Saskatoon: Rants

“12 Reasons Why I Hate Saskatoon …

  1. The Climate…

I have to laugh… The people who live here are constantly reassuring themselves about how “great” the climate is here with inane comments like “You know it rains all the time in Vancouver” or “Oh, that terrible humidity in Ontario”. My God in heaven, it’s below freezing for 7 months of the year and 3 of those months are below -20C. The growing season is only 100 days long, it can freeze anytime of the year and a good part of the “summer” is cold, too…. and the bloody wind… It never stops.

Prey tell, then… Why do 12 million people live in S. Ontario and 3 million in the lower mainland of B.C. if the climates there are so terrible?… And yet Saskatchewan has not been able to get a population of more than a million in 75 years? I think it’s penis envy and a huge inferiority complex.

No one wants to live here for this reason alone… No one.

  1. The rednecks, lack of culture, lack of people with any taste or class…

Granted, there is lots of money here… rich farmers, rich oil workers… They have big trucks and bigger houses… These people are classless…They listen to country music, shop at Walmart, hock and spit, drink Pilsner beer, wear baseball caps in restaurants, are vulgar and crude and their idea of a fine restaurant is Mano’s or The Cave… Yep, paper napkin and family dining at it’s best.

Mind you, there are maybe 3 good restaurants in the city…

3.. The isolation…

God, Saskatoon is a million miles from any civilized place or big city… And I don’t regard Calgary or Edmonton as either civilized or big… 18 hours to the Twin Cities is your closest link to the civilized, populated world.

  1. The crime…

Highest crime rate in Canada.

  1. The Aboriginals…

I am tired of all of it.

  1. The Fattness…

Outside of the American Deep south, I have never, ever in my life seen so many obese, out of shape people.

  1. The Star Phoenix

You call that a newspaper?… What an embarrassment… and no paper on Sunday. I think Saskatoon is the only place in the world without a local, Sunday paper… God, I miss civilization sometimes.

  1. The West side…

Poverty, slumlords, crime, arson, post-industrial gloom… Almost every business closed on 20th st. from Ave. A to Ave. H. and the city pours millions into the beautification of this dismal, dangerous hunk of road. Brownfields, abandoned factories (Mitchell’s, etc.) Lame and doomed to fail attempts at revitalization (Farmer’s Market, The 20th St. Station) in this seedy scumscape.

9 John Gormley and CJWW…

The “voices” of Saskatoon… Good God.

  1. Don Atchinson…

Our local version of “Mayor McCheese”

  1. Beaten up roads…

My God, our streets look like something out of the Third world, beaten up roadways full of potholes, cracks, frost heaves… Line painting is lame at best.

As I told a visitor to here once who commented on the lack of line painting on the streets “Oh, don’t worry… Just keep your vehicle in the ruts in the street and you’ll stay in the right lane…”

  1. The world’s worst drivers?

This huge sense of entitlement (comes with loosers who have aquired wealth and big vehicles), lack of knowledge of road rules, general rudeness, excessive speed and lack of common courtesy.”


“I moved from Vancouver to Saskatoon last year and my god do I hate this place to its guts.

My parents used to go to college here, and I have always hear about them complainning how bad Saskatoon was. Having lived in Ft Mac for 2 years, I didn’t believe them. Until last year, I decided to follow my parents footsteps and come to U of S, biggest mistake of my life thus far.

Worst thing about the city is the people here: Rude, stubborn, lazy and racial discriminating. Crappy city planning comes second. Drivers comes the third (seriously guys, driving a truck doesn’t mean you can drive in between lanes/ turn left whenever you want/ tailgating people).




“People in Saskatoon seem to think that their city is better than Regina. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black–Saskatoon easily is as bit a shithole as Regina. Here’s why:

1) Everyone drives slower than the retired.
2) Clueless drivers that don’t respect pedestrians, crosswalks, and even traffic lights.
3) Downtown has no real attractions and is dead… all the time.
4) No downtown nightlife.
5) People think Tim Hortons has “good” coffee.
6) They elect people like MP Maurice Vellacot…. year in year out. And then complain about the conservatism of Sask Party MLAs.
7) Home to some of the highest crime rates in Canada.
8) Maybe 3 good restaurants in a sized city that should have 20-30.
9) Can’t sustain a downtown grocery store open but can keep 3 Walmarts PACKED.
10) No gas stations (sorry, the 20th and Idylewild one doesn’t count).
11) There are no public beaches in a city with a river running through it.
12) River swimming is not allowed, due to hydrophobia than actual danger.
13) Road construction projects take weeks, sometimes months, to undertake… where in other cities it would take days.
14) No sidewalks on the busiest part of Circle Drive North.
15) People are incredibly poor tippers… when they tip at all.
16) Pubs and restaurants never cut off or give the boot to drunk patrons… they are allowed to cause as much trouble as they like.
17) Has the slowest service in restaurants anywhere.
18) Frumpily dressed people everywhere.
19) No tourism industry whatsoever…. seeing a Manitoba license plate is even rare.
20) Drop in medical clinics are always backed up and you can wait 2-3 hours to see a doctor in the “Home of Healthcare.”
21) Few signs that private entrepreneurship is encouraged.
22) Excess TV time devoted to farm and crop reports when agriculture makes up less than 10% of the provincial economy.
23) Newscasts devoid of any real newsworthy content.
24) Newscasters dress and look like 80s prom nightmares.
25) Some city streets aren’t swept to clean up road dirt in the spring until… summer.
26) Crappy, expensive to ride public transit system that shuts down too early/runs too infrequently.
27) People frown on public transit as ‘for the poor people who can’t afford a car.”
28) Junk Pontiac Sunfires…. everywhere.
29) No signs of logical civic planning… i.e. they let large lots of downtown real estate sit unused for years (i.e. the old King George Hotel and put a big ugly movie theatre on prime downtown near-waterfront property.
30) The WORST public bus system EVER – people think the bus is for poor people.
31) When the city bus drivers aren’t busy driving over people, they are just plain rude.
32) Crappy roads and potholes that go without repair.
33) Unsynchronized traffic lights on main roads in the city.
34) No bike lanes anywhere…. even though the city has one of the highest number of bike commuters in Canada.
35) Crappy, apathetic service at oh so many retail shops.
36) They can’t think of a better name for historical Victoria Bridge than to call it the “Traffic Bridge.”
37) Poor city planning i.e. traffic lights, crosswalks in poor locations.
38) Insufficient number of garbage cans and maintenance in main areas….as a result, street festivals (i.e. The Fringe) are garbagefests.
39) Overweight people everywhere… and junk food/candy vending machines galore.
40) Drunk driving seems acceptable to many, and the police never have roadblocks to stop them either.
41) You have to pay to park in the Midtown Mall lot… they charge you to go to the mall to spend your money.
42) the malls SUCK—people think the Gap is high end fashion.
43) Native culture is seen as a problem and not celebrated as in other parts of Canada.
44) There is public support for a lobby group sympathetic to the cops that killed Stonechild.
45) Few boutique shops… instead, tons of big ugly box stores.
46) The Star Phoenix is a rag.
47) You can count the number of ethnic food import shops on one hand… sorry, Cheese Warehouse just doesn’t cut it.
48) No specialty wine shops… and shitty liquor store selection.
49) Road lines always need repainting.
50) No rent controls for the home of socialism.
51) People don’t pick up after their dogs—spring should be called shit melt.
52) They charge people to get a pet license for their cats and dogs but never enforce it.
53) All the city firework displays (Canada Day, the Ex) are incredibly lame.
54) City Hall does nothing about the 20th St. problem.
55) The mayor is stupid enough to make racist comments in front of Indians at the First Nations University… and still gets elected by a landslide.”


“I’m going to have to give you a big internet high five.
I grew up in Prince Albert .. which I assure you is worse to live in than Saskatoon or Regina by far. The only thing better about P.A. is that there are synchronized lights at some locations.

I lived in Calgary for 5 years before I moved to Saskatoon. Calgary is friendly, well thought out, and a pleasure to live in. You can meet people anywhere and find new friends in an instant. People say hi to each other and there are few “clicks”. Bringing this attitude back to Saskatoon was not accepted well. People are downright rude. My initial reaction to people here was, “What the hell! Do these people think they are better than everyone?” I’ve been here for 5 years now and all I hear about are comments like “OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY OF SASKATOON” and “SASKATOON SHINES”. Beautiful and shine my ass.

People don’t know how to drive here at all. They don’t know the concept of “letting people in” or how to properly signal. It’s silly … people only signal when they actually have a lane to go into. They will never signal to let you know their intentions. I see people all the time cancelling their signal when they realize someone won’t let them in.

Saskatoon’s traffic engineering is by far the worst, ever, period. It’s actually designed to stop you. red light to red light. No turning arrows. No thought. Just frustration. And, they won’t fix a poorly designed intersection. Instead, they will install a red light camera and penalize everyone for their screw up.

I’ve read reports of other big cities that saw significant decreases in crime rates by improving the driving conditions. Saskatoon could not be a better truth-proving example of crime being related to driving conditions. We have the highest crime rate in Canada. We also have the worst driving in Canada. Who shines now mother fucker.

Now, if this isn’t enough, the diabolical scheming bureaucrats here caused the Saskatoon housing market to reach levels that a city of this status should have never seen. I get a shit wage to drive amongst idiots in a poorly thought out city, at a job I hate, in a city with no life, only to be forced out of renting to buy a $40,000 house that I paid $300,000 for.

Come on Saskatoon. Get with the times. You are 10 years behind.”




“Saskatoon is a shit whole, there is nothing to do.Downtown is the worst,there is no nightlife but instead people smoking weed. I am getting the hell out of saskatoon as soon as possible.”


“After two years of living in Regina, I have yet to find one person (not from here) who actually likes it. Every import I’ve met is just waiting to get out. I am outta here in 2 months and this is the impression of this province I’ll be taking with me 1) lack of work ethic. Worst example of this was one major grocery store I went to actually had NO ONE but the managers show up for work that morning. I believe there was a Rider’s game the night before. 2) Because of the lack of simple garbage cans in the city, it looks like an urbanized land-fill. 3) Roads??? What roads. You mean those trails that have worn down to the original wagon paths? 4)No snow removal. One gentleman I spoke to used to work for the City. He told me Regina has the most up-to-date equipment in Canada, but that no one knows how to use it – so they don’t 5) If I hear “but that’s the way it’s always been” one more time I’ll scream!! 6) No rent control. Landlords can charge what they want for dumps that anywhere else in this country would be condemned by health authorities. And don’t bother calling the rentals-man. I tried and was told to pay my $50.00 bucks and maybe they will get around to looking at my complaint in 2 months or so. 7) I no longer have any pots, pans, kettles or coffee pots. The city water here has destroyed them all.

I think you have covered the rest (buses, bad drivers, traffic, bugs, wind, etc)

I will say I truly believe this province has a lot of potential. However, the governments (municipal and provincial) and the people who were born and raised here HATE CHANGE OR PROGRESSION.

Therefore, so long Saskatchewan – wish I could say it was fun instead of “what a colossal waste of two years of my life”.


“I lived in Saskatoon for 31 years. I found that Saskatoon people are arrogant, Calgary wannabees that think the city is as big as L.A. it is a hick town that has nothing to offer, no opportunities and a pretentious attitude that is not matched by any other city in Canada.”


“the first two sexual encounter landed me witht he two worst stds (use your sympathetic imagination) you can’t find any pot and people will call there brother the hillbilly police officer for broaching the subject. The ethnic drivers the all go to the university own the the calcutta roads in the dump and everyone here is a farmer that stand by drinking 40s is gods way and taking two bong hits must mean your a homosexual satan worshipper. I thought regina was bad i fucking hate living is starkly different in the issues mentioned”


“I have lived in from Vancouver, London UK and Rome Italy. It is my 3rd year in Saskatoon, i absolutely agree with you 97% of your points. I went as far as to google “why does saskatoon suck” because I am in pain constantly looking at the obese, poorly dressed people roaming the streets and never having anything to do and any place to buy a bottle of wine. Save me.”


“OMG this place is such a shit hole, i cant wait to leave here and stop wasting my life here. It been seven years and i cant raise my kids in this environment.”


“It amazes me that Saskatoon’s infrastructure continues to get worse yet the people here constantly try to pretend its getting better. Love the pile of scrap that used to be the Victoria Bridge. Love that nearly half a million was spent on lights for it instead of actually repairing it. Love how Circle Dr. South never was finished even close to schedule and will remain that way for almost another year. Love the near useless transit system. Love the worst drivers in Canada and a Police force that seems powerless to do anything about them. Love the horrid restaurants that people actually convince themselves are good. Love the economic boom that people think is real. Love the ridiculous rent and housing costs that are so overinflated. Love the crumbling roads and bridges that need millions to repair. Love the idea of building a new art gallery while the rest of the city fails. Love the smugness of the people here. Love the hatred towards Calgary and Alberta. . I truly wish all the “cosmopolitan” residents of Saskatoon would go to Toronto for a week to see how a real city works.”


“Just wait till the bank interest rate increases even a small percentage. All the morons that purchased $50.000 for 400K will be walking into the bank and dropping their keys off with the loans manager.”


“Saskatoon as most agree is a boring shit hole with a bunch of Calgary wannabees, the prople aren’t friendly and are too stupid to realize they are living on a so called economy based on credit.”


“I hate Saska friggin Toon. It sucks living here and it is rattling the shit out of my car.

I have created a good job for myself, and work with some pretty good people, but they are still “redneck mentality”

I can’t wait to move my ass back to a real province that knows how to spend my tax dollars on real roads and pay their construction people overtime to take care of potholes and road repair all night long so that the rest of the city can function the next day!

Hey Saskatoon… how about getting rid of street parking so that the snow removal can actually take place.”

If Saskatoon would actually ticket people for street parking overnight and get the damn parked cars off of a major roads like 8th street for instance, then maybe this town could grow into a nicely developed “city”. At least it would put some cash into the city’s pocket for more road repair and some decent parking. The downtown workers are penalized for working downtown by having to pay astronomical parking fees. Think about it Saskatoon, is this not unfair to people who work downtown?? It takes more than a certain “number” of people to create a city.. it takes the right attitude.

I have seen cars turn off of a main street onto a side street in the winter and get caught in the flippin road ruts (that are huge BTW) and take out up to four cars (five including their own) just like that, by being forced to swag back and forth in the slippery ruts. It is friggin scary to drive in those ruts. Wagon wheelers! Sigh!

Three years ago in that major winter storm, the city let their workers sleep and caused the whole of Saskatoon to shut down for business because if you took bus to work to avoid the damn expensive parking downtown core, you were shut out because there was no service for three days!

WTF Good thing everyone here keeps their trustworthy “snowshoes” by the front door so they could at least get their ass to the beer store for their three day supply of beer as that is the only place that got any business then!

How can the Province get ahead when SGI has to pay out claims like that episode I just described above…. and all because the they do not ENFORCE simple things like street parking.

Hell when I first moved here I would be running out to my car freaking out, thinking I was going to be towed if I ran into the convenience store for a minute and parked illegally because I am from a province that doesn’t screw around and they do their jobs. Here they are just lazy and lax!

People still live like “hippies” and think they are so cool… too many yoga studios here and the mindset here is just so meditative that everything seems to be tolerated.

The city stores and business in this hokey town don’t know what water is, as the windows are drab with Prairie Dust at all times… so nothing SHINES there. The Bay is an embarrassment to me coming from Toronto… Hell the Bay street store in TO was always so done up and the window dressing divine…

Here they merely stick a manikin in the window on first Avenue and let the dust settle on the lame outfit they dare to display… they have no back drops to make the displays POP and this is a downtown ICON… Ha ha… what a joke… It is The Bay for crying out loud. Should you not display it with PRIDE?

I would say that Saskatoon is 25 years behind in time and needs to invest in it’s own “township” BIG TIME in order to gain respect of the residents here.

Also Saskatoon people are so prejudice against the Native’s. You just don’t see that attitude anymore Saskatoon people. Wake up and get with the times… you should get your asses sued for the way you prejudice against them. Good thing I have set my own sole proprietorship and taken on my own interests for work to build enough to get out of town.

I’ll be in the Kawartha’s after July 1st, sipping margaritas at the lake C ya”


Saskatoon is a fucking shithole. No wonder why the rate crime is so fucking high, people are bored to death. Downtown look like shit and you can see that there is no effort nor will to modernize the goddamn city.

What is fucking absurd is that there is no grocery shop Down Town. So good fucking luck getting grocery if you do not have a car. You will have to go on Broadway to the shitty overpriced stores or take a bus to 8th Street.

The life in Saskatoon is fucking expensive. Everything is expensive. The restaurant, the food, everything.

People here are still stuck in the 18s century when they used to ride horses because they can´t drive for shit.

Overall the people of Saskatoon are rude, ignorants, racists and retarded. Fuck this city.


“Saskatoon should be renamed to Imbreed Town.”


“saskatoon reminds me of a cheap dimestore hick who thinks he’s a bad ass only because he’s never known any real badasses. its overpriced, over-rated, the locals are sheltered assholes who’ve never lived in a real city so they dont have anything to compare it to. the city planners and decision makers are a bunch of greedy money grubbing douchebags who raise the cost of living every single fucking year. and people, because they are sheltered hicks with no other frame of reference, keep voting the same leeches into office year after year. im so glad i found this page, bc it validates everything shitty ive experienced in that shitty town. and yes, its fucking RACIST as shit. people know it as that racist town where cops kill natives and get away with it.”


“I grew up in Saskatoon, then moved away with my family to Regina at the age of fourteen. I moved back to Saskatoon (after living in a few other places around the province) when I was twenty, and after the nostalgia wore off, I realised that Saskatoon really isn’t how I remembered it.

I have come to begin loathing this province, and desire greatly to relocate to Vancouver, B.C. but am quite unfortunately stuck in Saskatoon for an unforeseen amount of time due to uncontrollable circumstances (I assist in the care of my younger sister and mother who, due to health issues, have great difficulty when it comes to travel.)

I agree with nearly every single one of your points.

Saskatoon is a blight, an absolute blemish, as is the entire province, to Canada. I am honestly embarrassed to be from the area, and can’t wait to get the fuck out before I end up wasting my entire life in the hell hole.

For those of you who find life in Saskatoon, or Saskatchewan, pleasant, good for you. At least you can derive some sort of quality of living out of a dreary and pathetic place. As for me, I now hate it with a passion and should I get the chance to leave, I shall never come back.

TL;DR version:

Fuck Saskatoon and Saskachewan in general.”


“I have never been more disappointed in humanity. I have lived in many large and small cities and this by far is the worst. Don’t bother trying to own nice things, they will get stolen. Your car will be fucked as people have no idea how to drive. The average iq, we won’t even go there. I used to think the US was crazy with there gun laws, I now understand. There is no respect for the next person and without saying a million things that have been already said, if your thinking about moving here please think again. Yes it is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada but also one of the easiest places to immigrate to. Crime rates through the roof and trust me, most is not reported. I can’t think of a worse place in all of Canada. Not only are the people for the most part an absolute disgrace, it is flat, boring, no night life, nothing to do in day either, cold as fuck and the riders are what ppl get excited about…a cfl team. Yay. Do yourself a favour and never ever even bother visiting. Wow…so sad.”


“Saskatoon and SK in general are better than many third world countries and we should count our blessings that we can live in such a place. That said, since this is the only thing it has going for it, relatively speaking, it is a piece of shit hell hole compared to the majority of major cities in Canada.

The weather is my chief complaint. Frigid arctic tundra for 7-8 months of the year. Dirty and wet for another 2 months, dusty and mosquito infested for another two, dull and cool for the last. No pretty flowers in the spring, just mud and dirt covering everything left over from the oversanding of streets during the winter, because they refuse to plow the streets and salt on a regular basis. 2 of the 3 months it is acutally warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, it is infested with mosquitos to the point where you cannot enjoy going outside without dousing yourself in bug spray every 10 minutes.

