to get them subsidised and sister in law had to pay to stay in hospital cause she was having a baby of course operations etc are free so you think that makes it free health care!! go learn what your talking about before you speak, canadas a dump full of lies and sneaky ways of putting things accross


“I have lived in several countries in Europe, and Canada, and none is perfect, all have different problems. I don’t hate any country, but I don’t think this is an appropriate country for me, and I should have been happy where I was, and not interested in moving to Canada, hoping to make more money and have more things.

It is too cold, 12 months of the year. The summer is colder than winter indoors, and extreme temperature changes due to the air conditioners. I have to wear winter clothes (including a large winter jacket all day, and minimum two or three pairs of pants) in the office where I work. I know not everyone is as cold as me, I am a slim mediterranean person.

Many people are jealous.

At work, 90% of my colleagues do everything possible to avoid sharing helpful information with each other, all trying not only to do their best job, not only to be the best, but also doing what they can to impede upon the work of their colleagues. I have heard many times several colleagues telephone a manager to report discrepancies in other colleagues work, instead of speaking directly to each other. Always trying to be the friend of the manager. Colleagues less than 30 years old talking about blood pressure. Obligatory meetings VERY often at least 80% of the meeting is about Harry Potter or some novels (fiction, not litterature) I would rather not hear about.

The people are not solidary, the company makes a meeting and says, as of today, you will be required to do more work for less money. And all the colleagues go to talk about this with the bosses, as if they are very passionate about the company’s business, and just looking to work more hours for less money to help the business. 

The food is all imported. Fruit in my country was sweet; here in Canada, fruit is sour, also expensive. You can buy frozen or dried fruits, and often I actually watch my colleagues eat fruit out of a can. 

Health care? This is a good place to be if one is disabled or requires surguries or experiencing medical problems. There is no health care for those in good health, who exercise and are not overweight. Dentist, eye care….. this is not “free health care.”

There are incentives for companies to hire disabled people to work instead of non disabled people. Sorry, should companies not hire the person who can do the best job and is most qualified? 

Everything is expensive, bad food, bad nightlife, bad weather, bad health care – for healthy and in shape people. I pay so much money in taxes, and so much money for every purchase, food I wouldn’t want to eat.

The people, sorry, not only are they not very… beautiful… they are also not very nice or open! When I went out with some “friends” I met, who actually like to dance, I accepted to dance with people I didnt know who invited me to dance, and after, the “friends” told me, I should not accept to dance with people who are not good looking, too old, not well dressed enough… As if they themselves are good looking! I thought if the person inviting me too dance is not creepy or inappropriate or something, I can accept to dance a 3 minute song with this person, rather than to be rude or hurt their feelings?! 

Oh, and, for most Canadians, “going out” means drinking beer, getting totally drunk, no dancing, just sitting and drinking alcohol. I drink a little alcohol when I go out – a little – for me fun is not sitting for hours drinking beer and funny thing is not seeing my friend vomiting!

The obese people are never nice to me here. By the way, the people are very super-size, some overweight, some just very large and tall, which I hear is from hormones in the dairy and meat here? I WAS an average height person where I am from, here I am little.

Canada IS a beautiful country, despite the weather and food, and could be quite nice if there were a nice culture? I suffer to hear this language every day, all the time swearing, and even worse, words such as, “friggin'”. But, the people are politically correct!

Maybe this is the worst part of life in Canada, the culture (lack of) and the people. Almost no one knows anything about geography or history or current affairs, outside of what concerns North America. Here, we are very far away, and very isolated, from the rest of the world, it is not the people’s fault for their education and what they know.

People care about making money and buying things, and job titles. 

Wearing shoes made for athletes when one is not an athlete, even is seriously obese? Really there is hardly any style here, oh and whenever I went out in the evenings, I see the girls dressed in sandals, very short skirts, sleevless shirts, not that this is always vulgar, but in -20 degrees? And the overweight people seem to prefer this look most of all. Why?

Okay, I can advise to come here if you like the things I mentioned above, or if this suits you. Or else, stay where you are, unless there is a war in your country, or you are disabled or seriously ill, then you can enjoy the benefits of welfare forever, and free education special people, and have opportunities you wouldn’t in most developed countries. 

If you are an educated person in your country, you might come here and find more money, but you will not find a higher quality of life.




“Very true… Thank you for feeling my pain…really thanks..


“I should add that I will spend the rest of my days on earth warning would be immigrants to Canada NOT to consider it under ANY circumstances. It is POISON for your life and your future. Sure VISIT (it is very very beautiful) but do NOT under any circumstances consider WASTING your life here because that IS what it will turn into : a WASTING of your life and the lives of your children. BE WARNED. Its either the US or Australia if you want a chance to make something of your life. Here you are only wanted as fodder for some $9 per hour service job (ha ha the service is unsmiling and LOUSY here anyway) not for your actual SKILLS and talents. Set up a business? NO WAY – taxes, red tape, INSURANCE will ensure that it is MUCH MUCH HARDER than both the US and Australia.

Please, please listen to me – so many immigrants go home again – I even know a guy from India who is doing so and I have heard of others. But Canadians don’t talk about that do they. 

My wife and I now call Canada NO CAN DO A DA because of its INEVITABLE way of ALWAYS making everything difficult and covered in red tape.

Finally what a JOKE that your public servants get paid SO MUCH when ordinary wages are SO low. 
If it wasn’t so tragic you’d laugh.

Anyway Canada’s government debt – it is UNBELIEVABLY high – will absolutely guarantee that this nation becomes the Mexico of the north (or Mexisnow as we call it ) within the next 10-15 years. Watch and weep. 


“It’s interesting that you talk about how immigrants should go home again. All I can say is…at least they were able to get in!!

I am a Canadian-born, Canadian citizen, who has been totally betrayed by my own country, because the government decided that my husband, who was here on an extended work visa, should leave the country, even though he and I met and married here, and have two children. We filled out the forms, but it was not enough to let him stay, and now he has been waiting over five years to get back. 

The government doesn’t care that our youngest child has a medical condition and gets regular treatments at Children’s Hospital. Despite our pleas, they just keep saying no, and delaying my husband’s re-entry over and over. I am so angry with Canada because it has betrayed three of its citizens: myself AND our two children, who don’t have the chance to have their daddy be a part of their lives as they grow up. 

I am so angry at my country that I no longer want to be identified as a Canadian. On online profiles I have changed my status to another nationality or nothing at all.

By the way, Aussie888, are you going to stay in Canada, or have you thought of returning to Australia? My mum is from Melbourne and I’ve been there a few times. It is a beautiful country.


“You are ungry for the right reasons, and that is healthy..


“I hear about stuff like this all the time. Good luck! Canada is SO stupid.


“when a canadian friend came over here they broke there leg without insurence and was fixed up for free, the stay in hospital was free and the prescriptions where free, that is free health care!! i dont know how canadians pay insurence to get prescriptions subsidised, pay full dental price unless subsidised, pay for the stay in hospital but get the operations free and run around thinking the have great free health benifits, excuse me i cant stop laughing

and answer this, i know canada is full of emmigrants but if someones born in canada and grow up in canada they are canadian right? so why does every canadian whos born and grows up there say they are some other nationality? if canadas something to be proud of they would be saying they are canadian!! i dont know why yous diss the USA they are a great place and its just jealousy and insecurity you arent comfortable enough with yoursleves cause you have nothing to be proud of


“Know where you’re coming from Aussie. I lived in Toronto for a miserably long year. Service is a joke, one time we asked for two burgers, was given three and then the server refused to acknowledge she could have made a mistake! I questioned a price in a store and was made to feel like I had just abused her! Give me a break! Fair dinkum. Sure Australia has issues, every western country does (probably every country in the world!) but we are NICE, FRIENDLY people as a whole. Here we talk to others waiting in line as a way to pass time and be friendly. Can’t do that in Canada! I found the men were polite, the women toxic pretty well universally. The coffee – what is this hype about Tim Hortons????? Must be a cultural thing. I can’t taste coffee at all!! Of course my OH is Canadian and here in Australia he thinks here everything sucks and everything is so much better there. Yeah right. It is the old rose coloured glasses thing, he still remembers the “old days”. Houses are cheaper there. That’s the only upside.

The weather is appalling, the people rude (women), the laws to immigrate a joke….I can’t work for two years, or learn anything if I moved there – what the??? Here my OH could work straight away and we are not forced to retire if we don’t want to. I know we are in a better place here. You’ll notice a massive breath of fresh air when you land back here, the customs people are even friendly and laconic! Don’t you miss that! You’ll be right mate, don’t lose your sense of humour. Remember they are the ones who have the problem not you. I am so grateful I am an Australian now and that we live here.


“you dont know what im talking about? my friend went to vancouver for a year, only could last 6 months, she said it was back in time and the people couldnt spell fun they are socially dead, instead of fun yez work work work you are like robots wasting your lives for fun, and besides prescriptions you have to pay to stay in hospital the operations are just free so really your health care is free until your sick, try leaving canada to you see any emmigrant ive been talking to wish they never went there now they are stuck in low paid jobs in this land of oppertunity and cant afford to leave and im talking about countless nationalities even ones from what we would call 3rd world countries, canadas the biggest waste of your life and i feel sorry yous will never get the most out of it, no morals and normal to cheat on your spouses too, sneaky and scammers, just be nice looking tips, y should we pay tips its your bosses employ you, ye pay over the top for a pint in the first place then expect to tip ontop of that, your bosses if charging that can obviously afford to pay decent wage instead of gurning at the customers for not paying extra just cause of this fake actor that pretends that they are actually nice people, the country makes me so angey, biggest waste of 15 months of my life i want to pretend it doesnt exist


“Thanks for that comment Canuck…..I agree with your comment….my experience is mostly based on living in this rat hole known as Toronto. Actually even once you get into the country side in Ontario the people are much friendlier and seem happier too. One thing is NOT in doubt: Canada is probably THE most beautiful country in the world. Australia, where I come from, can be awesome but Canada is still more amazing in my view. Indeed that is WHY I would like to stay here. 

Canada deserves better from its government, its public service and its institutions though. You guys get taxed at every turn – it is paralysing! But as you can read my biggest beef is “no Canadian experience” which I think is just a kind of hyper parochialism or even disguised racism. It’s tantamount to saying “where you come from is second rate”. Or third rate. Apparently even Americans get it which is just so bizarre! Trust me in Australia those words (“you don’t have Australian experience”) are not used and never heard.

BUT believe me I am comforted by the thought that everyone else in Canada loathes Toronto too (and maybe Ottawa from what I can tell?). 

I do think Canada Immigration misrepresents in a really negligent way how “valued” you will be here as an immigrant because of your experience and education (which is WHY you get the points to come to Canada in the first place). This unadvertised reality is then compounded unofficially by the relentless use if “I’m sorry, but you have no Canadian experience”. You guys have THE most qualified and intelligent taxi drivers in the world as a result! Also THE most frustrated and despairing! 

Like I said before Canada DESERVES better than this – you are short changing yourselves too by just ignoring the talent of these immigrants – you turn them from being potential “movers and shakers” to frustrated low income drains on your economy – many of whom just pack up and go home again. That is just NOT smart at all from anyones point of view.

Canada could be a much greater country than it is – look at your military for example – just fantastic. But then compare your military with the City of Toronto (as an organization)….yep….many of your institutions here are sound asleep at the wheel and racking up debt to boot.


“I lived in Canada 2 years now an I HATE IT, an absolutely fucked up country. I wish to get my citizenship and will never show up again here EVER.


“The following links are to other blogs that also hate Toronto and Canada


Whoever hates Canada, you are not alone. I have been living in this shithole for eleven years and are planning to leave in several years. I had terrible experience in Canada. Here is my list of reasons:

#1)Fifty percent of it’s people are unfriendly and disrespectful

Canada, as one of the most well-educated countries in the world, has that much unfriendly and disrespectful people. That is a high percentage. Almost everyone pretends to be respectful in front of you, but they are ignorant behind you. This is what the true Canadians are, especially Canadian Asians. 

#2)Poor justice system

This is a pretty serious one when it comes to defending your own self and property. You are likely to get charged for resisting physically from someone hurting or robbing you.

#3)Is there a meaning of being Canadian? 

Why do you call yourself a Canadian? What is the purpose of it? Does Canada even have its own culture? Why are you proud of being a citizen of huge freezing shithole? I am sure most Canadians can’t respond to these questions. To me, being Canadian means no dignity.


When you compare Canada with another country like USA. You will notice how not free Canada is. They expect everyone of us to live our lives the same fucking way. So living in Canada we really don’t have lots of choices. 


number one lifestyle would be live-to-work. All Canadians do is work to pay off huge amount of debt they own. Lots of them don’t live enjoyably. Number two would be hockey, weed and alcohol. they do these activities repeatedly. 


This is what makes the population small and the country boring. Freezing temperatures means no one is going to live here. Winter activities only means no other activity. As I mentioned in #5, people repeat what they always do.


I’ve came across this thread while coming to the realization at young age Canada does not offer great opportunities as advertised to immigrants in their respective countries.

Canadians under 25 like myself, have become very saddened that our skills are going to waste. For an exp. I have education in context of CJS as well as self-educated in computer programming which is apparently in demand here… without luck I have traveled from east to west looking for stable jobs and can tell you this in my 6 years of doing this.. if you want good money you will work blue collar jobs like ones in AB in which you’ll be away from you family weeks on end and now in 2015 you’ll be lucky to find these. 

In Ontario the biggest areas of employment are retail & manufacturing (was) along with your construction, retail being around min wage (11$) ON, construction($15) & man.(11-19) I have also noticed that immigrants work particularly hard here and do not get good jobs most jobs are precarious and they do not deserve this especially after paying 10k to come here and essentially are lied to by CIS. My advice if you are a immigrant is to live on basics, never take a loan out here & most importantly save all your money and use the dollar to your advantage in your home country. Some Canadians are finally catching on the dollar stretches far and are enjoying exceptional lives in South America/Caribbean. Canada is unique in the sense you can go away for a few months and come back and be full of entrepreneurism and you feel it drift away over the passing months and than finally accepting the dream or excitement is crushed, I don’t really know how this came to be but I suspect the cold people and laws everywhere really discourages your happiness. Canada is designed that you wake-up go to work have a crappy lunch get fat have health problems come home take meds. and pretend your happy, this unfortunately is life for most as I see friends that are Canadians & immigrants consumed by depression and a debt trap that strangles their soul.

To any Canadian reading this and shaking their head thinking I have betrayed my country this is simply not true; I’ve travelled far and wide & almost every single province and know this country well, local labor markets, education, people etc. Canadians trusted sense in this country is skewed by working class mentality which unfortunately do not have the openness to explore the world or accept other foreign cultural values that would benefit spirituality & health, but instead we poke away at out lives in Canada angry at our outcome of debt and defend our country by becoming defensive of our ways and rationalizing lies in our head that this is the best way, it is no;t it’s a life of frustration and the end result is sadness and physical illnesses with no family connections. 

To immigrants; you would much be better off coming here in the summer months working your butts off and save everything, do not bring a whole family you will sink. Come here with a time-frame 1 yr, 5 yr etc. stick to that make monthly saving goals do not keep up with Canadians in respect to cars houses new things etc. this is all borrowed happiness(bank) You will do well if you work and keep your head down and remember this is not your future, use the dollar back home for leverage, you will live like kings DO NOT tell anyone your plans you will experience envy like no other.

For everyone else who is still shaking their head I have nothing to teach you and for that reason you should carry our your false sense of happiness in slave land as you will never experience the sense of freedom that many do eventually experience after realization this is a pyramid game, its kind of like that movie the Island… but you should also know that once oil has crashed completely which it will within a few decades the economy will have no backbone and will be forced to evolve with jobs disappearing in 2015 due to petro prices currently low and work being outsourced and job security becoming a fantasy along with the approaching automization society I can only hope you will listen and understand power and bargaining power is shifting, thanks for the read.


“Well said Aussies, well said. I do agree with your points very much. Although throughout my experience out of Ontario i found and interesting point. The rest of Canada veiws Ontario as jerks and the lest like what is supposed to be Canadian culture. Toronto is a dirty place there of course you will find the most immigrants because Toronto is the place where people think they can make it. I urge you, if you have not already to experience the rest of Canada, the east and west coast provinces are beautiful and different from Ontario the people are nice and there way of living is very relaxed, not go go go like Ontario or in that case Toronto.


“west coast is full of pretentious wanna be hippie environmentalists who smoke weed and think they are so great because they live by the ocean. the only thing that is interesting or has any character at all in canada are the native americans…that they have managed to live so long under canadian rule and even, in some cases, thrive is a miracle!


“i dunno why that posted half the 2nd message again, just other points on how canadas impossible to like, crap weather, everythings a scam, the people are socially dead (unless they are looking tips the pretend to be nice so you will pay them a fortune and arent happy no matter what you give them they think they deserve a load of tip just for being human!! the men are too intouch with there feminie side, they have low self esteem and are insecure!! no work life balance, no days off your first year at work and a miserable 10days every year after!! too much expected off you,frown at other people as if they arent living there lives right if they choose to have fun rather than work work work even on their weekends off!! boring athmosphere, everything looks the same so its boring to look at!! stupid people that think canadas the best place ever even though they have never left it! what a shitty exsistance to live in canada

i am permenant resident with same health card as a canadian citizen. all health care has to be paid for apart from the actual operation, stay in hospital and prescriptions and dental care all must be paid for unless you have insurence from work benifits or a private firm. free health care where i come from means wheather working or not without any need for insurence, free prescriptions, free stay in hospital, free operations, subsidised dental care or if unemployed free

and we have free health care too just incase you wonder why i said that

i wouldnt have needed to use the so called ‘universal’ health care system over there but the place was so terrible and boring that i needed anti anxiety medication to cope but i am back to normal now that i am out of it 6 months, thankfuly i had the chance to get out of there unlike so many other people from all nationalities that are stuck and want out, if canadians where real happy there why does everything always strike, everytime you go to do something or turn on the news theres a strike, you dont strike if lifes good


“I would rather live under a fucking bridge or be serving a life sentence in a jail in any place in South America than to live in Canada. What a fucking cold and boring place… I HATE EVERY MINUTE I LIVE IN THIS SHIT HOLE


“Canada is just a psuedo-country… most people here are depressed and suicidal …. This nation is spiritual death.

I just meet a canadian hairstylist who didn’t kwnow where Chile was?
I also met an RCMP drinking ayahuasca in Peru because He didn’t find in Canada adequate health care to deal PTSD.


“It’s true what Aussie is saying. Canadians in general are scared of competition when it comes to food and department stores and fast food. They think in terms of hatred to anything American because they see how good we have it at so little effort that we put into it. It’s called brotherhood and sisterhood. That’s why we in the States have our own cultures because we welcome everyone from around the world. Yes, we have stupid hateful people too but on average Canadians have about 90% stupid hateful people basing their hatred on lies and plain ignorance. Americans are 100% more polite than Canadians and we have way more fun and we don’t have to beg our government to open up amusement parks or water parks or whatever that allows us to have a great time. I lived in Alberta and that is a shit hole like no other place I ever lived in the States. L.A. people always had a smile and said good morning and good day. In Calgary, everyone is always uptight about something, never smiling, never says hi or good morning. They take your money at the stores with a frown. People in Calgary are miserable. I saw it in traffic and in restaurants and at gas station and at the parks which by the way are so freaking boring. the zoo in Calgary is a boring uneventful sobering look at what the city has to offer and it’s nothing. You have to pay for every single thing you do that is unless looking at trees is a great pass time or traffic. It’s an old lady city for old folks that go to die like elephants in the wild. Canada is very boring and everyone I ever ran into except for a few and I mean very few were very unhappy in their demeanor. Yes Canada sucks!


“Everything you state is absolutely correct. I’m not blowing smoke up your ass, just giving you props for getting it all so right. Btw, the anti-americanisms that are so common in Canada I regard as an on-going tiff between two kindred people that started so long ago, and for reasons so long forgotten. A bunch of people had a revolution, another bunch of the same ethnicity didn’t want to join, animosity ensues. Wash, rinse, and repeat ad nauseum. I don’t come from anglosaxon stock, so I have zero contempt for the USA. Everything in the USA is so much better than this mess, so I’m glad you’re finally home where you should be.


“By the way, Canada is not a safe place to live and it’s health insurance they claim to praise is not a good health benefit not when you have to be put on a waiting list to get a cat scan and wait for 3 to 4 month to find out how your cancer is progressing. And wait 2 to 3 weeks for a simple blood test. Referrals to see a specialist is like pulling teeth and the wait to see one is fuck!ng ridiculous. Seen it happen first hand because my girlfriend is Canadian and she waited 6 months to see a specialist about her female problems. For a little over 6 months she had to endure pain in her abdomen because of the system they have in Canada. By the time she seen a specialist she had to be rushed in to have an operation to get rid of the toxic cyst that was the size of a golf ball on her ovary and they had to do two operations because the surgeon didn’t remove all the cyst like he was supposed to. My guess he was drunk when he did it. She is moving to the States when her paper work goes through which they will. She is so fed up with the hatred of Canadians and the government that is 50 years behind the world!


“I was born in Canada and lived here all my life. My parents immigrated here unfortunately and ive been trying to get out of here all my life. I agree with so many things all you ppl have been saying, Canadians always seem to bash American’s and I find that so funny because they are both similar. Im ashamed to say im Canadian but proud to say my blood isn’t , and that im not a descendant of you French and English Canadians that mass murdered the native Indians of this country. This place will forever be racist, it was created through racism .


“Whenever I hear the word CANADA or hear the national anthem or see the fucking Canadian flag I feel like PUKING


“These comments actually gave me some hope. I hate this overly governed, overly priced shit hole. I’ve lived in Canada my entire life and I have traveled many places. Every time I see the CN tower when I’m coming back I burst into tears because I never want to come back. I lived in Toronto for 4 years and I nearly committed suicide 3 times. My family is dead because of water pollution in Parry Sound and other family members are dead because of hospital fuck ups. I’m self employed and it makes life extremely difficult but I can’t be a fucking zombie like everyone else or listen to ego maniacs every day of my life. I don’t own a television because its all media driven paranoia tactics and the programs are designed for people who can’t believe you can swear on a prime time show or get kicks at watching how messed up other peoples lives are and think their own innately boring life is the best because it’s the safest. If you have any kind of a personality do not come here! You can’t smile, or have a good time because bar owners/restaurant owners think you’re drunk or on drugs when you’re completely sober, you can’t smile or laugh or have a decent well rounded opinion. Don’t talk back to anyone even if you’re just pointing out how ridiculously illogical they are, they won’t get it they just want to fight you because that’s how sports taught them to deal with confrontations. I’m a bit of hypocrite there because if you try to fight me I won’t back down but only after I verbally tie your brain into a knot and you don’t know the fucking alphabet anymore. Our education system is terrible, there are very few good teachers in every school. Just robot teachers spitting out what they were told, not many of them challenge kids and share actual knowledge or embrace it when a child shows some spirit. The education system is designed to create robot children, don’t think outside the box that will get you suspended. Then you’ll grow into the same monotonous producing slave, product consuming adult. Everyone is extremely clicky, like no one every leaves high school and this is true all the way through to the politicians. They tear each other up like they are posting scanned photos up in the high school hallways and trying to get the popular group to like them. There are more redeeming verses and ideologies written on bathroom walls by junkies than anything our politicians have stated.

Sorry if that was too much ranting but I needed to get some of it of my chest and I’m relieved and comforted that I am not the only one who hates it here. I couldn’t do it but this country makes me understand why people kill other people sometimes. I am stuck right now trying to make enough so I can go live simpler somewhere else where people actually enjoy life, friends and communities. It’s ridiculous irony within happenstance but another way out has not presented itself to me yet. Believe me I have tried to enjoy life here and meet nice people but it has come to a stale end so my search will continue elsewhere.


“That is it in a nutshell…Americans do not sit around and obsess about Canada. In all the years I live in the US I can’t remember anyone talking bad about Canada. You have to move here to get a firm grip…on how much of a loser country Canada really is. I really hate this place (and I know…if I don’t like it leave). Well why don’t you Canadians try treating people with respect. What a bunch of hypocritical liars you Canadians are… I spend my pension from another country here and I m still treated like garbage.


“and YES, I will be so so so so glad to see the last of Toronto!! I do not care one bit that we have to uproot ourselves, move a thousand kms away and take our children out of school to ESCAPE the frustration and WASTING that is part and parcel of being an immigrant in Toronto. We want so much to contribute to this country – to be successful – and not be made to feel like we are third rate and basically unwanted (which is what Toronto seems to do to immigrants). SO someone far away has given us that CHANCE to escape: GOD LOVE THEM. Maybe Canuck is right…its just a Toronto issue…not a Canada issue. I am more than willing to HOPE that he is right and I am very keen to give the rest of Canada the benefit of the doubt.


“Good luck Aussie888, hope you have far more success in another province. I agree Canada is beautiful (but not that different to New Zealand). In some ways I often wish I had brought my children up there. Actually do believe it is a better place to rear a family, they seem to have it more together there as far as family/community values go and the youth are not as far out of control as I feel they are here.

I can see that immigrants are treated with suspicion, no matter what country they originated from, but they should be giving all who they allowed into their country a FAIR GO. Comparing countries and cultures, Australia and Canada are strikingly similar in so many ways which should be a pointer for us not treated with suspicion and contempt and the attitude we are just there to take jobs from Canadians. If our Government here offers Canadians the chance to work immediately (without any bias or restriction) surely theirs could reciprocate? 

On the west coast we saw many Aussies working but probably more on a working visa I’d guess.

