Do you regret moving to Canada?

Comments from immigrants about their regrets in moving to Canada. My comments at the end.


It’s been 4 months that I have moved to Canada as a Permanent Resident – the coveted tag that almost every other Punjabi is after these days. And, believe me – life here is not a bed of roses as everyone pictures from far.

And, there are plenty of reasons for the same:

The cold weather!!! – As soon as you land, you feel the chill in the air (I felt it even when it was the ‘so called SUMMER” for Canadians – the month of May). I had to wear a jacket on the first weekend while going out with my friends.

The laid back lifestyle – Trust me when I say that we people are far more active in our home countries than people in Canada. You see people with a far more laid back lifestyle and attitude in this part of the world.

Job struggle – I pity those people who come to Canada and believe they can earn big bucks; especially those who leave their well-paying white-collar jobs in their country. Job struggle is immense here. Recruiting processes crawl at snail-speed. Forget about reaching to the recruiting phase, most of the employers will reject you because you don’t have the ‘Canadian work exprience’. It’s like a polite way of saying ‘screw your hard work and experience that you did in a multinational in your home country. Canadian work is above and beyond that!’

Too many INDIANS – I am an Indian and I love my home country, but seriously if I had to get the feeling of living in the middle of India why would I move to Canada? There are so many Indians (especially Punjabis in the GTA and BC – the most livable parts of the country) that not even for a single day you will feel you are out of India.

PSS – No hard feelings, it is a personal choice. But, trust me it is not worth it to leave your friends, family, and life!!!

Thank you, everyone, for such an overwhelming response to my answer. I did not expect it at all.

For all those who think that I hold something against Canada or people from my own country (so-called DESIS), well I don’t have anything against it. I simply mean to say that it is personal choice for everyone. I like the country, I like the calmness that it brings, and I love cleanliness. However, there are somethings which did not appeal to me, just like for many of you quite a number of things from back home do not appeal. It’s just my personal opinion and point of view. For all of those saying I should move back, well I will when the right time comes but it is not now. Canada is a beautiful country, but not for everyone, and not everything is laid here on a bed of roses, it has its own struggles that every country has.

PS – the winters have just begun, I am already feeling the chill.

Peace 🙂

Note: When I wrote this answer initially, I received a lot of hate comments that after a few months I will start praising Canada etc. etc., and I will never move back. To all those comments, I’ve moved back to India. And, I’m happy to be part of this Cosmic Chaos we love


I will try to answer this from my own personal perspective, and from the trends I have seen in Canada after I moved to Toronto:


  1. People are nice, but not all, further explained in cons.
  2. Society is more tolerant of immigrants.
  3. Gun laws are stringent, and gun violence is almost non existent.
  4. Immigration is easy.
  5. You will not feel alone, there are people from all ethnicities.
  6. Racism exists but is not to the levels that it will suffocate you.
  7. Medical costs are low, you still need insurance for dental, vision, and prescription coverage though.
  8. Water is cheap, electricity is cheaper than most places I have lived in.
  9. Air quality is very good, very less pollution.
  10. It is a very beautiful country. I love going on long drives.


  1. Job experience from anywhere outside Canada is not considered. You will start fresh and will need to climb the ladder again.
  2. If you don’t have references, forget about landing a decent job.
  3. Everything is expensive in quick comparison to US.
  4. Cars are expensive. Car insurance is super expensive.
  5. Housing is out of reach in Toronto and Vancouver, where 90% (ok more like 70%) jobs are.
  6. Medicare is painful when it comes to emergencies. Imagine waiting nine hours in emergency with a broken bone while doctors tend to a teenager who got bad throat due to excessive smoking but can fake pain better than you can. No, they don’t prioritize in most cases. And if you want to see a specialist, better be prepared to wait for months for an appointment.
  7. Racism exists, not as bad as US, and some people are frustrated with influx of immigrants.
  8. There is a big gap in immigration policies and the mindset of employers.
  9. Weather is extreme enough to kill you in minutes in most of Canada.
  10. You cannot save. Taxes takes almost half of what you earn.
  11. Sales tax is extremely high. It was 15% in Ontario, which has been reduced to 13% now. This is what you pay when you buy anything, or any service.
  12. Public transportation is extremely expensive. Travel is expensive, both domestic and international.
  13. Some people I have encountered were extremely rude, they actually topped the charts of rudeness compared to some other encounters in US, Europe, and South East Asia.
  14. Gas prices are one of the most expensive in the world. A litre in Vancouver costs about $1.60.
  15. Very bad roads, they’ll kill your suspension and tires if you are not careful. This is due to bad weather.
  16. Food is expensive, eating out is expensive.
  17. Liquor is twice as expensive as in US, don’t forget to grab a bottle from duty free.
  18. Most important, salaries are on an average 30% less than what they are in US, that combined with high taxes leads to no or very less wiggle room for savings.

So overall, it was a disappointing move. But that doesn’t mean that Canada is a bad country. It is a good country but comes with it’s own challenges like anywhere else. Depends on what you want.


I do.

I do not regret moving away from home and experiencing a new life.

But I do regret choosing Canada over Europe (I did have the choice).

Here are a few things I am sure the responses, especially the ones from those who have ‘just’ moved here and likely wrote the comments in their ‘high’ of traveling do not cover.

1 – The cold is deadly – and no one wants to admit it.

2 – It is cold not only outside, Canadians like to burn extra fuel on airconditioning and to freeze their indoor areas too, both in summer and winter (and yes there are only two seasons in Canada). There is not one day all year around when you can do your errands without having to carry a jacket or, ever thinking of wearing a skirt like I like to do – because the moment you step inside buildings it’s FREEZING (unless you are exercising). Although, I must say people do not dress to the weather, and if you have an issue with the cold, you will be always objectified ‘omg! You’re wearing too much! Are you cold?’

Look, winters are 8 months long here (Edit: when I say winter, I mean so long I need to wear knits, jackets, tooks and boots, if you go out with shorts in 10 degrees good for you, anything below 12 is winter to me and most people from mild climates). For at least 3 months, it’s below -15 (Edit: if anyone doubts this, they can track the weather and average temperature in various provinces, make sure you look at the ‘real feel’ value too. Unless you are in Windsor Ontario or BC, this is what it is, if not worse). You need a car. You need a really good home with proper heating, and still your social life is brought to a minimum during those months. Now, let’s see what happens when you are a broke student who lives in the burbs and cannot even dream of having a car. I live downtown and it’s a 15 min walk to my school (nice eh?) when it’s -40, I do mind having to walk 15 mins.

3 – It is super expensive. Rent goes up ridiculously every year. You could look it up if you wished, but I am half-certain that Canadians pay the highest price for phone and internet services in the developed world. Other expenses are high too, compared to many countries – and it’s not like you get a top-quality life for the expensive things you spend money on. I am talking about a single person who cooks their own meals, does not even drink and, does not spare money on anything other than necessities.

4 – Public transportation SUCKS BALLS. I know most people around the world like to talk about how punctual buses are in Canada because if they do not pick people up in a timely manner people could freeze. That’s an utter lie. And on top of that, the reach of each city’s transportation system is very weak. Unless you live in the downtown area (which makes it easier just to walk or bike rather than having to wait for irregular buses for unknown periods of time) chances are you will have to spend 2+ hours on transportation every day just to get to where you work or you go to school. Most of the cities do not have metro (subway) and again when they do, the beauty of it is only when you are in close distances to the core downtown. Otherwise, the metro will never get you to the inner cities, and you will have to switch to subsidiary buses that… again will get you to wait… and wait… and wait.

Intercity transport is also awful, a monopoly and, expensive. I do not know if there are any countries left around the world with such a disconnected transport system – especially given how far apart everything is in North America.

Never mind internal flight prices. I don’t want to even start writing about Air Canada.

5 – Relationships are overrated, and talking about the ‘physiological need for sex’ is the centerpiece of reasoning for inquiring one. The dating scene is an absolute bogus mess, which comes down to women chasing men, hopes of sharing the rent, or otherwise being pointed at as ‘not getting enough sex’ and ‘not having a man’ (sometimes I wonder if it is the 1800s and the age of getting wedded is 16). People move in in a matter of days of knowing each other and move out in a matter of a couple of months. By the late 20s, anyone you meet has been through divorce(s) or separation(s), likely has kids, usually still ‘hangs out’ with their exes(you are likely to learn about the grisly truth only after you have invested yourself emotionally in an unworthy narcissist too hard). Everyone you meet is bitter and cunning, only looking for another partner to suit their economic imbalances. People put up with cheating partners very often, and internalizing these standards, at least when you are super lonely, comes next. You’ll be surprised.

(I generally would not suggest a single person who is interested in dating to come here. If I ever do recommend Canada it’s to couples. If you have kids you will get to raise them in safe, ugly neighborhoods where they never play on the streets – I don’t know why? It’s safe, it’s super flat and begs for two gates and a soccer ball or hockey puck- and you will have to dump thousands and thousands of dollars on their daycare). I will not get into the cost of primary education. Not here.

6 – Unless you are an engineer or have an MBA or, if you are a real estate or car sales agent (or wish to become) forget about doing anything ambitious. You could have all the qualification in the world and work in Walmart and enjoy your 4 K salary with benefits (many people are happy with that and do put aside their goals and settle with having enough pay to get by as an ultimate). And if you refuse to work for years on years in a job for which you are overqualified, you are pointed at as a sloth who doesn’t want to work. Your success is measured by salary, pension, and mortgage, not if you are happy with your job (it’s actually the norm to hate your work). Ironically no one wants to talk about numbers when it comes to money. There is a presumption everyone’s wellbeing and financial condition is safeguarded by some godly ransom that they digged up from the graves of their ancestors.

7 – Dishonesty. The way [most] people do not tell you what they mean and confuse you with their actions and words is astonishing here. Barely anyone is straightforward, and humor is a lost word in Canadian English. Everyone seems to have a stick up their arse (and you will become like that too). People only open up after getting absurdly drunk – mainly for a few seconds before they lose the ability to collect their conscious.

(Edit: there is a general assumption that people in countries with Arctic climate and low-density populations have bigger bubbles around their selves, are more difficult to connect and are easily out of touch with their emotions. I cannot speak for Scandinavia for example, but, have heard foreigners from dense societies feel the same about them. Take this tho; emotional has negative connotations in Canadian English. So you know who you are).

8 – It’s boring (save for the hardcore advocates of outdoors sports – even though the temperatures are usually below standard for those too, I have heard skiiers from Scandinavia come here and are shocked how locals go out on days they would absolutely refuse to exercise outdoors). Other than the few main cities I’m sure you know which ones are and, their downtown areas only, the rest of the towns and the burbs and the cities are a copy and paste version of one another – ugly 70s style cement buildings, from an era where architects stopped being creative and erecting venues was likely left to road builders! City structure is inaccessible without a car and, is alienating.

Having fun comes down to bar hopping with teens (or grown-ups who like to act like they are still teens; super excited about being able to drink), in un-fashionable clothing, hearing some off-tune country music and watching girls throw up and drop like flies – because alcohol is the holy grail no one wants to be left behind in consuming it as much as possible (and guess what? it is also more expensive than anywhere I have been, U.S. Europe, South America). You cannot enjoy your drink, or socialize all without it if you wished – it always seems to me that there is a race in ‘how much’ you can drink, so to say, you have a place in the society!!!

I am an artist, and I have studied human sciences. This type of environment does not cultivate creativity. The level of artwork, presentation and access to creative means is bare minimum because people care too much about having a routine and a salary – because back to the point, prices are no joke here, norneither are your bills, your credit card or the mortgage etc. And the best way to secure those is being as predictable and average as possible. Art is regulated by the government, which is great in the sense that artists can have access to massive fundings; so long that they follow the government’s agenda which changes at every turn of the parliament.

9 – The food including fresh produce, snacks, prepared meals and pub/restaurant dishes is bland and tasteless (I do not really know what it is, the way the American groceries that are exported to Canada are grown? GMOs? The amount of sugar and salt that is used in food versus all the other spices that should be but are NEVER used?)

Edit: I accidentally came upon a source about proteins that indicated in North America some animal proteins (that are not naturally found in the structure of plants) are used for the growth of fruits and vegetables. I have also heard that many standards in agriculture and farming are way different from elsewhere in the world, whether these contribute to the tastelessness of food is for debate but surely modifications that are done to our food remain largely a mystery.

‘Affordable ethnic’ cuisines are limited to Thai and Chinese food. For the rest you will often have to pay 3 times as much.

10 – Get ready for wrecking accommodation, roaches, bedbugs, and mice. There are many many old residential buildings made of wood. Naturally, susceptible to all kinds of vermin. The hygiene level is also below my standards (and I am not fussy whatsoever). People very often do not seem to clean enough. Not all, of course. But it does not surprise me anymore that 50% of the times when I walk into a new place and I notice the clump of dust in the corners and uncleaned kitchen and bathrooms.

Also, bad landlords, awful landlords and absolutely psychopathic ones who own houses and rent it out for extra income and make the life of the tenant hell, are plenty. Unless you are living in a condo building, which is at least 1.5 times rentals and twice as expensive as shared houses, situations can rise easily.

Nature is great though. Again if you have the luxury of accessing natural sites by car. Freezing your ass camping, or, if you would like to go hiking and skiing – mainly in inhuman temperatures. This is all given the fact that you do find the time off to ever do something extracurricular.

11 -Universal Health Care: it’s there, it’s good, so long that you are not actually sick or require an emergency. I cannot count the number of times I have heard people they were kept in the ER for hours with no primary care, no drugs nor testing because there were no specialized doctors available to look at them (this goes from food poisoning to having a broken bone to anything else). I am not talking about medical mistakes. I am talking about a severe shortage of doctors.

Doctors, I mean specialists, literally flock to this country in the hopes of practicing their medicine away from their home country where they have to compete with several others. It is almost impossible for them to get back on the track with new qualifications they require to work in Canada as it takes a decade to get through the tests and everything… and guess what? Life costs money and they end up being taxi drivers – or whatever, not doctors anymore!!! (The taxi driver doctor is such a stereotype you cannot even keep a blind eye). Now, those doctors CAN, in fact, make a good living driving taxis or working in Walmart or wherever, but what do you think happens to people in need of special care?

Well if they are rich they go to the States, Europe or the Middle East, in emergency situations sometimes the correct diagnosis does not take place on time and they end up being slaves to the pharmaceutical industry for their lifetime.

Plus note that the Universal Health Care does not cover the costs of most of the highly specialized medical treatments – unless you have extra coverage with your work.

So, despite being a relatively healthy person you can enjoy regular checks with your family doctor, anything beyond that if you are not employed at the right place and do not have a ton of money to pay for treatment in the U.S. can be scary.

Hmmm…what’s the cancer rate in Canada again?

12 – Unemployment Benefits; I am not going to say it is awful to have help when you become unemployed (but I guess most governments in the world have something along those lines). It is relatively easy to get the few hundred dollar checks and it can cover some basic costs. But the thing is, those who actually rely on this money either torn apart native people, and you know that their conditions go back generations (again I am not going to elaborate on what has happened to the indigenous peoples of Canada, you do your research) and their unemployment in a colonial system that is not compatible with their lost traditions, is not something that can be fixed with a few hundreds of dollars per month, but needs a historical healing. The other benefactors are lazy entitled [often local white] people who do not look for work, do not accept low wage work, and do choose to beg on the streets (because they can collect some more from kind people who help them) while they reside in social housing or dirty cheap team houses. Often drunken bad-mouthed homeless people who are plenty in the richest cities of the country – you only need to take a 5 minute walk in downtown Ottawa or Toronto, for example, to realize poverty is not something specific to ‘the developing countries’. But interestingly, there are no videos or pictures showing this type of thing to the enthusiastic immigrants as ‘Canada’. No, Canada is not only its homeless people. Neither it is its national hockey team. But there are these issues here, like anywhere else in the world and the spotless imagery many people have of this country is simply laughable.

A middle-class worker who does pay some rent for a decent place and happens to become unemployed cannot really manage monthly expenses with this check the government sends. It is just a little help. It does not hold one’s life together unless one decides to move in a basement with 4+ roommates during the time he or she is unemployed – which can mean months. I do not propose the provincial governments should raise this pay, I am just saying those who move to Canada to get these benefits are very much like those buggers who soak up the money sitting on the streets acting like they need help while the real trouble of unemployment (however small in percentage) is draining students and real workers.

And last but not least International Higher Education: There is a humongous number of people who come to Canada as international students every year (I wrote my Ph.D. thesis about this, so this is only a glimpse of the facts I have come upon while writing. Rest assured, I have presented my research to the department of immigration and citizenship and they approved I had my facts right, so there). All around the world, studying abroad is encouraged and celebrated, especially is one gets into a highly accredited institution in the top universities that are mainly located in anglophone countries. Many of those who come to Canada are essentially pursuing this as a pathway for accessing immigration to Canada. Little they know the number of foreign students is so overwhelmingly high, and the information regarding their success in getting permanent residency is very scattered; the reality is the government of Canada recognizes international education as one of its most important economic assets[1] (immediate expenditure of incoming international students earned about 12 billion dollars for Canada in 2016[2] ) but despite the available programs for immigration of students, the ultimate goal has never been to settle all of them[3] .

Each international student pays up to 3 times the tuition fee[4] the domestic student does (depending on the province) and funding (especially for foreign students) is becoming more scarce every year. Now while you might be experiencing all of the social aspects of life including the above-mentioned, before deciding to study in Canada you might want to check the job market from within – meaning people who have been through your field of study. Do not rely on the advertising university partners provide or the pretty pictures on university websites. Studying here is no joke and one is better to consider everything and more (including finding a good adviser who is not planning on being a dick to you for the entire course of your graduate degree) before committing to a program that requires great attention.

Also please note that an international student can not enjoy any of the government programs such as immigration services, health care, unemployment benefits etc. These only come to immigrants and citizens. Especially after an international student graduates, he or she is literally relying on a single paper called Post Graduate Work Permit. There is barely any budget dedicated to guiding this young and sophisticated bunch through the Canadian system.

EDIT: Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not absolutely hate my life (so please, be kind and save the philanthropic positivist advice, I’d prefer a proper mural or DJ gig lol – you see no matter how great I feel about myself, if I do not enjoy the social scene and do not wish to live the rest of my life HAPPILY in an isolated enclave, there is no way around it). This is not my diary or resume. And I have not included anything close to my day to day negative experience with matters such as underemployment, higher education fees, the art scene etc. These are my reasons that convince me, as per speaking to the general public, why I would have possibly chosen another destination – somewhere warmer with better urban architecture and a dense population – if I went back and decided to go abroad and explore the world at 24 (again, if you are here to represent Canadian patriarchy by hateful comments, you are simply on a wrong post, go read something that fulfills your agenda). Also, this is in the 2010s, Canada screens in almost only highly skilled technical work force and, I am in the arts and humanities. My experience would be incomparable to numerous people who moved here 30 years ago as general labour.

Canadians are very nice. They are welcoming and do not discriminate (often, as I have seen) against race or culture. There are very decent, respectable people I have met here. There are friendships I do cherish. But I do not think that I would have moved here for the sake of meeting these people. Especially for a person without their 1st degree family, life is very machine-like, disconnected here. You might not mind the prices if you are rich, and would likely be able to skip atrocious housing conditions. It doesn’t negate the fact that the industrial nature of everything resonates everywhere no matter what you do. People will not ever, never get actually close to you and at some point you give up trying to break the ice. And you will learn to do the same as them, and limit your relationships to thinking of them as professional networks which you will have to employ for career purposes. You will create your own bubble around yourself and you will either learn to enjoy it, or you will keep regretting your life choices.

P.S. These are my reasons for ‘regretting moving to Canada’. Things I have listed here have affected me personally. It is always easier to see things from a critical perspective once one has lived in different places. Nonetheless, these are my viewpoints as a foreigner; most of the times people who have lived all of their lives in their country of birth think their country is either the worst of the best. Yet, everything is relative.


I did and I left.

My background is somewhat different. I was born in the States, but my father is Canadian and my mother is from Europe, so I already had Canadian citizenship. My family moved to Canada when I was eight and I stayed until about a year after finishing university, then moved to the States after getting a job. A few years later, after working and going to grad school, some family issues came up and I had to move back. I wasn’t eager to leave, but I thought I would give it a shot and I was told that there would be plenty of jobs for me in my field, even though I did a ton of research and saw it would be tough. But I was fairly young at the time and I wanted to be closer to my family.

The move did not work out well at all and I soon regretted it. I had great difficulty getting any notice for jobs in my field. I knew I’d probably have to go down a few notches and prepared for it, but the only things I could find were call center and basic admin work. It was humiliating, especially after grad school and working some good jobs at some good organizations in NYC, a place from where my skills should have been transferable or recognized. In the few interviews I was able to get, I was told that I lacked “Canadian experience”, which has apparently become a cliche. At my last interview, the interviewer brought this up and I responded by telling him that I was way more qualified than he was to do his own job. I just didn’t care at that point and didn’t hold back. He agreed and said that I would have a tough time finding good work because lots of Canadian employers are biased against those who went straight to the States after college.

After that, I figured it was time to go and I moved back to NY.

Other reasons why I left:

I couldn’t stand the extreme cold.

My friends, whom I had grown up with, were all married and I was the only single person, so my social life sucked. It was tough to meet new people and I didn’t find the few people I did meet to be all that interesting.

Bad dating scene.

Even if I did end up getting a decent job, my career prospects would have been limited and there would be little chance for growth, so I wanted more diverse opportunities.


The anti-Americanism was a pain in the ass to hear. Canadians have a global reputation of being extremely tolerant and polite…except when it comes to Americans. A lot of it was just nonsensical and it’s a form of prejudice, full stop. It was annoying because I was born in the States and I hated hearing others slag on my place of birth. It’s also incredibly hypocritical to boast about tolerance (even defending intolerant acts by other, non-American cultures!) when practicing the opposite.

Political correctness overdrive. Now, I’m not in favor of insulting others, but the PC environment in Canada is stifling. I remember being told in school that we were to refer to “janitors” as “sanitation engineers”. What the fuck?! I can imagine it being worse now under Trudeau.

Lack of traveling options and I wanted to travel more. Canada is extremely expensive to travel from.

There are other reasons, but these come to mind right now.

Granted, I do think Canada is a good country and I don’t have any regrets about growing up there. For sure, it was a good place to grow up. It just didn’t work out for me as an adult.


Yes and I left after a year.

I’m European with engineering degree, top MBA and several years of international work experience.

In Europe, when I wanted to change job I got interviews with multinationals for jobs at what I consider my level (seniority and experience).

In Canada, recruiters told me directly that their clients wanted candidates with “Canadian experience” and that was the end of the calls. On the other hand, I had recruiters contancting me for low level jobs (telesales, help desk, etc.) saying that they saw my CV online and it was a great match.

It was quite depressing that in Europe I worked in consulting and multinationals but in Canada I was considered like a high school dropout.

I hear people saying that I should have toughed it out, take any menial job for some months, study an extra degree, etc. but why would I have to go through that when in many developed countries in the world my credentials are well regarded and I can get a proper job in short time and applying from abroad.

Bottom line, I had to spend a lot of money and time to move to Canada to be considered an unskilled worker, but other countries with the same quality of life will hire me directly from abroad and pay for my relocation expenses.


Yes! Think twice before taking this decision. Everyone says Canada has everything. But trust me, it’s not that simple to get that ‘everything’ here. First, it is indeed a long struggle to get a job (in your own field) which might take up to one year or even more and not to mention about the problems one gets without the “Canadian experience”. A lot of money goes into your daily expenditures. And even worse, sometimes people end up in landing survival jobs which pay you very less. And other than that, rents are way too much, even you live in a decent 1 room apartment. And I believe if you are having good jobs back home, don’t leave your jobs in a hurry. Plan for it wisely as India is also progressing at a good pace. Furthermore, you’ll be missing out your family, friends, social gatherings and all that that can never be compared with the money you make. If you’re earning decent there and are able to meet friends, family do not take take this step. Enjoy your life there. You’ll love your decision.

The grass always seems to be greener on the other side.


It was the right decision at the time when China was not a good place to be. Now that China has surpassed Canada in many aspects moving here is starting to feel like a big mistake. I’ve been in Canada for 20 plus years but not much as changed unlike other countries. Here are some major issues:

1.) The taxes are very high and become progressively higher as you make more money. So success basically yields diminishing returns and effectively punishes success and rewards failure. This lead to a huge brain drain problem where the most industrious Canadians move to the US where they are treated better.

2.) The universal healthcare is very inefficient. I’ve waited in the ER for 15 hours once. Getting a specialist could take months. Check-ups are not covered. You can’t even opt out of this system as they’ve made private health insurance illegal.

3.) No matter how much stellar work experience you have from other developed countries they won’t be recognized. I think they do this to protect local Canadians so they don’t have to compete with international talent. Very ironic as they set a very high bar for skilled immigration when they don’t even utilize those skills. There are doctors from Russia that end up as taxi drivers because their license and experience is null and void here. To me this is institutional racism.

4.) The culture is very much rooted in all the trappings of left-wing ideology. You are taught from a very young age to look at wealth and upward mobility with suspicion. There’s a general mentality of victimhood and entitlement. If you’re not successful it must be the fault of corporations or rich people. The gov’t is supposed to solve all your problems. I find this to be very demoralizing and depressing. I don’t think this is the message you should send to young people.

5.) There’s a drug problem on the streets. I’ve never seen so many meth heads anywhere else in the world. I’m not sure what caused this. Maybe the laws are too lenient towards drug dealing and usage? In major cities downtown you will find a lot of druggies panhandling for money. Mostly young people.

6.) The media is very biased. Almost everything reported on China and any other non OECD countries is 100% negative and nobody ever questions its validity. The exception is US, they are also viewed as evil. The people here see themselves as the good guys and the rest of the world is problematic or straight up unethical.

I think when we left China we thought we were escaping an oppressive regime to live in a democratic utopia. What we learned is that democracy may not be the best form of gov’t (even though they train you to believe it is) and western media does just as good of a job brainwashing their own people. The narrative Canada sells is not necessarily a reflection of reality. Perhaps freedom is just a concept.

Edit: I just want to add that I think the reason Canada sits on its high horse of ethics and points the fingers at others is because they only have one neighbor and it’s a friendly one. They have plenty of natural resources and low population. They never have to worry about starvation or invasion. It’s easy to be ethical when you don’t have to make the tough decisions to defend your territory and secure resources. It’s not fair for them to judge.


Don’t come to Canada with super high expectations or you will be disappointed quickly. If you have a great job with good benefits where you are, pls. stay there. A lot of high skilled immigrants I’ve met as an employment counsellor who helps to find jobs in Canada are demoralized as they can not find equal level jobs they left back home. Know this, your skills are not considered comparable. Period. You will start from the BOTTOM!

Discrimination exist covertly. Your accent, communication skills,your ability to convey knowledge/ experience in the Canadian context might differ from what You are accustomed to. You will have to be on top of your game. It might be about who you Know. Networking is sometimes key. Know your job description well. Interviews are not about knowing your skills. It’s also about that and more. Chance are you don’t don’t have appropriate answers. What they need, want to hear. Chances are you did not know what they want because you did not read, research and learn about the company and industry and job duties, you did not research the Canadian context of the job. It’s cumbersome if not prepared. Another idea per my experience, remove countries you’ve gained experience or worked in from resume to gain attention clear and void of what’s deemed foreign experience, not canadian experience.

I came here in 2007. I speak well. Even with a good amount of good American accent in Canada, unless nervous then it shows. I know my shit! In fact my name could never tell that I am black, African. I get the interviews but once they are my black face, all else changed. So beware folks! Unless your life is threatened in your country. If you have respect in your profession and a good job where you are, stay put. North America, Canada is no joke for those educated people, secure in your knowledge, you will have to start from the begining even with Phds. Medical doctors. Master’s from abroad… think carefully before you come! Consult an employment counsellor and even they can not predict your future. I have been there. Just saying!


Yes, Canada is a regretful countrt. There are some realities you should know before moving here;:

1.) Not many white collar jobs in Canada – Canada has lot of jobs to be filled but mainly blue collar ones like cleaners, plumbers, taxi drivers and so. Canadians don’t want to do it. They need immigrants for that.

2.) Free Health Care is a fake propaganda. You have to wait for months for tests and reports and follow ups take another sweet time. Surgeries wait time could be 1–2 years. Dental not covered.

3.) Health care is NOT actually FREE. Canada is a socialist country – high taxes and low income. Those taxes are used for the health care. I used to pay a tax of $13,000 per year in the US while on same income I am paying $22,000 per year in Canada. Imagine, I could buy the best insurance for those extra $9,000 taxes in the US where even comestics will be covered and treatment will be lightening fast.

4.) People are COLD – People will greet you but will never talk to you.

5.) Toronto has many problems – Expensive and crowded. There is a lot of competition for jobs because a lot of skilled workers are willing to do your job on darn cheap rates.

6.) Vancouver is worse – One of the world’s most expensive cities. You will have to live in basements. Not many jobs. North Van is littred with drug dealers and criminals.

7.) Calgary and Monteal – Calgary is empty and cold. Most of the jobs are oil and chemicals. Monteal is french dominated and racist.

You can Google all my points and will come to know that all are real.

If you wish to come to Canada, make sure to come with the right mindset and keep yourself prepared for some realities.


As an immigrant, I do not regret it. Because my options are limited. The US is impossible to get into but still with lots of social problems. Australia seems ideal but also impossible to get into in terms of immigration. New Zealand seems amazing but jobs are even more scarce and probably too isolated.

This country feels safe and the fact that the country is solid, rich in natural resources and hydro resource is a good selling point. It’s a good hedge against global warming and the upcoming water shortage. Also, there are no natural disaster.

Although, it does get cold and for far too long. Every winter I wonder why I haven’t moved to Australia. But anyway, I wouldn’t have made it for Australian immigration requirement.

Being a visible minority, it is much better than the US as a whole, although you could argue that pockets of the US are just as good.

I was living in Austin, TX before coming to Montreal and I do miss Austin, though. Now, that’s a special place.

Additional : Austin is way friendlier than Montreal is and stress-free.

Anecdote : The other day, I was in downtown Montreal and I was not being very attentive and I got in the way of a pedestrian on a sidewalk. I ran into her. I wanted to go inside a pharmacy. It was my bad. It was my fault because I should have waited for her to pass, but I was too focused on getting into the pharmacy that I didn’t see her and bumped into her. Before I had a chance to say “Sorry” that lady didn’t stop and decided to just push me away – not too hard but still – and swear in French “ tabarnak hostie calice” with a nasty look on her face. I got angry, too. I swore at her, too. “What the fuck is the matter with you?” as she charged on.

That kinda thing would never happen in Austin. First of all, no one is walking that fast. Second, no one is that confrontational. If anything, they would have just let me pass first or apologized that I ran into them.

This is just one experience, but there are countless times I’ve witnessed Montrealers giving attitude to each other in public. People are generally not as nice as Austinites, even between friends.

Maybe it’s a Quebecois thing. Quebecois are considered to be ruder than English-speaking Canadians. But coming from Austin, it is a shock and not a pleasant one.


YES and a lot

Its been 8 months since I moved to Canada. I moved here because my brother studied here before. My expectation is Canada would be fun.

First 3 months

I am just doing well. I usually stay in isolation in both my home country and Canada. I really got bored of the study here because it has low standard of education. I miss my study and my friends and teachers from my country because they were much more interactive and much more friendly. I like western food so it is pretty good.

Next 3 months

I got bored of the food. There is nothing fun to do. Everything is expensive. I feel homesick. I hate my dorm neighbors as they are some nasty dirty people who don’t take baths and pee correctly. After complaining, I was said to be ‘discriminating’ dirty people and clean people. Fuck you Liberals, its for everyone’s good. These people will get discriminated and isolated if nothing is done. And the smelly people did get isolated now. My life is hell because of my room is right in front of the toilet. Some rules doesn’t make any sense in the school either and things that are allowed are questionable.

the recent 2 months

The only thing that keep me alive from losing appetite is Tim Horton’s chili and Indian foods. I might try to get Mexican food later. I can finally go home this March. I feel relieved that I could cause Coronavirus wasn’t a major problem in my country.


It is pretty peaceful and laid back place as a student

Everyone is pretty friendly.

I like being isolated


As there are majority in the minority, most of them only group up with their own people. And a very different nationality might not make easy friends.

Boring, just awfully boring. I might have experienced Paris syndrome.

The food is getting dull day by day.

The toilets in dorms may be more disgusting than public toilets in my country.

The society tolerates smelly people but individuals don’t. And school authority doesn’t help them.


Sometimes yes! I do regret it.


Financial reasons:

I see my paycheck and almost half is gone to tax

I see restaurants & shopping bill and 13% taken by sales tax, (worst indirectly forced to give 10–20% tip) actual food cost 100$ then + 15$ tip cost + $15 sales tax, total cost 130$. Ridiculous!

I see property tax bill

I see high rate of car insurance cutting from account

$120 license plate renewal just to drive car on road every year

I pay $5 dollar per month to keep my bank account

Almost no interest rate given on saving

it’s like giving away almost 60% of your salary just for income tax, sales tax, property tax & tips.

no saving at all after paying all tax, it’s hard to think young generation to buy house in Toronto

Other reasons:

I see government is working on getting back ISIS terrorist into Canada and justify it [Edit: All people in comment, just do a simple google search]

I see tax money are used to give funding for Catholic school and these schools have more facilities than regular public schools [Edit: I was misinformed for Islamic schools in Mississauga, I have remove that)

I see weather going down to extreme low, I was stuck in -33 last year with my Hybrid car’s alternator died and my car stop working. Getting stuck in winter is crazy. Winter here can kill you within minutes if you are not prepared for worst. Just think medium/major accident in -33 Celsius. Person would die of cold before the injury. Now I started doing work from home or leave when temperatures goes below -25.

I see few feet of snow

waiting for 20 hours in emergency in pain for appendix surgery

I see malls & shopping places closed on public holidays

I find few places open at mid night food

I am asked fake questions like, How are you? and asker don’t have any intention to hear the answer or never meant but asked just a habit. [Edit: fake culture developed around being so-called NICE, read this opinion of international student, easy to relate. 

I find people saying sorry or apologizing but not meant it

Above reason makes me think of I should get Canadian Citizenship and move to USA on TN visa.

While, below reasons stops me doing that,

safe country

gun control

almost everyone in Toronto area are immigrants, white/black/brown/asian

most Indian things are easy to find

lots of Indian restaurants

Celebrates all Indian festivals

Education is good compare to USA

healthcare is free, it’s beneficial for non-emergency visits to physicians

health insurance is far cheaper than USA


Long post alert.

There were edits made after few comments from my friends in Canada to add more details. This makes this extreme long post from long post.

This is not to discourage people from moving to Canada but to rather help them take right factors in consideration.

Yes, I regret moving to Canada. I moved from India’s most happening city ‘Hyderabad’ from one of the Big4 firms. That being said, neither am I a high flier nor someone who draws high/exorbitant salaries (upwards of 1 lakh per month).

Unlike many, I did not spend a fortune to come here or spend dizzying amounts of my savings. Yes, I did spend significant portion of my savings, it is not just that high when I compare it to my peers who moved here with their families and are still trying to get a job.

Did I not get a job here and is that the reason why I regret?

No– I did get a decent paying job in my area of expertise within 3 months. No qualms here. It is just good networking/ referrals/ family friends who helped me get a job.

Was I not able to accommodate to the culture/ are people not good enough?

People here are extremely friendly.

My friend who I knew from India who got a job here before I came to Canada was more worried about me that I was not getting a job.

My friend’s brother’s best friend’s wife helped me get the job. Let that sink in. I was that lucky to have such a great friend and such lovely people here. I cannot thank them enough. They are like my extended family now.

Why do I regret?

When I was researching if I have to move to Canada, I considered a few points to make the move.

Free healthcare:

I thought free healthcare, eh, how many countries in the world would do that?

My research was wrong.

As cool as it may sound, it is very slow. I had to wait for a week to get an appointment for an ultrasound scan for my wife because she is suffering from stomach ache. God knows what would happen if the cause is diagnosed after some damage already happened.

If I was in India it would have been done in a few hours. The cost even if I would have to bear it will be very small. Doctor visit in a walk-in-clinic+ Ultrasound+other tests+ medicines would have cost me at the most 3000 INR (60 CAD).

Just FYI: The cost of a colonoscopy in Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (the most famous hospital) where even Prime Minister of India had his surgery costed me INR 2000 (40 CAD).

I was covered by my company back home for 5 lakhs per annum. Not just me, my wife, my parents and my future kids. Now 5 lakhs is only $10k. However, in India, any major surgery can be completed within 2 or 3 lakhs in a upscale hospital. My uncle had a heart attack and the total cost of 2 stents to be implanted in his heart was 3 lakhs.

My parents now are not covered by insurance in India. I will have to buy them an insurance plan.

If someone is coming from India and one of his considerations is free healthcare, think again- You are coming from a country to which even citizens from developed nations (mostly USA) go for low cost healthcare services.

Education for kids

Many studies placed Canadian schooling as the 2nd or 3rd best in the world. I thought it would be a great opportunity for my future kids.

I was wrong in my assessment. I misread the report. The studies consider public schooling system in the country for the rating. Yes, the public schooling system in India is pathetic. Do I really want my kids to join a public school in India? No.I would have had them joined in a decent private school. The education if not on par would at least still be on par with Canadian public school.

If you are coming to Canada considering this as a factor and you make good money back in India, think again- Private schools are really good in India too.


Who are we kidding? The rents are sky high. I knew that before coming here. However, I did not know that even to get a unit when someone is willing to pay the rent, it is never easy. I applied for 8 condo units and 5 apartment units, all of which rejected my application since there were more than 5 people who were bidding for the units and the house owner had a choice to pick from. The apartments buildings had a waiting list. I am talking about some decently maintained apartment units like the Morguard ones.

Now two of my friends got a place relatively fast forcing me to think again- if I am unlucky or considered moving during wrong time or if he is lucky.

I was trying to get answer to this question when another friend of mine mentioned me that searching for rent is like mini-job search here. You will need to put in as much effort as job search.

My search for job drained my energy. Right now, I am not ready for another round of energy drain.

I ultimately made peace with staying in a basement with my wife.

Canada has a housing crisis and most are not ready to admit it. Think again.


This is very specific to me. However, just jotting it down because there might be someone like me. I am someone who would draw energy seeing people. Imagine the number of people at midnight in Hyderabad and the traffic.

Now, the so called most densely populated Greater Toronto Area (GTA) during the most busy hours, is like Hyderabad during midnight. Such low is the population here. Heck, I have to walk at least 10 minutes to find some person in person and not in car. I feel like I am lonely. I landed in June, during summer, even then in downtown Mississauga, I hardly found people.

While some might enjoy the solitude, I feel like I am lonely sitting somewhere on the edge of the world.

Weather- Sun and Cold:

While I was in India, I used to curse my stars that it is so hot in India. After I came here I hardly see sun during winter (which started sometime in October- for me). May be it is for good. I am now realizing what I missed. I miss the sun.

The weather is a nightmare. I knew it is going to be cold. However, I am not prepared for this level of cold. Knowing is completely different from experiencing it. No, I am not considering staying out for extended periods of time. I am talking of walking from my home till bus stop (which is 2 mins, waiting for bus and then walking from Square one till my office which takes 10–15 mins). During the cold snap, it is hell. The cold is not bad, the wind during the cold is.

A little more detail:

Download a weather app, see the temperature, now scroll down and look at the section where it mentions about ‘feels like’. That is how it actually feels like.

I am talking of wind blowing to your face, it feels like it is cutting your face with a knife. Your body generates more fluids. Nose generates water and eyes too. Now imagine your eye drops freezing when you close your eyes to get rid of eye drops because you do not want to take your hand out of pockets. (Mostly in Jan and Feb- not like that everytime)

It is cold as hell. You cannot even go for a walk outside during winter without properly getting dressed. In India I can just go out even during the coldest day here with a pair of slippers and in shorts and a t-shirt.( This is during fall- not winter)

Am I chickening out at the first sight of winter?

What do you think is the favorite pastime of even Native Canadians (exaggerating a bit)?

What do you think is the favorite topic of conversation for small talk (very essential softskill here)?

Answer: Cursing the winter

Food (Eating out)

I get it. Canada is a multi-cultural paradise for food. There is no cuisine in the world that you will not get here. That is freaking expensive. A normal dosa for 12–15 CAD, dinner for two in a restaurant 30–40 CAD. Now before you jump the gun and say I am converting everything to INR and hence I feel they are expensive. Even when you think about in only dollar terms, it is expensive. Just to give you some context, imagine a time (15–20 years ago) when someone used to earn 5000 rs as salary. Now, when you go back to that time, how much was a dosa or a idly? Imagine the same in CAD now.

If you want to cook, it is normally not expensive even by Canadian standards.

Retirement Benefits:

Retirement is costly here. Canadian govt provides some pension that will be barely enough for you. Even if you earn 50–60k per month in India and invest a decent amount somewhere like Mutual Fund and likes, you can get a far better retirement in India. I am not even considering the family support system that you will get if you are in India.

Well, never considered retiring here. This is for people who want to leave India for good.

Cellphone Plans:

One area where Canadians bury their heads in sand and pretend like no problem exists. Not comparing it with India.

Freaking expensive. Even after you consider the low population density and operating expenses.

Cost $50 for a person(only sim) and low cost provider like Fido/ Freedom.

Friends and Family:

Let us not even discuss, I might cry here in office.

Are there only disadvantages?

There are many positives too.

The international exposure you get at work is international in its true sense. There is at least one national from each continent in my team where I work.

The work you do matters. You will immediately find the difference b/w the work you do on outsourced project and the work you do when you are the business. Exposure increases multiple fold. In India, very few get such exposure, usually restricted to someone from top tier B Schools.

Work-life balance- 8 a.m to 4 p.m

Pollution is very minimal (let’s just say non-existent if you are coming from India). Let me illustrate, go to the outskirts of Pune for trekking (may be into a forest), the AQI here is better than that too.

People are uber friendly. When I lost my way when I went to get my OHIP card, sensing I might be confused, this girl came across from the other side of the road, and asked me if everything was alright and if she could help me. When I told her my location, she opened her Google maps app (I did not yet take a phone by then), and guided me to my location, shared her number and asked me to contact in case of any questions. That’s the sweetest thing someone has ever done to me.

Canada during summer is paradise. Oakville and Burlington’s lakeshore road took my breath away. If that is what happened to me with some random area in GTA, I cannot guess how it is if I visit some real natural locations across Canada. I am sure they will put even well renowned world tourist locations to their place.

Am I moving back because of all of this?

Not right now!

I made a decision to move to Canada and before I move back home, I would want to make enough money to buy a home (1 CAD is still 50 INR) in India.

Someone asked why Hyderabad is great?! Found this article on the internet ..Here it is:

10 Things Every ‘Other State Guys’ Staying In Hyderabad Will Relate To

This is written keeping in mind the people coming from different states (provinces) to Hyd to make a living.

Another article:

Hyderabad ranks 1st in quality of living index: Report

Also, another user commented that I am just whining:

For God’s sake, here is an article from, one of the most referred websites of Mississauga for city’s news. This lengthy article talks of how dire the housing situation is in Mississauga and surrounding cities where there are any jobs available.…


My childhood was in Korea, and I moved often in the past before settling here in Canada. Here’s my take on Canada, for better or for worse.

Living in Canada? Not Great, not Terrible either.

It really depends what you want to do. There are plenty of immigrants wanting to move here (for better or for worse). Canada is undeniably better than many other countries relatively speaking for many immigrants. Since the question is looking at Canada negatively, there are some I’ve experienced personally that supports this.

Canada is “NOT” nice; it is a nation of collective apathy on social scale much like a hotel; it’s nice enough to attract many people and it’s comfortable, but it’s generic and indifferent. Some see this as a con while some see it as a beauty. Hence, it’s much harder (especially for immigrants) to really mingle and blend it with locals in general.

It is far more expensive to live here in general, though it has universal health care to offset the gap between here and the States. Wage may appear better than the states if you just look at the magnitude of the pay for low-mid range salary, but CAD is generally 30% worth less than USD. The living cost in general is higher. So you have lower-paying wage and higher living expense. Not terribly great combo for people who want to be ambitious about financial success. And it happens to be that many immigrants take risk and move away from their home country to be more successful… so this trend will be discouraging to many.

Winter is a bitch in heat. Not only that it’s cold, it’s also dry and making it worse for skin in general. Canada is more isolated my geography in general, so excessive snow has far more detrimental impact than many US regions with similar climate. Bear in mind, this isn’t applicable to BC which is closer to California and climate is much nicer there and its humidity not shielded by Rocky Mountains like Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba oof.

Job is more limited here compared to the States due to Canadian market being smaller and business operation being more expensive in general. I don’t think Canadians taxes are particularly higher than the States in general, but there are definitely less room for tax avoidance here than in the states for better or for worse.

Less choices. If you want to live like a norm, this place allows you to do that easily. If you try to live above the norm (not just financially but in general), you will have harder time doing so… not that it’s illegal but it will be more painstakingly hard to find options or will cost you more (probably combination of both).

If you like average-just above avg lifestyle and enjoy slow-paced and calm mentality, I’d say Canada is a great place relatively speaking. But many immigrants want to be better or aspire for more and this isn’t the most compatible theme imo.

Personally, I don’t mind living in Canada. But if I become a much better asset (skill, employment options, etc), I would seriously consider defecting to the States (I’d come back here for vacation or grab some nice contract jobs here and there), but I’d say for a typical immigrant who aspire for more choices and luxuries in life… States have more to offer on avg.


Yes and I came from a developping country where poverty level is much higher than Canada and there are lots of corruption where I came from. The things I feel about Canada is that it is a socialist country in disguise of a capitalist country. The medical systems where Canada is proud of is broken at best. There are simply not enough resources to cope with the influx of immigrants. There are a lot of sham marriage from immigrants who try to bring their own village to Canada and never want to assimilate to the host but convert Canada into their own ethnic enclaves. In Brampton where I live, there are rampant abuse of the generous government programs and welfare designed to protect the poor and destitutes. Many people faked accident to claim disability benefits, many people collect welfare while earning hundred of thousands in cash, hiring international students illegally at half minimum wages. The job market for professional is extremely small and there are thousands of overqualified candidates for every job openning due to the government let in freely hundred of thousands of economic skilled migrants from all over the world to compete with Canadians.