Housing is way overpriced, few big city amenities, festivals are okay but pale in comparison to those in other cities. (Rib fest is three vendors in a field, they close one of the busiest streets down to set up three tables displaying random people’s artwork). No club scene, just a bunch of sports bars. Shopping is crappy, parking is non-existent, roads are shit. Its super dry and dusty in the summer and they don’t bother paving half the back streets or parking lots. NO TRAFFIC SIGNS ON hundreds of RESIDENTIAL INTERSECTIONS!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!
MALLS suck, only one decent movie theatre. Terrible shopping in general. One superstore with no parking. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”


“What the fuck is wrong with people from saskatoon???? They are unbelievably close minded, disrespect other cultures and religions, and are essentially living in 18th century attitudes. Unforntanately I have to stay here for a few years. Any tips on dealing with these ignorant assholes!!??”


“I am glad I found this blog. Everything you say unfortunately is very true. In my 50 years I lived 44 of them in Vancouver. When I moved here I thought I was coming to a place of great opportunity and better house prices. What I came to is 18 century hickville. I cannot believe how unbelievably stupid people are here, and they think I am the stupid one. They argue about everything and think they know everything yet most of them have never been anywhere else except the lake and Regina for the Riders. The downtown is always dead and I felt safer in the downtown eastside of Vancouver than here. The only friends I have met are from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. They are all planning their escape as am I. You are right, escape is a gas tank away.”


“Bravo, sir. Everything is spot on, perhaps even worse as you have described. It is certainly getting worse. I’m stuck here another year or so… counting the days until I leave.”


“I could not be happier to read your post and a lll of the comments. This province is a dump. I actually can’t believe anyone willingly lives here. Thank you for showing me that I’m not the only person who hates SK more than I’ve ever hated anything in my life.”


“Agreed….Saskatoon is a shithole and most of the people there are losers. I grew up in Saskatoon the first 17 years of my life. As soon as I was able to I moved from redneckville to where some real life was. Vancouver. I have since seen the world a bit and lived in Toronto for 15 years and London UK for 10. Ask any person who has lived in any normal place if they could tolerate what Saskatoon is or if they could live around the narrow minded types in Saskatoon, and they would likely puke.

Absolutely people with no class totally sheltered from the real world. Very sad.

To the people of Saskatoon, I have news for you. You’re the odd balls out…you’re nothing special. You are a joke. If you went anywhere else normal…Toronto, London or Los angeles, people there will look at you funny because you are so Unhip and un-with the times. Low class uncultured hicks.

Nice “freeway” system…just saw it recently. Wow impressive. Ha ha ha
Open your hick eyes and see the world a little. I assure you if you do, you will never return as life in all its forms…culture, having fun, opportunity, and comfort is better elsewhere.

Life is too short to live in sub artic conditions with hill billy types. A real joke. LOL LOL funny but sad at the same time.

What’s funny is that most people from Saskatoon think its good???Holy shit…for real?

Theres no hope for some people.”


“I read this list about 5 years ago, haha and it’s still true, the city is not making any progress at all. People keep talking some “economy boom” here. I don’t know what that is, other than jacked up living expenses to make it look like economy boom. Still below average factory jobs for minimum wage, but the cost of living went through the roof. The roads..haha..if you do own a vehicle, prepare to dish out a lot of extra maintenance cost for shocks, ball joints, even popped tires and bent wheels. This city, for a first world country, is about 20 years behind behind anything comparable, no not Winnipeg or Regina, they are just as bad.


“Saskatoon sucks.
I am from Toronto originally and lived in New York for many years.

I lived in Saskatoon for 5 years.
the place is cold, dirty, hard to live in and the landscape SUCKS .
…they’ll never leave the3ir good friends.
People there describe themselves as “lifers” LOL

But, the worst thing….the people there are stupid fucking hicks who know nothing.

If they went to New York or LA or London or Paris they’d realize what cultureless, narrow minded idiots they are.

Most of the people in Saskatoon visit las vegas once or twice in their lifetimes and think they have world knowledge.

It’s ignorance and knowing no better.
If you put a hundred Saskatoon kids in a room with a hundred kids from normal places like Toronto or Montreal, anyone could tell who the Saskatoon kids are….plain, funny looking, unsophisticated etc.

the funny thing is, most of the people there are so ignorant they don’t even know what they are missing…they are lost and out of touch wit the real world.

when people from Saskatoon visit the real world, people stare and wonder why they look so weird and act so funny.

However, that’s the way it is and thee is lots of places in the US and Canada like this…generally people too scared to go out and make their own mark in life so they stay with their “friends” in a place like Saskatoon.

A very sad place with very sad people.
so sad that most of them don’t realize what losers they really are!”


“I lived in Saskatoon for many years, moved to Winnipeg and found it to be 10 times the city than Saskatoon was, although far from perfect.

Saskatoon is a vat of shit, poor economy, part time jobs, overpriced housing and everyone thinks they are on the same level as Calgary.”


“Lol you nailed it. I’ve never heard of any bike owner keeping the same bike for more than three months before some piece of shit steals it.”


“I spent a month in Saskatoon recently. I am from Seattle….born and bred. I’ve lived in New York and Germany as well.

Saskatoon is a sheltered little hick town and the people are extremely boring….stupid and uncultured in fact.

I never met a single one who could be considered a cosmopolitan person.

Most of its citizens have never been anywhere and the “city” is ugly. It is flat, and it is cold. Some city ha ha. 200k or something like that….with no metro area to speak of what a joke.

When that shit hole ends at the edge of town, that’s it for hundreds of miles. Nightmare!

The restaurants are crap but the worst is the people. They know nothing because the most modern place they have been is Calgary or Las Vegas. How amusing!

The people go on about themselves when you talk to them. the average one has absolutely no conversational skills. what losers.

I guess it’s cause’ they realize they really don’t match up to a person who has been around a little, seen the world that is…it makes them uncomfortable and self conscious.

It is like some bible belt place 40 years behind the times. Seriously, the average person from there would be laughed at in the real world.

How the fuck someone could spend their life there is beyond me.

Just my two cents worth…glad I am never going back.”


“I don’t give a single fuck what any of the assholes from here say I have been here for 8 years and had a family besides the family it’s been the shittiest 8 years of my 35 years on this planet no joke we moving back to Calgary see ya fuckers!”


“I agree with all the rants this place is full of 2 faced assholes that act like they are from Beverly Hills and really I hope this place finds its way to a massive sink hole and disappears forever!”


“The economy was good for a few years, now things are looking really grim. Look at all the office vacancies. The residential vacancy rate is also way up, historically high. This is seriously bad news for this city. We overbuilt. People got greedy, built quick and cheap and now there’s too much of it. You could see it coming. Businesses are shutting down. 2nd Ave downtown is hurting. Car culture dominates here: everyone drives, all the time for even the shortest distance. And it’s not only because it’s cold, it’s because of bad city planning and laziness. People are lazy here. We are obese. Fast food chains, fine dining chains, box store chains, all foreign owned chains. The local culture here is so weak. There is a colonial attitude here that everything good must come from outside the province. There is a lack of self esteem here. There is an untidy use of space here. It is an indoor city. People retreat to their homes and to their TVs directly from work.”


“What ever happened to when that shit hole of a city Saskatoon was called the Paris of the Prairies? Puke Omg to the people of Paris France I apologize for denigrating your beautiful city name with this redneck close minded idiotic mentality of a town and thinking we are actually as great as your wonderful and ancient city. This city is where all of the countries’ waste goes. If it’s corny diarrhea from Toronto or vomit from Vancouver this is the end of the line. This city was created from all of that human waste.”


“Ha ha, glad I found this post!

I went to Saskatoon for a few months about a year ago.
I was forced into it by my employer for some business interests we have in Western Canada.

I am from London, UK and I have never in all my days seen a miserable little piss hole of a town in my life. The people are so “square” it is not funny….30 years behind the times.

Oh my God!
Restaurants suck, parks suck, but the people are the worst most uncultured hicks I have ever seen. Really uneducated, never been anywhere except Vancover and stupid.

The people in Saskatoon, You start talking to them and the conversation immediately fixes to themselves.

They try to impress you with what they do and where they live and what they have.

What a joke…brag about that place…you kidding me?
Most of them seem fat too….no personal pride in themselves.

Nothing to do there…no world class music, sights, museums, history, nice bars, cool cars, NOTHING! The place is void of all normal things in a real place

They have boats in their garages, motorcycles, and big bellies. LOL!

I say to them, check out London, (or for that matter, Paris or Berlin) and see how NORMAL people live.

Virtually anyone from Saskatoon would stick out in one of these places like a sore thumb in the unsophisticated department.

I spent time in Toronto too….100% improvement on Saskatoon. It is a real city….Saskatoon is a flat ugly boring place with NOTHING to do but drink and read about native crime….oh and get fat too.

Glad I left after 8 weeks of hell…never going back!

Next time the newest guy in the company can have that assignment.”


“To the assholes complaining about people posting that they dont like saskatchewan: news flash, not everyone sucks your provinces cock like you do so SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE THIS PAGE because its a page for people who have better taste than you and have a right to list all the ways saskatchewan sucks…

oh, and dont forget the absolutely fucking terrifying rates of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE thats always being covered up by your “great saskatchewaners” inclduing your pervert mayor don atcheson.

saskatchewan is a shit hole of racist inbred rednecks whose pompous attitudes and belief saskatchewan is “great” are only possible because THEYVE NEVER BEEN ANYWHERE ELSE!

and now your provincial douchebag brad wall has also proved even he was only here for the money and to fuck you all up the ass: he got his giant million dollar paycheck and whats the first thing he did? he fucked off lol

and its way better for people to vent on a page than to go off on someone in person, so you can go fuck yourself with your self righteous judgy saskatchewan idiocy”


“Oh, and there isnt just native crime in saskatoon, theres white crime, white people are fucking corrupt backstabby greedy perverted fucks in saskatchewan, but the racist assholes always cover it up. especially their pedophilia. glad i left that shit hole when i did”


“Some comment are going a bit hard but I completely agree with the fact the city is boring and ugly.

Saskatoonis don’t all have great personalities but i’m not going to say everyone from there is an asshole.

They also believe their city shines. They always say omg we are so lucky we have 4 seasons well no shit. Whole Canada has 4 seasons and so what you can barely tell what season it is! Literally someone i met someone who thought it was winter in freaking Halloween. Quick summary of seasons in Saskatoon: Winter: Cold, ugly and useless snow, harsh winds, dirt and uglyness. Spring: Muddy, rainy and even more ugly with no good plants growing literally just ugly plants growing on their own. Summer: Dry polluted and eveeyrhing too basic and green no good flowers just a boring city with a boring summer but its the best season here. Fall: Wind, unstable weather. Icy roads.

The downtown looks ugly af! Their tallest tower is 79 meters lol. That sucks for a 200,000 populated city that absolutely has no historic monument for it not get built. The towers look so old and weird too. I have always liked downtowns and take this word for granted Saskatoon has had the worst downtown and belive me not trying to brag but i have visited quite bit of places and Saskatoon has had the worst downtown out of all of em.

The hospitals are ugly af u feel like you are living in India or something. Packed, old, smelly and a big waiting time. I’ve been to the hospital and most people have freaking broke their back or something cause they too lazy to do shit other than watching their lame ass riders team lose.

Worst than all these is entertainment in the city. I know alot of people just decide to move to that city after visiting it but Saskatoon and the whole Saskatchewan offers not touristic/entertaining places and still they ditch about not getting a bigger population. Literally the best place they have is these lakes they go to like every week of summer which are again ugly, lame and not modern! Not to forget mosquitoes…

This city has potentials but unfortunately people here are too close minded and curiousless people who just live their bring ass life and don’t do exciting shit. If the city cleaned up its ugliness and mudds specially in spring and planned some colorfull flowers, modernized the city stopped expanding so fucking much and just make the their old shitty neighbourhoods a bit nicer and stopped copying the freaking American life stlye oh and also removed the stupid farms that pump up everywhere and fixes the roads and added cool places this city could be like Calgary right now it’s comparable to Afghanistan’s capital city.”


“The people here aren’t nice. They are rude, and if you disagree with anything anyone says, the response is ‘If you don’t like it, leave’. I gladly will.

There is nothing to do here but drink and watch some crappy football team. There is no culture, everyone just meanders along with no real direction and are nasty as hell.

They can’t drive, like to think that they and Saskatoon are God’s gift. To what I have yet to discover and don’t think I ever will. Small town Hicksville that is about 50 years behind the rest of the world. Get your heads out of your asses, change your redneck, racist ways and join the rest of the planet. Most pathetic place ever.”


“Omg this comment thread is making my day! I moved to saskatoon for graduate school, and it has been the worst city I’ve ever lived in! The school was small minded, stressful and acted like what we were talking about was so important – it wasnt. It was bullshit liberal propaganda and I come from Ontario. The university I went to out west for my bachelors makes university of Saskatchewan look like kindergarten. It was shocking. I developed bad anxiety living in saskatoon and let me tell you why! Not only the stressful vibe in the university for no apparent reason (probably because the profs couldn’t get a job anywhere else, so they try to explain their own existence by bullying students which would be considered disgusting at another university) but also because of the social life.

DONT MOVE HERE. nobody will be able to maintain eye contact with you, you won’t make any friends. I lived here for two years and I don’t have a sinhle girlfriend. I got a boyfriend right when I moved here (not surprising if you take a look around at the women) and it morphed into a domestic violence situation. I seriously thought men knew not to hit and push around women anymore, as everywhere else in Canada it’s known that its against the law. Anyways I got in over my head and eventually escaped that relationship. All his friends were red neck introverts who excluded me at social gatherings, and all their girlfriends couldn’t talk to me. This place is seriously fucked. I lived near Toronto and Edmonton and saskatoon is the anus of Canada. It finally occurred to me to just screw my lease and move somewhere else. I haven’t been able to find a job… Any job… For four months. I can’t stand the horrid weather here its just too damn cold, and this is coming from an edmontonian. Sorry to rant! But this place ALMOSY broke my spirit. I just count my lucky stars I didn’t get knocked up while here, and I’m lucky to come from somewhere civilized to know this isn’t normal. It isnt normal to not have any friends or have people want to make connections with you. In Edmonton you make friends easily and same with Toronto. I honestly hate saskatoon. I had such high hopes! Its a shit hole. Don’t even get my started on the drivers, it’s really weird. Anyways if you’re thinking of coming to the university here DONT. Even when I held a job as a waitress at two different places, nobody would make eye contact with me. This place is asleep. Thanks for all the other comments, I was starting to question my own sanity.”


“Yes I agree! Living in other parts of Canada, moving here I was shocked. I don’t know how anyone can outwardly state they hate natives. How can you hate a certain race? In other cities in Canada, at least the civilized ones it’s understood that racism towards natives is disgusting.

Not here. The white people proudly discriminate agsinst them. It broke my heart, they don’t deserve that.”


“I lived in Saskatoon for years and I hated it and still hate it. The cops are pricks they would rather give you a ticket for window tint then get off there lazy asses and go after the punks that kept breaking into my truck six break ins in three years not one arrest. I even caught the one punk red handed and made him stay till the cops showed up and they let him go and told him not to do it again. I had the prick on camera breaking into the truck and the city cops didn’t do nothing they actually said they felt sorry for him cause iguess he told the Saskatoon police he was scared of me and felt threaten of me and seen my support be the bridge city boys shirt and assumes I was a gangster. I’m not a gangster I do support the Bridge City Boys but that don’t make me a gangster next thing I know I’m in handcuffs and being padded down and being questioned about drugs. Well what the fuck I work a full-time job I don’t do drugs I’m a legit blue collar guy and I simply called the Saskatoon police cause some low life is breaking into my truck then I’m in handcuffs and the punk crook walks wtf fuck the Saskatoon police bunch pricks.”


“Wow ok, I think perhaps some of you didn’t give Saskatoon a chance. No it’s not for everyone. I don’t agree there is nothing to do especially if you are into extreme sports. Just don’t expect to win any trophies the competition is very experienced.

For beginners there is burping on the bus and lighting farts on fire. Grade 8s and their super big gulps can blow the rear doors open without even trying. Not bad for guys barely old enough to vote. Lighting farts on fire is more of a home activity, yes I know the mall seems like the obvious place but the security guards work in pairs and with all the cheap mall food they don’t even need a lighter.

Moving on to driving, some of you just don’t recognize talent when you see it. My favorite is entering a busy street from just about any side road stop sign or not. You have to wait until the approaching traffic gets close then just pull out without making eye contact. That is why we don’t make eye contact we are honing our talents for the next trip behind the wheel.

You people in Toronto or Vancouver that think you are so cool are going to love this next one. We figured out how to make fire. Evolved or what? Once again you will be going up against the best of the best. All you need is a pit in your back yard, some wet wood and a can of gas. FOOMP!! That should take care of any facial hair that got missed lighting farts on fire.

You think you can take the muffler of your dodge truck get a dog that barks and howls day and night and compete guys good luck. Their exploits are legendary. They figured out wind speed and direction, how many leaves to add and when. Hell they can hospitalize the asthmatic neighbor kids in no time flat. Try that in Vancouver or Toronto and they will throw your ass in jail.

That covers most of the solo activities but I have to say even I was taken aback by STD guy. This guy is 2 for 2 practicing unsafe sex. My first thought was did he tell the second girl what happened with the first girl? I best leave that one alone I am only assuming he was picking up girls and not working the lanes behind downtown hotels.”


“I actually feel like I have ptsd from living here. My friend back home reminded me “I can just get in my car and go” and this place is such a soul sucking, low vibe hick town that I was actually brainwashed to forget I could leave. I came here for graduate school and was silenced in the classroom, surrounded by absolute morons, and was completely bewildered to learn that the Saskatchewan concept of grad school is to simply repeat what the professors tell you. I’m being serious. No thinking allowed, just copying and repeating the material. I withdrew. I endured a terrible domestic violence relationship for a year. I didn’t know such awful things could happen behind closed doors. All his friends, his family, neighbors knew he physically and emotionally abused me, and nobody offered me any help. They all acted like that was normal, and women are supposed to take it and be quiet. I never felt so alone in my whole life.

Living in saskatoon feels like living on the moon. I escaped that relationship with the clothes on my back. When people say this province is 40 years behind, they aren’t kidding. The way this man treated me was like I was furniture in his house. It terrified me to the bone.

I worked for social services here, and witnessed the horrible racism people have toward natives. I fell in love with my work, and was able to help the communities on 20th Street. But the organization I worked for was toxic as well, hiring their relatives, promoting people who gossiped and had bad work ethic, etc. It blew my mind. Everyone in this city seems like they’re asleep. I don’t understand. It’s like they don’t realise there are other cities beyond this one.

Going to the lakes up north wasn’t anything special, you can get that same experience in the river valley in Edmonton, or walking out your door in Ontario. The restaurants in saskatoon were just horrible, there is no culture here. I can’t even explain the feeling of being around people who you sense don’t care about you at all. It is extremely terrifying. I met people at Starbucks, in the gym, at work, on the LRT in Edmonton who became lifelong friends, inviting me to meet their families, helping me move, coming to get togethers in my home for coffee with other friends. That is not the culture in saskatoon. Visiting and making friends is not what people want to do.

I don’t know how to express what I have witnessed here in saskatoon, I really did think it would be like a smaller Edmonton with prairie culture. You go anywhere in Edmonton, there’s cowboy hats, hippie flowing dresses. I didn’t see anyone who was attractive. I’m sorry I didn’t. You go anywhere else and there are attractive people in different parts of Canada. Some of the native people kept themselves looking nice, but the white people were just plain looking. It was so weird.

I had opportunities to do field work at farms in the middle of nowhere, and the people looked like they had been staring out the window for twenty years. I couldn’t believe it. Just expressionless and pale. I worked down near Regina for a company and the farmers there only wanted a mine if they got a payout, they didn’t even care about their environment.