Toronto is not an attractive city at all. You cannot compare it to Sydney which is stunning. Country towns in Ontario to me all look grey and dull, here they have verandahs and parks in all (except maybe the tiny ones)and people are laid back, friendly. When my OH first came here a guy said “G’day mate how are you going” in a parking lot. They don’t do that i Canada. What? Openly friendly to a stranger? My OH was stunned! 

Living there for a year just made me appreciate here more. People can make or break a place and I like the openness here,the non-judgmental nature of people and none of this nice superficially while they try to find a way to destroy your happiness behind your back.

Authorities here are better to deal with also.

They have no A Current Affair to go to when things go wrong (joke!)

Good luck, I hope you find you piece of Canadian paradise Aussie888. If not there is always a place here for you.


“montana is like that…people openly friendly and approachable. funny, with a sense of a larger world. canada is oppressive and small-minded no matter where you go….its the culture that has been cultivate and in my honest opinion it has to do with all the racism and sexual abuse here. they dont even have a public sex offenders registry….why? probably because the main offenders are white canadian business men and politicians and priests and related to law and justice depts. why else have a closed registry? at least in the USA i can check any state any time in any neighborhood to see if there are predators i should know about. canada protects racists and pedophiles…tom flanagan publicly defended child pornography, he was harper’s advisor. ….im telling ya, people….its a sick sick society.


“Thanks so much….well I think I am learning that not all of Canada is like Toronto….well not many cities on earth could be as drab and dirty if they tried…there is no PRIDE in this city…the rubbish dropped EVERYWHERE is testament to that fact! But above all the people here are UN FRIENDLY….not so once you get well away….especially in the north east. Coming back here from north east (where we are going to live) confirms absolutely in my mind that (a) this city is a garbage dump and (b) the majority of people here are cheerless and miserable because life is so hard:….lousy wages (so many people work 2 or even 3 jobs just to survive)…no holidays unless you call 2 weeks a year a “holiday”…AND despite what they think SHIT AND VERY SLOW HOUSE health care…..and so EXPENSIVE relative to what people earn!!! I actually think Sydney may be cheaper despite the incredibly expensive housing….people just earn so much more back home…yes it gets swallowed up in a mortgage but I will think people live better than in Povronto….or was that Povertyronto?

And you have no idea how much cheaper houses are in the north east….real pubs too not just sterile plastic “Sports Bars”…and yes people actually talk about politics and DEBATE it…in Toronto they just seem to accept what is dished out to them meekly. Yes the wages are still lousy (well not for my wife luckily) but at least the money goes somewhere….here my wage would not even go close to paying the RENT for THE DUMP we live in! 

Yep Australia is a great place and so I suspect may a good deal of the rest of Canada…..but Toronto….Toronto you can keep. As one comedian here put it: “Welcome to Toronto – gateway to Hamilton Ontario!”.
Best wishes and good luck hey!

sorry a few typos there…I’ll let you guess where…but I should also state when I say “the north east” I do not mean north east Ontario…I mean the glorious Maritimes….Atlantic Canada… be sure, to be sure, it feels OK to a wild Colonial Boy like me of Irish background!

and by the way I DO agree that the South Island of NZ from what I have seen is so far THE most beautiful place on earth I personally have seen…..don’t know the North Island well and have not travelled all over Canada yet…..yes NZ is about as good as it gets that is for sure! Jeez and I’m an aussie saying that !!


“Saw this comment and couldn’t resist. I am a Kiwi stuck in Ontario. I could be here all day listing the things wrong with this place !! but the 9 months of winter and the little bags of dog sh!t left all over the footpaths are up near the top. Cant wait to get out. Even my kids hate it here. Anyhow, Yes I have seen nothing here that compares with Sth Island NZ. A few lakes that you can barely access if you don’t have a ‘cottage’ and some trees !! Just for the record ‘straya’ is also pretty awesome, I have family there ( ok, what self respecting kiwi dosnt have family in Oz) and miss being able to hop over the ditch for a bit of winter sunshine. 14 weeks to go and I am outta here. Wish we could get into USA but we can’t. So We are heading back down under where as shocking it might seem to some, I might even get a pleasant hello and even a smile when I return.


“@: AUSSIE888 :nope. its a canada issue. its the canadian ethos…you will find it all across the country.


“I am Canadian, born in Nova scotia. First @ AUSSIE888, I aggree with you on our Government lying to get immigrants to move here, my wedding photographer was a chemical engineer from the philippines, and Canada wouldnt let him use his degree here, and expected him to return to school for 2 years!

On the other hand, please dont place all of us under the same umbrella, we are not spineless, to speak out against our extremely corrupt government but dont have a “soapbox” so to speak. As far as Toronto is concerned, I cannot speak for everyone else but on the east people are very friendly. 

As for what nonametoday said, is completely foolish. The british didnt steal Canada from the Indians, thats just our stupid culture letting people believe that garbage! Read a history book, we didnt take anything, A: alot of native people died from small pox from the eastren visitors, and got addicted to fire water and traded “their land” for our booze clothes and farming techniques. They grew dependant on the British and french. The stupid treaty is very small and doesnt have half of the things in it that Native people get. They get an amazing free ride, based on somthing that happened to complete strangers to either side centuries ago. I have to admit I would take alot of the same things if offered to myself, but the bottom line is we will never be even until everyone pulls their own weight.


“i live in Toronto and it is shit…I’ve always thought that the east coast of Canada must be a nice place to live…too bad it’s still in Canada or i’d move there


“Thanks so much for that feedback, I honestly appreciate it. Look Canada is a beautiful country and it OUGHT to have – DESERVES to have – so much more potential than it does. Yes houses are cheaper here than Sydney BUT the wages are so so so much lower….at best it evens out. I think Sydney sucks by the way. I am not home sick at all. I would like to stay here….but immigrants do NOT get a break. Period. If you call working in a minimum wage job a break – sure we get the chance to do that – but not more. Not without many years of struggle and wasting. Yes I said WASTING, not waiting. Because it WASTES the lives of people with so much potential.

I think the best thing about Australia is we really understand the concept of a FAIR GO. Here they have no clue about such a concept. It is alien in their culture.

The worst thing of all is this “Canadian Experience” excuse to keep people down. That just sucks . I have NEVER EVER even heard anyone in Australia talk about “Australian experience”. WE welcome experience form overseas…even look up to it sometimes.


“@: John_Doe :Not only Americans don’t like Canada…a hell of a lot of Australians hate it to…

Now what? You wanna pull a “your country started off as a nation of convicts”? Nice.


“John Doe will never get it. He is part of the liberal left culture that can’t except other views. Have you ever noticed the college campuses who invite conservative speaker and then drown them out with name calling. (sledgehammer).

What we have are people so biased by there own opinions- they spin facts to support the views – tell themselves that these facts are real and then can’t comprehend why other people don’t understand there spun views -so they resort to name calling and character assination.- All along demonstrating their bias without knowing (or caring). 

Same as Hollywood- They all hang out together – no exposure to other views- form opinions, call them facts and use their celebrity media access to blast other people.

Just watch the Oscars. Have you ever thought about a group of professionals who have no shame in promoting themselves and patting themselves on the back in a public forum- as if to say “we did it- so it must be good.”

John Doe probably gets his “facts” from Michael Moore and Hollywood movies.

And the CBC- a leftist, state run channel.

He’s not a dope. Just a blind liberal who sees things his way- has no room to understand the other side of issues and is stuck living in Canada with the CBC


“What about Africville in Nova Scotia?


“You know, bigotry comes in many forms. It is my experience that most bigots don’t even know they are bigots. They are taught bigotry – somtimes directly and many other times in suttle ways.

In the US, Bigotry existed because it was never discussed in the public form- back then it was the newspapers, today lets just say media. People only heard the local bigots- and never heard opposite views. That changed in The US- that is why the US media had extreme left (liberal), Extreme right, conservative and the center. The media covers all three sides in US- unfortunately if you don’t understand the US media then you might only hear one side like the NY Times or LA Times – two powerful, gigantic and largely extreme left media conclomerates. Or maybe you only understand the Christian conservative media outlets. 

In the US, people choose what side of an issue to be on because they have exposure to all sides. This sadly is not as true in other countries.

Canada has been leaning left for many years. It is difficult to find any powerful media outlets in Canada that cover issues completely.

People in Canada get indundated with one sided versions, typically backed up with conjecture and opinions and not facts.

For example, It is okay not to believe in the death penalty. Many Americans are against it too. It is not correct to state that the US is wrong and everyone else is correct without proving something with real facts. That would be no different than stating that Canada is so leniant on criminals and so tolerant on anti-social behavior that to prove it they let Karla Homolka, a serial killer walk the streets less than ten years after her guilty verdict.

The US majority choses to weigh punishment over rehabilitation for heinous crimes. They believe punishment sparks deterence. Some people believe the reverse. There is no evidence in either direction as each side can come up with facts, figures and opinions that bolster their beliefs …


“There is more to it than that, This John Doe guy is an Anti-American- you can blame the media or not in Canada. He says he is not Anti-American – and then he espouses false views = like Americans think all Arabs equate to terrorists. Such utter nonsence- comes from deep rooted Anti- American views.

The US did indeed fund Bin Laden during the cold war to fight off Soviet expansion in Afghanistan during Jimmy Carter’s Presidency. 

The US as a world superpower was and still is obligated to protect the world against opression and agression. Canada is not. Decisions made twenty five years ago that helped can sometimes backfire in your face in the future. The world benefited from Soviet Union losing the war in Afghanistan, and soon after collapsing. It is easy to forget the good and point fingers at the bad if someone is uninformed, biased and has deep rooted Anti-American feelings in the first place. Most Anti-American feelings stem from feelings of inadequacy, jealousy and powerlessness.


“the canadian set of “morals” consists of the following:

-dont question authority, no matter how corrupt or obviously wrong it is

-dont ask questions that might produce an uncomfortable or inconvenient answer

-never talk about the past unless it is in stereotyped, cliched or whitewashed terms

-always blame the victim

-never have a serious debate about anything important

-always deny anything you know will reflect badly on you

-always deflect criticism and blame it on someone else, preferably americans

-be nice to outsiders who are of a different skin color than yourself, but burn native americans in effigy every chance you get

-never question canadas involvement in israeli state terrorism…blame america but always support us foreign policy no matter how many people die or how illegal it is

-always be a hypocrite whenever the chance emerges to be so

-corrupt your children with your toxic, poisonous, offender opinions and mentality so the cycle is repeated


“it’s a fact that Canada has more crime than the States…the States only has more murder

you would know this if you werent an ignorant nazi Canadian


“@: John_Doe :and how many years have you lived in the USA again? how many jobs have you held there? how many states have you lived in? how many americans have you interfaced with on a daily basis and for how long?

–per capita canadians are among the fattest nations in the world: “One in four adult Canadians and one in 10 children are clinically obese, meaning six million Canadians living with obesity require immediate support in managing and controlling their excess weight.” 

–clifford oleson, pig farmer guy, marc lepine or whatever the name of that dude who massacred all those women, that serial killer in saskatchewan who was murdering natives, the rcmp and city police harbor serial killers who are protected by their racist buddies, child predation in canada is epidemic but downplayed by govt (thomas flanagan publicly defended child porn) who no doubt employs some of these serial predators…rina virk was murdered by a gang of white canadian kids in bc…helen betty osborne was raped and brutally murdered by four white guys, whole town knew, everyone ignored the natives trying to seek justice, protecting the white boys….brian sinclair died of sepsis in a canadian hosptial staffed by white people….he sat in the ER for almost 38 hours while they ALL ignored him…i could go on but serial racism produces serial murderers either through direct action or negligence….and white canada produces racists at a phenomenal rate

–according to the UN the murder rate in usa is 4.8 per 100, 000…in canada its 1.6 per 100, 000. now do that math and think about it proportionally….the us is approx 300 million people so a murder rate of 4.8 is actually quite low. canada is 30 million people…yet the murder rate is almost half that of the usa

–same for the violent crimes rates…canada is almost half the rate of the usa but with substantially less of a population.

at the end of the day, canada is a crap country with just as many problems as the usa but with nowhere near as many opportunities and certainly nowhere near as much character, panache, history, independent thinkers, innovators, and generally all round fun interesting people. 

montana has no taxes except on land etc. but you go into a store and something says $1.59 its a $1.59. montana, one state of the union, has more going for it in terms of personality, society, guts, history, character and economy than the entire country of canada.


“and just say if ye dont know the answer to something rather than makin up crap, theres something twisted bout you egos that you need to pretend to know everything! and for the top comment that everyoner hates where they live, no its wrong, try leaving canada to ye see whats out there, i love where i live and even more now after seeing canada, we always talk about fun things to do and enjoy life!! im not american im irish”


“toronto sucks


“…Fuck that shit, you can keep the terror , fag, depressed people going nowhere. I’ll take America with its economy problems.

Oh btw Canada, how is you dollar stores? That’s right, non existent! Everything is $2 or $3 in you dollar stores now! Here in USA, all good name brand shit for $1! Just for an example. 

And the American people, are armed and stand up for there rights if the government fucks with them to hard, they will overthrow them not afraid of a full scale civil war,
While Canadians just bend over! 

Plus the chick put out easier and are hotter here in USA, being the majority. But you metro and homo types don’t care about that now do you?


“OMG – 6 weeks left in this ish-hole! Off to Sunny California…so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And haters who will say “Good Riddance” – oh you have no idea!!!


“The Canadian national anthem should be amend to – ‘God gives our land, glorious UNFREE.’


“Most Canadians made me misunderstood Americans & USA. When I go to USA to have a true visit, I have feel that USA Americans are so good & fair to me. I feel shame of listened to so many lies from Canadians.


“Living in Canada is a nightmare and many people agree. Is there a place worldwide where there are more white people, who are middle to upper class? A country with less taxes, better people, better culture, better weather, less expensive everything, better education and economic opportunity, and also less boring? I am searching for a new place to call home. I dont want to live in a country infested with stupid liberals and immigrants especially from 3rd world countries. Germany, Australia, UK, Norway, Sweden are all off the list since they are just as bad as Canada, although Canada is much worse than all of them. I just want to live a normal life. With my own culture and own people.


“Listen to me white boy, mommy lied when she told you Canada is exclusively YOURS. Now move over cos people have real concerns living in this shithole unlike you whining about skin color.


“I am Peruvian live in Shithole Ottawa.

I’ve lived in Peru Miami UK Texas and sadly I now live in the shithole capital of the world Ottawa.
I dream of returning to my country soon as I can afford UPS to move my belongings to Peru.
I have never met more miserable racist ignorant rednecks than I have in Ottawa. Also my first Landlord was a piece of work and was robbing me he had some workmen in my home they robbed me too , So now in my new apartment I have CCTV & window bars I had several attempts of burglary on my apartment. So now I live in a security fortress . Its sad that all my money has gone on bars and cameras to keep scum away from my shitty apartment. And its not as if I am made of money I am so poor but I fear home invasion . In Canada if you defend yourself you go to jail . Criminals have rights what’s that all about. In my country you have carry conceal permits and are allowed lethal force if your life is in danger or if some psycho breaks into your home. I have to return home before I loose my sanity. The people in Ottawa are miserable nasty & ignorant. If you are not retarded into hockey drugs & beer you are not welcome. If you read books and wish to discuss academic subjects like say : Noam Chomsky, History, Politics, World Travel , Science, Shakespeare, Yukio Mishima, The Occult , Richard Dawkins etc Oh boy then they really hate you. To be part of Ottawa you must first be born in Ottawa second be ignorant have no desire to improve yourself . Oh and have no hygiene , the people in Ottawa stink to bo & cigarettes yuck. If you shower everyday and wear clean clothes they give you dirty looks. And the People don’t seem to wash their hands after using toilet , hence I never shake hands with these disgusting people. I am truly thankful for air freshner and hand sanitizer busses & toilets stink and are truly disguating germs everywhere yuck .


“Canada sucks in a massive way and if you run this site and you deleted my last comment about how much I hate this faggot country of hypocrites and church-bred cunts then fuck you too.


“pompous, self-righteous, boorish, hypocritical = white canadian. except for the newfoundlanders…of all the white canadians ive met ONLY the newfoundlanders (and a handful of saskatchewaners) have been sincere, genuine, and approachable. the rest of y’all are uptight, fake, posers.


“I lived in Toronto a few years and am glad to be back home in the great US. The Canadian government is so full of themselves- catering to the liberal thinking elite. There are no morals there.

Back home we have a solid government, not perfect but with strong morals. Especially after Clinton left office and President Bush took over. We were lucky that thne Canadian style of liberalism did not completely spill over into the US to elect Al Gore. The country would probably falled down to resemble parts of Canada by now.


“@: John_Doe : 75%% of all serial killers are in America. How do you know that?- In America you can find the truth with the all the media outlets

in countries like Canada you can’t even legally have a satellite dish to find out the truth, your stuck listening to the CBC and their version. 

Bill Gates is greedy? If you were to have real in formation in Canada available you would find out that since mid 1990’s Bill Gates has been the largest Philanthropist in the world.

You should be more informed. It is hard though in Canada.

The US is thinking about building a wall to keep people out – Millions want to come here.

Canada is so non-violent their entire military is smaller than the NYC police force. Canada’s version of non-violence is to rely on US for protection- And claim US is bad guy for using their military.
You right there are fat people in US with morals. Skinny people in Canada with none.


“and I should add that they are racking up debt and sleeping at the wheel WHILE they tax you at every conceivable opportunity. When will the wash room tax be introduced I wonder? I mean people really NEED to go to the toilet sometimes so why not find some way of taxing that City of Toronto???

Anyway the good news is we are moving on from here in a few months, not back to Australia, but to another Province where my partner has found well paid work. Our savings may not be completely depleted after all !And NO fellow Canadian tax payers, fear not, this aussie immigrant has NOT taken a SINGLE cent of Canadian welfare. Got more respect for myself AND for your country than that!


“here’s a solid answer (not that it will make sense to you, you being a canadian):

people hate canada because y’all are racist, greedy, china sellouts, no game–just hang offa uncle sam’s coattails, hypocrite, fake, posers.

everyone who visits you comes away with the same impression. 
its YOU…its your culture, your personality, your entire society….youre a nation of child molesting racist in-denial hypocrites who are pompous, boorish, self-inflated with your own perceived “greatness” which is only the run-off from the USA causing delusions of grandeur in you. 
theres nothing original or admirable about you.

youre boring, passive-aggressive, small-minded and stale. youre like stale 60 year old crackers or a has-been comedian who still thinks he has it when he never had it.


“You have a shitty government cause you are shitty people living in a frozen feminist hell hole. There’s nothing unfair, you got what you deserve. Have a nice day.


“In my experience, you totally get what you pay for with free Canadian Health Care.

Mis-diagnosing an absolutely viable pregnancy as a blighted ovum is a BIG NO-NO!!!!

Asking me to take Part 1 of the Integrated Pre-natal Screening test one month early – a BIG NO-NO!!!

Having your OB-GYN tell you that a certain test procedure “is not brain surgery” (after asking her what it entails) – another BIG NO-NO!


“The immigrants only came and only stay because their countries are totally unsafe or poverty-stricken. What they gain in safety etc by coming to Canada they most certainly give up in terms of self-worth and contentment. This country invites people in, probably under duress, and then turns around and hates them for not being what a Canadian should be. Make up your mind Canada – either accept who YOU have let in and truly believe what you spout about “celebrating the differences” or shut up and get on with it – you are free to vote and if you vote for a government who is hell bent on multiculturalism then you must expect the consequences of these decisions.


“You are right…being in Canada HAS BEEN a waste of time! Glad you agree.


“First: A Real Canadian: Is the Native Indian.

Second: There are currently the remaining whatso-called majority “white canadians” who eventually will dissapear by the time, whom their grandfathers immigrated to Canada from Britain and France and hijacked the land with barbarism from Natives.

They consider anyone who is less white, tanned, dark, have an accent is an “immigrant” even if he is a Canadian citizen or been living in Canada since it has existed. 

The current diminishing majority white Canadians thinks anyone who walks on their land is there to share their money and to take advantage of Canada…BS. 

Third: The only category of people who are using the Canadian system, are refugees, social welfare.

Immigrants (first generation Canadians) pay as much taxes as canadians, pay as much towards all services and get trashed in your system and treated like bums.

Immigrants pay very large sums of money to the Canadian Gov to be able to relocate to Canada.

This money is serving existing population of Canada, so immigrants are importing their money to Canada which serves Canadians and Canada. 

Fourth:By far the worse weather on planet earth, the most boring ever.

Fifth: the delusional white Canadians, who think they are the only one. are naturally very aggressive, so unfriendly unlike Americans, Racism is most common, but not with admission, it is practiced secretly knowingly. 

The only time where a new Canadian does not get the vibe of Racism is when he is paying money. Which “me being nice” dissapears right away after they get their money.

Living in Canada, is like living in a big graveyard, for the living.

Because also, dead people do not smile and are emotionless so are they.


“I agree with everything here. Except you can say that the money paid by the immigrants is probably going to pay the refugees on welfare and teh unemployed drunk canadians cause I sure as hell aint gettin any money from the government”


“As an immigrant, I’d like to say that you are right on with your observations and comments.

I’ve been treated like a second class citizen just because I have a bit of an accent.

In the US I’d never be treated as poorly as I do get treated in Canada.
This nation has never been challanged enough to understand what a develop country should be like..


“Canada lacks of visionaries and integrity.


Total agree.

Quotes from:

Note: I made a copy of these comments because anything critical of Canada tends to be scrubbed from the web, and predictably this page was taken down.

I am curious as to whether life got better for the Aussie on the east coast, but knowing Canada as I do I’m going to venture a guess of NO. 

An immigrant’s experience in Canada

“An immigrant’s experience in Canada:

The Canadian government solicits potential immigrants and dupes them into bringing their skills and money to Canada. It advertises the country to people from other countries, mainly for their money; each prospective economic immigrant has to bring with them minimum $10,000. It’s a scam but then again so is everything else in Canada. When the Canadian govt is engaged in such a scam you can only imagine the extent to which the average Canadian individual is also involved in a scam of their own to survive, everything from phoney govt jobs to independent immigration consultants. Every Canadian is involved in some kind of a scam. Fraud is a way of life in Canada and you have to do your part just to pay the bills to extortionist utility, rent, insurance companies, etc. If you come with the mentality – as immigrants erroneously do – that this is a developed country and expect an efficient and competent system you will be greatly mistaken: Malfeasance is the call of the day in Canada.

Since the country’s economy largely depends on service, and Canada no longer a manufacturing country, the best show in town in terms of gainful employment is a govt job. That requires “networking” – code word for FAVORITISM in Canada – forget about best qualified person getting the job. In many respects Canada is a developing country. There’s a disconnect between the political class and the average person (which explains the immigration disaster, among other common fundamentally flawed and corrupt practices).

Canadians are cold and standoffish. Nothing happens and everybody keeps it to themselves. It’s the most socially inept country in the world. Since it’s socially dead country one becomes accustomed to abnormal behavior. Canada lacks national identity and national culture. Subsequently everyone identifies with the country of their parents or great parents’ origin. Forget about assimilation and adapting to Canada, you cannot assimilate and adapt to an unreceptive environment. Consequently racial attitudes are behind 30-40 years, say the United States. Which is really unfortunate because the country’s population is aging at an incredible rate, and the average immigrant stays for a few years and eventually leaves. (40% of all immigrants to Canada at any given year leave so within a few years – Statscan.) To augment this the govt typically brings in even more people. There’s a continuous flow of “new” arrivals filling the position of those who have come and gone.

Major cities, namely Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, are decaying socially and economically. Heavy drinking, drug use and other social problems are rampant along with crumbling infrastructure. But people in Canada don’t discuss issues of national importance, they lack coherent objective national discourse. People complain and say what they think they’re supposed to say, or, more accurately, say what they think will make them sound smart. Whether inferiority complex or other social deformity, people in Canada dislike constructive criticism and altruism. They remain risk averse to a fault, so problems fester. Everyone simply prefers to pretend everything is nice and dandy.”

200+ Immigrant rants



“Totally agree.. Marketer with an MBA Degree from York (My 2nd one ) still finding difficult to grow here. Total INTELLECTUAL RACISM!”


“Too many things under the surface you can’t figure it out till you live in this society like discrimination,Racism,Nepotism,Hatred many,many social disease in this society and the government is not doing enough to eliminate this”


“Canada sucks, plain and simple!!!! No jobs, lots of racism and discrimination for qualified immigrants, awful weather, bad and expensive food, cold and ignorant people, a third world economy based in natural resources, no culture, etc., etc., etc. The no jobs part is the worst, typical red neck canadians are very hypocrite and put endless obstacles to smart skilled immigrants at every step of the way…”


“I’ll be leaving Canada at the end of this year 4 good. My story is similar to that of Praveen Rao’s. And Sattack above is 100% right. And don’t forget about the systemized corruption that goes on, millions of dollars misused by the 3 levels of governance. Disunited states of Canada is correct. The country’s future looks bleak.”


“I second the motion Sattack and k3kiaze. Canada is an overrated country! Beware. I’ve invested time and money just to settle here but nothing good is happening. I don’t see a clear future ahead of me with the way things are going. I’ve thought of leaving this country for good and go back to my home country or move to Asia where there are better career opportunities and decent wage. I have a year to really sort it out but if it doesn’t work, I’ll be like them packing up my things too.”


“I left Canada because of the Racism and Discrimination and the Family legal system took away my children without any evidence and concise proofs.