It was the dumbest decision in my life.

I moved to Canada 3 years ago as LGBTQ refugee, and i was fooled by the human rights bs.

I left behind a house, good financial status, running business and high social position.

I have spent almost all my savings just to provide myself decent living. After being a manager and owner with 70 employees working for me the only jobs i can get is minimum wage. For what? Just to be an openly gay person and get married and establish a good life but that wasn’t the case. The weather is depressing, money has no value here,constant rise in crime rates, drugs epidemic

Imagine the average home price in Toronto is 700000 dollars.

If i have the chance to go back home i would pack up my luggage right now but i can’t, otherwise i will get prosecuted for seeking protection of other country and my sexuality.

The 3rd world continues are developing and cost of living is relatively low. Anyone who has a decent income my advice is just stay where you are.


I sort of regret. yes.. I used to live in the US.. Went back to India and lived with my family… I thought I could try canada for sometime but this place sucks you out and drains you If you dont have a network of friends and family… I did get a good job without much effort in a year or so… But, it took a toll on me as I thought that American experience would be respected.. THERE IS TOO MUCH NEPOTISM AND CRONYISM IN CANADA THAT IT BEATS INDIA! it is expensive here.. Housing in GTA is appaling. I wanted to be free of attachments- like car but without that it is hard to manage except in core downtown.. medical care is an eye wash. without a good job, and the insurance that comes with it, nothing is covered. In the process, I have lost muscle mass – completely out of shape thanks to all the stress..(due to this terrible weather and not being able to adjust; initial settling down stress etc..) I lost tons of hair.. wrinkles 😦 over all not a good decision.


If I look back, moving to Canada was a natural choice when I was moving, and I can’t regret it. However at a stave when you want to call someplace home,that’s where you start thinking how good of a home it is for you.

Well, it is dull. If you don’t have small kids to take to different activities, and if you are not into hockey or biking, it would be difficult to find a decent hobby if you are used to more cultured environment. You can learn French if you like languages.

I definitely miss more intellectual people environment in the US, people who have ideas, personalities, who are happy, goal oriented, well-read, honest.

I know people lie here and there. But I’ve never met so many deliberately lying people, lying in order to cover for something and just out of meanness than in Canada.

I had a boss at work, and when we had a reorg he was trying to keep his position and was throwing everyone under the bus. Well, he did not get what he wanted, and eventually his new employees literally revolted against him too. But I never experienced so pure lying.

Similar in other areas. I needed legal advice, and I googled several lawyers, and then retained one, but kept in touch with all. So one of them offered some services too, knowing I already had someone. They are not supposed to do that, it is against their ethics code. But that lawyer, Mr. Curran, seemingly wanted to make a buck. He bashed my retained lawyer, his firm, his work. He was telling me he will do better. He was telling me how impressive he is and how he ran for Parliament when he was young. Then the tried to make me sign papers to terminate the retained attorney, When I refused, he then emailed that attorney with lies that if I came to him to hire him. There are jokes about dishonest lawyers, but that Mr. Curran was real face of dishonesty and deceit. I always thought that educated people have some class. Not in Ottawa, not in the case of that legal professional. It’s like – no ethics at all. That was shocking and disgusting.

I briefly taught at a local university, as I did in the US. US students were honest and proud of their knowledge. In Ottawa I would collect bunch of cheat sheets during exams, and there was an enormous number of doctor’s notes before midterms and finals.

I had a landlord who was a slight racist and was always bashing some ethnicities.

I actually thought that with free health care, not much pollution, protected environment, people should be happy, healthy and positive. But by far I’ve met too many sleazy and deceitful professionals and just individuals.

But Canada is still in North America, and there are a lot of nice vacation spots in Central America and Caribbean you can visit for a good price, that’s a plus. Health care is free, but then you do pay some health tax anyway, at least in Ontario, as I know. The climate is horrible though.


Yes, I wish I had never come. I feel like I have wasted 10 years of my life ! I have made many efforts to have a meaningful life but nothing good or worthwhile came out of it. I haven’t met any interesting men, just extremely superficial and not interested in building anything serious on a private level. Outside daily responsibilities, my life is so boring. I have a hard time meeting genuine people. Nothing really deep or meaningful is ever found. The transit system is expensive and obsolete. Food is outrageously expensive. Alcohol is ridiculously expensive too and could not be bought outside LCBO until recently when the rest of the world has that option for as long as I can remember. It’s cold most of the year so it’s difficult or impossible to play sports except skiing and ice-skating . For all those reasons I want to leave but don’t really know where to go? Maybe find a country in Europe…


Yes! It has just been 2 Months Here. Trust me, All those Instagram and Facebook stories of your friends chilling out in Canada are just a face to hide the real life struggles.

From Budget Constraints to Winter Depressions to Sadly watching your loved ones chilling in India , There’s lot of Struggles Everyday. Fortunately, I am here just for One Year and trust me even this One Year Seems to be Eternity!

If You Have a choice to stay back In your own country, Don’t Put yourselves into this Difficult situation!


Yes, I regret moving to Canada and that’s why I decided to go back to my country.

I moved to Halifax Nova Scotia and life in Canada is not as easy as everyone else says. My advice to everyone who wants to move to Canada is to go there for one month and see how is that country before taking the decision to move there. Finding a job there is not easy, even more if you are an engineer, a lawyer, or any other professional degree; so forget about that because in Canada you will have to take survival jobs, your degree is junk for them.

The process for the residency is terribly long and burocratic, so migrating to other countries is much easier.

Don’t believe in all the lies that people say about Canada (I committed that mistake so I know what I’m talking about), go there and see it for yourself. My advice is to think in the US before Canada.


I have a friend. He is an engineer and he moved to canada, Toronto.

When I met him a few years later, he told me of his struggles there.

The chief struggle was securing a job. Canadian companies only hired canadians and only if they really couldn’t did they hire a foreigner. He searched for months. He is an engineer in singapore and a top rated one and he told me he was on the verge of APPLYING AT THE NEIGHBOURHOOD 7-11 ON THE OFF CHANCE THEY HAD A COUNTER JOB before he got a job as an engineer.

So u can imagine how hard his struggle was.


Canada has many opportunities for wealth and advancement . But in a large city like Toronto it is almost impossible to get a professional job. But you can try some business which many people succeed at.

Calgary is better for new immigrants as there are less people , housing though also expensive , is less than Toronto.

My experience is that for my children they have had better opportunities but there really is only your immediate family. You will miss the social and family togetherness and support and be really lonely especially as your children grow up, get married and raise their own family.

It is difficult to say whether moving to Canada is best. If your situation in your home country is terrible then you have more reason to go to Canada.


YES! I have and still do. I am of Turkish descent and was born and raised in Germany. I have lived in Turkey for about 12 years of my life and moved to Canada as a skilled immigrant in 2010.

The most important question you have to ask yourself is: What do I want in life?

If your answers are: Financial freedom, great career/income, adequate housing, good weather – then CANADA is not your destination.

My experience of Canada is quite limited to Vancouver BC. And to some extent Toronto ON. As you might know, these are the two major immigrant clusters in Canada.

Finding a good job/career with a good income is almost impossible if you don’t have Canadian credentials (it’s even hard with Canadian credentials).

Housing is terrible. You will be stuck in a 1 bedroom apartment that is extremely overpriced and pay at least $1600/month for nothing. You will share a washer and dryer with all the other tenants in your building. Apartments neither have the room nor the facilities to hook up a washer and dryer in your own place. If you want to have ‘the luxury’ of being able to do laundry at home, your rent automatically goes above and beyond $2000 easily (still a 1 bedroom apt though)! I don’t even want to get started on BUYING a house or an apartment. That’s impossible! Please refer to and check out the apartments and rentals ads.

SOLUTION: Go to college/university and get a new in demand career!
ANSWER: GOOD LUCK! Now that you’ve immigrated here and are a resident, most in demand programs will put you on a waiting list for up to 3 years.

Let’s say you were lucky and got in – who is going to pay for tuition, fees, expenses, rent etc? Education is not free in Canada, and books are around $100–250 for each course. You must be available during the day because there are no night or evening universities here. Your BARE minimum monthly expenses as a single person here will be around $2600 (not including tuition fees and other school expenses etc). EditBCIT in Vancouver has part-time evening courses but unfortunately course availability is not guaranteed and they cost more or the classical waiting list issue.

HEALTH: Family doctors/general practitioners are readily available and you should be able to get an appointment in 48 hours. BUT if you need to see a specialist then things change. I once had to wait 3 months (not exaggerating!) to see a dermatologist. And when I saw him, he asked me to go and purchase the medicine and come back to have it injected by him again. And the next best appointment available was in 3 weeks. The same goes for cardiology, and it perhaps even worse.

WEATHER: Vancouver summers are amazing! 4–5 months of very comfortable and beautiful weather. But for the rest of the year: it’s raining all the time, it’s damp, it’s overcast, it’s cold. And this is the BEST weather you can get in Canada. Other provinces are -20 C.

FRIENDS/PEOPLE/NETWORKING: People are superficially friendly. Everyone will say hi, smile, ‘excuse me’s en mass. But when you really want to become friends with someone, they withdraw from you. ‘Real’ Canadians don’t like to be bothered – and most Canadians will regard a new friend as a bother. They’d be way happier to sit at home and watch Netflix and have a glass of wine, beer than meeting up with friends for some socializing. Dating is horrible too! I don’t even want to talk about it.

EDIT: Please read this article on alcohol consumption in Canada published by a Canadian newspaper: Canada ranks third in the world for drunkenness (and 20% know they need help): report

So, if you’re really coming from a bad place/country etc. Yes, Canada might be an option. It’s definitely better to be in Canada than in a war torn zone or such.

But if your goals are financial freedom, great career/income, adequate housing, good weather – then CANADA is not your destination.
I suggest the USA, Germany, Switzerland to some extent, Ireland (especially if you’re in IT/Software).

I hope this helps.

PS: This is a VERY long article which I find very significant on Canada & Immigration. Why is Canada taking immigrants when there are no opportunities? Answered by Thomas Edward Friedrich


Yes. It’s too cold or it’s too hot. The people are nice but boring. There is no history. I wish I’d stayed home in Europe. But I came because my then-husband wanted to and now I have kids and grandkids here so I stay. I would love to have just stayed home with family all around me like my sister did.


I lived in Canada for a short time. I went there (Montreal) for 2 reasons. 1) I was mistakenly led to think that Canada was kind of a ‘lay back America of the 50s – 60s.’ It ain’t. 2) Canadians are easy going, somewhat naive fun loving people that were hardy and wholesome. They ain’t ( maybe some are…just like some Americans are). I expected Canada to be a lot like America and it is to some degree…But there’s still something different about it that I found uncomfortable. Nice place to visit…but I moved back to the USA


Yes in many ways.

It is too cold.You can get sick easily and treatments are costly.

It is highly expensive.Most of your income is lost and there are no savings.You might take loans in future.

Taxes are high.You spend a lot of money on taxes.

No social life.Bonding is less and you dont have enough time for it.

Tough to get a well paying job.You have to keep on searching.

Canada is good for immigrants but you will struggle for a long time.This is true for any western country.What is shown in social media is not reality.So think twice before coming here.


Canada is simply…

too BIG
too COLD

The only good thing about Canada is that it toughens you up. You can then run for your life and get the hell out!!


Yes, I am regretting it now. Moved from US with a decent pay job offer. Things are quite different here, depending on where you are migrating from: high taxes, high cost of living – basically you earn in CAD but pay US equivalent prices ( i.e things are roughly 30% more expensive), long wait for basic medical services, brutal winters, gun violence is becoming common in some cities. It is better to spend your productive part of your life in US and then retire here…


I regret moving back to Canada. I should have just stayed in the UK but all my family is in Canada. The weather, the culture, the public transit, the people, the music the food as well as the traveling opportunities are all significantly better in the UK. Now I need to formulate a plan to move back there.


Someone was really butthurt back in the day and had a website called NotCanada that has since dissapeared. I was contemplating on emigrating from Finland, so I was looking at sites trying to assess if it was feasible, didn’t have that much money required back then so it never materialised, but I vividly remember reading this site and really thinking how bad it must be a person can put his energy in such rants.

Wayback machine didn’t have the url, but here’s ”Top 8 Reasons NOT to Immigrate to Canada” taken off that site that might give you an idea of the unhappiness…. *** Visit: ***


Taken from

8. Discriminatory and Dishonest Immigration System.
Immigration to Canada is based on a point system, obtained with your education, qualifications and job experience. Points are good enough for immigration, but in Canada, they are not good enough to get a job in your field. Amazing, how the credentials that qualify you to come to Canada are the same credentials that don’t qualify you for your profession in Canada. The reason is, Canada only wants immigrants to do the labor jobs – pizza delivery, driving taxis, factory work etc.

7. Out Of Control Cost Of Living.
From rent, to utility bills, to shopping, to phone, internet and cable bills, to gas, to car insurance, to eating out, to basically anything you have to pay for or buy, the cost of living in Canada has become astronomical. Recent immigrants are astonished as to how expensive everything is. It is estimated that compared to most countries around the world, the cost of living in Canada is on average five times greater.

6. Health Care Crisis.
Practicing physicians in Canada are in a shortage, 1 in 4 Canadians cannot get a family doctor. Canadian doctors are leaving to move permanently to the United States. Statistics Canada and the Canadian Medical Association both have identified that for every 1 American doctor that moves to Canada, 19 (nineteen) Canadian doctors move to the United States! Doctors in Canada are overworked and underpaid, and there is a cap on their salaries.

5. Very High Taxes.
Yes, you have the GST, the PST, totaling 15%, on practically everything you purchase and many other taxes taken out of our weekly paycheck. You have to pay a whopping amount to the government, out of your hard earned salary, so that the government can turn around and give it to beer drinking, hockey watching welfare bums. Fair? It does not matter, it’s Canada.

4. Money Hungry Government.
Canadian Embassies around the world lie to foreigners, painting this picture that Canada is Utopia, because they want them to come to Canada. Why? Because foreigners bring money! So after being deceived, these foreigners come. They must bring with them at least $10,000. Canada has an immigration quota of 250,000 per year. So please do the math, 250,000 multiplied by $10,000 each equals a whopping 2.5 Billion dollars that Canada gains from immigrants every year.

3. No Culture.
Unlike almost every other country in the world, Canada has no culture. Actually American culture is what dominates Canada. When was the last time you had some ‘Canadian’ food? There are no Canadian traditions and there is no national identity. What does it even mean to call yourself a ‘Canadian’. . .nothing really. People living in Canada, still identify themselves with the country they ‘originally’ came from.

2. Worst Weather.
Yes, Canada has the worst weather conditions of any country in the world. Freezing cold temperatures, snow, ice, hail, winds, storms etc. From the Prairie provinces to the Maritimes, from the Territories to southern Ontario, the weather is so horrific and disgusting that many Canadians leave Canada simply because of this reason alone.

1. No Jobs.
Yes, coast to coast, there are no jobs. Immigrants are highly qualified (MD’s, PhD’s, Lawyers, Engineers etc.) but they are driving taxi cabs, delivering pizza’s or working in factories. Even people with bachelors degrees from Canadian Universities cannot find jobs after graduation. This is the tragedy associated with immigration to Canada. I feel sorry for those immigrants who are stuck in Canada for the rest of their lives. It is indeed a very sad and hopeless future.



My thoughts:

Experience is the main variable. People who managed to land a job, make an income sufficient to survive on, and haven’t faced severe hardships or crises are generally content. In this particular comment thread more people hadn’t regretted their move.

People who have been discriminated against, faced racism, or whose standard of living has been downgraded are more likely to be unhappy and regretful.

That being said, there are some key facts which come into play:

If you like stable, relatively safe, or are escaping bad governments and don’t mind renting for life and enduring long, bitter winters – you may be satisfied. This type of person is more likely to be an office worker or bureaucrat than a cop or paramedic for instance.

If you value excitement, culture, are ambitious and aspire to home ownership or an easier time getting by – you will hate it here. You may be willing to trade off a higher crime rate or more dense population for greater stimulation and varied life experiences. You will find Canada sterile, expensive and suffocating.

Things people liked best: social safety nets, democracy, pretty peaceful, outdoors.

Things people hated: taxes, cost of living, no culture, bad job market, winter.

To summarize for Canadians who have never lived anywhere else: it’s like preferring Ottawa (Canada) to Vancouver (elsewhere). It all depends on your personality, goals, and how you prioritize.

150 Reasons to hate Vancouver

A list of reasons to hate Gotham, in no particular order. This list is a work in progress …

(1) Grey and overcast:

If you were born and raised here you’re used to it, but come from somewhere else, or move away for a decade or two and come back – it’s hell! Where is the damn sun for 10 months of the year? I’m not a vampire I NEED SUN! Grey, grey, grey. Overcast, rain, grey overcast, fog, mist, grey, rain. WHERE IS THE SUN?!???

You complained about the winter conditions elsewhere but it’s not much better here. Like the east, it’s black at 5 PM until late morning in the winter … rain pouring down. At least in the east there’s SUN reflecting off the snow during the day and part of the evening; it’s actually brighter!

(2) Too much rain:

“But everything’s so green and nice because of the rain!” Sure that’s true. But what’s the point of nice looking surroundings when you’re inside 9 months outta the year because of the downpour!? Do you go out jogging, hiking, walking the dog, taking the kids to the park in the downpour of rain? NO!

But … I love paying an extra $1500 in rent a month to live here and hide from the rain!

In the east you hid from the snow all winter, and now here your bills are doubled/tripled to hide from the rain all fall, winter and spring …!

(3) Housing:

You live in the most expensive province in Canada (generally speaking ) and the most expensive housing market in Canada, or a close second. A house now costs over A MILLION DOLLARS; a condo is now over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS! A dumpy place in the lower mainland nearby is nearly $800,000.

Canadian law states that a down payment of 20% is required. Have you got an extra $200,000 kicking around on top of currently paying rent and bills? You’ll also have to pitch in for closing costs (inspection, titles, legal fees, etc) so tack on an extra $40,000 or so.

If you do have that money and you’re not filthy rich, why are you so dumb that you’ll pay that to live here and scrape by instead of living like a king somewhere else?

I know people who were actually dumb enough to sell their homes and come here where they will RENT for the entirety of their life/retirement years at $2000-3000/month!

(4) The Walking Dead:

Get used to seeing the mentally ill, homeless and drug addicts everywhere, especially down town! You’ll be shopping while crackheads smoke their pipes right beside you. Take a stroll with the family as people go into seizures and overdose in front of your eyes. Walk to work while businesses and the city are hosing off the feces in the street.

People flock here because it’s the warmest place in the country, exacerbating the problem. Most of these people are mentally ill or seriously addicted. The city pretends to “help” by spending money on shelters or other facilities down town which does nothing but propagate the issue. To seriously help these people you would need to change the laws, reopen the mental hospitals and have dozens of recovery centers and 24 hour live-in facilities downtown. But of course, that’s too hard and too logical. Instead we’ll just open shelters with crowded bunk beds and give people clean needles and vending machines. Why attack the sources of the issues when we can just treat the symptoms?

They spent a BILLION on the Olympics a decade ago, and some want to spend billions getting the Olympics back here, but they don’t want to fix this mess!

The DTES (down town east side) is infamous and has been notorious for decades! Even major cities like London and New York don’t have areas like this. The only comparable place is skid row in Los Angeles – a city with a population nearly as large as the entire province of B.C.! In the words of Snoop Dogg: “clean this shit up!

(5) Greater Vancouver Zoo

So the zoo is technically in Aldergrove, but what a pitiful place! Absolutely pathetic: overpriced, uninspired and sad; wandering around a small, ugly little area viewing a handful of bored, lonely animals. (What a goddamn embarrassment.) Not much to see or do. The aquarium is nothing compared to American ones, but at least you won’t feel completely ripped off. Don’t waste your money on this dump!

(6) Smug locals:

The idiots here think they’re “so great” because they live in Vancouver. Since the rest of Canada is a shit hole with arctic winters (and the rest of B.C. is a dump with more of the same) they feel smug living in “warm” Vancouver. It doesn’t matter that a house will cost a million dollars, living is unaffordable, salaries are lower than elsewhere, or that it rains 3/4 of the year, they’re smug and self satisfied.

Despite the smugness they’re also cripplingly insecure: when someone makes a humorous, inconsequential Tumblr blog it makes the news. When a few people complain on Reddit it makes the news again. When some kids made the film “Crack Ass” about Surrey (a city in Metro Van) it made the news and the mayor got involved. Nobody is allowed to actively criticize “the best place on earth” – yes the license plates used to say that. Sure you can complain about city issues, but you’re still pressed to acknowledge how amazing this place is and superior to elsewhere. Fools !

(7) Rental prices:

Forget searching for Noah’s Ark or El Dorado … try finding a decent, affordable apartment in Vancouver! Average rent is around $3,000 for a two-bedroom and over $2,000 for a one-bedroom, which may be a little more or less depending on where you are; rental vacancy is currently hovering around 1%.

I remember over a decade ago (when I left) I was paying $1500/month for a one bedroom – nothing included- in a garbage apartment where three people were murdered in the span of a few months and bullet holes filled the foyer. Oh but it’s totally worth the cost! To quote another: “but, but … muh mountains!”

(8) The “Big One”:

It’s inevitable that a major earthquake is going to hit the Pacific Coast. It’s predicted to be a 9.0 – causing massive destruction and a tsunami with waves up to 20 meters high. The last one was hundreds of years ago and the next one could quite literally be any day now. The prospect of the ‘Big One’ hangs over the city like a cloud, but most people aren’t prepared and assume it won’t happen.

Imagine spending $700,000 on a condo on Vancouver Island, or $1,000,000 on a house in Vancouver only to have an earthquake completely destroy everything! Better start looking up insurance, mind the deductibles and premiums!

(9) Pets:

It’s extremely difficult to find a place to rent if you have pets (particularly dogs). The Residential Tenancy Act gives landlords the right to prohibit pets, and unlike other provinces there are no legal protections or rights for pet owners. Only about 10% of rentals are pet-friendly and these tend to be very expensive, high-end places. Competition for the few overpriced units is stiff regardless, and tons of people are forced to give up their pets or face homelessness.

(10) Rioting.

In places like the United States people riot as a protest over social injustices, which may be: poverty, income disparity, systemic racism, police brutality or any number of complaints. In spoiled, fool-hardy Vancouver they riot over hockey games and concerts!

They rioted over the Grey Cup in 1963 and 1966, and outside a Rolling Stones’ concert in 1972. They rioted in 1994 when the Canucks lost, and again in 2011. (And let’s not forget about the one in 1907 where they rioted over Asian immigration.)

(11) Wet dog.

Dogs make great companions: they’re loving, loyal and guard the home. They also stink when they’re wet. And it sucks when you live somewhere that rains 80% of the time because it demotivates you from taking the dog out. When you do your dog gets all wet, the fur stinks, the stench is rubbed onto other materials in the home (which in turn stink), and muddy paw prints are left everywhere.

(12) Gas prices.

Gas prices are usually the most expensive in B.C., and especially in Vancouver. (Fuel taxes are the highest as well.) After reaching $1.70/liter the premier ordered the B.C. Utilities Commission to investigate why prices are so high. The B.C. legislature finally had to pass a law mandating fuel companies disclose how their prices are set.

In typical B.C. corruption-style, the report found “no collusion” but magical “unexplained price differences” costing consumers an extra half billion per year. B.C.’s corrupt politicians also refused to provide provincial price regulations. Right now gas prices are hovering at around the $1.49/liter mark – the highest in the country and province.

(13) Car Insurance

Of course, in addition to all the other expenses, if you live in Vancouver you get to pay the highest amount for car insurance. B.C drivers pay the most in Canada, at an average of nearly $2,000 per year. ICBC (Insurance Corporation Of British Columbia) runs a monopoly in the province and its basic coverage is mandatory.

(14) “Mountains” excuse.

If you ever bother to complain to the smug, deluded locals you’ll hear some variation of … “but … but … the mountains!” The “mountain views” are the miraculous cure-all for any personal or financial woes and excuse everything.

There was a time when the middle class in North Van and the upper class in West Van were situated in the lower mountain regions/next to real wilderness; with urban sprawl, population growth, and new construction that time is nearing its end. You’re not living in beautiful wilderness in down town Vancouver, or east Van, or shit ass Burnaby or Surrey. You might be near a park or can view the mountain tops from your window – worth the $3k rent? You decide! Only the rich are living the true “mountain” Vancouver lifestyle.

(15) “Ocean” excuse.

Another variation of the ‘natural beauty’ excuses – but this time the ocean. And by “ocean” they mean the beach/seaside. Who has ocean views? Unless you live in a multi-million dollar house right on the waterfront, you don’t! Or unless you live in an ultra-expensive apartment down town right by the beaches, you don’t, again.

The vast majority of renters in down town Vancouver, North Van, West Van, Burnaby, Surrey, New West and everywhere else don’t have “ocean views”. Count on your fingers how many times you’ve been to the ‘ocean’ (sea) this past year, and ask the person next to you as well. Once? Twice? Five times? Once a week during the summer? Worth $30,000 in rent? You decide! Even the mountain-excuse is better than this one!

(16) Minimum wage.

B.C.’s minimum wage is not enough to live on. If you’re a student attending college, an immigrant, or need an entry-level position in the work field you aren’t going to get by unless you live with multiple other people.

According to a study: minimum wage workers can’t afford a one or two bedroom apartment in ANY of Vancouver’s 70 neighborhoods. That would require a 112 hour work week. To spend the recommended 30% of income on housing a person would need to make over $35/hour.

People I know who make $4-5k a month and live alone still spend half their income on rent. So it’s either multiple generations in one house, a half dozen students living together, both parents working or toeing the precipice of homelessness! (And this isn’t including food, bus passes, daily necessities, etc.)

(17) Lowest pay for tech workers.

Vancouver has the lowest wages for tech workers in North America, something the city actively bragged about while trying to attract business. The average wage of a Vancouver software engineer is $60,000 USD ($80k CAD) compared to $113,000 USD in Seattle.

(18) “Sun” bragging.

Sure, a warm sunny day is undoubtedly a good thing – unfortunately Vancouverites won’t shut up about it. After 40 days of rain and one sunny day: “See? It doesn’t rain all the time! It was a beautiful day today!” After 10 months of grey, gloom and downpour: “We’ve had four weeks of sun this summer. See? It doesn’t rain all the time here!” If there’s even one sunny day all year Vancouverites will brag about it and downplay the other 364 days of rain. ‘Cause it’s “the best place on earth!”

(19) Money Laundering.

In 2018, 7.4 Billion was laundered in B.C. alone, 5 Billion of that coming from real estate – the majority of it in Vancouver. Why does this matter? It pushes up real estate prices, which in turn screws locals out of home ownership, distorts the economy, and causes breakdown as the middle class and working professionals go elsewhere.

(20) Seasonal Affective Disorder.

S.A.D is a mental health disorder wherein the weather/seasonal change can cause depression in some people. The most common form is found as the days get shorter and colder: generally fall or winter. Vancouver doesn’t have an extreme seasonal change as it is generally grey, overcast and raining, in fall, winter and spring – meaning if you have S.A.D you’re screwed.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association it affects 2-3% of Canadians severely, and another 15% in a milder form. That’s nearly 1 in 5 Vancouverites!

(21) Overdoses.

Despite a recent decline in 2019, British Columbia has been setting new records for overdoses for the past six years. Of course the largest number happen in Vancouver. (See: The Walking Dead, #4). This isn’t a surprise given the size of the city and the problems down town.

(22) Unhappiest city.

Studies consistently rank Vancouver as the unhappiest city in the country. This is no surprise given the low wages, skyrocketing costs of living, housing market, corruption, and rain. Whenever it doesn’t hold this distinction, it’s coming in second place to Toronto.

(23) Very little heritage.

British Columbia didn’t join the Confederation until 1871. The city of Vancouver wasn’t incorporated until 1886 making it one of B.C.’s youngest cities; that year a fire razed it to the ground and it had to be completely rebuilt. So there is very little by way of old heritage buildings, sites and history like you find in Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec city or even Halifax! (Something built in 1900 is “old” here.)

(24) Fires.

When there aren’t wildfires up north or in the interior of the province then they’re below in the United States. Time to breathe in that nice grey smokey air! Every end of summer there’s the feeling of apocalypse-lite as you wander around the smoke haze.

(25) Food.

Food isn’t necessarily a lot more expensive than other places (although it isn’t cheap either) but it’s required to live and feels terrible when you don’t have enough of it to eat. Affording it can be difficult when you’re paying the most expensive rent (or mortgage) in the country, the most expensive gas and car insurance in the country, and so on. (Unlike the new shoes or movie tickets it’s not something you can forgo.)

(26) Missing the snow.

After years of arctic temperatures, blizzards, huge snowfalls, and the rest of the inconveniences that come with the crazy winters – you’re complaining and wishing you could live in the mild winter climate of Vancouver, until you get there!

Years later I can actually say I prefer the snow. I’ve come to call Vancouver “Gotham” because of the gloom and dreariness which becomes oppressive for months on end: the black or grey skies, constant downpours, damp that chills your bones – it’s awful. At least snowfall is beautiful and snow reflects light making things brighter. If you’ve got quality winter gear and a good vehicle, I’d take the snow any year!

(27) Assholes.

Assholes are everywhere and this place is no exception. But what’s worse than dealing with massive assholes all around you? Dealing with massive assholes while living in the most expensive place in the country and paying the most expensive rent, gas, car insurance, bills, etc. It’s the cherry on top of the shit cake!

(28) Lousy radio stations.

The radio stations pretty well suck, with Z 95.3 still being the same crappy station its been for decades. (The non-rock stations still play “Soul Decision” !!!!!)

(29) Shit service at criminal front organizations.

Prepare for the worst Chinese food you’ve ever tasted, a hideous tattoo, a pedicure accompanied by infection … ETC. Although most of B.C.’s criminal money is processed through casinos, real estate and drugs – there are also plenty of front organizations. It sucks when you happen to use one (unaware) because of the terrible service and ’employees’ who can’t do their jobs. (It could be argued they’re actively trying to drive away legitimate customers!)

(30) Shit help for the disabled.

For example, take the typical disability payments: $1,200 a month to live on for a single disabled person; up to $1,600 for a single parent with two children. Keep in mind that the average one-bedroom rental in Vancouver is over $2,000 a month. Even if you move to Surrey, Burnaby or New West – you’d be lucky to get a one bedroom for $1,200 a month.

(31) Shit help for the poor.

On ‘Income Assistance‘ (welfare) you will receive $760 a month if you’re single, or a whopping $1,300 a month for a couple with two children. Vancouverites are so generous!

(32) Shit affordable housing.

Because Vancouver doesn’t care about the poor whatsoever, subsidized housing is a joke. There is a serious need and to keep up with it Vancouver would have to build 10,000 units a year, which of course they don’t do and build condos instead. Only 4-5% of Metro Vancouver’s housing is ‘public housing’ compared to 20% or more in many European cities. People will wait YEARS and as of 2017 there were 4000 people on the waiting list.

(33) Driving in the rain.

With the wet roads comes the glare on the puddles and rain from streetlights. It’s even worse at night in certain places because you can barely see the traffic lines and stops. In dimly lit areas it’s downright scary! (Don’t forget the hydroplaning!)

(34) Can’t even own a mobile home.

There are few areas set aside for mobile homes because of Vancouver’s real estate market selling off to foreign interests or big companies. Even if you find a park to live at (on undisputed land) the pricing is ridiculous. For instance let’s take Surrey (generally considered the cheapest area) and have a look at listings: the cheapest you’re going to find is about $150,000 going up to $400,000 to live in a trailer!

(35) Loneliness.

One of the biggest complaints about Vancouver? Loneliness. Year after year the complaints continue. People call it a cold, socially-isolating, depressing and lonely place to live. Whether you’re a senior, young person, immigrant or single, everyone seems to struggle with it.

From 2012-2017 it’s the same old (and you could even discuss it with an MP over a $25 breakfast)! Complaints about it in 2012; one out of four residents complaining about it in 2017; now in 2020 a guy who moved to Vancouver is making a documentary about it; some poor man made a cry for help about it in 2018 (that went viral); that led to a CBC special series about it (including a mental health crisis hotline centre where 80% of calls were about it); this could go on and on. It’ll still be this way 10-15 years from now, guaranteed.

The best advice would be “get out there” and “go meet people”. That’s kind of hard to do when you can’t afford to, when you live-to-work, with the urban sprawl and racially self-segregated neighborhoods. Plus it’s raining outside … AGAIN !!!!

(36) Highest single-family home property taxes.

According to SFU research, Vancouver homeowners pay the highest single family property taxes in Canada – even beating out Toronto by $1,000 a year! In typical Van-style it’s not clear where all the money is going or what it’s being spent on; costs don’t equate to adequate public services and an audit is suggested.

(37) Earaches.

I’m not sure who else suffers from this … painful inner earaches that feel like the start of an ear infection (yet never seem to progress that far). Despite years in Ontario with the temperature fluctuating between 0 C to -30 C I never experienced this; I assume it’s related to being cold in the damp.

(38) Emergencies.

Living in the most expensive place in the country is a bad situation in emergencies … whether it’s personal, a pandemic, or anything else. If you can’t work you’re soon in over your head.

Take COVID for example: how do you afford $2,000/month rent during a two month shutdown if you aren’t allowed to work? If your business is forced to temporarily close how do you pay your $5000/month rental space?

There are endless examples but the main point stands: unless you’re wealthy Vancouver is a bad place to be with health problems, work issues, or local/national emergencies.

(39) Cockroach landlords.

One problem with living in an expensive, overhyped city with a vacancy rate of 1% (down to 0.4% in surrounding areas) is horrible landlords who are emboldened and entitled. They know there are dozens of applications for every rental and that risking eviction or battles with the Tenancy Board puts people in a perilous predicament. They use their advantage to take liberties in how they treat their tenants.

You can expect: slumlords who never do repairs; slumlords who mislead you into renting places with severe issues (mold, bugs, leaks, etc); landlords who expect “extras” from tenants free of charge (repair and maintenance, landscaping and lawn care, babysitting, “massages”, etc); landlords or building managers who are never available (since they live in China, don’t speak English, etc); on and on.

(40) Damp.

The damp is awful for many reasons! First, is constantly feeling cold and/or uncomfortable. Second, is the structural damage done to buildings from condensation or rain penetration (mold, water logged walls, etc). Third, the damp can aggravate asthma, bronchitis, respiratory issues, arthritis and other conditions, worsening them.

(41) Leaky condos.

Built between the 80s and 1998 there were a minimum of 65,000 “leaky condos” across the province. “The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation defines leaky condos as a “catastrophic failure” of building envelopes, which lets water into the building frame and leads to rot, rust, decay and mould.”

After spending over $500,000 on their condos, people began to discover the poor design and “California style” construction was not suited to the wet, damp climate and expensive repairs were needed. Some spent over $150,000 on repairs while others went bankrupt.

There was then an “inquiry” that led to “higher standards” and a short lived interest-free loan for “leaky condo” owners. There are currently around 200 (acknowledged) leaky condo buildings still in the Lower Mainland and twenty years later repairs are still ongoing. Beware of the leaky-condo lemons out there!

(42) Gangs.

Yes, there are gangs in ‘nice little Vancouver’ too and they’re only growing in numbers, shootings and levels of violence. (And in typical Vancouver-style everything is ass-backwards!) While gangbangers in the U.S. came from slums with extreme poverty and no prospects, most of Vancouver’s gangsters are middle-class and rich kids from good homes looking to make fast, easy cash.

Aside from classic bikers (Hell’s Angels) there are the Red Scorpions, United Nations, Brother’s Keepers, Independent Soldiers, etc; and the Indian and Chinese groups.

Yes there are drive-by shootings here too, where innocent bystanders are hurt and killed or wrong properties targeted. In fact, you’re more likely to witness a drive-by in an upper class neighborhood than Vancouver’s poorest areas. Gang-related violence accounts for 37% of all killings in BC.

(43) Port city.

Vancouver, Halifax and Montreal are Canada’s three major ports. Vancouver by its very geography is a port city, which makes it an automatic target for criminals and smugglers: guaranteeing crime, violence, gangs and corruption, despite local laws and policing efforts.

More than 1.5 million shipping containers pass through every year, and only 3% are checked by Border Services; corruption, incompetence, and Vancouver-style idiocy run rampant.

Some examples: fully patched-in Hell’s Angels members are part of the local Union; gang members from other groups are longshoremen, and criminal record checks aren’t required for longshoremen. Anecdotally, I know of alcoholic and drug addict longshoremen actively working (even while smoking crack)!

Vancouver: Rants

“Shocking as it is, great hiking trails and natural beauty don’t pay my bills.”


“It’s getting harder to find trails that aren’t being trampled by the masses. Getting there is also becoming more irritating as the highways clog with traffic worse than ever.”


“I feel the same. If you want to relax on a lake, you need to either travel three hours or to get there at 7am and enjoy until 9am.”


“This is what I’ve been saying for a long (long) time; no one denies Vancouver’s beauty – but it’s not the only beautiful city, and the cost to live in it (or near it) is so exorbitant as to be (at least empirically if not subjectively) not worth the cost. People being unhappy in ‘paradise’ is completely possible; Vancouver personifies this. More younger/mobile people should really consider leaving.”


“We did. Once my wife and I had our daughter we moved to Melbourne. Salary is 60% higher for us. Cost of living is almost similar, but the salary increase means we can afford better opportunities for our daughter.”


“I deny Vancouvers beauty. The nature is lit, the city looks like ass.”


“This. So much this. I could never undertand the claim that Vancouver is beautiful. It isn’t. It’s a revolting dog’s breakfast of uninspired architecture and shitty design surrounded by remarkable natural scenery. While I am no fan of the majority of modern architecture, Vancouver goes out of its way to look extra terrible.”


“I’m not sure what you want here, or what any of this has to do with my original comments on how Vancouver is home to a load of fuckugly architecture, but I’ll bite. I don’t live there anymore. Lived there for a number of years (Kits, East Van, West Van) before getting tired of the quality of life and jetting. Live in Victoria now. Much better, nearly incomparable. There are aspects of Vancouver I miss, but it’s easy to find it elsewhere (and it’s often done better).

If you want to see the best west coast city, it’s Seattle. The best Canadian city is a toss up between Halifax and Quebec City with Montreal as a close second.”


“We also don’t get that beauty anymore in August when “Smoke Season” rolls in. You can’t even fully enjoy the summer here anymore because it’s ruined by a sense of existential apocalyptic dread.”


“Well, Vancouver sucks by pretty much every other metric too. Dating? Sucks unless you’re a fitness lululemon junkie, loaded, or LGBTQ. Friendships? Unless you have a core group of friends you grew up with, sucks. Making plans with people? Prepare for flaking out.

Cultural entertainment? We have Bard on the Beach and Vancouver Symphony if you’re not into lesbian surrealist renditions of snow white at Community Theatre, that’s pretty much it. Challenging/interesting career with growth potential? Only if you’re a realtor, or maybe in acting/VFX. Everything else doesn’t exist here or caps out very low.

Family? Well, even if you can get hitched, you still can’t have kids because you can’t afford daycare or a place big enough to actually raise kids in.”


” … And at the end of the day, money doesn’t directly add new happiness but not having money does significantly add unhappiness.

Maybe some people can be happy living in the West End or on Commercial Drive with 3 roommates in a 1-bedroom (yes, I know more than a few who live like that), but it’s not sustainable for vast majority past early 20s.

Career growth isn’t even a financial thing, it’s one of self-actualization and personal achievement. Knowing that if you want, you can put your roots down in the city, and eventually achieve that C-Level position without having to uproot your whole family.”


“The red zones are where the middle class and poor live, although Richmond is also red. The light yellow is shaughnessy, and UBC and west vancouver are blue.

You could almost read it as a map of striving and struggle. The poor, middle class, and the wives of new-money astronauts are unhappy. While old-money in the middle of it is doing ok, old money set apart from the rest is happy, and academia just doesn’t care.”


“weird because in my experience with academia, about 1 in 3 people are clinically depressed, and I remember reading a paper that stated a similar number for phd students.”


“This is mostly due to housing affordability and income inequality that has markedly worsened in the last 3 years. The housing prices have pushed people farther away from their jobs and social circles. There are also significant financial pressures on the average person. There are increases in property tax, gas prices, car insurance and consumer goods/groceries (due to the low dollar). Combine this with increasing mortgage rates and it starts to paint a very clear picture. Vancouverites face longer commutes, less time for leisure, less money in their pockets and the stress of massive mortgages with increasing rates.

I know that I for one spend way too much time in traffic and have been increasingly frustrated lately. The Massey tunnel, Alex Fraser bridge, Lions Gate bridge, Iron workers memorial bridge, Patullo bridge and so on are bottlenecks that cause people to spend more time stressed out rather than at home relaxing. Our road and transit infrastructure is decades behind what is needed for the region. Transit is significantly worse as it can take 2-3 times longer than commuting by car.

It’s also tougher to socialize as people move away and you lose your friends base. Add on the fact that it’s getting harder to meet new people in society due to everyone spending so much time online, in traffic, overworked or stressed out at home. It’s taking longer to establish your career and reach financial stability which results in people getting married in their mid-30’s instead of mid-20’s. It’s no wonder that the birth rate is dropping.

This is true in most major cities across North America. The bigger the city, the bigger the problems. Vancouver’s massive attraction of foreign buyers has accelerated and amplified our issues relative to other cities. The politicians and voters need to step up and address these issues or they will only compound going forward. I have high hopes that the NDP will make progress but so far progress has been rather slow and underwhelming.”


“The BC government has done a shit job taking care of their citizens from a housing / deter money laundering and illegal foreign investment perspective.

And this underlying unhappiness trickles down into everything (like implementing bike lanes for example).”


“I think if any serious investigation is ever done we’ll find it goes beyond ‘shit job’ and straight into ‘actively complicit.’ Hell until right before the last provincial election they were still telling us that it wasn’t really happening.”


“I think it’s the fact that people keep getting their houses broken into and bikes stolen, while a permanent drug addict population keeps growing with a complacent and often-times complicit poverty sector, that makes people unhappy.

But keep diverting your attention to the latest phantom “crisis” (it’s always some variation of “rich corrupt foreigners”) that has never affected you negatively, but that the media has gotten you worked up about. You need an external enemy to blame your problems on, because Vancouver’s real problems are too hard to face.”


“Living in New Zealand right now.

It’s amazing how much more content and happy with life people 20-30 are when there’s actually opportunities for success available, the ability to buy a house, etc.

I imagine Auckland is more like Vancouver though since it too is crazy expensive.”


“Most livable unhappy city.”


“Most livable for the rich, I would add.”


“You forgot about unaffordable”


“It is so liveable, professionals are moving away due to high costs of living. So liveable.”


“Kill me now”


“Can confirm. Went to Vancouver, was unhappy, flew back to Germany.

Things i expected: A smarter version of the us, beautiful nature, happy people, interesting culture, nice Asian food.

What i got: can’t pay the rent, earn nothing, basic food costs more than minimum wage, expensive gyms, expensive housing, expensive food, expensive mobile bill, crackheads everywhere screeching at nothing, Asians, rich Asians, richer Asians, someone breakes into a car, someone breakes another mans skull, someone lives in our trash bin outside on the street, this costs money, that costs also money, monotonous condos, worst night life ever.”


“This is perfect… but I cracked up at the “someone lives in our trash bin”


“I love this because it is so true. Not sugar coated, pure truth. I had family visit and live here for “6” months to travel and visit BC. They left after 4. They had the idea of moving from London city centre to DT Vancouver and being able to walk around to and fro. What they didn’t realize is the crackheads everywhere so they felt uncomfortable with all the screeching and yelling. Naturally for a family from London with children 4-7. Quite the shame. Our city is definitely getting a negative light for those who visit.

Another anecdote was when my MiL visited from Seoul, she thought Vancouver was clean and safe, and sure enough, more crackheads and bewildered screams and screeches from addicts. It’s a problem. Fuck these junkies. Not mental illness, they are junkies who are addicted to crack, meth, heroine and they are ruining the city.”


“I’ve lived in a handful of cities in northern North America and while the Vancouver area is without a doubt the most spectacular when it comes to both natural and man made beauty, it’s got the ugliest personality of them all. It’s downright not “Canadian” just how unfriendly the average local is.

The lack of affordability for the average Joe makes Joe stressed all the time. Stressed people don’t tend to enjoy life as much, so when it comes to interacting with one another, patience and fuses are short.

On the opposite side of that coin is all the greedy motherfuckers out there who got in early enough or have unlimited resources and have pushed the housing and rental markets out of the reach of Joe and his family. Plus you throw in the rental scams (both trying to find legit ads or getting evicted so the landlord can “move in” and bump up the rent for the next poor bastard) and the lack of stability will drive you to wits end.

I moved out here almost 3 years ago for work, which worked out well, being as my wife and l had talked about Vancouver as a destination since the mid 2000’s. I’m now looking forward to the project wrapping up so l won’t need to live here.

It really is a shame.”


“Maybe it’s not Canadian because more than 50% of the people are from somewhere else. At this point Canadians have to adapt THEIR way of being rather then them assimilate to our way of life.”


“Crazy, you’d think a place with a super high cost of living, low minimum wage and 9 straight months of rain a year would be a barrel of laughs.”


“Depressed and lonely here, can confirm.”


“I think a lot of people are sick of being told that Vancouver is one of the most livable places on earth when a bunch of people can’t find a place to live, and can barely afford it when they can. When they realize they have to choose a place out of town, traffic is a pain and transit doesn’t provide a viable alternative.”


“Yes transit outside of the downtown area is shit. I lived in the suburb where it was literally faster to walk than wait ans take the bus (which sometimes didnt even bother to show up). The Skytrain is fine but needs public washrooms.”


“We need to show people that Vancouver is no longer livable, in fact you will die here. Guaranteed.”


“Based on the constant flow of people moving to the North Island from Vancouver I definitely believe it.”


“Condo living isn’t so wonderful after all. Seriously, back when I was growing up by Lonsdale, nature was a lot closer. North Van is getting ruined by all the traffic. Not that I care much, since I can’t afford to live there anymore.”


“I think your housing situation is worse. I’m looking to move to Vancouver and your rents are shocking and I live downtown Toronto”


“This. Had a coworker who flew in from TO. 1 week of every month and he was shocked – apartments are smaller for more $. So when people say that the price for a 1br in TO and Vancouver are the same.. the size and quality of that 1br differ.”