It blew my mind. No culture. No independent thought. I never made any girlfriends here in 2.5 years. Everywhere else in Canada I lived, I made tens of beloved friends, and enjoyed going for lunch, out to the bars, to their family dinners, etc. The native people I worked with were awesome, and displayed a true sense of humor, strength and practicality. I truly admire saskatoon native people, and I feel sick to my stomach at how racist the white people are to them. Someone commented Saskatchewan is like from the 18th century and I think that’s true. Anyone wanting to move here, just don’t. You won’t built a support network or any friends, and you will truly start to understand that there are parts of Canada that are best left unexplored. What a complete shit hole.”


“I’ve lived on both coasts and grew up quite open minded and progressive. Having lived in Saskatchewan for 3 years now, I find myself growing bitter, judgemental and racist. Living on alphabet row I’ve noticed how careless, rude and self centered the native population is. The white population are also generally rude and close minded. The ever increasing foreign population makes one feel as if they are not in Canada anymore as multiculturalism is destroying Canadian culture and identity. It is creating a tribalistic collection of enclaves which do not integrate. Saskatoon is a shitty place to live for anyone who doesn’t buy into intersectional politics, self victimization or LGBTQQIAAP politics. I am really not impressed by the social dynamics, etiquette and crime in this city. The social welfare programs are about the only thing Saskatchewan has going for it if you are not a skilled professional. Perhaps this is partly why it is the way it is. If you encounter an attractive woman, she’s probably a golddigger, airhead or prostitute and a majority of other people are frumpy, obese, ugly or queer.

I look forward to eventually moving out of Saskatchewan, perhaps BC as the nature there is revitalizing and beautiful and i’d rather deal with old asian ladies picking cans at 6am than tweaked out natives creating huge garbage messes when rummaging through dumpsters or breaking into mailboxes or drunkenly fighting and creating domestic disturbances.

Like I said, living here is making me bitter, judgemental and racist. I gotta get my ass outta here pronto.”


saskatchewan is aracist shit hole where white rednecks literally get away with rape murder and child molestation every day bc the entire province is literally run by racist redneck rapists murderers and child molesters. oh and white people have the highest rates of pedophilia but the rampant rabid racism focuses on the native people instead. dont move to saskatchewan if you enjoy life bc its a dead end miserable shit hole. leave it to the child raping crackers who enjoy being child raping crackers


First, kudos to the author of this blog. Some truths need to be told. Keep it up and to hell with the naysayers.

To those who doubt the authenticity of the rants here based on some posters’ spelling and grammar, do not judge too quickly — Saskatoon is a vortex of idiocy, a long-haul rapist of one’s common sense, decency and ability. Eventually, you too would succumb to raw emotion and the urgency of fast-tracking your thoughts to the keyboard to the screen. Accuracy in stringing together words in perfect form and function would inevitably be sacrificed for speed. Who cares?

I left Stabatoon 30 years ago.

At that time it was a question of do or die, as in, if I stayed I’d die, by suicide most likely, and if I got out I could at least have a shot at doing things that simply weren’t feasible, normal things like thinking, contemplating, dreaming and so on, things that normal people from normal places tend to do.

Having now lived all over Canada and the world, perhaps the saddest thing for me is how little anything — at heart — has changed for the positive in Stabatoon in 30 years. That old negative vortext is still swirling with a vengeance that, for most people, is imperceptible, but for those who can scent the breeze it’s unbearable.

Stabatoon was founded by teetotallers (look it up) from Toronto. That should tell you everything. Intolerance, religiosity, lunacy — all hardwired into the city’s DNA. You’ll never evolve it. Stop trying!

If you hate being there, stop being there. Find a way to get out. The first step is the scariest. But once you make up your mind to leave, you might find that providence goes with you. And with every decision you make to take your life in a more positive direction, something good (or at least better) comes your way when you really need it.


100% correct. I had the misfortune if moving from TO to Saskatoon as a child and it seemed like I was the only one who knew Saskatoon was a shithole. Went back years later, it’s a better place on all levels. What is Saskatoon missing? A full time professional Opera company for a start.



Canada is a Shit Hole

I would love to live in Europe but unfortunately I don’t qualify for long-term residence, maybe in the future. So for now I content myself with going to the USA – a place I can appreciate despite its many issues. The United States is large and diverse enough that life is what you make it. Unfortunately (as I know well from personal experience) the same cannot be said for Canada.

I am constantly bombarded with fear mongering about the USA. It’s as though Canadians can’t fathom that there are more living options than the rough neighborhoods in Chicago, Baltimore or south-central Los Angeles. The absurdity of the anti-American propaganda is indescribable. Yes there are some bad people down there, and terrible things do happen, but they also happen here. So let’s take a look at some “Canadian” living

Canada’s three major cities (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) house more than a third of the population. Outside these locations the majority of Canadians live in small cities and towns; less than 1 in 5 live in rural areas. 

For 2018 the most dangerous places are listed by MacLean’s magazine, rated according to the Crime Severity Index:

1) North Battleford, Saskatchewan (pop: 13,567)

2) Thompson, Manitoba (pop: 12,878)

3) Wetaskiwin, Alberta (pop: 12,486)

4) Prince Albert & area, Saskatchewan (pop: 35,102)

5) Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (pop: 12,949)

6) Red Deer, Alberta (pop: 99,718)

7) Williams Lake, British Columbia (pop: 10,508)

8) Quesnel, British Columbia (pop: 12,064)

9) Langley, British Columbia (pop: 117,285)

10) Prince George, British Columbia (pop: 65,510)

[Note: population data taken from latest government census reports available (2016). Current stats should be roughly equivalent.]

In 2017, the five worst cities by crime rate were:

5) Edmonton: “The city has had a persistent problem with violent crime, especially sex-based crimes such as sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, and sexual violations against children.”

4) Regina: “Regina, ranks rather highly (or lowly, depending on how you look at it) when it comes to overall violent crime in Canada.  It’s been trading places with Saskatoon the past few years …”

3) Saskatoon: “The city has flipped back and forth with Regina (see above) in the overall rankings, and has sometimes even found itself at the ignominious “top” of the standings.”

2) Thunder Bay: “While it ranks eighth in overall crime, the CBC reported that it’s the second-most violent city in Canada.  Sadly, that rating isn’t a one-off incident, either.  In 2012, the homicide rate was higher in Thunder Bay than in any other major metropolitan area in Canada.”

1) Winnipeg: “… but for all of that, the notorious neighbourhoods which make up the North-Central portion of Winnipeg, from South Point Douglas to West Broadway, reported double the crime rate of Compton, California in 2012.”

In 2016, the most dangerous cities according to MacLean’s: (Crime Severity Index)

1. Grande Prairie, Alta. (pop: 63,166)

2. Victoria, B.C. (pop: 84,289)
3. Red Deer, Alta. (pop: 100,418)
4. Prince George, B.C. (pop: 65,510)
5. Winnipeg, Man. (pop: 709,253)
6. Saskatoon, Sask. (pop: 254,569)
7. Fort McMurray, Alta. (pop: 61,374)
8. Thunder Bay, Ont. (pop: 110,984)
9. Surrey, BC (pop: 498,720)
10. Edmonton, Alta. (pop: 928,182)

Over half are at about 100k people or less! “Safe Canada?” Not so much.

There was only one article on the subject in the Canadian Encyclopedia. Aside from Detroit’s significantly higher homicide rate, it had this to say:

“We fare no better than the U.S. in other areas. The break and enter rates in Chilliwack, B.C., Victoria and Regina, for instance, rank within the top 10 per cent of all American cities.

The per capita robbery rates in Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Regina would put them among the top 10 robbery-plagued metropolitan areas of the U.S. And you are far more likely to have your automobile stolen in Winnipeg or Joliette, Que., than anywhere in the U.S., including metropolitan Detroit and Las Vegas, the auto theft capitals of America.

Even at that, a crime analysis this January by the Vancouver Board of Trade concludes official rates are misleadingly low: “only about one-third of actual crimes in Canada are reported to police.”

At the time the article was written the most dangerous cities in the country were listed as: Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg, followed by Prince George, Edmonton, New Westminster (pop: 70,996), Chilliwack (pop: 83,788), Victoria (pop: 84,289), Vancouver and Halifax (pop: 414,129). And I’m quoting fairly recent population statistics, these locations would’ve been even less populated at the time.

When we skip back to 2010, Maclean’s said the most dangerous were:

1 Prince George, B.C.
2 Victoria, B.C. 
3 Regina, Sask. 
4 Saskatoon, Sask. 
5 Fort McMurray, Alta. 
6 Kelowna, B.C. (pop: 179,839)
7 Grande Prairie, Alta.
8 Surrey, B.C. 
9 Chilliwack, B.C. 
10 Winnipeg, Man. 
11 Red Deer, Alta. 
12 Nanaimo, B.C. (pop: 83,810) 
13 Edmonton, Alta. 
14 New Westminster, B.C.(pop: 65,976)
15 Belleville, Ont. (pop: 92,540)

Again, most of these places barely scraping the 100k mark

You can view a documentary on missing women from the
‘Highway of Tears’ regions.

The film includes Vanderhoof, a small northern community of less than 5,000 people. Vanderhoof is a great example of the real Canada:

In 2012, two men murdered a woman there. In 2013, at least two people were murdered there. In 2014, a serial killer born and raised there was sentenced for the murders of four women in the region. In 2015, three Vanderhoof locals were charged with that year’s first murder in nearby Prince George. In 2016, two people were sentenced for the murder and beheading of a local man. In 2018 a local man was murdered in a hotel. 

And as a report from Statistics Canada makes clear: children and youth are in more danger in small towns, rural areas and minor cities than in Canada’s most populated centers (family and non-familial violence).

So the only halfway decent places (by Canadian standards) worth living in are Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. But trust me, I’ll be getting around to a post on these last three

I walked around inebriated in numerous Los Angeles neighborhoods, alone, and felt far safer than I have in many places in shit hole Canada. (The people were far nicer too, even the ‘undesirables’.)


It’s a cold, boring, violent, stagnant place with all of America’s problems, racism, violence and crime – yet none of the benefits of living in such a diverse, interesting place filled with passionate people. Canadians are smug about “safe” Canada … delusional as usual.

2020 update

Most dangerous (and population):

  1. Thompson, Manitoba (13,678)
  2. North Battleford, Saskatchewan (14,315)
  3. Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (13,000)
  4. Prince Albert & area, Saskatchewan (43,000)
  5. Quesnel, British Columbia (23,000)
  6. Wetaskiwin, Alberta (12,655)
  7. Selkirk, Manitoba (10,278)
  8. Terrace, British Columbia (11,643)
  9. Williams Lake, British Columbia (10,753)
  10. Timmins, Ontario (41,788)

None of the top 10 have made the 100k pop mark – way to go Canada! Let’s take a look at the next 10:

Prince Rupert, B.C. (11,733) / Kenora & Area, ON (15,096) / Winnipeg, MB (749,534) / Thunder Bay & area, ON (121, 621) / Yorkton, SK (19,643) / New Glasgow, NS (9,075) / Port Alberni, B.C. (18,000) / Fort St. John, B.C. (21,000) / Prince George, B.C. (81,345) / Greater Napanee, ON (15,892).

And two places made it over the 100k mark! Check back in 5 years for more of the same.

Saskatchewan (rectangle of regression)

Moving along, we come to Saskatchewan: a flat, dull prairie province mockingly referred to as the ‘rectangle of regression.’

It has a population just above 1.1 million people: over 75% are white, followed by aboriginals (15%), and a ‘visible minority’ population slightly past 6%. Almost all non-white residents live in the only two major cities.

The capital is Regina (pop: 190,000). The next largest city is Saskatoon (220,000), followed by two minor cities (approx 30,000 each) and a few dozen communities ranging from 1,500 to 16,000 people.

As of 2018, the most dangerous place in Canada is North Battleford, Saskatchewan (pop: 14,535). In 2017, both Regina and Saskatoon made the list for most violent places in Canada, as they regularly do year after year. They often take the top spot for violent crime, intermittently exchanging the title with Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In 2017, Saskatoon had the highest reported crime rate in Canada, followed by Regina in third place.

Saskatchewan also has the highest rates of domestic violence, intimate-partner homicides, and partner sexual assaults within the provinces. Its partner-violence rate is double the rest of the country.

The news is no better regarding child poverty: the latest stats show roughly 1 in 4 children living in poverty; that number jumps to 69% on reserves. Despite repeated promises from the government about improvements, the rate is the same as it was in 1989.

The current unemployment rate is 7.1%. The average house price in Saskatoon is $312,000; in Regina it’s $278,000 after a slide in prices.

Because Saskatchewan is so flat, boring, and has little to do: alcohol and drug consumption remain major problems; drinking and driving is a consistent issue and the province tops the list year after year for impaired driving deaths. It’s the top cause of road fatalities with over 400 cases in the month of May alone. 

When they aren’t boozing, drunk driving and beating their partners, Saskwatches are busy watching the “Roughriders” [CFL football team] while wearing watermelons on their heads. The team is something of a provincial obsession, to the point where they spent $278 MILLION dollars on a stadium for the team.

Yes, in a province with barely over a million people, where a quarter of kids are in poverty, which has crumbling infrastructure and services that barely meet citizens needs, where 90% of First Nations people don’t have clean drinking water – they spent nearly 300 million on a new stadium (that will only seat a maximum of 7000 more people than the previous one).

The University of Regina is a joke throughout the country, as is the province as a whole. It’s generally looked at as a bumbling fiasco filled with an obese, ignorant, anti-progressive populace.

That’s Saskatchewan in a nutshell.

Or you can take caker-tourism at its word. For instance, here’s what it says about Saskatoon:

“With so much to offer, Saskatoon is one of Canada’s most talked about destinations. As it thrives economically and excels as a forward thinking metropolis, the door is always open for discovery. It is the place to experience fresh eateries, bustling nightlife, river trails and other outdoor spaces as well as cultural institutions and museums.”

O Canada!  

See: Rants about Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan: RANTS

Here are the comments of people who’ve had to endure the god-forsaken frozen flat wasteland that is Saskatchewan. You thought Canada was bad? If Saskatchewan isn’t the epitome of Canada, I don’t know what is!

“I have a dislike for Saskatchewan, too, but for rather different reasons. Topping my list is the unholy cold and seemingly endless dark of winter up here. Second is the hicksville mentality of Saskatoon city council and, say, 80% of the population. I know I need a place with more museums, good libraries, and diversity and fewer pick-up trucks, baseball caps, and strip malls. Starbucks on every corner is NOT a substitute for a cafe culture. Ah well, one day soon, perhaps, we will both be free. Meanwhile, keep venting on your blog if you must.


“Oh god. Out of boredom I looked up Saskatchewan Sucks Ass and got here.

The worst part is having to work hard to get the hell out of here.

And I also completely agree that “hey lets get completely drunk”, something I hear every fifteen minutes, is not “doing something”.


“You speak the truth man, I can’t wait until I graduate and can leave this shitty racist province.


“I totally agree with you man. Saskatchewan is a friggin sh*thole dump. I grew up on Vancouver Island and moved out to Regina around six months ago because people told me it was a nice, cheap place to live……..

Worst mistake of my life!!!! The first week there i got robbed at knifepoint for a six pack of beer about a block from my apartment. Regina is such an ugly, dismal city. The winter is horrible and the people are very unfriendly. 

Needless to say, im back living on Vancouver Island with a newfound appreciation for my beautiful home. 

I hope to never ever set foot again in the hellhole known as saskatchewan.


“I stumbled on this a little late, I’ll admit. We’ve been living here for almost ten years now (yeah, I know) and I’ve hated every damn moment of it. Now we’re nearly set to move out to BC in a few months. Good riddance to this backwards, bumpkin-filled province. Love the blog that led me here, too.


“1. The people stink in Regina. 2. They are so nosey 3. they turn everything you say into the worst possible senario. 4. Cmon you gotta admit the people of Saskatchewan are generally lacking in Intelligence

Did i mention the women of regina stink? I HATE SASKATCHEWAN but it has a great economy so I stay.


I think the best word to describe Saskatchewan is cheesy.

Everything here is cheesy… I left in 1982 with no intentions of returning, however, elderly, ill parents (that’s all there seems to be here are Aboriginal people and the elderly) have caused my return. I returned in 2008 to find it was still 1982 here. I have pleaded with my folks to come back with me to Ontario, where the climate is SO much more tolerable and there is civilization, but the old man, in the typical Saskatchewan fashion, has said he has “No use for those high-falutin’ easterners” Okay, so he should stay here. I guess it would be wrong to try to uproot an old tree and transplant… Even if the location for it is much superior. 

However, I can’t believe everything from how awful and cheesy the local television newscasts are (For God’s sake, Rob McDonald, it’s time to move to the newsroom and get off the camera) to the lack of culture, to the proliferation of really bad and unhealthy places to eat (The omnipresent buffets, Jerry’s, et al) The racism… Gay bashing, anyone of colour or race is held in contempt here, The unbelievable 1980’s hairstyles that I though were dead 2 decades ago, the sweatpants and baseball cap mentality.. Huge pickups with pilsner beer logos and fatness everywhere…Classless boors and hooligans everywhere from movie theatres, to campgrounds to the city streets.

The worst thing, though, is how one is judged if you DO have some class or are different… Have you ever seen the reaction of the average person from Saskatoon who is made to listen to classical music? or to look at some art? Or eat some interesting ethnic food? The symphony orchestra is constantly struggling here, the Mendal art gallery’s main audience are folks who come to see Saskatoon’s only Banana tree, and fine dining options are obscure and esoteric. 

I don’t hate it here, it’s just like being in a cheesy timewarp and I almost feel sorry for the people here who remain… They are like lost, pathetic, frozen souls who are terrified of the outside world and holds anyone who does not embrace their views and values in contempt.

Just to add a further comment, I find that if one can stay in Saskatoon within the confines of the University, Nutana Park area/Saskatchewan Crescent, Broadway the the downtown along the river east of 4th Ave. keeping the gorgeous Bessbourgh hotel in site at all times as a beacon of civilization and a bastion of good architectural taste and class, the city can be somewhat tolerable. Outside of these parameters is to find bleakness, strip malls and vulgarity.


I do enjoy your posts on Saskatchewan, as some comments to me rang true.

One was the sojourn called winter, for living here now in Washington State, it is funny to look at my car and think I used a block heater, batter blanket, and interior car warmer just to keep going. 

The good side to the hellish winters (especially working out in them) is that I don’t freak at the slightest bit of snow like Western Washington State people do.

It is true Saskatchewan’s politics are as boring to watch as continental drift too! (Made me laugh so hard.) 

It’s also true people in Regina get vertigo going up the “hill” called the underpass at Broad Street. 

I disagree with Saskatchewan drivers not passing though, as Washington State one’s are a lot more pansy-like to pass.

I also think passing lanes aren’t that necessary on most roads in Sask, as they don’t get much traffic, and you often do have a good view ahead to judge passing. There’s some rolling hills to the south and that, but visibility is never as bad as driving in the Yakima Canyon (which is nothing).


“It made my day to read this.

I moved to Saskatchewan 3 yrs ago from Ontario and absolutely hate it.
Everything on that list is true. 

You could add that the locals here think Saskatchewan is the best thing since sliced bread and they STILL talk about Tommy Douglas and how superb he is for medicare…

For reals, get over it.


“The only reason some people now refer to this place as “progressive” is because, when there’s nothing to begin with, anything is progressive. A kid saying “Da Da” is progressive compared to slobbering on himself.


“Hillarious . . . and sad, because I unfortunately do live here, but you forgot one thing . . . no daylight savings in SK . . . yep, pitch black at 5pm in the winter . . . so stupid!!!


“Problem with Saskatchewan is… you can’t make something out of nothing… and it seems that only a few of you are are smart enough to realize that… and you’re either gone or planning to leave some day soon.

“Ignorance is bliss” to anyone who would live here, if they really had a choice. 