I’m shock of the a poor society where family has no value and it’s all about money… The Canadian legal system is racist and injustice based!
Not to mention the job situation. I’m not impress with Canada at all!
It’s a society where you have to lie and have a lot of money and be corrupted to be able to succeed. I don’t think, I will ever want to go back to hell… for the record, I’m a citizen :-(“


“:Canada’s economy is Immigration. Canada uses propaganda portray that it has good jobs and other social/economic benefits to entice immigrants. Over 90% of the immigrants who come will ‘testify’ that they DON’T get good jobs. Canada also ‘does not recognize’ foreign certifications, this is another ‘ploy’ to get immigrants to spend their money to get ‘Canadian’ qualifications. Then there is the housing problem, houses are priced and built in ‘planned communities’ to get immigrant money and ‘house’ them in ‘controlled neighborhoods’. I have a ‘Bell Canada’ unit in my front Yard and because of that I can’t do anything in my front yard (I am paying for Bell to have their stuff in my property, they are protected by the law). In short, here are the figures: New immigrants bring a minimum of $10BN per year to Canada, Immigrants in limbo (deciding to day or go) bring over $13BN PER MONTH to Canada. So, Canada does not care if you leave after coming here (you have already spent at least $30K and have done the ‘lords’ a service by doing the ‘menial’ jobs). There are Billions in queues awaiting to come to ‘promised land’. All in all, immigrants are the one to blame as NOBODY tells the REAL situation to their friends and family back home.”


“90% of Canadian immigrants leave Canada to USA…as soon as they get their passports. Canada is too ‘Brtitish’ for its own good.”


“i was trying for canada.but i will cancel.after reading the testimonies of the experienced ones”


“I am a canadian whose family has lived here 400 years. I could not get married as I never found secure work in canada and I am educated. I grew up middle class. I have to move many times to different places to secure work. I am now in ottawa since 2008 and only found two temp jobs in 2 years. I am now returning to school since I cannot find work in anything I have been educated in or even in the retail type jobs. There are too many people here competing for the few jobs available. The longest I had a job in canada was at a university, it took me 10 months to get a job there, I scored 98% on the testing that was 8 hours and they automated my job after 3 years.”


“Dont believe what they tell you about canada. Ottawa laid off 150,000 government workers in the past year alone. We have a 24% true unemployment rate in canada. Companies are moving overseas or automation is killing our jobs. MOst immigrants open corner stores because they cant get work in their fields of study. Canada is not he same as it was 25 years ago- then we needed educated people we dont now. My nephew will be a doctor in 4 years-it took alot for him to get accepted hes very bright. One in every two immigrants who comes into canada goes on social assistance….alot of them are moslems…

canada is heaven for less-educated immigrants…but hell for highly educated ones…..its not multicultred but un-cultured…u never know the aim of ur life….just working…earning…spending..paying taxes…..u cant dream for ur next gen.. u cant enjoy ur ur nation…..i went to canada with mbbs degree…worked there like security guard…salesman….govt.of canada does not seek justice for immigrants…..most of people cant come back to thier nations becoz of some feel of shame or insult….they send thier kids to marry to native nations..becoz too much freedom n independence have made white people unfit for marriage……..well..i am back to india…got postgraduation …happily living with my family…problems r everywhere in world…but peace is there alwyas at ur home…ur nation…motherland…”


“I am a canadian woman whose family came in 1630. I have not been able to find a FT job since 2008. I live in ottawa. I am educated and have great experience. I found two temp jobs in govt offices but the wages dropped from 20 an hour to 11- just a bit over minimum wage. The agenices keep putting in new people so u cannot get another contract in the same place or eve hope to get hired, thats how they make their money and this is how the govt saves! I have looked for 2.5 years for work in various occupations but have not found anything, there are roughly 750 against you for every job you apply for so employers can be very picky.

I decided I will return study for 1 year in a fast growing field. I have not had secure work in canada since I was 20 years old. I have worked in government, private sector, retail, security…and I have had to move to different cities to find work, I have now lived in 3 provinces in canada in big city and small towns and I am single with no government help……..

I think immigration should be halted for 2 years as we have a 24% unemployment rate in canada and there are very few jobs for anyone right now and very few FT jobs. Massive dumping of people is making things worse not better and driving up the cost of living and food prices………..Ontario is awful now its a have-not province due to massive immigration for 30 years which was suppose to make us richer!”


“I decided to go back to my homeland in 2015 to retire early in my country after spent my live for emptiness here. I just wait for my daughter to finish her university and then I will move back to warm and beautiful homeland.
Educated immigrants are ruined here. Please find the better place.”


“Canada is such a waste of life! Cold , unfriendly people in a cold, unfriendly country. Immigrants beware!”


“I remember an interview with (then) minister of immigration in 2006. He clearly said what Canada really needs are construction workers and truck drivers. Good news for me. I was neither! When you apply as a skilled “worker” take it absolutely literally, especially if you are already educated. You are here to work in retail and low level survival jobs (so that Canadian conservative management never feels shaken), consume (so that Canadian corporations make more money) and pay taxes so that the original Canadian elderly can retire securely with their free health care. There ill be no free health care at the time You are going to be retired, as the system is already bankrupt. Reminds me of the song “Royal Scam” by Steely Dan.”


“Hi IT Guy. Like the other posts, IT jobs are outsourced to India and other countries. Come if you would like to regress…. I have the same story – moved here because of crime and now will be moving back, despite the same high crime rates in South Africa. Canada should be sued by immigrants for ‘positive selling’ – or lying to immigrants. There are no jobs here and you will (guaranteed) be discriminated against, especially if you are non-white (I am of European decent and can tell you that Canadian Employers are more racist than South African or other employers). They want us to come (keeping lawyers alive with your application), buy a house (keep the housing market alive), open a Bank account (keeping the Banking Industry alive) and spend money (keeping everyone else alive!) and then basically: screw us. ‘Canadian Experience’ is a joke. In my profession Canada is about 5 years behind SA – a developing country and I find the local exams, etc. very easy in comparison.”


“South African.. you hit the nail…IT Guy and others, take these posts seriously. I think I spilled too much of the beans. I just said it as it is, no political correctness, nothing, so no wonder after about 6 hours my posting is yet to be published…wow! Canadian experience, what a joke?
Here is a picture of the Canadian experience in the typical workplace….smoke break and coffee break probably every 2 hours or a little bit less, call in sick at the slightest opportunity, spend the first 10 minutes of a meeting talking about trivialities such as the weather, the dog, next place for vacation, spend the minimum effort in completing an assignment, back biting and gossip in the workplace..
Hopefully this post gets published.”


“Canada is finish as a country. Government have sold people out, all jobs went to China. I don’t care if it’s cheaper to make there then sell somewhere else. If you’r black or white colour skin we all affected. You have to halt all purchase of product made in China. How many of you check where thing are made before you buy it. Don’t shop at local chinese store call the store you shop at and ask for Canadian made product. Live like Amish people here in Ontario you would learn a thing or two.”


“Most talented and educated immigrants will eventually leave Canada for the US. Only those unskilled refugees will stay in Canada.”


“My family and I emigrated here in August. My husband secured a job . I am an IT professional who’s frustrated. .I have been applying every single day for a job and nothing is coming up..not even an interview. I feel we will both regress in our professions. Elementary schools are also way behind in terms of teaching the kids. Canada sucks big time. I want to go back home..we wasted our money coming here. Its a pity we have to learn the hard way. The weather is horrible.”


“Maybe I am one of those rednecks that people speak about but let me say this: I recently moved out of a neighbourhood because I felt like a stranger in my own country. I have no idea how immigrants are allowed in this country who either cannot speak English or refuse to do so. I would go to the grocery store and people would argue over prices with minimal ability to communicate and get angry when store management did not provide an employee who could speak their language. You do not move to Canada with the intention of establishing a smaller version of your former country in a new land. If you come to Canada, you should make up your mind first to become Canadian. I don’t care where you come from, if you come to Canada with the expectation of re-creating your old country here, you will be disappointed.”


“Hey other ‘south African’ – I see there are at least 3 of us on the site. Some good news is that the Human Rights Commission of Ontario recently declared it a violation of human rights to ask us about our ‘Canadian Experience’ during any interview process, as the question was only designed to exclude immigrants from working here. But yes we were cheated by clever marketing to keep their economy alive. What makes this tough is lots of us come from violent countries and have suffered things like rape, murder in our families, terrible discrimination and other bad things just to come here and suffer this further discrimination. It breaks one’s back and many of us are now spreading this truth about Canada worldwide. HEY ROB – yes, but your comments has nothing to do with us. Mostly refugees (not skilled immigrants) you are talking about – they will stay and we will leave.”


“I feel sorry for all these newcomers. Canada is not the country it once was. The government has cut EI benefits so hardly anyone can claim it yet they keep the money they take from our pays. They are treating veterans very bad here too cutting out offices etc. The country is going for broke. I apply to jobs all the time for 2. 5 years now and I cant find any work at all. I have never seen it this bad. Alot is due to automation and the internet. I am trying to return to my birth city which does not fare any better than ottawa for work but its cheaper for me to live there. I had to leave my birth city 7 times since age 25 and I am college educated. I dont know if a degree would have made a difference. I know people with degrees working in factories and coffee shops. A family friend was very bright and educated and all he could find was working in a factory. Then he moved to florida and climbed up the ladder to success to become a top manager for a corner store chain. The problem with ottawa in particular is the french influence and if you are not french you cannot move up the ladder and in case like mine, you will not even get an interview because 90% of the government jobs are bilingual here and ottawa is 10% french. Therefore 10% can pick and chose and the 90% are competing against hundreds for one job. Thats why I am leaving ottawa. To add insult to injury, all the hospitals here are bilingual now and I dont speak french so its a convenient way to eliminate alot of people! This is not the first time this has happened to me. I also worked for Immigration back in 1990 and all the english people were laid off and the bilinguals were all transferred to another department.”


“I have read what people wrote and all of you are 100% correct. I am a Canadian woman married to a Lebanese Christian man for 39 years and my husband received his IT back home and couldn’t work here in Canada in his profession. He did menial work for years and all he did was pay high taxes. We live in Ottawa and no jobs and like someone said here 24% is the real unemployment – I totally agree with you. My daughter cannot find work either and she is Canadian and my family goes back some hundreds of years as well.

To all potential immigrants you have to be really poor and wanting to come to Canada and be able to adjust. You must be able to speak English and French fluently. There is a huge discrimination, the jobs do not pay much – more like minimum wage like what Jane and others said which is so true and what my daughter has been making. I can go on and on in talking but everything that everyone said here is absolutely true. It is the people who are very impoverished who appreciate Canada the most. Everything is mighty expensive and yes the food is not the greatest. The climate here is horrible and you must be able to tolerate the cold weather and be very healthy. Take care everyone and best of luck to all of you. We are having our problems as well even being Canadian born and raised. My husband never liked Canada since the beginning but we have nowhere else to go. All the best to everyone.”


“I have not faced that much of problem. came to Canada in 2007, started by a supporting job to pay bills, got professional license in 2008 and got a good job. everybody respects me in my work place. Off course, Canada is a country of trade people and they reach higher positions, just like in India 50 years before and in most cases they do not allow/beleive educated people to come in. But you will get opportunity somewhere in this big country, real educated people in Canada , normally, do not descriminate foreign education and experience.”


“Many of you are complaining that you have received a commensurate education before coming to Canada and that discrimination is the reason for your unsuccessful endeavours. Judging by the incompetency of the written word I’ve observed reading these comments, I am not sure discrimination is the primary factor. I also work in the health care system, and rarely, RARELY, does a nurse coming from Southeast Asia, or other parts of the developing world have the required skills. So,no,in my opinion, as a degree educated individual who is also a first generation Canadian, do I believe that all cases of “educated” individuals being passed over for career positions are all based in inherent racism. I find that those who complain the most, are the least qualified.”


“I think Canada should allow us as skilled immigrants to own property here and lessen the investment visa requirements, as clearly we are only allowed in to buy houses, cars, etc. and not to add to the economy with our skills. I don’t think the Government knows how to reverse their immigration policies without a collapse in the housing, car and other markets stimulated by immigrants. Its simple – if you came after 2009, you are in trouble in Canada and your CV will just be ignored – whether you are a doctor, someone with 2 masters degrees or anything similar. Before the recession – you are fine. Canada does not create jobs currently and it is clear, whether wrong or right, that skilled immigrants are pushed out to make way for Canadian citizens. Why not then lessen the 730 day rule to say 200 days or so in order for us to work at our professions (other than by serving people with our doctorates at Tim Hortens / McDonalds)?”


“Here goes my 10 cents… I am an IT Professional with +10 years of experience (Oracle Fusion Middleware and Java developer) and I lost my job about 2 months ago. There are very few good jobs (at decent rate, 70k or higher) I see better paying jobs in my home country (A third world one) then here, besides, for every job you apply for there are 50 candidates; IT here is super crowded. I had last week a good offer from a US company (115k) I didn’t leave yet because I am going to get my citizenship by 2014, once I get it, I’m leaving… good look for those who are coming…”


“Victoria BC Canada and Vancouver Island is only good to VISIT, All the people and culture are slow, uptight, cliquey, restricted, lacking, poor in all social, political, economic matters. Read the comments on,,, BBB, others. Research or you are screwed.

Many say the educational, economic, social systems in the USA and Canada are nothing more than a Ponzie Scheme trick. All your work and educational experience means nothing. Some cities and provinces in Canada are worse than others as the whole system is corrupted by discrimination, nepotism, politics, and short sighted policies and practices that will collapse the society someday. All of this is like a economic, housing, educational bubble ready to burst. People are paying too much to get back too little in this money sucking scheme that only benefit the people running the scam to milk the suckers, everyone else.

Students will be shackled with huge debts in a corrupted job market that has nothing left to offer for the sacrifices. They will still be under employed or unemployed while being indentured slaves to their large student loan debts. They may be farther ahead with just saving money while working at a cheap job and avoiding post secondary education debts. Too many people are graduating with college and university and their job market value is decreasing as everyone can get a certificate, diploma, degree. The education price is sky rocketing as more people demand an increasingly worthless piece of paper, like a form of educational hyperinflation”


“I moved from the USA in 2012 as a skilled worker class. It has been very difficult to survive here. For the last two years I had been struglling to find a decent job. I have masters in Physics and vast teaching and mangement experience. in India and The USA.

True, the Skilled worker class immigration system is definately a mislead to the immigrants.When we move in the middle of the carrer it is true devastation to your personal confidence and education. I am able to make my bread and butter out of my common sense not my expertise or skills. i had been applying for jobs everyday without fail. No responses at all. Here the hiring is not done by the talent but the links.
Yes evry second day the situations compells me to leave canada and force to repent the descision I made to immigrate to Canada.

The elementary school education is terrible. School system does not have a “CARE”forstudents. There are no goals set for individual learning. Much more to say……………”


“Hi There. Just to be fair with the current political system around the world, No country is perfect actually. I came to Vancouver to do my degree in 2006 and i love every second when i was there. I came home after my studies to pursue the belief of which “3rd world country provides better prospect of career growth and opportunity”. I was wrong. Most of the top post which was covered by foreign talents and “first” class citizens, and the prospects of growing in the corporate world is limited. I came from a country where democracy is just a mask for corruption.

Although i was born in my beloved country, i was treated as a second class citizen. Bear in mind, i represent the 4th generation for my family in my country. What about the Economy? Inflation rises 2 times faster than your annual wage increment. Properties rises 10-20% annually. Buying power reduce minimum of 5%, vehicles will cost you extra 300% on tax and debt service ratio stands average 70-80% per person. That will leave you very minimal in your take home pay. Public school/universities and government post/jobs is limited because you are a second class citizen. But if you are the “first” class citizen, you will stand in better chance in tendering for government projects, apply to public schools, obtain business loan from the govenment (in which never service the repayment), gets to enjoy additional 7% discount on new property purchases and etc etc. By the way, if you ever visit here, you will also notice there are tons of freeway/highway tol booths (we pay a lot to tol charges just to use these roads due to bad road planning that causes unbearable traffic jams), because these amenities are control by private sectors (more like government cronies).

And last but not least, your government will never openly say “GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY!” when the people rally due to the hike in taxes and prices. Just for your info, my country is also run by RACE BASED POLITICS. Yes, you are right, a racist government. Work hard is all i can say, and thats what my ancestors have been doing for the past 100 years just to stay in this country. Which country you live in that does not expect you to contribute 101% of your time to work? Work hard and smart in the same time, to improve the economy and also to provide growth for all sectors and also your children’s future. Happy New Year Everyone and Wish You a Good Year ahead. (Hoping to come back to Vancouver in the near future)”


“I wanted to add my two cents on the comments made here. I have a honours degree from the UK, with a wealth of experience in my field. Coming to Canada was the worst mistake of my life. The hoarding of opportunities, rampant nepotism, intellectual racism and a lack of empathy for the immigrant experience is what sums up Canada for me. Despite my ability and experience I have been stuck here and aim to leave. Singh made a comment that rung so true: Canada is better for those less educated, willing to “live to work” instead of actually have a life. For the person who commented that people must not be able to converse in English hence the discrimination – this is categorically not true. My English is perfect so why am I being discriminated against. Furthermore, for those who say that why are people crying for things to be in their language and for there to be staff who speak their lingo I say this : is the immigrant tax dollar somehow cheaper than the born Canadians (the majority of whom were immigrant’s themselves!)? Why bring in foreign workers if you don’t aim to provide adequate services for them. Why is that other western countries provide services in different languages? Why do we not see people in power that reflect the very community it serves? Racism. And its not obvious racism but covert, sinister and probably the worst I have ever seen. I cannot wait to leave this country!”


“Moved to Toronto with wife and 2 daughters in 2009. I am ca from India and CPA from California USA. Candian ca institute did not recognized US CPA from California for reciprocal award of Canada CA. Got job after 3 months with Indian CGA for $1500 a month. Came back to India permanently after 2 months as not satisfied with job prospectus of CGA in Toronto. Settled at Mohali near Chandigarh with parents family income of Rs70k per month, feels satisfied”


“This country is awfully corrupt, as a student at George Brown College, I was forced to study college English and that course cost me C$1000, a course that I should have been exempted from, at the same time I received an exemption from a microeconomics course that should have saved me C$1000 but the college’s excuse for charging me C$1000 was that we pay on a per semester base and not on a course base this in itself is corruption as why must one pay for a course where one did not need to study for it, neither did I learn a thing and also I did not take up resources for it either.

I am beginning to hate this country, my professors have masters and Phds and yet their ability to calculate mathematical numbers is awful, my own un-educated mother has been able to calculate numbers mentally faster than I can and yet the Canadian professors themselves are not able to do so. Whats even worse is that backward mindedness, outdated material… is the order of the day at Canadian learning institutions.

We have many channels to take our complaints to, but the thing is that the channels are not able to do anything about it, this makes me wonder whether or not the channels were created for appeasing the distressed – they channels are like ‘toothless dogs” – (a metaphor), who only appear to give hope but cannot do anything at all.

Guys this country is just too corrupted and is comparable to a third world nation, the only difference is that it is slightly better managed. If you are well educated do not come to this country as it shall de-motivate you and possibly lead to a lowering of one’s IQ levels.

The country social cultural habits are very bad, the people are very oblivious and do not care about others at all. Don’t believe me, come and see it for your selves.

I also incurred a huge amount of expenses as the Canadian govt did not process my passport on time, I had to lose the amount of money for the earlier bought ticket spend an additional C$2250 more for a ticket at the last minute, I incurred additional phone charges close to C$60 + travelling costs close to another C$100 just to get my own passport. In total it cost me C$2410 for an un-employed student who has an interest rate of 19.99% on my credit card, I highly think that this is unfair and that the govt should have done a thing about this.

But then again this is Canada, in some aspects it is worse than a third world country (education, culture, mannerisms, tradition, common sense….)”


To those of you who say you left a good paying job in the US to come to Canada, I’d like to know why. I’m assuming it’s got to do with the inability to renew a work visa in the US. Canada has 1/10th the population of the US so why would you expect many opportunities here. I also think it’s interesting that many of you call Canada “racist” as Canada’s entire immigration system is based on how not racist we are and how we encourage people to come here to celebrate their diversity. Multiculturalism was a huge mistake and gave immigrants the idea that they could come to Canada and live like they’re still in their own country only with government perks and safety. The United States expects you to become an American first and you can celebrate your roots on your own time and dime. I know and work with lots of immigrants who have good paying jobs and good lives.

Canada has always been a place where there wasn’t that much opportunity and many native born Canadians have left for greener pastures for economic reasons and better weather. Why didnt you do your homework before you moved here. A lot of people come here to get a Canadian passport then leave which is incredibly deceptive and self serving. You want Canada to treat you like citizens when you actually hate the place and are not loyal to it at all. Just leave without the passport if you hate it so much. I’m an American and a Canadian. Both countries have their pros and cons. It is well known that Canada is a natural resource based economy and the US is a consumer based ecomony. If you couldn’t get into the US Canada is not the next best thing by a long shot. And getting a Canadian passport doesn’t suddenly make you more attractive to American immigration. They think Canada is full of terrorists because of a slack immigration policy.

As far as Canada being in the business of immigration? It was actually the Liberals in the business of bringing in people who would vote for them out of a sense of gratitude for letting them enter Canada. People who have been here awhile and have established themselves see through that one. If you are in fear of your lives in your own country then getting out and going anywhere safer is what you have to do. If you are leaving for a better materialistic life, go to the US. Canada will never be able to offer you the lifestyle you can achieve in the US. Note: if you move to the US and become a citizen or even just a green card holder, you will be filing tax returns and possibly paying taxes to the US for the rest of your life whether you live in the US or not. Their tax code is based on citizenship not residency, so if you naturalize in US and return to your own country Uncle Sam will have his hand in your pocket and the IRS will know every single bank acount, investment, etc. that you have as foreign banks have all agreed to allow this. I know as I file in US as well as in Canada and the IRS is extremely intrusive and my bank is afraid of them – as am I. Things really haven’t changed in Canada since I can remember, it’s all just hype as many of you have figured out. I”m back in Canada to care for family. May or may not return to US to retire. I work in healthcare and it’s just as bad there as it is here. And nepotism is worldwide.”


“It’s a cold country with colder people. Multiculturalism is a sham, and no one wants to know about your culture. People are box-minded and very, very conservative. Society is intellectually stunted. Very grave situation for qualified and educated immigrants. Hence, if you’ve come here, it’s best to get the best out of Canada. Avail all govt resources given out to immigrants (like free healthcare, though we pay for it, free education for children, different kinds of loans and grants, etc) get the citizenship and move out before you start earning so much that you have to pay heavy taxes. Moving to USA, Middle East or going back to India, Pakistan are the best options. And anyway, in other countries your Canadian citizenship status will get you a better pay package. Sad to say, but Canada cannot be called anyone’s home. It’s not ‘warm’ enough.”


“Not only immigrants and residents leave Canada because of bad jobs, bad pay, bad social life culture. Even natural born Canadians leave when they become frustrated and bored. Some provinces and cities are better than others, but the whole system is not as good as Asia, Europe, and some other continents. They will pay you your value and some have cheaper living costs to wages. Canada is all about corruption, nepotism, connections as merit, skills, experience does not matter. It is all a money sucking, rip off, Ponzie Scheme scam in its politics, education, medical, economic, and social systems. Screw you and thanks for your money sucker! The worse of them all is Vancouver Island, Victoria, BC, Canada. The city metro is very old money, old boys/girls network, culturally cold, cheap, and uptight. Read the people’s comments on, (Victoria BC section),,, Yahoo Answers. Knowledge is power and ignorance will get you screwed.”


“Thank you G. Lawrence. Your comment is so impartial and full of truths. I came to Canada in 2009. I’ve invested a lot of my time in my studies (Msc in Computational Mathematics) and international certifications (CFA exams completed, SAS and C++ ), I speak and write French and English, but the only job I’ve done in this country is with call centers. If the government of Canada could present the immigration opportunity like Mr G. Lawrence, many immigrants would certainly not take the risk to come here, but the few adventurers would not complain. I’ve lost my career back home and my small saving during the 6 years I worked there. I’m planning my return in summer 2014 after having wasted 4 years of my life. I thing I can still catch up, God willing.”


“VERY true, you ever see an immigrant or for matter a 2nd generation brown immigrant with no qualifications in a top job No. Ever see a white canadian with college diploma in top job yes. Bottom line racism exists here a lot but Canadians will never tell you that to your face gave to keep up the nicest stereotype.”


“My parents immigrated here in 1990. I grew up in Canada, speak perfect English, and have a family here. I have 2 degrees, speak French and can’t get a job in anything other than temp work. I grab my Tim’s every morning just like everyone else, go camping in the summer, and am Canadian to the core. Between the 4 of us, my siblings and I are qualified in the following fields: travel agent, teacher, mechanic, and nutritionist. We pay taxes, we contribute to society. We are good people. But we can’t get anywhere. I don’ t know if it’s because we’re not white or because our last name isn’t Smith or Morin but it’s really frustrating. We can’t go anywhere because Canada is all we know. Why let people into the country when they can’t get jobs?”


“If only I can refund ALL the expenses I had here in this joke of a country, I’d take it and just go back to my country. Moving to Canada was the biggest mistake of my life.”