“I moved from Vancouver to another major city. Much happier now that I’m out of Vancouver.”


“It’s because things went downhill so fast in the last 3-4 years that people think Vancouver is worse off than other cities. Affordability is definitely the worst here but the sudden decline is what has people stressed out the most. There are worse places to live but it’s still unfair how bad things have become here.”


“The option of immigrating to another country always crosses my mind when this comes up, but once you’re waist deep in tuition debt, uprooting yourself for a new life is a hard ask. Nevermind if you just straight up have a degree/skill set that just isn’t marketable.”


“If it was a lot easier to work visa / green card South, I think there would be a much higher percentage leaving for the US rather than going East. I would move to Longmont CO in a heart beat if able.”


They’re unhappy because they haven’t tried living in other cities.

“No shit. Everywhere in Canada is cold as fuck. Try living in another country, it is much better.”


“Real estate values in previously affordable areas of metro van have doubled (or more) in 3 years and rents have gone up almost as much, it’s happened far too fast for us to adapt and re-evaluate our lifestyles/standards of living/goals etc.”


“This is what confuses me. On the international subreddits everyone is “omg canada so friendly poutine is the best sorry!”. It is clear none of them ever visited Vancouver. We are polite but sure as hell not friendly.”


“If Canada merged with the US, I guarantee that Vancouver would lose most of its appeal as it would no longer be the warmest city easily accessible to Canadian citizens. Hence the unhappiness in this town.”


“The most unaffordable city in North America is also one of the unhappiest? Colour me surprised.”


“Can confirm, I hate living here.”


“All I know is my wife and I will never be able to afford a detached house here. And maybe if we’re super lucky and continue to live extremely frugal we’ll be able to have enough saved for 20% down on an apartment or condo or townhouse in like 10 years.”


“its true its really all quite depressing”


“But the famous idiots of Instagram tell me VanCity is the best place on earth and everything is great every day and oh god I love this city oh god we have ocean and mountains and live for the moment so like follow and favourite my vide..”


“As far as I’m concerned, summer is amazing. It’s the rainy season that is so far the opposite that I guess it negatively effects us overall.”


“The pacific northwest is generally a shit hole because it’s always grey, fact. The only place more depressing is Manchester.

And truth be told, if it wasn’t because of work I wouldn’t be living here tbqh. Nobody knows how to drive and it’s constantly raining 8-10 months out of the year. And did I mention the CoL? $2500/m for a small studio? Pretty soon Vancouver will be a tourist hot-spot and nothing more. It most definitely won’t be a place to raise a family. Who knows – in a decade Vancouver might even surpass Monte Carlo in that regard…”


“Melbourne is infinitely better than Vancouver. The only thing that sucks about living in Australia is that it’s far as hell.”


“It’s the frikking rain, people. No brainer.”




“I’ve lived in this city my entire life and I find the longer I live here the more unhappy I become. I know Vancouver is beautiful and I should be thankful to live here but I don’t feel that way. And a lot of my friends have mental health issues and it seems like it’s only in Vancouver that it’s this bad. I travel a lot and I see people from other countries are much happier even with so little. Does anyone else think that living in a big city with so much opportunity that it’s causing a decline in mental health because more people are lost and feel like they have no direction? It’s also very competitive here and I find a lot of people are quite shallow and antisocial compared to other cities I’ve been to… does anyone agree?”


“All of the people I know that have left are actually significantly happier after leaving, which is why I was wondering. Wish I could do like a poll on here haha”


“I would have agreed a couple years ago, but my feelings have changed.

You’ll have to figure out what about the city is causing you to feel unhappy — cost of living, lack of engaging activities, etc. If not, if you go somewhere else with the expectation that you’ll suddenly be happier, you might be disappointed. The feeling from traveling doesn’t necessarily reflect the feeling of living somewhere. People in other countries may have their own challenges, and you generally have fewer responsibilities when traveling (e.g. you aren’t working).

Furthermore, Vancouver is not the only city with mental health problems. Suicide rates per 100,000 are very similar between Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver.

Big cities do give off a competitive vibe, and maybe that’s just not suited for you — there was a study that says that people in cities are generally less happier, and I think part of it is because some people are in cities by necessity rather than by choice.

Lastly, from people I’ve spoken to who have lived in other cities, the west coast is very laid back compared to other cities — friends from Seoul, NYC and Toronto say that Vancouver’s pace is a breath of fresh air (one friend had been suffering from stress related health issues in Seoul)”


“Yeah I failed to mention this as one of the reasons I feel it’s difficult to live here. The cost of living. I love everything about this city from the mountains to the trees and would be difficult to live somewhere like Toronto or somewhere that is just a city with no view. But it’s just so unaffordable.”


“Weather can have a profound impact on mood and outlook, and when we get prolonged rainy spells when we’re expecting mild and sunny weather, it can get pretty oppressive.

Before you draw any lasting conclusions, wait and see how you feel a few days after the weather has been nice and bright. You may find a dramatic improvement, suggesting that poor weather has been an influence. You may notice no real improvement, indicating a broader influence. It’s an easy little experiment to do (though highly susceptible to confirmation bias) but you may find it helps to inform your next steps in terms of how to improve your emotional/mental health.”


“My mental health certainly suffers more in Vancouver, especially in the fall/winter months, but it’s not city itself more to do with the weather, short days and lack of sunshine in the winter,so yeah living here is a bit more of a struggle for me compared to San Diego and Phoenix where I have also lived, in those city’s the depression was far far less and overall I felt better and happier in those city’s especially in San Diego, I was way more active there year round since the weather there is so much better.”


“I think the depressing thing is the standard of living tends to decrease. Growing up, most people I knew lived in houses that their parents owned working regular jobs.

People aspired to grow up, own a house, travel, have a retirement, etc. Now, the dream of something like home ownership is all but gone for a lot of people, and their standard of living aspirations are much smaller.

Everybody I know who was moved away, to the island, to Calgary, to Winnipeg, to the US, they have better paying jobs, and many own houses, with yards, and vacations.

Here, it’s good luck just renting a place and lower your standards. Don’t plan on wanting anything too fancy.

Seems to happen to a lot of West Coast cities like San Fran, Portland, Seattle…they all have an opiate crisis going on now too. Coincidence?

But yeah, in a nutshell, as each generation passes, we’re told to expect less and less out of life – lowest paid, highest cost of living, congested. Imagine a buddy living in Calgary who pays a fraction for housing, has cheaper gas and car insurance, gets paid more for the same job, etc…

I know we have milder weather and beautiful trails but still…”


“Yes, it’s the most depressing place I’ve ever visited around the world and I can’t wait to leave for good and never look back.”


“The sort of Vancouver I’ve been exposed to, is people not doing anything other than staying home, watching Netflix, playing video games, 420. This is because of some self-imposed excuse of weather/$$/SO, usually once they are past the age of trying to drive back from nightlife in downtown (drinking and driving back from the club, and cabbing is too expensive because there is no Uber). Others are more healthy and regularly participate in hockey/ultimate/dodgeball/volleyball/hiking/basketball/yoga/badminton/tennis etc., which is at least healthy and recreational. In general I also don’t sense much hustle from people because everyone’s parents already can pay for their downpayment, so they are living a deferred Peter Pan lifestyle. There is not much meaning and purpose that Vancouver readily offers, because there is no struggle and its too comfortable. (Edit: this comment actually echoes a lot of my sentiments) Most of Metro Vancouver just feels like a sleepy suburb where everything closes early, nice cars and blatant displays of wealth, while there is no obvious way to accumulate wealth other than converting into a FIRE industry snake and throwing away whatever education you got in your arts degree (not necessarily a bad thing). I actually have no idea what most people are even aiming for, other than trying to settle down and have brunch every Sunday and say they’re too busy with work, or because there’s not much apparent meaning, people end up on a hedonistic treadmill.”


“I moved to Calgary 3 months ago and honestly the sunshine helps me immensely. I know people will say “try taking vitamin D” but it didn’t work for me. I was honestly so tired of rain/overcast gloomy days. Since I’ve been here I find it a lot easier to be positive about things. Like my situation didn’t improve a million times over in Calgary vs Vancouver but the cost of living, weather and honestly the friendliness of people here is great.

This is just my 2¢, I love Vancouver and I called it home for a really long time but after visiting last week I can say I don’t really miss it.”


“I think the biggest problem as a country we don’t have the options for cities like it is in the USA.

He’ll there’s 70 cities that anyone can move to and there’s a different vibe.

We’re fucked for choices.”


“I grew up in Vancouver and moved east 25 years ago. I’m Scots Irish and my grandfather was part of a generation of men who arguably founded the city and turned it from a backwater rainforest into something resembling a modern metropolis. The city is a nightmare. I’ve never seen a place with so many isolated people leading lives that are meaningless. I think it has something to do with how isolated it is geographically. It is bordered on the south by the US border, trapped from the east by the Rocky/Cascadian Mountain ranges, and then further isolated and cut off by the Pacific Ocean.

It’s a relatively young city (compared to the rest of the world) with a terrible history of racism, poverty, drug abuse, and personal alienation. To add fuel to the fire, its housing market, literally where people have no choice but to live and make their lives, has been shockingly abused by rich foreigners who have treated it like an expensive, speculative, asset class designed to hide money (legally and illegally gained) from corrupt governments or foreign authorities. If that isn’t enough, there are at least two or three generations of Chinese immigrants (immigration is fine with me by the way) who can go to the same schools, eat in the same restaurants, and drive the same roads with you and your lives will never intersect in any meaningful way. It’s a failure of massive proportions. Behind a glittering, beautiful facade, Vancouver has a skull face like the angel/demons at the end of Raiders if the Lost Ark.

Unfortunately, that rant doesn’t really solve your problem, nonetheless, it addresses it. Some of the commentary here is telling you that moving cities won’t solve your problem. I can’t say if it will or it won’t. There’s an interesting documentary about a fuck up named Steve Fonyo (from the west coast) called Hurt you might check out. It seems to me that the thesis is that happiness is about where you choose to live and the people you choose to live with. ie. it has a “botanical” element. So, start something with other people that is meaningful to you – a book club, a running club, a paddle board club. Join something, build something, and do the hard work that puts glue between people and gives lives meaning. Best of luck.”


“You are correct. Vancouver living is overrated mostly due to the 8 months of rainy weather and subsequent darkness. Didn’t really like Vancouver that much but enjoyed living in North Vancouver and West Vancouver much more.”


“I find a lot of my friends as I get older in age are moving out somewhere East because its the price of living that’s causing the depression.”


“Don’t think I said anywhere that the city was making me depressed but simply saying that I’ve become unhappy as time goes by and have friends that are depressed and was wondering if it is because of the city. I’m a pretty happy person and never struggled with mental health but it’s just getting more and more difficult to be optimistic about a future living here. And people seem to be taking “the city” literally but more so everyone in the city as well as the city itself and what the city consists of. And it’s because of all the travelling I’ve done to so many places that I feel this way. For example there is trash everywhere in this city and so many garbage cans however you go to an extremely populated city like Tokyo where you can’t find a garbage can anywhere yet there is no litter anywhere…”


“I found the exact opposite when I travelled there. New Yorkers get such a bad rep but compared to Vancouver people they are way less shy, awkward and antisocial. I had more banter and great interactions with random strangers there than I’ve had in my whole year in Vancouver.”




Why are people in Vancouver so unhappy?

“It’s not a difficult question to answer.

Fewer close social ties. Research shows social ties are a major predictor of happiness. As the city becomes more unaffordable people leave and social ties break. Building new relationships takes time. But fewer ties = less happiness, in general.

It’s harder to make ends meet. When you’re struggling to make ends meet, it’s harder to enjoy life. You spend more time working, have less income for the necessities (housing, food), less disposable income for discretionary purchases, less leisure time, less social time, and more worries.

Relative income matters. Research shows you’ll be happier if you earn 100k when everybody else earns 50k vs if you earn 200k when everybody else earns 250k. Vancouver has stratified along the lines of homeowners vs renters. If you’re a renter, you have less wealth than homeowners in your community. Because we’re social animals, we compare ourselves to our wealthier friends consciously and/or subconsciously. And the results of that comparison makes us less happy.”


” Salaries and unemployment levels did not emerge as much of a predictor of one’s happiness as did shorter commute times and what proportion of a family’s income goes toward housing. This confirms work by the Vancouver Foundation over the past several years that found that young people (between the ages of 18 and 24) in Metro Vancouver, and Vancouver in particular, are burdened by a sense of profound loneliness. It’s not a place where important human connections are easily made. “


“Moving backwards in life when you give it everything you’ve got, is depressing!!”


“Because it costs so god damned much to live there”


“Materialism and shallow people.”


“Seriously though, every time I go to the United States I always have random (not-homeless) people strike up conversations with me on the street. This almost never happens in Vancouver. The Seattle / Vancouver freeze is real.

I think multiple factors are at play, but I suspect asian cultural influences definitely plays a part.”


“Because, at least in Vancouver, their salaries are comparatively shit and their cost of living, mostly due to housing but other things too, is ridiculously high. What a difference some spending money can make.”


“Wanted: Extremely experienced professional self-starter to drive 50 km every day into Vancouver and try and find parking in order to sit in our soul destroying office doing things you hate. Must be proficient in 20 things irrelevant to your duties. Competitive $45,000 salary. No benefits. You’re taking over a mat leave. When we’re done with you we will discard you like the temp garbage you are.”


“No community, wealth disparity, rain. My tops <“



And people.

“Oddly, I think you nailed it in three fucking words. Dude.”


“When you write this all you seem to show me is that you live a very sheltered and highly segregated lifestyle away from all the shitholes. You aren’t giving me any reason to care about what you say because all you are talking about is stuff other people experience. Can you give a reason that Vancouver should be good for others?

There are a lot of people who can’t afford to blow their money on weed, alcohol, parties and dining out. And there are many people who can’t afford or for various other reasons can’t take 2 weeks vacation off in Whistler to enjoy the nature. If you can’t afford the time or money to get out of the city all you really end up seeing are the slums or a bunch of absent low-density housing. I hope that explains to you why some people see a lot of ugliness in Vancouver and not any of the natural beauty.

And when you write about poor people who are angry at hippies and cries of “racism” you betray a lot of ignorance. I feel relative to myself you have to be very privileged and have a very thin skin to care about such problems. To me real problems are family and friends experiencing pneumonia, being crippled, teen pregnancies, broken homes, affording dental care and the premature slow decay, ageing and enfeeblement of gluttony, cigarette, alcohol and other diseases and addictions. It’s only words on the internet. In an environment where it is common to swear like a longshoreman racial slurs just aren’t that serious.

And maybe the reason that I am not a fan of the “pretty girls wearing tight outfits” is because my comparable peers were “white trash” who got pregnant in high school. To be honest, I should stop kidding myself that I’m much better and probably date downward around in the 2/10 range. I can certainly tolerate “pretty girls wearing tight outfits” but that doesn’t mean its something to be happy about.

I like to pretend I’m better than where I grew up and block out a lot of it but its just not possible to forget the anger. I hope this shows to you why there is a lot of some people see a lot of ugliness, just don’t care about the same problems as hippies and liberals, and have a lot of jealously and rage towards the rich and attractive. And of course there are a lot of people who had it worse than me such as a bunch of the First Nations.

Also what is this weird fucking obsession with “sushi?” It doesn’t taste like anything. It’s just bland and nothing like styrofoam.


Also can you talk more about your Vancouver? I just can’t see how you can’t see all the fat, ugly, poor, crazy people with lots of problems.”




“Stress levels are high here. It is understandable It is hard to feel secure long term as you might need to move and then face serious problems in finding and paying for a roof over your head. It is expensive. People are flakey and not all that friendly.

Overall it feels like things will get worse too as new rentals aren’t being built yet our population is predicted to increase significantly.

Transit is good but a lot of commuting sucks with packed buses and trains that are too hot and stuffy and everyone coughing and sneezing. Forget about driving, you will go nuts with the horrible lack of skill and poor etiquette here.

Adding to it is the fact that most of us feel trapped here because we can’t easily go anywhere else and many of the same problems are all over Canada anyways.”


“I have friends and family here, so that keeps me here. I’ve also got a niche career that locks me to a few specific hubs in the world, and of all of them, Vancouver is the most appealing. I grew up here, so my roots are here, and Im acclimated to the seasons and lifestyle.

At the risk of being a gatekeeper though, if you don’t snowboard/ski/hike, if you hate long raining seasons, if you don’t have roots here, and/or if you aren’t tied to a career in the city… I’m not sure why Vancouver would be high on someones list of places to live.”


“born and raised in vancouver for 26 years. Moved out to Japan for a job in 2017-18, and still here. Honestly the grass is greener on the other side. Vancovuer is a nice city to visit, but a terrible place to live. High real-estate prices, dumb PC culture, lack of useful transportation, poorly managed civic construction, etc. etc.

The slogan “Best place on Earth” does not even come close.”


“Best place on earth (to sell some fentanyl and then launder your money through overpriced realty)”


“Welcome to the unhappiest city in the country!”



I am from Edmonton and been living here for one year. Here is what I observed since living here.

-The weather is much better then edmonton, Its much drier in Alberta and you dont notice until you go back.

Way way more space in Edmonton, the parks here will be full of people unlike edmonton. The lines here suck, Costco on weekdays after one hour of opening, you cant even find parking on weekdays.

-The people in vancouver suck. People from edmonton are much more friendly, lots of people here are snobby. Also parts of Vancouver dont even feel like your in canada (ex Richmond).

-Traffic and finding parking is much worse and the roads are smaller, although there are not that many pot holes.

house affordability and obvious foregniers driving up the prices.

Everything is cheaper in alberta. From gas to rent to no PST and you make less money here than alberta. Its not even funny.

nature and events there are more of that to do but they are sometimes packed w/ people.”


“People are miserable here because of the high cost of living and seemingly indifferent and cold populace. That’s my perspective 13 years after moving from Toronto.”


“It’s really disheartening to see that people who are genuinely struggling to live here, or LEAVE here, are being written off as shut-in-nature-hating loners. Experiences vary. For example: It’s really hard to enjoy that nature beyond Stanley park if you don’t have a car. It’s hard to have a car if you’re spending 1700 a month on a one bedroom. Want cheaper rent? Share with people or move further away. Oh wait, now you have a long commute!

My advice: hope you’re someone who can get used to seeing people OD after you leave your trendy dinner restaurant, and don’t have, or ever want a pet.”


“Can’t stand it, but this is where the work and family is. I keep my sanity by escaping the lower mainland at pretty much every opportunity I get. I’m actively planning the construction of a small escape a few hours up the coast. Vancouver is great to visit but its nothing special to live in. I grew up in the lower mainland and have lived in some of the most desirable area’s of Vancouver for the last ~3 years to see if maybe any of them were better… nope, the only reason to live in the city is to cut your commute down or you have the cash flow to eat out and go bar hopping every night.”


“I lived in Vancouver for 10 years or so and it was ok. The Rain and gloominess did make it difficult in the winter. It got more depressing as the years went on. Moved to Melbourne a few years back and I don’t miss Vancouver at all. I think Vancouver is a very pretty city because its surrounded by the mountains and ocean, but the city itself itself is pretty meh. That’s just my personal opinion.”




“The cost of living is extremely high. Wages are relatively low.

I guarantee you that’s the ultimate cause of 90% of the bitching you read around here.

It’s frustrating and stressful and makes young adults feel impotent.”


“I think you nailed it.

More so than just being expensive, many of the things you’re told you should be doing to be part of the Vancouver lifestyle cost a lot of money and are part of the resort town mentality here that exists, but people for some reason don’t want to admit to. It also doesn’t help that Vancouver is a resort town for the Pacific Rim’s economic elite. Many of the excellent activities really are only affordable to the top 5% of income earners but somehow everyone in Vancouver is expected to participate in them.

Oh, you don’t drive up to your second property every weekend in Whistler or have a seasons pass to local ski hills? Then what do you do?

Don’t go out for overpriced drinks and expensive meals at trendy restaurants a couple times a week? Then you’re just not taking advantage of this world class city. No wonder you’re a miserable fuck.

Fortunately, there’s also a ton of free or very cheap stuff to do in this city as well. The hardest part being that you need to find friends or have family that also like to do the same things.”


“That’s pretty much it. I do ok myself, but I know a lot of people who are not asking for much and work very hard, and despite that, they can barely afford a place to call home. I think to assume everybody wants a 3000 square foot home would be a lie, I think most people would be happy with a quality 650 square foot place that didn’t cost a fortune.”


“I was pretty happy in Vancouver, but I’m currently travelling and I’m constantly amazed how much cheaper life basically everywhere else is. I’m seriously thinking to move away and just make Vacations on the west coast. Maybe by the time I’ll retire I will be able to afford an island home and move back.”


“How about the 9 months of gloomy weather?”




“Oh I’m leaving. I just signed a 1-year lease and I am seriously considering moving out east when it ends next year. I’m here for my career, I did really well for myself in tech. But I would take a pay-cut to live somewhere where there is actual quality humans, affordable housing, and place where you aren’t shamed for being conservative. I’m really interested in visiting Halifax to see if would be the right fit.”


“Grew up here. can’t stand the bad drivers and pretentious entitlement of people. There are tons of nice people too, but I’m done. Moving to kamloops because I can transfer up there and work in the same field of work, and afford a house with a yard. Seems like a no brainer.”


“I left Vancouver about 2 years ago and moved to Melbourne. Having grown up in Vancouver ( and briefly Edmonton) I decided I needed one last life shift. No regrets and loving it so far. When you move away you see the horrible aspects of Vancouver and also a few things you miss.

Honestly though, I have to say my most recent trip back in December was abit of a shock. The city seems even more so on this insane hyper change that just blew me away more than ever in the past.”


“My fiance and I moved from Nova Scotia to Vancouver roughly 10 months ago and we are already talking about moving somewhere else in a year or so.

It’s not that we don’t like the city itself, though walking by a pile of syringes on the ground on Robson didn’t really make for a great afternoon stroll yesterday, but we both took higher paying jobs when we moved here and even though we have a good income and no children, we know we could never afford to buy a place to live here, and when you have to admit that, it just makes it hard to see any type of long term future in this city.

I would also add that I have never lived anywhere that has such abundant wealth thrown in your face as Vancouver does, and it can be a little disheartening.”


“Same boat. High paying job no kids but I can’t afford to settle down in a home and enjoy life. Sick of playing rental musical chairs.”


“Vancouver Is a terrible, terrible city to live in.

I was born here. I leave often. 4 years in London England, 2 in Paris and 2 in Los Angeles.

I will say it again, and people will argue with me, but It’s true. Vancouver is the most expensive city I have ever known. Our wages are the lowest. Cost of everything is 2x what you will pay elsewhere.

My personal feeling is that they’ve conditioned canadians to not complain, we are supposed to feel grateful and appreciative for everything regardless of whether it’s a good deal. We are supposed to be “nice”. It makes for an awfully one-sided relationship with the corporations that dictate our lives.”


“My husband is 2 years away from finishing his PhD, and then we will be leaving Vancouver for probably the US. There are way more jobs in his field south of the border, and I’m working now for a multinational so would most likely transfer to another office in the US when we make the move.

I’m quite relieved, because it’s depressing how much Vancouver’s identity is rooted in real estate, money laundering, and birth tourism, with no real sense of community. So I’m looking forward to him finishing his degree and us having the opportunity to start a new chapter.”


“I left Vancouver, made a career in Edmonton, got wife and kids, made enough money to now move back. Took me 8 years.

I left Vancouver to make a living. If I was still in Vancouver, I would be sharing rent and complaining about housing until I was blue in the face.

Go outside of the lower mainland. Opportunity awaits. If you are trying to wait for Vancouver to change for you, it will never happen. Vancouver is an area of Canada where the class divide is probably the greatest, job opportunity the lowest and affordability impossible.

Go outside of your bubble, find work in other provinces, become an expert in your field and once you have all that, then come back to Vancouver if you desire. A paycut will happen and real estate is expensive so make sure you saved up.

But if you sit there struggling to survive, waiting for the government to give you the affordable housing to lottery, you might as well lay down on the road and act as a speed bump. If your entire life is stagnating, you are slowing going to die from your own self inflicted demise.”


“We moved here a year and a half ago(ish). We struggled to find a place to live in, and the day after moving in, they implemented the new foreigner tax thing. We knew we’d never make enough to buy a place here unless we take a crazy mortgage for like 40 years or I don’t know what. My friends working in construction have all told me that the apartments here are botched and are not in good conditions, so it’s another reason why we weren’t sure about what to do.

So we have discussed and discussed, and we know we will leave vancouver whenever possible. This city made me extremely practical : do we HAVE to stay here ? no ? Then why struggle here when we can have a better life elsewhere in Canada ?

We can’t afford a car. We can’t afford even having children ! We are not tied here, so we can leave, but I feel bad for everyone who grew up here and is pushed out because of how expensive this city has become.”


“I’m 26 years old, and leaving this summer, in about two months. I’m beyond sick and tired at having to pay exorbitant amounts in rent prices, and having next to nothing to do here for nightlife or real culture. Everyone here is so douchey, and the new influx of wealth here has really ruined the city. All you basically end up doing outside of work is smoking weed, watching netflix, and reading books. It’s a very lonely and isolating experience for a lot of people, and I’m one of them.

I’m also tired of the ethnic enclaves- I really want a place with real multiculturalism, and a culture that isn’t built around fear or political correctness. People don’t even make eye contact out here out of fear of ‘xyz’. It’s probably the downtown eastside that influences this… The drugs and homelessness problems here are extreme, and up the whazoo. The dating scene is absolutely dismal, as most people are just passing through the city on an exchange, and those that choose to stay are forced to confront the actual cost of living here if they want to settle. Most young people don’t want to pay the price of living three hours outside of the city in an overpriced house. I don’t blame them. Not even remotely.

Also, there’s this weird element of denial and stockholme syndrome here. We’re supposed to be “the best place on Earth”, yet the locals have been sold out, overseas investors have taken over, families in the east live in poverty, and nothing substantial has happened about the extreme drug/homelessness problems in the last twenty years.

In terms of career, there are next to no business or career opportunities. Even if you got a good job out here, it’ll be underpaid compared to virtually everywhere else you’ll go, and at the very least, half your money is likely going to rent. This is often coupled with infuriatingly stupid living conditions (rathole basement suites, esl landlords feeling entitled to telling you how to live within the space you pay for, etc). You’ll find a place for $800 with any of the following: no stove; no shower; no parties; no dogs; no overnight visitors; no cooking with spices; must babysit our children/dogs; must give me massage services; etc etc etc! It’s disgusting.

Yeah, I’m sick of it. There are other reasons I’m leaving, too. But all I know is that I’m tired of waiting around in the hope that I’ll get to experience the Vancouver I knew as a child. That Vancouver is dead. What it has become now is a shallow narcissist, and it’s time to accept that.

Also, prepare for the narcissists and sociopaths that have come out here en-masse, like a massive in-crowd from all corners of Canada and the world. If you have lots of money to throw around, prefer a status-driven social circle, and you don’t mind pretending to be someone else to impress others, then sure, it can be a good time.

In terms of architecture, there’s no real character to the buildings either in my opinion- it’s all glass boxes. Anything with a history or quirkiness to it is soon torn down to make way for new developments. Do you think The Rio Theatre is going to last long? Exactly.

Overall, in my opinion as a local, if you’re saving for a place and are seeking real growth, down-to-earth people, real culture, real music, and real community and trust, then you are almost certainly in the wrong place. Even the weather sucks out here. You’re waiting in the pouring rain, living out day-after-overcast-day in the hopes of two months of summer, and even then, that doesn’t always happen. And dear Vancouverites, other cities DO in fact have superior weather and amenities. Just so you know. We’re not the only city in the world with mountains, and it ain’t the mountains you’re thinking about on a day-to-day basis when you’re working out here.

I don’t mind paying high rent anywhere, but if I do that- I’d better be getting something out of it. Here, it feels very one-sided, like a relationship with an abusive partner that gives nothing back to you, no matter how hard you try. And the smug BC Pretentiousness is just nauseating.

Anyway, that’s how I feel.

I know every city has its problems, but I’m beyond sick of this one. It’s way past time I moved on with my life. I’m going straight to Toronto. If I don’t like it, I’ll find a way to settle in one of Europe, Japan, or L.A. Life’s too short. Way too short to put up with this nonsense. You can’t get me out of here fast enough. I know there’s more to life than this. FUCK YOU, VANCOUVER!”




“I really like and miss Vancouver, but been living in Montreal for a while I see a lot of what Vancouver deeply lacks – art, character, history, culture, life! And the weather is pretty mild compared to these harsh winters we get here. Regardless, in a Friday night in Jan or Feb, at -20C, you go walk around at St Catherine, St Dennis or Crescent and there would be tons of people enjoying themselves, from pub to nightclubs, to burger joints to amazing coffee places. I would need a lifetime to try all places around here.

That said, I miss the seawall and the views. and I really dislike the political/separatism aspect fo QC.”


“I agree with your observations about Vancouver. I’ve lived here a long time, but have lived elsewhere too. This city is overhyped in many ways.

Our cheerleaders have done an amazing job selling our city abroad and locally.

To those who are looking for stability, safety, good education, healthcare, and nature, few cities beat Vancouver. But if you want long term affordability and urban excitement, Vancouver is low on the list of modern cities. Our nightlife generally sucks, there little in the way of a real arts district, there are virtually no good international-level museums and galleries, independent creative business are on the extinction list, there are very few affordable things for families to do during non-summer months besides visit malls, and our local governments have few ideas on how to make life fun.

If I was a millennial who could pick up and go, I probably would, but my roots are too deep here. Nevertheless, I sympathize with young people here who feel hopeless about this city that’s been way overhyped.”


“I think the entirety of the GVRD/Valley is over-rated. There are other worldly cities with mild climates and nice scenery that don’t cost an arm and a leg to live in due to high rent/real estate, gas, taxes, low wages, and so forth. Saying this is tantamount to heresy around here; people just point to the mountains, the ocean, and the mild climate as if this compensates for everything else – perhaps for some it really does, but for most, I think they’re lying to themselves. You want to see downvotes due to unpopular opinion, watch this comment for poof.”


“I was born and raised here. This city fucking sucks ass.”


“I would also add that everyone’s so busy working their butts off to live here, they can’t even enjoy this place.”


“Speaking from personal experience: it’s quiet because it’s expensive. I would love to go out every night and do something fun, but I can’t even afford to go to a bar and have a few drinks more than once a week. Shows and events are out of the question. I even make an events calendar every month only to find I can’t afford anything as it comes time.

Low wages and a high cost of living completely kill my ability to enjoy what’s “happening”, and i suspect it’s that way for many others as well.”


“Vancouverites are used to taking it up the ass it seems, in the salary department. I moved here also from another province and had to take about a 25% paycut. People here need to grow some fucking spines.”


“Vancouver is a nice place to visit. As for living and working, well that’s debatable. I left Vancouver after 12 years. While it wasn’t “terrible”, the lack of meaningful community, extreme competition among co-workers, low wages and astronomical cost of living had made living in Vancouver more of a chore than it was worth. What good were the North Shore mountains if I couldn’t enjoy them except to look at them from my office window? How pleasant was it to walk around a neighborhood, knowing the only way I could live there was by having tens of millions of dollars? And the whole “fake it till you make it” attitude was just getting too much.

The last year and a half of living away from Vancouver has reduced my blood pressure and stress levels, eased the strain on my bank account, allowed me to put together the start of a down payment on an actual property, and brought me closer to members of the community I now call home.

Just my 2 cents.”


“Agree about the COL in comparison to the wages. The wages do not compensate for how expensive it is here and that’s an understatement. Yes, everyone (especially newcomers) raves on about the beauty, the mountains, the water, the lifestyle but it doesn’t justify the costs.
And yeah, it’s not progressive like other cities; I mean, we don’t have Uber here, seriously! I grew up here and I feel stuck here given my age and situation.
I’ll make the best of it and I’m thinking of leaving the city when I retire. (although the way things are going, that may not be the solution either)”




“Vancouver has changed a lot over the past few years, and not in a good way. Here are just a few ways in which everyone favorite ‘most liveable’ city has changed for the worse.

Some parts of the city are effectively empty. If you walk around Coal Harbour or parts of Point Grey at night, you’ll notice that very few of the houses/condos have lights on. Are they trying to save on their hydro bills? Nope. The new owners live outside of Canada. Either they are keeping the property empty so they can flip it in a year or two, or they use it for 2 weeks a year when they visit Vancouver.

Young families are leaving / have left. When you’re 25 and single, you can pretty much live anywhere. Things change when you have your first kid. Now you need space, and the $5m homes on the Westside are just slightly out of your budget. So where do you go? Either you move out to Coquitlam and commute, or you leave for somewhere like Squamish or Kelowna.

The ethnic mix is changing fast. Some of the Kindergarten classes now have more than 60% ESL students. There are areas like Richmond, Dunbar etc that are pretty much Chinese-speaking now. Diversity is unquestionably a good thing, but some of these neighbourhoods are actually so full of non English speakers that they have lost any sense of community.

The ‘rural’ feel has gone. People used to say that Vancouver was a city with a small urban core, surrounded by a leafy, semi-rural area. Not so true any more. Densification is ongoing. Homes have been turned into duplexes, triplexes, or torn down and replaced by apartment buildings. Expect this to continue.

There has been no attempt to preserve the city’s character. This is true in a couple of ways. From a purely physical sense, the city’s planners have allowed countless traditional homes to be torn down and replaced by charmless ‘luxury’ boxes. In a less tangible sense, the uncontrolled immigration and foreign investment has rapidly and irreversibly changed the demographics. Has anyone in city hall ever sat down to think about what Vancouver used to be, and what its turning into?”


“Vancouver: the city with everything but a soul.”


“I lived there for a year and was amazed at the divisiveness of the people. No real sense of community at all. After a year I had enough and had to leave even though it meant leaving a really cool job.”


“Vancouver is like a sex doll – looks good, nice to visit but empty, expensive, and likely to cause self hatred.”


“I grew up just outside of Vancouver, luckily in what is now a $3m home my parents built decades ago on relatively undeveloped land. My mum is an entrepreneur that spent 30 years building a multimillion dollar business and there is no conceivable way she could afford anything remotely like it now.

I’ve made peace with the fact that, barring a huge windfall, I’m not ever going to be able to afford a decent quality of life in my hometown, much less a property. I’m into my twenties now and everyone I went to high school with either still lives at home, or paying ungodly rent to be crammed into a divided home like a Dickensian workhouse. And this is the norm.

It’s not so bad though because I’ve also come to realize I don’t want to live there anymore. Ignoring how obscene it is that the whole city is basically one big investment/money-laundering scheme for rich foreign plutocrats, there’s a huge diaspora of Vancouverites. In 20 years, when I might actually buy a house somewhere, Vancouver is going to be a cultural desert populated by bankers, real estate agents, corrupt city officials, and Beijing billionaires.

“B-b-but muh mountains!””


“Here is my Rant:

I lived and owned a few business in Vancouver from 2008 to 2015. Through my time there I had dealings with the business community, City Officials, Real estate developers and property mangers.

I can honestly say the city is broken. It does not have the will or physical strength to enforce any kind of limit to growth. The companies and real estate developers simply outspend and outmanoeuvre a electorate that is too transient (bet you dont know many people that live in Vancouver that were born there), or too uninvolved in the state of things, and a goverment that is all too happy to play along.

There are so many appalling things happening within the power structure it would make a US city like Baltimore cringe.

I currently make 2/3 of what I once made living in Vancouver, but I reside in Montreal. I am telling you I live like a King in comparison.

Every time I go back for work I cant believe I once lived there…”


“I left Vancouver a few years ago. Actually, I left Canada completely. Living in Asia; figured since I’m already becoming a minority in my own country and Vancouver is almost part of Asia now, might as well move there for real and cut my living expenses by 3/4.”


“I am from the easy coast. I moved to Vancouver after uni and stayed for 5 years. Beautiful if you get out of town and play in the rockies. Two points I would add are:

6) parts of the city are like an episode of the walking dead. My second day there I got up super early and took the Skytrain to downtown from Burnaby. There were junkies laying face down on the side walk (this is like 7AM) that I thought they were dead (nope, just asleep). There were city workers with Hazmat gear (gloves and boots) using these grasping sticks to put syringes into yellow and white containers. The drug problems in that city are unreal. Maybe other Canadian cities are equally bad but more hidden, but, I am guessing not. Why are there so many gangs and drugs in that city?

7) Job Salaries. When I got tired of it and moved to Toronto, my salary doubled for the same industry. I suspect part of it was me getting older and being more mercenary in my negotiations, but, it seemed like the job front was super weak.

I do miss the mountains though.”


“The uncontrolled immigration and foreign investment is definitely what is killing the city. And a change in policy should be such an easy fix. It’s pretty brutal that Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, yet Canadians who grew up in Canada can’t even afford to live there and enjoy it.”


“Can confirm, Vancouver has gone to shit.”


“I left because I couldn’t afford to live there. Even making a fair bit above minimum wage (was 8$ at the time, I was making about 14$) I couldn’t freaking afford to live in New Westminster! Not that I lived horribly or anything. I could live comfortably and never really worried about eating and shit. But no savings of any sort. loads of cc debt. just lived to work. rarely went out or enjoyed life”


“As a native born and 2nd generation Vancouverite I feel your pain. What the hell happened? The culture of homelessness and rights of street people and drug addicts have been far more important than us taxpayers. Needles, garbage, poop both human and dog, city halls disregard for heritage, but the worst offender is this cult of density. Surrey has lots of space to grow so go grow out there.”


“I make 90k a year and live in a 1br in the west end with my two boys. I need to reevaluate my life choices.”


“I couldn’t agree more I also find that places like North Vancouver are being torn down house by house and are being replaced by overly priced apartments. As a 18yo male who has grown up in North Vancouver I find this situation a bit sad. I have always pictured living where I have grown up, but this seems financially impossible. We should limit foreign buying as this is exploding housing pricing.”




“Vancouver is fractured. The communities don’t mix. The city has always been multicultural yet xenophobic, cliquey and shallow. Friendly on the surface but not really kind or less there’s something in it for them. It’s been like this since moving here in 1990 and it will never change because it doesn’t want to change. The locals are so deluded and brainwashed into thinking it’s world-class and this behaviour is completely normal. Ultimately, they will tell you to leave if you don’t like it so you give up and become anti-social yourself. You have assimilated.”


“I’m from Vancouver and I wish I could take back the time I’ve spent here and have spent that time elsewhere.”


“the most bland classist gentrified pretentious place on earth”


“Every city has its spirit and Vancouver attracts the people who suit it. That’s why you can’t connect. Those who can’t tolerate it leave quickly. Some of us are stuck until we can save enough to leave, all the while keeping to ourselves because the alternative is to interact with the shallow self absorbed poor hygiene degenerates. It’s only getting worse. Leave. You’re better off. Take a good soul with you.”


“This city is a middling place that offers nothing unique to the average person. It’s woefully overpriced and severely lacking. It’s a movie set dressed up as a metropolis. The desperation that many have here referring to this dump as world class is downright pathetic.”


“Born and raised here, Van is bad, but North Van (where I live now) is the worst cesspool of entitled wastes of space I have ever seen. Have hated it since day 1, I don’t want my son growing up in this twisted, toxic atmosphere, and we will be leaving.”


“Vancouver has slowly but surely become a disgusting nightmare.”




“They suffer from the secret delusions and lies spread around the continent about how wonderful Vancouver is. It is NOT! I’ve been stuck here for the last 30 years, and I have hated every damp, dripping, dark, dingy minute of it. Retirement is nigh, and I’m already packed so as to Rip This Joint as fast as I can.

It’s the nonstop dampness. Even in the summer sunshine, you’ll find yourself damp and clammy under what you’re wearing.

The other big complaint I have about Vancouver is the dark, foggy, low-cloud-ceilinged winters. I read somewhere that of all Canadian cities, Vancouver has the worst suicide rate. No wonder..All this WETNESS is enough to make anyone wanna get outta here.

AND my last big b**ch about Vancouver is how the wealthy are so neatly hived off geographically from the peasants. They live across the bay, over the Lion’s Gate Bridge in “West” Vancouver. Well, La Dee Fuggin DAH! When I happen to be in West Egg I smell snotty attitude everywhere.”



I just moved to London UK after 17 years (mostly) in Vancouver. In one week here, I saw the Parthenon Marbles, a dozen Van Gogh paintings, dinosaurs, a dodo, Raphael’s sketches for the Vatican frescoes. – all for free. I ate Bangladeshi and Keralan curries, and heard more languages spoken than I can name. I got everywhere on transit without waiting more that 10 minutes for any train or bus even late at night.

Vancouver culture: one tour of sketches or lesser known works by a Rennaisance artist will come to the VAG maybe every 18 months – otherwise, hope you like Emily Carr… Museums? UBC Anthropology is OK, I guess – but when was the last time they had a David Bowie show? Vancouver Aquarium is world class, definitely, but it’s hard to fill a year of culture going between the VAG, Aquarium, and a handful of local-interest museums.

I’m sorry to say, but clean air, ocean and mountains do not make for ‘culture’.

And, yeah, rent is the same here in expensive London as it is in Vancouver…”


“Does anyone remember that earthquake we had at the end of 2015???

Well, this part of the world is waiting for the BIG ONE….

Most of the year we have rain, showers, horrific rain & wind, spitting rain, pelting rain and of course misty rain…..

If you are single and make at least $20/hr you’ll be A-OK add anything more and you definitely won’t be A-OK, even if you live outside of Vancouver….think about that!

Traffic and shitty, shifty drivers (anywhere in the Lower Mainland!)

Vancouver is a mostly conservative city so I consider Vancouver extremely boring, especially in the winter if you don’t do sports outdoors. Generally speaking, boring if you don’t have a lot of money.

Daycare is very expensive and hard to get your child in (waiting lists are insane)

There is gang life and criminal operations but they usually don’t involve the general public, outside of the city is a completely different story though

For the DTE (downtown east side) it is really a sad place, the smells, the activities etc…. Personally it doesn’t bother me at all, its OK if you wanna walk around the area however late at night (after 10pm) I probably would not do that alone.”


“Vancouver doesn’t have economy. It’s a very strange city in that it has a lot of inhabitants who lead a pretend live-work lifestyle. In a way, living in Vancouver feels like spending prolonged time at an international airport. The airport has a mock city feel, there are some stores and restaurants, but they don’t feel real, because it’s not a real city.

Eventually, sooner or later, your flight is gonna come in and you’ll take off to a more exciting destination. It’s inevitable.”


“1. No corporate growth opportunity
2. Forget about buying a house and if you do forget about saving anything
3. Travel time to anywhere is so much
4. Ferry terminals are far
5. In and out of Vancouver is getting painful day by day
6. Streets are getting crowded
7. Politics is getting dirty
8. Prices are rising”


(Source) (Source)


  1. Incredible high cost of housing (rental or purchase) which makes the cost of living very high.
  2. Wages that do not match the cost of living for many people, leading to poverty and homelessness even among working people.
  3. An entrenched drug using, mentally ill, chronically poverty-stricken and unemployed/unemployable population concentrated in the East Hastings area. Do not go down there alone at night…and I’d avoid it during the day as well.
  4. The WORST traffic congestion in Canada and possibly in North America, according to some rankings. When I’ve gone to the lower mainland, I try very hard to NEVER bring my vehicle. I HATE driving in Vancouver.
  5. Snow is rare and temperatures are generally mild – especially for Canada – but it can be depressingly gray with non-stop rain from November to March.
  6. A recent surge in what I call activist entitlement…such as tent city organizers who maintain that society MUST provide housing and income as a basic right.
  7. People who take advantage of Vancouver for criminal activity, including money-laundering, human trafficking, smuggling, and immigration fraud. It is a major port city and sits just north of the US-Canada border, so draws those activities.
  8. A surprising number of murders for a Canadian city. Most seem to be the result of rival gangs and the drug trade, so the victims are often reported to be ‘known to the police’ which is Canadian media code for criminals.”


“The prices for living is ridiculously high. A townhouse that looks like a dump is over 1 million.

Homeless crowd the streets, they build camps, and sometimes fires break out, burning houses around the camp.

Drug addiction, is horrible. When in Chinatown for a field trip, the druggies were so bad, we paid attention to the ground. Watching for needles.

EI – unemployment is under $700 dollars, my parents rent ou5 a 2 bedroom coach house for $2000 dollars a month. No renting near anything important is under a $1100.

In the Fraser valley, or lower mainland the bus routes are not out in the country like area, making cars a must.

Sidewalks where I live is rare.

The Provincial Gov’t is corrupt, to win two parties combined against the conservatives at the last moment, after voting, to have a house majority of 1! The Liberal and Green Party.

Lots of good happens in Vancouver also, the sea wall is a must.

Fraser Valley – Horse country. Drive around people have acres and every second house you’ll see horses.

Campbell Valley park , and Stanley park. The area is amazing. Horse trails too.”


“High cost of housing, to a large extent driven up by absentee Chinese speculators, has driven up real estate prices to the extent that most Canadians can’t afford to live there, even if they work in Vancouver. They have to commute from suburbs, often an 45 minutes to an hour each way. The downtown eastside is disgusting, dirty, full of homeless people and druggies. It’s so full of foreigners that it doesn’t even seem like a Canadian city anymore…it’s not the city I recall from the late 70s and 80s.”


“Traffic is hellish, and drugs are becoming a real problem in the Downtown Eastside. But the real problem is housing, both the exorbitant cost and the general lack of availability. Finally, certain areas such as Surrey and Abbotsford are experiencing unprecedented levels of gang violence. Don’t get me wrong: the situation generally does not impact the general public, but shootings are occurring with disturbing frequency.”


“it is extremely expensive rents are very high food gas cell phones everything is the highest in the world here.The traffic is horrendous and crappy transit unless you live in the city.Huge rich asian population the have and the have nots basically.Plus it rains a lot ,the city has no charismatic soul, other than that its great.”



Feel free to add your comments. Are Vancouverites dull? Compare these comments to other rantings and see how passionless they really arecan’t even be roused to anger.

Saskatoon: Rants

“12 Reasons Why I Hate Saskatoon …

  1. The Climate…

I have to laugh… The people who live here are constantly reassuring themselves about how “great” the climate is here with inane comments like “You know it rains all the time in Vancouver” or “Oh, that terrible humidity in Ontario”. My God in heaven, it’s below freezing for 7 months of the year and 3 of those months are below -20C. The growing season is only 100 days long, it can freeze anytime of the year and a good part of the “summer” is cold, too…. and the bloody wind… It never stops.