Read the Regina Leader Post or the Saskatoon Star Phoenix if you want an education on what this province has to offer. It tops the list for crime, drunk drivers, gambling and discrimination. It’s front page, local rag news, every day of the year!


“actually you have it the other way around. No daylight savings means you get sunlight later in the day. This is the one thing I actually liked about SK.


“Before I actually worked in Sask I read mainstream news stories about the great people that live there…now I laugh at all these stories of how great the people in Sask are….I worked in Regina for several months and I hated it. The people are the sons and daughters of miserable farmers and miserable failed farmers. The company I worked for had to grossly overpay people to fly in every week to work – and people still quit regularly.


“During my unfortunate time commuting to Regina I met a couple from there during one of my weekend’s home in Toronto. They told me that they left when they were 18 and had no plans to ever go back. They hated the people, and they felt sorry for me. They told me all this the first time I met them in a Chapters parking lot. Enough said


“I am no big fan of the province either, but I would take this place over a lot of others. I live in rural saskatchewan and don’t mind it a bit. There are lots of things to do like riding atv and sleds. Great swimming and I can’t complain about the camping. I am glad that most campsites aren’t that glamorous, makes us actually get away from technology (heaven forbid). The winters aren’t that bad, just pansies like yourselves who can’t handle a little cold. Ever notice that we don’t have tornados (or at least extreme ones), earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic activity. I will gladly take cold weather if I didn’t have to worry about my house blowing away. You complain about nothing to do here. What have you done to change the situation? Nothing, that is what I thought. Major cities have nothing but traffic congestion, crime (just like regina), lack of community values, and gangs. I would much rather live in a small city with little to do compared to that. I lived in Alberta for a short while and couldn’t stand people there. It is all about money and how self-important their province is compared to the rest of the country. Yes we aren’t perfect but who is. As for classical music and various cultural events, who cares. Everyone thinks because you don’t go to a musical or an art event that you have no class. No offence, but I would rather watch an action flick than sit through something like that. I have seen the people that go those events and most of them are people who have nothing better to do than look down their noses at the rest of society. Yes there is a bit of gay hate in this province, seems to me california is no better since they made gay marriage illegal, even in a referendum. Saskatchewan didn’t even do that. No I am not some old guy trying to figure out how to use a computer. My opinion is, if you don’t like it here, don’t let the car door hit you in the ass on the way out.

No, I am not an NDP supporter and nor do I care much about Tommy Douglas. But I do hope you enjoy your free healthcare in the other provinces you move to.


“People in small towns become alcohaulics when they are only 11 years old.


“Saskatchewan sucks! I totally agree with you…


“Saskatchewan sucks. I dont know how else to put it. I have lived in every province in Canada and can say, Saskatchewan is the worst.

It is true that this place is a time warp. Nothing has been done to it since I’d even say the 1970s. The people here think they are amazing because there is a bit of development going on here. I moved here from Ontario in January of 2009, and the first thing I was told was “ooooh those easterns stealing our jobs now!” and professing how great Saskatchewan is. I told him you cant borrow $40 off a friend, and when you finally pay him back $10 of it…think that you are superior. 

The houses here are tiny shit dumps. I dont understand how anyone would want to pay $300k for a house that is 800sq ft. Oh lets look at the architecture behind them too…shitty little bungalos…90% of them. 

People here cant drive. I dont understand it….if you are on a 2 lane road, and there is a car beside you and it slows down to say, take a left hand turn, why does the person in the other lane slam on their brakes? Doesn’t help that they also drive side by side going 35km/hr on a 50km/hr roadway. I guess its because they really dont have anywhere to go since there is nothing to do here.

Riders nation…right. more the 90% of the people dont know the rules to a football game. They all dress up and think they are CRAZY fans, but really…there is nothing here to get excited over. It’s a false sense of hope. By the way, good job on the 13th man in the grey cup…typical saskatchewan fashion…cant count. 

People here are ugly, fat, stupid, and cheap. I cant wait to get out of here.


“I am from Nova Scotia and also moved here within the last year. Most of my time has been spent on leaving Saskatchewan (taking trips to Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Montreal, Washington) to get the hell out of here. You can instantly tell when you drive across the Alberta border. Things all of a sudden turn less shitty…

When I went out to the ‘hip’ country bar to try and meet some people it was absolutely retarded. 

I would tell people im new and im from Nova Scotia and they would say “oooh, must be nice to be a fucking newfie!” 

Hate to break it to you, you horse fucking idiots, but Newfoundland and Nova Scotia are 2 different provinces. and yes, it is nice to be from the coast where people actually treat each other with respect. 

I think im going to have to buy a pickup truck, attach some steel ‘balls’ to the back hitch, buy myself some sick white oakley sunglasses, get my body covered in tribal tattoos, call every girl I see a bitch/hoe/slut, and then maybe I’ll fit in….or maybe, I’ll just let Saskatchewan self implode. This place is the biggest dump I’ve ever seen…


“The only thing shitty about Saskatchewan is the weather. If summer were longer and winter were shorter, this place would be awesome. As it is I get sicker and sicker every year of living in this crummy province. Cannot wait to get my degrees so I can peace out this shit hole


“To West, Vancouver Island is one of the richest places in Canada you spoiled brat, so piss off. Second, instead of going to farm villages to get your kicks, go to a real city that isn’t Regina. (It’s not a city) Also to the guy who got robbed at knifepoint. Yes our crime rate is very bad and our police force is worse but honestly, what the hell are you doing walking alone on a dark night with a six pack? Don’t you think walking in a bad neighbourhood in the dark of night in any city is an intelligent idea? Whatever O’m sorry for you though. To the racism, again that is definitely a problem in Regina, not so much in Saskatoon. The Saskatchewan Roughriders are our pride and joy, why? There the only damn professional team we have! The only reason people aren’t staying in Saskatchewan is because half of our population is in Alberta sucking up whats left of the oil. If you wanna see obese, go to the States, end of story. If you find a bunch of fat people, you are probably anorexic and I’m extremely worried for you. Finally, not important to me but it is not starbucks that is on every corner, it’s Tim Hortons. That’s all I have to say for now to clear the air for some of you Saskatchewan hating dbags. Calgary… burn in hell.


“We moved here 2 years ago and have also been trying to get away from here every day. We thought we would like living in the country, become entrepreneurs but Saskatchewan does not like newcomers.

We have people drive by and park in front of our driveway and just stare at us, they do not wave or say hello just stare, like we are some strange animal in a zoo. 

We have hit every blockade possible trying to start a business. The people here are so insular. But, I must say we have a couple of very nice neighbors who think that there is life outside the 4 borders of Saskatchewan. 

Most merchants are so much against business. Or they like to diddle their customers, there is no customer service in this place. 

The roads are horrible,no one knows how to fix concrete or black top properly, why are the roads so much better in Manitoba and Alberta. 

Why can they not clean streets of snow, or at least be ready for the snow. I have never seen a winter city like this before, truly unbelievable.

Tired of everyone talking about getting drunk, all they want to do is eat and get drunk…….people are so fat here. I have come from the States and per capita there are a lot more fat people here than in the states. 

There are more bars,x-rated shops,etc than bookstores. We have lived all over and have learned that cities with few book stores are usually the worst places to live. 

It is absolutely filthy here, there is garbage blowing every where, people have no confidence in their city. No one fixes anything, just stays broken. Yes, there are American cities that are filthy but this is a small city why is it so dirty. 

The good things about this city are the main library but hardly anyone is there except homeless people. The sunsets and the sunrises, the moonlit skies when it is not cloudy.

It is a province to want to leave which is unfortunate because it could be a whole lot better.


“Man, some of the Saskatchewan Rider fans are SO ANNOYING! I wish they had a real city in their own province! Maybe, then they would actually be allowed to have a hockey team and a few decent restaurants and some culture etc. I hate to break the news to you uncouth, hillbilly Saskatchewan fans: NOBOD CARES about your choking Riders over here!!! In addition to NHL hockey, we actually have some culture here in Alberta. Stop galavanting around Calgary and Edmonton because you are a nuisance. The people in Calgary and Edmonton are too busy being adults to care about you. We are busy and we do NOT care about your lame green handlebar mustaches and your lame green mullets, shirts, wigs, paited faces etc.!!!


“What a spectacular blog! It’s wonderful to know that I’m not alone in thinking that SK is a backward, hick province… here are a few extra pointers:

1) SK is full of crazies (psychos). Seriously, I have never met so many crazies in one place EVER.

2) Low socio-economic class/rural people = closed minded; limited world knowledge; nosy-gossip-loving-rumour-spreading hicks… even the “educated” ones

3)Roughriders?? come on

4)The wheatfields freak me out.

5)People keep their dogs in CAGES! How cruel.

6) Saskatoon is the BIG CITY. You have made it BIG TIME if you live/studied in Saskatoon (hahahahahahhahahaaaahaha!!)

Why do people choose to live here? It’s beyond me… There is so much more to life.


“True story: Went back to Regina to visit family. Dinner(excuse me Supper) was at s pizza place. I ordered a Greek salad, it came with a lettuce base. ’nuff said


“I moved to Vancouver several years ago, and have never looked back.

Vancouver has hundreds (maybe thousands) of homeless people, many addicted to crack and other drugs, concentrated in the Downtown Eastside (DTES). I often spend time walking around, going to see live music or art shows, or hanging out with friends who live nearby, and I have never been threatened or felt in danger. 

I feel safer walking down DTES back alleys in Vancouver, than I do walking around the ‘core-area’ in Regina. In Regina, your life could be threatened by: teenagers in native gangs, red-neck jocks who think you’re a fag, drunk Roughrider fans and moronic pick-up truck drivers. In Vancouver, if you want to avoid morons, just don’t go to Granville Street on the weekend, as they usually stay in one self-contained area. 

The music & art ‘scene’ in Regina is incestuous and backstabbing. Everyone sleeps with one another (seriously). You could go to a bar/show and see 5 ex girlfriends/boyfriends, along with 5 other people each of them has slept with. Imagine having to pretend you are friends with these people. Everyone also talks sh*t about each other, as they have nothing better to do, other than getting drunk on $7.50 beers at sh*tty overpriced bars.

Most people just stand around with their arms folded when watching bands play, and dancing or even shuffling feet rarely happens. Musician friends who have played in Regina compare it to performing for a group of zombies. 

People are generally unsupportive if you try and do anything culturally interesting in Regina. Please don’t move to Saskatchewan if you are a young creative soul — you will wither and die there. If you are an old fart, by all means go. I’m sure you will have a great time. 

If you are young and living in Saskatchewan, get out while you can. Avoid impregnating anyone/being impregnated, start a savings account, and start reading blogs on cities that you would like to move to. Try and avoid moving to Calgary or Edmonton if you can, unless you are fine with being in a place that is slightly better than Saskatchewan. Finally, you don’t even need to bring your sh*tty Pontiac Sunfire with you. Most large cities have good transit systems, and riding a bicycle is considered sexy in some neighborhoods. 

PS. It is January 13th, and it is +8 degrees here.


“Here’s something else you can add to your list:

Vehicle Insurance is more than double what it costs in Alberta, even with your collision rider attached. 

They want 2 specific pieces of ID in order to insure your vehicle here. Your old DL for picture ID, plus either a birth certificate or passport. I don’t have a passport and God knows where my birth certificate is. A new birth certificate costs 90 dollars. After spending 500 dollars on windshield replacement and general tune up and repair so that I could pass the 140 dollar inspection, it doesn’t interest me to drop another 90 just to please the stinky woman behind the counter so that she’ll be able to gouge me for the privilege of destroying my vehicle on these abhorrent roads. 

So I’m driving without insurance. It’s okay though, because according to the SK government, I’m not who I am. I can run over a thousand of these yokel flatlander goat herders and they can’t touch me, because they can’t prove who I am.

Saskatchewan is Canada’s steaming manure pile.


“I have lived in Saskatchewan for 12 years now. I understand some things you mentioned were true. Saskatchewan is a friendly, bright, caring province. Were not in dept like Ontario and we cant help that our weather sucks. We have a great football team who has lead us to 6 grey cups. Saskatchewan is a very amazing welcoming happy province. There are 69 percent over weight people but at least its not the worst province over weight. Our highways are under lots of work right now to make it better. We are a small province just over 1 million, we cant afford everything to be new. We produce potash and have amazing views. All in all, Saskatchewan is an awesome province. If you dont like Saskatchewan, then dont come here, thats all there is to it. Good day.


“I lived in Regina for ten years in Normanview West. I managed to hold off a homeinvasion, it took the police 21 minutes to arrive, by that time the band of young natives had left town. Every house on our street was broken into at least once if not twice. The neighbour next door threatened to shoot a city worker.

The winters are unbearably cold and the few nice days of summer are plagued by mosquitoes and flies. The wind blows relentlessly. 

You are taxed and double taxed on eerything. Property taxes re out of sight.

People are somewhat friendly but have not idea of what a hole they are living in. They think Tommy Douglas is god and that SK is the center of the universe.


“For some reaso i lefr Ontario..for here..god knows what i was thinking..But this province really sucks!!! Honestly!! I have never lived in a province that sucked soooo much! I would NEVER recommend any one to ever live here. And the goverment doesn’t even listen to what anyone is saying!! Please!Oh wait…must be election time coming up..someone will listen for a bit!


“I just hate saskatchewan !! Sorry people !! Just hate it !!


“The rudest most simple minded people in the country. They remind of extras from the set of ” DELIVERENCE ” . Uneducated monkeys smug and arrogant.

Poor customer service, you have to educate them and kiss their ass to get the minimum service for your maximum dollar. 

Backstabbing two faced gossips.


“Incredible the way these gopher loving stubble jumpers who love this province search for a site about people that hate it. Then the presumptious tabaky chewers presume to know why we are here.

They prove the haters right again. It’s not the province itself that we hate, It’s the rude narrow minded simpletons that are unfriendly, that make you hate it.


“Hey dodge it’s inbred monkies like you that are the reason you and your shit province suck. People like you that have never been anywhere never done anything other than your mother or sister, but think you know everything.

You truly are a pathetic joke, remember that when you look in the mirror, if you can afford one.

Smart people like me LOVE taking jobs from you dummies.I would let you eat my shit but your not worthy.

Now take your mothers dress off and be a man.LOL


“Sask is better then the cop capital of Canada……….Shithole ontario”. High auto insurance,tons of problems if your a auto enthusiast or car guy. Permits for this, licences for that, I’ll take sask anyday over shithole ONSCARIO…..there’s more police here then citizen’s


“I can only comment on the 2 hours I spent in Regina, but I managed to get attacked by a homeless looking dude walking back to my friends car at the gas station. Buddy just sucker-punched me in the top of my head(?) (without trying to roll me, on the bright side) and when I cracked him back he just walked off. Surreal.

Other than that, it smelled of shit, had no visual appeal and had a general dodgy scumbag feel to it. 

When Winnipeg beats your major urban hubs out as a superior destination, you know you’re fucked. 

And as Saskatoon being the only other major destination…..why bother at all with the province? If you’re not an indian and you defend it, you probably haven’t been anywhere that doesn’t suck….or you like banging yer cousins.


“Thank you,”anonymous”. You said what I have been feeling, unfortunately, I let emotions get in the way of being delicately articulate.


“ever since i had the misfortune of living here, i have been working to get out of this dirty filthy crime ridden city called regina.. the people here are complete douchbags,i mean that sincerely, the people of regina are absolute assholes

and i dont think one resident (other than me) knows how to drive over 40.. 

saskatchewan is the shithole of canada… right in the middle and the dirtiest part. period

…could some1 tell me why they allow god damn 300 car trains to roll through the city at peak times such as lunch times and at rush hour 4:30. its absolute bullshit!! 
i hate regina with every fiber of my being..

Thank you for starting this blog


high prices and NO TITTYNBARS


I grew up in Sask. (Regina) Moved to Alberta 20 years ago I returned to Sask. to visits old friends a couple times over the years… it’s like time stood still in Regina, everyone is the same, everything is the same I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings from Sask. but what a waste of life it really isn’t a good places to live and if you’ve never lived else where besides Sask. you’d be ignorant to knowing better. Fuck Sask. sucks cock.


“You ignorant FUCK. If you hate it so much, get the hell out. I live and work out of Calgary right now and can say with 100% fact, Calgary is a much bigger HOLE then Saskatchewan. All this bullshit talk about over priced housing, racism, lack of culture makes me sick. Just because you’re low life no good loser, doesn’t make the great province of Saskatchewan less great. Fuck I wish I never stumbled upon your blog because now if by ANY chance I met u in person I’d kick your ass and send you packing.


Here’s a nice story about the fucking humanitarians who live in the envy of the free world. If a shithole like Saskatchewan is the envy of the free world, then the free world needs to up it’s expectations a bit. The story is about how the racist rednecks that make Saskatchewan the barrel of laughs it is didn’t believe that a man had just drowned. You would have to be totally fucking unconscious not to see why. The dead dude and his pal were Indians. So the rednecks just assumed the live one was flipping out after sniffing glue or that a dead Indian is not something to get upset about or just forgot what was going on seconds after it happened. Such nice kind people in Regina, may you all rot and perish.


“I live in Calgary and wish all of the Saskatchewan residence would move back home. They have single-hanedly distroyed this Province

They are the true scum bags of scum bags. These trailer park idiots made a few bucks here and now they think their crap doesn’t stick….that couldn’t be further from the truth.

They are ignorant, rude, filthy, dirty, trailer park trained, always want to fight, alcoholics, wife-beaters, basically the worst form of a human being known to man. 

I wish they would seperate themselves as a seperate country so they can get the hell out of the rest of Canada.


“I grew up in Saskatchewan and thought it was the best place on earth. Moved to BC for 5 months then had to move back. Wow, this place sucks ass. I came back a much nicer person and couldn’t believe how angry everyone seemed. Not a lot of love in this province and it is just a bunch of farmers and tradesman who have never left this province and think they know everything about everything. Pretty sad. God forbid you say something different or have a different opinion on something. If you are different in anyway you will get weird looks. And after wasting 20 years of my life living here I can say that pretty much everything on that list is true I was just to ignorant to see it until I left. Cant wait to get the hell out of this shit hole


“Lol you forgot stupid drivers, Regina has stupid drivers like they dont know how to merge onto a highway


“I left Saskatchewan for Ontario in 2009 and I did the right thing. Saskatchewan is proof that we live in an unkind and unfair universe. Saskatchewan is full of inbred redneck mutants who should be gassed and cremated for the good of mankind. I got out when I realized that I could be something more than a hyperconservative mouth-breathing racist ignorant piece of human garbage Saskatchewan simpleton. Out here in Toronto you are all living jokes. The rest of the country looks at you and laughs, then, after pausing to wipe tears of mirth from their eyes, thanks God they either were not born in SK or had the sense to escape to the civilized world, where you can see people who aren’t white and find something to do that doesn’t involve drinking yourself unconscious. I have a special message for the SK residents who wish to make a feeble effort to defend their sewer of a province: fuck right off. Don’t even bother responding to the truths I have placed before your unseeing eyes. You are the shit of the earth and your vile existence is a sin against God and nature. You have as much to say to a man who is not one of you as Brent Butt has to say to Steven Hawking.”

mccuddendan, Gassed and cremated? You are a Nazi prick aren’t you? Toronto is a joke. Ontario’s economy is shrinking. The Leafs suck. The people who support the Leafs and Jays here are simpletons like yourself. Central Canada is living off Western Canada’s natural resources. Without Western Canada’s natural, your manufacturing base would be nothing, and your economy would be in ruins. Central Canada relies on Western Canada and the USA more than the other way around.