“Hi everybody…reading all comments was really good experience and eye opening for me. But I feel Canada has given us the opportunity to work, wherever we feel like, taken care of your health, by giving you health card, taken care of your children education, by free education and there are many more facilities and liberties Canada has given to us. Yes…. I am also leaving Canada. I also came with my wife and two daughter to Canada for my brighter prospects, brighter prospectus for my wife and good education for my daughters. But, here I realized that we are ill-equipped for Canada. I do agree with comments posted but not all comments. Its not Canada who is raciest, its people, People of different origins, different culture. different race and different background. They spread this. Canada has welcomed us here with his open arms but circumstances lead us to take this decision and feel like this. Ya, I do agree that we have to up-grade our education as per Canadian standards, then what’s wrong? Once we are in Canada, we should follow the Canadian systems otherwise we will spoil the system. Why we chose Canada – it was because of all these systems. We all know in our hearts that it was our deficiencies that we could not get adjust as per system. Remember those days when we applied for visa, waiting period, feel the feeling when we got the visa and finally we saw Canada. That’s commendable. Now what happened to us…? I feel that we are selfish.. Yes I do feel like this for myself. We should think in broader platform so it wont hurt us and will not shatter image of any country for our failures.”


“Thanks Baisakhi Roy for speaking out courageously. I too left Canada as being a qualified accountant, I do not want to work delivering pizzas and being security guard. I do not say such jobs are inferior, but a qualified accountant doing such jobs is a waste of talent and effort. Wherever I went seeking job, either I lacked ‘Canadian Experience’ or was ‘overqualified’. Applied more than 400 jobs and got only 2 calls for interview. The jobs offered were selling insurance or collecting debts. Thanks Canada for allowing to spend 5 years of savings in just a couple of months! Thanks Canada for the beer and Niagara Falls! Thanks Canada, you allowed to come and leave; and find better opportunities in other countries where my education and experience is valued; and feel sorry for you as you are loosing many educated and loyal future citizens.”


“My Canadian husband went to NZ to study and work in his mid 20s. Education is cheaper there, cost of living is low and there are plenty of jobs. He decided to return home after 10+ years so he could be near his elderly family during their final years and now finds that after 1 year he still can’t get a job here. He’s white, has long-standing ancestral ties to the area he lives in, and has three university degrees. He can’t even get an interview for anything, be it a highly paid job in his field or a min wage labouring job. No one is interested. I’m beginning to suspect his foreign degrees are actually working against him. He’s been out of the country too long and Canada doesn’t like that, eh? Sad situation. We may have to head back to NZ to survive.”


“Thanks for all your comments guys, specifically Tanya’s- pretty much genuine ones! I do not blame Canada, rather I do blame myself. If you are not satisfied of the quality of life you are having, FIND AN ALTERNATIVE!

Racism does exist (yet, some people are kind) – polished, well advertised diversity and multi-cultured life for immigrants with stress on the integration factor into the Canadian society that only exist in the fictional world (totally different story you find on ground) and, last but not least, the big title – The Canadian Experience that actually considered the worst worldwide where you will never get exposed to a real experience that will benefit you in any potential, future career goal or does not even match your academic qualifications.

For the lovely G. Lawrence’s comment about being deceptive to have a passport and leave the country! I am just wondering, isn’t it deceptive from being drawn to the country, spending more than $50k as premium international tuition fees, promised to be equally treated as per employment concern, working in a labor intensive sector, fast food and in overnight shifts in some warehouse and paid as low as $10.25……..who does that? Engineers, Programmers, MBA graduates or maybe, according to my experience, all of them plus a doctor, astonishingly, handed out to me a sandwich once in a fast food restaurant.

Without the immigrants, the tax payers, the economy would be history now. And for all who still wondering why bringing people in if there are no jobs? Well, immigrants, in most cases, injects into the country everything has brought from home-country and even they take loans in hoping that after getting the Canadian, fancy experience, they will land in a descent job – something related to their academic background. So it is a huge benefit for the economy; easy money invested in.

I feel sorry for all people who came here to live the North American Dream, they ended up working at Tim Hortons or McDonald!

To conclude, lots of potential people now are shifting towards other countries, like Australia – I still love Canada though.”


“I lived in Canada for 5 years from 2000 to 2005 and moved to US since. It’s the same shit everywhere I swear. My brother lives in England I visit him once a while. He is not rich and people in UK r struggling I’m talking about British citizens not immigrants….I have friends in France they hate the day they moved there and the french r the first people to consume anti depressant drugs in the world…In Australia, don’t think it’s easier u’ll suffer big time be4 finding a decent job and some immigrants left it because of its consisting bored weather(the same all year) and the feeling of being far away from the world…My advise is: if u have a good or decent job at home keep it, and if u can afford to travel, yes come here visit the US and Canada or elsewhere….if u r financially poor yes I recommend u to come here but unfortunately the odds r those people generally speaking won’t be able to make it here…that’s life…”


“I thought this my own problem, however, reading through the comments of others I get relieved. My story is almost similar to most of the stories outlined above. I came to Canada in 2011 as a PR. However, I did not stay permanently taking the advantage of staying 2 years in every five years. In August 2013, I resigned my well-paid Associate Professor job in one of the leading universities in the Gulf countries. By the way, I hold a Ph.D. in Management from a leading university in UK and more than 12 years of teaching and research experience.

Once I arrived I started to apply here and there, almost I applied for advertised jobs in more than 35 universities and colleges. I got only two interviews, for an instructor position in two different colleges, one in Alberta and the other one in Toronto (post-secondary education). The funny thing is that in Alberta college, 7 people interviewed me and non of them is a Ph.D. holder and after 3 weeks they replied negatively by telling me that the market is very competitive, given that the instructor position is considered below lecturer in the ladder of academic institutions (TA -Instructor -Lecturer -Assistant Professor – Associate Professor –Professor). The second interview held in November 2013 and the interviewee immediately told me that the college will start in take in March 2014, so I will contact you by that time to see what we are going to do, and to your knowledge the duration of this job is 5 weeks and it is contractual.

One university also send me an apology letter telling that we already selected the person to fill the job and your application was unsuccessful this time. The rest of places I applied for never contacted me. From that moment, I started to realize that there is no future for me in this country. The problem is that it is not easy to get back to my home country nor to the Gulf country where I came from. I am stuck at the middle. My immediate plan is to get survival job, till I get my citizenship and immediately leave this country.”


“Sure, constant incoming immigrants into Canada injects new money. However it is all short term, short sighted. It is only sustainable for now. Someday the whole scheming system will dry up and seize up. They don’t want you, only your money and assets. They could be more honest and just advertise for you to transfer all your assets to Canada and tell you to stay in your home country. You are just going to join the other birth Canadians in their job, economic, and social life depression. I agree with many of the other people’s comments on,, Yahoo Answers, and others.”


“Some provinces like British Columbia (BC) is sarcastically referred to as the province of Bring Cash. This is because BC is restricted, cheap pay, debt ridden, low savings, and poor compared to the other provinces of Alberta (AB), and Saskatchewan (SK) where you have a 1/4 change at any kind of job, BC has 1/98 chances. You have to bring your own own and friends to BC as you will not find any there.”


“Canada is not a nation for International doctors. Medical Council of Canada does not want them to be licensed practitioners even if they pass all medical licensing examinations. The Problem is that they do not get matched into residency.”


“I recently moved to Canada and was offered a job in a Senior position at ISM (a reputed organisation in Canada) through an employment agency. Although I applied for the same role directly through the organisation’s website but did not get any response rather when I applied through the agency I got the job immediately as a contractor for 12 months. As soon as I start my work, all my so called qualified and non-qualified white colleagues and Finance manager started doing sneaky politics and tried to confuse me since I do not have white skin.

One of the qualified accountants9who never attended in any class while he was doing his bachelor degree as he mentioned to me) commented that having a degree form UK does not qualify me to get a job in a senior position in Canada. Not to mention that, I completed my Master’s degree in Finance from a UK university and have 15 years of working experiences in many reputed organisations. My manager and junior staffs were forcing me to do data entry tasks and asked me to help them in their tasks despite I was recruited for a senior and supervising role. Some of them also shouted at me saying ‘As a Contract staff, I should do those jobs and help them in their tasks rather than carrying out my designated jobs.

My manager who is very lazy and unskilled (although he and others claim themselves well qualified accountant and putting their qualification tile in their email which I found very funny) unable to provide the quality jobs as the organisation was expecting. They all were constantly playing games with me since I joined at my work place and finally got rid of me in six weeks’ time saying, I do not fit in their team as I always try to contact with higher key people at the organisation (they tried to mean I always try to contact with the head of the department who is an FCO). What an excuse to get rid of an educated skilled people. People are in Canada are very sneaky and low mentality regardless their education level. If qualified people in a reputed organisation are like that, you can imagine the rest of the people in that country who do hardly have any education.

After losing my job just after six weeks in such a reputed organisation, I have decided to go back to England as working environment there is much better than Canada. In my short period of staying in Canada, I have learnt that Canadian people are rude, non-friendly, disrespectful and racist. These white people always forget that they are also immigrant and migrated from Europe to Canada. Canadian work experience will only teach you how to be non-productive, a lazy bugger and non-friendly. In the name of immigrating skilled people, Canadian’s are making money to keep their economy running.”


“if you are earning good in ur country than no need to come in this country. i think in recent years canadian government will pass the rule that every immigrant ,either highly educated or not ,must take admission in higher secondary school ( AGE NO BAR) so that he or she will understand the country.and people.i am B.Tech ( mech) M Tech and doing Phd . I AM GOING BACK WITHIN A MONTH”


“pfft did tax dollars fund them? these people are the minority. Most immigrants come from real hellholes and end up in low paying jobs here and wouldn’t move back to their shithole countries”


“My experience is not very different from most of the people who left their comments on this article. This place is a complete waste of time, money and energy. Shame on you Canada!”


“I came to Canada three years ago . I regret this decision as it ruined my life and life of my family. It’s the worst nightmare to become disillusionate, I have all my credentials recognized and found the job pretty quickly. My last year income is higher that national average by 40 gran. Yet it’s so fictional – half of my paycheck is being trimmed. I feel like a cow being milked – no motivation to move forward and to be achiever. What for ? Socialism sucks. As mentioned above – overrated, outdated, uncultural, disgusting weather, what else? Arrogant hard headed people. I hate it here. I will run away as soon as I am getting my Masters”


“canada can not even look after their own people,the white canadians,yet alone look after immigrants. just stay in your country and make it better.canadians are tired of immigration coming to canada and taking what jobs are here,canada does not feel like canada to older canadians,racism is worst with immigrants moving here and not respecting canadian culture,thinking they can do what ever they want,not speaking english or pretending you can’t so we had enough stay home and make your country all it can be. our soldiers did not go to war just to have immigrant take for their own,that is why you have a hard time here. you have no respect.”


“Oh wow, there really is corruption everywhere! All of your should have heard about the Victoria BC McDonald’s Restaurant corruption (Topix, Victoria BC Canada) by now on various media? McDonald’s franchisees lied to the Canada Government temporary foreign workers program about not being able to find any Canadians to do the work. The foreign workers were favoured in FT, promotions, over Canadians. The foreign workers were also made to work overtime without pay and end up being paid less then BC minimum wage. McDonald’s Canada is now cutting off the franchisees and investigating all the others across Canada. The Federal Government is now talking about fines and possible prison time for the McDonald’s franchisees. The owners got their pictures on TV for all to see.The owners only brought in foreign workers to avoid Canada labour laws and standards for excessively greedy profit. Many say the Temporary Foreign Workers Program should be scrapped and Canadians first.”


“WOW! What can I say? I have been dreaming about Canada for years now. I have always love Canada. But now, I am so confused. I have a friend that works in oil and gas. And others are doing good as well. I’d love to settle in Canada. But all these comment confuse me big time.”


“Richard, does Canadian have any culture or history? Are you not immigrants who were migrated from Europe few years back? Do not make yourself stupid by calling others Immigrant. Canada, USA and Australia are all immigrant country. Before asking others to go back to their country, why don’t you and your four fathers go back to Europe from where you originally came from? Mr English speaker, could you let know what language do you speak when you travel or reside in China, Dubai or other parts of the world? Do you speak in their native language or in your native language? How many language you dumb and non-qualified people can speak? You racist, moron people will only learn how to hate and find fault in others. If you ever come to abroad let me know, I will force you to speak in other language and will see how good you are in that language.”


“Damilola, your friends impleaded you. Most of the immigrant tells the same story to their friends and always encourage them to come to Canada so that they can live with their love ones. In reality, living in Canada is like a hell. Canadian people are racist, arrogant, non-friendly, rude, do not know manners at all, corrupt, etc. Perhaps Canadian white people are the worst and most racist people on earth. They are ruthless and treat you as their slave. If you want to live in Canada doing low profile job then come and do the Canadian white people slavery as that’s the way these Canadian white people treat other nationalities. You will end up living with the most disgusting people & place on earth. That’s all I can say with my recent experiences in Canada. Check YouTube and see how these white Canadian people treated minority Native people who are actually real Canadian. I have also included some other links of you tube.

Spread all these news and let the people know. So that they will stop coming to this country and wasting their money and time. Canadian Government just want all other nations to come to this country to inject their money into their economy. Once the immigrant will stop coming to Canada, their economy will start collapsing and lazy Canadian will realise how immigrant actually were contributing in Canadian economy.

I would urge to all, that treat all Canadian white people ( when they go to abroad) in the same way they treat other nationalities. Do not show any respect to them and behave rudely with them. They should get a lesson that how it feels like.”


“Canada busy for nothing , no real social life .
criminal organisation which exist even without a constitution.. quebec never signed it”


“What is to be confused about Canada? The bad, selfish, greedy Canadian employers who are unreasonably greedy would turn the Canadian citizens and the less protected foreign temporary workers into modern day slaves if they could. They would prefer to pay everyone zero if they could get away with it. The Canadian labour fraud news coming out of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, probably in every province should be proof enough for everyone. You will give up up your relative good life to be an abused slave in Canada. Even the Canadians themselves are beginning to backlash against foreign temporary workers and the shady employers that brought them in. The resentment will only grow. Royal Bank of Canada tried to fire all their Canadian IT staff and ordered them to train their Indian foreign replacements, until RBC got exposed to the media. Some mining company in Northern BC tried to bring in 200 Chinese miners until they got exposed and the unions filed lawsuits in court. This kind of thing is now spreading all over Canada. The country is a sinking ship as a society. Why join up to sink along with the others?”


“In canada there is hardly any decent job available but it’s government still welcoming immigrant saying that they need skilled people. This is quite misleading info by higher authority of a country. You can easily figure out why they are doing this. Just to make money. If each immigrant bring at least $ 10000 as per immigration rule and each year 250000. Now do your math. It’s whopping 250 billion dollar (or more as most of the immigrants bring more than $10k ) injecting into their economy every year. In return most of the highly qulified immigrant work as taxi driver, security guard, or other low profile job. This is what the real scenario of canadian immigration.”


“I moved to Canada from the USA with my family, my wife found a job, put after 9 years I still haven’t got any replies from companies I applied to, I’m a retired aircraft mechanic, I have an FAA license which in Canada it’s not valid, I don’t understand why because they use a USA curriculum and books from the FAA to get their license, in Canada the mechanics are considered engineers, a title that came from the British and in England a plumber is considered an engineer by title, I find Canada just wants to be above everybody else, I know I can run circles around any Canadian mechanic they throw at me, so get off your high horses.”


“It is not just the immigration system that is syphoning money out of immigrants and foreign temporary workers. The post secondary education system is doing the same thing to Canadian and foreign students. They accept endless numbers of students and charge them different kinds of fees, taxes, tuition, in various programs without any consideration if the students will be able to find enough jobs. All they want is your money and you are on your own. If you can’t find work, they will be happy to sell you more expensive courses for a price, endlessly.”


“Canadian’s are notorious and uncivilzed. They do not know manners at all. That’s why many well educated and decent immigrants leave this shitty country.”


“The problem with immigration in Canada is very much the same as in any other country, be it first or third world. The prevailing idea behind economics, and therefore labour, is that business people need a work force to carry out tasks the business owner does not or cannot do in order to amass as large an amount of capital (power and privilege) as possible to forever weather the undesirable blows dealt to the individual by the system the individual itself promotes; in oder words a vicious circle. This is the real principle behind job creation. Very seldom is an original business idea revolutionary enough to provoke a meaningful change in the social and work-place fabric, fact most evidenced by the design of work spaces themselves. It then becomes clear that the inner workings of an economy respond to the perceived needs of those who have managed to climb the socio-economic ladder either through their efforts, their connections or the combination of both.

To my knowledge there is no country which has the would be very honourable practice of asking its immigrants for what they are able to contribute to society. Business people are very narrow minded and therefore not in the least bit concerned with the healthy functioning of society; such conception is simply too broad for them, it escapes their mental structure. True concern about a sound social inner working means not only investing but also agreeing on crucial matters (the creation of a social contract). This more often than not is seen as a hindrance to obtaining privileges. In general, the modern world is privilege and not rights oriented.

Canada occupies a very particular place (like any other country) due to its history as a business enterprise of the British crown and the upper class behind it. Canadian society is not particularly enterprising, unlike the US or many other first world countries. Canadian life revolves around a notion of stability and security that disables attempts at adventurous creation, to the extent of not yet experiencing a real coming of age of some of the arts, even when compared with some developing countries like Mexico, where this aspect of productive life is in a state of crisis and decay.

Canada had the fortune of living in a state of peace good enough to introduce social democracy after the Second World War without having to go through the struggles of Western Europe to achieve it. The result is an endangered welfare state constantly pelted with invectives and all kinds of unreazonable accusations by those who seek to either not pay taxes or use state funds for their private gain (socializing losses and privatizing gains).

There are immigrants who will always struggle to addapt to Canada simply because of the material entourage; one example that comes to mind is that of the Russians. It is not the same to have been born and raised in places like Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kiev (to mention just a few), adorned with magnificent colossal buildings hundreds of years old, exhudating beauty and a conception of life quite different to commercialism, to suddenly finding oneself at the intersection of Yonge and Bloor. To the defenders of profit in spite of everything else, the previous comment might seem ridiculous and even an unmistakable evidence of feebleness, but to those who need to feel there must be something of a different nature and uplifting enough to strive for, it comes as a bitter disappointment. I gather the same is true about places like Australia and New Zealand. In a nutshell, migrating should not be an act triggered only by the vague prospect of future economic stability or even gain, but should be the result of a profound research and reflection on the characteristics of a country and the personal constitution: “Who am I?”, “What am I willing to put up with?”, “Is this an adventure to reinvent myself or to improve my quality of life?”, unless, of course, it is the result of a dire emergency. Always remember at present countries do not issue policies of any kind on consideration of the many (wherever they might be from), but of the very few.”


“New immigrants and foreign temporary workers are often treated like slave workers by their all controlling employers, because the more knowlegeable local workers know all the employment laws and human rights legislations. The employers want a more exploitable work force that will bend over at every command. The Temporary Foreign Worker corruption scandal that is spreading like a disease across Canada, from Victoria BC is an example of what is wrong. The various levels of governments need to follow the general will of the people and heavily enforce and punish the unscrupulous employers when they step out of line. Most employers can not be trusted to be non parasite and totally self centred to the detriment of the broader society. Employers would turn everyone citizen, immigrant, or foreign worker into a slave industry. These kinds of scandal serve a purchase of cleansing the unreasonably exploitive and excessive employers. They are not too smart in the long term. They are saving $1 to get back $20 in hassle and inconvenience. Employers today are very short term thinkers. They would eat themselves and the entire market to death if allowed complete freedom to do whatever they want.”


“The only people who can afford to live in Canada are the corporate crooks, not only are the immigrants being screwed here so are the Canadians who were born here. We are being nickle and dimed to death, there are so many scam companies and the government here does nothing to help the consumer who’s been ripped off. My advice to immigrants, stay in your own countries and make it work there. Coming here is a big mistake. We can`t even have a life here, all this stupid government wants out of us is to work and pay taxes.”


“I have a nice job in Canada , though most of my Canadian colleges look at me as if i stool this job from them. They sting mew with the racism poison by asking stupid questions . Most white dudes are also immigrants to Canada for sure- Racism for sure – big time racism – They think we don’t know it ……”


It’s a sad reality, but as a born Canadian with roots dating back to the 1600s on my maternal side, 1st generation on my father side, I too feel a false sense of security or opportunity to create a decent life over here. With corrupt inner workings (aka, government and big establishments) feeding off the backs of hard, honest, working individuals. This is the price we pay for capitalism in Canada, unfortunately most of the profits are shared among the elite (the so-called 1%) while the rest are thrown peanuts struggling to make end meets.

I too see the decline of quality of life over the years and not because of mass immigration, but government and corporate greed. If you have a conscience, believe in fair play and honesty, or want to have a work-life balance, don’t expect to last very long or feel content with your life. Plenty of Canadians are drowning in debts and this creates a haven for employers, banks and institutions alike. This is what is call modern slavery, not by race or ethnic background, but by financial obligations and it draws out fear, abuse, deceit, dissatisfaction, and why many are turning against each other.

Not just immigrants feels delusional, but many Canadian born individuals as well. As one of my friend would put it describing Canada, “you feel like a hamster running on a treadmill, not going or gaining anything.” I too looked at emancipating myself from my own birthplace, but then the economic crash happened and it’s like I feel stuck for the moment.

I’m also a seasoned traveler and been to many different parts of the world, and I do know as one might say, ‘it’s always greener on the other side of the fence’ (I do know, it is very different when you are a tourist as oppose to being a citizen), however, with my experience, I’ve never met so many Canadians who feel so dissatisfied with their life as to the locals I’ve met among my travels.

“A constant struggle” as one of my coworker would put it and not to mention, we also have to content with cold, harsh climate (this year is particularly brutal) which does not make the matters any better.
I’ve always said, we are locked indoors, workaholics for 8 months of the year, and only have a life and feel human, when we are able to go outside and enjoy the weather the other 4 months of the year.
That’s not what I call a decent, satisfied life, but then again, we are reminded of many politically unstable regions parts of the world, and you think, well Canada is not as bad as them, but again there are so many others that are better.

On one last note, I don’t see a bright future for Canada, only on the decline, the rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer and the rest of us, well, will work like a fool paying the majority of the taxes. But on a brighter note, our climate should get warmer thanks to the world polluting, we may not be able breathe clean air, but we will experience warmer temperatures due to global warming as the years are yet to come. FYI, the Canadian government and probably the American government too, is monitoring your message under the umbrella of “National Security”. That’s democracy in it’s highest level.

I don’t blame anyone who want to leave, it’s hard to make a decent living here in Canada. Either you are lucky enough to find a job in your professional field, but usually pays on a salary basis (clever employers whom come up with this just to hire less and squeeze more out each individual) which turns you to a slave (you don’t leave until the job is done and many times, take home with you) or you are under employed or unemployed and in most case, feeding the post-secondary institutions (another powerful enterprise) or you not employable, then you are on the mercy of government hand-outs. Whichever way, you look at, your screwed either way unless you have no conscience, dishonest, deceitful, self-centered, greedy or criminally minded, then you will thrive well here which is how the country is run.”


“It would be unfair to generalize the entire Canada, because some areas of Canada are protected native reserves, but probably most of the issues are centralized within major metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Hamilton, etc?

First, if an immigrant was starving in his/her home country, then Canada will be great for improving your standard of living, until the economy can no longer sustain the corruption and unemployment, and austerity on social services come into effect–Read the stories about austerity in the European Union.

However, if an immigrant was earning a middle to upper class income in his/her home country–DO NOT come to Canada unless you are GIVEN a JOB which pays over $60k a year.

Most of the jobs are in the urban centres of Canada, and with the current economic depression, it is hard to find any job which pays over minimum wage. Rent isn’t cheap either, and renting a room in a shared home in Toronto can amount to at least $400 a month depending on the nearness to the upscale areas of downtown or Yonge Street.

Another topic worth mentioning, the Canadian job market favours certain groups and genders of people, that in the democratic Canada, if one were to publicly express any grievance or corruption over certain demographics of people, it will be considered a criminal offense or defamatory comments.”


“I agree that the Canadian job market was racist even in the 1970s and 1980s, but back then if anyone worked hard enough, they could save enough money and live comfortably. But as of now, the society of urban Canada is leaned towards corporatism, narcissism, nepotism, corruption, Marxism, xenophobia and worship of the Almighty dollar.

The education in Canada reeks of profane and pro-Marxist material, that will make the most conservative immigrant shudder in disgust.

Most of the public schools in Canada are more interested in promoting corporatism, political agendas, illicit behaviour and dumbing down rather than teaching students into becoming entrepreneurs of the future. In other words, the public schools indoctrinate their students to become corporate labourers in a very competitive labour market.

The Canadian workplace would be seen as a culture shock to some newcomers. If a white Swiss immigrant was overlooked in his job potential, imagine the situation if it was a racialized minority. The problem stems from the early 2000s, when a certain Marxist social movement was being promoted on the internet, using sentences like the 77 cents per dollar, a social movement endorsed by government, a social movement campaigned by middle and upper class white.

This is where the job market began to favour certain genders over another because the employers were either scared to be sanctioned by the big government, or that once the white middle-upper class activists managed to infiltrate the job market, they hired one gender over another ignoring the qualifications, some businesses have to reach gender quotas!

So if a 40 year old male Indian Manager was to apply for a job in Canada, it would not be surprising to hear that the job was given to a person who has another gender who grew up in the Canadian indoctrination system, because the employers know that the 40 year old immigrant will end up in trouble with the Marxists and the snobs in the workplace.

Don’t even get started with the flouride in the water, big government, NSA spying, the mistreatment of Aboriginals, income disparity in Canada.”