Prey tell, then… Why do 12 million people live in S. Ontario and 3 million in the lower mainland of B.C. if the climates there are so terrible?… And yet Saskatchewan has not been able to get a population of more than a million in 75 years? I think it’s penis envy and a huge inferiority complex.

No one wants to live here for this reason alone… No one.

  1. The rednecks, lack of culture, lack of people with any taste or class…

Granted, there is lots of money here… rich farmers, rich oil workers… They have big trucks and bigger houses… These people are classless…They listen to country music, shop at Walmart, hock and spit, drink Pilsner beer, wear baseball caps in restaurants, are vulgar and crude and their idea of a fine restaurant is Mano’s or The Cave… Yep, paper napkin and family dining at it’s best.

Mind you, there are maybe 3 good restaurants in the city…

3.. The isolation…

God, Saskatoon is a million miles from any civilized place or big city… And I don’t regard Calgary or Edmonton as either civilized or big… 18 hours to the Twin Cities is your closest link to the civilized, populated world.

  1. The crime…

Highest crime rate in Canada.

  1. The Aboriginals…

I am tired of all of it.

  1. The Fattness…

Outside of the American Deep south, I have never, ever in my life seen so many obese, out of shape people.

  1. The Star Phoenix

You call that a newspaper?… What an embarrassment… and no paper on Sunday. I think Saskatoon is the only place in the world without a local, Sunday paper… God, I miss civilization sometimes.

  1. The West side…

Poverty, slumlords, crime, arson, post-industrial gloom… Almost every business closed on 20th st. from Ave. A to Ave. H. and the city pours millions into the beautification of this dismal, dangerous hunk of road. Brownfields, abandoned factories (Mitchell’s, etc.) Lame and doomed to fail attempts at revitalization (Farmer’s Market, The 20th St. Station) in this seedy scumscape.

9 John Gormley and CJWW…

The “voices” of Saskatoon… Good God.

  1. Don Atchinson…

Our local version of “Mayor McCheese”

  1. Beaten up roads…

My God, our streets look like something out of the Third world, beaten up roadways full of potholes, cracks, frost heaves… Line painting is lame at best.

As I told a visitor to here once who commented on the lack of line painting on the streets “Oh, don’t worry… Just keep your vehicle in the ruts in the street and you’ll stay in the right lane…”

  1. The world’s worst drivers?

This huge sense of entitlement (comes with loosers who have aquired wealth and big vehicles), lack of knowledge of road rules, general rudeness, excessive speed and lack of common courtesy.”


“I moved from Vancouver to Saskatoon last year and my god do I hate this place to its guts.

My parents used to go to college here, and I have always hear about them complainning how bad Saskatoon was. Having lived in Ft Mac for 2 years, I didn’t believe them. Until last year, I decided to follow my parents footsteps and come to U of S, biggest mistake of my life thus far.

Worst thing about the city is the people here: Rude, stubborn, lazy and racial discriminating. Crappy city planning comes second. Drivers comes the third (seriously guys, driving a truck doesn’t mean you can drive in between lanes/ turn left whenever you want/ tailgating people).




“People in Saskatoon seem to think that their city is better than Regina. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black–Saskatoon easily is as bit a shithole as Regina. Here’s why:

1) Everyone drives slower than the retired.
2) Clueless drivers that don’t respect pedestrians, crosswalks, and even traffic lights.
3) Downtown has no real attractions and is dead… all the time.
4) No downtown nightlife.
5) People think Tim Hortons has “good” coffee.
6) They elect people like MP Maurice Vellacot…. year in year out. And then complain about the conservatism of Sask Party MLAs.
7) Home to some of the highest crime rates in Canada.
8) Maybe 3 good restaurants in a sized city that should have 20-30.
9) Can’t sustain a downtown grocery store open but can keep 3 Walmarts PACKED.
10) No gas stations (sorry, the 20th and Idylewild one doesn’t count).
11) There are no public beaches in a city with a river running through it.
12) River swimming is not allowed, due to hydrophobia than actual danger.
13) Road construction projects take weeks, sometimes months, to undertake… where in other cities it would take days.
14) No sidewalks on the busiest part of Circle Drive North.
15) People are incredibly poor tippers… when they tip at all.
16) Pubs and restaurants never cut off or give the boot to drunk patrons… they are allowed to cause as much trouble as they like.
17) Has the slowest service in restaurants anywhere.
18) Frumpily dressed people everywhere.
19) No tourism industry whatsoever…. seeing a Manitoba license plate is even rare.
20) Drop in medical clinics are always backed up and you can wait 2-3 hours to see a doctor in the “Home of Healthcare.”
21) Few signs that private entrepreneurship is encouraged.
22) Excess TV time devoted to farm and crop reports when agriculture makes up less than 10% of the provincial economy.
23) Newscasts devoid of any real newsworthy content.
24) Newscasters dress and look like 80s prom nightmares.
25) Some city streets aren’t swept to clean up road dirt in the spring until… summer.
26) Crappy, expensive to ride public transit system that shuts down too early/runs too infrequently.
27) People frown on public transit as ‘for the poor people who can’t afford a car.”
28) Junk Pontiac Sunfires…. everywhere.
29) No signs of logical civic planning… i.e. they let large lots of downtown real estate sit unused for years (i.e. the old King George Hotel and put a big ugly movie theatre on prime downtown near-waterfront property.
30) The WORST public bus system EVER – people think the bus is for poor people.
31) When the city bus drivers aren’t busy driving over people, they are just plain rude.
32) Crappy roads and potholes that go without repair.
33) Unsynchronized traffic lights on main roads in the city.
34) No bike lanes anywhere…. even though the city has one of the highest number of bike commuters in Canada.
35) Crappy, apathetic service at oh so many retail shops.
36) They can’t think of a better name for historical Victoria Bridge than to call it the “Traffic Bridge.”
37) Poor city planning i.e. traffic lights, crosswalks in poor locations.
38) Insufficient number of garbage cans and maintenance in main areas….as a result, street festivals (i.e. The Fringe) are garbagefests.
39) Overweight people everywhere… and junk food/candy vending machines galore.
40) Drunk driving seems acceptable to many, and the police never have roadblocks to stop them either.
41) You have to pay to park in the Midtown Mall lot… they charge you to go to the mall to spend your money.
42) the malls SUCK—people think the Gap is high end fashion.
43) Native culture is seen as a problem and not celebrated as in other parts of Canada.
44) There is public support for a lobby group sympathetic to the cops that killed Stonechild.
45) Few boutique shops… instead, tons of big ugly box stores.
46) The Star Phoenix is a rag.
47) You can count the number of ethnic food import shops on one hand… sorry, Cheese Warehouse just doesn’t cut it.
48) No specialty wine shops… and shitty liquor store selection.
49) Road lines always need repainting.
50) No rent controls for the home of socialism.
51) People don’t pick up after their dogs—spring should be called shit melt.
52) They charge people to get a pet license for their cats and dogs but never enforce it.
53) All the city firework displays (Canada Day, the Ex) are incredibly lame.
54) City Hall does nothing about the 20th St. problem.
55) The mayor is stupid enough to make racist comments in front of Indians at the First Nations University… and still gets elected by a landslide.”


“I’m going to have to give you a big internet high five.
I grew up in Prince Albert .. which I assure you is worse to live in than Saskatoon or Regina by far. The only thing better about P.A. is that there are synchronized lights at some locations.

I lived in Calgary for 5 years before I moved to Saskatoon. Calgary is friendly, well thought out, and a pleasure to live in. You can meet people anywhere and find new friends in an instant. People say hi to each other and there are few “clicks”. Bringing this attitude back to Saskatoon was not accepted well. People are downright rude. My initial reaction to people here was, “What the hell! Do these people think they are better than everyone?” I’ve been here for 5 years now and all I hear about are comments like “OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY OF SASKATOON” and “SASKATOON SHINES”. Beautiful and shine my ass.

People don’t know how to drive here at all. They don’t know the concept of “letting people in” or how to properly signal. It’s silly … people only signal when they actually have a lane to go into. They will never signal to let you know their intentions. I see people all the time cancelling their signal when they realize someone won’t let them in.

Saskatoon’s traffic engineering is by far the worst, ever, period. It’s actually designed to stop you. red light to red light. No turning arrows. No thought. Just frustration. And, they won’t fix a poorly designed intersection. Instead, they will install a red light camera and penalize everyone for their screw up.

I’ve read reports of other big cities that saw significant decreases in crime rates by improving the driving conditions. Saskatoon could not be a better truth-proving example of crime being related to driving conditions. We have the highest crime rate in Canada. We also have the worst driving in Canada. Who shines now mother fucker.

Now, if this isn’t enough, the diabolical scheming bureaucrats here caused the Saskatoon housing market to reach levels that a city of this status should have never seen. I get a shit wage to drive amongst idiots in a poorly thought out city, at a job I hate, in a city with no life, only to be forced out of renting to buy a $40,000 house that I paid $300,000 for.

Come on Saskatoon. Get with the times. You are 10 years behind.”




“Saskatoon is a shit whole, there is nothing to do.Downtown is the worst,there is no nightlife but instead people smoking weed. I am getting the hell out of saskatoon as soon as possible.”


“After two years of living in Regina, I have yet to find one person (not from here) who actually likes it. Every import I’ve met is just waiting to get out. I am outta here in 2 months and this is the impression of this province I’ll be taking with me 1) lack of work ethic. Worst example of this was one major grocery store I went to actually had NO ONE but the managers show up for work that morning. I believe there was a Rider’s game the night before. 2) Because of the lack of simple garbage cans in the city, it looks like an urbanized land-fill. 3) Roads??? What roads. You mean those trails that have worn down to the original wagon paths? 4)No snow removal. One gentleman I spoke to used to work for the City. He told me Regina has the most up-to-date equipment in Canada, but that no one knows how to use it – so they don’t 5) If I hear “but that’s the way it’s always been” one more time I’ll scream!! 6) No rent control. Landlords can charge what they want for dumps that anywhere else in this country would be condemned by health authorities. And don’t bother calling the rentals-man. I tried and was told to pay my $50.00 bucks and maybe they will get around to looking at my complaint in 2 months or so. 7) I no longer have any pots, pans, kettles or coffee pots. The city water here has destroyed them all.

I think you have covered the rest (buses, bad drivers, traffic, bugs, wind, etc)

I will say I truly believe this province has a lot of potential. However, the governments (municipal and provincial) and the people who were born and raised here HATE CHANGE OR PROGRESSION.

Therefore, so long Saskatchewan – wish I could say it was fun instead of “what a colossal waste of two years of my life”.


“I lived in Saskatoon for 31 years. I found that Saskatoon people are arrogant, Calgary wannabees that think the city is as big as L.A. it is a hick town that has nothing to offer, no opportunities and a pretentious attitude that is not matched by any other city in Canada.”


“the first two sexual encounter landed me witht he two worst stds (use your sympathetic imagination) you can’t find any pot and people will call there brother the hillbilly police officer for broaching the subject. The ethnic drivers the all go to the university own the the calcutta roads in the dump and everyone here is a farmer that stand by drinking 40s is gods way and taking two bong hits must mean your a homosexual satan worshipper. I thought regina was bad i fucking hate living is starkly different in the issues mentioned”


“I have lived in from Vancouver, London UK and Rome Italy. It is my 3rd year in Saskatoon, i absolutely agree with you 97% of your points. I went as far as to google “why does saskatoon suck” because I am in pain constantly looking at the obese, poorly dressed people roaming the streets and never having anything to do and any place to buy a bottle of wine. Save me.”


“OMG this place is such a shit hole, i cant wait to leave here and stop wasting my life here. It been seven years and i cant raise my kids in this environment.”


“It amazes me that Saskatoon’s infrastructure continues to get worse yet the people here constantly try to pretend its getting better. Love the pile of scrap that used to be the Victoria Bridge. Love that nearly half a million was spent on lights for it instead of actually repairing it. Love how Circle Dr. South never was finished even close to schedule and will remain that way for almost another year. Love the near useless transit system. Love the worst drivers in Canada and a Police force that seems powerless to do anything about them. Love the horrid restaurants that people actually convince themselves are good. Love the economic boom that people think is real. Love the ridiculous rent and housing costs that are so overinflated. Love the crumbling roads and bridges that need millions to repair. Love the idea of building a new art gallery while the rest of the city fails. Love the smugness of the people here. Love the hatred towards Calgary and Alberta. . I truly wish all the “cosmopolitan” residents of Saskatoon would go to Toronto for a week to see how a real city works.”


“Just wait till the bank interest rate increases even a small percentage. All the morons that purchased $50.000 for 400K will be walking into the bank and dropping their keys off with the loans manager.”


“Saskatoon as most agree is a boring shit hole with a bunch of Calgary wannabees, the prople aren’t friendly and are too stupid to realize they are living on a so called economy based on credit.”


“I hate Saska friggin Toon. It sucks living here and it is rattling the shit out of my car.

I have created a good job for myself, and work with some pretty good people, but they are still “redneck mentality”

I can’t wait to move my ass back to a real province that knows how to spend my tax dollars on real roads and pay their construction people overtime to take care of potholes and road repair all night long so that the rest of the city can function the next day!

Hey Saskatoon… how about getting rid of street parking so that the snow removal can actually take place.”

If Saskatoon would actually ticket people for street parking overnight and get the damn parked cars off of a major roads like 8th street for instance, then maybe this town could grow into a nicely developed “city”. At least it would put some cash into the city’s pocket for more road repair and some decent parking. The downtown workers are penalized for working downtown by having to pay astronomical parking fees. Think about it Saskatoon, is this not unfair to people who work downtown?? It takes more than a certain “number” of people to create a city.. it takes the right attitude.

I have seen cars turn off of a main street onto a side street in the winter and get caught in the flippin road ruts (that are huge BTW) and take out up to four cars (five including their own) just like that, by being forced to swag back and forth in the slippery ruts. It is friggin scary to drive in those ruts. Wagon wheelers! Sigh!

Three years ago in that major winter storm, the city let their workers sleep and caused the whole of Saskatoon to shut down for business because if you took bus to work to avoid the damn expensive parking downtown core, you were shut out because there was no service for three days!

WTF Good thing everyone here keeps their trustworthy “snowshoes” by the front door so they could at least get their ass to the beer store for their three day supply of beer as that is the only place that got any business then!

How can the Province get ahead when SGI has to pay out claims like that episode I just described above…. and all because the they do not ENFORCE simple things like street parking.

Hell when I first moved here I would be running out to my car freaking out, thinking I was going to be towed if I ran into the convenience store for a minute and parked illegally because I am from a province that doesn’t screw around and they do their jobs. Here they are just lazy and lax!

People still live like “hippies” and think they are so cool… too many yoga studios here and the mindset here is just so meditative that everything seems to be tolerated.

The city stores and business in this hokey town don’t know what water is, as the windows are drab with Prairie Dust at all times… so nothing SHINES there. The Bay is an embarrassment to me coming from Toronto… Hell the Bay street store in TO was always so done up and the window dressing divine…

Here they merely stick a manikin in the window on first Avenue and let the dust settle on the lame outfit they dare to display… they have no back drops to make the displays POP and this is a downtown ICON… Ha ha… what a joke… It is The Bay for crying out loud. Should you not display it with PRIDE?

I would say that Saskatoon is 25 years behind in time and needs to invest in it’s own “township” BIG TIME in order to gain respect of the residents here.

Also Saskatoon people are so prejudice against the Native’s. You just don’t see that attitude anymore Saskatoon people. Wake up and get with the times… you should get your asses sued for the way you prejudice against them. Good thing I have set my own sole proprietorship and taken on my own interests for work to build enough to get out of town.

I’ll be in the Kawartha’s after July 1st, sipping margaritas at the lake C ya”


Saskatoon is a fucking shithole. No wonder why the rate crime is so fucking high, people are bored to death. Downtown look like shit and you can see that there is no effort nor will to modernize the goddamn city.

What is fucking absurd is that there is no grocery shop Down Town. So good fucking luck getting grocery if you do not have a car. You will have to go on Broadway to the shitty overpriced stores or take a bus to 8th Street.

The life in Saskatoon is fucking expensive. Everything is expensive. The restaurant, the food, everything.

People here are still stuck in the 18s century when they used to ride horses because they can´t drive for shit.

Overall the people of Saskatoon are rude, ignorants, racists and retarded. Fuck this city.


“Saskatoon should be renamed to Imbreed Town.”


“saskatoon reminds me of a cheap dimestore hick who thinks he’s a bad ass only because he’s never known any real badasses. its overpriced, over-rated, the locals are sheltered assholes who’ve never lived in a real city so they dont have anything to compare it to. the city planners and decision makers are a bunch of greedy money grubbing douchebags who raise the cost of living every single fucking year. and people, because they are sheltered hicks with no other frame of reference, keep voting the same leeches into office year after year. im so glad i found this page, bc it validates everything shitty ive experienced in that shitty town. and yes, its fucking RACIST as shit. people know it as that racist town where cops kill natives and get away with it.”


“I grew up in Saskatoon, then moved away with my family to Regina at the age of fourteen. I moved back to Saskatoon (after living in a few other places around the province) when I was twenty, and after the nostalgia wore off, I realised that Saskatoon really isn’t how I remembered it.

I have come to begin loathing this province, and desire greatly to relocate to Vancouver, B.C. but am quite unfortunately stuck in Saskatoon for an unforeseen amount of time due to uncontrollable circumstances (I assist in the care of my younger sister and mother who, due to health issues, have great difficulty when it comes to travel.)

I agree with nearly every single one of your points.

Saskatoon is a blight, an absolute blemish, as is the entire province, to Canada. I am honestly embarrassed to be from the area, and can’t wait to get the fuck out before I end up wasting my entire life in the hell hole.

For those of you who find life in Saskatoon, or Saskatchewan, pleasant, good for you. At least you can derive some sort of quality of living out of a dreary and pathetic place. As for me, I now hate it with a passion and should I get the chance to leave, I shall never come back.

TL;DR version:

Fuck Saskatoon and Saskachewan in general.”


“I have never been more disappointed in humanity. I have lived in many large and small cities and this by far is the worst. Don’t bother trying to own nice things, they will get stolen. Your car will be fucked as people have no idea how to drive. The average iq, we won’t even go there. I used to think the US was crazy with there gun laws, I now understand. There is no respect for the next person and without saying a million things that have been already said, if your thinking about moving here please think again. Yes it is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada but also one of the easiest places to immigrate to. Crime rates through the roof and trust me, most is not reported. I can’t think of a worse place in all of Canada. Not only are the people for the most part an absolute disgrace, it is flat, boring, no night life, nothing to do in day either, cold as fuck and the riders are what ppl get excited about…a cfl team. Yay. Do yourself a favour and never ever even bother visiting. Wow…so sad.”


“Saskatoon and SK in general are better than many third world countries and we should count our blessings that we can live in such a place. That said, since this is the only thing it has going for it, relatively speaking, it is a piece of shit hell hole compared to the majority of major cities in Canada.

The weather is my chief complaint. Frigid arctic tundra for 7-8 months of the year. Dirty and wet for another 2 months, dusty and mosquito infested for another two, dull and cool for the last. No pretty flowers in the spring, just mud and dirt covering everything left over from the oversanding of streets during the winter, because they refuse to plow the streets and salt on a regular basis. 2 of the 3 months it is acutally warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, it is infested with mosquitos to the point where you cannot enjoy going outside without dousing yourself in bug spray every 10 minutes.

Housing is way overpriced, few big city amenities, festivals are okay but pale in comparison to those in other cities. (Rib fest is three vendors in a field, they close one of the busiest streets down to set up three tables displaying random people’s artwork). No club scene, just a bunch of sports bars. Shopping is crappy, parking is non-existent, roads are shit. Its super dry and dusty in the summer and they don’t bother paving half the back streets or parking lots. NO TRAFFIC SIGNS ON hundreds of RESIDENTIAL INTERSECTIONS!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!
MALLS suck, only one decent movie theatre. Terrible shopping in general. One superstore with no parking. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”


“What the fuck is wrong with people from saskatoon???? They are unbelievably close minded, disrespect other cultures and religions, and are essentially living in 18th century attitudes. Unforntanately I have to stay here for a few years. Any tips on dealing with these ignorant assholes!!??”


“I am glad I found this blog. Everything you say unfortunately is very true. In my 50 years I lived 44 of them in Vancouver. When I moved here I thought I was coming to a place of great opportunity and better house prices. What I came to is 18 century hickville. I cannot believe how unbelievably stupid people are here, and they think I am the stupid one. They argue about everything and think they know everything yet most of them have never been anywhere else except the lake and Regina for the Riders. The downtown is always dead and I felt safer in the downtown eastside of Vancouver than here. The only friends I have met are from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. They are all planning their escape as am I. You are right, escape is a gas tank away.”


“Bravo, sir. Everything is spot on, perhaps even worse as you have described. It is certainly getting worse. I’m stuck here another year or so… counting the days until I leave.”


“I could not be happier to read your post and a lll of the comments. This province is a dump. I actually can’t believe anyone willingly lives here. Thank you for showing me that I’m not the only person who hates SK more than I’ve ever hated anything in my life.”


“Agreed….Saskatoon is a shithole and most of the people there are losers. I grew up in Saskatoon the first 17 years of my life. As soon as I was able to I moved from redneckville to where some real life was. Vancouver. I have since seen the world a bit and lived in Toronto for 15 years and London UK for 10. Ask any person who has lived in any normal place if they could tolerate what Saskatoon is or if they could live around the narrow minded types in Saskatoon, and they would likely puke.

Absolutely people with no class totally sheltered from the real world. Very sad.

To the people of Saskatoon, I have news for you. You’re the odd balls out…you’re nothing special. You are a joke. If you went anywhere else normal…Toronto, London or Los angeles, people there will look at you funny because you are so Unhip and un-with the times. Low class uncultured hicks.

Nice “freeway” system…just saw it recently. Wow impressive. Ha ha ha
Open your hick eyes and see the world a little. I assure you if you do, you will never return as life in all its forms…culture, having fun, opportunity, and comfort is better elsewhere.

Life is too short to live in sub artic conditions with hill billy types. A real joke. LOL LOL funny but sad at the same time.

What’s funny is that most people from Saskatoon think its good???Holy shit…for real?

Theres no hope for some people.”


“I read this list about 5 years ago, haha and it’s still true, the city is not making any progress at all. People keep talking some “economy boom” here. I don’t know what that is, other than jacked up living expenses to make it look like economy boom. Still below average factory jobs for minimum wage, but the cost of living went through the roof. The roads..haha..if you do own a vehicle, prepare to dish out a lot of extra maintenance cost for shocks, ball joints, even popped tires and bent wheels. This city, for a first world country, is about 20 years behind behind anything comparable, no not Winnipeg or Regina, they are just as bad.


“Saskatoon sucks.
I am from Toronto originally and lived in New York for many years.

I lived in Saskatoon for 5 years.
the place is cold, dirty, hard to live in and the landscape SUCKS .
…they’ll never leave the3ir good friends.
People there describe themselves as “lifers” LOL

But, the worst thing….the people there are stupid fucking hicks who know nothing.

If they went to New York or LA or London or Paris they’d realize what cultureless, narrow minded idiots they are.

Most of the people in Saskatoon visit las vegas once or twice in their lifetimes and think they have world knowledge.

It’s ignorance and knowing no better.
If you put a hundred Saskatoon kids in a room with a hundred kids from normal places like Toronto or Montreal, anyone could tell who the Saskatoon kids are….plain, funny looking, unsophisticated etc.

the funny thing is, most of the people there are so ignorant they don’t even know what they are missing…they are lost and out of touch wit the real world.

when people from Saskatoon visit the real world, people stare and wonder why they look so weird and act so funny.

However, that’s the way it is and thee is lots of places in the US and Canada like this…generally people too scared to go out and make their own mark in life so they stay with their “friends” in a place like Saskatoon.

A very sad place with very sad people.
so sad that most of them don’t realize what losers they really are!”


“I lived in Saskatoon for many years, moved to Winnipeg and found it to be 10 times the city than Saskatoon was, although far from perfect.

Saskatoon is a vat of shit, poor economy, part time jobs, overpriced housing and everyone thinks they are on the same level as Calgary.”


“Lol you nailed it. I’ve never heard of any bike owner keeping the same bike for more than three months before some piece of shit steals it.”


“I spent a month in Saskatoon recently. I am from Seattle….born and bred. I’ve lived in New York and Germany as well.

Saskatoon is a sheltered little hick town and the people are extremely boring….stupid and uncultured in fact.

I never met a single one who could be considered a cosmopolitan person.

Most of its citizens have never been anywhere and the “city” is ugly. It is flat, and it is cold. Some city ha ha. 200k or something like that….with no metro area to speak of what a joke.

When that shit hole ends at the edge of town, that’s it for hundreds of miles. Nightmare!

The restaurants are crap but the worst is the people. They know nothing because the most modern place they have been is Calgary or Las Vegas. How amusing!

The people go on about themselves when you talk to them. the average one has absolutely no conversational skills. what losers.

I guess it’s cause’ they realize they really don’t match up to a person who has been around a little, seen the world that is…it makes them uncomfortable and self conscious.

It is like some bible belt place 40 years behind the times. Seriously, the average person from there would be laughed at in the real world.

How the fuck someone could spend their life there is beyond me.

Just my two cents worth…glad I am never going back.”


“I don’t give a single fuck what any of the assholes from here say I have been here for 8 years and had a family besides the family it’s been the shittiest 8 years of my 35 years on this planet no joke we moving back to Calgary see ya fuckers!”


“I agree with all the rants this place is full of 2 faced assholes that act like they are from Beverly Hills and really I hope this place finds its way to a massive sink hole and disappears forever!”


“The economy was good for a few years, now things are looking really grim. Look at all the office vacancies. The residential vacancy rate is also way up, historically high. This is seriously bad news for this city. We overbuilt. People got greedy, built quick and cheap and now there’s too much of it. You could see it coming. Businesses are shutting down. 2nd Ave downtown is hurting. Car culture dominates here: everyone drives, all the time for even the shortest distance. And it’s not only because it’s cold, it’s because of bad city planning and laziness. People are lazy here. We are obese. Fast food chains, fine dining chains, box store chains, all foreign owned chains. The local culture here is so weak. There is a colonial attitude here that everything good must come from outside the province. There is a lack of self esteem here. There is an untidy use of space here. It is an indoor city. People retreat to their homes and to their TVs directly from work.”


“What ever happened to when that shit hole of a city Saskatoon was called the Paris of the Prairies? Puke Omg to the people of Paris France I apologize for denigrating your beautiful city name with this redneck close minded idiotic mentality of a town and thinking we are actually as great as your wonderful and ancient city. This city is where all of the countries’ waste goes. If it’s corny diarrhea from Toronto or vomit from Vancouver this is the end of the line. This city was created from all of that human waste.”


“Ha ha, glad I found this post!

I went to Saskatoon for a few months about a year ago.
I was forced into it by my employer for some business interests we have in Western Canada.

I am from London, UK and I have never in all my days seen a miserable little piss hole of a town in my life. The people are so “square” it is not funny….30 years behind the times.

Oh my God!
Restaurants suck, parks suck, but the people are the worst most uncultured hicks I have ever seen. Really uneducated, never been anywhere except Vancover and stupid.

The people in Saskatoon, You start talking to them and the conversation immediately fixes to themselves.

They try to impress you with what they do and where they live and what they have.

What a joke…brag about that place…you kidding me?
Most of them seem fat too….no personal pride in themselves.

Nothing to do there…no world class music, sights, museums, history, nice bars, cool cars, NOTHING! The place is void of all normal things in a real place

They have boats in their garages, motorcycles, and big bellies. LOL!

I say to them, check out London, (or for that matter, Paris or Berlin) and see how NORMAL people live.

Virtually anyone from Saskatoon would stick out in one of these places like a sore thumb in the unsophisticated department.

I spent time in Toronto too….100% improvement on Saskatoon. It is a real city….Saskatoon is a flat ugly boring place with NOTHING to do but drink and read about native crime….oh and get fat too.

Glad I left after 8 weeks of hell…never going back!

Next time the newest guy in the company can have that assignment.”


“To the assholes complaining about people posting that they dont like saskatchewan: news flash, not everyone sucks your provinces cock like you do so SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE THIS PAGE because its a page for people who have better taste than you and have a right to list all the ways saskatchewan sucks…

oh, and dont forget the absolutely fucking terrifying rates of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE thats always being covered up by your “great saskatchewaners” inclduing your pervert mayor don atcheson.

saskatchewan is a shit hole of racist inbred rednecks whose pompous attitudes and belief saskatchewan is “great” are only possible because THEYVE NEVER BEEN ANYWHERE ELSE!

and now your provincial douchebag brad wall has also proved even he was only here for the money and to fuck you all up the ass: he got his giant million dollar paycheck and whats the first thing he did? he fucked off lol

and its way better for people to vent on a page than to go off on someone in person, so you can go fuck yourself with your self righteous judgy saskatchewan idiocy”


“Oh, and there isnt just native crime in saskatoon, theres white crime, white people are fucking corrupt backstabby greedy perverted fucks in saskatchewan, but the racist assholes always cover it up. especially their pedophilia. glad i left that shit hole when i did”


“Some comment are going a bit hard but I completely agree with the fact the city is boring and ugly.

Saskatoonis don’t all have great personalities but i’m not going to say everyone from there is an asshole.

They also believe their city shines. They always say omg we are so lucky we have 4 seasons well no shit. Whole Canada has 4 seasons and so what you can barely tell what season it is! Literally someone i met someone who thought it was winter in freaking Halloween. Quick summary of seasons in Saskatoon: Winter: Cold, ugly and useless snow, harsh winds, dirt and uglyness. Spring: Muddy, rainy and even more ugly with no good plants growing literally just ugly plants growing on their own. Summer: Dry polluted and eveeyrhing too basic and green no good flowers just a boring city with a boring summer but its the best season here. Fall: Wind, unstable weather. Icy roads.

The downtown looks ugly af! Their tallest tower is 79 meters lol. That sucks for a 200,000 populated city that absolutely has no historic monument for it not get built. The towers look so old and weird too. I have always liked downtowns and take this word for granted Saskatoon has had the worst downtown and belive me not trying to brag but i have visited quite bit of places and Saskatoon has had the worst downtown out of all of em.

The hospitals are ugly af u feel like you are living in India or something. Packed, old, smelly and a big waiting time. I’ve been to the hospital and most people have freaking broke their back or something cause they too lazy to do shit other than watching their lame ass riders team lose.

Worst than all these is entertainment in the city. I know alot of people just decide to move to that city after visiting it but Saskatoon and the whole Saskatchewan offers not touristic/entertaining places and still they ditch about not getting a bigger population. Literally the best place they have is these lakes they go to like every week of summer which are again ugly, lame and not modern! Not to forget mosquitoes…

This city has potentials but unfortunately people here are too close minded and curiousless people who just live their bring ass life and don’t do exciting shit. If the city cleaned up its ugliness and mudds specially in spring and planned some colorfull flowers, modernized the city stopped expanding so fucking much and just make the their old shitty neighbourhoods a bit nicer and stopped copying the freaking American life stlye oh and also removed the stupid farms that pump up everywhere and fixes the roads and added cool places this city could be like Calgary right now it’s comparable to Afghanistan’s capital city.”


“The people here aren’t nice. They are rude, and if you disagree with anything anyone says, the response is ‘If you don’t like it, leave’. I gladly will.

There is nothing to do here but drink and watch some crappy football team. There is no culture, everyone just meanders along with no real direction and are nasty as hell.

They can’t drive, like to think that they and Saskatoon are God’s gift. To what I have yet to discover and don’t think I ever will. Small town Hicksville that is about 50 years behind the rest of the world. Get your heads out of your asses, change your redneck, racist ways and join the rest of the planet. Most pathetic place ever.”


“Omg this comment thread is making my day! I moved to saskatoon for graduate school, and it has been the worst city I’ve ever lived in! The school was small minded, stressful and acted like what we were talking about was so important – it wasnt. It was bullshit liberal propaganda and I come from Ontario. The university I went to out west for my bachelors makes university of Saskatchewan look like kindergarten. It was shocking. I developed bad anxiety living in saskatoon and let me tell you why! Not only the stressful vibe in the university for no apparent reason (probably because the profs couldn’t get a job anywhere else, so they try to explain their own existence by bullying students which would be considered disgusting at another university) but also because of the social life.

DONT MOVE HERE. nobody will be able to maintain eye contact with you, you won’t make any friends. I lived here for two years and I don’t have a sinhle girlfriend. I got a boyfriend right when I moved here (not surprising if you take a look around at the women) and it morphed into a domestic violence situation. I seriously thought men knew not to hit and push around women anymore, as everywhere else in Canada it’s known that its against the law. Anyways I got in over my head and eventually escaped that relationship. All his friends were red neck introverts who excluded me at social gatherings, and all their girlfriends couldn’t talk to me. This place is seriously fucked. I lived near Toronto and Edmonton and saskatoon is the anus of Canada. It finally occurred to me to just screw my lease and move somewhere else. I haven’t been able to find a job… Any job… For four months. I can’t stand the horrid weather here its just too damn cold, and this is coming from an edmontonian. Sorry to rant! But this place ALMOSY broke my spirit. I just count my lucky stars I didn’t get knocked up while here, and I’m lucky to come from somewhere civilized to know this isn’t normal. It isnt normal to not have any friends or have people want to make connections with you. In Edmonton you make friends easily and same with Toronto. I honestly hate saskatoon. I had such high hopes! Its a shit hole. Don’t even get my started on the drivers, it’s really weird. Anyways if you’re thinking of coming to the university here DONT. Even when I held a job as a waitress at two different places, nobody would make eye contact with me. This place is asleep. Thanks for all the other comments, I was starting to question my own sanity.”


“Yes I agree! Living in other parts of Canada, moving here I was shocked. I don’t know how anyone can outwardly state they hate natives. How can you hate a certain race? In other cities in Canada, at least the civilized ones it’s understood that racism towards natives is disgusting.

Not here. The white people proudly discriminate agsinst them. It broke my heart, they don’t deserve that.”


“I lived in Saskatoon for years and I hated it and still hate it. The cops are pricks they would rather give you a ticket for window tint then get off there lazy asses and go after the punks that kept breaking into my truck six break ins in three years not one arrest. I even caught the one punk red handed and made him stay till the cops showed up and they let him go and told him not to do it again. I had the prick on camera breaking into the truck and the city cops didn’t do nothing they actually said they felt sorry for him cause iguess he told the Saskatoon police he was scared of me and felt threaten of me and seen my support be the bridge city boys shirt and assumes I was a gangster. I’m not a gangster I do support the Bridge City Boys but that don’t make me a gangster next thing I know I’m in handcuffs and being padded down and being questioned about drugs. Well what the fuck I work a full-time job I don’t do drugs I’m a legit blue collar guy and I simply called the Saskatoon police cause some low life is breaking into my truck then I’m in handcuffs and the punk crook walks wtf fuck the Saskatoon police bunch pricks.”


“Wow ok, I think perhaps some of you didn’t give Saskatoon a chance. No it’s not for everyone. I don’t agree there is nothing to do especially if you are into extreme sports. Just don’t expect to win any trophies the competition is very experienced.

For beginners there is burping on the bus and lighting farts on fire. Grade 8s and their super big gulps can blow the rear doors open without even trying. Not bad for guys barely old enough to vote. Lighting farts on fire is more of a home activity, yes I know the mall seems like the obvious place but the security guards work in pairs and with all the cheap mall food they don’t even need a lighter.

Moving on to driving, some of you just don’t recognize talent when you see it. My favorite is entering a busy street from just about any side road stop sign or not. You have to wait until the approaching traffic gets close then just pull out without making eye contact. That is why we don’t make eye contact we are honing our talents for the next trip behind the wheel.

You people in Toronto or Vancouver that think you are so cool are going to love this next one. We figured out how to make fire. Evolved or what? Once again you will be going up against the best of the best. All you need is a pit in your back yard, some wet wood and a can of gas. FOOMP!! That should take care of any facial hair that got missed lighting farts on fire.

You think you can take the muffler of your dodge truck get a dog that barks and howls day and night and compete guys good luck. Their exploits are legendary. They figured out wind speed and direction, how many leaves to add and when. Hell they can hospitalize the asthmatic neighbor kids in no time flat. Try that in Vancouver or Toronto and they will throw your ass in jail.

That covers most of the solo activities but I have to say even I was taken aback by STD guy. This guy is 2 for 2 practicing unsafe sex. My first thought was did he tell the second girl what happened with the first girl? I best leave that one alone I am only assuming he was picking up girls and not working the lanes behind downtown hotels.”


“I actually feel like I have ptsd from living here. My friend back home reminded me “I can just get in my car and go” and this place is such a soul sucking, low vibe hick town that I was actually brainwashed to forget I could leave. I came here for graduate school and was silenced in the classroom, surrounded by absolute morons, and was completely bewildered to learn that the Saskatchewan concept of grad school is to simply repeat what the professors tell you. I’m being serious. No thinking allowed, just copying and repeating the material. I withdrew. I endured a terrible domestic violence relationship for a year. I didn’t know such awful things could happen behind closed doors. All his friends, his family, neighbors knew he physically and emotionally abused me, and nobody offered me any help. They all acted like that was normal, and women are supposed to take it and be quiet. I never felt so alone in my whole life.

Living in saskatoon feels like living on the moon. I escaped that relationship with the clothes on my back. When people say this province is 40 years behind, they aren’t kidding. The way this man treated me was like I was furniture in his house. It terrified me to the bone.

I worked for social services here, and witnessed the horrible racism people have toward natives. I fell in love with my work, and was able to help the communities on 20th Street. But the organization I worked for was toxic as well, hiring their relatives, promoting people who gossiped and had bad work ethic, etc. It blew my mind. Everyone in this city seems like they’re asleep. I don’t understand. It’s like they don’t realise there are other cities beyond this one.

Going to the lakes up north wasn’t anything special, you can get that same experience in the river valley in Edmonton, or walking out your door in Ontario. The restaurants in saskatoon were just horrible, there is no culture here. I can’t even explain the feeling of being around people who you sense don’t care about you at all. It is extremely terrifying. I met people at Starbucks, in the gym, at work, on the LRT in Edmonton who became lifelong friends, inviting me to meet their families, helping me move, coming to get togethers in my home for coffee with other friends. That is not the culture in saskatoon. Visiting and making friends is not what people want to do.

I don’t know how to express what I have witnessed here in saskatoon, I really did think it would be like a smaller Edmonton with prairie culture. You go anywhere in Edmonton, there’s cowboy hats, hippie flowing dresses. I didn’t see anyone who was attractive. I’m sorry I didn’t. You go anywhere else and there are attractive people in different parts of Canada. Some of the native people kept themselves looking nice, but the white people were just plain looking. It was so weird.

I had opportunities to do field work at farms in the middle of nowhere, and the people looked like they had been staring out the window for twenty years. I couldn’t believe it. Just expressionless and pale. I worked down near Regina for a company and the farmers there only wanted a mine if they got a payout, they didn’t even care about their environment.

It blew my mind. No culture. No independent thought. I never made any girlfriends here in 2.5 years. Everywhere else in Canada I lived, I made tens of beloved friends, and enjoyed going for lunch, out to the bars, to their family dinners, etc. The native people I worked with were awesome, and displayed a true sense of humor, strength and practicality. I truly admire saskatoon native people, and I feel sick to my stomach at how racist the white people are to them. Someone commented Saskatchewan is like from the 18th century and I think that’s true. Anyone wanting to move here, just don’t. You won’t built a support network or any friends, and you will truly start to understand that there are parts of Canada that are best left unexplored. What a complete shit hole.”


“I’ve lived on both coasts and grew up quite open minded and progressive. Having lived in Saskatchewan for 3 years now, I find myself growing bitter, judgemental and racist. Living on alphabet row I’ve noticed how careless, rude and self centered the native population is. The white population are also generally rude and close minded. The ever increasing foreign population makes one feel as if they are not in Canada anymore as multiculturalism is destroying Canadian culture and identity. It is creating a tribalistic collection of enclaves which do not integrate. Saskatoon is a shitty place to live for anyone who doesn’t buy into intersectional politics, self victimization or LGBTQQIAAP politics. I am really not impressed by the social dynamics, etiquette and crime in this city. The social welfare programs are about the only thing Saskatchewan has going for it if you are not a skilled professional. Perhaps this is partly why it is the way it is. If you encounter an attractive woman, she’s probably a golddigger, airhead or prostitute and a majority of other people are frumpy, obese, ugly or queer.

I look forward to eventually moving out of Saskatchewan, perhaps BC as the nature there is revitalizing and beautiful and i’d rather deal with old asian ladies picking cans at 6am than tweaked out natives creating huge garbage messes when rummaging through dumpsters or breaking into mailboxes or drunkenly fighting and creating domestic disturbances.

Like I said, living here is making me bitter, judgemental and racist. I gotta get my ass outta here pronto.”


saskatchewan is aracist shit hole where white rednecks literally get away with rape murder and child molestation every day bc the entire province is literally run by racist redneck rapists murderers and child molesters. oh and white people have the highest rates of pedophilia but the rampant rabid racism focuses on the native people instead. dont move to saskatchewan if you enjoy life bc its a dead end miserable shit hole. leave it to the child raping crackers who enjoy being child raping crackers


First, kudos to the author of this blog. Some truths need to be told. Keep it up and to hell with the naysayers.

To those who doubt the authenticity of the rants here based on some posters’ spelling and grammar, do not judge too quickly — Saskatoon is a vortex of idiocy, a long-haul rapist of one’s common sense, decency and ability. Eventually, you too would succumb to raw emotion and the urgency of fast-tracking your thoughts to the keyboard to the screen. Accuracy in stringing together words in perfect form and function would inevitably be sacrificed for speed. Who cares?

I left Stabatoon 30 years ago.

At that time it was a question of do or die, as in, if I stayed I’d die, by suicide most likely, and if I got out I could at least have a shot at doing things that simply weren’t feasible, normal things like thinking, contemplating, dreaming and so on, things that normal people from normal places tend to do.

Having now lived all over Canada and the world, perhaps the saddest thing for me is how little anything — at heart — has changed for the positive in Stabatoon in 30 years. That old negative vortext is still swirling with a vengeance that, for most people, is imperceptible, but for those who can scent the breeze it’s unbearable.

Stabatoon was founded by teetotallers (look it up) from Toronto. That should tell you everything. Intolerance, religiosity, lunacy — all hardwired into the city’s DNA. You’ll never evolve it. Stop trying!

If you hate being there, stop being there. Find a way to get out. The first step is the scariest. But once you make up your mind to leave, you might find that providence goes with you. And with every decision you make to take your life in a more positive direction, something good (or at least better) comes your way when you really need it.


100% correct. I had the misfortune if moving from TO to Saskatoon as a child and it seemed like I was the only one who knew Saskatoon was a shithole. Went back years later, it’s a better place on all levels. What is Saskatoon missing? A full time professional Opera company for a start.



Do Canadians hate Canada?

A selection of comments from Canadians who hate Canada …

“I seriously hate everything about the god-forsaken place. Its crappy American-wannabe stores, its garage sale-like “businesses”. Do you ever wish you were not here.

It’s not necessarily that, [R10], we pay much more in taxes, both sales and income, so that should cover living wages, universal health care, etc. A lot of prices are still based on the assumption that the US Dollar is worth more than the Canadian one, even by 30% or so, which hasn’t been the case in years. Most Canadians are too sheepish as consumers to raise a stink about it but, in the last few years, my partner and I have started telling salespeople that if they are going to charge us that much for an electronics item or a new mattress, we are just going to drive over to Buffalo and buy it there since it would cost less even with customs duties included. You’d be surprised how quickly they change the tune and discounts appear out of thin air. It’s just that the stores are counting on people paying whatever the price tag is without doing any comparison to the prices of same items in the States.”


“I wouldn’t live there if you offered me free rent. I like sunshine, and warm beaches.”


“I don’t hate it, but recently I have become impatient with it. Canadians can be openly miserly, cheap with waitstaff etc, which is evidence of a provincialism they seem desperate to cover, and fail at every time. Toronto especially has an inferiority complex that is truly crippling. The PCness of Canadian culture, while well-intentioned, coexists with a censorious, controlling politesse that can be really tedious. I liked it better when it was a bit of a hinterland. Now that media has gone global, that dorky backwoods charm is gone. As a result, there is no charm.”


“Totally agree, OP. I hate it, the whole country. Would love to get out of here.”


“Canada is a dull boring place. I lived there for 5 years and am so happy to be out of there. I can’t imagine I will ever set foot in the place again. And don’t get me started on the weather.”


“The taxes are extremely high.

The cost of housing is outrageous. Canada has one of the most inflated housing markets in the world.

Infrastructure (roads, public facilities) is subpar compared to the States.

As a previous poster mentioned, the PC politesse can be stifling.

The cost of consumer goods is much higher than in the States despite parity with the US dollar.

As a Canadian, I would definitely consider relocating to a northern blue state like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Washington, etc. if I could get a similar paying job.”


“I have lived in different places all over Canada. I preferd mostly the small towns that I lived in.

I lived in Toronto for sometime and I hate how thh city tries so hard to be American like. And also about 90% of Canadians are fake. Forget that “politeness” thing, it’s all fake. Trust!”


“The cost of housing is outrageous. Canada has one of the most inflated housing markets in the world.”
This is true.

“And also about 90% of Canadians are fake”
This is true, too. It’s really hard if you are one of the 10% that is not fake.”


“They DO have an inferiority complex. Especially the people who live in Ontario, Alberta and BC (i.e. Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver). They have no idea how they sound.”


“We pay a relatively high cost in taxes relative to services in the US.”


“To refute some of [R28]’s claims:

The Conference Board of Canada last week released a report highlighting the earnings dilemma. The report gives Canada a “C” on income per capita, compared to a U.S. “B” grade. That is, our income per capita is $36,138; it’s $43,025 south of the border — a difference of nearly $7,000. ________

Last year, a survey by Bank of Montreal on consumer goods found that domestic retail prices are about 14 per cent higher than those in the U.S.

The report pointed to some wide price gaps [particularly] in the auto industry. A car buyer in Oshawa could be at a dealership within walking distance of the factory where the Chevrolet Camaro was assembled and face a list price almost $5,000 greater than the list price of the Camaro in Hawaii.

