FBI: Canada worse for ‘suspected terrorists’ than Mexico

‘Leaked FBI data from 2014-2016 suggests more ‘suspected terrorists’ enter U.S. by way of Canada than Mexico’ From CBC:

An investigative report from an American website claims that the Canadian border may in fact be more of a security liability than Mexico’s.

“The report quotes unnamed FBI and Department of Homeland Security officials as saying far more “suspected terrorists” are being encountered at the U.S.-Canada border.  

“We are looking in the wrong direction,” the story quotes a senior Homeland Security official as saying. “Not to say that Mexico isn’t a problem, but the real bad guys aren’t coming from there — at least not yet.”  

The story points to leaked FBI data collected between 2014 and 2016 that showed the number of “suspected terrorists” trying to enter the U.S. from Canada at land border crossings was in some months twice that encountered at the Mexico-U.S. border.  

The Mexico-U.S. border is the main entry point for economic migrants seeking work in the U.S.”

This is followed by the suggestion that the terrorist watch-list is “too broad” and encompasses a spectrum of people, many of whom may not be truly dangerous. When asked about sources, the reporter said:

“I was given them, frankly, by sources who largely agree that there should be some sort of border wall … but who think both sides need to be looked at,” Winter said.  

“Plus, the more that you’re on TV talking about the southern border as the only threat — as one of my sources pointed out — if you were a terrorist trying to get into the country, and you weren’t incredibly stupid, you would probably go to the border that isn’t the focus of every single conversation.” 

The Canadian government has responded to the story by pointing out that “no terrorist attack has ever been carried out by individuals entering the United States from Canada.” 

Yet. Just give it time.

I don’t understand why people can’t see the Canadian border for the huge liability it really is. Apparently this obvious issue is finally being recognized. 

The Mexican border is the focus of a good deal of American politics: it has border guards, bounty hunters and volunteer groups patrolling the territory. There’s a lot of focus by agencies because of the drug cartels and domestic trafficking.

Meanwhile, nobody is paying any attention to Canada. The northern border is just as large as the Mexican one, without even a fraction of the spotlight. Consider that within 15 years, 100% of Canada’s growth is projected to come from immigration. Also, consider that Trudeau and the Liberals opposed revoking terrorists’ passports or citizenship, claiming Canada should rely on its ‘Criminal Code’ instead. For now the government still holds that right, but laws could change in the future.

And it’s not just crossing the border by stealth in cars or such, people can simply walk across!

Take the news stories from the last week, in regards to illegals crossing due to Trump’s ban:

From Global News: since November, 91 refugees have crossed from the US into Manitoba by walking frozen prairie fields.

“Since late summer, 27 men from Ghana walked to Manitoba from the United States, Yeboah said. Two lost all their fingers to frostbite in December and nearly froze to death.”

And in 2016:

“… Over 2,000 more entered “irregularly” during a similar time period, without official authorization, such as across unmonitored fields.  

Four hundred and thirty asylum seekers crossed Manitoba’s border irregularly in the first nine months of 2016-17, up from 340 the entire previous year, CBSA said… 

In Quebec, 1,280 refugee claimants irregularly entered between April 2016 and January 2017, triple the previous year’s total.  

In British Columbia and Yukon, 652 people entered Canada irregularly in 2016, more than double the previous year.”

Now these are people leaving the U.S. because of an executive order; refugees without money or cars and look how easy it is! Now just imagine sophisticated criminals and well-financed terrorists heading the opposite way! In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time until something happens.

Of course, Canadians won’t take responsibility when security is beefed up after an incident. Instead they’ll blame Americans for wanting to protect their own borders and national security.

If whistle-blowers are leaking information from FBI and Homeland Security departments to journalists, they’ve got to be pretty concerned. It’s apparent they should be.