“After 9 years of job discrimination and rampant nepotism, I emigrated with my wife and daughter to the USA, a wise move. I hear the complaints of Asian immigrants who make the mistake of settling in Canada. I am of German origin and have the skin and hair color that would please the most “discriminating” Canadian business and government managers. Yet that still wasn’t good enough for them Their (cowardly) excuse was that I did not have the “kind of expereince we’re looking for”. I realize “never” is a powerful word. Nonetheless, I will never set foot on Canada again !”


“People visiting Canada on vacation for 2 weeks have a wonderful time spending their own money on food, entertainment, shopping, and then they leave for home. Working and living long term is not that good. The money, promotions, and just ordinary work prospects are really low. A big part of the problem is the government and private company employers are just playing useless, time wasting games with job applicants. Even when they say they are hiring, it is a fake lie. They will find some kind of excuse to not hire. They will expect you to work for almost free if they manage to hire any staff. They are making their own company worker shortages as their old employees quit when unable to tolerate their employers any longer.”


“Hi all, very interesting article & comments section. I have been working for 10 years, out of which 8 years in places other then my native. one thing for which i am sure is that discrimination/racism is everywhere. Wherever I went I have observed, locals gets the first preference, and I am kinda used to with it. My concern is the level of racism/discrimination. currently I work in Middle East-Arabic region, I see rampant racism, particularly with Indians, who are seen as labor machines (I am a highly qualified engineer/working in an MNC in Oil & Gas) locals enjoy all day with no responsibility.
and in Middle East one will never become a citizen, which can be possible in Canada. So, I am also applying for a Canadian PR! To be honest, I don’t think Canadian employers are that stupid/racist to prefer lazy/unproductive locals over hardworking/productive/intelligent immigrants….if this is true in Canada also then its equal to Middle East. Fingers crossed!”


“I went for PhD at UofA. My supervisor sucks real bad and stipend was very low. Was depressed and felt cheated. Came back to India finally, 3 months back. Though, no job right now, but I feel confident that I will do good with my life.”


“These companies here in Canada are a joke, they don`t want to hire anyone, or if they do hire its for minimum wage, yet they got their pissy mitts out for our money.”


“waste of time waste of money”

Here is a web site that lists Canadian employers who have federal government approval to hire Temporary Foreign Workers. Only British Columbia and Alberta are currently listed with more to come. The web site was made by a sri Lanka immigrant.”


“To all the people who wish to immigrate and to international students:-You can only dream of a job that gives you respect and good salary. If you are Indian you will easily get a job as most of the business owners are Indians other than that its a tough ride. First mistake that that I did was to take a masters degree from a university. Never ever take a masters degree in Canada. Employers don’t even value them and will term you as overqualified. Then what I did was to take the masters degree from my resume and finally I got a part time job as a night auditor in a motel(that is the best job I got so far) and also I work in a restaurant and often go for catering rest of the days.All in all I Work about 70 hours a day. The economy is stagnant and there is nothing here.”


“Canada is devolving into a hewer of wood and drawer of water economy. The business class has no intention of deploying their capital to create opportunities for workers in industrial concerns, the way they used to in the 60s and 70s. Now, they would rather invest overseas. Come to Canada for things like education, if you must, but I wouldn’t advise any immigrants to have high hopes of having a great career in this country anymore. Business and government have developed into a parasite class and I don’t foresee a change in this anytime soon. Emerging markets are the place to be going forward.”


“I commented above about never obtaining a ft job in canada that lasted. It is true that most of the govt job bs are through networks so your resume and education means nothing and this applies where you just came from india or your white and here a few centuries. I had a fed govt job in 1990 as a casual and it was shutdown and guess what? Only bilinguals kept their jobs and .were transferred and the rest of us lost our jobs. I also want to comment on education and how canada has changed. In the 1980 and 1990s most people only needed a 2 year college diploma and if you were smart and worked hard that job was forife and you later were promoted. But things changed alot since then. We had massive immigration from around the world and technology advanced alot as well. Now most jobs require a masters degree where in 1990 they didnt. So people like myself are left behind.”


“Post secondary college, university education is an over priced, nearly useless Ponzie Scheme. The schools, businesses, governments are more than happy to extract tuition, book fees, activity fees, parking fees, administration fees, and taxes out of you while knowing well there are not enough jobs at all levels for all the students. Even if you graduate, you are most likely going to become indentured student debt slaves for a very long time. You will have school debts and still no better or stable jobs. Unless you can own capital such as property, patent rights, copyrights, means of wealth production, you will always just be someone’s low paid or even high paid bitch.”


“My dad foresaw the future when the liberals took over canada. In 1990 he tried to convince me to move to the US where i could secure a food job in my field and i also have relatives so there which helps tour application even more. I made the mistake of living in the multicultural big cities which is a white wiman’s denise but i never realized it at the time. All these programs to help nonwhites and after 15 years its niw impossible for me to get into a govt job in my own country.”


“Canada is country ? Are you all serious ? Everyone in this world knows that Canada is not country – Canada is territory created by Brits and improved by USA. Canada is world-known joke which ever existed.
Jacques CARTIER’s precocious description of Canada when he for the first time stepped on it : Land God Gave to Cain”


“And the last, if to be really honest ,
Canada is good only for three reasons :

1) To get passport for international travels (if you are from third world country who does need visa everywhere)

2) To get “easy” money (only in Canada the thieves from government aren’t persecuted, no even not trialed !!!!!! Even in third world countries sometimes government are punished and in Chine are shot (death punishment). But only not in Canada where government can easily and openly steal and embezzle money ).

3) For hard, stupid workers from third world countries (like Philippines and etc.) who are ready to work for minus – 1 $ an hour .That’s all.

For other things there are even no reason to live here as this artificial territory, sorry “country” doesn’t have a future ! (here is still past century of eighties and it’s not going to be any improvements and modernization).
Beware this garbage – Canata (big village) !”


“I too had a not sooo very good experience, I have been living here for 20 years, I already have my education/international training in the oil and gas industry before I came here as an independent immigrant. I am non white and the first thing they asked me when i called for an interview is if I have a canadian experience? like helloo?? been here that long and I can tell you, everything that govt provided me is to tax me more and more and more. I could not even get any help other than asking me to pay more and more taxes. all I can say is, they make me feel that I am lucky to be a canadian, now I am looking into getting out of this cold frigid country.”


“and taxes out of you while knowing well there are not enough jobs at all levels for all the students. Even if you graduate, you are most likely going to become indentured”


“After reading all these comments i realized how lucky I am to be here in India. May be i am earning less salary but i have peace of society respects me. After reading comments from Indians..Germans..i feel who is in third world country?! Guys come back to after Modi becoming as a PM..I am sure good days are going to come. Use your talent to benefit locals. Thank you for sharing your honest opinion. May God bless you all and show you correct path.”


“Well. I have lived in Canada for 20 years, traveled extensively, met all sorts of people and I can pretty much say that by now I see the big picture. Yes, Canada has it’s problems but on a larger scale it is one of the best countries to live in and those who are willing to get to where they want to be do so (I have seen it many times), it just takes time and effort – sometimes lots of it. Such is life! One thing I can’t stress enough: Do en extensive research on Canada before you immigrate here. Come and spend some time here first, if you can. Best of luck!”


“I immigrated to Canada in 2000 under the skilled workers program, I was never told that my education would not be equal to a Canadian. I went to school for 3 yrs in UK and became an RDT. I had always wanted to immigrate. The first year I arrived, I got a job right away. To apply for my registration, I had to work 1080 hrs in Ontario, which I did. When I had my credentials assessed they said although I was equivalent to the 3 yrs at George Brown they felt I hadn’t completed the course in enough in college hrs, hence I had to go back to college and do the 3 yrs in Canada. I was then let go from my employer as they needed an RDT. Since then I have worked in cleaning and for other dental clinics but I am talked down and am not allowed to advance at all.

I have recently decided to go back to school but now have to sit Grade12 English, math and a science. I was told I needed Canadian English. I also need an English test which costs $150 to get my citizenship (Celpip), The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program.

I have struggled for years in Ontario and can’t make enough money to go back to the UK. Canada is an education discriminative country. I shall struggle on …..”


“I had arrived to Canada in March 2011. Rapidly, I prepared Canadian style resumes and sent them to the relevant recruiting companies. I only got one interview with no result. Then I went to Access Employment for baking issues and got CSC. Despite I had 12 interviews with the banks, none worked out. Soon, I got two different CSR in two different companies, both funded by the government; in both cases, when the government payment for half of the salary dried u, the companies laid me off. I had to take a security guard position in which, currently , has been more than 2 years.

Having applied to the citizenship last April, I am awaiting to have the citizenship granted, say, in 2 years. I enrolled into CFA but I know perfectly well that it will not serve me here but perhaps in the USA.
But there certain things that I waned to share with you regarding the money issues.

During the interviews with the ban officials, they were impressed about my money management results and tried to obtain the “secrets” of it (same goes in the university of Ryerson where I took some finance courses). Then, while working as a security guard in one of the Toronto condos, I met some traders and when they had learnt that I knew the trading techniques, they were upset.

The point that I wanted to make is that, if they figure out that you know how to deal with your money and you have the potential to become rich by your own, they are really getting pissed of because, they don’t want you to be successful for they want you to work for them as a simple unskilled worker forever… Guess what?! If you start to get rich, they will start to harass you all the way with unfounded allegations.
I had sent my resumes to some websites such as job bank. And the only calls I received were CSR, security guard and marketing of financial products (because had worked in these field in Canada). But nothing regarding what I did back at home.

M advice to you would be to look for other opportunities in the South while collecting international certifications + Canadian citizenship. I believe that it would be more valuable to look at Canada from that point of view. I agree with the unfavorable comments but one has to take advantage of the system and use it as a tool or leverage in order to move to a better position in the South or in Europe.
Good luck!”


“As the saying goes in Indian language…Canada is a place for the “Mazdoor or the Majboor”. Translated ” for the labourer or a person who has no choice”. Either you open your own mum and pop shop, drive a taxi or work as a security guard, if you are educated forget it just not the right place to come to. The Canadian system will indifferently convert your foreign Bachelors or Masters degree’s equivalent to some basic diploma or associate degree here and there onwards starts your rut with the job market. I have heard of maybe 1 out of 10 qualified immigrants making it and happy in their profession, the rest are just about surviving.”


“My husband and I are established university professors with PhDs from American universities. We were living in Brazil with our daughters when invited to attend a lecture at the local Canadian consulate. The staff encouraged us to apply for permanent residency as skilled workers even though we were in our 40s. We were given a seemingly perfect opportunity: to live in a country that values higher education and provides a healthy environment in which to raise young families.

We received our stamped passports thirteen months later and landed in Vancouver, BC, in 2007. Two months upon our arrival, we were hired as sessional instructors by the best universities in town. We (and every job hunter) thought it would not take long before we landed in permanent positions because we speak English, have accreditations and experience.

We soon realized that the dream of becoming a university teacher in Canada was not meant to be. We heard phrases like “You are overqualified”, “You are expensive”, “Universities are not hiring in your field”, “Most openings are for contract positions”, and, finally, “Managers do not like to hire over 40 years old”. We then moved to plan B. I was hired as a Research Associate while my husband worked as a Curator. The uncertainty of our future, with no job security but pressing financial responsibilities, took the best of us and, after 8 years, we decided to go home.

During our stay, we met people from all over the world. Some were kind enough to share their stories. Many gave up careers to go back to school and obtain Canadian diplomas. Others switched jobs. Some families split, with some of their members remaining in Canada while others live abroad. The majority went back home, where they have gratifying and productive lives. Their stories are those of disappointment, resentment and hatred. They are being told in this magazine, on TV (Lang & O’Leary The Exchange, “Fewer Jobs for Immigrants, 2011), and in the newspapers (New York Times, “Immigrants in Canada: have PhD, must sweep”, 2005). Many of them are from immigrants like us, experienced and with PhD degrees.

Why is this happening in Canada, an underpopulated country with declining birth rates, aging population, and shortage of skilled labour in many areas? Specialists say that discrimination has been playing a major role in the job market. According to them, Canadians are better educated now, with many possessing more than one post-secondary degree. Several immigrants report that they had experienced unfair competition during hiring procedures.

The immigration of university professors confirms that Canadian immigration policies need urgent revision. They reflect a lack of understanding not only of the impediments of recruiting highly qualified foreigners but also of the prospects of retaining them permanently. According to the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), post-secondary institutions have been massively hiring sessional instructors, who are poorly paid and have no benefits, job security or academic freedom. CAUT’s campaign “Fairness for Contract Academic Staff” has been ongoing for years.

Surprisingly, university professors remain an eligible profession for Canadian immigration as recently announced by Canada Immigration & Citizenship and the BC government. The situation in BC raises a new concern. Many post-secondary institutions now require that their applicants obtain the “BC Provincial Instructor’s Diploma” to qualify for sessional instructor positions, which will prevent newcomers to find jobs immediately. The message is clear: your chances of getting hired are slim without Canadian certifications, regardless of your academic background.”


Canada in general is a ponzie scheme fraud. Some regions maybe worse than others. The Canadian born students are over educated, unemployed or under employed, and overly indebted for almost the rest of their lives. Forget hoping to buy a house, car, vacations, have a family, or expensive toys. By the time you manage to pay off your extortionate student loans (increasing price for diminishing returns of value), you will be too finished to afford anything else, even if you do manage to get related or unrelated work. The managers, supervisors, owners will not hire you if you have too much education as that threatens their positions. They will also not hire you if you are not educated enough because think you are not smart enough to be used, while also not smart enough to be a threat to them. Go to the youtube CBC documentaries “Generation Screwed”, and CBC Doc Zone “Generation Jobless”. The future of Canada is declining living standards, increasing inefficiency, lost future generations, society decline, economic decline, political decline, and a Baby Boomer generation that will scorch Earth everything, everyone else. The ruling Baby Boomers will see their pensions, real estate, and other assets collapse as the younger ones have no jobs, no money, no confidence to buy their assets. Clueless immigrants and temporary foreign workers are trying to join this decline.”


“If I was going to leave Canada where would I go that is a good place. Canada is getting too crowded. I have a fairly decent job but hate the congestion, pollution and crime that is growing in this country.”


“A friend and I recently went to a Human Resources managers question and answers forum organized by a private sector hiring contractor. Five HR managers from 5 large public and private sector organizations showed up to answer questions from attendees. I hard always suspected that Canadian hiring reps just put most of the job applications, resumes, references from mail, email, facsimile machine, immediately in the recycling container or shredder. They then keep advertising for the same jobs endlessly. One of the HR managers was truthful to say that any resumes they did not like for whatever reasons would be thrown away and destroyed if they did not impress within 11 seconds. The other 4 HR managers tried to keep quiet and bypass this question, but their body language gave away their thoughts. Applying for any kind of Canadian work, at any level, or pay grade is like going to the work market casino. You only get some kind of job if you win the work lottery. Your education, skills, enthusiasm does not matter. You are just expendable.”


“I have read all of the comments and I agree with a lot of them. Things have not really changed towards immigrants since the ’60s. You do not have Canadian experience was the familiar cry. You have to improve your English, although you are from an English speaking country and only know English. You just can’t get a promotion, yet the secretary of the fairer race who cannot write a proper letter or proofread their documents or have proper administrative skills gets promoted to an administrative position and goes up and up.

I am speaking from another angle. High school, George Brown, a few courses at night school and Ryerson before it became a university. Dozens of workshops at work along the way in every area for my job. I saw the first set of computers, worked on them. It was just as tough for us but although they took advantage of us, we as women were able to live a half-decent life but with one price, owing the bank. So now that people are much more educated, you are experiencing the same thing that a lot of us experienced, the only difference is that it hurts you more. And to the person who said that all the employers and job owners are Indian, you must only have Indian friends working in an Indian community. I worked and lived in downtown Toronto and I have worked in the white corporate world. I never saw an Indian boss or employer. It is not easy, Racism is subtle and so is discrimination here.

Canadians would kill you if you said that they are prejudice, but many of them are. When you see them outside of your job after they have told you their life stories, they conveniently shift their eyes. They do not invite you to their homes and they don’t want to hang out with you. Walk by the restaurants and check the scene out. I dress properly, smell clean, quite attractive, was brought up in a middle class/upper middle class home, a combination of both at different times, yet, I have gone through a lot of rejection with Canadians. I have been even told how come I can dress the way I do for who I am. Am I supposed to dress in rags and smell? Am I not suppose to have extra skills and talents? I am here because I can’t do any better because I do not have any relatives in my homeland and I left when I was just out of school.

So I have learnt to adapt and accept Canada as my home that is what has given me peace of mind. I will tell you one thing, I am not going to be ashamed when I am old and in need help to go to the government. I worked my bones off. Thank God, I can survive now and don’t need any help otherwise I would just have become another statistic. I have paid my dues in taxes to this society and have helped to make way for visible minorities to be more accepted in this society. Just imagine being the only person on the train sometimes with everyone being afraid to sit next to you. Try imagining that.”


“Angie I am a white woman and I never got to get married, have children or have the middle class life (although I grew up middle class in the east). I just want to advise you that there are many white people who live in high insecurity in jobs and housing its not just immigrants. I had to leave my birth city 7 times and I am college educated. I could have got a degree but I did not know what I liked at the time. I have not been able to secure a ft job since 2008. I only held two temp jobs since then. I lost my apt
more than once and had to live in rooms in ottawa as my EI ran out. I am mixed white race but color does not matter. Its more and more competitive in canada because there are fewer and fewer good jobs and there is more and more competition.

When I grew up canada was almost all white in fact I never heard the term multiculturalism until my high school graduation in 1982. My high school was 97% white and so was by city and province. All I knew of other races was what I could see in a book until I moved to toronto in 1989. As far as you stating you are not invited to peoples homes guess what the same thing holds true for whites. Minorities stick to their own for the most part and now that there are many the dont even speak english, so this make us feel out of place.

I think whites are alot more open than any other race. I see alot of bigoted minorities who judge you on very little knowledge since they know very little about your culture. This is more and more the problem in canada, we are suppose to learn about you but minoriites dont have a clue about a white person and judge us all the same and we are not the same we are very different as we come from many races. Think if u had to live in india and all the male sexist men who live there u should be grateful its not like that here, your are respected alot more. Same for a black woman.”


“I used to be able to get almost any job with my education and work experience, sometimes 2-3 job offers at a time. Now, even getting a fast food, retail, food service, other low end job is almost like going through Customs at the airport or land border crossings. The guy about who mentioned the Canadian Broadcasting Company documentaries Generation Screwed, Generation Jobless is very relevant. Everyone is over educated, under employed, indebted for life, and the entire Canadian society and systems will collapse one day from the decline, dysfunction, and systemic corruption and incompetence.”


“On the matter of Canada marriage, family, children, and related costs, it is better for you male or female to just remain single and save your money. A Youtube documentary by some USA college professor said the middle class is dying out. The only increasing social groups are the poor and high class rich. Having family and children is bankrupting the middle class because children, better neighbourhoods, better housing, better schools, more cars, more children associated expenses, are all inflation to insane heights. Her report was also from 2007, one year before the 2008 world Great Recession. Men and women have sexual needs, agreed. The solution is just to have Friends With Benefits and casual sex without children or family related high costs, unless you like to become one of the declining and bankrupt, disappearing middle class.”


“Not all immigrants are in your situation. A very small handful of immigrants are posting here because they are having difficultly finding a job and immediately blame it on racism. The other 99% of happy immigrants worked incredibly hard in school and then worked their way up to where they are today. They did it by accepting jobs they didn’t always like at first and then showing the employers they were competent and at the same time gaining experience. Eventually this led to better and better positions but the process takes many years. Even Canadians had to go through this process. Canadians have been here longer and started at the very bottom while in high school and they slowly gained more experience as they attended university and later got their first full time job. If you have only a degree and no experience, then you will be competing with a lot of people that have a lot of experience and probably don’t stand a chance to get a professional job right away. Everyone had to start by taking jobs they thought they were over-qualified for at first. The first step to being successful in Canada is to expect to have to work hard. Don’t expect to be given the best jobs in Canada just because you are an immigrant… employers get 100′s of resumes from people far more qualified. Also, relevant experience is far more important that 2 master degree and everyone here is educated. Before considering a masters degree (or even a bachelors) think about what jobs are available. Currently there are very few jobs available that require degrees… the jobs that are in enormous demand and paying well are the “trades” jobs such as welding, trucking, construction, retail jobs in Saskatchewan and Alberta. You DON’T need a degree for those jobs, instead go to a college for trades. Don’t waste you money on a degree, otherwise you WILL regret it.”


“Clearly it is Canada’s immigration system that is broken. The system is broken since it is allowing immigrants to come here without a job in the first place. In the USA you must have accepted a job offer before being able to immigrate. It’s important to fix this serious problem in the broken Canadian immigration system.

Also, employers are not accountable and can just as easily let go of immigrants. Since Canada is quick to give permanent residency. Unlike the USA, most immigrants are temporary and must return home. They must acknowledge the temporary nature of the assignment to the immigration officer and cannot try to represent themselves as “permanent” residents. The differences between Canada and the US seem small but are very large. For Canada, the immigrants assume they are here permanently and have a right to a job, while in the USA the jobs are a privileged and if lost the immigrant knows they will need to return home and work hard to find a new job. The Canadian system creates the assumption that you have a right to a job whereas in the USA the system does not and also absolves the state from having to care for jobless immigrants since they cannot stay in the USA without a job and must return home.

Canada also makes the situation worse by allowing immigrants to have dual citizenship which is ironic considering that Canada is not friendly with many of the countries that immigrants come from. Citizenship is suppose to show loyalty, but you can’t determine loyalty with certainty if an immigrant has 2 loyalties! AHAH! For example, if Canada imposes sanctions against Russian and goes to war with Russian, how do you know if a Russian-Canadian citizen in Canada is loyal to Russia OR Canaduh if they have both Russian and Canadian citizenship?? How stupid can our lawmakers and immigration system be?”


“My advise with ivy league education from top 3 globally ranked institute in USA along with work experience of 10 yrs in USA is, don’t come to Canada. This place is good if you want to clean streets, drive trucks and cabs. It may be good for construction workers or manual labor. There are no high end jobs and people are very rude and racist. If you go to Pakistan they are racist in a particular way that they don’t want other religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism to survive, they will force you to convert or leave the place.

Now if you are coming from such country like Pakistan, Bangladesh or other African countries where it is question of survival, Canada is good option. Do manual labor earn little bit, stay in shared room, cook at home and don’t spend. You won’t be beaten physically here and crime is less. On other hand if you are highly qualified even from top universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford etc in professional fields and are making reasonable income in countries like USA, India etc never come to Canada. You will just loose everything and some people talk about women liberty in Canada, well this doesn’t apply to Indian women since they are living life like princess in India especially in middle and upper middle class societies. Condition of Canadian women is not good, whole life moving from one relation to another, doing low pay jobs and fighting for justice in courts with feminism spirit seems there only motto and destiny, to some extent just like American women. Indian Hindu women are far better protected and have stable and free lives, they don’t deal with subjugation as practiced in middle east or Pakistan on one end but then they don’t need to deal with life of Canadian or American women as well which has its own pros and cons and illusionary freedom and feminism.

Moral of story, highly educated and middle class people don’t ever come to Canada, you want to see beauty of nature, well come for a month on tourist visa, enjoy, spend and go back. You want to do low end jobs like cleaning, driving, working on small stores or construction and are doing very bad in your own country, then come to Canada, learn little bit English, you can make your ends meet and chances are nobody will rape you or physically assault or beat you. Canada is nowhere near USA in terms of innovation and inventions, it is small, closed and conservative economy with almost nothing. People who will give me lessons on integration etc, well my English is good and I was doing a high paying job in USA and later on got another high paying job in Canada as well but then I will return to USA once few things are sorted out. Canada is place for manual labor and no intellectual should come here.

Go to number 1 country of the world which is America if you are really qualified. What colleges, Canadian work experience people harp on in Canada, no Canadian institute except Rotterdam school of business is in even top 100. This is just a scam, government wants more and more money and nobody will tell you truth in order to keep false image. Remember Canadians are multicultural to an extent where they love flags of different countries and food, there is nothing more than this. Canadians are highly cunning and shrewd but then people are cunning and shrewd in Middle east, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico etc, after all there is competition and at-least in Canada nobody forces you to convert to there religion, at-least not openly and nobody is wasting his or her entire life for after life benefits.”


“im canadian born and i wish lcould leave this country, but where would i go i dont have dual citizenship…im tiredn of seeing the corruption and greed that exists in our public sector and how the rest of the country lives so poorly or anxious about increase in debt etc.”


“Canada is not a place for skilled labor and intellectuals. The country is suited for manual labor like construction jobs, truck driver and cab jobs etc. Don’t focus on Canada if you want to do a high end white collar job, too much intellectual racism and there is no hope of getting entry. US is number 1 country in world for a reason and Canadian economy is not even in top ten. My advise please don’t count on Canada if your intention is to build an innovative business or do high end white collar job, yes if you want to do manual labor and are not doing well in your country. Canada will fit in with your needs.”


“Canada is no longer affordable. Who can pay 700.000 for a house? Not even the skilled worker can afford that. Bye Canada, Hello USA.”


“My experience in Canada varies from positive to negative, but I give it an overall 6/10.”


“I moved from the UK with my wife, who is a Canadian born. After a brief trip 3 yrs ago, we thought of trying an adventure. Luckily I was able to find a job within 1 month in my field of Robotics Engineering. It wasn’t as rewarding as my post in England, but to build an empire you have to start from the bottom. My wife also found something with a publishing firm.