Overall, price disparities are pinching retailers in this country. After Ottawa loosened its duty-free rules last June, Canadians began to flock across the border in record numbers: Overnight travel to the United States hit 950,000 in September, the highest number since Statistics Canada began record-keeping in 1972.”


“Um, [R27], Basketball was invented in Springfield, Massachusetts. I don’t know where you got the idea that basketball was Canadian.

However, I do acknowledge that the inventor was Canadian-American.”


“I would argue that any difference in income for Canadian families is lost in the wash with the significantly higher cost of consumer goods and insane housing prices in Canada.

For the record – I do like living in Canada, but I dislike the sanctimony and superiorness of some Canadians (especially when comparing themselves to Americans). Our country has its share of problems however different than those in the States.”


“Left Canada 15 years ago… moved back about 4 years ago, and realized that I didn’t really like Canadians much any more. The anti-American sentiment got old really fast – Canadians LOVE to complain about the U.S. – they define themselves as NOT American… Not really much of an identity…

And the supposed pro-Gay Canadians are only that way as long as they don’t actually see any actual Gay people doing things horrifying like holding hands… People are still gaybashed in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal… In fact, two brothers who beat the crap out of two Gay guys in Vancouver while they called them all kinds of homophobic slurs, were just found NOT guilty.

The cost of living is astronomical… Buying food can cost an arm and a leg…

The only plus I’ll give to Canada is the health care – way better than the system in the US… But not enough to keep me there… Moved back to California after a year in Canada….”


“London Ontario is the anti-gay center of Canada. Their mayor Diane Haskall, fought against public space for gay events for years until she went down to work for the US Republican party. Their chief of police, Julian Fantino, used to conduct anti-gay witch hunts in the city. Northern London, around Ilderton, is the worst.”


“Canadian shops” don’t really exist. The stores in Canada are basically American stores. Same American stores. And all full of stuff made in China.”


“Canada’s National Heath service is already over burdened and the highways and city infrastructures are crumbling.


Like the rest of the G7, they need to properly provide for the ones they already have.”


“Canada today is not the Canada of yesterday people loved so much.”


“Every time I see a Canadian home show like “Love It or List It” I’m reminded how ugly housing is in Toronto.”


“I don’t think Americans think about Canada that much. But if you go on any Canadian website, you’ll find that Canadians think quite a bit about Americans. And it’s mostly negative stuff.”


“[R107] that’s a laughable comment. If Canadians really didn’t care about Americans’ opinions, they wouldn’t keep ripping off our culture. At least 75% of current Canadian “culture”, whether it tv, film, music, fashion/style, new food ideas, slang speech is actually American. I have read plenty of hateful comments by Canadians but then when you look at their profiles they’ll be filled with American culture.

Then there are the nice Canadians who either want to be American, or who have no problem admitting that their country rips off American ideas time and time again.”


“It’s a dull, passionless country. Stable, boring, safe, sterile. Lacks an identity, lacks a soul.”


“Wannabe Americans and talentless Bieber and Drake are examples of “how amazing” Canada is…

[R120] if Canadians are so smart, why do they copy Americans so much? Why can’t you guys come up with your own stuff? When you turn on a tv or listen to the radio, it’s almost all American pop culture you see and hear.”


“I agree, [R122]
And Canada appears to be losing whatever charm or heart that it had.
The people are actually pretty cold and can be mean, too.”


“[R137] face it-Canadians are just fascinated with American culture and basically act like Americans. Most of them just don’t admit it. You can stay mad, pressed and bothered all you like and try twisting it, but it’s the truth and you know Canadians bend over for American culture time and time again.”


“[R149] is a typical Brit who doesn’t know what he’s talking about but has formed an opinion anyway.

You clearly don’t know enough Canadians, or have not read enough Canadian posts online. Many of them try to proclaim how much better Canada is than the US. They’re obsessed with that notion despite copying the US in almost every way possible.”


“im not a canadian but i have lived there a few years. and yes, definitely the us is by far a superior country to live in. for one thing, canada is way more racist than the usa, but there is so much denial about it, its like visiting a pervert uncle who is a pedophile and everyone knows it, but no one ever calls him on it. for another, canada is alike a parallel universe of america only its cheap (the quality of goods that is, since everything in canada is made in china), canadians dont know shit about good customer service, they are ignorant about the world in general and think everything they hear in the news about the world is actually the way things are. the majority of them have never been anywhere but still have a pompous self righteous attitude about themselves and their shithole country….in short, canada is like a cheap made in china imitation of the usa. i dont even know why the us even bothers with canada, we should just invade and get it over with since “canada” is really just uncle sam’s mini-me, but nowhere near as cool or bad ass.”


“When was the last time someone started a thread saying how fabulous the US is?”


“I think you’ve got it reversed. It’s the Canadians who are obsessed with America. And they’re quite bitter. They should be happy. They’re like the lamprey eel that gets to ride along on the back of the Great White Shark.”


“Some Canuckians seem to think they know what America is like based solely on tv shows, movies and negative news. The ones who actually come here for shopping and vacation always love it.

In Canucka, most of the films, tv shows and music people are into come from the US and then the rest are Canuckian and British.

Canucka barely has a culture of its own yet they seem to think they’re better than everyone else.”


“[R151] is correct about the racism and denial of it. People are especially racist towards Native Canadians & Asians. They’re also very Classicist.”


“(143) You asked what American culture is besides hamburger meat and guns.

Last time I checked, Canada didn’t create Abstract Expressionism, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Hip Hop, Rap. It didn’t produce Emily Dickinson, Melville, Faulkner, Harper Lee. It didn’t produce Martin Scorcese. It doesn’t have the largest Art museum in the Western Hemisphere (the US does, its called the Met, dear.) Toronto is in no way shape or form comparable to NYC. Its very nice, but it is not on the level of a NY, Paris or Rome.

I used to like Canadians, but then I realized after listening to many of them that they truly believe that being Canadian makes them intrinsically superior to Americans, even if an American is smart, sensitive and liberal. Its bizarre and kind of pathetic.

When Canadians talk about culture, they often mention health insurance. While your social system is lovely, and I admire it very much and hope for the same here, I don’t think of health insurance when I think of cultural output.

But its a wasted argument because I feel most Canadians like to say we have no culture… all the while listening to the music that originated in OUR country.

PS: MANY countries other than Canada have national Universal health coverage. You are not unique or special because of this.”


“Per 132, Canadians apparently “dominate” the US film/tv industry.
there are some seriously delusional people on this thread.”


“Yup. I lived in the US for many years but was forced to come back and I HATE it. If I never lived in the US I would never have known how good and easy life could be and how much nicer and more positive people are. In Canada, everyone is rooting for you to fail only so they don’t look bad in comparison. I HAAAATE living here! The free health care is definitely NOT worth it. I wish I could get out but I’m stuck.”


“White Canadians are nice to other white Canadians. Non white Canadians like Natives or Blacks? Not so much.”


“Canada is so overrated.”


“Yeah, I hate Canada as a Canadian. Everyone’s such a phony here. They put on a fake, Stepforder smile that makes you want to tear it off their faces. The services around here are shit. For example, the corporations make you pay double the amount to get at least a mediocre internet speed. But who could blame them? They’re all bent down to submit to the system by chanting their ‘Canada is the best country in the world’ bullshit. The job market’s depressing. The government’s corrupt to the core, going in so far as much as lying to the 250,000 immigrants every year about the so-called ‘job opportunities.’ Free health care, my ass. The government squeeze money out of Canadians through extreme taxation and keep it for themselves instead of using it right for the public. I’ve had a friend who died right next to me from chest pain (turned out to be some kind of heart problem), and we were waiting for the doctor for about an hour. Why the fuck wasn’t the hospital wasn’t sued? I got no fucking clue. And now, since the government supposedly feels guilty for what they’ve done to the Natives and the handicapped people, they all get free scholarships and university education just for being Natives and handicapped. Fucking shit, right? Liberalism is the new Conservatism around here. Everything about Canada is shit, I tell you. It’s S-H-I-T.”


“I’m Canadian and I HATE CANADA!!!!!!!

What an arrogant frozen shithole.

I’m from Toronto and was raised to hate Quebec but I realized very recently that although they can be annoying, they are the only culture we have.

Don’t get me wrong, Quebec is a frozen shithole just like the rest of Canada but it’s a more interesting shithole. Canada’s a pile of crap but Quebec’s crap has a little almond in it… a little extra something.

No wonder they wanted to separate. We’re so fucking boring we gave them fantasies of separation. Would they have wanted to leave if they had been part of a far more culturally interesting country like the U.S? Probably not. They’d be like Lousianna today. But they’re stuck with old grandpa Canada who wears sweatpants and goes to bed at 7p.m

I hate this fucking stepford wife country.

We’re so dull, people want to leave lol.

Americans have their problems but they’re fun people! Even their problems are more interesting than ours!

Man, I spent some time in Florida, California, Las Vegas, New York, I love it all.

There’s an energy to the U.S that you don’t find in Canada.

Canada has no soul. It’s all about fake politeness but they’re all secretly bitter and filled with hate and jealousy towards the U.S.

Canadians bash the U.S constantly. If you don’t like Americans then get rid of American stores and products. What would Canada look like then? Like nothing and it’s nothingness would be sucked into a black hole and disappear foever.

I’ve traveled all over the world and even poor countries have more personality and more culture than Canad’eh.

Canada defines itself by what it isn’t (not American) instead of by what it is and that’s because it’s nothing at all.”


“Yes I do, I wish I was in the states every minute of every day”


“There is NO intellectual life in Canada. A little bit in Montreal, but that is it. It’s just buy a house, get a big vehicle, eat, drink, smoke pot. You can’t have an intellectual conversation and you can’t have fun.”


“[R197] is correct. Boring people that worship money. Zero personality or sex appeal. No culture.”


“Sorry [R211] and [R212] but Canada has always been boring.”


“I know it has always been boring, but now it is aggressively stupid, crude and boring”


“Yes I hate Crapnada.”


“I hate a lot of things about it. I like the healthcare and safety nets for poor people. Other than that I’m not a fan.”


“Canada is a ugly, corrupt country where health care is inferior and yet, we pay 70% of our income into some kind of taxes. Justice is a global joke with the criminals from other countries running the borders to get into the country. The government doesn’t even know how many illegals there are in the country..but they were quick to let in 500 Tamil Warriors..they have stocked the country with people born in revolution and raised in blood. Our leaders, one is a crook, one is a junkie.. what kind of choice is that come vote time? Right now Canada is in a dictatorship and the people are paying dearly for that. That is..the ones who are trapped here. Last year 1.8 million Canadians got out. The actual land mass is so beautiful..with a poisonous fungus living on it in Ottawa”


“This country is a fucking joke!!! Government steals from us so fucking immigrants can come here poor and get everything handed to them including near free stores of their choosing!! Fuck you Canada!!!!!!”


“I hate being a Canadian. I would gladly and without hesitation denounce my Canadian citizenship to get an American citizenship.”


“I loathe this country, always focusing on the US and their issues instead of fixing our own problems. The only people who would dare say they like Canada are either immigrants of someone who has never seen anything else. Disgusting, revolting country.”


“The Alberta mentality puts money before humanity. I really regret moving to Alberta and Canada as a whole. All it has got going for it is equal marriage rights and the chance of buying land for cheaper than in Europe. The mentality is cold, two faced and inhuman. Apparently the East coasters and Ontarians have a better mentality.I have lived in a few countries and Canada is one of my least favourite. I cannot wait to leave.”




“Last time I visited Canada(and the last time I will EVER visit Canada) the people (especially waitstaff) were terse and bitchy, the food was insipid,,poorly prepared and was expensive as hell. And they seemed to have a particular animus toward Americans despite the fact I don’t think I was brash or offensive in any way.

I don’t get why anyone would spend that much $$$ just to live in such a cold,gray,rainy,depressing environment.

I’ll bet the suicide rates are high”


“[R253] is right Canadians have an irrational hatred for Americans.

they’re insecure and bitter shrugs

how would you feel if almost every aspect of your culture came from another country? and that you only chased trends from said country?

Canuckians aren’t creative or interesting enough to come up with their own ideas apparently.

It makes them feel better to try and insult the culture from which they take and borrow.”


“This is a stupid country..always has been and probably always will be… People are right, we pay more than our fair share for the “free” healthcare which now runs like an American insurance company….and you will wait… It is cold taxes are too high and most people save their money to get the hell out on a vacation… Way too expensive to live here…”


“I have always hated living in is too confining…there is no where good to move to. If you live in the us, you have a vast area to choose from. Canadians do not.. We are stuck in a hell hole and anybody that can get out does….so we are left with those that don’t pay taxes..because they have it easier than the taxpayer. Housing is way too overvalued and unaffordable..unless of course it is provided to you for free..( the non taxpayer). Everything is overpriced. It doesn’t matter what government is in..they take care of themselves ..much like anywhere else…but you would think they would try harder here because they take a to. In taxes. Roads are crap and is nothing to be proud of..the country is embarrassing…

I wish we were just one country..US and could put a gate around Canada and keep all the welfare and all the prisoners here…that would put the country to good use…”


“Yeah [R264], but the US is still fun. I’ve been to New York, Las Vegas, Miami and Arizona many times and love it and just came back from visiting a friend in California and it was awesome. There’s no awesome place in Canada. It’s boring as hell most of the time.

Canada looks good on paper but actually living here is another story.”


“That’s true, [R261], about how expensive it’s become. I live on the frozen prairies, and we have some of the highest taxes (provincial and property), as well as some of the highest housing costs. I mean, there’s no reason for it to be that expensive here – who the hell would want to live here?”


“It’s funny a lot of people are just comparing Canada to America in this discussion. I’ve lived in both countries, they both suck. Canada for way different reasons, mostly the generally unaffordable living standards and the insane amount of bureaucracy. And the weather…. dear god the weather. Canada is what people thought Hell was before Dante’s inferno. For the past five years every winter has been colder and longer than the last, I can’t take it any more. If you want to leave check out Argentina or Costa Rica or Uruguay. Warm, friendly, cheap countries that are relatively easy to emigrate to. OH, and the Seychelles, if you’re a dude. M2F ratio is unreal. ;)”

Quotes from:

Winnipeg rants (part two)

“I have lived all over the country and Winnipeg is by far the worst place to live in this great country. This is why:

-Long very cold winters- harshest in Canada

-Violent and very high crime

-Very inefficient traffic system- built for the horse and carriage

-Run down, very unattractive and unproductive downtown

-Poor economy for higher paying jobs

-Terrible city for the young and the single

-Hot muggy amd mosquito infested summers

-Very little to do (compared to other cities, especially in the winter.

-Difficult city for newcommers to fit in- hard to make friends if you did not grow up here

-Too many trains that impede traffic (Waverly etc)

This city is only remotely tolerable if you grew up here. The only thing it has going for it is it is cheap and perhaps has a slow pace of life.

As a whole this is Canada’s biggest hellhole. period..”


“I agree with much of what you ahve said. I have lived here for 5 years and I still can’t stand the winters. It is tough to get to know people here. This city is a bad place to live, especially if you are not from here.”


“I think that you are being generous, this city is a world class hell hole!! It is the coldest of any city over 500K on earth. It is crime ridden, there is very little future here for new people”


“This is an awful city if you compare it to other cities in the country. Out of all the cities over 100,000 it has the harshest winters as it is very cold and very windy. It is consistently in the top 3 year after year in crime rate. It is very difficult to get a job over 40K a year unless you know someone. This city is also more difficult than most to meet new people because everyone has been here forever and is not overly enthused to admit someone into their life.

The only positive is that this city is cheap, but that is partly proof of what I am saying above. Cities are cheap or expensive for a reason. Winnipeg is cheap because this is a hellhole that no one wants to move to. Calgary is expensive because of the location, economy, and somewhat the climate.

This city is bad news for the newcommer, period.”


“Isn’t that Grumpy guy a stupid asshole? He is so dilusional in his attitude about Winnipeg. He can’t admit that this city is worse than most in Canada. This city has very little going for it, especially for newcommers. It is o.k for someone to say that they like winnipeg because they grew up here and they have alot of friends and connections and perhaps it is cheap. Grumpy tries to sell people on the merits of the city itself and that my friend is stupid. Grumpy needs to wake up and do a reality check.”


“winnipeg really is generally an unfreindly, self-centered,violent place. I’ve been living here since birth and cant really say I have been happy here ever.”


“Winnipeg is renowned for its friendly people”
You are kidding right, the rest of the country regard winnipeggers as mean(dollar stores get mentioned a lot) and a bit weird.

So the consensus I am getting from east coast to west (yeah I do a fair bit of travelling at the moment)is that you are a self centred group of weirdo,s

Before the miserable old man starts fantasising about how wonderful winnipeg is again and advising people to leave, I am leaving before xmas, I will not be back.
Anyone reading this forum that is thinking of moving here, don,t. There are far better places in Canada”


“We have been here nearly a year and I agree with most things that have been said.
I have made a couple of friends, but this city is more difficult to integrate into than other places I have lived.

People are very self centred in my opinion. One of the first winnipeggers I talked to described this city as a “tired old town” and advised me to take my family to BC. Not a good first impression

This as since been reinforced by quite a few others.
Our biggest problem is with young children there is very little to do in the winter.”


“Winnipeg sucks.

I’ve been here 7 years, and in my experience Winnipeggers are polite, but not friendly (especially women). It takes 2 to 3 years for a Winnipeger to warm up enough to befriend you and go beyond small talk. I’ve just given up.

I’ve been to “socials” and events where no one would talk to me, because I didn’t show up with someone they knew. And don’t even try to pick up a conversation, because all you’ll get is a “Who are you?” look and some yes/no answers.

I have only 2 friends here. On is an immigrant as myself, who has had the exact same experience with “Friendly” Manitoba. She’s lived all over the world, and she says by far Winnipeg is the worst place to make friends she has encountered (she can’t wait to move). My other friend is from work (it took two years of seeing me everyday for her to start going out to lunch with me).

If you think of moving here, you’d better know some people, or you’ll be very lonely. If you are introduced to people through friends, you might do ok.

For those Winnipeggers defending their home town, let me ask you: When was the last time you made a new friend (not introduced to you by another friend)?”


“Not being able to Make friends is not the only reason this city sucks. The winters are awful, the city is boring, and it is ugly as hell. The crime rate is terrible as well.”


“Mr Freeze I applaud you. You said it all. We moved here two years ago and are leaving in April. Can’t wait to get out of this stinking, retarded, frozen wasteland. The only thing Winnipeg has going for it is CITI FM.”


“The only thing great about this city is that everywhere else seems like a vacation. I was in Regina last year and it was more pleasant than Winnipeg.”


I have heard countless things good or bad about Winnipeg (mostly bad). I can take or leave most of the so-called strengths of this city.

The one thing that supercedes activities in this city is the climate. I know there is little we can do to change it, but it is a huge factor in the comfort and entertainment of Winnipeggers.

The weather here is uncomfortable or unlivable 4.5 to 6 months of the year. How much fun is it to live here when you are couped up inside 40% of the year. Having decent weather to enjoy life with family or friends is very important. This is an element that is severely lacking in this city and perhaps Saskatoon or Regina.
I also feel the summers are more uncomfortable here because of the mosquitos and wood ticks.”


“Yes, its a crime ridden, run down, ice covered, desolate shit hole with a rapidly decaying infrastructure and close to nothing worthwhile. In other words, its pretty much the Detroit of Canada. Ive lived here most of my life and somehow always come back. Home is home.”


“Here I thought the whole problem with rat infested Winnipeg was the Damn Mosquitoes & black flies in the spring, summer and fall.

Darlene: Very little you said here makes Winnipeg special. In fact this is a very ordinary place at best. Almost all Canadian cities have great people and spirit. Most cities have real important sports teams (more than the bombers) such as the Flames. Senators, Leafs, Blue Jays etc). You think that Wpg has great parks- it is not a patch on Fish Creek in Calgary, or Stanley Park in Vancouver.

Most cities in Canada have great research interests, better than wpg. Manitoba has never been ranked particularly high for its education or healthcare systems. Winnipeg does have bad traffic in the south end and lots of trains that slow everything up.

Winnipeg is virtually unliveable 30-40% of the year due to the cold weather and wind. It consistently ranks as one of the 3 most dangerous cities in Canada. It is also a tough market to find good jobs, especially if you are a new commer.It has an ugly unproductive downtown. This city will never change.

Look at the recent poll that ranked Calgary #1 and Wpg # 19. This was an unbiased well rounded poll that clearly demonstrated that wpg is a poor place to live, especially for newcommers. All this city is is Cheap and that partially proves the point. Places are expensive or cheap for a reason.”


“Most cities in canada are cultured even “Redneck” Calgary. Winnipeg lags behind in many services including transportation, education, and health. Lake Winnipeg and Manitoba are worthless as they are muddy and ugly. The Whiteshell and lake of the woods which is quite nice is 2-3 hours away.

Explain Winnipeg being ranked 19th out of 25? It had the worst ranking out of all the larger cities in Canada. Winnipeg is too cold to live almost 40% of the year. It is crime ridden, poor and has no future for young people or new commers.

It is cheap for a reason. I am leaving within the next few months. Even Regina seems better these days.”


“Look at the winter weather. Look at the Crime rate. Look at the decaying native run down town. Look at the number of good jobs. Look at the hot infested mosquito run summers. I can keep going… This is Canada’s biggest hellhole!!!”


“This city is Canada’s biggest shithole!! I have lived everywhere including Regina. Right now I’d take Regina because at least it has a good economy. Winnipeg is only cheap, that’s it!! Look around it is not hard to figure out why.”


“I hate Winnipeg! I have been here 7 months and I can without a doubt say this is the biggest shithole that I have ever seen.

I was forced to come here because my wife is helping to look after her sick father. There are hardly any good jobs, I am stuck working at Sobey’s for $9/hr. We are going into debt.

I have never seen a city with less to do, particularly in the winter. My daughter is so damn bored and I am having difficulty entertaining her. I have never seen a more depressing life sucking shithole of a place in my entire life.

Many people who live here seem to love it. Are you guys brain dead or something?? Almost half the year the weather is to rotten to do anything. Most of the city is dirty, run down, crime ridden and very depressing. It is like a Canadian version of Detroit.

Yes, I will be leaving back to Ontario where the weather is better, better jobs, and far more to do.”


“Couldn’t have said it better myself!! I can safely say that Regina is a better city because at least there are a good number of $15/hr + jobs. How pathetic is that Regina is better than here. That is sad”


“The question is how Winnipeg stacks up to other cities in Canada, not inferior or third world countries. All most all cities in Canada have what you are describing. This city does have somethings to do for some people, but it falls behind other cities in Canada big time.

Many immigrants come here and think it is great compared to their homeland and perhaps that is true, but this is a vastly inferior city compared to other places in Canada. I have lived all over North America and I can say with experience that this is by far the worst place that I have lived.

The climate here is awful, the economy is marginal,the city is dirty and crime ridden, and there is definitely less here than somewhere like Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver etc.

You must not be well travelled in Canada or else you would better appreciate what I am saying”


“It is an awful City to live in….it is always 5 to 10 years behind…it lacks creativity/ imagination and risk…… seeks to lower the bar for ambition

Kind of a welfare City………it Prides itself as a Have Not city in a Have Not Province…

Like a trained seal…looking for a FREE meal….”


“Did you hear? Winnipeg was given another honor.

It has more natives than any city in Canada. A whopping 10%. This isa huge part of the crime problems in the city. A few years ago the city let a whole heap of them in. Now we are paying for it.

Lower the native population and the crime will drop. But this is just a small part of the problem. The city has major problems with economy, downtown decay, health/education etc. The mayor said this city was a mess. If he says this it must be an understatement”


“This city is too poor and unproductive to support an NHL team. If the Richardson’s or Asper’s can’t afford to buy one who can? This city is full of natives and poor white trash. It will always be this way. The city is not like Calgary or maybe Edmonton- cities with futures.”


“Get rid of all the natives for starters. They create much of the crime issues in the city. There also needs to be more here to create jobs, I mean good $20/hr + jobs not the $8-11 hour white trash work most people here do. The city needs to clean up big time. I think that about 70% of the buildings, houses etc in the inner city need extensive work or need to be knocked down. Winnipeggers need to know the difference between old character buildings and run down dirty ratholes. Wpg has more of the latter…”


“Calgary stands out all over the place and gives the whole world the impression that it is important and happening. Winnipeg is barely known around Canada. Most Canadians laugh at Winnipeg about the cold weather, crime, natives, and being rather boring. Winnipeg used to be better in the 60’s when it seemed to be an up and coming place. This is clearly an old dying has been town with few redeeming features.”


“Winnipeg would be a great place to live if we got rid of our Aboriginals. Maybe we can give them Selkirk in exchange for a promise of never entering the city limits!

Not just the natives. Trade our weather with California. Trade our economy and future with Calgary. Trade location with Vancouver, Victoria or Calgary. Trade the downtown area and city infrasture with Calgary. Maybe then Winnipeg would be great. For now it is a pathetic worthless pile of junk.”


“You are bang on here. Those two people that love Winnipeg likely do not know much of what is out there. If they think Winnipeg could beat Calgary in a head to head comparison they are freakin’ Morons. Winnipeg only has cheap housing on Calgary and maybe traffic. Calgary wins on the other 2 million categories. It is o.k to like it because of family and growing up here, but the city really is a shithole!!!!”


“There is a native problem as many from the reserves are not able to adjust to the city. Yes, a high proportion of them end up in jail. Rather than saying get rid of them, though, which sounds a bit like Hitler, what can we do to remedy the situation? After all, we whites contributed to the problem by displacing them, then abusing them in Residential Schools, plying them with alcohol, putting them on Reserves and giving them millions in handouts.”


“Great thread. It really is a horrible place. Cold, depressing, anyone with half a brain gets out while they can. The only people who seem to like it are the people born there who don’t know anything else”


“This city is a life sucking shithole isn’t it? My wife dragged me here 7 years ago because her family is here. I am considering divorce because myself and my 3 daughters (9,12, &16) all hate it here. My wife seems to care more about her parents and brother than us.”


“What I love about Winnipeg.

Really nice warm people.

You mean the ones you have known all through high school? The same ones that never made anything of themselves like you. Of course you like them. Unmotivated people and the poor tend to cling to each other for support.

Salisbury House and Gondola Pizza. You just have to grow up with them to know what I mean.

I know what you mean. Expand your horizons buddy. The food at both places are crap. You only like them because the food is cheap. You eat cheap unhealthy food because you don’t have the education to afford a decent living and therefore have to resort by eating in fast food places. How about eating an Organic apple once in awhile? Of course, try finding an Organic grocery store around Winnipeg!

Great people. Mostly.

Yeah, you covered this one. You only mentioned two things and you’re already duplicating your points.

Smog free.

Try January and breathe in all the exhaust fumes. Another reason why Winnipeg doesn’t have no smog is because it has NO industry. You have to grow as a city to get big city problems.

No traffic jams. Well, only a few. Not worth mentioning really.

Even less if the city would ever adopt a mass transit system; its embarrassing that Winnipeg is the only major city in Canada that doesn’t even have one. No traffic jams equals no cars, no cars equals no people, no people equals no grow. Enough said.

The Winnipeg Jets.

This is the most popular non-existent sports franchises known to man.
Your using a hockey teams that packed up and left the city an example of why you like Winnipeg? Dear God, you forgot to mention Archie and his Friends as well.

Best Spring-Summer-Fall in the whole world. And winter is “challenging”.

Winter should be against the law. Spring is brown and once the snow has melted and the ice has thawed is when you see Winnipeg at its best: the stench of garbage overflowing in the streets and the numerous shopping carts scattered all over the city. The shopping cart = Winnipeg’s number one mode of transportation. Summer? You mean when it’s 30 degrees and the place is infested with mosquitoes? Or is it the wasps? or the canker worms? or the black flies? or the …..

A gud edumacation sistem. Real afordabble-like too.

I’m not going to comment on this one. The fact that you are commenting on Winnipeg’s educational system and then you spell….oh forget it. Let me guess…GED right? Community College?

Excellent people. Real easy to meet.

Third time must be the charm right?

Very affordable real estate. It has taken off a bit in the last 3 or 4 years, but still a good bargain can be found.

The reason it is a bargain can you summed up by simple economics. No demand = cheap prices. No demand = no growth.

Excellent neighborhoods.

You mean the upscale neighborhoods like Windsor Park, Tyndall Park? Garden City? The Maples? How about owning a nice family home on the corner of Spence and Broadway or perhaps Balmoral? You mean the lifeless cookie cutter sub-divisions like Fort Richmond? Island Lakes?

Oh, I should add that the people of Winnipeg are terrific.

4 posts = your an idiot and have just proved a point that so many people have already known: Winnipeg is a shit hole. Plain and simple. Take off your rose colored glass Polly and get a bloody dose of reality. Winnipeg sucks.”


“That the Winnipeg “vision” for you in a nutshell. Winnipeg. We don’t have any LRT system, no freeways, the highest crime rate, and the colest winters known to man. But we do have an indoor waterpark?!?”


“well its colder then hell.. I tell you what was i thinking moving here..women here hare cheap.. but then so is everything else in this coupon city.. hey , is that the value village special?? Wait investors are waiting and watching .. first the liquor commision has no clue.. whats with all the b rate bands that only tour the town… why is there no real entertainemnt centers like reds or anything .. half of down town is deserted… lets make something that is worth driving across town for.. what you dont hang out at the pal.. omg that place is so old your gramdma was giving it away in the basement for free back in the day.. this town needs to see they are at least 20 years behind its like alberta in the 80’s …No wonder why half the city is on welfare the other half is on workers comp.. wait can you get workers welfare comp..”


“Nice areas in Winnipeg are expensive. The few people that do have money want to live in River Heights, Linden Woods Tuxedo,Whyte Ridge in the south end. The vast majority of Winnipeg is modest or just trashy and run down.

This is a poor city and few people can afford a house over $300,000 to get even a small house in these areas. The property taxes here will kill you. I used to live in Lethbridge and the property taxes are almost double in Winnipeg.

Sure if you make 75,000+ you can afford something decent, but few people make that kind of income. Most people live in substandard housing that needs lots of upgrading or maybe tearing down. Only 15% of this city has been built or renovated in the last 25-30 years. Calgary that figure would be 75 or 80%.

Face reality- nice housing is for the few people who have succeeded in a stagnate low income city. If you have the money you can have the nice house, but that doesn’t even come close representing the majority of Winnipeggers.”


“I think that the courts etc outside of Manitoba should sentence people to living in Winnipeg for a determined number of years as their punishment. The city is already full of crime anyway. Living here is a like punishment anyway. I just got parolled as I am moving to Vancouver April 1.”


“This is Canada’s worst larger city. There is no doubt. Want Proof: I arrived here six weeks ago to see an article ranking Winnipeg as a worse city than Regina. That is pretty pathetic. Leaving back to Vancouver in 10 days. I can’t wait….”


“know how pathetic this city is? The Winnipeg Sun had a headline that read “PEG TOPS CALGARY”. Curious, I checked out what Winnipeg could have done to dethrone Calgary. Turns out, 3 firefighters have decided to come back to Winnipeg from Calgary, after deciding the cost of living was too high.

3 lousy people come back from Calgary to Winnipeg and it’s front page news??? How pathetic is that. I heard a rumor that a half dozen construction workers will be transferred to Winnipeg from Calgary in late February. Maybe we should throw them a parade?”


“It’s true, Winnipeg is such a disgrace to Canada, I ask myself why i’m still living here. Well, I’ll tell ya. First off, I wanna finish my post secondary education which is majoring in engineering and once thats done, I’m moving to either Calgary or Vancouver, haven’t decided yet but i’m sure i’ll make up my mind somewhere down the road and then i’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel.”


“I have not so lovingly nicknamed this city “Winnihellholepeg”. The crime, the gangs, the prostitutes, the selfish and rude people I have dealt with here, the panhandlers, the children out at all hours with no parental guidance,the dog eat dog attttude, the drug dealersa and users,the car thieves, the drunks and government supported leeches who are capable of contributing but won’t, the crime and violence. It is really sad, because this city has a lot of potential and some really interesting things to see and do.”


“I’ve lived in Winnipeg my entire life, and it hasn’t changed a bit. It was, and always will be, a piece of crap city. It had potential, until Socialists and beggars ruined it. Damn NDP.”


“Winnipeg is a awful place to live, too much awful drivers who cut you off with out warnings. Mean and unfriendly people who are just plaine miserable and its the most depressing and gloomiest places in Canada. I think! also awhole lot of others agree…i can see! Winnipeg SUCKS big time! Lived here for 2 years and I hate it! crime capital in canada what a sorry place to be…scary i’ll say! what the hell is the city doing sitting on there asses not doing a thing about it all!!! throw those criminals in jail already! keep them there too…”


“Well option #1 (change the city) was not possible due to the indifference to the people with money (government/business community). Believe me, I always wanted Winnipeg to change so bad. However I have accepted that it will never be anything more than a dump. I chose option #2. Head to Alberta/BC/etc…”


“I heard it once said if Canada was described as being a person, Vancouver B.C. would be the head and face, because it is a beautiful city and province, Alberta would be the breasts with it’s Rocky Mountains, Saskatchewan the stomach because it is flat, the Maritimes as the feet because its rocky and hard like the soles of your feet, quebec and ontario like the legs because they are long, and winnipeg manitoba, as the asshole.”


“I’ve been pretty much all around the world (Europe, Asia, South America — not Africa yet) for work and pleasure, and I’ve lived in Kelowna BC, Caledonia ON, Bedford NS, Edmonton and Calgary AB. So I think I’ve got a pretty good idea how the other half lives. Now that I’ve had kids, I find myself stuck again in this shitty city to be close to family. Yeah, things could be worse, but things could be a helluvalot better too! With the exception of most of the Asian countries I’ve been to, I really would rather live just about anywhere else! Life is too short to waste any time living in Winnipeg. Vacations are too short to waste visiting Winnipeg.

I cannot wait to get out of here. I am literally counting the days to retirement so I can leave this place and never come back.”


“The problem is that Winnipeg has too much poverty and aboriginal people addicted to drugs and alcohol on the streets.They commit most of the crimes. Manitoba province is poor and the wages ale lower, thats why you have cheapest housing in Canada and cheapest prices for food.The weather is the coldest sometimes -35 or -40 with wind chills and it last until march.”


“traveled all over the country. By far winterpeg is the RUDEST and most IGNORANT people I’ve ever met. Don’t bother asking directions or anything – they will look at you like your’ve from Mars!!”


“You can also add: The most racist city in Canada”


“More and more people are taking your advice and leaving this craphole. I have lived in the third world of Mexico and people have a better life there. Winnipeger’s defend Winnipeg and say that it is cheap to live here. What they fail to see if the quality of life that they have. I am moving from this craphole in April and I cannot wait. Have fun in the poverty capital of North America. Goodbye to the lazy union people of Winnipeg.”


“I think that some of your facts here are not accurate. Winnipeg does not have a good economy for higher paying jobs. You need to know someone unless you are in a desperate industry such as nursing or trades. People in Winnipeg are pleasant, not friendly as it is hard to get people to accept you into their circle of friends. Winnipeg is consistently ranked as one of the 3 highest crime cities in Canada-check you stats.

Winnipeg is the cheapest city for a reason: No one wants to live here. If the Manitoba government didn’t bribe people from 3rd world countries, the population would be shrinking.

I’ve lived all over Canada and I can confidently say this city is a hopeless pile of crap.”


“Winnipeg is cheap for a reason: no one wants to live here. The only people that love it are people that grew up here and don’t know much better. The gov’t has to bribe people to move here.”


“Don’t forget to add in that they are all cliquish, in gangs, cons or ex-cons.”


“Another thing about this city. People are unintelligent and creepy.

Unfriendliness I don’t mind, but boorishness and meanness really is creepy.
These morons in Winnipeg only know how to react like vicious pack dogs because they lack character and personality – that’s why they’re in Winnipeg!”


“There is a band called Vanitian Snares who has a song called ” Winnipeg is Frozen Shithole”. The band leader Aaron Funk created it because he hates his hometown.”


“How can you call this city beautiful??? It is flat, run down, and dirty. Yes the city is full of rats-did you read today’s paper about the rats they are finding in storm sewers all over place.

This city has more problems than almost any city in Canada. It is crime-ridden, poor, ugly, dirty, cold. I can go on and on.”


“People in Winnypig are the rudest bunch of ***holes in north America”


“Right on Ben. The increased Native population in Manitoba/Winnipeg, is the main reason, we are number 1 in violent crime, child poverty, grandparents raising their grandchildren, arson capital, welfare and all the other wonderful things that having a large Native population brings. It is true send them to the reserve and the crime will go down in Winnipeg. Now they are demanding houses saying that 4000 of their people need houses, so if you want a house, get a job and get a mortgage and buy a house, you lazy beggars.”


“Winnipeg does suck in many ways, violent crime, auto theft, wanna be gangs, low wages, …. If you can’t stand the hood, move… Thats what I did… Tuff guy, now afriad of the hood once I ruled, no fear, felt like a outcast when I’d go to st.vital eg., peoples fear I’d see for no reason. Now I’m afriad, outcast of the hood and burbs, is it an unfriendly city or is it just me.”


“I agree with you……….Friendly Manitoba, my foot. You’d have to go far and wide to find people as two faced and rude as in Winnipeg.”


“I’ve lived in Winnipeg for approximately 35 years and in all that time I can honestly say that I only have acquaintances and no real friends.

Now you might arrive at your own opinion(s) as to why this is, but I can assure you it’s not because I’m a rotten person, etc. When I make a friend, that person is a friend for life. I would do anything to help that person; anything.

Maybe my idea of frienship is a little screwball, but in all the years I’ve lived here, I’ve yet to find someone who I can truly call a friend. I’ve found that most people are what’s called “fair weather friends,” all’s good when things are going well, but should a problem arise, these “friends” are suddenly unavailable for lunches, etc.

I’ve witnessed this with many people I know, and I’ve never been proved wrong. Sadly, Winnipeg people miss out on so much by never knowing what it’s like to have a true friend.

I still have friendships with people I met in other countries 30 years ago. And, I know if I were ever in trouble and needed help; they’d be here in an instant, even if it meant travelling across the ocean.

I’ve tried and tried to keep friendships going here in Winnipeg but find it impossible because of the way people are. I’m sure some of you will disagree with my opinions but ask yourself this: have you really and truly put your frienships to the test? Try it, you might be surprised.”


“Living in Winnipeg is like living an a prison – You never know when you’re going to get a knife in your back and be ganged up on for no good reason. I asked a person once who is from Edmonton what she thought of Winnipeg: She said ‘People are rude here, and they’re snoopy. There’s too much crime too.”


“Maybe she’s the ‘happy hooker’ because she must be on drugs to say Winnipeg is ‘fun’! Drink a bottle of whiskey, then any city is ‘fun’!!!”


“I am going to have to agree with some of the comments. We moved here 6 years ago, I have not made any friends here ,(just casual hello type) Trust me it has not been from me trying. I volunteer in the school system almost everyday, help people with their snow shovelling etc… I get a thank you , but unless you were raised here and went to school here you won’t have much luck getting into a circle of friends. I don’t agree with the “friendly Manitoba moto”.

I have lived in 4 provinces and 1 state this is by far the hardest place I have ever lived. Yes, the long cold winters are tough, then to add more cruelty to it the summers are short,way too much rain ( and I grew up on Vancouver Island) VERY windy and a ton of bugs.



“You are so right on all these points. You have to grow up there, go to the same elementary school and kindergarten to make friends. I think it could get into the Guiness Book of Records for city with the most backstabbers. They are vicious. They can be friends with you one day and then knife you the next for no apparent reason, just because they like to do that, or because you graduated from a different kindergarten than they did. So it is an awful place to live in for many reasons. People who live in Wpg. and can’t get out must feel as if they died and went to hell.”


“You are honest and you are right, people supporting this dump are either very dumb or very dishonest. Having lived here 15 yrs I would say it is the latter.”


“born and raised in wpg left when i was 18 cant pay me enough to move back wpg is for losers”


“Winnipeg is probably the worste city in the entire nation. I have traveled all over Canada and it is no good. When dozens of people comment in a similar way you know there’s veracity in their claims. People are rude, bullies, slobs, morons, and definitely malicious and unfriendly!”


“Winnipeg is the best, we have the best weather, advanced universities, clean streets, friendly people, MILD, MILD winters, long hot summers, best roads and drivers, and the highest paying jobs in the country……….

By the way….I was born and raised in winnipeg, I have a grade 10 education, been married and divorced 4 times, I’m unemployed ,and I’ve been an alcoholic for the past 19 years…..LOL”


“Winnipeg really sucks, reality bro. Nothing to do in malls, no nightlife, immigrants use it as a backdoor to get to Canada fast, then move to other provinces, Transit management is awful, Selkirk Avenue… I can go on and on.”


“This is why people don’t like Winnipeg. All the nice people get sick of the Ah*s and leave. Soon there will be all people who deserve each other ! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA!!!!”


“Like so many have said…Rude, miserable, ignorant, snoopy. It’s the people – they are really ignorant calloused slobs and boors. It is getting known nationaly even.

The whole “If you hate Winnipeg, then MOVE!” attitude/way of thinking doesn’t really solve Winnipeg’s problems now does it?

If everyone who hated Winnipeg moved, there’d be about 10 people in town.”


“I’m a Winnipeger – please someone give me a ticket out of here. Take me someplace better – Faluja or Gitmo.

Its all true – especially the crime thing – absolutely shocking.

The restaurants are, for the most part, similar in terms of grease, sodium and crap. Unless you have the money to dine at a better restaurant – which the majority of people dont.

Bitter, semi retarded and red necked by virtue of our local we venture out every summer, lemming-like, to chintzy, expensive and mind numbing festivals like Folklorama – essentially a festival where one ethnic group fleeces another for a couple of weeks.

Winnipegers don’t kid yourself – travel past Thunderbay to the east and Regina to the west and you may glimpse paradise.

The mullet died out in Winnipeg around ten years after it had become out of fashion in the Ozarks.

Oh, but there is an Opera – where a flack jacket in the parking lot when you come out.



“Why is it that Winnipeg has more gangs than any city in Canada? Why so much violence among youth? And why are there so many people getting sick of the place and moving to Calgary or Toronto even?

There is a gang mentality in this place. Everyone is in a gang. People do not act as individuals here but as people in groups, unions, companies, and yes, gangs. When individuals do not have the guts, the character, the honesty to stand up for what is right and tell the truth you get corruption and sin abounds. This is the problem in this wicked city.”


“It is the sh*t hole of Canada. The only ones who don’t agree are redneck, slob, ignorant, rude, farting, belching, sneaky, mean, trecherous people who were born here and probably will stay in this hole all their miserable lives.”


This is actually the first time that I’ve read these posts and I have to say my piece now…

As an ex-Winnipegger, now living in Toronto, each and every time I go back to Winnipeg for a visit I become a little more depressed, not because I miss it but because the city depresses the hell out of me. I don’t think there’s a person out there that can deny that downtown Winnipeg has become a wasteland of boarded up buildings and “For Lease” store fronts. I mean, for gods sake, there have been some buildings that have been for lease since the early 90’s. I simply haven’t seen that in any other city that I’ve either lived in or visited, and believe me, I’ve travelled the world. I grew up in Winnipeg for 23 years and, yes, it used to be a much nicer place and downtown used to be cleaner, safer, and just overall more appealing, but to all those living in Winnipeg now…OPEN YOUR EYES!! How many of you would voluntarily walk Poratge Avenue past sundown?? How many of you feel truly safe even in Portgage Place?? So you have the Forks…big whoop. Every city of half a mil or more has a market. I have never felt uneasy about walking in downtown Toronto or Montreal, even at 3 in the morning. I’m not saying that there’s no crime here but there’s no comparison to Winnipeg. I met people from Jakarta who felt usafe in downtown Winnipeg. Jakarta!! One of the most crime-ridden cities in the world! Yes there are nice suburbs in the city but to me, that’s not living. There’s a reason why real estate in Winnipeg is cheaper than anywhere else in the country. I can’t remember where I read it, but in terms of crime, Winnipeg has a higher crime rate than a lot of similar sized U.S. cities and even larger U.S. cities like Minneapolis.
Why do you think that for the past 30 years Winnipeg’s population has mostly stagnated while other cities continue to grow.

It still doesn’t take away from people’s opinions about the city, but having lived there for most of my life, I can confirm that a good chunk of the city is living in denial when it comes to just how sad that place is.

Oh, one more thing, Winnipeg will never change until someone decides to “clean up” the giant Reserve they call downtown. Call me a biggot, call me what you like, but there’s no point in burying your head in the sand about it.

It is a hellhole. I can’t stand living here. Something you forgot on your list is that most people here are Christian!:(“


“Another winterpeg murdertoba moron. check internet for Helen Betty Osborne this says it all about this puke province”


“manitobans are gay, how are u gunna sit here and defend winnipeg… i live in winnipeg its a shit hole and everyone i know thinks the same way we cant move cuz we have jobs and responsibilitys so lose your pride and realize the healthcare sucks, weather sucks, bugs, indians,murders, INDIANS, like fuck off already with the red river my god man its brown from sewage, the only thing this place is good for is fucking, actualy not true canada says winnipeg has a worst sexual activity rate, but the most stds how does that work?? WINNIPEG SKID MARK OF CANADA.. to people wanting to drive threw winnipeg to get to a real city, dont get sick here they dont treat you, its actually funny, if u think im joking come for a visit no lies ask any body”


“These morons are the most ignorant , rude, snoopy ***holes in Canada. And, of course, they act like *ricks on ly to the ones they can get away with it with – sneaky, cowardly, and evil *ukes!”


“MR Winterpiggy: You have probably lived in this **** hole all your life and don’t have any manners or any sense of truth in your body whatsoever. If the ***holes here acted they way they do and did it elsewhere they whould get a swift Kick in the *** but the morons from here are too cowardly to be rude and evil to anyone unless they think they can get away with it. I never met people like in Winnypiggy before. O wonder it is full of crooked unions and cowardly gangs no one has personality or character, just chick *holes whostick to their sneaky little ***hole gangs and boring little groups of local hicks.”