“Hi, well i moved here from england bout three yrs ago .. At first i thought how nice everyone is and how cheap things are and the roads are so huge.. then you realise people are all fake and two faced. i would prefer people to be honest than just be a slimy fake f**k. And cheap , yeah right what was i thinking , whos bright idea was it to advertise prices before adding any taxes or any deposit enviromental charges. seriously that should be illegal. and yeah the roads are huge, with massive pot holes in them and oh yeah no one can drive. I have no idea how these f**ks got there licenses. and are the cars not fitted with indicators or what.. USE THEM…

This place sucks , i cant stand it here . i miss real people
oh yeah and the lake is NOT the beach a beach is by the sea. dumbasses


“Any place is all about the people who live there. Most of the people here have never travelled much and are very suspicious about ‘outsiders’. After all, they’ve been called “Rednecks” and “Bumpkins” and much worse since Saskatchewan was incorporated as a province more than 100 years ago. Most of us still truley believe that a stranger is a friend you haven’t met. The rest, who stare, who critisise and never help are niether citezens of Saskatchewan or Canada and should be treated as such. This province truely needs and longs for more Torontonians, Vancouverites, Montrealers, and Americans to flood in and show us the way! We’re getting too fat and lazy and selfish!! HELP!!


“The land of low wages,layofs,welfare taxes and assholes.Nothing to do here but gamble and drink[ not for me].To do well here you have to work for the government or city,if you are lucky enough to know someone who will get you in.If you have money it will quickly dissappear.Born and grew up here 45 years.All my freinds have done better moving away.I buy my lottery ticket every day hoping to win and move away too.If you are planning on doing renovations,good luck!!!.The worst players are the city permits (take forever and dont care),sask power ( dont answer phone calls,dont do any work and have obseen charges for it because they are “different” they told me).Waiting for 2 months now to get my power hooked up,now they tell me its going to be winter rates?? when they get around to doing it,still dont know when that is.Sask energy for fucking up and cutting me off(would not fix it,said the dont keep billing records}11 years without.YOU get fucked here,if you fuck with people you will get yours!!! I enjoy getting even !!!


“i agree corporate companies are a joke mostly because of ther lack of management employees, unions nobody works nobody gets hurt sit around and collect ot and raine the utitly rates taxes keep going up services become less shitty alleys never get graded hazardous sidewalks rough streets lease your vehicle cus in 3 years its shot by the way city dog fuck grader ops pretty sad when u gotta replace a set of tires on your grader before the cutting edge lmfao


“one thing for sure dont expect service or to get what you order ive been overcharged at tim hortons twice lately because of them dam immigrants nothing against em if they wanna work but at least learn the language so you get what you order and keep your customrs happy


“People from Saskatchewan are the scum bags of scum bags, they are definitely the armpit of Canada and they just stick!!

They are the most rude SOBs I’ve ever met, they have no respect, they go to places like Alberta to work in the oil fields and now these trailer park aholes think that their crap doesn’t stink. 

The are classless and complete losers…stay away from this deadhorse Province. The only thing go to do there is stop to take a crap while you’re passing through.


“sask power did not show up or do any work or call

fucking piece of shit assholes (sask power) I stayed home frome work, they were supposed to come trench in power to my house today,no one called or did any work.I called them and got the same bullshit excuses and they will have to find someone who knows and call me back.Now they say monday or tuesday.I have been waiting since november.Sask power blames the contractors for being behind and the contractors blame sask power for screwing up and loosing paperwork. I am supposed to pay i dont know how much for this shit service if it gets hooked up.Wish i could sue and make them pay


“I dislike Saskatchewan as well…but I can’t help but notice that all of the out of province and self proclaimed “intelligent” people keep spewing the most vulgar comments. Maybe I’m incorrect here, but I was under the assumption that intelligent people take socioeconomic constraints and historical context into consideration before visiting a place, what did you really expect from Saskatchewan if you did any research? I was also under the assumption that intelligent people were more well bred than to make arguments based upon slander. It saddens me that so called “intelligent” people can so easily other a group of people without thinking about individual circumstance and personalities.

Anyhow, after Harper gained his majority I made up my mind to leave this Country for good. After traveling across it, I have realized that the people don’t get better, they simply get a different kind of awful. The country makes poor decisions and has poor leaders who are elected by poor, rude and vulgar citizens that I no longer want to associate myself with. Comment Boards such as this only reaffirm my ideas.


“I lived in Regina for 4 years, after spending my life in Ontario. I have lived in small suburban areas and in cities and I have got to say it is a shit holy/ Some great people yes, some I will always treasure and still remain friends with….but guess what? They are not from SK but rather transplants from other provinces. The education system is brutal (I taught there, college and high school), years behind other parts of the country. U of R is a joke…got some cash and you are in! I will never more there again no matter the potential benefits to my family. My husband grew up in SK, hence why we went to live there; he quickly remembered why he left so long ago. He was just as excited to get out of there as I was. Good housing prices and extended family be damned The quality of life is too poor and a great number of the people should start to read rather then drink and try to figure out ways to fix the culture of the province and find some good applications for their new found cash. Never would want to raise my children there.




“true for me. started my working career for ( domanique p bigayan)name is best i can do.led me on day by day i will get paid and renovated a house 4 months.did not get paid. contractor someone kept coming to house and threatened me and- domaniqe who was never there for money owed. ,went to his house often to get paid , got excuses and only 400 bucks. a year later he tried to get me to work for him again, he woldnt quit phoning( my mom told to get lost) left a bad immage in my mind about people—– J R


“Best blog ever, and only too true. I have been in saskatoon for six years now and am trying desperately to get the hell out. As soon as I sell my hugely overpriced house in ticky tacky ville, I’ll be long gone and I’ll be doing my wife( originally from here) and kids a favor of introducing them to a culture in africa, where people take the time to enjoy life, instead of living to work, and then retire at 60 just to get cancer and die from being stuck in a voc hole for six months of the year. I come for Zimbabwe where people have six ft fences with raxor wire around their one acre properties and when I tell people that they say” you must feel like a prisoner”, well I’ll tell you now, I have never felt more like a prisoner in my life than living in Saskatoon. I would rather live under the rule of Robert G Mugabe than live here. My wife has been there and seen what I am talking about and she can’t wait for the move too.

Will keep you posted and until then I’ll continue to despise this place.


“I have lived in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, and I can confirm that Saskatchewan is the absolute worst and it is not even close.

Winnipeg is nothing special but at least the people are friendly. I couldn’t believe how such small towns in Saskatchewan could be full of such huge assholes. I thought small-town folk were supposed to be nice?

And the Riders are such a joke. I’m a real CFL fan and I try to strike up a conversation about the CFL with a supposed huge fan and he doesn’t even know half the players’ names on the Riders!! WTF is that?!?


“Read everyone of the posts on here. I can tell the the demographics of the posters is between 16 and 28. To pick out somethings that are so minuscule in life is really sad. Most of you need a real wake up call.

I have lived in the Greater Vancouver area and I have also lived in Toronto. In the GV area I’ve witnessed beautiful people turn into crack heads. In Toronto I saw my good friends pain after his son was gunned down as an innocent by stander.

I missed several important meetings or get together because I was stuck in a 90 minute stand still in my vehicle. 

You cant walk around in Gas Town anymore because East Hastings has been taken over by the living Dead. 

I lived in Regina for several years now and I adore the calm energy of this City. I appreciate SK as I can get from City to City driving at 110 KLM an hour. There are so many positives of living in SK. 

Even the Weather has been nothing but stellar here. So the Alberta bragging of +8C in January means nothing. It was all of that and then some here this past January.

When most of you actually grow up and become truly accountable. You will realize that you had nothing more than an uneducated juvenile impression of what SK is compared to the rest of the Country. 

Fred in Regina
In my humble opinion


“I left Regina back in 2005 to move to Calgary, and I still think to this day it was the best decision I ever made. There’s more to do there, The weather you can tolerate in the middle of Jan. My family is begging me to move back there. My fiance and I are having a baby in Dec and he really wants to move there. I really don’t. I make 3 times as much money here than I did in Regina. I looked at Saskjobs and I swear alot of clerical jobs pay $11-$12 an hour. You can maybe get in through the provincial or federal governement, if you are Native, Metis or has a blood relative that works there. Also the houses are priced the same as Calgary, how can that be possible if the wages havent increased. Oh right you have to be a guy and work on the mines to make decent coin. I really dont want to raise my kid in Calgary and male dominating Saskatchewan. I would rather stay in Alberta like a small town like drumhellar, where house prices are not overpriced and I can transfer there.


“Saskatchewan rules you people of stupidness. who do you think you are? Oh and by the way the Riders are the awesomest team in the world and who needs hockey. Booooo Hey if we couldn’t grow wheat you wouldn’t have good bread now would you. saskatchewan and awesomness is like peas and carrots so suck on that suckers. Yah I watched forest gump last night. What!!!!!!!


“Saskatchewan is like unicors and cotton candy, it is awesome. nuff said. and you must be a poopedy poop poop face to say that about saskatchewan, you donkey breath pig face jerk. And yes we do say eh lots and we are stronger because we eat good food like our homegrown wheat and beef, I COULD KICK YOUR ASS ANY DAY,you coward. Eh


“Wow, really people?


“thank you guys I feel way better after reading all these. there are ppl out there feel the same.

I have created this facebook page and copied some of the comment that the most I like, feel free to like and join.


“I LOVE SASKATCHEWAN!!! I am a big fat, candy eating homo who loves my socialist roots. When are you negative ninnies going to learn that all this whining is only going to give you a disease. Oh yeah, I love that Craven is the STD capital event in North America!!!


“hahahaha…..I am from Saskatchewan and I love this blog. All of this is sooo true. I dies laughing at the comment about the steel balls, white oakleys and the bitches, hoes and sluts. I am here for now because all of my family lives here…….BUT I NEED OUT!!!!!!!


“hahahahahahaha I have lived in Saskatchewan and Alberta. And I would choose Sask any day. I have travelled to many parts of the world, and although our land may not be exciting in your view, it is in ours. The people here are not comparable to any one else around the world. The familistic values they contain are outstanding. The lengths people will go to help complete strangers is something to be talked about. Not only that, have you ever been to Saskatoon during fall? to see the vibrant colours reflect onto the river as you see a showcase of the old university buildings? or the endless wheat and canola fields as they turn. probably not. This province is booming, and as I live in Calgary, and still miss that little old town, where you go to the grocery store and everyone knows who you are. Maybe it is different than big cities, but I prefer it that way.


“Hey, I am right in there with the “I hate Saskatchewan People” Lived here now for 6 years and it is the most boring place on the planet. The reason why everyone helps out strangers and newcomers is to find out all the goods on them so they can sit back in their drunken stupor with accomplices and anyone and everyone else. They twist everything you say into something totally unrecognizable. Everything is literal here, you cannot tease about anything at all. Boring, Boring Boring. Nice to your face but watch out what is being said behind your back. Granted fields are pretty at harvest time but … not much else here. They are everyone’s friend until they get all the info to ruin ya. Weird ideas and strange beliefs. Children of the corn stuff (oh excuse me – Wheat stuff) for sure here. It wasn’t meant literally as corn sorry (geez someone will be correcting me – yikes) LOL. They think ghost towns are named that because there are real ghosts too.

Seriously go see a shrink if you ever think about moving here.


“I think Racism is the biggest problem I have with Saskatchewan. I am utterly disgusted with how I have been treated in the few months that I have been here. I only have about 3 more to go and can’t wait to leave. I have experienced more racism here than I have my entire life living in Toronto Calgary Edmonton and Iowa City. It makes me sad to think these people all ignorantly believe they are better than anyone who may have colored skin. Its equivalent to the USAs southern states. I’m surprised I haven’t run into any groups wearing white ropes and pointy hats. And to those that love this province i will be leaving and wont be coming back so don’t worry about burning my house down and running my colored ass outta town I will leave willingly. Definitely don’t want to raise my kids here.


“Thank you for this post! It really made my day!! I had the unfortunate experience to live in Regina for 17 years after growing up in AB. I now live in BC- and I’m not going back EVER!! The people there are miserable- they know they live in a shithole and that they will never leave, so they are constantly mad. Regina “ladies” (I use that term loosely as there are hardly any real ladies in SK) think they are hot shit, when really they are loose, pathetic backstabbing bitches who will lie and steal just to make themselves feel better.

I feel sorry for people who have to live in Regina- it stinks every spring from the “lake” (AKA slough) and the refinery helps the air smell like SHIT and ass whenever you drive by it. 

The police in that city are a fucking joke. They are the real bullies- and they have a huge sense of entitlement. They think they can do whatever they want, harass innocent people- and the sick thing is THEY GET AWAY WITH IT!! Their police chief is no better than the RPS itself- just full of fucking inbred backwood farmer assholes who can barely read. But since their hiring processes is so lax, anyone can be a member of the police–all you have to do is watch 3 episodes of Law & Order, take notes on their interrogation procedures, answer 10 multiple choice questions and CONGRATS! You now have a badge and a gun-feel free to bully whomever you want- you don’t need evidence to charge anyone! Leave that up to the prosecutors- they throw out over half your cases anyways. 

The roads are a joke, as are the drivers. Farmers are the worst followed by the rednecks with trucks who think they get to rule the road because they drive a big truck. Lame

Getting drunk is their only option cuz then they can pretend that they don’t live in Regina anymore, and they can also pretend that the person they are with is actually attractive and have all of their teeth. 

Get the fuck out while you can….SK SUCKS!!!


“can’t wait to get out of here. worst perogy and cabbage roll shit hole i have ever been in


“You all bitch about how much Saskatchewan sucks but yet focuse on one or two stupid cities in the province. I have lived here all my ife and yes i agree Regina fucking sucks ass, but not every city or small town will be the same. And yes the highways have a lot of potholes and need to be fixed but not all of them are bad(take a drive on the worst highway in SK then you can complain). Everywhere you go theres gonna be something you don’t like and complain about, nowhere is perfect.

And yes there are some racists and people who don’t agree with same-sex relationships but you find that everywhere you go. Just cuz you met one person who was disrespectful or two-faced doesnt mean everyone in SK is like that.

And we do not become alcoholics at the age of 11, some ppl may start drinking at that age or whatever but you find planty of drunks and druggies in other provinces and contries.

And YES we get snow!!! its not gonna fucking kill you,lots of places get snow, we’re not the only ones. Winter is a beautiful time of year, yes its cold but some of the sites you can find are just gorgeous(and no none of them were in butt fuck Regina). You cant judge a whole province on one stupid city and a few people who didn’t like.


“Thanks for this, this is amazing. I ended up here temporarily (thank you recession) for about a year, and have hated every second. This list is dead on.

The best one is #5. That one cracked me up – especially since that same government that commissions those TV ads effectively killed the Film/TV (what little of it there was which was virtually nothing) industry and drove those people away.


“Just as i perdicted ,my licence plates are costing more now because of the fucking retards having accidents and injuries on the road.I drive for a living as a 1A professional and i have seen so many shitty drivers,- fat black woman in red car driving 20 k playing with papers and phone with airhead smile on her face on victoria ave ,a pacistani on same road same speed weaving from lane to lane leaving people to scared to pass,being in a big truck i got beside him and told him to take the bus and he told me to fuck off. I watched a cop follow behind a car going 20k on the lewvan in the left lane untill they were out of my sight.A pakistani pleaded me to drive his semi from blocking the road partially in ditch , i did it , he did not know how to operate his truck. I see manny immigrants who do not appear to understand the rules of the road I could go on and on.So many of these people combined with the citys lack of looking after roadways fucking pisses me off. Who gives these people licenses, and why should anyone pay such high taxes for shit service ?


“Fuck the money sucking football stadium,hockey and baseball.My friend and i grew up riding motorbikes, snowmobiles and 4 wheelers getting chased around by the city police and RCMP ,occasionally getting caught.I miss the Wascana motorbike trails out by Sherwood forest and Condie,where everyone was supposed to go until they closed it down.I still have the images of the regina TV footage when the RCMP kicked everyone out of the park. It was full of people having fun wheeling not wanting to leave.We need an off road park to bring the good times back! Don’t ram shitty football down our throats!!!!!


“Ya, OK…SK does have some very beautiful places/lakes/towns. But Regina DOES TOTALLY SUCK!! Such a nasty, gross, dirty disgusting city filled with even more disgusting people. Winter can be pretty there, but if you don’t X-country ski or snowmobile, you are shit outta luck unless you wanna drive for miles to a crappy “ski” hill. Roads in REGINA SUCK, not all the highways are bad. And there isn’t much to do there in Regina, if you have kids. I moved away, I will go back to visit friends/family, but I am happier now in BC. Peace!


“The most prevalent characteristic of Sasquatches, (born and raised Sasquatchewaners) is that they’re just a little stupider than everywhere else, but they’re convinced they’re ten times as brilliant as everyone else. That and not a damn single one of them can drive to save their life.


“Entering swift current going west,sign on the right side of the highway WELCOME TO THE BEST CITY IN CANADA TO RAISE A FAMILY, ahaaaaa haaaaahaaaaa what a brain wash sign!!!!! Monday morning first hour at comp highschool in swift current,student asking student,what did you do over the weekend?OH MAN I GOT SO FU..ING HAMMERED I SHIT MY PANTS 10 TIMES,AND THEN O WENT TO A HOUSE RECKING PARTY,FU@K MAN IT WAS SO GOOD.oh got I can’t wait until I move to Saskatchewan it sounds such of exciting place to raise and educate children !!!!!!!


“99% of these comments are bang on. stuck in the dark ages. phony shit passed off as chinese food. the one that think sask is so great have never been off the farm. still hate and can’t wait for an opportunity to get out of here.


“I agree with all you say,I live in swift current,it has to be the worst city in North America.God help me to get the hell out of here.


“40 years old and still breast feeding and i don’t mean the girlfriend.


Lived in regina for 2 years back in 2005, loved it alot more than Toronto. I can understand people livingin regina ALL their lives and hating the hell outta it, just like growing up in Toronto all my life. The traffic, the summer smog/stench, the crooked police, the homeless & crazies, the shootings and stabbings will make you go crazy. If your 30years or younger you have lost a friends to violence, if your over 30 your going broke from taxes, im glad to move to regina and get away from the craziness. Live natural, no flouride in the water, or no police shooting anything that moves. Ill much rather deal with wankster drunk natives, than the vicious gun runners, crack dealers in my old neighbourhood. I get the SK people or alberta or BC people that are looking for the fast exciting life that didnt find it in Regina, but i lived the fast life in toronto, grew up and seen EVERYTHING there is to see in toronto. Time for me to say peace out big city!!!


“Wow. I actually have no option than to comment on this blog. Very funny comments. I wonder why some Sask people are getting their panties in a bunch over the mere observations that others have made. Why, do u think the “sask haters” have a point?

If u can’t stand their opinions, why don’t u also start a blog about how u hate Vancouver, Hamilton, Yellow knife etc.. Personally, 5 years here has been long enough. I thank Sask for its wonderful people (and the numerous, ignorant, racist, egocentric ones too). This province doesn’t have much to offer me. I DO NOT have to punish myself and waste my life away in Regina. And this is coming from me: someone who has visited every continent. Regina people are definitely an interesting buch.

Ps. The comment about Saskatchewanians thinking they r cool cos they drive raised trucks with balls attached to the hitches and wearing sick white Oakley glasses made me lmao. I can’t agree more. Good luck to u all whenever u choose to enjoy the rest of ur life. Remember, u live once!


“As someone who was raised in Saskatchewan, and has gone on to “see the world”, I can offer this advice: Unless you’re a hardcore Christian who believes that “being smart is stupid” (yes, I’m aware of the oxymoron), relies on your R-complex to make all of your important life decisions, believes that farming is truly the pinnacle of human existence, and are of Eastern European decent, you may have a hard time fitting in there. Trust me.