Things seemed Rosey at the beginning then took a sharp downhill after 1 year when my wife lost her job and the best she can get is a p/t clerk @ $13/hr. Me, myself, wasn’t able to move the ladder and did see lesser qualified workers filling managerial positions, though they only have college degrees – Not 2 Engineering degrees like myself. When I protested, I was told that they had an advantage of being familiar with the Canadian work space. I used to work as an Engineering Project Leader in a Government department in Surrey, England. I don’t believe British work ethics can be different than Canadian. Speaking of which, we used better technology and methodologies than what Canadians do.

At work I was sometimes refered to as “The new Pakistani Engineer”. I am a 2nd generation IndoBrit and never heard such a comment, even throughout my life back in the UK. I have a slight believe it might not be racist, since Canadians have the conception that all immigrants are all refugees coming from 3rd world countries and are less educated – or having degrees from Mumbo Jumbo Universities, like some douche bag on this forum mentioned.

Anyways after 3 years of working in the same post and after almost 8 unsuccessful interviews, plus my wife being technically unemployed, I was demoted to part time status. Everywhere else looked at me as an over qualified individual. My family and I had a serious talk and decided to move back Home.

Canada is a great country with breath taking landscapes, but with no serious opportunities for the middle class economical category immigrant. Unless your not a political refugee or moving here from Somalia or any other war torn zone, then you will not appreciate what you have. But if you are a respected professional working in Dubai, China, India or even Europe, then Canada will add alot of grief and misery to your life. Back home, driving a Taxi is a career, which takes alot of dedication – but in Canada it is the #1 job for foreign trained Engineers. Job security in Canada hangs on a ledge – there is no long term forseeable guarantees that you can maintain your lifestyle, while keeping a great job, especially in today’s Canadian economy with the Conservative government policies, forcing companies to downsize and lay off good Canadian workers and hire more Temporary Foreign Workers (illegal immigrants) than hiring new immigrants or even hiring Canadian born.”


“The Canadian employers must be idiots. Some cities and provinces are more idiotic than others (ex. Victoria, British Columbia). Why do people make jokes about BC meaning “Bring Cash”? The employers have a tendency to look at your education and work experience in a superficial, do not care kind of attitude. They will tell you that you are under qualified, over qualified, or both at the same time depending on the time of day, day of the week, etc. It is like dealing with crazy people.

The Canadian employers like to advertise jobs, tell everyone they are not good enough to work for them for their below average cheap wages, and then just continue advertising in fake job competitions. They expect university, college graduates to work for high school jobs and salaries. They would prefer free slave workers if they could get away with it, but the living costs in Canada are very high compared to the pitiful wages. Many post secondary graduates are forced to work high school jobs because there is nothing else and the high school students are screwed because their jobs are taken by college, university people. They will never be able to pay off their university, college student loans debts and an education that does nothing for them except make them poor.”


“If any of you really want to understand the insanity of the Canadian economy, job markets, corporate politics, social politics, government politics, or other things about the culture, go read the comments on discussion forums such as ( [On Victoria, Is Victoria a nice place to live?],, Yahoo Answers,,, etc. This cultural trait is not restricted to just some Canadian cities or provinces, but some regions are worse than others, while others maybe less severe. The entire Canadian system is broken and seizing up. Someday it will just break down completely and just collapse. The system is in its current sorry condition due to years, decades of incompetent, short sighted, greedy, self destructive policies. Ignorant temporary foreign workers, students, immigrants, and even Canadian citizens are either willfully blind or accidentally blind to this development.”


“That Bibeau guy who terrorist attacked Canada’s parliament last week tried to get a Libyan passport to leave Canada because his father was from Libya. The Libyan embassy turned him down and his Canadian passport was seized. I guess he could not go to Syria and join up with some Islamic extremist group? He decided to go on a shooting rampage at the national war memorial and parliament before security forces shot him dead. That is an extreme case of some Canadian citizen really wanting to leave Canada for somewhere else.”


“Canada isnt for everyone. If you are looking for a progressive career or to start an innovative business, then think elsewhere – You will get dissapointed from how your life will end up doing minimal jobs and you will drain out all your life savings.

But if you are looking towards a life of safety, comfort and to raise your children in peace, then Canada is the right place for you.”


“We came to Canada in 2010 and just got my and my 2 sons Canadian citizenship two months ago. We have lived in SIngapore for ten yrs prior to coming to Canada. Before we came here my sister who is Canadian and another friend were already discouraging us to come to Canada because of the lack of jobs. We really prepared ourselves before coming and researched about possible options and jobs and how much we will be spending if we dont get jobs. My husband was lucky enough to be offered a job which allowed him to stay in Canada but travelling overseas as an ENgineer while I stayed home looking after my 2 boys. I tried applying for a job but didnt expect much. We never had so much expectations coming here. We just wanted to come here because of our two sons . Our objective was to have them get Canadian education and to have a good future. I dont know if they will be given a good job after university.

My two sons who studied all their lives in Singapore easily adjusted to life here but found that their classmates are far behind in terms of Math and Science education. I guess thats the reason why they consistently get good grades without much effort. My eldest son is now in University in the best university in Canada. I hope when he graduates he can find a good permanent job and not just temporary jobs . The experiences that everyone has shared in this forum is true…the hardships of finding a job in particular but I guess before coming to Canada we must research well on what we are going into so we wont get frustrated. If only the Ministers will hear all these complaints I hope they can come out with a better job and employment program for immigrants and not just invite more immigrants to come in without having any job prospects for them. When i say job prospects it means jobs that are appropriate for their education and experience. Good luck to everyone!”


“I completely agree with your sentiments. I was a finance executive back home. I took a post-MBA program from Canada’s best business school. After graduation job hunting became my full-time job. I could not get a job in finance because I don’t have the Canadian designation. Now, I am working towards my CPA designation. The program is a repetition of what I already know (IFRS, really? I have been using it for more than 5 years, Canada just implemented it in 2011; Assurance, really? I have been an auditor at EY). The CPA materials are crappy and exams are ridiculously easy. One of the exams is a downright intellectual insult. Here is the worst, I expect to complete the CPA program in the first quarter of 2015 but I will not be eligible to obtain the designation just yet because I do not have the Canadian experience. Seriously, I have to wait until I get a job when I can’t get a job because I don’t have the designation. Both ends are covered and I am stuck in between. Many of us are in the same boat but the CPA organization doesn’t care. They just care about our tuition fee.”


“All the regions of Canada will give you double talk and the run around for no good reason except to waste everyone’s time. Some areas like Victoria, British Columbia are even worse (, They have no serious intentions of hiring Canadians, immigrants, or temporary foreign workers, unless you are cheap slave enough. The Canadian systems is designed to only extract various money out of you while you wait and go back for endless retraining. You want a miracle? How about winning millions in a lottery and then you will never have the kiss the more stupid person above you, forced to call boss?

The following is a recent commentary on a top, well known, advertising web site about Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, but it can easily be representative of many other cities in Canada. They bad job market symptoms are the same, you just substitute Victoria for your city.

“employers of victoria
compensation: what you pay for. lazy unreliable with an attitude.
employers of Victoria! stop asking for for certified, fit, reliable, professional, people with strong work ethics and offering bottom feeder wages! and we all know what to be discussed or based on experience means when it comes to what you offer as a wage. it means 10.50 for dishwashers 11 for prepcooks/linecooks and MAYBE 12 for an experienced line cook. which doesn’t translate into much when you can only offer part time work! or even fulltime for that matter. no hard working certified professional is gunna work theyre ass off for you day in and day out just for the AWSOME opportunity to only afford to pay theyre rent at the travellers inn and maybe just enough to support theyre alcohol addiction which they acquired when they realised how depressing working for you is and how there is no other alternative in this hopeless screwed up depressing city of no opportunity. but atleast we got flower baskets and Christmas lights…..”


“By reading the article, it looks like a majority of those who leave Canada are men. As a Canadian woman, men in Canada rarely respect us, and they objectify us. In the workplace, if I show a bit of cleavage, the men in the office leer at me. The public schools in Canada need to teach more feminist subjects to these young men because it is harassment when those teenage boys leer at my cleavage on the street.

A woman’s dress is not an excuse for sexually harassing her, and if men are leaving Canada because they can’t respect women, then good for them. The men who leave Canada will never find happiness and love abroad.”


“Above all comments, I would say I personally subscribe to the core point that has to do with the nepotism, racism and insidious discriminatory artifice that have been injected into the over rated country called “Canada”.

It is such an inglorious shame of the highest order with Canadian system in disguise, that has long been successfully beguiling the true mindset of good individual with professional backgrounds; forcing them to condescend to menial jobs lurking in the dark corner of the market.

I have had my master degree in Environmental Science, diploma in computer science, and presently doing my power engineering program in NAIT just to fit in into the so called trade world of Alberta.
That is how duplicitous this country could be when it comes to a professional, or highly educated spirited mindset, they toy and gamble with many of us, not leaving out immigrant and born Canadian.
My advice is, make whatever you have to out of Canadian system, and proceed elsewhere.”


“For me, I came with my wife to montreal in nov 2012 full of hope, motivation, energy and vision for a brighter future and a batter career and life for my family. Now after 2 years I have accomplished many things:

  1. Didn’t get a single interview after a very active search for a job (I am a professional who worked in an american company in Egypt).
  2. Lost all my money (Spent over 30K$) trying to survive and to maintain our standard of living.
  3. Working as an extremely under employed (Dishwasher, flipping burgers, cleaning toilets, removing trash)
  4. Family problems have raised because of the situation we are living. (of course unemployement will put family life on the edge)
  5. Lost all my energy, motivation, entered into commas of depression and despair
  6. Sold all my belongings like furniture (Paid 9K$, sold 1K$)
  7. Applied for the province social program (Peanut money I received)
  8. Now our family are living in a one bedroom apartment 2.5 that is infested with centipeded and sometimes rats as visitors. Three sharing one room where i have to sleep on the couch.
  9. Reurning to my home country in 3 weeks where there are better opportunites and cursing Canada and Canadian for their extremely misleading whatso called skilled worker program.
    Conclusion and ironically, The same reason that brought me here, is the same reason getting me outta here.”


“Don’t live in Toronto. I repeat..Don’t live in Toronto. This city will suck the youth, life and wealth out of you. It’s a trap for an ambitious person. You will hardly get rewarded for your hard work in Toronto. You have to be part of the club to earn that nice salary. Toronto is a social engineering city. Don’t expect the level of education to be in line with foreign education, which is of course more focused on education and skills rather than frivolous social engineering.

Don’t live in Toronto, and if you live in Toronto and wasted 15 years of your life like I did, plan to move out the city. Move to any city other than Toronto.”


“I despair of Canada. I am here as a permanent resident, married to a Canadian. In the five years since I arrived, despite conforming to everything required of me and paying out so very much money just to be with my soul mate, I feel used, isolated and unwanted by this country. It took little time to dawn on me that in leaving Europe, I had traveled back in time by about 40 years. The levels of racism, sexism, cronyism and numerous other outdated concepts are very ingrained and openly flaunted…….including by the government. I would never have believed this without living here. I could write for a long time about my experiences, but could never convey how I feel the life being sucked out of me by the whining, selfish, money grabbing, culturally shallow country in which I find myself. I fully understand that, compared to many places in the world, this is a better place with more opportunities for a better life. However, if you are European….DON’T COME HERE. It will destroy you. And yes, if it were at all possible, I would be out of here in a heartbeat. Guess I better win that lottery. As with all else here…… money money.”


“If you are already middle, upper class on any other continent outside of North America and Canada, do not ever sell all that you own just to move to Canada. It is not worth the hassle, wasted money, wasted time for a better live that will mostly never show up. They don’t even want their own citizens, why would they even care about or want you from somewhere else? You will only join the current Canadians in their frustrations and watch their country and society decline and fall. You will go over the edge along with them when the fall happens. Do move to Canada if your current country is in even worse condition as that would be an improvement. Getting Canadian scraps for your life is still better than getting nothing wherever you are. Giving up all you have for Canada is going from riches to rags.”


“Canada was still on the way upward 40 years ago when I came to Canada. Now, it seems to be gradually disintegrating as a society at all levels. I agree with the others that Canada is destined to decline and fall like the Roman Empire and its oblivious citizens. Canada’s citizens are just as oblivious today. The people will still be here, but the political entity and reality will be new and different. Owning income property gives one freedom of choice and some security. It will not be so good for those who are not wealthier or have no resources. Canada is good if you come already rich, not so good if you are not rich.”


“I am a 51 year old Canadian, 4th generation. I certainly know that racism exists here in Canada and well everywhere around the world. Always has and probably always will.I can easily see why new immigrants would feel that it is racism that is holding them back but I am experiencing the very same employment issues as they are. And yes I get furious that I am a son of Canada and cannot find work.”


“I think the main motive in the posts above is Canadian immigrant’s employment issue. Clearly, CIC immigration application screening and approval systems, especially those for issuing work permit and PR have been under-performing. There is disconnection between CIC and Canadian Labor Market Information Service agency. The potential immigrants are unaware about which credentials must be possessed to speed job search in new countgry. This leads to tragedies of immigrating individuals, their families and mostly complicates ever growing social problems in Canada (e.g. medical care, social benefits, etc.) I believe, CIC is a huge blocking and unsuccessful bureaucratic structure taking “million hours” of review for the hundreds of thousands PR applications submitted for its unreasonable review. CIC brings futility to an immigration policy proclaimed by Canadian Government. CIC must be sued by the immigrants, expelled from the public system of Canada and 100% restructured.
Dear PM – Mr. Stephen Harper please take a serious note of immigrant complaints made on this web page.”


“I can co relate with everything said here. I ve been here for 6 months now and have been going at break neck pace. I did nt know it would be this tough before coming here. Its a great society but its not making me happy what I came here for. I have a great family and I am not just sure if the life here is worth it at the cost of not having another kid under current stressful circumstances or keeping my only daughter away from extended family. Money is tight so I cant visit back often. I am at such cross roads in my life. I have an offer from the employer I resigned from back in my native country and it would not stand valid for too long.”


“One thing is for sure its not worth it to come here if we are 35+. At that age its extremely cruel to start from scratch. That’s the age when we have established some sort of foundations and a platform to build a constant life. Migration is a huge decision which does not sink in really till we go through it.”


“@ OMG, what is so mind boggling? The governments, corporations, and other organizations like schools with a vested interest to import unlimited foreign workers, students, immigrants are not going to tell you any truths beyond the official propaganda. These people here and Topix, Ratemyemployer, Yahoo Answers, anywhere else are telling you the hidden truth of the real Canadian world. Much education or almost no education does not matter anymore. The Canadian employers and schools are playing the fake job hiring scam on the government to get government immigrant, student job program funding, while fleecing the student out of tuition and other fees. They job advertise, ignore, re-advertise the same jobs over and over, leave them vacant on purpose, to create the illusion that there is a labour shortage. They are trying to manipulate and get around the natural economic laws of worker supply and demand, price wage fixing. Experienced or not, you will not find suitable work in Canada because it’s all a sham.

Well..I’m not immigrant or PR yet..just an international student…im here already 4th yr..spending enormous amount of money for nothing..I’m coming from Europe,where college education is not considered as post-secondary education.. i live in toronto,where i find this city full of trash..literally. Canada…such a rich country has horrible public services..transportation and other things I’m not even mentioning just suck.. the corrupt culture is already here..roads are broken, and blaming weather. .people never complain. .never..of course if u r coming from poor country and compare it to there..this is heaven..I’m totally outraged by behavior of people working in public services…not mentioning education system which only wants you to pay crazy money for stupid education..buying expensive books every semster because they produce all tje time something new.. this is developed country but doesn’t seem to me..every time i get back from europe i feel like i came back in time..canada lives from its old accrued heritage..but it’s not working in 21st century..I’m sad to see people to be happy with raising tuition fees, broken and dirty streets and roads.. sure..this is not europe..but also not somalia (i dont mean to insult somalia) Not sure this is good place for people from western europe.. bottom line…big disappointment”


“There is one thing no body knows, it is the “boss abuse” by white canadians. I am an Indian started a business and have to face so much from my employee, I am afraid to give any instruction or ask her any question, because she will pounce on me as if I have tortured her or something…..I came here 7 years ago, the only hope for me was to do business…

I also have an outsouricing business in India, so that keeps my one leg in India..

I always said there is no racism in Canada..but after 7 years I am saying this…especially low and low middle class white people have too much hatred for immigrants..”


“To all Canadians who lament here that they too cannot get any jobs…please not here….there is always somebody who will not get a job in some part of the world…you Canadians are born here and have no choice…but we came from a country by choice…yes the country where we came from have issues, but still….apna ghar apna ghar…(your home is your home)….I am only thinking about my children now..for them I will bear any torture….(that is Indians, give life to kids)..”


“There are many things common people dont know, many provinces in 2012 +/- have regulated massage indutry, now you should have a minimum 2200 Hrs course, because of that 50% therapists disqualified thier jobs (thai, chinese mnostly)…and some grandfathered canadians….
Now this 2200 Course costs $20,000 my wife has taken student loan, license charges etc…bull shit…

No body knows “Canada is tightly regulated” if even you want to “stich chappals”…That is not worse, inter provincial regulation….as if they are foreign countries..if your an Engineer you should have stamp for each province..if you are massage therapist you need provincial clearance…

Before coming abroad I thought white people are fair, but now I see they have thier skeletons in the closet…a lot….read what they did to Japanese immigrants (some where even citizens ) during world war. I think Government apologised now. Read about first nations…”


“Siva is all correct. Canada is in decline like the Roman Empire and other ancient empires because it can no longer operate a fair and functional government or society anymore. The USA, Canada, France, UK, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and all the other western countries are in their twilight of empire. The fall is coming, to be followed by the next rise after that. The Dark Age between the fall and rebirth is the hard part to endure. The following comment to a post on Craigslist can be applied to most place in Canada, some more than others.”


“I agree with you completely. The younger people in this city are ALWAYS hurting for work and employers take advantage of that. They lie to you about wages, treat you like crap but they know how much you need that job and most of the time people stay and deal with it because there’s no other work around.

I came here back in the summer with high hopes. Beautiful city, great weather but I’m now staring to prepare to move back to calgary which I said I’d never do because I hate that city but I don’t have anymore options.
I don’t want to get stuck or taken advantage of by cheap ass employers. Very unfortunate since I was going to go to UVic in the fall. Oh well, you do what you gotta do I guess. At least I’m not the only one that feels this way”


“Now I am going to give you a very real picture of what canada is about and what i have gone through in canada in last 7 years.

I am a mechanical engineer by education but by canadian experience I am a truck driver, server, dishwasher, cook, retail sales….i can quote a few more. This is what I have done in last 7 years. I never got a satisfactory job in my own field coz the canadian system didnt recognize my non canadian credentials. Whether somebody tries to negate me by saying a million things like myabe my efforts were not right, maybe i had a hard luck, maybe the people i met were wrong….blah blah….it is immaterial now. coz as time elapsed i became more and more vulnerable to the faulty system here. with each passing year I was becoming more and more away from being a suitable candidate.

Here the people from your home country who have arrived much before you and have settled down in life are one big ass. They exploit you the max…at jobs..emotionally…in every possible way they will try to screw you and make your life miserable. If you work with them then thats the end of life for you because you are nothing more than a bonded labour for them.

So why the hell did i stay here for such a long time. Because I had closed my book back home and had moved to canada with whatever I had in search of a better future. I never got one. My parents never joined me here as their friends/relatives/socialcircle/etc warned them that canada is just a witch with loads of makeup looking good and presentable which inturn they told me but i never listened.

When i talked last with them sometime ago they said the same thing which they had told me 7 years ago. It is then that i decided to move back. Its better to die with head held high in relatives than live the life of a miser here.”


“7 years ………most important time……..lots of money……..= complete waste.
Regret coming to canada.
LAstly my advice for everybody aspiring to be in canada –

1–Your parents life will be screwed up coz by the time they immigrate to be with you they would have passed a good 5 to 7 years alone in your home country without you.

2– If you are a professional consider yourself at the dead end of life and getting a job that befits your experience or education is non existent

3– Racism does exist here but in a very refined way that you cant see it openly but will feel being subjected to it at every step of life.

4– you will loose all the hard earned money of yourself or your parents and family and the end result will always be 0.”


“I was BORN in Saskatchewan, am Aboriginal (First Nations, “Red” Indian, American Indian, whatever you have to call it to distinguish it from “black” “African,” people!!) left soon after I was born to be raised in San Francisco Bay Area. I have all my college degrees from US universities including Yale and UC Hastings College of Law. When I went back to Canada I got treated like a “foreigner from overseas” and called a liar and an impostor even when they were looking right AT my Saskatchewan birth certificate. (And in French, right in front of me but on the phone to their supervisor). I’m surprised immigrants DON’T leave. WE who were BORN THERE leave in droves. I mean, if I try to use my degrees to find a job in another country like, say, the Philippines or Malaysia, then I UNDERSTAND being treated like a foreigner because then I actually WILL BE one. But in the country where I was BORN?! Now you understand why Canadian aboriginals leave and go live in the USA. We have that right under the Jay Treaty and that’s why people assume that Canada doesn’t HAVE any Aboriginals because most of us live down in the USA because our own side of the Treaty Line is so bat-a** racist.”


“@Raj, my fellow Ivy Leaguer: you’ve missed one point of coming to Canada as a female with higher level university degrees. The rate of rape in Canada of “visible minority” women (read “brown skinned”) is substantially higher per capita than the United States’. In fact it’s so far into the stratosphere that the UN Commission on Human Rights has been called in to investigate Canada (in the Western provinces). Other than that, you’re right. However, the US is no place for a brown-skinned Ivy League (or similar) graduate to find a good job. Here too it’s wash dishes, work in a call center, stock retail shelves, etc. I mean, THEORETICALLY only, down here there is more “merit-based” work to be had – but the competition is fierce in what few states still have any at all. I stay in the US because it’s slightly better than Canada….but only slightly.”


“I’d like to express the same sentiments that many have already made regarding the Canadian immigration experience.

I think the biggest thing to take away is that it’s been incredibly disappointing. Disappointing not in the sense that Canada is a shit hole (far from it), but it is a country with great potential that actively seeks to sabotage its true ability. Truly, this is a place where innovation, the entrepreneurial spirit and competition end up dying.

As many of you have pointed out, coming to Canada as a skilled worker will mostly likely set you back. I truly think there is a HUGE problem in the way the Canadian mentality works as a whole. It is a nation with a big country’s resources, but a small country’s mindset. I can only sigh when Canadians jump in joy at something that we’re marginally better than the States at. It’s never good when you’re more obsessed with what’s going on with your neighbour. Yes we’re less bad at some things compared to the States, but we could be focusing our attention on better things such as innovation and actually pushing the country to progress, and not just coast along with our bountiful resources.

Many here I’m sure have posted their disappointment because they had qualifications and experience in a certain work field (whether IT, law, medicine, CPA or otherwise), but ended up being shafted when they came to Canada despite being at or higher than the standard required. Although it is a multicultural and socially liberal place, I always get the feeling that Canada exists in its own bubble and is constantly suspicious/look down on what goes on outside its borders. What ends up happening is that there is an over-inflated sense of self vs. the true value presented.

For the people who say “good immigrants, go and never come back”, let’s be clear: the large majority of immigrants are not refugees and actually bring money and expertise. Immigration is a source of income for provinces like BC. But when immigrants leave after 5 or so years, that is a serious failure of the immigration policy. Immigration ends up becoming a musical chair dance: yes you make quick cash through the immediate spending on houses, cars etc. but that is chosen over long-term job creation and progress. Just look at cities like Vancouver where housing prices and spending have spiked despite no similar increases in employment opportunities and annual income.

Extra tidbits I like to share:

-My parents came from Singapore and had got the entire family residency cards shortly after my high school graduation. I graduated from McGill university with a degree in finance and moved to Vancouver. I struggled to find work for almost a year and had to supplement it with a lot of part-time and menial jobs. Ended up working at an HSBC branch for something I wasn’t interested in and where job movement and mobility was extremely limited (my boss had been in his position for over 5 years). Most depressing thing was seeing a British-Pakistani man in his mid 30′s work as a teller despite his qualifications and years working in the banking and finance sector in the City. After I got my citizenship, I did my masters in England and I’m now currently working at an investment bank over here.

-There were widely publicised news reports of Canada lacking physicians a few years back. They could have easily supplemented the numbers with foreign educated doctors. Instead, many failed to secure residency despite years of experience back in their home country. I personally knew of a physician who had 10+ years experience working in a famous clinic in Paris that couldn’t land a residency in Montreal, despite getting accreditation and obtaining her Canadian qualifications!

-I knew of a Swiss/Indian family who were basically an immigrant policy planner’s wet dream. They entered as investment immigrants. The mother was an Oxbridge PHD professor, the father was a self-made millionaire with various business ventures around the world and each of the 3 children were incredibly bright and extremely successful in their fields. The father had no real interest in really pouring his money in Canada because of various financial barriers, taxes etc. so him leaving shortly was understandable. But if anything, his 3 children should be the very example of how Canadian Immigration has failed terribly.

The eldest was a mining engineer who couldn’t find a suitable job in BC despite her years in the field, qualifications and excellent education (Stanford PHD). She used her Canadian passport and previous education to eventually land a H-1 B into the States. The second was a banker and encountered similar experiences as mine. Prior to moving to Canada he had a degree from Columbia and had landed some big time internships at major investment banks in NY. When applying for jobs at Canadian banks, they basically ignored it and asked if he had Canadian experience. He ended up working in Switzerland, got an MBA and landed a lucrative investment banking job in NY…again using his Canadian passport to obtain a H-1 B. The 3rd, who spent most of his childhood in Canada, understandably had the most attachment to the country. He had built up a successful online business venture while attending Cal Tech that he sold to Oracle. After years working in the States (he had a green card), he decided to move to Canada and start his ventures there. It failed miserably but now he’s a millionaire in Silicon Valley. He’s only 30. I can’t for a second think that he was stupid or that he lacked motivation, or that his networking sucked. Luck may be a factor, but I think it speaks more to the failures of the Canadian mentality which holds back talent and skill.