“winnipeg is the greatest city in the world.
top paying jobs, international money from our exports, the best pro sports leagues, MTS centre WOW WOW WOW, only highly trained and skilled people from the west and down south FLOCKING to be here, cleanest streets, the BEST police force in the country, perfect landscape and roads and the highest rated quality provincial government in the country. the list could go forever.

ps. If anyone has any crack or meth to sell, please see me on the corner of main and selkirk between 8am and 5pm.. I live in the BFI bin behind the corner pawn shop, ask for Joe…

oh and once again, winnipeg is the best”


“I moved to Winnipeg a while ago. I have lived all over Canada, and by FAR, this place is HORRIBLE. It is impossible to make friends, everyone is so uninviting and rude. EVen in high school, I was completely isolated because I was, yes, a newcomer. Worst spot in Canada, period. Spare yourself, don’t come here.”


“I’m really sick of the “if you don’t like it then leave” response. Did anyone ever realize we’d love to except we can’t afford anything better right now? I would LOVE to go back to Calgary but there’s no way I can drop a quarter of a million on a little bungalow while at the time making $18 an hour yet paying $1199 rent plus utilities, cay payment, wonderful gas moola, internet connection, phone bills.

I’m only here because I want my own house to live in one day, but this place is dull, the people can’t drive “what’s a turn signal?”, “speed limit 80 so I go 45 right?” oh and did I mention dull? Yeah you have the forks and the zoo but you can only go there so many times and then that gets dull too. A third of the people at work who’ve lived here always have never even gone to the zoo. Cartfulls of liquor leave the stores so what I can come up with is the only thing to do here is drink. Maybe that’s what contributes to the wonderful drivers and the cheery people?

And don’t bother telling me if I don’t like it I can move. I KNOW THIS. And I am GONE as soon as I can escape this crapshoot.”


“Winnipeg has always and will forever be the true anus of Canada! This place is so far behind the rest of the world! Filled with a bunch of people who have no true vision for this city. This city is so screwed, go luck trying to fix it! I am so glad I am out of this shit hole come April! Bunch of el-cheapos too!”


“There are people starving in Winnipeg daily …..the city is notorious for high child poverty levels….last time I went downtown I saw homeless people camped out on nearly every corner!!!! Oh and I think that tonight I will go to one of the numerous crappy canad inn bars that peggers seem to sooooo fond of and try to make some friends…..provided I don’t get effn shot in the process….wish me luck…Winnipeg blows no matter how you put it just SUCKS!”


“In my opinion the situation in Winnipeg has not improved. Why? There is a systemic problem withing the hospitals in Winnipeg where health care providers are more interested in protecting themselves and their co-workers from law suits so they therefore will try to hide the errors instead of admiting them or apologizing. Apo9logizing, they think will just allow people to sue them. So they are more intereswted in their well paying jobs than in the lives of human beings in their care. This is very very scary and this attitude is not uncommon in this city unfortunately. I would urge anyone who lives in Winnipeg to seek health care in another province if at all possible. The nurses are uncaring , selfish, lazy , and jaded in the extreme.”


“I have lived in Winnipeg all my life and will tell it like it is even if it offends some. First the Indians who live in Winnipeg are a disgrace and dragging this city down. If they are not committing crimes they are constantly whinning about something. Many of their youths join gangs and commit serious crimes. killing, stealing from the elderly, or selling drugs. It is always the white mans fault as they won’t take any responsibility for their actions.

Compounding this serious problem is that Manitoba has a socialist Government. Their only solution is to throw money at the indians. Which does nothing but create an endless Welfare problem.

Winnipeg has no industry. So many who are highly educated move away. We are left with a bunch of dummies who don’t want to work. Or are to stupid to be employable.

The unions run this town, and along with a socialist government have a dogma style thinking that Welfare and handouts is okay.

Someone said in a previous post they visited Chicago and he only encountered a bunch of pricks. what we need in Winnipeg is for some of these pricks to move here and clean up our city.”


“I happily left Winnipeg. I found people thier to be extremely vandictive. Nothing better to do than sale dope and spread the hate. This is how you get caught. Too many fake people for my taste. No wonder it’s the murder capital. If the shoe fits.”


“Winnipeg aka “Detroit Of The North”


“I think it is also VERY HUMEROUS that Winnipeg is to be the host of the ‘Human Rights Museum’ They should put a wax stature of little Helen Betty Osborne, JJ Harper, and all the poor little native kids who are preyed on by middle class white men who come into the inner city at night.

Why are poor little native kids out on the streets at night. I will also add, shame on those men, they are the scum of the scum.”


“Hey man! Winnipiggy’s a great place – if yor in a union , wk for the govt, or..went to kindergarten with your pals here. LOL!!!

This is for you “GetOuttaTown”
Couple more fact about you and your shit hole city!!
Murder Capital!
Criminal safe city!(they all go there to hide)
Dirty filthy sick city!
Flat and boring!
Useless police department!
North end!(speaks for itself!!)
Most of the women are men!(goes the other way 2!!)
Jobs are crap!
Indian infestation!
Downtown skyline!(whatever!)
Call me a loser….? Sure go ahead!! Whatever it takes to make you feel better about you and that city of yours!! LOL!!
This is fun slamming you and winnipeg!!!!
Best part is that…..? IT’S ALL TRUE!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!
Do yourself a favor…..GetOuttaTown!! Just don’t come to Alberta!!!HAHA!!!”


“I hate to say I agree with the negative comments about Winnipeg (as I was born and raised there), however most of them are true….I live in Stuttgart Germany now and have lived in Calgary, and London England as well…All over the world they have never heard of Winnipeg or if they have they only know what a dump it is….Like I said I hate to agree, but it is a massive shithole…The only ones who don’t think so are the ones that can’t leave….PS Edmonton is as big a shithole as Winnipeg only more expensive.”


“Ok-I have read this entire post and found it quite interesting and educational.Its like a little gossip spot by your neighborhood.

I am originally from a good city in Africa and those who say that Winnipeg is paradise to immigrants are wrong.I have lived in Winnipeg for 2 years and firmly believe that ist doesn’t matter where you live-if you have the right attitude-you will have a good time,but if you have a negative attitude-no matter where you go-you will always bitch around like an immature brat.Here we go:

1)Winnipeg downtown-its so deserted and people are just creepy.Mostly the dirty Indians who are confrontational.You walk around and many people seem retarded for some reason-i suppose the city has its unfair share of old people and drug addicts.The people on the streets seem strange for some reason.

The mayor should work on improving the downtown image by getting drunkards off and letting in more businesses and restaurants by way of incentives.

2)Winnipeg transit-The buses have the most awful people I have seen in my life-people are dirty,smelly and the buses are never cleaned.I once sat next to an indian who spit on the bus floor-That was shocking.Manner less brutes.

3)Health care sucks-I had it great in Africa-all you had to do was go to a doc and withing an hour you are off with medicine.Going to a walk in clinic is such a hassle.The nurse once told me the doc was sick and the following day-she told me they will close by 4 pm-so i better hurry.

4)Not even a large single supermarket downtown.Most shopping places are in the suburbs-which is weird for a city with 700k plus population.

5)People look bored,mean and tired.Good girls think everyone is creepy.Many people look down upon people who dont look like them-except a few young ones.

6)The weather is cold-but there’s nothing you can do about that-other than find things to do and dress well.

7)Crime-Its been blown out of proportion by the media-most large cities have a fair share of crime.Besides-random shootings arent that common.Mostly gangs if you ask me

8)The parks are beautiful,may neighborhoods in the south are excellent-but the areas in the north need some improvements.

8)Jobs jobs-why bring people here when there are no good jobs?.Encourage private enterprise and set aside youth development funds.Encourage new ideas with venture capital.”


“Nah the whole staement is true!!

Winnipeg is a f#king sht hole man!!

I was born and grew up in Winnipeg. I left when i was 18 years old and have never been back.

It is by far the worst place to live perhap in the world??

I really feel sorry for anyone stuck in Winnipeg and all i have to say is get out while you can!!

If you choose to live there, well then you really are a silly f*#ker arent ya??”


“Winnipeg reminds me of a pile of dog shit and human vomit. In some ways, I compare this city to Detroit. Look at it, this city is overall ugly, dirty, an abundance of abandoned buildings, a mediocre downtown, shitty economy, low wages. Its no wonder cities like Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria, Calgary are like a haven for Winnipeggers. To be honest, I don’t think this city has a future.”


“Winnipeg women are so fat and disgusting, Winnipeg women make me sick.”


“I have lived here for 5 years now can’t wait to move out of this city, it is a really grey city not so clean, no one knows how to signal when they drive and if you do people speed up and dont let you in. this has been one of the worst places i have been to. i agree with most comments said already.”


“Winnipeg is far the worst place i ever been i grew up here school was hell with all the aborginal gangsters picking on everyone starting random fights drug dealing shooting houses and our small well fair air port that no one goes to winnipeg is a place where people visit not live i hate this place its a shit hole half the people i went to high school with moved or either got jumped killed by these shooting police take for ever to arrive there always busy i hate winnipeg once i turn 20 im out of there for sure i will by my parents a house so they will not have to live through this shit hold place of canada no one ever does anything for winnipeg its a shit hole broken roads small ass city gang wars little kids acting like they run things every generation in winnipeg ended up being the same winnipeg is one of the most uneasiest places say i were to go walk in the streets of edmonton in the night to my house from work i would be fine theres a large population there no one can really do anything your walking in winnipeg 3 or 4 guys come at you even though its public there going to beat you take your clothes and money and leave 2 days later the police arrive i been through so much stuff in this hell hole our premieres our prime minister has not done anything since for winnipeg its not even growing 11 of my friends moved to edmonton and toronto in this past month theres drug dealers everywhere people being beat killed bodys arents found its a shit hole theres not enough money to do this and that broken roads no brand name stores 3 or 4 malls drug houses people smoking weed in public drinking in public stores being robbbed”


“I hate Winnipeg with all my heart and soul. It’s the people here, really, that make it such a lousy place. Rude, no vision… if the City of Winnipeg was a PERSON, it would be someone very old, very bitter, very set in their ways, who does nothing but sit around all day whining about how every penny of tax money is spent.”


“Been In Europe and most of Canada, this is a shit-hole. Keep the immigrants coming, the gangs need to increase their numbers….lol

Fuck the bloods or cryps would tear these faggots apart.
The Wpg police are wanna be TV cops, it’s a joke here, they don’t clean up crime, neither does the fat mayor. Ah, a city of love….lol”


“There is a fix for this city, lets ask the US to nuke us for our own good.

We should be absorbed by the US, then laws would change, we’d have the right to bear arms as is in the US consistution and kill any bastard that attacks us or our loved ones in self defense. And blow any fucker away that goes on our property.

Where now god forbid you hurt an intruder, lets say raped your wife, you also go to jail.

God Love This Country !”


“immigrants are the only people who make winnipeg prosper
go to the u of m and see how it survives on immigrant fees.”


“I just came back from Vancouver for a little holiday, i couldn’t believe how beautiful and gorgeous that city was compared to his wasteland, there is simply no comparison, its like comparing a hot sexy female model to a fat, disgusting, obese chick with armpit hairs. Talk about a world of difference. Sure, living in Vancouver may be more expensive but its considered a first class city and one of the most livable cities in the world, believe it or not. Let the truth be known.”


“Lived in Winnipeg for a while and I would never go back. I’ve been all around this country and have lived in many cities and Winnipeg was by far the worst. There are few hills and the city is run-down and uninviting. I’m glad you like the city, Winnipeggers, but I gotta say I found it extremely depressing.”


“This is the worst place hands down of anywhere I have ever lived, or have seen. I came here because I had to, and now I am leaving.

I am the type of person to find some redeeming quality in almost anything, but over and over again I come up stumped with regards to Winnipeg.

The good attitude I brought here has been systematically erased by cold, filth, ridiculously poor service, horrible, bleak scenery, garbage, lack of culture, a plethora of chain restaurants and even basic shopping is terrible.I have to order at my expense any item of quality off the internet because there are such awful shops here, no curb appeal in the neighbourhoods,and the radio stations are shit, the roads are like something after an earthquake, downtown is unsafe and something out of a lynch movie, the people are fat and the malls are packed because there is nothing else to do. And that is just a start!

I will undo all the irreperable harm that living, and I say that loosely, here has caused me. If you are on this site because you are thinking of moving here, play pin the tail on the donkey on a map of the world. You’d have a much better chance at a good life.

I am leaving and never coming back.
Thanks for nothing, Winnipeg!”


“Rachel, you have eloquently described all the things I hate about this city. I came here three years ago with so much optimism and it has been methodically beaten out of me by this city. These days IÂ’m just playing at looking happy as I count the days to graduation so I can leave.

The service, and particularly their understanding of the concept customer service, is absolutely appalling to me.

Shopping is a nightmare! They claim that cost of living is cheap here, but I am spending more here because I have to buy everything online as I can’t find quality affordable clothing here nor can I find current styles. It’s depressing to see people on the streets, it’s like I’ve stepped back decades in time. It’s cheap here because you get what you pay for.

Entertainment wise there is very little to do and what little there is to do become boring after the third time. I can’t see movies I like when they are released because they don’t to the theatres until months later if they do come (not talking about the mainstream fodder). I’ve had to fly out of province three times in three years just to be able to see the live music I like. The one time a band came here that I liked their tour bus gets robbed at The Burton Cummings Theatre – the first time ever anywhere in 10 years of touring. Welcome to Winnipeg! So true about the radio stations – I just listen to internet radio now.

I can’t find 90% of the titles I search for at the public library and I have to wait sometimes a year to get the ones I do find.

The winters are brutal; I can’t seem to get warm no matter how many layers I put on, even with comforter-like coats. There is no way to be stylish and warm in this city.

I could go on, but you get the picture. If you are a person looking for a vibrant, exciting and invigorating place to live – this is not it.”


“Rachel, I agree 100%!! I feel like the city caused me a lot of emotional damage and damage to my positive attitude that I brought with me. This city suck the energy out of you. Good to know, it’s not only me who feels the same way.”


“winnipeg seems kind of sad because the main industry seems to be social services for the down and out. that and agriculture – not much else. everyhing is a substance abuse center, pawn shop and thrift shop.”


“Most racist, no class, cliquish, clonish, small town paranoia type, miserable and unfriendly – That’s Winterpeg.”


“This place is an absolute sh*t-hole. Some have called it the a$$hole of the world, and for very good reason. Winnipeggers are cheap, miserable, boring, have no fashion sense, no pride, and they are contentious, rude, arrogant, back-stabbing, and very juvenile. I know this because I have lived here my entire miserable life and can’t wait to leave and go somewhere real that doesn’t look like a third-world country. I also can’t wait to meet people who WON’T smile into my face and then stab me in the back the first chance they get. If anyone here believes this is a great place for a young-at-heart career oriented individual to have a good life, I’ll ask them how much solvents they’ve sniffed today.”


“It seems most Winnipeg are totally unsympathetic to the needs of most newcomers. There is an ignorance that prevails here due to there own comfortably. I also think that the harsher climate and bad weather conditions, as well as an unstable rich ruling class environment tend to desensitise others to the needs of others.”

People are really struggling themselves. Hurting people hurt or neglect others.

I’ve been here ten years. And I have yet to make ONE consistent friend. Of course many will jump to conclusions and say I must be defective or skewed somehow. I am not. Before coming to Winnipeg as a local musician I enjoy a vibrant social circle of friends.”


“I have lived here for 3 years. The best part of this city is what I see in the rear view mirror on my way out of town on my way to work. Is it the cold winter’s I hate? Nope. The crumbling infastructure? Partially. What tops the list is the people. I was in Halifax not long ago. Did you know that the drivers there actually stop for pedistrians? In Winnipeg the drivers speed up and aim the car at someone crossing the street. And don’t get me started about the idiots on bikes. I watched one moron run every single red light on Broadway the other day. Every single one! Can you say death wish? Clerks in stores are rude, drivers are rude, and even the lawn care guy is rude. Friendly Winnipegers? Maybe the hookers are. Don’t bother with the “if you don’t like it you can leave” argument. First chance I get, I’m outa this toilet.”


“I agree with most people on this form, but what gets to me is the crime in the city, I mean get it under control. Declare martial law, search people if you have to, quarantine the areas that are crime ridden. I feel like I have to be like the guy from the movie “kickass” or “Deathwish” and go gang hunting. Fear is among the streets of Winnipeg and the Police do nothing about it. It’s time to let loose the wild dogs and remove the cancer that plagues our city. Winnipeg is festering crap hole, has little going for it. People find corpses in the rivers, people get shot or stabbed, I know every city is not perfect but this one has nothing to counter the balance. Also there is nothing to do at night if your not into bars or clubs. The transit system is a joke, an exchange student said Winnipeg is ridiculous – takes an hour and a half to get from downtown to st.vital on a sat, while back in Berlin she could get twice the distance in half the time. People are rude, have no life spirit, no energy – and I don’t blame them. I see people in bad moods nonstop and the only reason you would ever move to this city, is how cheap it is. It’s sad that our leaders don’t do anything, I can say with sad confidence that this city will be Canada’s shit stain in a matter of ten or fifteen years”


“Mostly bad experiences in Winnipeg. I have traveled the world but settled here for the last Five years as my wife is a winnipeger. She has always wanted to get away, I have never liked it, and now we have a little one we are definitly leaving.

I find most people who were born in Winnipeg really dont know any different as most have never traveled. Saying that, nearly everyone I work with complains all the time about something here, quite a depressing place really. the news every night is about shootings and gang violence.

I could afford to buy a great house with a pool but to me there is much more to life than a house. Will miss Assinaboine park and Gimly but nothing else, Gangs are out of control, problems even spready to good areas, infastructure is just horible, I have been to 3rd world countries in better shape. Winter pretty much wipes out half the year, and mosqitoes ruin what is left. Only time it is vaguely nice is April and may.
We are leaving soon for good, and I cant wait!”


“My top 10 reasons for reasons for not liking winnipeg.

  1. Crime is out of conrtol
  2. Winter
  3. Summer(may be hot but is always bloody humid and sticky. 30degrees in the med is what I call a summer!
  4. Mosquitoes. cant even sit out and watch the sunset whithout being carried away by them.
  5. Infastructure is a joke, so many broken roads/sidewalks, steel rebar sticking out the concrete everywhere, weeds growing out of all the cracks,
  6. Bloody miles from anywhere, have to fly or drive for a day to get out of here.
  7. Geographically dull. lots of rivers but just mucky brown. furthest you can normally see is the next trafic light. No natural beauty unless you like flat fields and shabby buildings.
  8. Traffic lights, roads are a joke, no main through routes in the city.
  9. No dirct flights to europe anymore, total pain transfering whhen you have kids, makes for very long and tiring journey.
  10. People cannot drive, one of the most hostile cities I’ve driven in. drivers here are just simply stupid, apart for the odd exception.”


“I have never seen a more accurate description of the Peg. As an outsider who has been living in the compassionless hell for eleven years. I couldn’t agree more. And as for the ignorant responses that will follow, I could care less!”


“This answer sums up everything I have been thinking. This is a city without compassion. People are very selfish and self centered. What I haven’t seen anyone mention as of yet is how uncaring and compassionless people are towards the economically challenged. The poor here are treated in a disgusting way. I’ve never seen such a socially enforced cast system in my life. Please do not move here if you are not finacially secure. No one will care if you end up on the streets or destitute. Winnipegers will just continue there “suck it up sunshine” attitude. Please do not come, especially with children. They will be at odds with other children whose families are deeply rooted in this community. Even if you are offered a job transfer with increased salary and wonderful benefits, it won’t be worth it. You will end up alone and longing to go home. I am trying hard to get out of this city and back to Kitchener, Ontario where I am from. I am so sorry I came here with my family.

Don’t expect a merciful clergy either. The clery in Winnipeg is corrupt and uncaring. Wealth eletists run the churches here. The theology is horrible and base. Most churches have been infiltrated by bizarre charasmatic teachings that seem more like a hybrid between new age teachings and witchcraft than love and community based faith in action. Oh and Love Winnipeg is a joke. People need to love people in their community EVERYDAY, not just once a year.”


“What I’ve noticed about most Winnipegers is that they almost never leave Winnipeg. They think this city is great because they’ve had nothing to compare it to. The extent of their travelling has been to Regina or Grand Forks. Let me fill everyone in on the worst things about Winnipeg:

  1. Traffic. Someone posted some inane comment that we have “no traffic jams” HA! Winnipeg has THE WORST infrastructure in the free world! Even a dinky town like Grand Forks has a freeway system! But Winnipeg? Oh no, I’m pretty sure that they have an entire council of people who put their heads together to find the cheapest, most inefficient way possible for getting people from point A to point B. The entire city is run on a grid system, with stop signs, traffic lights and railroad crossings EVERYWHERE! You can’t find ONE non-stop route in this whole stupid city! And if there’s so much as one house within 50 yards of the street, they lower the speed limit to 50 km/hr. Even if it’s a 4 lane road! Oh ya, and then they put up photo radar everwhere….you know….for public safety (not because it’s the only major source of revenue in this town besides casinos).
  2. Blue collar mentality. Winnipeg is full of your typical “Homer Simpson” idiots. The highlight of their week is Sunday night cruise on Portage Avenue. Need I say more?
  3. Too many Indians. It’s like a freaking reserve in this city. Everyone’s on social assistance, and the murder rate is the higest in Canada (hmmmm wonder why?)
  4. Bad weather. There’s snow on the ground for 6 months of the year, and the rest of the time, it’s raining.
  5. Too many ugly chicks who think they’re the cat’s meow. People above mentioned how unfriendly Winnipeg is. Ain’t that the truth?! This goes DOUBLE for the women. They’re stuck up and fat. I travel a lot (to take a break from this place), and often go to L.A. You’d think that the women in L.A. would be stuck up (they could get away with it, the way they look out there). Not so. They’re incredibly friendly, flirty, and unlike anything I’ve found in Winnipeg.

It definitely is the worst city in Canada for so many reasons. The only thing going for it is that no one wants to live here, so there are jobs, and it’s relatively cheap (except for the taxes, but that’s another rant).”


“I moved to Winnipeg from Toronto. but take in account that i lived in China for a lengthy amount of time as well. Needless to say, I’ve been here for 2 months, and next week Friday I will be going to my first ever therapy session, to talk about my feelings towards this city.

Avoid this city like the plague, don’t even fucking drive through this dump.”


“Every time I walk downtown and come across a typical drunk native/aboriginal/first nation,it reminds me of a Zombie.

They are always drunk,limping,dirty,talk funny and have facial wounds.
Is winnipeg a ZOMBIE city and what is the mayor doing about the zombies?”


“Honestly, I went to Winnipeg for work and found myself sitting in my hotel room for 3 days. Drove through “Assiboine Park?”, went to the Forks, but couldn’t stay due to the bat sized mosquitoes in the day and the natives at night. Couldn’t go to the bars at night, I left my G-Unit clothing at home. No natural beauty.
I have to say, it’s even worse than Prince George.”


“I agree with most of the posts above. I have lived here all my life. Unless you are mentally ill, drink, or a criminal, Winnipeg is not for you. It was run better in the 90’s, at least you could voice an opinion without wondering if you will be punished for it! There is no leadership whatsoever now, and it’s beyond disorganization. I along with others hope to leave here too. It’s almost as if Winnipeg has become schizophrenic. The other provinces laugh at us all the time, that we are so behind, and so stupid.”


“This city is a complete shithole, downtown is shit, theres really no nice areas in this city, sure, ppl can say that other cities suck, but they don’t know what they have til you come to winnipeg, i’m sure they’ll change their mind. I’ve been to Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, those are what i call cities, u know why, they have a thing called VITALITY, winnipeg doesn’t have that, winnipeg is a dying city and everybody knows that, sure, having a humans right museum, a new IKEA and a new stadium which is out in the boonies might help rejuvinate winnipeg, but not in long run, thats not enough, im sorry to say, but winnipeg needs more to keep up with other major canadian cities if they want to be respected and not look like a complete joke.”


“winnipeg is great if you’re from eritrea”


“read the globe and mail. canada prices are 15-35% above american prices. plus manitoba is one of most heavily-taxed (and poorest) provinces.”


“I absolutely agree, how can the provinces slogan be “friendly Manitoba” when this is a total lie? Since moving here 4 years ago, we have experienced people who are rude, stand offish, have chips on their little shoulders, no sense of humour and weird in the true sense of the word. We want to move, but were worried if all Canadians are like this or just insular, small city in a big pond Winnipeg.”


“I have grown to loathe Winnipeg. I can’t go in my back yard for most of the summer as the mosquitoes will eat me alive. Forget about going out of the city as I’ve done to visit my parents’ grave. They will attack you with a vengeance. Winters, even WITH the remote start in my car are hellish, not fit for man nor beast It’s very true it’s hard to make friends. I’ve joined several classes and the women might say hi but that’s about it. They come with their friends and that’s who they talk to. I’m retired now – off to Arizona for the winters where the people are very friendly. What a nice chance from this rat hole.

Yes, many towns and cities have problems, but Winnipeg really stands out. According to Environment Canada, it is the coldest city in the world of its size. It is also the fetal alcohol capital of North America. Manitoba is one of the highest-taxed provinces, and much of that money is wasted by the NDP.”


Just a little over a third of the way through the comments, will stop here. Suffice to say, Winnipeg is a shit hole! Don’t claim you weren’t warned … !

See: Winnipeg Rants (part one)

Toronto: Rants

Since this city is universally loathed and there seems to be no proper forum to complain about it … feel free to leave your comments! Yes Toronto is a complete SHIT HOLE from hell – I get it. Will get to a post on TO whenever I work up the stomach for it.

“Dear Toronto,

Fuck you. Fuck your overpriced shitty basement apartments, your 400sq.ft. micro bachelors, your lazy transit system, your overpaid unproductive bureaucrats, unfair wages, and fuck your impossibly expensive cost of living.

When I moved here last year I had hopes and dreams of the beautiful life I might have, an exciting new job, a busy social life, and a comfortable place to call home. Instead, I quickly realized this city is poised against the working class individual. My dream job quickly became a nightmare once I found out that I was actually required to work in excess of 10-20 hours unpaid overtime each week and as a result my social life completely disappeared. As the months went on I realized I was digging myself deeper and deeper into debt, trying to pay the rent on my modest apartment while also maintaining the decent quality of life I had always had.

To get out of the hellish job I once dreamed of, I now work for less money than before and am forced to find a new, less expensive home. Forget saving money, and forget ever owning a home in this fucking city I just want an apartment that isn’t a complete fucking dump for less than $1000/month. Is that too much to ask that an educated, hardworking, 20 something individual be able to afford an above grade apartment whilst still having some semblance of decent quality life? Are we destined to be enslaved to our bosses and landlords forever just because our generation “missed the boat” on ever achieving financial success?

For years the wages of the middle class have lagged behind the rises in cost of living. What will become of this city, or this country when corporate greed eventually crushes the hopes and dreams of the middle working class into oblivion? We need income reform, we need taxes on foreign ownership, we need affordable housing, WE NEED A REVOLT TORONTO!

I am so sick and tired of being told that I just have to put my head down and keep working until I earn enough to live a comfortable life. We aren’t living through a depression, this city is rich enough to get this shit resolved. Or else I might as well leave, taking my skills and talent to somewhere else that doesn’t suck every last bit of joy out of my life. Someone else can have my under paying job and my run-down over-priced apartment. What’s the point of working here if I can’t afford to live? Whats the point of living here if I won’t be paid what I’m worth?

So that’s my rant r/Toronto. Call me entitled, call me lazy or delusional but I think its about time we take control of what is ours. Fuck the system. Fuck Toronto.”


“Completely agree. I lived in Toronto in the 80’s and worked as a secretary. I didn’t have a car, but I had a nice apartment, paid my bills, ate well and could afford to go on vacation every year. And I was a single Mom so my expenses included daycare. No way that would be possible today.”


“The only problem is the states has so many cities and markets to increase your chances of success. Unfortunately, here in our home and native land, what other CITIES are there besides Toronto? Toronto is a shitty place to live and work in. AND overrated, considering we’re the hub of the entire fucking country.”


“I agree and honestly you’re probably better leaving. Toronto is really starting to drain me. I grew up here but it’s not the same place I grew up in, it’s changed a lot for the worse. In 5 years we will be like Vancouver – a resort city nobody can afford.”


“I don’t know what to say, I hate Toronto. It’s a shit city, overpopulated, not enough opportunities, housing is fucking expensive. People are rude. Traffic on the roads and highways, transportation delays on the trains and buses, it’s a fucked up city is what it is. It’s depressing to live in Toronto, and it’s depressing to work in Toronto, and it’s depressing to be in Toronto.

I don’t know how Vancouver or other parts of Canada are. I’ve never traveled outside of Ontario. But Toronto is a fucking shithole and I’m fucking tired of it. Hell even trying to post a question on the /askTO you’re going to get rude, and condescending replies back from asshole people.”


“By far cost of real estate. I think somewhere they said average detached house was 1.2 mill now? We managed to find a small bungalow for less than that but man a $3700/month mortgage plus property taxes plus Toronto Hydro etc…. it’s a kick in the butt that’s for sure.”


“I moved here from a smaller city a few years ago. In an attempt to get to know people, meet new friends l, network etc. I have found most people quite superficial and cold. (Social worker and can read people quite well) Also how service at bars and restaurants aren’t up to par and how there’s an automatic ask for a 20% tip.”


“Charity mugging is the term. Google chugging or charity mugging + Toronto and you will see you’re not wrong, or a lot of people agree with you, anyway.

I can’t stand them, they’re so aggressive now.”


“The humidity”


“Lack of foresight and planning…or an unwillingness to take action on those things.

It’s like being a passenger in a slow motion car wreck. You see what’s coming but no one is willing to take the wheel and steer to another direction or at the very least hit the brakes.

We wait until the very last minute, when the damage is about to be done or will at least cause a significant amount of misery and hardship.

All of which could have been avoided if our leaders were proactive instead of reactive.”


“The same things I hate about most cities: Crime, homelessness, drug abuse, and traffic. But looking around the rest of the world, it could be so, so much worse.

Something a little more specific to Toronto: The architecture is somewhat bland, with many cookie cutter condo towers and excessive amounts of boring concrete buildings and infrastructure downtown.”



“This, but I don’t feel anywhere near as generous about it.

It’s impossible to get around. Traffic here isn’t just bad, it’s in the top ten worst in North America. The TTC is a joke. Many places are too far to walk and cycling means taking your life in your hands.

I live in homelessness/drug addict HQ and it’s getting to me in a major way, I’m feeling cynical and frustrated and ill at ease.

Almost everything that was charming about Toronto has been sold off or priced out.

The fields of poor-quality, overpriced condos are a hellscape. Ugly, many with broken elevators, no thought given to the pipes servicing these monstrosities… coffins with glass walls designed for Florida, not a place that’s got eight months of winter

I’m so angry the city has been allowed to mutate, like a cancer, in such an anti-human direction. I’m annoyed there aren’t many other realistic options in this country, never mind the province

With four years of Ford’s conservatives ahead, it’s only going to get worse

And where the hell else do you go if you want to work and you’re not a farmer or French? Moncton? Calgary? Oh there’s always Vancouver /s”


“The ridiculous cost of living/housing

The traffic.

The architecture.

Poor city planning.”


“The smell of the garbage cans during the summer. That’s pretty much it.”


“As someone who has lived in a number of major world-class cities I’ve thought about this a lot, and how to articulate it (I’m still struggling).

I think a lot of my gripes have to do with how it’s growing and rapidly changing, but the infrastructure isn’t really changing or adapting for it. I can’t believe they didn’t see this coming, and only now are trying to play catch-up.

They’re doing so much redevelopment and there’s so much change, but they don’t seem to invest any money in existing buildings. Walking around downtown, there’s so many new buildings popping up, but then the older beautiful ones are just left to kinda degrade, so the city ends up feeling a bit ‘rough’. If you look at a city like Melbourne or London, there’s beautiful old architecture mixed in with the new.”


“In no particular order:

TTC – I honestly get depressed when it rains in the morning and I have to take the TTC rather than cycle. Don’t get me started about Winter…

Cost of Living/Real Estate – I make good money but it’s so hard to save in this City without becoming a shut in and eating no name chickpeas out of a can for dinner every night in the dark to save on hydro. I’ve already accepted that I’ll have to leave the GTA to ever own a home.

Mental Health Care – As someone who moved here from Europe a few years ago, this is shameful.”


“The extremely hot summers and the extremely cold winters. Spring and fall are too short”


“The fact that there’s no cellphone service on the subway, and that the subway frequently stops because of a delay (or for no apparent reason). Gets kind of frustrating after a while especially after experiencing how efficient the subway systems are in Asian countries.”


“There’s a lot of things I love about my city but since you asked…

People will say ‘cost of living’ but that’s not specific enough. I can only speak for myself but wages have fallen by around 34% in my industry. There’s more jobs but less compensation. Apartment rent in my area of the city has increased by 67% since I moved in. Groceries and transit have gone up but not as significantly as rent has skyrocketed and wages have plummeted. Loan companies are making a killing by trampling over the working class, who are left with little alternative when faced with poverty than to ruin their credit willingly with a bailout loan that can’t be repaid. A lot of Torontonians have an uncomfortable amount of survival debt.

Owning a house is a pipe dream for most people I know. Big corporations like Bell are able to build on land and then close down public walkways and parks (and most big-box TO customer service are notoriously bad) and make getting around even harder than it already is. Our public transit is lagging years behind, as is our IT infrastructure. Amazon is taking over but everyone is still in denial about the upcoming automation labour crisis, so no real solutions are being worked out (talked about, promised, but nothing’s happening).

The education system has been slow to adopt a modern outlook in areas but that’s changing. Human trafficking still exists and is an ongoing hidden problem in the city. Doesn’t seem to be much in the way of vehicle traffic solutions on the horizon either, despite gridlock getting worse steadily each year. A lot of the old police dogs who spent their whole career going after the poor for minor drug offences are now poised to earn millions as investors in new marijuana companies which I think is rather hypocritical. The Meetup scene has staled and there aren’t many other ways to meet new like-minded people in the city. Toronto talks a lot about being a beacon of hope and inspiration by driving experimental innovation but in reality most of these types of projects are cancelled last minute due to the various sides not being able to come to an agreement. Some… not all, some… media outlets (on both sides of the political spectrum) flat-out break the law in order to harass their targets and nobody will stop them. Nobody cares enough about their local politicians.

I’m young and drunk btw not an old man like my ranting implies.”


“I hate how there’s almost no new commercial/office development in the 416 suburbs. With the tax rate being uniform across the City, companies will always either prefer to set up offices downtown or in the 905 to take advantage of their lower rates and more space. Example: Aviva just moved their head office from Scarborough to Markham.

We need more well-paying jobs, not just shoebox condos in Scarborough, Etobicoke, etc.”


“The cost of having fun. All sports tickets, concert tickets, DJ events, and similar events get sold out immediately or are at prices 2x more than similar events in other cities.

People mention infrastructure and transit, but as a side issue, the amount of patios right beside major roadways. But also with (lack of) transit, it affects days/nights out, looking at logistics for parking or transit schedules, getting everyone on the same page.”


“It’s filled with rude people, it’s ugly, it’s expensive. I would leave here if I could.”


“I think the culture. “no-fun Toronto” is a real thing when you compare us to other cities. And when we do try to do fun things, we Torontoize them so much that they’re no longer fun. For example, why was open streets TO only 4 hours on a Sunday? Why didn’t it start Saturday evening and last through Sunday afternoon? The odd time we take a good idea from other cities we bastardize them beyond recognition because we don’t think we’re responsible enough to have any fun. It’s like we don’t think we’re deserving of anything nice, and it sometimes really gets me down.”


“The cost of real estate and rent. There won’t be any possibility for the youth or millennials to buy anything. Too sad”


“I know it’s something we have no control over, but the sunset and sunrise times in the winter. The days are way too long compared to just a little further south.”


“The lack of mountains and hills. I’m always in awe when I visit places like LA which have plenty of mountainous views you can not only admire but also hike through.”


“The smell, it permeates everywhere.”


“cost of living comparable to nyc or los angeles, traffic congestion that was obviously never planned for and will be tough and expensive to fix now. people’s general unfriendliness. and lack of good mexican food/tacos.”


“The public transit The traffic The construction The waterfront The sprawl Cost of housing The bland and boring architecture Feeling like a foreigner in some parts, though that’s more of a gta issue The leafs and how they’re the dominant sporting team in this city for some odd reason”


“I agree with everything you mentioned:

-It’s completely unaffordable to live here unless you’re pretty well off

Over the past 10-15 years, a lot of amazing independent businesses that gave the city character have had to close their doors

The general vibe is way too work/hustle-obsessed for my liking, but then again, maybe part of that is because we couldn’t afford to live here if we weren’t working all the time

I find municipal politics here incredibly frustrating

I’ve lost hope of having a family here as I can barely afford to keep afloat. Also, the feeling of commuting (during rush hour) in this city comes with a heavy sense of dread. Lastly, I find the architecture in this city to be bland and the urban planning to be rushed and unaccommodating. I feel like this city can do better… a lot better.

Edit: on a positive note, I love the diversity in cuisine and the quality of care at UHN. I wouldn’t want to have surgery anywhere else.”


“I have lots of perspective having travelled and lived in many different parts of the world,

For me, the problem is the people.

  • Too many rich people acting like entitled douch bags.
  • way too many racist, homophobic, misogynistic assholes akin to DoFo.
  • Toronto gets all the people the rest of the province does not want, via a one way bus ticket.

The end result is the the middle class get screwed.”


“Because it’s a city that’s so much less than it could be. It’s stuck between its deeply conservative roots, its terrible leadership, and infrastructure that is decades behind. It’s not just “people complaining.” Toronto lacks in so many ways compared to other big cities and it’s frustrating.”


“It’s too expensive for me. Can’t afford to own a condo on a near 6 figure salary due to the number of issue affecting the housing market.”


“It’s just way too expensive to the point that it doesn’t feel like it’s worth living here. I was actually born here and contemplate leaving. Recently, I’ve been seeing an ad on YT where recently lottery winners are asked about what they’ll do with their winnings and one guy actually said that he can now finally afford to move to Toronto and rent a place.

Also because everyone is basically struggling to afford rent, it’s all hustle and bustle and no one really talks to each other during the commute or just anywhere.”


“Altruism, empathy, social engagement, sense of community etc. definitely have been dying in Toronto. A gap has definitely grown between renters and home owners in these areas within neighbourhoods too.”


“It’s not the same city as it used to be! Drivers are rude, people littering, unaffordable housing, FORD as a fucking premier. Etc.. but I agree with the top voted. There are good things in Toronto but the bad is outweighing some of the good.”


“It all depends on money. If you make at least 40K a year Toronto is one of the best places in Canada to live. If you get 11K a year from disability, as I do then the health care is adequate while in smaller communities it’s horrifically bad even without the doctor shortages; but in terms of quality of life it’s not much better than a dingy shack and dented tuna cans in any other community.”


If you make at least 40K a year Toronto is one of the best places in Canada to live.

“I am sorry, several ppl would disagree with this. I make close to 6 figures and with rent and basic expenses, i have to cut down or luxuries like eating out a lot compared to how much more money i could spend when i lived in Houston.”


“40k a year if by Toronto you mean Brampton and you rent a basement or collect subsidies…”


“Born and raised in Toronto but I have travelled around a lot to other major cities for comparison. The few things that my friends, family and I find frustrating with this city:

  • Unaffordable as housing and cost of living here is ridiculous
  • Commuting around the city sucks. Traffic here is ridiculous and we have some of the worst public transit systems in the world despite being a massive city. Not to mention our crumbling roads and potholes take forever to get fixed.
  • Infrastructure is old and falling apart and parts of the city is starting to look really grungy and ghetto.
  • Weather is not the greatest. It’s basically cold 8 months of the year and you get very little days of sun. It takes a toll on your health and mood.
  • Work life balance is pretty bad, we are overworked and under paid and hardly get time to have a social life. Majority of Toronto residence is living pay cheque to pay cheque which is just unacceptable.
  • We have homelessness issues and little mental health resources
  • Crime is pretty bad, basically a homocide or shooting every week.

Many of my friends complain on the amount of income taxes we pay, most of these problems should be fixed. It sometimes feels like u work ur life away here and get nothing in return to show for it. Most of my money goes towards vacations so I can escape atleast 2 weeks a year.

But at the end of the day Toronto is my home so I deal with it.”


“It is a nightmare to park in downtown Toronto

And you will use profanity better than a gangster rapper when you want to turn right but see the traffic sign says “You can’t turn right”

Men are friendly but women will scream as soon as you say hi to them in public. I thought there was something wrong with me but other men who live in Toronto say they notice the same thing, and men who are visiting Toronto from other cities notice the same thing

The monthly rent for a little tiny room is a bit less than the purchase price of a normal house in other cities

The cell phone bill…. disgusting”


Transit sucks, planning sucks/fucking condos/any charming thing is priced out or turned into a condo or Shoppers Drug Mart, violence, lack of support for mental health issues, cost of living vs income is obscene, live to work culture, standoffish/neurotic vibe (many people are lonely too). I can’t wait to get out of here.

This city’s best times are over, and it’s thanks to developers and city officials being greedy and myopic as fuck. You can’t intensify the way they have and completely fail to accommodate this with appropriate transit and infrastructure. They also have failed to protect the businesses and creators that are vital to maintaining a sense of community. But politicians know they won’t get elected if they raise taxes, and they won’t risk their careers to do it once in office. Bunch of corrupt chickenshits that are going to cast a LONG shadow over this place.

Once again, extremely eager to get the hell out of here.”


“40k might make sense if you have absolutely no life- you’re a drone that lives only to work and you survive off canned food and do nothing when you get home.”


“Cause they are bored of it and its friggin cold and shitty for alot of the year. I like the idea of florida for thr cold 5 back to t.o”


“Not sure if my opinion is valid, but I stayed in Montreal for a year and travelled around Canada for a bit. The thing I didn’t like about Toronto was how…cold it was. The people weren’t very nice and they all seemed to be in a rush. Plus the city itself is very grey and not all that interesting to be in (that is to say, most of the things worth doing are hella expensive)”


“Ha, this conversation came up at work today. A colleague from Toronto was at a family reunion out of province this weekend and was shocked that there were boos every time it was announced that someone was from Toronto. He asked us why do people hate Toronto, “everything comes from Toronto and the country wouldn’t be anything without the city.” I guess that kind of mentality is why people are anti-toronto.”


“I go to school at George Brown on King St.. I hate Toronto because it smells awful. The air is bad. Anyone in the financial district dressed in a suit will look at you like you’re a walking turd trespassing on their turf. I think title of taxi driver in Toronto is actually a scapegoat to be a killer. I’ve been accosted by homeless people, I don’t mean inconvenienced slightly, I mean grabbed and held. Some places in Toronto look really beautiful, I love the parks, like St. James, not far from my college, or High Park. The architecture and history are wicked cool. I especially like the the financial district buildings like Scotia and TD. I love the food. The Markets are really badass too. But the bad outweighs the good.

TL;DR Smelly. Snobby. Taxis. Overzealous beggars.”


“I lived there, and hated it. Its dirty, expensive, and has too little access to nature and swimmable water.”


“The sewer smell in a large part of toronto.”



EDIT: and litter. It’s worse than other larger cities I’ve visited throughout Canada/US/UK.”


“You’ve said exactly what my wife and I have been thinking for the past year.

Even with our savings, we cannot afford to buy a home in Toronto without having to spend a few arms and legs. Yet, our wonderful premier doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it is nothing short of shameful. 2018 can’t come soon enough.

I don’t know what’s up with the job market. I’ve been struggling for months to find work, but can’t seem to lock anything down. I’ve never been unemployed for this long. It’s so strange.

Don’t even get me started on the transportation situation in Toronto. City council is a joke when it comes to transit planning (sorry, not sorry), and the last few years under Rob Ford and John Tory are an embarrassment.

I, too, cannot wait to move out of Toronto.”


“You hit the nail on the head. I was born/raised in Toronto as well, and once you live away, you can see all of the massive problems the city has. The cost of living is beyond insane, and the the transport network is absolutely atrocious. And nothing ever seems to get better.

I still love visiting, but others can live there. I have my Ph.D. in Engineering and there are better opportunities pretty much everywhere else.”



If your “6.6, a millionaire and very handsome, your toronto experuience will propbly be a good one. For the rest of us. Toronto is a stuck up fake place full materialistic people set on getting that place on ” the bridle path” some day. Its a cheap high here. Toronto does not have mtns, it has hills. Toronto Has lakes instead of oceans. Their is nothing wild about this place, it is a weird mix of boring and parinoied.

Most of Toronto is designed in such a way that if you sit on your front lawn for too long some one will call the cops out of fear. The streets may as well be rolled up at night on account of very poor design.

Toronto is poor by design. Nothing here is fun, if u have time to have fun you are doing it wrong. Toronto is only about work and eat for more energy to get back to work. People wait all your to get a week off, to do they everyone else does after work.

Fuck this city”


I think Toronto is a highly mediocre city, enthralled with itself, devoid of passion, devoid of history, and whose infrastructure is in steep decline. It is a great place to raise kids, and is incredibly tolerant, almost miraculously so, as Pico Iyer has pointed out. But make no mistake: the city is a bore stacked against any of the great cities of the world. It’s still a pleasureless Protestant dullard, obsessed with civics, but it will never make you feel, in any way, the way New York, Paris, Rome or Buenos Aires does. Yes, you can live here happily, but this place will NEVER EVER inspire you.”


“I’ve lived here for 23 years. I hate the city, I hate some of the people, and as soon as I’m done school, I’m moving. Its too expensive to live here, so I end up taking public transit, and that’s complete crap. if you want to do anything in this city, it costs a arm and a leg. I’m not paying 400k for a crap house when I start working.”


“Honestly, if you have a choice of Canadian cities, move to Montreal and visit Toronto once a year for a weekend.

I’m living in Toronto for the second time in my life, and though I’m enjoying it much more this time around, I find that it’s still a cultureless, money-hungry, dirty, angry city. There’s a ton to do, and there are some nice neighborhoods (I live in Leslieville now and really like it), but I find it pales in comparison to Van, and especially Montreal.

That being said; it works for some.”


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“Where I live in Toronto there are no natives, despite the city being more diverse and multicultural and having “diversity is our strength” as its slogan. I guess Toronto is hostile towards natives despite claiming it’s more tolerant.

I have a disdain for this city since last year and want to live somewhere outside Canada in the future.”