Hey all, Saskatchewan is not liked by me or the peoples comments before me maybe due to the fact that we are use to our original province that we are from. Ontario has alot to offer due to the population. Yes parts of that province suck also, but you can drive off somewhere without driving for hours to find something to do. That is hard reality when first coming here for me and is still. Towns and cities are far and between but getting a little use to it. I really dont miss those traffic jams in Ontario, so there is one good thing about this province. As for not much here I need to get out and explore more of the province and decide later than now to totally cut this province down. I came here for work with a good pay, but I could of picked Alberta or Nova Scotia, this was the better of the 3 that had to offer my needs. Still, this province does not offer to much, and most people I have talked to have never left the province or have been to Edmonton, big deal. There is a whole world out there. My god, my street nevr gets plowed once all winter, not to great for a western province, thats just one example. BRUTAL!!! This is one of the reasons us newcomers dont like this province. It is behind the times here by 20 to 50 years. Time to get out of the stone ages. Hoping some day I will like the province but not convinced yet.


“In my opinion:

Saskatchewan people are not friendly, I have no idea where that B.S. comes from. The province is full of fat, cheap, heartless farmers. Who would sell their soul to the devil for a dollar. I met a Austrailian girl who spent the summer working for a farmer outside Saskatoon. The farmer convinced her to worker ‘under the table for her’ she had injured her finger bailing hay for him and needed medical attention. The farmer refused to pain and now that poor girl is without her pinky finger. 

Saskatchewan is not booming. People are retiring and rather then pay to train young people to take over these jobs to become new tradespeople(the companies are too cheap) they just want to steal tradespeople from the other provinces, and then try to get away with paying them 10/hr less then anywhere else. If you do get laid off don bother trying to get a job in one of the mines. If your fat farm kid played hockey with my fat farm kid then sure ill get you a job. Otherwise you don’t have a hope in hell of getting on there. I was let go after my employer said I wasn’t fast enough at my job, a year later I found out the entire staff was replaced by Filipinos who were working for half of the wage. 

Saskatoon people are the most arrogant snobbish people I’ve ever met in my entire life. They act like getting the U of S is the Ivy League which it is not. IT SUCKS! 

In Regina Roy Shivers was putting together a competitive team. He did a great job bringing in new talent, but because the team is run by a bunch of fat, stupid, cheap farmers, they fired him and now the team sucks again. 

There is this misconception in Ontario about Saskatchewan that it is like Kansas where if a farmer gets sick, his neibours all lend a hand until he gets better. Which is true in Kansas, but in Saskatchewan 

Every person is out for themselves, every person only cares about themselves.

If you want to live somewhere, where nobody cares about you, but your family, and they will leave you to die alone in the middle of nowhere, and fight over the scraps left behind. Move to Saskatchewan it is a terriable place to live!!!


“try supervising these morons. you end up with a bunch of idiots trying to make a fool of you or sabotaging your work.


“Lived here for 18 months, came for the work.

If you are a hard catholic youll love it here. If you are homophobic youll love it here. If you love 7months of snow followed by 1 month of mud (the likes of which you cannot explain) for 2 months of summer, youll love it here

If you are not a drunk, drug addict or riders fan you will have nothing in common with 85% of the population. 

If you are single, hope you love single native mothers and women with 3 kids looking for a payout. 

Most homes in cities and towns build in 1900s are turned into museums, sadly all the rural towns still have hand dug basements and coal chutes.

Trying to get out of this shithole time-warp and I will never return I promise. This province has made me believe in hell and honestly it would probably been an improvement.


“Regina has never had very friendly people apart from a few.It has always had a nasty street- harassment culture that has seemed excessive for such a small place.I’ve been here for over a decade.It was boring,but bearable in the past.However,in the past four years Regina has become much worse.

The things that have been the most annoying about Regina in the past 4 years are: 

1.The street harassment-verbal and emotional abuse from total strangers is an almost everyday experience,especially for women.The rudeness and hostility of the people,people are more aggressive in Regina than ever before. 

2.The traffic;insanely loud motors ripping through residential neighbourhoods at all hours of night & day,speeding and running through red lights.Hit & runs happen every month now. 

3.Very odd,bizarre behaviour of people.Also,very drunk and high people all around if you dare to go out at night. 

4.Fights.About once a week or more I have to hear/witness a fight.(And I don’t live or work in ‘bad’areas.) 

5.Gangs & gangsta wanna-bes (who are more than just one race)all over the city wherever you go.And they are just copying gangsta rappers from the States,they have no true identity of their own. 

I have always noticed the people who love Regina the most tend to be malicious bullies or bitter people.People are thrown under the bus for wanting out of this place,that we must be the bitter,angry people.How about just tired of it,okay?If you think I should fuck off,well,give me the fucking money to do so because it’s hard to make a decent wage AND pay the astonishingly high rent for the dump you live in and all your bills and have enough to save for moving away,and I’d love to fuck off and find some other place,to see for myself if what all the people who have travelled or come from elsewhere say is really true.


“Moved to sask 7 yrs ago. People seemed friendly at first, but small town, all related, mentality where most have never travelled beyond the “big” city…it’s terrible! Kids are encouraged to drink by 11or 12…parents buy them booze. Drugs are rampant,and nobody blinks an eye when a 12 yr old moves in with the town drug dealer who is 23. The ones that make waves or want change are black balled. Get real people…your kid is probably doing drugs and drinks before puberty. I hate sask now and can’t wait to go back to AB…where money drives society but at least people work hard. Here you will have to wait 3 weeks for a plumber to come…not because he is so busy, but cause he starts at 11 and day is done by 4… Plus meeting for coffee and lunch at the local cafe. Work, people! Then you can have nice houses and cars…quit whining about what you don’t have or what those ” damn” albertans have waving around their can. Pulleeesssee… Ugh!


“Well tallgrass praire, I have also met other sask people outside this province and youre right they are great but they have enough sense to get out. The trash always sticks around, remember when you graduated highschool everyone went to college and university but the failures and burnouts stayed home. This place is the burnout central, the ones who have no where left to go and are desperate for work stay and come here.

Maybe in about 20 years when the good ole boys drop dead and stop acting like its the 1950s and catch up with the rest of the world this place might be tollerable.


“Lets look at Toronto shall we?

Smog that kills thousands a year 

Brutal humidity in both summer and winter that makes the temperature feel much worse than it really is (-5 in Toronto is like -30 in Regina in terms of comfort) 

Millions of dollars for a 500 square foot glass shitbox. 

Congestion making the commute of many residents an ordeal lasting hours

Filthy polluted smelly Lake Ontario 

The homeless and druggie capital of Canada 

Huge gangs that can’t aim and kill innocent bystanders in public places 

Grey skies 8 months of the year 

Poverty capital of Canada due to unaffordable housing

Bedbug, roach, and rat problems throughout the city

Some great place Toronto is

Lets not forget the many wonderful neighbourhoods of Toronto such as:
Lawrence Heights AKA “the Jungle”, Regent Park, St James Town, Flemingdon Park, Jane and Finch, Malvern, Rexdale, Weston and Eglinton, Thorncliffe Park, all of East York. I have lived in Toronto and there is nowhere in the West that compares to those places for crime, poverty, and drugs. The police even fear to tread in those areas.


“Sask people still believe gays are weeds needing to be dealt with the usual way .systemagically exterminated without exception


“I agree fags are. scum needing to be shot dead today


“very few nice round asses either


“I sojourned in Saskatchewan for a time some years ago. While I have little use for either of their main cities, the countryside possesses a unique and often breathtaking beauty.

It is often oblique, you have to read between the sagebrush, as it were. For example, an hour or so south of Saskatoon you arrive in the Coteau Hills, some of the most majestic and unspoiled prairie in all of North America. You can find pockets of land that support native grasses, more or less undisturbed since before the Europeans descended upon it. With a little imagination you can picture a majestic herd of bison sweeping past in the distance. 

Drive northwest from Saskatoon you come to the mighty North Saskatchewan river and surrounding it some of the most fertile and productive farmland on Earth. From a grid road just west of the river valley travel north and after 20km or so you’ll find yourself on a rise. Spread out before you are verdant rolling fields as far as you can see, bordered by the river and the river valley. Drive a little further and you’ll come to an old Mennonite church, that has nurtured the Great Deere community for a hundred years. Next to the church stands a cemetery, the last resting place for some of Saskatchewan’s earliest pioneers. 

Drive north towards the provincial forest. You’ll find lakes of all size and description, towering trees, First Nations culture to explore and immerse yourself in. Take a tour through the Thickwood Hills, marvel at the rolling countryside, with new vistas at every turn, trees, meadows, all manner of wild flowers, and glorious fields of green, purple and yellow.

And everywhere you go the skies are wide open. You can turn your head in any direction and see the sky stretch all the way to the horizon. Add a few friendly clouds and it is one of nature’s true masterpieces. 

I’m from British Columbia, where it’s easy to find beauty. It unashamedly shows off. From my balcony in West End Vancouver I can see English Bay, Vancouver Island, and the North Shore Mountains. I’m a stone’s throw from Stanley Park. Like I said, easy.

But go to Saskatchewan and you have to really open your eyes to find the beauty of that province. It isn’t all showy and in your face like beautiful BC is. Saskatchewan’s beauty is much like its people, quiet and humble, and never full of themselves. It is there waiting for people to discover it. 

A little part of me misses Saskatchewan, so much so that I drive east in the car every June just to visit the prairies in summer. The winters are a shame, but the summers are spectacular.


“I agree with all who dislike this damn flat alge filled pond of a province. The mainstay of every small town is a the general store that has no competition and to them that means they can jack the prices up to ” a kings feast”. The female teens only quest is to get preggy and the teen males are “wheres the beer dude!” . Half the forty something woman are single with children because the fathers were only passing through for work and the gold diggers with the big asses hang out at the bar when they smell money in town. Every year more lakes form in the fields and iI for one am glad for that. Ill be glad to get the hell out of this winter, black and white no color commy gossip filled province. For the ones who tell us who dont like it to leave, by all means we are going to so easily. We just thought we would see how the hillbillys lived and we came, we saw, and we left. Just do us a favour and keep your asses here though.


“i will be glad the day i can see this fucking place in the rear view mirror


“sub standard and proud of it


“Gods I wish I wasn’t born here in all my 15 years I have only met one person who is intelligent enough cultural enough and not a douche bag to be considered my friend. And it takes allot of my strength to avoid being pushed into being a hick like the rest of my family from my dads racism and anti gay attitude to my aunts and uncles trying to push me into stuff like foot ball drinking and other hilk activity’s not saying all people who like football and drinking are hilks but hilks do love that sort of stuff. Can`t wait to move to British Columbia to get away from the douche bags here hell the museum in my town is unfortunately closed down.


“Found out something surprising, While trying to find a job outside this god forsaken pit of bigots, you need to put an Alberta or BC address on resumes. Even living in this province stains you and employers just pass you by if the letters SK appear on a job app.


“I agree that Saskatchewan is WAY behind in times. The people arent the brightest, But I will say the people are very friendly (or at least seem to be). I moved here from Ont. to a hillbilly town 2 hours west of s’toon. I came to work in the oil patch and I am making WAY more then i ever could in Ontario. Yes Ontario is a better place to live, however Sask has more oportunity to make a good income. So I just work here and send all my money back to the wife in Ont. where we plan on building a nice life for our kids. Milk the oil patch and im outta here!! Got 2 more years before i reach my goal though. 😦


“sasks favorite question ya got your 1A? favorite answer put round up on it.


“The whole province is dead for 8 months of the year. Mud, snow, dirt and desolation. If you want to prepare for the apocalypse and survival come on out to Kindersley.


“Obviously the education system in Saskatchewan needs work as well!


“I have to go to SK for three months soon for work. I am already disgusted by the province just by looking at rentals and the massive pile of bylaws. A few years ago when there nobody would pay 100k for a house in SK and now people think their crappy little basement is worth $1300? Not allowed to park an RV on your own front driveway? It is a socialist, backwards, inbred, micromanaged dump. I am also from Vancouver Island. It is a paradise compared to the frozen wasteland.


I’ve lived in Saskatchewan for a few years now, having lived just about everywhere else before that. SK, in my humble opinion, is very backwards. The odd thing is that the ‘locals’ are rather proud of that. Everyone is related around here and (as was politely explained to me a few years back) nepotism is actually a good thing. After all, who’d want to hire a complete stranger when you can hire your cousin instead?

There is plenty of bigotry, racism and prejudice here. They try to bury it – hide it from the “ignorant” newcomers who (in their opinion) know nothing about nuthin’ anyway. If you aren’t family, or have a child who will marry a local at some point in the near future, forget about ever being accepted. 

As far as friends go, the local boys grew up isolated, went out and got a tractor and a combine, and spent all day and night in the field farming. While laudable to an extent, they never learned social skills – basic communication skills necessary to establish friendships with any fellow human that might have the annoying ability – or desire – for anything more than short, barely audible grunts about John Deere or the weather. Intelligence and knowledge are held in disdain. Ignorance rules supreme.

It’s depressing. It’s frustrating. And, I’m movin’ on! There is sooo much potential here, yet it’s wasted.

Heads up to anyone looking to moving to Saskabush! You aren’t welcome here Sure, they want your money. Granted they want you to buy their farm or house in town… Sure, they’ll say they want you and need you. But, you aren’t really welcome here. 

Saskatchewan has a highly inbred, xenophobic culture that has had years of isolation in which to fester and grow. They don’t see it and likely never will. Notice that all of the positive posts here are from born-and-in-bred locals. 

Weather and lack of trees and the flat, lonely prairie aside, it ain’t a pretty place to move to.The only true products of this province are gophers and knot-headed boys.

I remain anonymous for OBVIOUS reasons.


“Oh the invisible man in the sky decided to post. Another sign of the past exerting itself out here get with the times.

As for your husband loving out here while fixing the roads, of course he will the roads dont get fixed hes not doing a damn thing


“All the comments are true, negative or positive. True: most Saskatchewaners I have met are extremely uneducated, not that it bothers them or that they would ever notice it. True: basically not friendly. They stare at you (it freaked me out decades ago) to see if they knew you. Of course they didn’t because I’d only landed in the province a few weeks prior. But, God they STARE! And they were so proud of never having travelled east of Winnipeg.

30 years later, I have retired from a yay good career at a Crown Corp that I got entirely on my own. But family connections would have moved me higher. You can BET that nepotism is alive and well in Sask.


“Just wanted to comment also about Regina’s Mosaic multicultural festival. I will NEVER go again to this unfriendly event. I took my mother 20 years ago and had the temerity to sit at someone’s “reserved” table. What the hype – meet new friends? Like Hell! They don’t want new friends. They just want their fat little buddies in their special tables. Never again.


“check out the news story from Manor Fire chief and new citizen It really says a lot.


“The only people who like it here have lived here there whole lives, everyone else knows better. You have the highest crime rate in the whole country (ok second this year but first almost every other one). No amount of ignorance can hide the truth, if this place is good then why so much crime, racism, and prejudice. The bottom line is that if no one with a decent education is willing to live here then your economy will suffer. Either this place will change or it will go belly up.


“Their instead of there, my mistake, but I doubt anyone who has lived here their whole lives would even notice this, morons!!!!


“Oh please enlighten us on Ass-scratch-ewans great history. I know its in the only province to show a negative population growth. They are a province with vast oil and gas reserves that the great NDP government failed to develop so they could keep those equalization payments coming. Cities overrun with natives on welfare, lowest population with the highest crime rate in Canada if its not bolted locked up or weigh 50lbs+ its gone.

So tell me a great sask history without using these words “Drunk/Drinking, Riders, Stoon”


“The staring comment really hit a funny bone mostly because its all too true. I have lived here for 15 years but it was until 4 years ago when my son was old enough to join a hokey team did the stares stop.

If you are going to be welcomed in this strange and backward province, play hockey, play golf, or have kids that do.


“I’ve been here 16 years and still get refered to as a transient.


“Saskatchewan’s drunk driver rate is 2.5 times higher than the national average. Only the Northwest Territories and Yukon has higher rates. Given how few and far between RCMP detachments are in many parts of the province, you can be certain that even high numbers such as these are grossly understating the drunk driver culture that is everywhere denied and, even, encouraged.

Don’t even try to deny that last statement. Every small town’s financial lifeblood is the local bar… and no one walks to the bar! 

If you live in one of the small towns, never speak ill of a local or even so much as point out something odd or different about the way things are being done. The overriding rule is this: EVERYONE IS RELATED TO EVERYONE ELSE – sometimes 2 and 3 and more times over. To speak against one (that would include volunteering an option to their ideas or noticing things that could be improved) is to speak against family! “We” don’t speak against family here. 

I once asked a local if he was related to a particular family in town. His answer? “Not yet” (true story)


“i was talking to local lad one day and he was telling me about a recent wedding. the bride used to be his cousin but now she is his auntie (another true story)


A young couple were married in Southern Sask last year. Turns out they’re first cousins. When I asked someone if this was the wisest course they told me that it wasn’t a bad thing because then everyone will know who the in-laws are and there will be less chance of family feuds cropping up. Seems to be more common than not. (yet another true story)


“I think the biggest problem here is how everyone becomes so offended so easily. You can’t hardly offer an opinion on something without having a local boy take offense because it insults family, family history of the local town.

That said, however, they won’t speak up and say something. NOOoooo. They act like 4-year-old spoiled brats with Aspergers and act it out behind your back rather than to your face.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: You can’t reason with the unreasonable.

Either we ‘foreigners’ waste a lot of energy and fight it or we move on and leave the pigs to the S**t


“To the moron who bashed Toronto, have you actually lived there? SK is much more impoverished than TO- this is a statistical fact. Grey skies for 8 months, are you serious? Simply not true. SK has bitter cold for 8 months, a fact.

You are obviously an idiot, just like everyone else who has defended SK on this post.


“Here we go again ,more new taxes for garbage recycling ,sgi rates going up again,power rates going up again, water and sewer rates up again,city wants to inspect my home [not going to happen] so they can raise my property taxes,they will need to bring their own body bags, met one of these lying kniving fuckers before,yet there is never any more money in my pocket. Bound to retire on welfare!


“i work with a bunch of 45 and 50 year old women and their biggest ha ha of the week is getting drunk. as for never being anywhere or knowing anything, (one of them asked after hearing about someone catching a fish) “do those kind of fish have bones”. she also thought all white cheese was old cheese. my god go past calgary some time.


“If your arguments are not supported by facts then you are probably dumb, sadly stupid people don’t realize this. Go back to your inbred backwards way of life. If you disagree with facts then you are a moron, it’s not a matter of whether you agree with someone its a matter of whether your opinions are supported by facts. Every single person who has defended SK has made an argument that can be disproven with FACTS. But ignorant little children don’t care about this, they resort to saying Oh well you making an argument is exactly the same as …. (something that does not have anything to do with what they said. IN SK DO MOST PEOPLE THINK LIKE CHILDREN, AND HAVE NO APPRECIATION FOR THE TRUTH.




“Almost everyone that I met in SK was childish and two faced. They made ridiculous arguments and were very ignorant. Many of them would judge you using flawed arguments. I had two different people try to tell me that I was retarded in the period of one week. One told me that he thought this based upon the way I was looking through my bag, the other said it was based upon my physical appearance. I have an IQ of 168 and a PhD in chemistry. Neither one of these people had even graduated university. This is SK; ignorant, hypocritical, two-faced hicks. Every defence of SK on this page is easily disproven using logic and facts; things that most of the people that I met in SK don’t understand. ENJOY YOUR SHIT HOLE YOU FUCKING RETARDS


“U of R is a joke,

One professor stole her husbands’ identity and taught engineering U of R for almost three years before being caught. Don’t you think that the people who interviewed her would have realized that she knew nothing. How in the world does someone who has no qualifications or experience get away with teaching in a university for almost three years!!! I’ll tell you how- many of her colleagues must have a poor understanding of engineering. It took repeated complaints from students to force a review which resulted in her resignation in 2001, and ultimately, her arrest.

Did you know that improper blood tests were performed at the kinesiology department of U of R from 2006 up until 2012, and that nearly 270 people were potentially exposed to other peoples’ blood. How the hell does this happen at a university for six years straight. I’ll tell you how- the people performing the blood work and their supervisors were TOTALLY incompetent.