This might sound like an immigrant’s rant, but it could be easily applied to any natural born sons and daughters of Canada. Why is it the best and our brightest always end up leaving and settling for the States? I believe that the short sightedness, the inflated sense of Canada’s ability and importance in the world has unfortunately produced a dangerous situation for both immigrants and born Canadians alike.”


“Too many people blame others rather than look at their own behaviors/actions or personalities.etc. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is: do people like you?”

Ad hominem attacks just prove that anglo Canada is a stuck up place which robs immigrants of their life savings. Sure Dr. Gupta was an honorable doctor in India but when he arrived in Toronto he ends up driving taxis for a living.

Social class is a huge divide in Canada. Either you work at Bay St or you don’t.”


“I’m a Chinese whose born and raised here. I feel like this country is at it’s downfall, taxes are ridiculously high, if I go to Hong Kong, where I am a permanent resident, I only get taxed a maximum of 17%, that is 2% above the minimum federal tax rate. This country has a lot more social and political problems than other counties in Asia. They give special rights to people who commit crimes and drug addicts. The government loves sending troops overseas. After I get my bachelor of technology in accounting I believe I would move to Hong Kong. Easier to find a job, lower tax, less crime, less social problems. Easier to live in general. I feel really disappointed in Canada and it’s current way of dealing things, including transit and telecommunication, which is a joke.”


“To the lady who is european above : I so do agree with you. We come from Europe as well. It is like going back 40 years ago upon coming here. But at the same time we are treated as if we are morons.

It is shocking. We were expats in various parts of the wold before; were treated to canada as the land of “milk and honey” and other nonsense.You arrive here and you are being talked down as if you are 2 year old kids.It is a real shock to your self esteem.Highly qualified europeans : do NOT come here. This country lies to get you coming, takes your money, wants you to buy a house etc. And ends up not recognising your diplomas (why did you even give us visas then ?).If you already have a family please reconsider. You will not be able to go back to your home country.

We are white alright (French and Irish) from UK.
It is the first time we got an inkling frankly of what it might be like to have a different skin colour arriving in a “white” country.”


“I can understand most of the posted sentiments. I came to Canada in 2011 with my husband and 2 children. Canada was and is still good to us. I understand it is frustrating for many of us who believe we are educationally qualified from their home country yet they fail to establish satisfying careers here. This is not exclusive to immigrants. It is the current situation of Canada, which affects all its residents. Canada is a very generous nation. Let us just remember why we came here in the first place. I certainly do not believe that Canada promised us high paying jobs. We just hoped too much. We came here because our home country may not be able to provide what we came to Canada for. Let’s stick with that and move on.”


“@ sara evans, The immigration to your country is based on certain crieteria, which includes that of shortage in skilled manpower,y age , educational and english language proficiencies. It is a lengthy process and the govt of canada invites immigrants based on their understanding that there is shortage of workers in perticular fields(atleast for FSW applicants),and they pay all the govt liable fees which turn to your income one day. it is not one sara evans running the whole show. immigrants are not refugees, they are being invited by the canadian govrntment ,it is just like at your home you call someone for dinner and when they come you say sorry no dinner served today. Such is the attitude.people are frustrated because the ground reality is not put forwarded by the authorities, they inflate and make it in such a way that your country is an utopia.remember whatever you take back home saying its your income ,a part of it was hard earned money of immigrants like them.just think there is an agency called WES @$322 who does the canadian equivalency of the international aspiring immigrants, and based on that these people immigrated to your wonderland without knowing that it is yet another money making channel for your country. these immigrants after coming to your country is not recognized for educational qualification by any of the so called hardworking employers.yet another scam..should know the ground reality ..”


“Yes, Canada’s job market is very tough. But it depends on the profession. Medical licensed professions (except doctors) are good in Canada. IT market also depends on what technology one knows. It depends on the demand. US has 10 times the population and it has more job opportunities for all areas. But I do agree that Canada is over regulated when compared to the US. Less job opportunities with over regulation are a family killer or new immigrant killer. They say Canadian standards are higher than American. But the high standards do not translate into Jobs or GDP growth. Real estate prices are also overpriced when compared to other developed countries of similar size. People make the mistake of thinking that since Canada is near to the US, it would be like US. Sorry.”


“Canadian born and foreign born or educated workers are both being screwed by the Canadian society system. The mouth says one thing and the hands doing something else. The policies and the realities are not in unison. It is practically false advertising to immigrants, temporary workers, and even citizens. The Canadian employers and governments seem to be playing with all our lives as if it is a computer game like The Sims, Sim City, Sim Earth, Sim Whatever. I think they are all just doing fake job hiring, advertising games to waste everyone’s time and to make it appear they are doing something constructive. It is all very corrupt.”


“Canada has a dark side and ignorant citizens, residents, immigrants, or temporary foreign workers will be setting themselves up to be someone’s slave if they do not educate themselves. Predators of all kinds look for weak and clueless people as victims and prey because they are easier to exploit. There was a recent news story in the media about an Asian man who literally worked himself to death 70 hours per week at a Vancouver, British Columbia for minimum wage. There was no legally mandated over time pay or other worker rights. The BC Labour Standards Branch of the provincial government fined the chicken meat processor company for labour law violations, after the worker died.

These are the kind of unscrupulous clowns you will end up working for if you leave your home countries to emigrate to Canada. These rich fools exist in every province and city. They are so greedy, they will try to save $1 to get back $25 in troubles if they are exposed. Do you feel these kinds of people deserve your loyalty and dedication? You could end up like that dead Asian man at the chicken factory is you are not careful.”


“I would be surprised to see if for a well-educated and talented immigrant who doesn’t leave Canada within five years of arrival. I left Canada after four and a half years for a job offer in Seattle.

Before I left for Seattle, I was teaching in the engineering department at a college in Alberta. The engineering department head was an interior designer. There were three instructors working underneath him and I am one of them. One of the instructor was also an interior designer, the other had a high school diploma and I was the only one with formal engineering education, advanced engineering degree and engineering license. By default, I was the only one who was teaching all the engineering subjects.

You might wonder what interior design or high school diploma have anything to do with engineering education in a college. I can tell you the answer is nothing

For those of you who might be wondering what Canadian experience really means, I can also tell you it is just a convenient way for an employer to not hire qualified immigrant workers. There isn’t anything special to it”


“Yip, every thing is candy coated here in Canada Propaganda and spin doctors are in abundance. The only reason I can see why they accept the sheer number of immigrants to the country is to have them slave for the abundant monopolies setup here since the early 1900. The success stories are too few and far in between and tarted up like a retired hookers. Having lived and worked on 3 continents and numerous countries, this place is still 40 years behind…Yes they have a handful of cutting edge companies, but that does not make the rest of the country cutting edge. I concur with the discrimination mentioned in previous posts, any one who is not Canadian born having lived their bland cardboard box life of home & cottage weekends is seen as THREAT! Correct they can not fathom the idea of someone coming from another country with open mind and experiences upstaging them and possibly taking their job away.”


“After moving to Canada in 2004 (manitoba)from Germany, my parents and parents on law decided to move back to Germany for health reasons and age. My husband , kids and I went with them, as we wanted to stay with the family, And thought we could find work in Germany. After two years now there are still no jobs And we reply on welfare. We had a house and a good life in Canada When I think back. most of the people I know that came from Germanyarr Happy in Canada, having jobs , houses…I can’t imagine having all this here in Germany.

Just wanting to say that every country nowadays has those job market Problems. And in Germany the majority of people are very rude no matter Where you are from. Everyone here asked us why the he’ll we came Back to Germany when everyone else is trying to leave. You pay a lot of Taxes here, the medical system is worse than ten years ago… People go to university and still don’t get jobs. ( at least you don’t have to pay for university here and if only minimal amounts) But we are still thinking about leaving Germany for Canada again. As we lost everything here, including nerves and mental stability. and had lot more back in canada. Don’t know if it’s right to leave as both places are not perfect And everyone wants to raid their kids save and in a place with future, but those posts Don’t encourage me.

Plus the school system in Europe and social system is not teaching kids Ethnically… A lot of trans gender, gays have more rights than straight people, perversity and nudity everywhere, try raising kids normally here. I don’t see a bright future for Europe either, in any way…. Hard decision for us to make, indeed.”


“The head of Bank of Canada announced Canada has 0% economic growth for 2015 in a news conference. The entire situation is not stable and unpredictable. Some of the other western countries are actually recovering from the 2008-09 world economy recession. Graduates can’t find sufficient jobs, citizens, immigrants, foreign workers running up the credit card debts to insane levels to survive, Canadian employers not investing and hording money, dead job growth, and others are all crashing the economic machine. They neglected the maintenance and now it is going to stop functioning.”


“Canada is a professional DEAD END!!!
If you are a professional with skills, DROP the idea of Canada. It’s a mediocre country with mediocre people. The country lacks flair, an ambitious drive, technology, innovation & opportunities. Canadians generally have little knowledge of what’s outside North America. To an intellectually challenged Canadian, most of the world is “3rd World” junk and in the same breath they’ll try to pretend they are very liberal and open minded. As long as you go along with their unfounded stupidity, you’ll be fine. But if you stand your ground and present an opposing view point, you’ll be called names and made to experience typical Anglo smugness of epic proportions.

Unless you’re a refugee escaping life threatening situations, why would you want to immigrate to Canada? It’s a frozen wasteland. When was the last time you heard of Canada on the news?”


“I am so thankful for this article and comments. This supported my view of the past 4 months living with unemployment status here and soon deciding to leave wherever my profession is recognized. Honestly, I was thinking whether my assessment is wrong for any reason but day by day I started feeling that am not, now that am concrete after reading this article. Many thanks for all of you, God bless you”


“@Marewan, do you want to be appreciated and paid well for your work experience, skills, education? Do you want to feel contentment and have a fun social life? Go work for the Chinese, Saudis, Russians, Koreans, Japanese, etc. They are not cheap, limited, amateurish like Canada, USA, and some others. USA, Canada, and some others are declining empires like the Ancient Roman Empire. The long slow decline goes before the fall. Canada is in the decline stage currently, the fall comes next.”


“People who think Canada is so good and wonderful only look on the superficial surface. All the political, government, economic, social systems are seizing up and falling apart. Canada and the other western countries are in a long term state of decline, decay, and eventual collapse. The society is unsustainable as it is birthed, grows, and eventually will die. The news that the Canadian economy is dead or dying is all over the news media as it runs out of will, ability, and fuel to continue the prosperity. The party is going to over very soon.”


“Whoops… forgot to mention; THE APPALLING SCHOOL SYSTEM. Immigrating to Canada means that your children with will get a third rate education at best, UNLESS, they are place in French Immersion. Unfortunately, many immigrants come into the country when their children are older and are unable to enter the immersion system. In the English “core French” system, it is not uncommon to see many (usually more than half a classroom’s pupils) 10 year olds who can’t link their letters, can barely hold a pen or pencil properly, whine when they are requested to write six sentences, can’t spell the most rudimentary words and can barely add or subtract It is incredible to see and the teachers always refer to these kids as “low,” without considering the fact that there might be something terribly wrong if more than 50% of the class are “low.” I distinctly remember being expected to write an in class essay of at least a page with decent paragraphing, spelling, grammar and storyline by the time I was 10. In addition, at that age, most children knew basic math facts like the multiplication table and we certainly were NOT allowed to whine when requested to do some written work. PARENTS – IMMIGRATE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY IF YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO STAND ANY CHANCE OF AN EDUCATION AND THEY CAN’T BE PLACED IN THE IMMERSION PROGRAMME.”


“Ex resident here. Mid twenties, white and educated. Hated the fake, unempathetic, soulless lifestyle of Canada. It’s boring, dull. Did many menial jobs, and wasn’t getting anywhere. Also the lack of holiday time etc, just not much incentive to go back. Bad food (tasteless), the people are only about money money money. It just lacks anything real. I felt dumbed down.

This is not a race issue, this is a culture issue. If you have a strong cultural mentality, this country is not for you. I won’t be returning.”


“My family and I moved from Europe to Canada 7 years ago. I am a CNC Machinist with additional degrees in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. I haven’t had any difficulties finding good paying jobs. I also have to mention that we did not come here to find better work opportunities. My family and I wanted to experience something new. It all started out pretty good. We bought a house two years after arrival. I have a job now, where I make 110,000 CAD and my wife has a very good income working as a part-time nurse. And still, after 7 years in this country, we just want to move back to Germany (and we are going to this year). We tried to ignore many things that started to drag us down, but eventually it all got to us.

My conclusion of life in Canada:

  • As other posters said, do not come here if you have a very good education. The work environment is horrible. I started working at a German machine building company in 1990. At that time this company was already decades ahead of what I have seen here at any employer today.
  • There is no work-life balance: you live to work. You actually are a slave to work. Canada’s motto: work work work
  • Canada’s government protects the market for Canadian companies. There is zero competition in the market. This results in companies charging you arms and legs for any service. It is so unbelievably expensive. Everything is a rip-off and you buy miserable quality. Made in Canada? Lol…
  • Canadians don’t care about their environment. Cars are idled in cold, mild or warm weather. Water is apparently abundant, as people water their lawns even if it rains. Exploit mother nature, everything is there for the taking.
  • Canadians are narrow-minded, self centered and superficial.- In Canada you will hear that everything is great all the time. If you offer constructive criticism you are just a stupid immigrant and you might be told to “go home if you don’t like it here!” No wonder this country is still in the Stone Age.
  • Both education and health care is abysmal. Why are Canadians creating this hype about their health care and education system? It is government propaganda on the radio, on TV, everywhere. The Canadian government will honestly tell you in your face that Canada is the greatest country in the world with the best work force in the world. I have heard this countless times. Apparently Canadians believe this. Try to tell them anything differently…have fun. BTW, I find the work force lazy, numb, and nobody takes pride in what they are doing.- Depression levels are high, so is drug and alcohol abuse. Why? Because it is one boring country. There is nothing to do here, except for visiting national parks. No culture, no night-life, just hockey. Nothing to do but working and spending money. Dull, dull, dull…

It’s good to come here for vacation, but having stayed here for 7 years makes it 6.5 years too long. Now we want to move back and try to get some sanity back into our lives. Don’t get me wrong when I say this: if you are from a developing country you might like it here (though I heard people say they want to move back, too). If you come from the US, Singapore or a European country you may be disappointed.

Some say Canada is freedom… it is not. You are welcomed into slavery. I have never felt so imprisoned in my whole life. Canada is a very sad and depressing place.

Also – Canada has one of the worst employment benefits packages – one week holiday a year compared to Europe’s one month a year. All work and no play, that’s Canada. Eat, sleep, slave, repeat.”


“@American man: Fortunately my country of origin (Germany) is so much better already. In comparison to Canada, there is nothing to improve, that’s why we are going home 😉
As my wife always puts it: We are going ‘back to the future’!”


“People need to understand Canadians will stay the way they are, high superiority complex, extremely vocal with pretentious manners, and fake economy based on sales of commodities and it may end like Greece. It is definitely not a place for qualified people, which Canadian company is in global list?, check comment of research in motion or blackberry founder, he himself says, Canadian economy is designed to fail. Ironically USA should stop recognizing Canadian credentials and in 1 week , all attitude problems of Canadian will go away. There is no good quality construction work, look at windows and ceilings in homes which are falling, very bad healthcare, no knowledge based companies, nothing and still false pride and ego, based on what?”


“I have been here for 3 years and can tell you I have wasted my money coming here in CANADA. I had to redo some courses to get my degree recognized and gave been working in an unrelated job for 14$/h. They are lying to people and it’s about time we show to the whole word that the Canadian government is doing a shameful propaganda to show us a country with jobs, money to make, degrees to obtain. Yes there are all of that, however what they don’t tell you is that you will spend a fortune paying for a degree with which you will be able to work for a job that is badly paid since they will tell you you don’t have the experience in Canada. At the end you wasted more than 50000 $ and didn’t have your pay back. People are quite hypocrite and just talk to you if in need. People in Québec province are the worst, very rude, and think they are the best since their prime city Montréal has an European flair (in their opinion which is untrue). I am European and would not waste any more money in this city and country. Believe me when I tell you we are better off in our country back in Europe. Sure there is recession for the time being but in overall the quality of life is better and people much more open minded, open to criticism to improve ourselves, better food, better hospitals our health care system.

Going to the US seems the best alternative for immigrants since they are very upfront with their immigration policy. You have to have the skills and you will get the money. Here in Canada they ask for money first and then tell you, you don’t gave the skills you have to get credentials. I say go to the US or to Europe if you miss your country but don’t stay here in Canada they are using us, it’s about time we start to invest our money where we know for sure we are not losing it! Do you hear a lot of people regretting moving to the US, compared to Canada ?! No. You will not because you know in what you are getting into when you go there.

USA is not the promised land either, there are still racism in some part of the country , the poor are not getting better and the education is expensive. However those who strive hard to success have an equal chance. If you are talented and get handle competition you are sure to enjoy the ride.

The American dream is still possible in USA but has never existed in Canada. Do not be fooled by their advertising whether you are in India, Pakistan, China, Nigeria, Africa, or Europe. This is a lie. All of my friends already go back to Europe and some are in the US right now.”


“Go to the US, you can have better wages than here and great quality of life. Canadian will tell you it’s a dangerous country but there is not a single day without a murder case in Toronto or other Canadian provinces. Luca Magnotta the guy who killed the Chinese and dismembered him with putting the video on YouTube was from here Canada in Montreal , and now we have another case of murder with cutting off limbs in Canada in the same city.”


“People are as sick here as in the US. It’s not the peaceful country they want you to think.

To all migrants worldwide, reconsider the country where you want to emigrate, Canada is not that great and pretty much am overated country which knows need migrants to save their economy which would collapse over wise, that’s why they make it seems they give you great benefits when coming here and show you the residency card or even the citizenship. But they don’t give anything in the end since all they needed was your money. Don’t be fooled! Go to the USA it is my last words.”


“@going home. I felt the same way when I moved from the UK. I and my wife realised we immigrated to a country that was 10years behind the UK.”


“When immigrants applied for permanent residency they are not aware of that their education is of no value in Canada without studying further. Most of them came to left their government jobs, when they worked in Canada as a general labour it makes them depressed and feel them guilt to come in Canada so most of them decided to go back in their backhomes.”


“It is naive to think that this discrimination is due only to some employers. In first world countries, imperialist countries, the government is representative of the highest class, just like a puppet. The immigration system in Canada is just a plicy to import highly qualified professionals to turn them into common workers for industry or agriculture. It is not by chance, it is a well established policy to build a high quelify population and avoid greater social issues, ’cause professionals are mostly civilized people that won’t get into crime, drugs and such things. It is a system of importing high educated slaves, in the modern slavery of imperialist capitalism.”


“I came from the UK 8 years ago. First 2 yrs were fun, trying to explore the place in Toronto. After that you start to see the cracks. Canadians like to say they work hard, yes you do but not efficiently. They like caos, confusion then say they work hard, yes work hard to sort mess out. They never tell you what they think, its awlays smiles – but they will stab you in the back. UK, Europe were brought up on values Christian values this does not happen here. Everyone in Toronto think they are cool. Lol I wear clothes from Europe they stare it is very rude, this is how you get laid lol, the girls are that easy and slow. There is a lot of Brit backlash now, not so cool to be Brit here anymore. I wish it was easy to be social here its not communication has gone. Im in pain writing this, just awful here. Canadians do youself a favor come out of your shell more, they are some very interesting people here.”


“I came here to canada in 2009 as a student when i was 17 years old from Dubai. I am from Indian Descent. I completed my Bachelors of Business here. Majored in marketing and new venture creations and graduated in 2013 December. i have barely any accent left, most my friends are canadians born and raised here. I am moving back to Dubai next month. I still havent found a job in my field. I have been working as a night auditor at a hotel here and applied for my PR but it still hasnt come through, gonna take another 3 years and seems like the gov is playing a great game here of scamming international students of 100 of thousands of dollars to study here in the dreams of settling down in canada and then taking over 4 years to give you a residency so they can milk you even more. The system is so messed up here. For those saying english is an issue with immigrants getting a job in Canada. I got 8.5 out of 9 on my IELTS Score for just 3 months ago. Plus even after graduating out of a Canadian University with a double major in marketing and new venture creations i am struggling to find a decent job in my field. I would love to see some comments if someone is currently in my situation.”


“I have wasted many years of my life here in Toronto and now feel trapped because I have grown children living here. There is absolutely no culture here, you feel totally disconnected from the rest of the world, it is like Narnia ‘always winter and never Christmas’, as stated in a previous posting we are about 10 years behind when it comes to fashion, furniture, appliances etc. You also feel so isolated as there is nowhere interesting to visit. I came from Europe where I had six weeks vacation and guiltless sick days and would stay home if I had a headache, cold etc. I could jump on a train and go to so many interesting places for a day, or a weekend, and experience history and culture at its very best. But here in Canada you have to work 52- weeks of the year and only get 2 weeks vacation in many jobs. And you are made to feel incredibly guilty if you try to call in sick (only a terminal illness is allowed)!

To anyone planning to move here from Europe, PLEASE think twice. It is all about work and even if you do have some down time there is nowhere to go. It makes me laugh when I hear Canadians talking about Toronto being a world-class city – as it is more like a back water. Don’t be fooled by the cottage propaganda either – the Canadian highway is jam packed during the brief, humid summer weeks with cars driving for 4-6 hours or more just to arrive at a small plot of land to look at the same scenery every weekend, get eaten by black fly and mosquitoes. The land is parceled off around the lakes North of Toronto, just like the city, so you can’t go hiking and exploring, as you are surrounded by private land so will be trespassing. I can say this, because I have been there, done it, and know first hand that it is not worth it. As for winter sports, it is too bloody cold to be outside in the winter. I know this is a very negative posting, but I feel if I had been more aware of what was involved in emigrating here, I would never have done it.”


“Toronto Ontario is the best city that Canada has, all the others cities large, medium, small are less than Toronto. If Toronto is still considered crap, can you imagine how all the other cites (Victoria, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Saint John’s, Fredrickton, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Yellowknife, Iqaluit, etc) are like? The smaller places would be much worse. The web site Topix has lots of comments about Canadian cities, provinces, and country. Just pick a place name and read everything. It is not good.”


“Seems no one wants understand want to do good for the economy.politicians / higher decisions making people can’t read these topics or they do not want to . they closed their eyes thinking we do not see the lion & lion will not eat .Canada is heading towards deathbed.

Try india . india is not it uses to be. Job from IT to cab driver. Abounded skilled worker. Every thing is home import from China. Corruption is big issue but now decrease side.”


“I came to Canada with part of my family (mother, brother and sister) but my father and other brother stayed back home and now after many years of trying to bring my father and other brother to join us in Canada we couldn’t find a way to bring them here because to sponsor my father we have to have a high level of income and our income is not enough also my brother is considered as an adult so we cant sponsor him to come to Canada even though he is unmarried. so now since there is no way to bring our father and brother to live together in Canada, now we are forced to leave Canada and live somewhere else where our father and brother are allowed to join us and live together.”


“A LOT of truth to these statements..came here from the UK for opportunity….what a waste of time and money… I was better off staying in the UK!!!. I also think that Canada is WAY behind the rest of the modern world and agree that there is NO culture here…Tim Hortins and hockey…and that is ALL. I cannot speak for the rest of Canada but I don’t know what the Liberal government are doing in Ontario…driving the province and taxpayers into the ground with a Tax and spend mentality. There is no middle class here anymore …it’s the have and have nots. Canada as a country could be so much more…but it doesn’t recognise skills or schooling from other countries …which is absurd, as they are generally much better than Canadian system or schooling. The education system here is a joke …when I ask my daughter what she learns in school she replys “we play all day”. We will be going back to the U.K. as it is just a rat race here….modern day slavery… No life /work balance. I had 5 weeks holiday in U.k here 10…days.”


“@ Jaffa, why would the governments and private companies recognize foreign school credentials when they hardly even recognize Canadian school credentials from citizens? It is all just a scam to squeeze money out of everyone at every stage. Go to school to get a better paying job they are too cheap to actually hire for. Then you get sent back for endless retraining, repeat. At every level, someone will profit from you instead of you. That is the Canada, USA system. You are just a money cow.”


“This is all correct. I remember when I got the immigration paper done family friends and colleagues were advising not to go to Canada as its a FOOL’s PARADISE. I wish if I would really think in that way too and would not choose to migrate here. I have professional masters degree in finance from UK and its recognized in Canada so its nothing like qualification matching problem. Secondly, I have plenty of experience on serving various head positions back home and even in UK so experience is not an issue. I have a decent background so I am good in communicating as well. But here I am searching a job since 3/4 months even at a low level but in my field but not getting any response. I have applied over 500 jobs / positions in various positions and some of them were matched with my professional skills and past experience and I was so confident that I will get at least an interview call from there but nothing comes up. Then I start making fake experience resume and started distributing that that worked and I got 2 interview calls out of 150 I have applied. Than some one told me that only reference work but here equal opportunity employment act also falls and its a law so they have to give it on merit. Then I come up to the conclusion why I am people dont get calls and done get hired on merit.