Winnipeg: Rants

“The definition of “Winnipeg”:

We love to talk about things. We love to examine things. We love to look for the cheapest possible option. And we love to rally against change. Change of any kind. We don’t want anything new, modern, or state-of-the-art. Oh-unless $0.00 of our tax money is used, of course. 

We do nothing but whine about complain about how every penny of tax money is spent. If it’s going to make Winnipeg a more fun, exciting, desirable place to live, we’re against it before even knowing what it is. Or without even understanding how it will benefit us.

We embrace our “inferiority complex”. Edmonton? Ottawa? Calgary? Well.. they’re all richer than us. They can afford things. We can’t. They’re superior to us, with all their well-to-do citizens. Here? It’s Kraft Dinner nightly and just scraping by with each bi-weekly meager paycheque. 

This is shitty Winnipeg- new, exciting, bold things don’t happen here. Because they’re not supposed to. We’ll join the 21st century when we’re good and ready- and not a moment sooner.


“You should post that on . A poster by the name of Northender will tell you how safe walking down Selkirk Av and McGregor St at 1:00 AM is. And appearantly we should all move to the North End, becuase it has hardly any crime, and no gangs, according to Northender..


“Winnipeg sucks, theres nothing to do here, especially in winter when it gets blistering cold to the point, you feel like your limbs are gonna freeze and fall out. The nightscene ain’t all that great, some bars are deader than others on a sat night which is something i don’t understand, i’ve been to other cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and btw, Montreal is the best city when it comes to this subject, bar none, but back to Weinerpeg, somethings definitely lackin in the nightscene. Then again, theres other problems besides that, for example, no NHL team, shopping experience here is non existent compared to other cities, ugly depressing downtown, shitty roads, mosquitoes the size of vultures, high crime and high car thefts, this city is everything a city shouldn’t be in other words, WINNIPEG SUCKS !!!!!


“I join to your words. Winnipeg is a sh1thole. I mentioned already in “Winnipeg is a hellhole” topic 10 reasons why Winnipeg sucks.


“I lived there for a couple of years! It is the worst place in Canada. Terrible people…ugly city…the worst of the worst is in Winnipeg! I so thankful not to be in the worst place in Canada anymore.

“born and raised and i cannot think of a town with such a small minded personna.rampent nimbyisim and a fear of change


‘The definition of “Winnipeg”:’ An ugly city with dreadful winters not much to do and a bunch of petty, small minded people who’ve convinced themselves contrary to all evidence that they don’t really live in a shithole.


“Small minded is right. My dad was Scottish, and had worked in many places around the world. He was working in Toronto, but then was transferred to Winnipeg. No one cared where he had been before, or that he wasn’t ‘from the east’ technically speaking…they couldn’t get past the fact he had most recently been working in Toronto. Of course, they hated him even more because the rubes that stayed in Winnipeg had totally f’ed up a project they were working on and someone had to come in and show them how to do it right. 

Most of the spending their is public sector, so no one cares if things go off the rails, but it was a private sector project and they had to try to meet timelines and budgets and discovered that they couldn’t wipe their behinds. 

Anyone with any ambition should get the heck out of there as soon as they are finished high school.



Where the hell do you downhill ski in Winnipeg LOL. Former landfill sites with t-bar lifts don’t count.


“Been to winnipeg 4 times, twice i found myself without my vehicle. I don’t plan to return. People weren’t very friendly but I guess u can find that anywhere. It is colder than cold there. Go to vancouver or montreal for a good time.


“I agree with you on just one point, and that is your point about the sunsets; you can’t see the ugliness that is Winnipeg after the sun vanishes for the night.


“Just two cents from living experience,,,,I was born and raised here,,,,left this city in 1992 and lived in Vancouver, California and a virtual cornfield of a small town in the US midwest….I got back here two years ago to find Winnipeg is exactly the same as it was in 1992!! The geography, the buildings, the parks, rivers, landscape are perfectly fine and can’t be compared to anywhere else on earth,,,,everywhere on this gorgeous globe is different from another place…..what makes Winnipeg such a horrible city is the fact that every Winnipegger I’ve met, save for 3 of them, in the last two years has made sure to crap all over their own hometown right to my ears!!! I can’t believe the hatred of everything local and afar that I’ve encountered since I got back….If anyone here hasn’t lived in Winnipeg (I did for 3 decades at once),,,,they are speaking from pure ignorance,,,those who speak from personal life experience such as I are more than valid in their opinions of this city-awaiting-holocaust! Gawd I hope to be outta here by Xmas,,,,I came back hoping to invest big time and big $ in this city and I’ve been convinced by every slice of humanity one can imagine that this is the worst place in Canada to even think of settling and being a happy, decent, open-minded human being….I just can’t seem to work up the hatred it seems to take to live here!,,,,lol, I’m too busy working on another business plan!

“The very idea of change or improvement is met with total resistance by everyone I’ve met…this city should be a gravel-roaded panorama of brick buildings, identical rowhouses, and gas light lamps to satisfy the local population. It’s a nightmare of pure hate,,,,not political hate, but just hate for everyone at once, there doesn’t seem to be any exclusions for individual human beings that one can shake hands with…those aren’t real here, only the concepts of whatever “tribe” one associates with is what counts here. 

It’s a factory-built, cheapo southeast Asian import, deep discount, hate-filled, politically incorrect pit of venom and collective diminuation of human beings, cultureless city that should be returned to grassland in my opinion,,,,,I’ve now lived here for 32 years! I’ll never make the mistake of returning to this horror again….EVER!!


 “Yeh I went to a bar there (male) recently. I was buying a drink when I was surrounded by 5 people (3 male 2 female) Having no previous engagement they surrounded me continuously saying “Your sexy and you know it”! and rubbing my body… believe me I really don’t appreciate being touched by that many people- especially dudes. On my way home all the taxi services let us freeze to death until we literally jumped infront of one. We seen a guy who was laying on the ground covered in blood outside the delta. A few days later that night in another incident a person had been stabbed in an unrelated instance the exact same night.. cops would litterally drive past fighting in the street. THIS IS NOT A CITY TO EVER GO TOO NO MATER WHAT!!! STAY AWAY!!!


“That’s hilarious! I lived in the North end for just under 20 years. I was SO happy to get out of there. Now, I can accidentally leave something outside overnight and it’s STILL THERE the next morning. Not so in the North End.

It may have been illegal, but I kept a loaded shotgun near my bed every night for the past 15 years. I was lucky in that I never had to use it.


“Dude, that sounds very creepy. It seems some Winnipegger’s have this need to make unrequested bodily contact, even if you do your best to drop hints, they just don’t get it. There are certain places in the world where they’d be killed for pulling that shit.


“I lived in that poop hole for over 40 years before I wised up and moved to the maritimes. Winnipeg isin’t friendly, maybe 30 years ago but not now. Once you travel across Canada and see other cities you realize Winnipeg is one big cesspool of filth. This coming from an ex pegger that used to fiercely defend that bunghole. Do yourself a favour and get out of that scum pond.


“Winnipeg is the largest unofficial aboriginal reserve in the country. They have all the criminal morons here. Earlier, I had some scarred aboriginal dude banging on my door and trying to pick my lock in the door. Called the cops, before they got, he escaped, then 30 minutes later returned and tried to break my door again and this time the cops got him. There are no wards to describe this shithole!!!! I hate this city “downtown” especially! Nothing good here, only crime, scum and run down infrastructure.


“Your a reason why i hate this city too, F*cking racist, Thats the reason this city is such a shit hole. The city doesn’t try to do anything about it, in poverty stricken areas they set up beer vendors and bars, how the hell will that help anyone progress out of poverty? It won’t. This place will continue to be a sh*t hole since half of the white population hate natives with a passion


“That has got to be the weakest and most illogical argument I think I’ve ever heard when it comes to Winnipeg’s violent crime problem. Blaming businesses for society’s abuse problems amounts to taking zero responsibility for one’s addictions. If you want to blame anyone, you blame the city of Winnipeg’s Zoning and Bylaw department. By the way, there’s a certain pawn shop in the city that happens to be conveniently located inside the same building as a bar and beer vendor, originally funded by a greedy Metis businessman who took advantage of impoverished people for decades. Maybe you should look at the actions of your own people before blaming society for your misfortunes. Grow up and take some responsibility and quit playing the race card as an excuse.


“Most of the natives are the welfare sucking scumbags in this country, it is a fact.


“What are you talking about skiing. The place is so flat. There. No skiing.there are no hills. Who ever plays hockey is moronic. The only thing to do in this province is drink. Or bang your head against a wall until you pass out and don’t have to deal with this s@$t hole!


“lived here for soo many years and finally moving.

“Winnipeg is an obscure city, never seen mor young wannabes with no drive, inbreds, low intelligence and then an infrastructure like a third world country.

Let us not forget the lovely downtown but we are bonuses with lovely st James, polo park is fun but but not overshadowed by the north end, and no I didn’t forget about transcona.

It seems that all of the countries immigrants, this year 20 000 of them came here with a housing shortage for its own inhabitants.

Multiculturalism has never will never and doesn’t work.

We are a country where we are not individual and special snowflakes the government wants to sell you and the bleeding heart liberals eat up like a big Mac for an overweight cougar in a short dress and clear heels.

Have you been to wal mart in st vital lately, I felt I was in Nigeria a d Turkey at the same time.

With a small population density underplayed lower class, high welfare and natives flourishing here from reserves we have a beautiful city.

Of course there are always exceptions but on the whole it remains

One true great city doesn’t it?

Funny how we complain about the natives and immigration in private to one another.

Maybe we should take heed from Germany and stop immigration and give our mothers 3 years of maternity leave and yes paid, then per kindergarten for half a day with a person watching over them for free in the afternoon as well as for kindergarten, but probably too expensive for Canada hell immigration is more fun, you never know what ya get.
Enjoy, gettin out.


“Bleeding heart freaks then invite 2 natives to live in your house for free.

Or go for a walk downtown this evening, nicely dressed, anytime this evening after 7 is ok.

Hmmmmmm guess you know better, city is full of thieves, killers, crack heads, I saw a native teenager take a small cat and twist its head, snapping it, then throw it in an

Maybe the bleeding hearts can help rehabilitate him?
Go eat in the food court at polo park anytime, see what’s up…
Or maybe you will get mugged in the malls foyer, or your car stolen.

Winnipeg and welfare, never been on it, needed it once but had too much pride and pulled through my hard times s o long ago, point is we give handouts easily, wish I was native and an immigrant, cause I would get native benefits and immigration benefits of free dental, free prescription and non prescription drugs, 2 years free college and free university for natives, why go on, getting out of this whole of a city and country.


“Your obviously inept or were dropped on your head as a child, possibly have fetal alcohol syndrome or are all of the above including a crack baby.

Enjoy the city, gettin out and lived in Europe for 10 years and ths city let alone country offers nothing. 

Why do you think there re so many expats, if you don’t understand the word look it up, you sound like an uneducated child.


“It is a shit hole consumed by people living through their children’s lives, keeps them from thinking about their own life. Worst city to breed in.


“A big Brandon

Full of rednecks, inbreds and ho’s
All small businesses fail and makes me so happy to watch them go out of business
Life is good


“You need to be at least a part time drunk to fit in this place. I have no problem with the weather, it is what it is. I can’t stand how many natives (don’t mean to generalize but it’s true) are involved in crime. It’s everywhere. I live in the south end(supposedly safe) and its shit. My friend was brutally murdered for no reason by a 17&15 year old native boys. Total joke. The city is pretty damn ugly. The people for the most part are so close minded it’s not even funny. Everyone knows everyone literally. It’s pathetic. Once I’m done university I’m leaving for a long time before my ass comes back.


“Winnipeg is a joke. Traffic is retarted and so are the people. All “attractions” are a joke. Downtown. In every other Canadian city is lively, vibrant and never sleeping. Winnipegs downtown is full of deadbeats, it’s dirty, and if you’re there alone you probably ain’t coming back. It’s such a joke. But wait the jets will make everything better. And are new statium well that just ozes salvation from its every pore.


“Hmmm…have you been to any other Canadian city? Because the downtowns in all of the cities are dead at night. A little bit less dead in Montreal and Toronto, but then only on weekends for the most part. I was in Vancouver a few months back and I remember thinking how quiet the city was at night, even by Winnipeg’s standards. Canada is not Europe. Been to Vancouver’s Downtown East Side? How’s that for deadbeats…lots of used needles, real clean. You need to get out more, seriously. There’s a lot to do if you look for it. Check out your leisure guide. Check out different parts of the city for cycling or a long walk.


“agree completely. i have been hear a year and a half and currently on the way out. disgusting, ugly city with horrific weather. to say the people are friendly is a major over statement and undtrue. people are depressed and nasty. Can’t wait to get out of here.


“Let’s change the logo on the licenceplates from ” Friendly Manitoba” to “Weird Winnipeg”! People are walking around fearful or with their noses in the air. It is either self centered jerks or self absorbed snobby women. I have been told to ” eff off…I can get my own door” for politely holding a door open for a gal going into the Bay downtown. We are too conservative for our own good…afraid to try something new. I am becoming ashamed to say I am from here.


“I’ve been dying for a place to complain for the last 30 years… when I moved to Winnipeg from Florida. Yes, I got married to a Manitoban. 

Not only was it cold and unfriendly (compared to where I came from), there were no trees or hills or anything that warranted looking at. I tried and tried for 15 years. I was scared of going out into the prairie landscape, it was moonscape, and it felt so far from civilization, I felt stranded. I was depressed and suicidal. Finally (13 yrs. ago) we moved to Ottawa — HALLELUJAH — and I began having nightmares that we’d come back to Winnipeg and couldn’t get back home to Ottawa. I refused to go visit friends there for 10 years because it gave me the heebie jeebies to think about it. I had nightmares about Higgins Street, about driving in ruts in the snow, about long never-ending cold days, about mosquitoes and bad neighbours. I don’t think there’s anybody in the world who hates Winnipeg more than I do.


“never post here but really felt I needed to comment. I notice that almost all the Peg defenders cannot use grammar properly nor can they form a cohesive arguement. When one says, “Your a dumbass” what one really means is you are a dumbass or you’re a dumbass. Second, calling someone names like “mentally ill” does not prove your (not you’re) arguement- in fact, mental illness is just that- an illness and in the wider world is recognised as such. The education system in Winnipeg contributes to what a truly aweful place this is and creates this shared delusion that MB is ‘friendly’ and a great place to live. Look up the national education testing and see where your education ranks. As for the universities- my cat could get into UofM as long as I paid the tuition lol.


“I have been to every major city North, South, East and West of Wpg. – having travelled the whole country by car over 3 – 4 months, and it is not what other cities are. The collective consciousness of this city is imbalanced and odd. Wpg’ ers are known to be narrow minded and cheap. Our infrastructure is awful. We have 3rd world poverty in our front yards. Our poverty baseline is 10 000 a year when the rest of Canada’s is $12 500. Crime is high. Downtown is unsafe. I have never felt connected to living here, and I was and raised here. I’m looking to move to TO where there is life everywhere when you walk the streets.


“If I owned Winnipeg & Hell, I’d live in Hell – and rent out Winnipeg to some poor sap. Winnipeg truly is the worst city on this Earth.


” It’s the most horrible “farm town”ever, I hate the we will mind your business for you attitude that I hate the most here. That and the ignorance and stupidity of most Winnipeggers. 

I hate WHA, Manitoba Employment Services (welfare), Winnipeg Harvest, United Way, and so many self serving so called charities here. 

It’s nothing but people who want to look down at others who live in a worst situation. I know for a fact that that rich here laugh at the natives in their faces, and think all problems are native ones. 

People in Winnipeg are also prejudice and hateful, the worst people i ever seen anywhere.  To build a human rights museum here is the worlds biggest insult to humanity.



And Trust me Winnipeg is a shit hole, but mostly it’s because it caters to morons, the bottom feeders and the rich who pray on the weak. People here believe making less is a good thing, idiots !

Winnipeg is designed to keep you poor, and struggling so you can’t leave it. As a car city it forces young people to buy a car, and then they are in the trap.  

If you speak up about the problems, these mansion lead idiots who control everything here make legal trouble for you,and keep you stuck lopping though the courts, destroying peoples lives and pushing people in suicide.  

They social workers kill baby’s and get protection in doing so. This is what kind of place Winnipeg really is. Trust me 88% of places in North America you can earn more and you don’t have to be stuck living around these haters.  

The glass is actually greener in most places compared to the frozen hell hole.


“Been here 1 week and planning on getting out. Streets are ridiculously full of snow yet thats what passes as grated. UGLY city. No class. Looks like a wasteland. Very disappointed but the good news Im just 2 hrs from beautiful Ontario. The only good thing that EVER came out of this hole was the birth of The Who. Imagine poor old Burton Cummings growing up here? No wonder he escaped. No fucking Beer stores No beer stores that deliver???? Are you kidding me? What a joke. This twon needs an enema. The asshole of Canada literally where all the shit ends up. Winner-peg. NOT!


“Its the Guess Who. The WHO are a british band, with Pete Townsend, John Entwhistle, Keith Moon and Roger Daltry


“I reluctantly returned to Winnipeg in July 2012 (for family reasons) after spending the previous 15 years out east (mostly in Montreal, with a few years in Quebec City and Toronto).

I have tried to keep an open mind. I’ll admit that there ARE enough activities in Winnipeg to keep people busy (theatre, arts, sports, outdoors), so this is not the problem.

My three main issues are: 

1. Wages really are lower here for the “average” person [i.e. nonprofessional but with a university education]. The exception would be if you work for the government, for Hydro, or for a national/multinational company, which all allow you to live in relative luxury with a lower level of education. The fact that Winnupeg has a lower unemployment rate just means (I speculate) that more people have lost hope and have taken those $10-$12/hr jobs that are so plentiful here. 

2. Winnipeg does not offer a god variety of housing (type, size, price range). A decent-sized, quality condo seems overpriced in Winnipeg. I was prepared to buy a place here, but the longer I stay, the more reluctant I am to actually buy property. Reasonably priced rentals are mostly awful mid-rises, 3-level walkups, or 1950s bungalows. You should be able to rent a decent place for $1000/mo. in Winnipeg, but I see that conditions changed while I was gone. Take a look at to see what kinds of condos $225,000 (or less) will get you in Montreal or Quebec City; then compare them to what you can get in Winnipeg. Yes, Winnipeg real estate tends to offer better value per sq. foot (and income tax is lower), but we can never compete with the quality of life and variety in those other places. We don’t have much variety in neighbourhoods here—it’s either Osborne Village (good but still sketchy), Corydon/Lilac (stellar by Winnipeg standards), the Exchange (attractive and unique, but I would still be reluctant), or St. Boniface (some rough spots, but at least you can easily walk to those other neighbourhoods mentioned). Wolesley is nice, but surrounding neighbourhoods have some pretty serious problems (just watch the local news for a few days). I haven’t forgotten the suburbs; they’re just not worth mentioning. Seen one, seen ’em all. 

3. No matter what anyone says, you will eventually need a car in Winnipeg unless you have no family or friends to visit. I’m “low/middle income” but I never felt poor taking public transit in Montreal, QCity or Toronto—but a bus ride in Winnipeg is the most disheartening and humbling (read: depressing) experience I can get for my money. People who are against greenhouse gas emissions haven’t taken the bus to/from work in Winnipeg on a daily basis. Two days of commuting will cure such people of their environmental consciousness and send them car shopping with a smile. 

In conclusion, I’ll be leaving Winnipeg as soon as my family duties are fulfilled, or as soon as I crack (whichever comes first). At this point, I would welcome either possibility, but I am nervously coming to accept that I could be here for years. 

After I leave, I will only return to Winnipeg as a bag of ashes to be dropped into the ground. The only real estate investment worth making here is a cemetery plot (and I might even try to get a refund on that purchase at some point). 

If you are considering moving to Winnipeg, it should be for a very good salary. Save as much money as you can and then leave at the first opportunity. Having family and friends here will dull the pain but not cure it.


“You would be very surprised. Everyone who “loves Winnipeg” is just justifying their idiotic decision to remain.

It has gotten so much worse here in the last while. The crime, the ever increasing taxes, the ever-increasing human garbage walking the streets, the moronic attitudes of the people…even the odd gem like Grand Beach is disappearing under a blanket of toxic blue-green algae. 

Retirement is coming soon for me, moving to Ontario with half the provincial & property taxes and 1/10 the crime. And two months of winter instead of six.


 “Tucker I lived in Montreal 6 years, it’s not dead at all over night. Winnipeg is dead by 6 PM on a Friday. The unemployment rate is slightly less in Winnipeg region. I never been paid less then $11/hr a student a few years back. Many places higher, same job in Winnipeg pay min, and have less hours. Money goes further also in Montreal for poorer people, food is cheaper and transportation is about the same, yet you get around on time on a fully underground metro system. Then there is buses which come every 6 min, and night buses to prevent being fully stuck at nigh like in the Peghole. 

Winnipeg is not even a city, far as i am concerned, it an over sized farm town ! 

I could stop and look up statscan numbers too, in fact i am more qualified to read those numbers then most people. I also know I that though unemployment numbers read higher in Montreal, family income is also higher. On the other hand many natives that live in Winnipeg on government funds or no funds don’t tell the government they stay in Winnipeg 90% of the time, so add about 5000 more people to the overall numbers of poor. Plus, unemployed in Montreal lasts until your high paying job has new contracts, in Winnipeg it means you looking for more low pay jobs.  

I can assure you Montreal is a lot more fun, safer, and has bigger opportunities for people then Winnipeg.


“Went for a walk today in filthville manitoba. Dunkirk and St Mary’s road and a back lane. Recyclibles everywhere on sidewalks and boulevards thrown fron cars. Broken glass including beer bottles. Vodka bottle. Paper, cig wrappings. Dog shhit on the sidewalk. One huge stool sample that might be from a shindleman. What a disgrace.


“I made the mistake of marrying a woman in Winnipeg when I was just supposed to be passing through on my from Ontario to Alberta. Was duped into thinking the woman I married would move soon after the wedding. I wasted 23 years of my life in that shit hole. I finally left the Winnipeg Gulag 2005. I don’t have a single nice thing to say about the shit hole. I fCNg hate the place. I say bulldoze the entire city and leave it to the skeeters and lazy ass Indians and the rest of the deadbeats.


“It’s just horrible Francesca, and now with the quick melt and the rain there is large amounts of dog poop floating in my neighbour’s yard. I feel like I am at risk of typhus or worse, and I’m worried that this will contaminate my garden and flower beds. 

Then there’s people like JTF who contribute to the problem by allowing their dogs to bark and foul public parks and boulevards. Such slobs. 

If the city would charge $2500 for 5 years ($500/year…very reasonable) it would have a source of much needed revenue and the irresponsible dog owners, who sad to say are a large majority, would be much reduced in number. Part of the licence fee would be a requirement to watch a short video on responsible dog ownership and then to pass a written test.


“This is what I mean. Nobody wants to deal with all this mess from other people’s dogs.

Don’t know what drugs this clown is on. Winnipeg has three non-stop international flights: Minneapolis, Chicago and Denver. Everywhere else requires connections, and it is very expensive to fly from YWG because of lack of competition.

 I wish the city would get going on spring cleanup. Whats the hold up? Its like this every year, as if they act like flood..duh whats a flood? Or litter and D-shit, whats that? Or potholes, what are potholes? Get goin on these things NOW!!!


“Walking downtown, and around the north is like playing russian roulette, “is that neech gonna come at me or not?”.


I went through winnipeg .. Great place to take a Crap


“The reality is with all the litter, it is not a very attractive city. I’m embarrassed to say where I live when I travel. 

100 years ago it was considered Canada’s most beautiful city. Then came the wrecking balls and depressing brutalist architecture.  

And why is it that they have to use so much gravel on the streets? Other cities with similar climates don’t do this. I guess one of the gravel pit owners is someone’s buddy.

One week ’til May long and what a mess this city is.

 The street sweepers do a terrible job of cleaning all the sand and it builds up from year to year.

Why aren’t they out now cleaning up the mess? Why are they waiting?


“Winnipeg is a dump, I lived in the city for 10 years but luckily moved out West to Alberta. I’m out here for only a week, Thank the lord.

Nothing changes in this city except it’s cost which goes up. Here’s a few things I love about this city:

Pot holes you can drown in

The shittiest roads I’ve ever seen

Mosquitos the size of tennis balls

Brutal winters

Worst drivers hands down

17.50 for a pack of smokes now

Lots of crime

Dirty streets


Lots of drug addicts and crazy Indians

Pissed of people everywhere

This is the only city I’ve been in where half the people you see walking around are wearing dirty old sweat pants and a dirty shirt, And where the traffic is so congested panhandlers can actually squeegee your front AND back window. Ever try and run into a convenience store to grab something quick? Good luck you’re probably going to get stuck behind several gambling addicts blowing their welfare cheques on scratch tickets.

To the insane people trying to compare Winnipeg to Montreal, Pull your heads out of your asses. There is no comparison whatsoever, And this is coming from a white skinned red blooded conservative who likes to hate on Quebec frequently. Montreal is clean, Has nightlife, Lots of things to do, Is safe, GORGEOUS woman and so much more.

I could go on and on but don’t take my word for it, Come down and experience it for yourself if you haven’t yet. Just take my advice and pack light because once you’re here, You won’t be staying long.


“Worst city I’ve ever had the misfortune of spending the night in. I’d rather kill my family one by one with my bare hands than make them suffer living in that hell. Do the Jets a favor, let them go back to Atlanta!


“I agree with all the comments about this city.It’s lacking in so many ways.There are some positives,but I feel the negatives totally outweigh them.I keep myself busy and try n shut out everything in this town that pisses because I’m happy go lucky,but it’s hard.For me the winter n peoples attitudes are a deal breaker. Iv’e been fortunate to live all over Canada due to my work n this city doesn’t pass the grade.I’ll keep my cottage here because it’s peaceful to go to but I plan to retire to the BC valley.Definitely not here! One last thing, everyones entitled to their opinion but when you start to denigrate others just because you don’t agree with what they say…it just helps validate the negativity people feel they experience here.


“Lived in Winnipeg for 3 years and when I left it was one of the happiest days of my life. I found the people not especially friendly, unaware of life beyond Winnipeg, stuck in a time warp, petty and cheap. Food in the restaurants (not the vile fast food and chains) left a lot to be desired and the coffee always vile. Yes, its a cheap place to live in terms of rents and housing but who wants to come and live in Winnipeg? not exactly a destination or city of dreams.


“The city’s growth has stagnated, and try as they might, those in positions of authority don’t realize that Wiinipeg will never be big. So, they should take their heads out of the sands and build on the smallness of the city, instead of letting urban sprawl continue to be the spreading cancer that is ruining it.


“I was at Broadway and Spence last week and could smell pig barns. Today in St Vital I smell Brady road. That’s Manitoba thinking, have gross stinky things close enough to Winnipeg so we can smell it. Its not as bad as cig smoke but its bad or biker B.O., but its bad.


“Hey don’t worry, you’ve got a $351 million human rights museum now! That was definitely money well spent. I can’t think of a single thing that would have been a better investment. You’ll have that money back, and more, in no time. It’s going to draw people from all over the world, just to see it.

This is what I have noticed in my twelve years in this city:

1) This city has a very poor economy!

2) The infrastructure is laughable! This city is clearly mismanaged!

3)There is a very high crime rates!

4) This is pretty boring! There is very little to do! That’s a fact!

5) This is very cliquish and rude. That ”Friendly Manitoba” is a myth!

6) Downtown is very dumpy! Winnipeg is mainly in a poor and neglected state!

7) There is no LRT! The Winnipeg Transit is so ridiculous!

Hopefully one day this city will improve!

I forgot to mention that this city is full of nepotism!


“You left out we love garbage strewn on our streets and back lanes. We expect dog shit on our sidewalks left by responsible owners who DON’T bag it then throw the bag in the bush. We only want to drink beer, yell and train dogs to bark.


“WOW. The funniest thing about winnipegers is that many are delusional about how utterly horrendous this climate is. They think it’s the same everywhere in Canada. It’s not. There is nowhere colder, for more consecutive days, than here. Not by a long shot. But nice try. Maybe if you left shitty Manitoba you would realize this.


“Well….I’ve noticed that renting an apartment in Winnipeg is EXTREMELY difficult. All these stupid landlords and rental companies want a letter from your employer, pay stubs, at least 2 rental references, you have to have been at your job for more than 6 months, your complete credit history, a deposit required with the application, and it takes 3 days to process your rental application.

…..and the apartments aren’t even nice. They are dumps! Doesn’t appear they want any out-of-towners moving in. This bullcrap sure turned me away! Man Winnipeg sucks!


“I agree with you 1000%! This city is a sad joke! What a dump!


I live in Winter-plague, and this place never fails to disappoint me. I WANT to like it here… I really do. Because I’m not some loser, I’m about to graduate University and my husband has 2 Doctoral degrees. We can make it here, easy, and give us 10 years and boy after we know everyone, life becomes gravy.

But FUCK MAN, is it worth it to be stuck rubbing elbows with these self-proclaimed “friendly” hypocrites for the next few decades of my life?? Everyone here is completely shut down to anyone they didn’t grow up with. Making friends here, no matter how many popular Winnipeg names you drop, is impossible. There are no play-dates, no afternoon drinks with the girls, no surfing the scene downtown (yuck by the way), there’s NO LIFE if you didn’t grow up here. You could be a millionaire… there are lonely saps that come out of their lonely homes each spring driving their Ferrari’s the 3 Kilometres from work to home just to get noticed and all anyone does is avoid looking at them at the red lights, and god knows how long they’ve lived here.

You have to be a total shut-in to live here, because summers aren’t long enough to actually DO anything with any property you buy. The attractions here get old… FAST. I’ve only been to the forks 4 times and I’ve almost memorized the entire blue prints and each store. Same goes for Osbourne Village, Polo Park and pretty much every park in town. You park your car, and shut your brain off before you get out to avoid feeling sick from the repetition of doing the same thing over and over again.

Winter…. ugh, winter. And the COPS… NEVER IN MY LIFE have I seen a police officer stop people by walking out into coming traffic on Bishop Grandin and standing there like they want to be road kill! Are you kidding me? That’s how i got my first ticket here, and I just wanted to say “Are you an idiot, or something? Is issuing a speeding ticket really worth risking your life, or putting me in prison?” Just stupid.

Customer Service is shit across the board here, but i’m not sure if that’s all of Canada or just Manitoba.

Downtown is plain old Scary. My mom is visiting in a week and i can’t even take her downtown, because i’m too embarrassed to tell her “hold onto your purse and don’t make eye contact”.

And the Mosquitos… they’re just bad. Really, really bad. Bad enough to make you spend that precious day in the mid 80’s after 7 months of bitter cold inside, exhausted of itching and being assaulted by the buzzing little beasties.

And I don’t drink, so that erases about 85% of the activities Winnipegers apparently do with their spare time.

The Bombers are just terrible. Of course the irony in their name… the bombers that bomb every game.. is not lost on my husband and I.

I could go on and on and on. Don’t move to the peg. It’s horrible.


“Your infrastructure sucks. Your city planners suck. Your roads are poorly built and 60 years ago they should have built a bipass and evacuated it.


“Canada is rapidly declining economically, it’s not just Winnipeg. I believe Canada has now slipped to 14th place in the world in terms of living standards from second forty years ago. All one has to do is drive a few hours south to see how this county is really falling behind and the U.S. has struggled too! The prices here are astronomical and with the low wages and very high taxes, especially sales taxes, which really hurt the middle income earners and the poor, living standards are becoming more difficult to maintain, and for the most part have been subsidized only by cheap credit.

Recently a presidential candidate in the U.S. acknowledged that “real” unemployment in that country is 18% to 20%, triple the official rate. This must also be true for Canada. Time to increase immigration and bring in more TFWs! Great policy! Let’s all work for minimum wage (or less, because people are too scared to complain) with no overtime, benefits or holidays! Believe it or not, even the NDP, a supposedly social-democratic party advocates this! 

So people, instead of blaming all your woes on Winnipeg, think again. I agree the winters suck, but they do just about everywhere in Canada! I think they are worse in the East, despite being somewhat milder!


“Look at what is happening in downtowns across the country: Beautiful condo towers and office buildings are rising in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver. They are vibrant, with people and great restaurants and shopping…downtown Winnipeg still looks the way it did decades ago. Winnipeg is a shithole, and it will be stuck in the 70s forever.


“I go to Ottawa once a year and there is a lot happening there. Not Calgary level but I see condos (low rise and high rise) being built in a number of areas in and surrounding downtown. Winnipeg is a depressing city. I am an urban dweller, and will move from Winnipeg soon. Lone Wolf, maybe you do not know Winnipeg because all around downtown is run down. Use the boundaries Main, Logan, Sherbrook and Portage and you will see run down houses, industrial wasteland, empty lots, decrepit storefronts. This area needs billions in investment.

So many parts of Winnipeg not only downtown look abandoned. Since downtown is the heart of the city, it is crucial to redevelop it. One stretch that needs investment is Princess from Logan to Notre Dame. So many derelict buildings need cleaning and conversion. With the expansion of the Museum of Man and Nature, what a perfect time to redevelop the McLaren and fill in more lots around the area. Sadly no developer seems to have vision. Winnipeg will always be the butthole of Canada while it is left in the dust by other cities. Sad.


Social agencies; public money; no private investment; no life on the street other than drunk aboriginals staggering around


“I’ve been here for 8 years now the people are the meanest on this planet & boy when you get in the roads it like they purposely try and kill you no respect. Why does the licence plate say “Friendly Manitoba” when the people hear don’t even know the meaning of the word. Instead they should replace that slogan with “”Muderous Manitoba” at least that would be the truth


“Don’t get me started on how useless most of the instructors and directors are at Red River college. DON’T waste your money. If there is one thing I’ve learnt, it’s not what you know it’s who you know with that college.

Take your money to another province and stay there, Winnipeg sucks


“This city is full of garbage. Go under the MidTown bridge and see the amount of crap down there. But be careful not to wake the person living under there.


“Manitoba and Winnipeg are backward and unfriendly. Thank you but no thank you.


“I did time there for a few years, and yes, that is how it felt. People are unfriendly, narrow, mean, and openly racist. Worst six years of my life. They are not used to ‘outsiders’ and why would they be? Who in their right mind would willingly move there?


“I like your comment and I agree with you 10000%! The place is just a real nightmare! I’m so surprised how unfriendly and narrow mind this place is!


“Winnipeg is a horrible city to live in.Our transit system is ridiculous.I can’t count how many times I’ve been waiting for a bus,only to have one cruise right on by because it’s completely packed full.Rapid transit,my ass.

I can count on one hand how often I’ve had a bus arrive on time,no joke!.And the people are stuck up and selfish.I can’t wait until I’m in a position to move!.


“This will be a great day when the Winnipeggers will stop to be unrealistic about their city! Winnipeg is not great! It’s a miserable and backward place!


“Still a boring and dangerous dumpy place !


“Say whatever you want, kiddo ! It doesn’t change the fact that Winnipeg is a dumpy, backward and miserable has been city ! A real nightmare !


“I put my time in Winnipeg for 8 long years . The infrastructure in Winnipeg is 30 years behind. Traffic lights still work off of timers, there are no timed lights. Railroad tracks run throughout the center of the city with no underpasses . It’s impossible to get anywhere quickly. The so call savior called the Perimeter runs so far away from the core of the city that it’s only use is for people trying to avoid the city altogether. The boulevards are unkempt and ugly and the roads are either in disrepair or are always being repaired for literally months. The weather is what it is and there is nothing that will change that. What can be changed never changes. It’s a shame because I heard that at one time years back Winnipeg was supposed to be one of the most forward and modern thinking cities. It’s now considered the biggest hick town in Canada. Whatever politicians that have been in power have made a mess out of a city full of good well intentioned people and potential. I would assume they don’t even reside there anymore themselves after making such a mess of things. I’ll never move back. I’ve been to too many other places and I have the insight to compare. I don’t mean to be negative. I just find it sad that such a forward city is now so backwards and unattractive.


“So how do these crooks that pillaged a potentially good place get away with This? Is Manitoba amnesty island for politicians? There is a difference between being friendly Manitoba and push overs I hope. Katz was a crook. He declared real estate as his primary residence down south even as he was a Mayor in Winnipeg. So what’s up with that? Higher Taxes to pay for his lawyers?




“There are many places way worse than Winnipeg. There are better places than Winnipeg.”

you forgot to add the “many” in “better places”. there are MANY better places than winnipeg. i find it hilarious that you have to compare winnipeg to a god damn third world country in terms of living. a first grader would obviously know whats a better place to live, try comparing winnipeg to other cities in canada, where its one of the worst cities to live in.


“One word MURDER CAPITAL. Fact. Oscar_the_grouch’s advice is…use common sense and avoid winnipeg, take the perimiter when travelling past the city. oh yah.


“Please…. Winnipeg is the shithole of Canada and everyone knows this.


“winnipeg is a small shithole city,the north end is all about murder,winter’s are long and cold -40ish to -50ish…I can go on and


“i lived in winnipeg till i got a job in calgary and moved about a year and a half ago, the last year has been pretty much the best year of my life. I feel sad for the people who are to stupid to leave winnipeg. Please leave there, you will thank yourself for leaving every day like i do.


“I F ing hate this city, will move as soon as possible. Can’t because I own a business. Its boring and has the most depressing negative vibe. I was just in Mexico (a third world country) and felt safer, the infrastructure was in better shape, and people friendlier. All trip over a drunk bum daily and just want to kick them in the face. The NDP government is a joke, wants a construction labourer to get paid $21/hr. Double what a broom pusher gets paid in other cities. Terrible drivers, rude people with no drive. I could go on and on. If you can leave run, don’t look back. Most people born here just don’t realize how much better any other city in Canada is. RUN, GO, RUN.


“Winnipeg is a hell hole. Those that like it should be working oon the next propaganada ” Why we love Winnipeg” program. I have never met so many a-holes in my life like here and the drivers are idiots.


“winnipeg is like a disease, it sucks but you just cant seem to shake it. “the devil you know” is an apt phrase.


“Winnipeg sucks cause behind calgary it is the most RACIEST province in canada. If your of colour or native, your in trouble. The justice system favers the white and punishes that nonwhite. I guess its easier to faver those who look like you and vilify those who dont. I am a person of colour and I grew up in winnipeg. My friends told me it was like this but stupid me said No! No!. Over the past few years I now see the truth about this hole. Winnipeg and calgary are canadas version of the U.S south. The only difference is in the south tey tell you to your face and here it’s hidden.


“Bottom line, winnipeg is a shithole and should be wiped clean from the ass of the planet, manitoba


“Winnipeg is the intestines of Canada.


“Anyone that likes Winnipeg needs to get a mental assessment. Seriously this place is a big time toilet. I have never met so many a-holes, bad drivers and walking zombies in my life. Any time I leave the city I am reminded what normal people are like. Idiots still chant ” Go Jets GO” how pathetic and the roads. Stop with the propaganda as well like ” Spirited Energy” what kind of BS is that. Why in the world do I need to be told why I need to like a place. Oh yeah Manitoba Home coming major event ” Biggest Social” This place is a bad joke as soon as I can I am outta here and won’t miss the a-holes and anything about this hell hole.


“Well here is the interesting point you brought up. They made the public believe that because of the cold the roads are bad here yet you go to Grand Forks and the roads are excellent. So much for the typical Winnipeg brainwash BS, The roads are bad because you have people in power who don’t care they just want there pay checks. I worked in the city and know this to be true. This city is a toilet. Oh yeah come here in the Winter so many lazy a-holes don’t shovel there side walks. One Great city my ass. This place is a bad joke.


“Winnipeg is a shithole. It is a city filled with low wage ignorant, scared low-mid level bureaucrat types. As well as a healthy dose of non-english speaking immigrants to clean their houses and wash laundry. There are no new buildings in Winnipeg everything is old and falling apart. Anyone with a brain gets the hell out and never goes back. All thats left is losers to stupid or too scared to leave.


“Hahahahaha… So the ’50 year’ rainstorm has forced boil water advisories across Winnipeg. How fitting as Winnipeg is Canadas very own Third World city.. So as the “100 year flood” seems to be happening every 10 years or so now.. I guess we can expect a “50 year rainstorm” every couple of weeks then? LMAO… 

Now that the arctic winter is over.. The big pile of dust and muck and slop that is spring is well underway in Canadas Third World Metropolis. They can now look forward to a malaria epidemic this summer with all the still water from the rains breeding deadly mosquito hordes……lololol…  

Oh wait.. they can battle that by pumping millions of gallons of cancer causing insecticide into the lungs of all the citizens and especially the children to prevent it.. maybe.. But at the least It adds to the toxic cocktail leftover in the water table from the floods.. mmm mmmmm good! 

And people wonder why its so cheap to live in Canadas very own Third World Metropolis.


“Winnipeg lacks class and culture it tries to pretend it is a real city but it is a toilet. World Cup is on and most cities have cultural events here the big story is the all you can eat Buffet.

Spend some time in any other major city in Canada and you will come to learn how classless and how many redneck morons live in Winnipeg.

I am amazed how many walking zombies live here. I have never met so many dumb ignorant people as here the only people that I have met who have any ability to hold a conversation are not from Winnipeg originally. 

Look at the foreigners wives eyes they are sad because they despise this place and wish to go back to a normal place.

Winnipeg sucks with or without a NHL team. Can’t wait to get out of this toilet.


 “Winnipeg is the worst city in Canada! and yes, before you tell me to leave…that is what I am going to do. Winnipeg has nothing to offer. it is rude, negative and very unfriendly.


“The number one past time in Winterpig Murdertoba is petty gossip. No one with half a brain stays there unless they were born there. I’ve been stuck in this hole so long…thank God I can afford to move VERY SOON HALLA F’n LUJAH!!!!!!!!!! Get me the f outta here!!!!!! Even traveling kids and sq bums say people are rude and snoopy …and there’s too much crime and the locals rip off like mad


“Yup This play is creepy as well. I have never met so many weirdos in my life as I have here. Most people look and walk like zombies. There are good people but oddly enough they were not born here. I agree firecracker I have never met so many rude and snoopy people in my life as here. Plus the energy here is messed up I know people who moved here and there wives started to lose there minds and in order to save the marriages they had to move right away because they knew this place is bizarre. It also seems like when people come travel here they get robbed how many times have you read int he paper that someone from X was visiting and got robbed and these are the ones they are willing to type about. I wonder what kind of propaganda BS “I love Winnipeg” campaign they will come up with next. The politicians here are greasy and dirty. Look at the mayor he is a bad joke.


“Winnipeg is evil. The vibe here is bizarre and twisted. I have never met so many people who are alcaholics, needing any reason to drink or so many people on anti-depressents. 

I know of people who moved here from other cities and within a couple of years the wife starts to go bananas.

She knows this is place is messed up that is why so many get drunk here whenever they can it is the only way they can stand this place. It is a toilet.


 “Yeah great mayor who is running for relection lol

Wow…busy weekend for the Peg….

* Man shot on Main Street in Winnipeg
* Human head found in water at The Forks
* Shots fired near downtown Winnipeg
* 3 men stabbed in Winnipeg

 Winnipeg is the detroit of Canada. They have a moron of a mayor who just looks after his buddies while the toilet keeps getting bigger.

Oh yeah gotta love the mosquitos.
One Great city all right. lol
Can’t wait to get out of this ring of hell you have to be crazy to think this is “One Great city”.
Or your drunk like most Peggers like to get.


“Murder capital, car theft capital, poverty capital, etc. Yes – Winnipeg is the assh*le of Canada and to all those Peggers who’s comebacks are “if you don’t like it then leave”, maybe you should try leaving the suburbs and see what’s really going down. The crime is spreading and soon enough it will be at your front door, then maybe you will shut the f*ck up and admit the problems are real! Your chances of being knifed are pretty damb high, or worse yet having your loved one killed by a stolen speeding car! You can’t go downtown, to the north end the Detroit of Canada, the west end with it’s shotgun wielding thugs, trashcona the druggy neighborhood, and the list keeps growing. The city is filthy and there are tons of racists of every ethnicity here. Hick city!


“Winnipeg is Canada’s Bogan (google it) Capital. Bogan sums it all up and says it all about this city!


“Yup Winnipeg Sucks the life out of most people that is why so many people eat and drink so much it is to hide the feelings of emptiness. So many morons live here amazing.


“I’m shocked! Winnipeg has ‘everything’ going for it; the list is too long to post but I’ll start with:

(1) Robins at the corner of Selkirk and Salter; great place to enjoy a coffee and watch degenerates roaming the street and hitting up on teen prostitutes.

(2) the cross walk immediately south of Thunderbird House on Main Street; great place to watch bulbous-nosed degenerates roaming the streets, bumping off walls, looking to hit up someone / anyone for some change….

(3) the ‘hood’ bounded by King, Dufferin, Flora and Robinson; great place to get murdered, beaten, robbed, propositioned, yelled at, shot at, etc. City Bread at King and Dufferin makes the best honey Bran, rye and pumpernickle bread on the entire planet. Don’t be in that area after dark.

(4) need to score some [insert most favourite drug]; go to Portage Place or the streets surrounding it. There you will find a good mix of drug dealers, degenerates, beggars, and those morons who wear a 2-sizes-too-small baseball cap sideways on their head (what is the purpose of that – they look so f’in stupid words escape the feeling that rages through me when I see one of those morons…..

(5) someone please continue, I’m going to lose it thinking about the morons who wear a 2-sizes-too-small baseball cap sideways on their head. I need to step outside and scream…….


“I recently visited Winnipeg and left with one really troubling question, what do you citizens do for leisure?

I mean you have virtually no natural beauty. The lakes in Whiteshell are beautiful, but again, what about Winnipeg?


“All the aforementioned cities have violence, true, but you still have to wake up in Winnipeg.

It’s an absolutely terrible city and I really feel sorry for the people who live there. What an absolute waste of a life.


“If I was retarded…and raised on a farm.. Winnipeg would still be a hole


“Eh Rita, shut the f*ck up! No one cares about your annual income or your “hard” life, we all have a load to carry! Not everyone has a job like yours so what’s your point? That somehow with a high income we can move to the suburbs and ignore the crime spilling out of the North and West end? Go take a walk in other neighborhoods on your next coffee break, preferably Selkirk & Redwood – if you don’t get your “high-end” ass kicked then maybe you’ve got a point. Until then just keep hiding in your false sense of security. And my points were valid – crime capital, poverty capital, car theft capital – ALL FACTS! Your comebacks are weak, are you an Asper by any chance? Living in a f*cken bubble are we?