How about the fact that the administration paid two IT employees over 100 thousand dollars for overtime that they did not work. This occurred over a period of 11 years, and now the administration is refusing to answer key questions with regards to this misappropriation. What a blatant example of corruption. 

I have never heard of any of these kinds of things happening at any other university in Canada, let alone having all of them happen at the same place. U of R is a corrupt nepotistic joke, it is a reflection of SK in general.


“I cannot agree on people’s comments regarding Regina. When you have lived, visited, taken trips to REAL cities (all over the world) you immediately come to the realization. Regina, Sask to be exact, is nothing but the toilet bowl of Canada. It’s trying to make something out of nothing. Regina will never compete with any actually city in Canada. Every year, Regina is #1 for crime in Canada. What about Pamela Wallin (from Wadena, SK) stealing $$$ from taxpayers. How about the UofR, the clown university or Canada. What about the “other” university across the street having millions stolen or misplaced and still continuously being funded by the Government. How about the new million dollar football stadium that is unnecessary. Do the taxpayers realize its a waist of money and that they will be paying for this by having their taxes raised for the next generations? Do they not realize that “someone” is taking a HUGE payoff with this project? Who is responsible for this deal for the stadium. How about the land development in Harbour Landing? Who’s land did it belong to? Could be a “former” mayor wanting a payoff of some sorts?

Saskatchewan is a corrupt province. What’s up with the HUGE house price market? WTF??? This is only Regina, not Toronto or Vancouver. Who woke up one day and decided that we are the new East or West of Canada. There was a time when big movie productions were filmed in Saskatchewan. Why did the province kill that. What was the last big production Sask has had. That’s right, Corner Gas, and they were smart to realize Sask is a dead end and killed the show. What does Saskatchewan have for an economy? Potash and the Oil Refinery. Can we say POLLUTION!!! It’s all about the $$$ and not about the environment or the health of the people. Do you not see how much smoke goes up from the upgrader? Take a visit during the winter and see the gasses and smoke it releases in the air. Is that nice to breath? Do you know what the Regina Thunder Junior Football practice field used to be? Not only is is beside the upgrader, it used to be the former city dump. Everything is wrong with this city. Why do we still have train tracks on our busy city street? Why am I waiting during rush hour on Albert street, or Park street, for the train go go by.

Its a province still stuck in the past, thinking its a big time player. If Regina was a bit time city, lets get some over/under passes and do this city the right way. It must be better to spend money on a stadium, art projects (like the one across for the airport on Lewvan and Regina Ave) because this is more important. Or on a new Regina logo that cost taxpayes unwanted money. Sask residents are like cattle with the blinder on, heading to the slaughter house. Its time to open your eyes and realize what is happening.


“The 2 faces of people out here and the labeling is so true. People dont like conflict out here unless its 2-3 vs 1, and they will lie and manipulate to get that advantage. Got a job out here and within the first few hours the supervisor was telling me horrible things about the people under him, and whenever the opportunity came up he would start shit talking them. Work environments out here are extremely toxic.

Now that ive been out of that job trying to get back into Alberta could not get an interview for anything. Changed my address to my brothers in alberta boom 2 interviews in the first week, this province is so far behind on standards employers outside of this province dont even want the hassle of having to beat the half-assed work ethic out of sask residents.


“Check this one out:

Toddler puts hands into pail with dirty needles in Saskatchewan hospital 

Yet another person who has potentially been exposed to HIV because of the supreme ignorance of those who do blood work in SK. Keep in mind that 270 people were potentially infected over a period of six years while undergoing blood work at U of R.


Most of the people that I met in SK thought that they knew everything- but were actually very ignorant.


“Dude , I highly Doubt you lived in every Province in Canada to make that judgement. As someone who has I can tell you there are far worse places to be in , count your blessings , save your money & go back where you came from. Im sure the people there will love you.


“I follow the news, I know for a fact that these scandals do not happen anywhere else in Canada. And by the way I have already moved, I am much happier- the people are much nicer.

You can stay in your shit hole with your joke of an education/healthcare system you ignorant bastard.


“I can’t help.But notice that you complain of Saskatchewan being full of aboriginals and old people in one sentence, then complain of it being full of racists in the next. Seems a little like the pot calling the kettle black to me.


“Dont take any jobs in sask, once you have that black mark on your work record the only province youll ever work in again is sask


“Why settle for this province when there is much better out there. If Brock Lesnar wants to move to this province, EVERYONE should get the heck out of there STAT!


“The worst part is the roughrider fans there all fucking retarded the money wasted on this shitty team is unreal give me a break you stupid fucking losers along with the players who think there so good u suck shit along with the outrageous gas and power rates and dont even get me started on this diesel shortage bullshit fukin coop cocksuckers watch the fuk out!

The land of the dumb and poor and proud of it. News cast consist of 8 minutes of rushed local news so that they can get to what really matters, the RIDERS. Wages are low just the way they like it, just happy to work for greedy selfish millionaires who think their employee’s are indespensible labourer’s who’s live’s don’t matter.

The people are gossipy two faced backstabbers. Nepotism thrive’s here. Anti social people, just like the movie Winter’s Bone, “born n bred”. I thought these people only existed in movie’s like “Deliverance”.


“Just stumbled on this site! Have read every post and just roared with laughter! What struck me funny was how the posters claiming to have high IQs, education and the most worldly, used the most vulgar and degrading language! A true showing of class and maturity. Hilarious!


“There is a massive group of people in Saskatchewan; mainly in Regina and surrounding areas that is comprised mostly of First Nations people who take great pleasure in being “raunched out” as one woman called it.They shout,yell,stare,glare,verbally abuse and ridicule people they see in public.They are drunks,druggies and likely involved in gangs and you see them everywhere in Regina. They are oversensitive to any look or response they get from strangers yet,they stare endlessly in hopes of catching only a mere glimmer of a response from someone, usually a white person. They harass,bully, and intimidate other people, especially white people who they are very angry at and hate very much. So, this racism you hear about, it’s a two way street; it’s not just white people being unfair to other races. Alot of aboriginals really hate white people here and they go out of their way to let white people know what they think and really make life miserable for certain white people who just want to get on with their lives without these creeps intruding and abusing them whenever they go out in public.


“i hope at least one person gets out of this hell hole for christmas


“Hate Saskatchewan? dont let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of the province.

People here are much friendler than those in Vancouver where I lived for 30 years.

I have met as many ignorant backwards bumpkins in other provinces as here.


“I cannot believe the how backwards people are here in this province. I am a professional engineer from Nova Scotia. I came here 2 years ago to do follow up work for a client that had a geothermal system put in. The people that installed it did it 100% wrong, after further investigation they did not have qualified people to do this, but misled the client that they did. Long story short they call themselves professionals in this province and fall very far from it. I was also embarrassed by so called engineers in saskatchewan(studied and given degrees in this province)were under educated ignorant slugs and do not adhere to national code and industry standards, truly embarrassing, to think they call themselves professionals, bloody sad.


“Only good thing about that province is the view from the rear view mirror. Over priced cost of living, crappy roads, over taxed, people under eduacted(farmer bumpkin types)only news is local news(they are the world) which explains the hate for people out of province. Half of them think canada ends at the quebec border, which proves the theory, that the education system is flawed. High crime,angry natives, retarded drivers and I see from one post we have a bumpkin defending next of kin in this post, sad to think it has a life in this lifeless boring province. Thank god I left before they converted me to a dumb hick.


“DUH , I paid 400K for my house worth 120K I am a smart saskatchewanner,DUH I pay 1.5K a month for 800 square foot apartment, DUH,I pay high taxes to NOT HAVE my street plowed after a snow storm,DUH,I am proud of it and the most important DUH, I pay 35 Bucks for a 12 inch pizza and think its just so the right thing, DUH, brainwashed mental midgets. Cant wait for the housing market to crash and teach those redneck retards what the real truth is. Oh ya, there is no boom in saskatchewan but there will be a boom when they’re sad jaws hit the deck when the housing market falls.LOL.


“Agree 110%…


“there is no pride in workmanship what so ever. the trades are a joke


here we go again the over paid fucks think we need to pay more taxes again,sewer,water power ,school,and continue to play a shell game with the money. i never get more money to make up for this bullshit. they need their wages cut and their hands chopped off to put an end to this crap. fougeir can shove his stadium and his head up ass.


“it seem that my last posted comment was removed by by people who want to hide the truth,or something mysteriously went wrong. firstly stoopid access communications ripoff crap tv,their retarded billboard at the top of my computer screen allways says – 27 brrr. change the temp or take it off ,shows how dumb you are. well here we go again more new taxes up again,power ,natural gas ,water ,sewer ,property taxes ,automobile fuel,even talk about paying for garbage now-like we havent paid for it 3 times allready,school taxes-to pay for roads ,what an amazing shell game they play with the money they take from us. the shell game should be an olympic sport,they would surley win the GOLD METAL.shit on tax collectors ,governmet ,city ,cops and parking enforcement,fuck you.anyway i bought a place away from here off the grid setup no bills cheap living.smash the tax dagger because it will keep finding your back!! the mayor says nobody takes into consideration if you can afford to pay,you know they dont care!


“This may just be the best blog ever made……i need a tissue….ah man….


“Your ignorant stupid cunt sucking fucks of Saskatchewan, “if you dont like it leave , Saskatchewan is the greatest place on earth” HA!You are the problem. Your ok with it being complete shit. Your are to fucking ignorant to realize what a shithole you live in. The I’m not racist, I just hate indians and foreigners province. The only reason you think its great is because your a cock sucking fuck tard like the rest of em and thats where cock sucking retarded fuck faces like you live. BURN IN HELL YOU REDNECK FUCKS! I didnt like it and I did leave. You think its ok to be a dumb white trash piece of shit fuckin ingnorant cock sucking asshole shit. The people of Saskatchewan are the dumbest, rudest meanest fucking cunts I have ever met,next to Albertans…FUCK YOU!


“In case you haven’t noticed, this is a I HATE SASKATCHEWAN blog. You don’t like this blog, then you leave.


“Hahaha this comments are really funny, I have lived here for almost 3 years now. Previously i have lived in a country where there is 364 days of sunshine, where there is 19 million living in the capital city and a lot of stuff to do. Living in a warmer, active and big city allows you to enjoy life more. Theres a lot of people to meet, a lot of activities to join and a lot of opportunities to learn more things. What i have notice in SK is the lacking of these 3 important things, adequate population, adequate warmer weather and more acceptance of diversity. This leads to a Boring, Damp and Depressed people. Lets face it, SK is a young growing province and has a lot to learn, I moved here to follow my wife and now after 3 years im seriously thinking about moving out to somewhere else. I dont want to spend the rest of my life shovelling snow 7 to 8 months a year lol


“Is it that bad? Was thinking of coming to Saskatchewan. This blog has very important information. I ll think up some more!


“No Daylight savings is the only thing I like about saskatchewan, other than that it’s 10 months of winter and 2 months of bad hockey.


“I moved here in August 2013 for a job. The winter was terrible-but this is Canada, so I expected that. I was bullied at my job and stood up for myself and then was let go for no reason. This was in January. So My boss fucked me over and had a smirk grin. I went threw 3 jobs while living there. See I’m a creative person with a personality. That scares the shit out of people here. I’m educated and would debate with people at these jobs. The people here are ass backwards uneducated racist fucks. Told one person that I had dated a black girl and the guy freaked drooping the ‘n’ bomb while regarding my ex.

People here want the same, not different. I have been here under a year and have found no one that I would call a friend. Yes, the roads are terrible, people are not friendly to outsiders, people are rude, bad drivers, back stabbers, ugly and fat. 

I’m from Ontario and I’m moving back once my lease is up in the fall. I can’t wait. I will never come to this terrible province again. What Sask needs is a shit load of napalm. If you enjoy the green, good luck finding it! But if you drink then this province is for you! 

All that being said, I did have some great adventures here… Being an hr or so outside Saskatoon and seeing the northern lights… Never seen them so bright! Smoking a spliff in the middle of a field in the prairies at dusk in autumn… Surreal… Seeing bison up close… Grasslands National Park… 

But besides that… It was horrible. It’s like being in prison right now-counting down the days till I’m free.


“Fucking imbreds everywhere…


“Only when “insulting” Saskatchewan would you get some many people taking offence. Why they love that piece of shit province so much, I’ll never understand….


“Saskathewan seems friendly at first then it dawns on you a lot of people are all negative and there are lots of drunks. The people are very cheap and are not shy at trying to buy something and not paying much for it. People are trapped as they are all related through marriage with jobs and business awarded to family members, they cannot divorce. Do not start a business if you are not from here.


“I live in rural sask due to my job. I find it very disturbing that many people have noticed what I have. Why does the provincial hobby in this place seem to be getting drunk? Why? Every year in this town there is an impaired causing death. Every year the kids are told that drinking and driving is dangerous. Every year we are expected to think that it’s a tragedy that some kid died in a booze cruising failure. I submit that a kid in this day and age, drinking and driving that kills himself is not a tragedy… It is some much needed chlorine in the gene pool. Seriously if you can’t take in the simple message that drink + drive = death then you weren’t worth the air you were wasting anyway. Please kill yourself (and only yourself) in a booze fuelled vehicle roll over before passing your stupidity on to another generation. And it is generational here! A man in his 40’s told his son in front of me that it was ok to drive drunk as long as he went slow and took the back roads. WTF! I have encountered some stupid things in small towns in other provinces but not this bit of “wisdom.”

This is also the first place that I have ever lived that higher education is ridiculed. When my wife and I were new here we were making some acquaintances. When these acquaintances found out that not only did I have a degree, but my wife held several…people stopped talking to us. I thought maybe we had talked down to someone, until I heard a whole table of people at a local coffee shop making fun of the one and only girl in town going university from high school. I’m glad they were talking behind her back, because a true tragedy would have been that girl being too intimidated to go do something more challenging than be a hair dresser or a brood mare for some alcoholic farmer for the rest of her life. 

Before you accuse me of negativity, I was optimistic about Sask before coming here. No place is perfect but this is neverland and the people here need to grow up.


“I wish there was a way to post pictures on this site. I feel that words sometime cant express how ugly the shit hole is. Pictures on the other hand make it obvious.

Just so people know property values went up here just like in Newfoundland and other somewhat but not near as shitty places. It has nothing to do with wages and everything to do with interrest rates at record lows. So stop with Saskataarogance already. No one actually wants to live here that has been somewhere else. I get that the immigrants flock here because compared to watching your family be murdered or starving to death its great. Ignorance is very key and I cant stress this point enough, in living here. 

I was recently in NYC, had the time of my life. Very safe there lots of culture amd individual business ownership and choice. They didnt have a faceless corporate big box stores like we have here that make every city look the same. People were more friendly amd the weather was great. Were still freezing our asses of in this shit whole. I met some other people from Regina and P.A on the plane they said it was safer than there hometowns in sasky. There was one igonorant hick that didnt like his trip, he wouldnt be back he said, too busy. He wore a roughrider hat like anybody gave a shit about the roughriders. Lol.

We flew into a pathetic little airport and headed out to the hwy to drive accross this godforsaken place. After about an hr of driving I couldnt even see out my window the bugs literally covered my vehicle. We all know bugs are attracted to shit, so thats why there is so many is sasky. I was very depressed to be back. 

You people that actually think you enjoy this place have to be either ignorant or dumb. There is a whole world out there for you to see, do yourself and future generations of your family a favor and get out of here. Years of freezing your ass off combined with your house doubling for no real reason has combined for a perfect cocktail of arrogance and ignorance. Like a fly in shit! Sask will never be Alberta or even Manitoba its geographically fucked unless you move the province. I hate Saskathewan!


“They have to pay people more to live here, haha. No one cares about the roughriders. These morons are builing a $750,000,000 football stadium in a place with 1,000,000 people, meanwhile they close down hospitals and the infastructure is crippled everywhere, backwards fucks. The summers are so short, its fuckin almost July and we have only been over 25 twice maybe. House prices are crazy, property taxes compared to most of Canada are insane here. Having to drive hrs to get anywhere or flying hrs to get anywhere is exoensive too. Warming up your vehilce for 8 months of the year is costly, so is plugging it in. So tired of spending money washing the millions of bugs off my vehicle everytime i drive anywhere. Just so people know sask is far from unique, the states is filled with endless states that look like us topography wise. The only things that make us unique are terrible qualities. Like taxes, crime, weather, isolation, ignorance, negativity, bugs, no major cities, etc. Nothing to be proud of. You cant make something outta nothing.

Dont do it, where are you from? If your from a war torn region of the globe or somewhere that you are starving than by all means. Other than that forget it.


“No one uses umbrellas there, lol. Not because it doesnt rain, but because no one walks there. They all drive around culturlessly to big box stores in cookie cutter chain developments. Fattest province in Canada!


“Will see how the highest crime rate in Canada does for you in shit hole saskatchewan. Unless you have been in -35 for 8 months of the year with another 2 1/2 months shouldering that with mud from melting snow and a decent amount of rain, you cant say shit. Id rather live by cake eaters than savages wanting to rob you and beat you and take your cheques. You are fucking idiot, a giagantic one, i think your just a troll from saskatchewan trying to pretend you come from b.c.


“Well bring some bug spray and a knife, lol. Its funny that you referred to your location as here, meaning in sask, but you hadnt left yet. I smell a troll from sask trying to bolster that shit hole province standing on this site.


“Are you mental man? We have the worst carbon foot print per capita. Sure we got a bunch of emptyness to send it all into so we dont realize it. They have public transport in toronto called a subway. Alot of them live in energy efficient dwelling called skyscrapers. They walk to places, which creates culture. We drive cultureless around one person to a car from one faceless big box development to another being fat. Fattest province in canada, only places like arkansas and virginia are fatter, lol. We pollute like crazy, just cuz there is very little of us shouldnt put us on a high horse. There is very little of us cuz its sucks here, otherwise there would be a lot of us. Ya its humid as fuck there cuz if you live beside the great lakes thats what happens. -5 there is no where near -30 here you moron. My skin flakes off for 8 months of the year cuz its so fuckin dry. We have more crime problems per capita and its getting worse here native gangs galore man. Welfare capital of canada. Fucksakes man or you retarded?


“The weather here is disastrous. we go through a second brutal winter, and when summer finally comes, its not even summer, its more like spring, raining for days and extreme winds. some ppl say summer is great here. no. its not.we cant even enjoy summer with the loads of mosquito’s and rain for days.

Even if the film tax credit came back, goodluck film makers. the weather would ruin it for you in Saskatchewan.


“Just dropped $20 washing the bugs off my truck. Can we please have so more mosquitos!


“Two season in Saskatchewan Winter and Mosquitos!


“Thank God I’m not the only one. I did it to myself however. After living and working most of my life in Calgary I took early retirement and decided to buy a house in Shaunavon SK. Never, ever move to a place where housing is the lowest in the country. Ever. At 74 I can’t face another move, so here I’ll die. That will please most of the good citizens here. Kind of looking forward to it myself.

These are the criteria for life in such a place; love hockey (I don’t); love country music (I don’t); love pick up trucks, the noisier the better (I don’t); love cowboy culture and ball caps and poisoning the soil and highways designed to put one to sleep. And stock up on sleeping pills, lots of them, if you can find a Doctor that is. Bye bye.


“Yup another 100mph wind today. Havent hit +30 yet or even swam in the lake(slough by b.c standards), water is too cold especially when the air is cool. An insane amount of mosquitos and horse flies, so I almost prefer the tornado like winds everyday. Rainfall is insane more than interior b.c so far. B.c on the other hand is hitting +30 almost daily with bluebird days all the time. Its unsettled rain and wind in shitty sask. I remember when we had hot dry summers years ago, it was the only thing decent about this province. Now the plqce is a swamp and filled with even mpre bugs than before. What a shit hole, funny website though!!