Firstly they dont have Canadian work experience so your chances are already limited like only 10 percent chance that the employer will even bother to call you. Now how that 10% comes down to 1% or even 0%, let me explain. They create opportunities to show Canadian government that we are creating employment opportunities for that they get marks and rewards in terms of 50 best employer of Canada or 100 best employer etc. So they create fake positions, so believe me or not remove 40% of those positions. So 40% of that 10% is removed and you come down to 6% chance that your application will be successful. Now out of those 40% they always say did you work for this company before do you know any one. Means reference for that an employee who is referring is getting a monetary benefit for hiring a right person and for that they take priority. So all the employees try to get their own references and there is only 1% chance that you get some hiring manager picked out of nowhere from those who has been referred by an employee. so if you apply that 99% on that 6% chance you get 0.000000001% chance that you get employed by a company randomly.

So my dear friends dont waste your time here and go back to your home country with a respectable jobs rather cleaing kichens and washing floors of mcdonalds or kfc. This place is for those who cant get good pay rates in their home country for labour job and hence cant buy home and or buy new car. This country is paying good to them and rewarding own home (which is banks property but you feel like its yours) and car on financing (which is also not yours) but in the end of your life you feel like you have everything. So I am packing my stuff and going back where I belongs I dont give a sh*t who dont respect my knowledge experience and education.”


“I came here 11 years ago , I compare myself with my friends where I came from , I found myself lost many things and value , it’s not about money but I feel like I am in a labour camp , work from 8 to 5 , pay massive amount of tax , everything I own belongs to the banks , layoff many times without notice , work like donkey and not able to save. Yes I was able to work in big companies , has a job in IT managerial role , but you can feel how much discrimination , white people or whatever they call them are the worst , I can feel the pain when a white people report to you , I can feel how they are hoping to report to white people like them , I have been laid off and replaced by a white guy just because I complain my white boss to HR , I can feel how the law in the side of the Canadian company , they can laid off you any time without cause , and you cannot complain to anyone , I am thinking seriously to leave Canada forever , this is not what I came for , I always tell newcomers , plan your future , try to continue your education , get your passport , and don’t build deep root , the government doesn’t give a shit about you , you are just a number paying tax and build the glory of Canada”


“WOW to this extent Canada is shit. I can’t really buy all these gloomy stories … I don’t know why I have a feeling that someone is purposely fabricating such stories to discourage others from applying to immigrate to Canada … might be wrong … anybody else share me the same feeling. ?!!!

Come see for yourself Yemeni. We’d love nothing more, than for you to come suffer with us.
Nothing beats real life experience. Why don’t you immigrate to Canada and find out for yourself?”


“I am an active reader of this forum since January 2014.All of the facts stated here is true and honestly derived from immigrants personal experiences in Canada. I too moved to Canada (Alberta –Calgary) in April 2013 with a professional accounting designation from UK/Ireland. It was immensely hard and daunting task to find job in desired field in Canada. Nothing more to re-iterate ,I have taken a wise decision to return to Ireland in April 2014,immediately find a job with one of the top 4 US MNC bank in Ireland. I am now happily resettled, bought a new house, recently had a new born baby, one promotion, enjoying the friendly European nature and culture. Once I thought, my life was lost for ever in Canada. I took my decision based on conclusion reached by own personal experiences, general observation, similar comment posted on this forum. My advice to those who are willing to immigrate, please do not go to Canada if you have a decent job and family in the Country where you are living, otherwise go and ready for further challenge for next 5 years in Canada.”


“@Yemeni, the negative Canada comments would be just possible Bull Shit is only few people are saying it and typing about it all over the Internet. It is very likely true when there are many people all over the internet web sites such as Topix, Ratemyemployer, Yahoo Answers, Canadian Immigrant, and others saying the same things. Don’t blame other people that they did not warn you when you ignore their advice and insist on learning things the hard way.”


“everything you said about Canada is right”


“If one one of a few people all over the internet said the various parts of Canada sucks for everything, then it could be true. It is not BS when many people on many web sites have the same opinion. Yemeni can learn the easy way or the hard way. Don’t say we did not warn you.”


“My husband and I arrived here 4 months ago. We are contract workers in Singapore. I feel so depress because we have applied to so many jobs but we didnt recieved any call for interview. We are confused if we will just go back to Singapore or will still try to find job here. We are scared thay our hard earned money will be finished here due to unemployment. Please give us some advise”


“I have lived here for 15 yrars , my life is going down everyday but I have to take care a Canadian born ill husband. I am 50 years old woman,have no job,always apply for one but never get it. I live on credit card,almost bankrupt now. Please go back to your homeland before it’s too late as me,that has nothing to for retirement, just live in poverty.”


“It is hypocritical people defending “Canada’s Immortal Propaganda” about how good Canada will forever be. These people are in self delusional denial about how the system and society is slow crumbling and heading towards a fall. When citizens, immigrants, temporary are all saying the society and system is a dysfunctional mess, you better believe it or you can not blame others for tricking you. all over many Internet web site is this exposure of Canada’s dirty secret as a money sucking scheme. Go and check the web site links in the other comments and learn before you are too late.”


“To people who advocate Canada or asking people to stop complaining –
For something to be true we need to look at the number of samples. Here in this forum, we could see ~95% or more failures. As far as i understand, the Canadian Govt / Immigration system is making money with people trying to move there. Like some one mentioned, once you move in, that’s all. You earn, you pay taxes, if you don’t earn, still you pay the rent and for consumables, through with they get money. Once you have left, un-successful, there is space for a new bait.

If 1/1000 people live a better life than others, then its not a paradise. People are milked their money for every process in immigration and education.

I read that Canada targets 1,85,000 people in a year for 2016.
Why do they target 1,85,000 people to Immigrate to Canada?
To solve the problem of not able to fill the job vacancies?
No, just to make money as long as people move in and spend there.”


“@Canadienne, you are not alone in Canada being squeezed dry and living in poverty. The top 1% to 15% in anything are doing fine regardless if the economy goes up or down, it makes no difference. The other 85% of Canadian citizens, immigrants, and temporary foreign workers or refugees get treated like money ponzie schemes. All those college and university educated people being forced to do high school jobs to live is really wrong. Then the high school students have nothing. I find most government and private company employers seem to be playing hiring games to waste everyone’s time only to make themselves look good. I think they just make up some BS job vacancies to appear to be hiring, training, and contributing to society. In reality, they are just cutting everything and everyone to increase their own bonuses, and profits at everyone’s expenses. Each person and organization with a vested interest in continuing the sham line up to inhale your money. You get to pay, wait, apply, reapply, and other things, but you will never get to actually play. They advertise, ignore, readvertise, whine about having not enough staff. That is just acting and they don’t really care about having staff or not as long and they save money and keep all the profits, even if they crash their organizations in the process.”


“came here 3 years ago with wife a 3 boys, I have worked so hard and wife too, no culture just work work work pay out all out for cost of living, six months of winter nothing to do TV sucks food sucks, it’s a hard life when I talk with old people that have slaved all there life and have very little it’s just a trap here get here and slave. We are going to the US as soon as possible, don’t believe the hype on Canada”


“BY reading all these commends many canadian whites saying there is a 24% job shortage there.In that case the canadian government must stop this skilled migration programme until all canadians having their own job.If you have a skill shortage in canada and no canadian is there to fill upthose vacancies,what the government can not offer job letter to the foreigners before asking them to file the PR process?even the new express entry system also not effective.if u have skill shortage your job sites should not mention that “eligible to work in canada” even if the job profile sits in skill shortage list.If you have skill shortage and need foreign people to fill it advertise FIRST in internationl job sites,then ,after the company select people ask them to get PR and migrate to fill that vacancy.Not that canadian government authority FEELS/SMELLS that there is skill shortage and ask everyone to migrate to canada for NOTHING.use brain.If white people are jobless why government allow others?”


“@Vinod, many of us agree with your question. Do not assume the Canadian Government or corporate policy and decision makers are actually intelligent with common sense. They just have higher rank and power, interested in cashing in on their money bonuses and perks. The more immigrants and temporary foreign workers the system can push in and process, the more money every vested interest person and organization can generate. Many of the other commenters have mention that everyone (citizen, temporary worker, immigrant) is nothing more than a money cow to be milked. Canada has a serious problem with Canadian born citizens with college and university education being forced to do retail, fast food, private security, cleaner jobs to pay school debts, other debts, etc. The system and society is broken and declining. It is all a fraud. Immigrants and others keeping quiet about this fraud is doing everyone a disservice. The Internet should be the great knowledge equalizer to combat the misleading propaganda.”


“I was an international student in Canada from 2003-2006. Graduated with a computer science degree, graduated in top 5% percentage, dean’s list and completed some co-op work terms. Even while applying for co-op work terms, the competition was intense. There was very little opportunity from tech companies in Nova Scotia for internships. I ended up working at the computer science faculty as a lab admin and later at the same university IT dept doing Oracle DB PL/SQL scripting and web programming projects. I thought the work experience was OK and it was something good to be added into the resume before landing the first “real” job.

After graduation, I did apply for IT jobs in Canada, but I was not getting any interview. My student visa and passport were expiring very soon, so rather than trying to pay food and housing bills with menial jobs, it would be easier to go home and start a career there. Even menial jobs for an international student requires “legal”work visa back in those days because I was lucky enough to have an on-campus job which paid $7.xx an hour (min. wage in NS). I decided to return to Malaysia to reunite with my family members since I had been away for close to 3.5 years. Coming from a Chinese ancestry, I have a strong sense of filial piety, so I thought it was a good time to pay respects to some elders and parents who granted me the opportunity to complete the university education in Canada. Back then, the exchange rate was RM2.5-RM3 to $CA1. Because of forex, my folks worked and saved few times harder to give me a western “Canadian” education experience. Having experience both western and eastern lifestyle in cities, western family value has degraded much more. It is still a common sight for 3 generations living under the same roof, grandparents, parents and children harmoniously in Kuala Lumpur. Those who were born after the 70s are more exposed to western education, hence more influenced by western thinking and behaviors.

I landed my first job easily in Kuala Lumpur, one job application, an interview the next day, and I started working the day after. Over the years, from 2006 – 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, IT sector has been one of the easiest fields to find a job if you are good at what you do. Started off with RM32k and worked the way up to RM9x k annual salary.

I applied for the Canadian PR in 2007 with the hard earned savings in Malaysia. I did not close the student bank account and I diligently saved up $11k (TT and paypal) over the next 2 years. Only in 2010, CIC sent me a letter that my PR has been approved and I needed to do the landing within the 1 year period. I did the landing at Vancouver airport in Aug 2010 while keeping my permanent IT job in KL, I thought that was a smart move to spend 2 weeks at a relative’s home in BC. That short stay did not provide me with a lot of insight other than seeing Canada as slow and bureaucratic in certain aspects of public sector/service.

Almost a year later, I was offered a job at an IT startup in Halifax while still working in KL. So, I thought that would be a good time to move and fulfill the 2 years residency obligation. 3 months later, my contract was terminated with the IT startup and that was my first taste of being fired because higher management decided to go with a different direction. When they let me go, they said what a team player I was for putting in extra hours and etc, and we are sad to let you go. The different direction here implies after having a newly immigrated software developer/engineer completed a milestone feature that assisted the funding of a grant, the contract engineer is no longer needed and higher management can use the grant money for “something else”. I was actually happy to leave that startup and moved on. Few weeks later, I found another job with an IT Consulting firm in Halifax, the pay was $55k a year for an intermediate developer position. Took it because my housemate and I just signed a new 12 months apartment lease, so there is a need for pay check to settle the bills. Worked there for about 5 months as part of a contracting software consultants to an Oil&Gas company. The job was not fulfilling at all compare to the ones I had in Kuala Lumpur, it was just maintenance tasks for an old web project developed 4 years ago. So, I decided that if I were to work in IT, I would definitely enjoy a higher sense of work satisfaction, promotion and bonuses, warm weather, better food and family company in Kuala Lumpur. It was obvious enough for me to resign and travel a little bit in the maritimes. Left Canada in Sept 2011.

I went back home as a different person, much more appreciative of close family and friends. Worked in IT again and that short “misadventure” in Canada turns out to be a blessing because my salary was almost doubled when I return to the old company I used to work for.

Then, my life journey started to turn more inward and spiritual due to few other major life events. Started volunteering in organic farms, growing my own food in containers, meditating and studying Buddhist dhammas. In 2013, I return to Canada to volunteer in a retreat center. Ever since, this has been the way I live, far away from the cities and close to the mountains and lakes at Kootenays.

Like most of the comments above, if you are already successful in your home country and it is reasonably peaceful without war and terror, there is very little reason to migrate to another “developed” country to seek material success or wealth. If you are from an Asian country where a lot of good virtues and family values are still hold onto, it is foolish to abandon those values and replace with modern western values that will cause the inner well being to degenerate. Even living amongst or close with low morality people will have negative impact in your life.”


“@ Canadiene I’m in exactly the same boat and understand every word you say. My Canadian husband is retired on disability. All my savings went on making sure we had no debt. Now stuck, unable to get a job & no way to leave. It doesn’t help having no family here, and so called friends who always turn out to be just out for anything they can get. That seems to be a common trait here – nobody helps anyone without a price attached. I have been stabbed in the back so many times that I don’t trust anyone here at all. I am desperate to go home, but can’t wish for it as it could only happen if my husband …… well you get the idea.

The loneliness and depression which this country has caused in me is mind blowing. The occasional bit of pretty scenery in no way makes up for the numbing boredom of day to day existence here. And before anyone suggests it, yes, I have tried hard to integrate, but when you are constantly treated as though you come from a different planet and are stupid, it soon makes you stop trying. It really feels to me that Canada is on a different planet. There is so little connection to, or knowledge of, the wider world, that it scares me.”


“@ Gabby who were your ancestors? Mr crowfoot or Mr. Deergoot? To all Canadians defending Canada…. We call this ….” Gunndu chattile gudhirai otradhu….” No problem if you guys dont understand this. Right now I am sitting in northland mall and no eee kakkaa moves….Canada sucks big time….over inflated country and people…. Wait and see Canadian dollar go $0.50 USD….useless Canada… Useless Canadians….immigrants think we’ll…I am here for 9 years now”


“@JD I’m sure you have read this entire forum. Consider these few things before you move. You will need a very good amount of savings, much more than you will show as settlement funds. Keep in mind childrens education costs, your take home pay after 30% Tax cut. As soon as you land- you need a rental place to live, a cellphone connection(so recruiters can reach you) a bank a/c, maybe a printer/scanner to print resumes and cover letters, the weather is cold compared to India. Prepare for the worst case scenario (I’m not trying to scare you, nor be pessimistic) based on my research it takes an average of 4 months to score a job,please read real life stories of Immigrants, its all out there on the internet. Hard earned huge savings getting wiped out, those people are educated and “street smart” mind you, this is because at the time of applying for immigration no one imagined that they would have to pick up survival jobs- all they assumed was that they have the experience and the education and they are qualified enough to immigrate. You may be a teacher/esthetician etc in your home country but in Canada most professions need Licenses and you have to upgrade and pay for licenses accordingly. Read, research further. I have been invited for a Provincial Nominee Program- I’m having second thoughts now that I have started reading and researching in-depth.

Most immigrate with the assumption that life will be rosier,the lifestyle will be better, but ask yourself at what cost? Have a back-up plan just incase. JD I’m not aware about the job scenario, for your NOC Code. When we applied, the Job Bank sent irrelevant jobs and the reason could be because the job market is bad. Are you willing to work on a contract basis? I’m sure you’re aware to qualify for the express entry- you have to have your education assessed and also take the English exam like IELTS before you create your express entry profile.The grass is always greener on the other side.I want to thank those who have been open enough to share their struggles and warn others(not that I will base my life decision on their experience) My indecisiveness to go through with my application is what brought me to this forum. JD,I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor. Most importantly follow your HEART and no matter what you choose never regret that choice.”


“Most of the IT jobs are ‘just for name ‘ the person is already hired for the role”


“Canada does not need people with MBAs. Canada does not need managers and office staff. Canada needs trades people and laborers. Canadians will obviously hire Canadians first. There are many highly qualified and fluent English speakers competing for these white collar jobs. Why would I hire somebody that can’t communicate properly and cannot cohesively operate in a team because they have no concept of the social etiquette and protocols that are expected in Canadian business? Welcome to the real world. I expect this is the same in every single country, especially in the xenophobic Nations most of you come from. Sorry your time in Canada has been a waste but you clearly failed to do any research before coming here.”


“If you are from South Asia or Africa, then maybe Canada is for you but if you are from Europe then think twice before coming here..I lived in Germany as an Immigrant and I curse the day I divorced my German wife to come to this waste land…Career wise, I lost a great job in Germany and all I have been doing in this Toronto is working over the phone because je suis Francophone..I excellent civil engineering diplomas from Russia and Germany, and 2 college diplomas in Toronto..all did not work..Canadians in general are insecure and fear the intelligence. there are bad and good people all over..Toronto likes the Entrepreneurs so if you are one, then life maybe better for you..all in all, it depends on your experience but for me Germany is much much better than all North America.Good luck with new adventures!”


“After working for 10 years in the banking industry here in Canada my husband finds it extremely hard to work his way up. people openly tell you; it’s not what you know, but who you know that helps you secure a job. With only five big banks to choose from, most positions are filled this way. Your experience and qualification take a back seat. They expect new immigrants to be content with low paying jobs and don’t want to promote them.They think are communication is not on par. We are incapable of formulating ideas and opinions. We are moving back to India, where the air might not be the cleanest, but where we are treated with dignity and where peace of mind resides.”


“@ everyone, the government and corporation left and right hands do not know what they are doing. They will tell you one policy while all the other branches will contradict their organizational policies. It is really a dysfunctional and confusing mess called Canada. This seems to be the situation in the entire power and private sectors. Canada, USA and almost all the Western Block of countries are in long term decline, and maybe fall someday. Rome and the other ancient empires shrank and eventually collapsed as everything started to disintegrate like a societal cancer.”


Immigrant Rant: duplicitous douchebags!


“These are excellent links to very true articles!!!!

These are among several I’ve read in addition to the horror stories I’ve continuously heard about from immigrants, not to mention the horrible experiences I’ve had.

I’m glad to see people telling the truth about these duplicitous douche-bags!!!! I’m making sure that I share and post this in as many places around the world as possible!!! STOP HIRING CANADIANS! They want fair treatment from everyone else on the planet when they go to their countries for work, but they never want to do that in return regarding employment in their own country!

And Canadians have the NERVE to criticize America for racial backwardness!?!? America does sadly have some social problems. However America’s middle and upper middle classes contains Africans, African Americans, Muslims, East Asians and South East Asians, that Canada can only dream of!!!!

The Canadian government lures highly educated and highly skilled professional people from all over the world with dishonest promises of employment in their professional fields.

They know full well that this “cuddly & polite,” but incredibly RACIST & XENOPHOBIC white populace has no intention whatsoever of hiring anyone with a strange long name or tan that emigrates here. Actually, let me be fair. I’ve heard of many EUROPEAN’S, and even some people from Australia and New Zealand voicing similar complaints about this place!

Bottom line. The immigration PONZI SCHEME that Canada is running is an abomination!! You are a bunch of hucksters! And they get off their high horse regarding Americans, and feeling morally superior to them. You are some of the most ass backwards, mentally ill and retarded people I’ve ever met on this planet! And I mean DUMB AS FUCK compared to the many, many Americans I know! And I don’t mean the hinterlands of Canada. I’m actually referring to Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. All of your “so called cosmopolitan cities, ROFLOL!! You can’t be serious????

Even after many thousands of complaints, you still continue to make these false promises around the world and just lure people here to suffer serious blows to their self esteem after they’ve spent their entire savings!

That’s in addition to suffering endless humiliation as a result of having to either:

a) Settle for low paying menial jobs. And it’s usually humiliating menial work that is several grades lower than their usual pay, and white collar professional rank. They instead end up at call centers, fast food places or minimum wage factories.

b) Spend years not finding any work in their field AFTER having spent both their savings and racking up incredible levels of debt in the thousands of dollars! That’s after being further conned into taking courses on recommendation to “gain some kind of Canadian experience.” Knowing full well though, that this will still yield no results or nothing more than a job at Tim Horton’s or similar, or a Call Centre.

Canadians talk a good game about being tolerant, etc. (Please see my remark about them talking shit about America’s issues)

Well maybe you should look in your own fucking backyard, ok duplicitous douche-bags?! In fact I’ve never seen a western society that is so at ease with misrepresenting itself. Even part of the immigration lure of citizenship in 3 years turns out to be a lie! You can’t even keep that small promise! Where the hell do you people get off talking abut anybody???? The fucking NERVE!!!!

And now, my favorite. You’ve now gone out to con refugees into coming here? Have you no fucking shame???? You know damn well you have no employment possibilities for these people who have seen horrors I can’t even begin to comprehend.

You’re low birth rate is now their problem in addition to all the immigrants you’ve conned for the last several years?? Why not tell your citizenry to procreate more, and stop luring unsuspecting victims into your fucking nonsense?! Yes, more sex so as to have babies and less Ponzi scheming!!!!

If you have no jobs to offer, who the hell is reprimanding you?! Its not a crime, but don’t run around the world deceiving people that this is a place of milk and honey in terms of inclusiveness and opportunity, only for people to go through the humiliating ordeals that are far too commonplace among immigrants here. Most especially ethnic ones.

There are several people who, like in the article included above, were living very comfortable and stable lives elsewhere. And by that I mean other Western democracies! That’s prior to having the misfortune of being sucked into your repugnant Ponzi scheme with false promises!!

Like myself, they only took you on your word because a creed of Western industrialized societies is that of trust, and meaning what you say,a nd that your word has some credibility. Especially when it comes from a susposedly respectable authority such as the government. And there you have failed miserably! There’s no doubt whatsoever that this is deliberate deception to simply increase your tax base at the expense of others.

It does however seem that the world is on to you. Upon many recent refugees (who’ve suffered unspeakable horrors) being offered asylum here……what was it, only 6% responded that they had any interest in coming here? That is powerful testimony!

I certainly agree that they should be given safe cover from such horrors. And on that I commend you. However based on my employment experience here and that of many, many others in the immigrant class, you’ve set such a low fucking bar, that it’s not really saying much.

I very strongly encourage anyone that has excellent professional work and academic experience that plans to emigrate to a western country to try the United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Europe.

This includes any Americans who are fearing a Trump victory, and exclaiming that they’ll move to Canada if that happens. Believe me, you will run right back to the USA. Trust me on that!

Coming here is just asking to be cast in a three ring circus by a bunch of fucking con artists. They are just truly repugnant, duplicitous douche-bags!!!! AVOID!”

(Anonymous source)

No surprise here: Canada a turn-off for some refugees

Globe & Mail article:

“Did it feel like a slap in the face? When the federal government revealed this week that
only 6.3 per cent of Syrian refugees living in Jordanian and Lebanese camps, when offered the chance, wanted to come to Canada, did we feel just a bit spurned? Like we had cooked a three-course dinner and vacuumed the house, only to learn that our friends would rather go out for pizza?

… Which is why this should be sadly familiar. Contrary to our self-image, Canada is not good at attracting newcomers. We have, for most of our history, been better at deterring them – and we’ve done little lately to improve this record.

In the century after the War of 1812, Canada’s stifling Anglican culture and colonial bureaucratic-mindedness were a powerful deterrent to arrivals. From the 1850s to the 20th century, a Statistics Canada historical analysis concluded, “many immigrants entered Canada. However, more people, especially those living in Eastern Canada, left the country primarily to settle in the United States.” The United Empire Loyalists who settled north of the border never numbered more than a few tens of thousands; the number of Canadians, and immigrants to Canada, who moved southward was an order of magnitude larger.

For the first half-century of Confederation, Canada endured “migratory losses – more people left Canada than entered the country,” Statscan said. As our southern neighbour built a powerful economy on the ambitions of entrepreneurial newcomers, we missed the chance, settling for wood-hewing and water-drawing.

It was only in the early 20th century, under Wilfrid Laurier’s leadership, that Canada learned to attract and keep people – by spending serious money on agencies and campaigns abroad, and giving people land and cash to come. No period has come close to the Laurier decade for keeping immigrants.

We soon fell back to our exclusionary patterns. With the exception of the 1910s and the 1950s, immigration in the 20th century contributed little to Canada’s population growth:
In many decades people didn’t want to come; in others, people arriving barely outnumbered those departing. We spent much of that century turning away refugees and warning each other about the civilizational threats posed by southern and eastern Europeans and Asians. Only after 1999 did immigration, for the first time, overtake childbirth as the main source of population growth.

… Even in Britain, Canada has become a turnoff: We are currently the fourth-most-popular country for British emigration, far behind Australia (which receives twice as many people), the United States and Spain. In fact, it’s a net loss: During the past decade, an average of 5,200 British emigrants came here each year, while 8,500 moved the other way. Worse, the British Post Office surveyed British emigrants, and the happiest were those in France, Spain, the United States, Australia and Thailand – Canada didn’t make the list.

We should heed the lesson we learned a few years ago in Ireland: After the country’s economy collapsed in 2008, Ottawa hoped for a migration boom of skilled workers. But only about 1,000 a year came, and they complained about unfriendly conditions and unaffordable cities. Only after paying for a big advertising and outreach campaign did that rise to 5,000 – for a year, until things got better in Ireland.

Next time we have a months-long national debate about migrants, maybe it shouldn’t be about them, but about us – why we still seem so cold and unwelcoming, even to those we want.”