“There isn’t really a “high end” in Winnipeg. It’s a low-income city in a have-not province chock-full of social problems.


“Kevin, there are those of us “living” here who are trying to escape. A few good restaurants, a pathetic zoo with one animal, and some good music do not cancel out the auto theft and the crappy weather that makes Winnipeg into the laughingstock of North America. The winter makes people bitter, reclusive and nasty. During the tiny window between the winter and the onslaught of cankerworms and mosquitoes as big as my elbow, people are actually pleasant. Then the poison-spraying starts.

There’s a reason that the refrain in that famous song is “I HATE WINNIPEG.” Not “I LOVE PARIS IN THE SPRINGTIME.” Not “I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO.” Lolol.


 “Prison life would be easier than Winnipeg life..


“Not it isn’t Canada at all. I lived in Toronto, my friend from Winnipeg suggested to come and live here, just to try it out, because it is “cheap”. I had no choice due to financial situation I have been living in Peg for 5 years now. Guess what, I am leaving in 4 months. No way will I ever go back to this disgusting, stupid, backwards shithole city. This city is thriving on nepotism where if you know someone, you get the job, regardless of your skills or experience. Winnipeg is one big Mennonite family with rich pockets. It is a closed circle of society here, someone wrote about socials, it’s a big thing here. God knows why you want to wonder to someone else’s socials all the time. Also, it’s not even as cheap here anymore. It’s almost getting close to Toronto. My brother leaves in downtown Toronto and he pays 1200 in rent. Compare it to a 1100 bucks 1 bedroom in downtown Winnipeg, a nice apartment though. I came here 5 years ago, 2 bedroom was 600 bucks in a great area, now it is 1000!!!! What? For this price, I’d go back to Toronto, and don’t tell me it’s cheap here because it ain’t!

The only thing that is cheaper here is probably university, and even that is rising exponentially. The only thing winnipegers seem to brag about is that there is a lot of restaurants here. And ????? Guess what assholes, there are restaurants all over the world. Many of them. Why Winnipeg is so special? It isn’t! I am glad I will be leaving this stupid inbred city, the only thing good about this city was the fact that it taught me how to avoid potholes and crackheads. If you don’t know what I am talking about, try catching a bus after 5-6 pm in downtown. shitholepeg.


“I work for manitoba tourism so don’t worry I will tell you the truth about how great this city and province are. Don’t worry no crime, poverty, corrupt officials, pot hole ridden streets, sewers that are rotting, 6 months of cold winters, filth all through the streets, mosquitos or a downtown that is cull of addicts but hey I will continue to tell you the truth on how great Manitoba is.


“I enjoyed reading your white trash comment, made me laugh. Butr in all seriousess. Winnipeg i and always will be a hole… the wprst place I have ever been by far and I have been travelling around the worls fro the past 10 years.. If someone held a gun to my head and said I either had to stay in Winnipeg or die.. I wouldn’t be staying in Winnipeg.. Fuck me anyone that has to live there deserfves a medal.. Go to Austrllia and you will soon realize what a sad boring and pahetic life living in Winnipeg really is. Shame really coz there’s great people living there.


“I was born and raised in this fair city,,,,I left it for 18 years and came back thinking it had changed,,,,oooooo was I ever wrong! The city itself can’t control the weather, the geography, or the humans who inhabit it, those are part of every city’s nature, neither good nor bad. What’s wrong with Winnipeg is the people who inhabit this location on the globe. Hatred and ill will is a common theme, and pleasure seems to only be derived from the diminishment of other human beings, cities, cultures and structures anywhere on earth, including this city’s. I got back here 20 months ago with great dreams of properly using investor’s $ to build and prosper a business, but within 30 days of arrival I’d learned how blind I’d been to the reality of life here, not one person has answered my question of why a human being should consider Winnipeg as a city of potential happy human life on earth, not one!….now I’m near bankrupt because I refuse to invest $1 of another person’s money in this city!!! I am very convinced that the second holocaust will begin here and the best investment would be in a Zyclon-C factory. If one isn’t white, related to a Winnipegger, blue-collar, and heterosexual,,,,you are a target for the aryan hatred that this city thrives on. Left wing and right wing politics work the same here,,,hatred thrives on hatred.

If plans work out, I should be out of here by December,,,,should it appear I would have to remain in Winnipeg for the next 20 years, I’d certainly think of suicide as a viable alternative. 

Again,,,I’ve only been asking Winnipeggers themselves about the city,,,,if you don’t live here or have never lived here, your comments are based on ignorance.


“I’m afraid I have to disagree with you, Rita. I moved away more than a year ago and I have yet to say to myself I don’t like where I live. While the transition has been uphill at times, I don’t find myself walking down the street constantly reaffirming how much I hate the city I live in like I used to in Winnipeg. I knew once I left that place, that yes, I would be happier and I am. Why? Because I’m not constantly encountering lugans and animals, there is a great sense of community and pride where I live, it’s safe to walk down the streets after dark, there are parks with functioning water fountains, REAL bicycle lanes, REAL rapid transit in the form of a modern subway system that I won’t have to wait 20+ years to use, affordable food and housing, beautiful women, great architecture, fewer pickup trucks, people with class and manners, warmer winter temps, and the list goes on. Winnipeg is the opposite of all those things, so yes, moving somewhere else CAN make one happier.


“Winnipeg sucks is the truth, but what does it mean to suck in Winnipeg. 

To suck here means: 

1) Monopolizing half the businesses between 5 different local crap to work for companies, so if you don’t like one place, working at another means still working for the same jackass… that sucks ! 

2) Prairie farmer architecture with a mix of extreme right wing fascist designs, definitely sucks and is most of Winnipeg. Ex the kid playground at the Forks is a perfect example of police state prairie farmer architecture, in a small space which is a bunch of tepees and crap there are 28 omni cams of big brothers, teaching your children that being watch ever step is normal. THAT SUCKS !!! 

3) The weather -40 c to +40 c and then there is the flooding rains, no spring, no fall, just damn clod to damn hot. That sucks ! 

4) Winnipeggers are so uneducated that they think higher learning was a movie only ! Trying to have an intelligent conversation is out… That sucks !!! 

5) Inbreeding… That sucks !!!  

6) Cheap people looking for a deal, what is this a Vietnam market… try to get paid what you are worth and boss becomes a haggling old Chinese women looking for the best price on rice. That sucks !!! 

7) Streets are falling apart, that sucks ! 

8) Rapid Transit is a monkey peddling a bus down the street, not rapid, that sucks !!! 

9) Nah-dere boy… anywayz !!! That sucks !!!! 

10) Entertainment is going up garbage hill drinking a beer and rolling down, weeeee… that sucks !!!! All-in-all Winnipeg sucks !


 “City of inbreds


 “Winnipeg is a dump get over it!


“If Vancouver is the head and Halifax is the toe then that

makes Winnipeg the ass ho.
Rampant gang violence is the norm.
Home of the barricade creep.
City of tiny ass hoes


“Vancouver isn’t the head of anything, more like a festering tumour. It’s a foreign city on Canadian soil. Most people are poor and young people have standards of living equivalent to those in Mexico and face a grim future of struggling to find a roommate to share a 1 bedroom apartment.


“The Peg is an armpit


“Winnipeg is what happens when cousins marry and have kids.


“Lived here all my life. Yes indeed winnipeg should be called SHITHOLEPEG!


“Take a good look ! This city is a dump ! What a joke !


“Yes Winnipeg sucks! Winnipeg is a dump! Open your eyes!




“I have lived all over canada and I have been here 6 months and I have never seen a bigger shithole than Winnipeg in my entire life. The only good thing about winnipeg is that it is cheap.

The winters are brutal, the summers are hot, muggy and invested with mosquitos. Most people who visit this city for the first time remark how ugly,dirty, and run down it is.

The vast majority of people who love it here grew up here and do not know any better. Simply put this city is a cess pool of shit, piss, and vomit. New people have fun- Ha Ha Ha


“Winnipeg has some very notable qualities: Rudness, snoopiness, and boorishness. Cheers Winterpeg!


“If you weren’t born here or haven’t gone to kindergarten with the other bullies and morons you won’t fit in here. No wonder there are so many gangs! They have a gang mentality. You can’t be individual here, you can in Calgary though. Racism is rampant, on the other hand, political correctness is rampant too! What a s*** hole!!!


“I’m 17 years old and I have grown up in this shit hole called Winnipeg. I still live there though and I hate every goddamn minute of it!

The only people who like it here are people over 50, farmers or people with no lives who actually like doing the same thing every day! living here is like being stuck in the movie Ground hog day when the guy repeats the same day over and over again. Teenagers, young single people and couples will not like it here at all! there is nothing to do and it sucks.

Now I know Rachel or some other ass hole is going to post something like “You shouldn’t say that” but try living here for more then oh say, 6 months to a year then we will see what you think! do say a thing until you know what it’s like to live here!


 “It is the sh*t hole of Canada. The only ones who don’t agree are redneck, slob, ignorant, rude, farting, belching, sneaky, mean, trecherous people who were born here and probably will stay in this hole all their miserable lives.


“Speaking of people paid by taxpayers money — yes, this is a wicked city. What surprises me is that it took so long for Winnipeg’s finest to finally off some poor bugger with a tazer — finally happened yesterday. Cops are creeps in Winterpeg, beating poor youth, scruffy people, and ignoring real dirt bags — drug dealers. What heros. I wonder if cops get free coffee from merchants in Osborne village for their cowardly and brutal action!


“Why are the people in Winnipeg so ignorant and rude? It seems like the pastime here is staring and gawking at others. It reminds me of that movie,’Night of the Living Dead’..creepy man! When people are so unfriendly they don’t talk to strangers but yet stare and gawk..especially I notice they stare at immigrants and mentally challenged persons or anyone even a little different. I feel sorry for people who have to face that crap from these morons in Winterpig. How unclutured and offensive, yet know one thinks anything of it… They should all take a Dale Carnegie course to learn to act like human beings with respect and manners. Did you notice the spit all over the bus shelter windows? I just hope the *ssholes here don’t move to my hometown of Calgary! Thank God I am only here temporarily!


“i’m not joking winnipeg is like that, they call it ‘people watching’ I call it “if I had a gun, we’d have a little run and fun. I knew i wasn’t imagining that bull shit, we should be cow-town on account of all the stinking bull shit see


“I ended up in winnipeg for university, and winnipegers made me hate their town. If you are not a boy from the neighborghood, good luck! The last time any winnpeger has probably made a new friend (and I mean FRIEND) has been perhaps high school. Outsiders who were not born and bred in winnipeg will never make their way into a circle of winnipegers. I work with a bunch of supposedly professioanl winnipegers: they have zero social skills in attracting an outsider and making them feel at home (in thier new home in winnipeg). If you are more successful than a winnipeger in a similar job, they will hate you for that. And they have no shame in showing thier jelousy. Yet, they think we non-Manitobans are too dull to get it! I tried so hard for 2-3 years to make myself fit in amongst my winnipeger coworkers, and alas any luck. I have therefore given up on them. I am counting down the days of my calender, looking forward to the day that I will be leaving winnipeg for ever. And to cherrish themselves, they claim people like me leave winnipeg because of their cold weather. I leave winnipeg because of its cold, self-centered, jelous people. I will never return and will never look behind. The “friendly Manitoba” on their licence plates is a joke!!. Or maybe they mean they are freindly to their manitoban palls!

In my profession I have worked with many people across the country: my winnipeger colleagues are amongst the least knowledgeable ones, and yet they have not insight to it. They think they are the best in the country. Therefore, never even try to improve their pathetic status. For the same reason,, they hate successful non-Manitobans who may stirr some competition in their GREAT HOME TOWN. Maybe they have poor social manners deliberately to repel their better colleagues. 

You want to learn about winnipegers, just observe thier driving attitude: very rude and inconsiderate of anybody else on the road. If you need to change a lane, you need to wait until cows come back home, because no other driver will ever have the courtesy. I can no longer count how many winnipegr drivers have waved at me their middle finger when I was driving cautiosly on their icy winter roads to avoid any accident. This has never happened to me in any other town in Canada for a driver to show me his/her middle finger!(so much for thier culture).



See: Winnipeg Rants (part two)

Comment: Dear Canada, nobody cares!

” … I find the people here to be overly racist. Especially against Americans. In my time in California, I never even heard Canada mentioned (let alone bashed). Here, almost every week at work, I’m hearing some sort of comment about “stupid Americans”. I don’t know, but I think comments like these reflect more on YOU than Americans.” 

 “That is it in a nutshell…Americans do not sit around and obsess about Canada. In all the years I live in the US I can’t remember anyone talking bad about Canada. You have to move here to get a firm grip…on how much of a loser country Canada really is.”


If I have one thing to tell Canadians, it is this: nobody cares. 
Again, I repeat: nobody cares about Canada.

I get comments and swearing emails from Canadians insulting me (the “American”) and trash talking the USA. They automatically assume anyone who criticizes Canada must be an American. They can’t fathom that a fellow brainwashed caker would dare to insult the almighty Canada. In one sense they are correct as I don’t consider myself Canadian, but nonetheless, not everyone who hates this place is American. They come from all over the world: Europe, South America, India, you name it.

Even if Canada could prove itself superior to the USA (it can’t), there are over a hundred other countries to compare this place to, many of which are superior on numerous levels. But Canadians won’t look that far, they need to console themselves with the fact they live in ‘the best country in the world’. To admit otherwise would be painful, considering most of them don’t qualify to leave. Consider it a type of Stockholm-syndrome: a psychological barrier they construct so they can survive.

Every other day I hear some insult about ‘Americans’ or the USA. Canadians write me, frothing at the mouth and obsessing over the USA. But down in the States nobody cares; nobody mentions Canada, nobody thinks about Canada. Canada is so irrelevant to them that they can’t even be bothered to care about it, let alone insult it. The odd time they do is usually a joke to watch the hysterical reactions of cakers.

I write about it is as an outlet for stress, seeing as I am stuck here against my will. Nothing would make me happier than to leave here and NEVER RETURN for as long as I live. Unfortunately, due to family and business I’ll likely be required to return at least a handful of times over the years. I would love to leave this dump and never have to THINK about it as long as I live.

When I do escape here, I won’t be writing about it. I won’t be thinking about it too often. Why? Because I don’t care. Canada is a pathetic, cold, boring dump. Nobody cares.


Victoria: Rants

While I’ve been on Vancouver Island a fair amount, I admit I’ve never lived there. One thing that’s surprised me is hearing about how much people from across the country hate Victoria! Whether they moved from Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto … people seem to despise this little island city. I keep hearing the same complaints repeatedly, so read for yourself:

“I moved here 4 years ago with my family from Ontario with the hopes of having a better lifestyle and unlimited opportunity. You would think on a smaller Island as beautiful as Victoria that the people who be more appreciative and maybe a little nicer, but what we and hundreds of other outsiders found is that the people here are colder than a praries winter. They are over-priveledged, anti social, self proclaimed and sadly lacking anything resembling social skills. Because of unrealistic real estate prices homeowners have experienced wealth that is unheard of in any other part of the country. In a nutshell the people here suck. The place is beautiful but the pretty beaches and the trees do not make up for the Islands lack of personality. It is overpriced so every other person has to build suites in thier homes so they can afford to put a roof over thier heads. They are jamming homes in every nook and cranny to accommodate the lack of affordable housing, leaving people permanently strapped and living off of credit pretending they actually have money. The health system here sucks and where else do you have to pay to have your garbage picked up.

I am happy for those of you that are from here and have family but if any of you are planning on moving here without your family being there to help out with kids and whatnot, don’t bother unless you have tons of extra cash to over pay for it. For those of us that wanted to come here and start a new life I want to say that the Island is like a giant high school with cliques that never let you in, that will take 20 years to ever penetrate. My advice is to not give up your real family and friends for the crap that the Island offers and come here on vacation only, that way you are buying something from the shallow personalityless Islanders that will only be nice to you if you are buying something from them.

I will be glad to leave this Island and I feel dumber for having been on it.


“No, Victoria is not a nice place to live beyond the propaganda. Dig a little deeper. The general cultural attitude is cold, aloof, dead inside, uptight, socially cliquey, standoffish, mentally stupid, inefficient, lacking of any common sense, slow, cheap, poor, backward, insane, self delusional, and lots more. They will try to trick you with how great the weather and environment is. Victoria is probably the only place on Earth with any beautiful environment?

Most of the jobs in Victoria BC are stingy paying, slave driving, perhaps even abusive, and don’t recognize your talents. Low or high end jobs don’t matter as they will pay you 25-33% less wage for the same work as cities and provinces outside of British Columbia, where they reward and value skills. You will get squeezed with cheap wages, and high housing, living costs at both ends. It gets worst as the upward mobility job prospects in Victoria BC are limited and limiting. Many Victoria students and locals leave and go work in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, South America, Asia, Europe, others in order to make big money and then maybe afford a Victoria house to buy. The joke local job market is a waste of time and life. Don’t leave the prosperity of Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, etc for the monotony of Victoria. Many outside and local people say Victoria is over rated and move elsewhere in order to succeed. It seems the only prosperous Victorians are those who inherited old money wealth, or do big business in the rest of the world and then spend the wealth there. The lifer local Victorians are usually ignorant, poor, pissed off, and blocked. A friend referred to Victoria as the biggest outdoor insane asylum. 


“Victoria has all the resources and people to become just as prosperous and opportunistic as Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, Saskatoon, Regina, etc. The restricted, restrictive Victorian mental, social attitude keeps getting in the way of adventure, broad mindedness, and prosperity. Victoria region can climb high and go farther if it can get its inefficient disjointed, confusing, frustrating crap policies in order. The public and private sectors in Victoria are equally mental.


“Run for the hill as fast as you can is my advice to anyone considering a move or relocation to Victoria. Oh, the holiday visit leaves you feeling like it could be a nice place to live, but THINK again. It is so boring there, the people are MINDLESS, void of any real personality, crap jobs, crappy salaries, all broke, no excitment of life in the air, just dead!

Run to the East my friend, you will be happier. People from the East are rooted and so normal and friendly, real people, no air of snobbery about them like the Vics.


“I know many ex victorians who moved to Ontario and Alberta to make better money and actually have a wealthier life. The ones who stayed behind in Vic BC are depressed, angry, frustrated, and these ones are the ones from the wealthier families. The ones from the poorer families can add destitute and desperate to the list. All those friendly Victorians you see are just superficially acting in front of your face. The true happy people in Victoria are the visitors; the locals are very artificial and superficial.


“Victoria wages are sub par low and various living expenses are above par extortionary high because the owners and managers, all the decision makers know and hope the docile sheeple won’t uncover their dirty ways and stand up. The place looks and behaves like a life sized experiment lab in mass social manipulation and control for the NWO. It is probably a society template for the future global world gradually being made even now?


“I’ve lived in Victoria for my whole life. It’s super boring here. I probably won’t live here in the future.


“I not saying Victoria is always 100% shitty to live in. The upward mobility in job prospests, social, wealth really sucks in Victoria because of the public and private sector entrenched cheap, restrictive attitudes. Paying peanuts hires you monkeys. The only reason why I stay in this city is because my family owns apartment building real estate worth about 20 years of a government manager’s wages, in any place. I am not poor, only frustrated and bored. If this frustration happens to me and my well to do comfortable friends, what chances are there for other Victoria people lower down the social economic ladder? My friends and I can’t make it on our own in Victoria and our families’ wealth is keeping up afloat. In Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, etc, that could be different.


“Thirty yeara ago Victoria Was a Beautiful place to live then the east moved west and turned Victoria into a Concrete jungle. Roads are now wall to wall parking lots. Real estate has plumpeted to a price my grandchildren will never be able to afford. If you don’t like Viotoria then yoou are to blame. Please go back where you came from and let us return to the beautiful city we onse had


“It’s a common subject in Victoria and it doesn’t matter who you work for or what you work as. Your schooling and experience doesn’t matter to the brain dead local employers as they don’t want to pay market pay. The screw up low quality staff they do have either quit or get fired for big mess ups, or they gang up bully you if you are too good and make them look bad. Even if all these BS things don’t happen to you at one of the crappy Victoria jobs, you are going to get over worked and under paid anyway. It is not just one or few jobs that destroys your soul, it is the entire Victosria region. There are few good job, or any jobs that compensates and treats you properly


“Sure Victoria is a nice place to live, if you are independently wealthy and don’t need to depend on anyone else for anything. The place really sucks if you need to work for others to live and must go through life kissing their ass, licking their boots. then it isn’t so nice for you.


“I am not born but raised in Victoria. I must agree with a lot of the negative posts on here. I am 37, well educated and STRUGGLE to make ends meet. Rent is WAY too high for a dump of a basement suite. It is VERY closed off and hard to break the barrier of social realm. I am tired, depressed, and pissed off…and reading this have me going home a packing my car and catching the next ferry out. OH! In case you are considering on moving to the island? Watch out for the ferries, it will soon cost you $400.00 ROUND trip with one car and passenger on the ferries. So essentially you are stranded on “the rock” as we call it here, because is like Alcatraz, you can never get off. You will be stuck fighting for survival, while the baby boomers reap your blood sweat and tears. They will never give it up!


“Victoria and Vancouver Island is like social, economic, cultural drug, JUST SAY NO! If you get hooked into moving to the island and Victoria, you will be frustrated beyond belief is various ways. If you are not yet on the island and BC’s capital city, it is best for your peace of mind, happiness, and sanity to continue to be elsewhere. Even those already here yearn for the opportunity and resources to leave. Even the crappy jobs in Calgary pay more wages than the crappy jobs in Victoria. The good jobs would pay even more.


“Even the weather isn’t as good as people say it is. People in the east seem to think we’ve got some sort of semi-tropical paradise here,and we actually have a pretty lousy climate. Sure, we had a good summer this year, our first decent one in about 5 years, but most of the time it’s cloudy, windy, raining, or just plain depressing.


“Read the rest of the comments On Victoria on this site. You can and should visit Victoria for a short vacation. I stress VISIT Victoria, not give up everyone to move to Victoria. Others who moved long term to Victoria ended up moving back to their original city because the Victoria culture is dumb down, broke ass poor, anti success, and very uptight and restrictive. Only relocate to Victoria long term if your love poverty, lack of opportunities, stupid people, and being trapped on an island prison.


“Victoria wouldn’t suck so much if people could actually make something of their lives living in Victoria. Unfortunately, the local employers are too, greedy, cheap, unappreciative, clueless, and sometimes even abusive. You will never be able to afford a car, house, vacation, or any excitement living here. You and your kids will end moving out of here back to your home town to work and go to school. It is dead end here.


“Don’t get yourself sold an inferior lemon. Always do some research on the internet before you say yes to any deal. You are the second person who was saved from moving their entire life to Victoria, on these Victoria blog forums. The other guy was prevented from moving his entire family and work from Toronto to Victoria. He decided to go to Sidney Australia instead. Knowledge is power.


“Many locals and clueless newbies from other places thought Victoria would be a golden land of opportunity. That isn’t the case. After the stark reality settled, then it became a matter of attempting to “escape from Vancouver Island”. They could probably make a zombie apocalypse, survival horror, adventure movie with the same title, based on reality?


“I have a friend who say the wages and employment situation in Victoria genrerally sucks. He also imports his dates and lovers from outside of Victoria, Vancouver Island and outside BC if possible. He feels the Victorian attitude in work, dating, and life is very uptight, cold, closed minded, superficial, backward, soul less, and just straight up crazy. Victorians lack passion, a pulse, common sense, alertness, attractiveness, charisma. Most of them look and behave like they are at a funeral for zombies. Calling Victorians dead fish would be insulting to the fish. Tourist see only the superficial surface and think the city is so wonderful after only 2 weeks. Lving in Victoria and working, living there for years will change your mind quick.


“The cheap, abusive, clueless Victoria region job market and economy is making me into a bored, blocked, and dead inside zombie. The social culture is very stuck up, cold, cliquey, unfriendly, very superficial. I have no idea how some people can call Victoria a long term home, unless they are drunk, unconscious, or drugged up permanently. Most of the people (employers, associates, strangers) act through their lives as if they have no passion, soul, personality, or intelligence. Everyone is snotty, repressed, constipated, dull, gloomy like they are at a funeral.


“Look friend, there isn’t any web site blog that only has positive comments on how wonderful Victoria is to live in. The blogs may have a few good comments on Victoria, but they appear weak, superficial, insubstantial and sound more like propaganda slogans. Face the truth, Victoria is one culturally dumb and messed up place in general. I was born a Victorian and I can compare it to other cities all over the world. I’m qualified to judge. The place is a rust bucket dead beat car no matter how many mag wheels, car wax, car toys you try to add to it; it’s not going to look and act like a pimp my ride


“Victoria is OK to relocate to if you are at the bottom hole in your life. You have nothing left to lose. Most people wouldn’t go there to live a restricted life (financial, social, mental health) of below average contentment if they knew the whole truth. The glitzy surface advertising is intended to lull you into a false sense of belief, make something more than it is. The reality when you arrive is something else. Definitely check out when you attempt to apply for Victoria jobs because many of the bad employers are Victoria based. Don’t get conned like some of the other workers before you.


“The opportunities to rise and improve yourself is mostly limited. Greater Victoria feels like a 5 thing town. You can only do the same 5 limited things in an ever repeating loop, day after day,week after week, month after month, year after year until you die. Employment and social opportunities are the craps, there are many crappy things to follow. Why do you think Victorians look and behave like zombies? They all had their souls and happiness, ambitions and dreams, sucked out of them. Most of them are trapped on Vancouver Island and they know it! Starring at the same prison walls long term would make even a sane, social person weird.


“Is Victoria a nice place to live, is the question? No! There are many reasons why and the marketing propaganda types will not tell you and try to cover it up. People who live in Victoria or those formerly living in Victoria are your best sources of insider information. Listen to them as it can save you a lot of frustration and disappointment.

Don’t waste your time and money. The big picture is the whole of Greater Victoria is a left socialist wonder fantasy land. There is hardly any opportunities economically, everyone cheap and poor, skills and experiences won’t get you jobs other cities would love to hire you for, at a much better wage too. Locals turn down oil industries that could make this place as rich as Alberta due to socialist pipedreams of ideal worlds. Basically, Victoria is poor, restrictive, and dopey in terms of economy, social life, cultural attitudes and behaviour. Forget your dreams here when you check them in at the entrance.


“The Victoria contradictory nutty culture is the base of everything else that you could ever encounter in life. That’s not a very good stable foundation to build everything else on top. Watch, observe, interact carefully and you will notice overt or covert signs of group insanity at work. You want to go left but turn right. Yes is no and no is yes. They want and should decide on something and end up not deciding on anything. It should be fast and results are slow. They should drive their cars on a green light but run a red light instead. They want good, efficient, quality and choose cheap, dumpy, and incompetent. These are just some brief examples.


“I like to warn people who are comtemplating moving their entire life to Victoria BC, that they need to think things over very carefully. All the negatives they would find in other major Canadian cities are even more concentrated in Victoria and it feels worse. There are 1000s of university and college graduates who graduate and can’t find work worthy of their education and end up fighting for low pay, crappy jobs that are beneath their abilities and experiences. Large parts of the people are unemployed or under employed for years. You can forget about owning cars, houses, condos, or go on any vacations. You would be lucky to afford rent, food, untilites for the long term.”


“The Victoria social culture and offiical policies are non-conductive towards job creation, wealth creation, and building a prosperous life. Everything seems to function to keep people down. Lots of people keep cycling in and out of various school programs and still can’t find well paying, stable, long term employemnet. No matter your education, skills, experience, “oh no never you”. You will get much time and effort wasting run around. In the end, you will all end up moving awat from Victoria to Edmonton and Calagary to work for the oil sands industries to make real money. There is a big difference between finding a good job in Alberta in 3 days and 3+ years to find a bad job in British Columbia.


“Victoria, BC Canada is poor, frustrating, limited, and ever monotonous. It is like being stuck on the same ride ever repeating and can’t get off. I imagined Purgatory would be like Victoria in the afterlife. It give mediocre a bad name.


“There are not enough jobs good or bad to go around in Victoria. Employers have a tendency to low ball workers on pay and benefits because they think they can. This often results in higher than usual staff turnovers and declining quality. Alberta uses more pay to attract good workers, British Columbia offers more abuse and cheap pay to attract workers. Victoria is not competitive as a labour market as places like Calgary, Toronto, etc. Life in Victoria in general is being stuck in an endless loop going nowhere. I have Victoria friends who got fed up with the slow and clueless Victorian ways and went to Fort MacMurray AB to make real oil sands money. The endless wasted time and money spent on job courses in schools resulted in no Victoria jobs.


“Victoria is frustrating because you can die of old age while you are waiting for any kind of results you may want. The culture and bureaucracies grind so slowly. There are not many opportunities to shine as it is, but it gets ridiculously slow and drawn out when the other factors are included. Living in Victoria is fun like watching paint dry or grass grow. You can go away for 5-10 years at a time and them return sporadically and nothing much changes. You don’t notice this if you are visiting. You will notice if you live in Victoria for months or years.


“Greater Victoria does occasionally show some progress, but they are far and few followed by long times of nothing much. The whole place is socially, economically, and culturally disfunctional. The locals and other people wouldn’t be going to Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Fort MacMurray Alberta to make some real money if it was so good in Victoria and BC. Most people don’t have a 1000 year life span to wait for Victoria to get more work, better work, better pay and benefits. One life time in Victoria and BC isn’t enough to see any serious changes and improvements.


“University degrees, college diplomas or whatever matters little in Victoria. All your impressive work experience and qualifications don’t matter one bit. The way the Victoria system works behind the scenes is a real mystery. Any other major centre would at least have some sort of decision making rules and procedures whereas Victoria runs on whims, tarot cards, ouija boards, dart boards, or reading signs from animal sacrifice entrails, or whatever crazy decision mechanism. You can even be the perfect fit for a job or date and it doesn’t matter. Winning the lottery jackpot would probably be easier? You can repeadly apply for anything until the cows come home or old age death catches up to you, in Victoria BC.


“The Victoria economy and social culture is like living in box prison. Any happy, sane, content person from any other place will almost always turn into a bitter, frustrated, depressed, whack job if they are forced to live in Victoria too long, for months, years, decades. The area just takes your enthusiasm, drive, ambitions, hopes, and talents and flushes them all down the garberator disposal to chop it all up. It is bad when times are good and more bad when times are bad.


“Frustrating is a good starting word to describe life in Victoria. More will follow as you move and get a full treatment from the city. Like everyone else here, you will find out more as you get more familiar. All the negative comments can save you a lot of time, money, and bother before you get sucked in. If I were you new people from other places, move to some other place other than Victoria that has a chance of making you move worth it. Personally, I would like a potential return on my investment. I dislike it when I pay the price and not get my goods, Victoria.


“I am so grateful that some of my friends and I have parents with some means and resources. IF this wasn’t true, we would have disappeared by now. This city is one of the most mental, restricted, barren major cities I have ever experienced anywhere. It is like living in a city populated by as the others said. “zombies”. Trying to improve one’s living standards is next to almost impossible as everything in Victoria seems to be set up in a way that is designed to oppress you and make you fail. The temporary government jobs with the good pay are contract, temporary at best. Most of the private sector jobs don’t even exist or they pay the cheapest degrading pay possible. The private employers will try to get the top workers for the bottom most wage scale. Good and cheap can’t co-exist together.


“Even if just one person or family is saved from making the mistake of moving their entire life to Greater Victoria, it would have been worth it. Whoever started this blog topic must have had that goal in mind, to prevent others from making his mistake? Victoria has beautiful environment, that is true. Unfortunately, the less than desirable cultural traits of most people and organizations is what brings down the region and negatively overwhelms the good points. The sad sack culture leads to slow progress for all things, limitations, restrictions, dysfunction, repression, and a general feeling of hardly any progress while running really fast to stay in the exact same spot.


“Victoria is a good place to live if you like poverty, lack of opportunities, and like getting ripped off. These qualities makes the people slow, mentally lost, cranky, and depressing. Many of them are probably depressed themselves? People want and need food, shelter, money, social and fun to be happy and content. Victoria culture and economics has and lack in all.


“Victoria lacking in all things is quite an under statement. It is like offering someone who accidentally cut off their own head, while shaving, a bandage to help minimally to stop the bleeding. While other major Canadian metro regions like Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, want to spend billions on mega projects like rail transit, a bridge, airport, docks, they get their crap together and find the funding to get the good built as fast and efficiently as possible. They like results.

Victoria, can’t even get the 13 bickering government municipalities and all the various ass clown groups to agree on what to have for lunch at the planning meetings, never mind the big regional projects. They will procrastinate and pander to every small minded citizen and equally small minded community group who wants their 5 minutes of fame. The compromises, endless studies, petitions and counter referendums will drag on for months, years while everything gets studied to death and nothing gets done. After they waste a lot of time and money, they will discover that the best decision was the original choice. Victoria as BC capital is a fine example of how “democracy” has gone wrong. The only way to get the Victoria mess functional is “efficient dictatorship”. Some tough guy or girl basically has to slap all the dead wood around, tie them up like a rodeo calf, put their foot down really hard, twist some arms and ram things through. To do otherwise is to die of old age while slowly going nowhere, really slow.


 “Perhaps you noticed the people in Victoria and Vancouver Island to be friendly only if you and they are in the some social clique? If you try to be friendly to other people outside your establish clique, you are going to get the Victorian treatment. The treatment is less fun than going through border customs and being subjected to a body cavity search for contraband. Victorians are superficially friendly to your face at work, official functions, to keep up appearances. They would not want to get to know you personally after the business is done. Afterwards, they don’t know you from a hole in the ground.


“Victoria people hang out with their own that they have known for years or decades. You, the newcomer with your bright eyed enthusiasm, fresh new ideas, lively passion, could be seen as a threat to their stale status quo. You could be deconstructed by them and remade in their mode, to become just like them. If you refuse to ASSimilate, you are going to be put into internal social exile. You will have your own invisible box prison around you wherever you go in Victoria. It is like this for work, social, residential needs. Is that cliquey enough for you?


“Sure victoria is a nice place to live, if you are already rich. Making enough money to have a better life is not too easy anywhere, but appears less likely in victoria for previosly mentioned reasons. You are in for an unpleasant surprise if you think you are goin to give up your old life in another bigger Canadian city go to Victoria to make it big with lots of money, good job, cool friends, house, condo, etc.


“Christmas, Canada Day, Civic Day, Labour Day, News Years Day, any other holiday in any other city Canadian or otherwise would be filled with lots of happy, cheerful, outgoing, friendly party people doing their things. Every calendar day in Victoria is no different if they were statutory holidays or regular work days. It is all very dull, boring, comatose, completely lacking in anything resembling passion. It is always like being at a funeral or having a full car tear down inspection by border officers. There are always cold, distant expressions, a carrot up the ass types of looks. Laxatives won’t help the Victoria culture.


“There seems to be prevalence of general life in Victoria to be boring and dull. I feel the people and culture of Victoria are very uptight, dull, and boring. Most of the time they act really odd. Nobody can accuse most Victoria people of being adventurous.


“We moved here in 1980 and always found it a really difficult place to make a living. We stayed because we got trapped here for financial reasons but have been dreaming of escaping for a long time. There are way too many people chasing too few good jobs. It is also very insular and unfriendly to newcommers. I still remember being asked when I wanted to register my car in BC by the clerk with a sneer “what do you people want here” as if Albertans were from outer space and not Canadians.

It is too bad the rest of Canada has such cold winters but I wouldn’t recommend anyone moving here unless you are retired and have lots of money. If you are able to make money elsewhere and live here part time is also a good plan. It is expensive and boring. Most of the locals donot want to meet new people and are snobs. The ferries keep you trapped here as it is inconvenient and expensive to leave.


 “People with brains, abilities, education can get worhty employment and pay in places like Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto because of their assumption of skill and merit. Nepotism corrupt Victoria would label you under or over qualified at the same time and place. They will want to pay cheap for the good people anyway. They drive all the best job applicants to other cities and even outside of BC. The left over results will be sub standard and messed up. The remaining highest ranking best of the worse stupid ones will be promoted to leadership positions and pay. Then you have situations of the most incompetent getting the best jobs and benefits.


“I agree that Victorians are cheap, restricted, and crusty. The only friendly, sociable, with a clue, intelligent, cool Victorians are the ones fresh off the plane or boat. They haven’t been in Victoria long enough to absorb all the mental culture yet.


“Calgary, Edomonton Alberta generate revenue by selling oil and gas and other goods to the world. They have a wealthy lifestyle, mindset, higher wages, and the pricey toys and services to prove their good life. The costs and taxes are much lower and the average workers can aspire to build something with their lives. Then you have Victoria, Vancouver British Columbia that generates revenue by putting up all kinds of sales, income, environmental taxes, surcharges, fees to scrape away the already pathetic low wages of BC citizens. All the costs of living are already too high as it is. On top of this, BCers refuse to pump oil, gas off the Pacific coast, transport Alberta oil and gas to sell to the rising rich countries in Asia and South America. The transport of oil and gas could potentially screw the environment. BC say bye bye to lots of high pay jobs, supporting jobs, and lots of wealth while the various taxes further impoverish the BC people.


“Most people seem to be poor and bored in Victoria. It is no wonder they are cranky, uptight, stingy. The bad low wages and taxes on everything will drain you like a vampire. The BC people are anti wealth and pro tax. The government will be more than happy to suck you dry in various ways, unlike Alberta in all things.


“Victorians are no common sense, spaced out, jerk around idiots, most of them are anyways. If you love uptight, crazy, procrastinating, closed minded, poor ass, eco freaks, unreliable, indecisive, mental cases, Victoria is the city to spend the years of your life. It takes a special kind of self torturing, masochistic, poverty loving, success hating, nut bar to actually want to volunteer to move to Victoria. The more with it Victorians themselves want to leave. Victoria would actually be up to stuff if the living standards and conditions could match the high environment quality. Instead you will live the poor life of a frustrated crazy person in a beautiful environment. Why do you think BC province is so economically, culturally, socially screwed up when compared to other Canadian provinces? Victoria is the capital city.


“The Victorian area economy and job market is getting worse and worse. Don’t let any government or agency propaganda fool you into thinking everything is just great. The real proof is on the ground, the front lines. There are long lines of people on various ad web sites pleading for almost non-existent jobs. The jobs lists on all the employment sites are sparse for Victoria. If you do get a job, there are most likely the cheap slave driving kind. The spaced out employers want to hire staff, but not want to hire at the same time. Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, etc were not this messed up and on top of things. I can’t believe some of you actually want to move to Victoria to become part of that culture?


“The situation for all or most of Canada and BC or Victoria is the same when attracting immigrants and locals to move for work. However, it is even more so on Vancouver Island and Victoria. We really like your mad skills and experience in whatever high job you are doind, move or emmigrate to work for us. When you finally arrive, the story changes to something like, “Oh, we don’t recognize any of the skills and education from you home region or country. You can waste years and lots of money to go back to school again so we can have jobs at your expense. If that isn’t good for you, we do have jobs as cleaners, retailers, fast food workers, taxi drivers, hospitality workers, delivery drivers for all your mad skills.” Do you feel dumb for falling into the sales scam by Canada, BC, Victoria, etc? You left your home region and country to go from doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher, government official to beocme a pizza delivery driver/cook in Canada. The governments, employers/trades associations, schools are all in on the “bait and switch” con job conspiracy. Many get tricked because they don’t know any better and lapse in judgement.


“Unlike many of the other major Canadian metro regions where merit has value, Victoria is all about nepotism, corruption connections. The answer to everything work, social, cultural is always, “you are great, exactly what we wanted and hoped for, but oh no not you! We’ll keep you in mind and find someone else like you and give it to them. You ok with that?”


“The wages are pathetically cheap and the expenses are high. You make less and get squeezed to pay more for all goods and services. The various sales, environmental, carbon taxes and various fees and levies will kill your finances later. Federal income taxes and payments will take another chunk of money from you. That is probably one of the reasons why Victoria people seemed silent, grouchy, unfriendly, uptight, reserved, paranoid? They don’t have much to be joyous about, taxed to death, under paid and abused to death, frustrated, gloomy, and bored. They can’t earn and save enough to have a good enjoyable life. They have a hard time just surviving, no time or resources to have a fun social life too.


“Victoria would be a lot more fulfilling, fun, happy, and content if many of the people are not economically, socially, psychologically, financially frustrated and blocked. People can’t be happy, outgoing, sociable, and content if they are not achieving their goals and dreams. Life is good when one has what they want and need and life really sucks when people don’t. Victoria is a prison to many people when they are not allowed to live up to their potential. People leave Victoria and BC to other places when home is not good.


“No kidding! It seems like Victoria, Vancouver Island and all of BC is a crooked price fixing racket? The governments and private businesses look for every small excuse to pay workers slave wages while at the same time charge you extortion high prices for all goods and services. The people are not people or staff, just money milking cows. Getting squeezed at both ends means your prospects are fairly limited or limiting. A main reason why BC is bleeding out brains, talent, and workers is because the BC culture in all things, don’t know how to treat people well.


“Yes everything is a racket in BC and especially Victoria the capital city. I am actually surprised they still have any brains left as they seem to bleed all the good people out to other places. They don’t know how to treat capable people and their competitors in other places do. This is probably a repeat, but good and cheap abusive can’t co-exist in the same place and time. It must be a natural law of the universe?


“Victoria is not a nice place to live. The natural environment is nice, but most of the people are not nice. They are culturally uptight, repressive, closed minded, socially restricted to their cliques, and mentally dumb. Common sense is definitely not common in the Victoria region. General life in Victoria is an oxymoron (conflicting illogic) or any other type of moron. The social mental attitude is one of the main reasons why the area economy and social life is messed up. The environment can only be fully enjoyed if one is independently wealthy and powerful, separated from the need to work or bow to others for a living. The low wages, cheap work environment, daily life pressures will grind you, wear you down, and remove most joys in life from you life in Victoria. You will be sorry if you did not do your research homework before moving your life.


“I personally know many people who are chronically unemployed or under employed just because the live in Greater Victoria. The region is not prosperous because it has almost no heavy industries with the higher pay as a foundation. This leads to everything else that follows been even more cheap and limited. In most other places, these people would probably have accidentally hit a good paying job, or any other job by now. You almost never get a job even if you are qualified. You keep getting sent back to school for endless retraining and always no work.


“The internet is a good research tool. Before the internet, people would move to a place and find out it is not all that it is made out to be. It is too late to find out the truth. Most people hate wasting time, money, talent, enthusiasm, and other resources on any lost causes. Skills, education, experience, merit doesn’t matter like it does in other normal Canadian regions. Life in Victoria needs to be independently rich, work free, connected or you will be left high and dry with nothing. Many organizations large to small do “fake job hiring” to test how many job applicants they get per job posting, or to scare their unionized work force into accepting lower labour contracts by showing how many people are available to replace them. The resumes and applications sit somewhere collecting dust and unread for months, years, maybe a decade?


“Victoria is a great place to live if certain conditions and situations are met. You would love it in Victoria if you are too rich to have to work for a living and money just flows over you like by magic. You can use the excess cash as toilet paper to wipe your rear. The bleak reality for most of the Victoria people is a lot less lavish and frivolous. Victoria would be great for you if the scenery and environment can pay all your expenses and give you free money to live the lifestyle you want. You are most likely to get your job applications ignored repeatedly by all sorts of employers of varying size, as their existing lazy and incompetent staff procrastinate. The hiring and start date deadlines will pass as nobody seems to care about inefficiency and lost time and money. The stacks of resumes will grow moldy somewhere as the organizations will continually job advertise for jobs they seem to have no intentions of filling. They treat it like it was a joke game to take up extra free time.


“Oh definitely Victoria is not a good place to live. You can visit it as many times as you like and then go back home. However, never ever make it your permanent home if you have a choice. Trading in your goals and objective dreams for a few moments of beautiful environment isn’t worth it. The entire regional system is totally lacking in every way. Read all the people’s comments. They are not BSing you. It is the real experience.


“Life in Victoria just continuously dumps on locals and visitors who stay too long. The glitter is gone and replaced by frustration and dreary drab. It must be the bad vibes of the whole region that makes even a bright sunny day feel oppressive and grey? It is a good thing there is occasional sunshine or living and dealing with Victoria would multiple times more depressing. The entire region is like this.


“Victoria is not happening enough as a city, a major Canadian city. I met many people who come to Victoria expecting good and big things with their lives and find excessive limitations instead. There is not enough of all the good things that everyone wants to going around. They are in short supply. I agree with all the comments about Victoria before mine. If I could relaunch my life from the beginning, I would not go to Victoria and choose other Canadian cities with more opportunities to go up not down. I was sold an expectation that can’t be met by the local Victoria material available. They under performed expectations.




I’ll stop here, although I could keep posting because the complaints go on for another eighty pages! I wouldn’t have guessed it but Victoria may actually be the most hated city in Canada … more complaints/rants than Ottawa, Edmonton or even Winnipeg!

I thought about moving to Victoria for a time, but once I researched the cost of living I didn’t bother going. Even in shit towns on the island you’re looking at around $700,000+ for a condo! 

The problem is that the rest of Canada is a cold shit hole, so naturally everyone gravitates to British Columbia. But even B.C.’s north is a redneck, frozen crap pile, so almost everyone goes to the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. Being that the average Vancouver house now costs one-million dollars, and the city grows bigger, dingier and less affordable by the day, people think they can flee to Vancouver Island for warmth, safety and decent living. How wrong they are!

Victoria is small; the nearby towns even smaller. In such a small community there isn’t going to be enough work to go around, locals will always be favored and resent outsiders; with lack of space comes lack of affordable housing; and without decent employment and housing the quality of life is dramatically depressed. The situation carries on because there’s always a stream of fresh bodies looking for one decent place in Canada to live … 

I have to shake my head at some of the comments too, poor saps! Ottawa is a shit hole, so is Edmonton! Saskatchewan is another shit pile, and good luck moving to the “friendly” east coast! Sure there may be work in Calgary or Toronto, but neither of those cities are exactly great to live in either. The poor suckers don’t realize the rest are big steaming turds too!

This fucking country … nowhere to go but you’ll notice the same complaints from east to west: awful people, hideous winters and cold, no employment, unaffordable housing, barely surviving with the cost of living. The only warm or halfway decent areas are full of the mega rich and you can basically expect to serve them and lick their asses until you croak.

There is no escape in this giant hole known as Canada.