“I came to Saskatchewan from the Maritimes thinking I was going to get some great work experience, instead I got some great insight as to why there is such high unemployment rates back home; Because people there work when they are at work. It takes 10 Saskatchewan people to do the job of 1 Maritimer.


“1. At 12:00 I eat LUNCH, not dinner.

2. if I’m cold I’ll wear a hoodie, not a bunny hug. 
3. “You betcha” isn’t an appropriate response to “you’re welcome.” Actually, it’s not a real response to anything, yet people in Saskatchewan can use it a hundred times a minute.
4. The laziest RCMP officers in the universe work in Saskatchewan (officer: do you know who damaged your vehicle? me: well I have a good idea but that’s why I came to you. It’s one of two people. Officer: well if you don’t know, we can’t help you). 
5. I drink coffee when I drive, not road beer. 
6. And speaking of beer, there’s a massive selection out there, beyond Bud Light and Pilsner. 
7. What’s up with ranch dressing on everything? 
8. It’s 2014 and there are still no recycling programs in rural areas. 
9. Every year rotates on a farmer schedule and ever year is the. exact. same. People are just waiting instead of living. 
10. The fields go on forever but believe it or not, there is actual life beyond them.


“I just moved to SK and mostly like it. The one bone I have to pick is that when I tell people where I’m from (Ontario) their eyes just shut down a little. I can be in the middle of a great conversation and then where-you-come-from will come up, and as soon as I tell them, the light flicks out behind their eyes and suddenly I’m not worth knowing. I almost want to lie about where I’m from so I don’t have to deal with seeing this happen again and again.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but I would say that it DOES happen at least a third of the time. Kind of sad really. I want to see and expect the best from Saskatchewaners, why can’t they return the favour? 

I guess there will be prejudice everywhere and there is an idea that Ontarians are assholes (whether that’s true or not). That said, I have met some amazing people here. It is the people which make this province great. You need to approach them with a positive attitude. For the most part they are so amazingly inclusive and welcoming.

I just wish that where I came from wasn’t such a conversational hindrance.


“I couldn’t agree more. The flat out (no pun intended) ignorance of the majority of the people here is appalling. They see someone who doesn’t have a partial mullet, even remotely physically fit or show any interest in health or PILSNER beer in their hand and they’re immediately written off as a pompous big city snob. The amount I noticed that people gossip about one another here is quite an annoyance. They don’t even wait until you have fully turned around before they’re clucking back and forth. I really only said clucking because I picture them as birds. Goosenecking in everyone else’s business because I guess they get bored of drinking, fighting each other and fads that were old 2 years ago. Skinny little legs big giant ass as hips and skinny little upper bodies. Speaking of skinny legs flat ass all gut Natives take pride in their ability to act like hoodrats or black gangsters down south. When did it become a status symbol to intentionally sound uneducated when you speak.*hang your tongue out like a dog when you say this* aaaaaahhhhhzzziiiifff Native pride my ass every damn one is metis and they know it!! Good for you, you know 5 words in Cree. Have some respect aaaahhhhhhh they beat on white kids for disrespecting their culture when the most they know was native studies in school. From what I’ve seen they actually practice every last one of their traditions backwards.


“I have lived in BC, Alberta, Quebec, Ontario and in Europe for 5 years. All total in about 12 cities.

I was born in Regina, it at one time was affordable and not so bad. Lately the crime rate is the worst per capita in Canada, native gangs rape, rob and pillage at will. Police here are lazy useless sacks of shit who set up radar traps to catch you heading out on the highway in the 70 -100 zone. they should concentrate on real crime namely natives! 

Housing what a joke it costs more here than Ontario for a shack made of toxic MDF that is 800 sq feet. There is land as far as the eye can see but this does not stop developers from making subdivisions with streets that are one lane, you either park in your driveway or on your lawn your choice. The winters suck and the wind blows 358 days a year. The roads are shit and the taxes are totally outrageous. The former mayor Pat Fiasco left the city bankrupt. But not before announcing the new rider stadium. total cost 200 mill no wait 245 mill Hmmm! I bet it will go to 300 million for retards to get hammered puke and most likely not remember the game. All this and the stadium has no more capacity than the old one, worse parking , no roof and it cannot be used for anything else. Now do you really need to ask why the roads are shit? Why the Taxes are a joke? 

As for the people yes they are fat classes slobs! If it was not for family this would be the last place I would ever live. I would move to Haiti before Regina. There the crime would be the same but its warmer.

This is Canada’s Toilet Bowl. The woman are all mostly whores that look like sausages in their LuLu lemons. 

Your only hope is to find a way out of this god for saken shithole.


“LOL! Wow I thought I was in the minority, due to my job I was transferred here seven years ago. I have lived in 7 provinces and the only bigger shithole is Manitoba. People here are so backward and dumb its almost hard to believe. They take it up the ass from both civic and provincial governments and have nothing to say about it. There are two hospitals both are jammed packed with fat people and natives, have no parking and you better be prepared to spend the night waiting. Don’t forget Old Tommy he was the Father of medicare. They close the Plains Health center and make it into Siast WTF? The people here are the fattest, dumbest most backstabbing lowlife living parasites you will ever meet.They know one thing getting drunk and wasted on drugs, this mostly to survive the 8 months of winter. They fix the roads with a shovel full of ashphalt and never clear the streets in winter so you need a wheel alignment twice a year. There is not one good restaurant in the city they are all greek or chinese owned how do you spell ecoli? People here are the cheapest bastards alive and they will gladly fuck you out of lunch or anything else they can take.

Anyone planning to move here my advise don’t even think about it, you would be better off living in Afghanistan, there death would come quickly!


“Too bAD all coments arent being published on this site .selectivey many are being left out. To hide the truth about this tax trap


“total fucktards


“Living in Alberta and having gone to Saskatchewan a few times, I can honestly say that people from this Province are the epitome of scumbag.

They are the trailer park trash, pieces of garbage, disrespectful, always ready for a fist fight, only care about themselves.
They are worst then pawn scum!!!!!


“Oh please dont be shy from where you came from. People in sasky feal threatened by anyone that comes from pretty much anywhere that isnt here. Its like they get defensive and hold it against you just because you happen to hail from somewhere more cultured or morr beautiful. They seem to think that only their properties have doubled, which feeds the newest sasktachewan trait, arrogance. They dont travel to anywhere other than, Edmonton, Las Vegas and Mexico. That means knowledge is limited as to what is happening anywhere or how those people are actually going about their day to day lives. That insures you have a vast majority of ignorant people that think their the envy of the world. So dont feel bad just leave before you get someone pregnant or get prenant, then you will be stuck in saskatchewan.


“I couldn’t agree more with this article. Everyone here is a conservative hillbilly who thinks life is about pilsner and lifted Ford trucks. it’s just a bunch of anti-progressive hicks who are to culturally stuck where they are right now and don’t want to try and get with the rest of the world. The subject of gay marriage here reminds me of 1915 Alabama. God forbid you even mention the word gay around here or some 15 year old ‘farm boy’ won’t hesitate to call you a queer in a public social setting. No one here knows how to act like a human being and I have lived here for four years and still wonder why I don’t move.


“Regina is a second rate backwater sh**hole of a place. It’s built on a lake bottom swamp. Every road, sidewalk, curb is cracked, broken or full of big heaves and holes.

The weather is extreme….. extremely cold, extremely windy or extremely hot. In any case, its always dirty and uncomfortable. 

They’re building a new stadium for their beloved football team that is going to cost taxpayers 2.5 million per home game for the next 25 years. The new stadium has 400 fewer seats than the old one has. Did anyone do the math on at that one? 

Houses here cost about double what they’re worth. Every jackass with a hammer calls himself a tradesman and/or home builder. 

There’s a nouveau riche class here too. It’s like Duck dynasty meets Housewives of New York.

If you don’t have a high paying job here, there’s almost no reason to live here. It is second rate in almost every regard… possibly even lower than that.


“Found this post super late in the game, but my thoughts are the same in 2015. I came here for a few months of work. How is it possible to feel so uninspired here? Saskatchewan is BORING as heck, lacks any culture and there is literally nothing to do. Transit here is also HORRIBLE. by the way, I’m in Regina. I’ve been told Saskatoon is a bit better…but even I don’t have the motivation in going.


“5th year in hell. I use to say Saskatchewan isnt the a$$hole of Canada, but u can smell it from there. Fail. It is.

The highways are as smooth and peaceful as whitewater riverbeds, with Sgi-not-responsible red signs put up in liu of repairs. Dont catch cancer here, anything before stage 4 is not detectable in sk. And the red road hazard signs … dont mean a thing. 30 percent of the time the road is fine. No signs? Keep your eyes peeled for front-end killer potholes. Stay away from sk – go through the states to avoid it.


“It’s now a year later. And I’m thrilled to be leaving this ass backwards province.

Here’s why:

Racism: I’m white. And I have never seen a city (Saskatoon) so clearly divided by race (in Canada) literally this community has used a river as natural boundary between Europeans and Indians. Having always been a current events type person I was appalled by the “starlight tours” of a decade ago. As a student at the time with bright rose coloured glasses I was sure at the time the city would rally and come together.I was more appalled when I came here 10 years after the fact to find a blantantly racist and one of the most hostile police/community relations anywhere I’ve ever been. The economic gap in Saskatoon is so striking. But what I’ve come to learn is that Saskatoon is a microcosm of the entire province. The cities inhabitants do not venture far from their neighborhood. I would bet their are people on the university side of the bridge who have never been west of Midtown Plaza and vice versa. And why would they? The tension is palpable here.. Tied closely in with racism is the kind of nepotism in practice the rest of the progressive world did away with in 1980. I heard a radio ad once.. Said “Saskatchewan was built on merit” should have said “was built by the so and so family and whomever family. The rest of you don’t matter.” 

I had over the course of a year to travel around the province. Though I did not have the occasion to stay long… I can rattle off a list of towns I spent time in. All much the same

Drivers roads etc: For a province with an alleged collective slant the public infrastructure here is in the poorest of conditions bar none except Quebec. The mob over ran the construction industry there… Whats your excuse SK?? It’s been covered here in this blog numerous times.. Sk drivers are dangerous. Plain and simple. Can’t call it aggressive, can’t call it stupid. You have to drive to do anything here so its not inexperience… It’s just plain dangerous. City, rural or highway. Doesn’t matter. If you’re not from here and will be doing a lot of driving bring your A game. And forget about public transit. It doesn’t exist as far as the rest of Canada would recognize it. For a “major” urban centers like stoon or Regina… Transit is comparable to a city of 45,000 in Ontario. Which brings me to a final point in this category taxes and investment. Lots of tax. No investment. You know exactly what that means the second you cross the AB/SK or MB/SK border on a highway. 

Culture/Arts: Saskatoon makes a great effort I thought. But in vain. It doesn’t exist much here. Which is too bad. Noticeable though if you are used to regular outings to galleries, performances etc. A telling sign of this may be that AM radio is strong in Saskatchewan… Saturated with the dated, boorish and dull right wing yammerings of one man day in and day out Monday to Friday for hours on end. Fortunately for the one time constituents of this omnipotent radio voice, they wised to the hot air and booted his ass out of real political work and delegated him back to the domain of AM entertainment where less damage can be done.

On first blush its a quaint province. There is little rat race here (the race is fixed and they have accepted that) in fact there is little of much here. And don’t buy into the agriculture hype, its insignificant with the exception of one or two cereals, and is totally non competitive without massive subsidies… 

If you’re thinking of SK for small business, don’t. If you’re thinking SK fot quality family life don’t. Unless your generational or can claim some kind of ancestry to the province.

If your employer is begging you to come to the.province because they cannot retain any talent or skill in the region. Take a hefty incentive, define the time period and plan your exit strategy the moment you arrive


“I live in Sask and I DID like it here for a little while, but then I started to realize the whole province has a serious problem of delusional importance. The resources available here allow the EXTREMELY under educated to keep half decent jobs and make an alright living. The hardest part about getting a good job in Sask is, YOU HAVE TO LIVE HERE! and trust me, it’s 100% not worth it, unless you don’t have a brain between your ears, then you’ll probably love it here. I was born here and enjoy some parts of it (the scenery and the hunting)but it is the definition of hick, literally everywhere in the province and is really the saddest part of the country.


“LOL, first read all the anti-Saskatchewan comments. Then read all the pro-Saskatchewan comments. It won’t take long to realize how true the anti comments are, with the pro comments outright proving every single one of them when it comes to the people.


“I fucking hate this place. I mean just fucking hate it! Some people love it, good for them. I have had nothing but a fucking hassle from every aspect from this place. It’s not the land, I can handle that. It’s the god damn people! I’m not from here and it’s VERY common that if you’re not from Sask the friends you make in Sask will not be from Sask. You people like to think you’re open and warm to new people you’re not! I have NEVER lived anywhere where the people were so willing to stand in the way of someone else advancements! Sask has the mentality of a 5 year old that’s been spoiled. You’re all so fucking worried about making a god damn decision and accepting accountability that it bottle necks every other place dealing with Sask. It’s not caution, it’s fear!

Regina And Saskatoon are the dumbest fucking layouts I have EVER seen from any other city! For how much you pay in taxes especially land taxes! The roads should be god damn gold! (Except Preston crossing, the side with Canadian tire) The other side you people make look like cat puke! Who laid it out a 2 year old the was playing with leggo?

And what’s with the cost of land? You’re in a FUCKING dessert! THERE IS LAND EVERYWHERE! Why the fuck does it cost more then on Vancouver Island or ANYWHERE ELSE! there is literally nothing but dirt in every direction. 

Saskatoon Has 1,No spot teams 2, no zoo. (don’t try to call that a zoo! 3, no museum 4,No art gallery (a real one) 5, no strip bars .. There is just nothing! But it cost so god damn much! 1/2 the roads in the city are closed in the summer for repairs because there didn’t build them right the 1st or 2nd time! 

I have been from B.C to N.S and I can say by far Sask is the shittiest fucking place to live! 

As fro all you people that say (Then just leave) WE FUCKING WANT TO. Use your brain obviously something in standing in the way, Sask does that read above!

So we come here to vent. Don’t like it.. Then stop fucking reading!


“Saskatchewan sucks, been here my whole life, 19 years, can’t wait to get out. It’s so damn depressing being here, probably no more fun here than in any of the three territories.


“If you think the Urban Provinces are any better you are delusional. There is a lot of great to be had in Saskatchewan. This is from someone who wants to move back. The conservatism is an issue everywhere and you a compounding the issue by complaining about taxes when they are largely there to deter environmental destruction.


“It’s as good an indication as any, as to why this shithole is a shithole. If you are from Saskatchewan just ignore the blog and go back to fucking your sister you toothless, drunk, assholes.


“I’m SOOO glad this topic is open for discussion!!! God Bless you (creator of this blog)

I have NEVER had so much hate in my heart for a place as much as this city, the people and the mentality behind everything makes me damn sick to my stomach. 

The only people that are remotely normal are those who live in the city but travel a lot or people who have just came into the city and are not yet affected by this shit place just yet. Other than that God Damn everybody here is just damn weird and fucking SUCKS!!

Uneducated, racist, close-minded, judgmental fucks (I know this whole post is basically judging everyone BUT I have the right to do so after living in this shit hole for 15 fucking agonizing years.. correction** being fucking forced to live here because of school and low income coming in,, so I have the damn right to trash talk all you damn depressed peanut brains) fat people everywhere, men are pussies, women are all snakes, DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA lurking in every single damn corner, as soon as you feel like you’ve got shit on lock someone fucking finds a way to creep into your damn business and screw you over! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THAT ALL ABOUT!!?? Bullying behaviour is fucking installed in everybody’s damn brain,, I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW RUDE AND RUTHLESS PEOPLE ARE IN THIS SHIT HOLE!! 

Give them the exact same treatment back and they fucking bitch or get so fucking angry with you. FOR REAL?? How in the hell does that remotely make any damn sense. I NEED AN ANSWER.. I’M SO DAMN ANNOYED WITH ALL YOU FAT BITCHES. I’M NOT KIDDING ANYONE. I WOULD VOMIT IN YOUR DAMN FACES IF IT WAS NOT ILLEGAL. 

Getting a decent job in this city is a damn conquest, how the fuck is it that hard to be a contributing factor to society?? All you want is to work, make money, and start doing shit. IS IT THAT DAMN HARD??? This is after 2 damn years of trying to fucking work! 2 years! Schools SUCK HERE! Would I raise my children in Saskashit?? HELL NO!! Having fun consists of parking your car in a lot and drinking beer next to it or inside it at 1AM in the morning being a COMPLETE fucking nuisance to society just in general you PIG FUCKS.. TRUCK DRIVING.. MOTORBIKE WHORES. I CAN’T STAND YOU FUCK UPS!! GO TO HELL AND JUST SIT THERE WHERE YOU BELONG! The restaurants are a DAMN joke, leisure and entertainment are supposed to get you hyped right? NOPE! NOT IN SASKATOON! If you’ve got a brain you’ll probably suffer so much.. curl up into a ball and want to basically die. NO JOKE!! 

How did I end up here you ask? Well.. I’d have to thank my uneducated father and my naive mother for making a such a silly decision of actually fucking coming to this shit hole of a city. Thank-you! I hope I enlighten some of you idiots that your city actually sucks ass and you need to change your damn ways because nobody actually has anything genuine to say about you idiots. I would rather live on an island in the middle of nowhere with a pack of wolves on the loose than in this shit hole city for one more day. BORING BORING BORING AND ABSOLUTELY DRAINING! Everyone needs a fucking smack across the face and a reality check, and these fat bitches in the city looking like dehydrated bulldogs 99% Of the time starting shit with EVERYBODY! Get your shit together or just pack your bags and get your one way ticket to hell because nobody can fucking stand your fat asses and your drama filled lives YOU PATHETIC FAT SHITS!! 



And yes I will move soon and when I do THANK GOD!
Saskatchewan (especially Saskatoon) you’re not liked so just go to hell. FUCK YOU AND I’M OUT!


“The people in Regina are so rude I can’t stand living here I hate it here every day is torture I just keep my head down and don’t talk to have anybody even when I’m talking to a friend other rude people from Regina interrupted and ruin my day it sucks to live here too I can’t stand it


“I worked in Saskatchewan a few years ago, I was never in a place where the people were so godamn rude to an outsider to the point where I couldn’t get served or receive service in the local town, even the people I worked with made it very clear that you’re not welcome. I wouldn’t mind the attitude so much but these shit kickers have nothing to be proud of except being racist, ill mannered, culturally bankrupt and profoundly stupid.


“Your right. I left vancouver to move to Saskatchewan 6 years ago. I live in a little shit hole called assiniboia. I am leaving end of september. Hubby won’t leave so I am going alone.


“Left 10 years ago& every so often I just go to Google maps alone to get a reality check as to what I am not missing in the province I started in.Yes was born & raised there and see why all my aunts&uncles left to never come back. Its so sad, pathetic &says something about the lack of culture in this province when they base all their hopes and dreams in an awful N.F.L. farm league team called the Riders with even a recent history with that fuckhead Jones running the team where people that gave everything to that pathetic franchise are only thrown under the bus for their services. Pathetic to a point where people in this province have replaced hanging up a beautiful provincial flag with the tiger lily in their yards with that of the Green Big S flag standing for SUCKS for the football team….4-17 in the big game worst in league history dating back to 1910 in that of a 9 team league,that in 107 years of existence. OOOOhh will hear about this from their cultish fans where you can insult God, clergy, yer grandparents, parents, but not the Riders that’s a cardinal mortal sin in the eyes of Sask. people…To fans of the team …ITS ONLY FUCKING SPORTS MORONS!!!But CFL all consuming in Sask,unlike anywhere else in Canada.The heart of this assholishness is Regina and there is not enough room or time to dwell on how awful this gateway to hell is. Was stuck there for 13 years, a number unknown to fans of the Riders in the game.Just really really really lucky got off of the island Alcatraz(Sk.)